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Success Story Basrizal Koto Boy Overseas, So Successful

Entrepreneur with diploma Capital SD

Basrizal Koto (born in Pariaman, West Sumatra in 1959) is a successful

entrepreneur from West Sumatra, Indonesia. Basrizal or commonly called Basko
successfully do business in many fields, such as: media, printing, mining,
farming, hospitality properties, and others.
Poverty should not be enjoyed but he must be resisted. That expression of
willpower H Basrizal Koto who is now a successful businessman in Riau to
break out of the poverty that afflicts himself and his family in the past. He also
never blame anybody why so poor, because it is not the way out. Attempts to
success was not an easy road and occurs in one night. Where men born in the
village of Pariaman 1959 Padusunan field is actually started his business from
scratch without a college degree and do not complete primary school.

Basko was born in the village of Field, Pariaman of couples Ali Absyar
and Djaninar. His childhood was very bitter, which Basko feel only eat once a
day, where to eat everyday mom had to borrow rice to neighbors. His father
worked as agricultural laborers who cultivate paddy. Because life is hard, he left
his father who went to migrate to Riau. The mother had called fortitude in the
face of life is always careful Amak imprint.
Although time at school until the fifth grade, the stories of successful
entrepreneurs is finally concluded that poverty must be fought not to be
enjoyed. Permission from his mother, he also chose to go to school rather than
migrate to Riau. Before leaving, he told him to apply 3 K in life, which is very
good at communicating, take advantage of opportunities and possibilities, as
well as working with high commitment. 3 K which he applied in business.
The first thing he did was come to a foreign terminal after dawn to find a
job to become a conductor. Thanks to his ability to communicate, then the first
day he was able to help the driver oplet. When you first become a conductor, he
worked day and night to allow the house lease to accommodate a family.
Basko intellect and visionary who started the business by selling
bananas. Although no money but with confidence, pete unpaid taken to Padang
restaurants and sold at a higher price differences. His life is full of color and a
desire to change the fate himself tried various professions ranging from
conductors, drivers, builders, tailors to be a car dealership.
Skilled communication, networking, keeping promises, and keeping the
trust finally brought success to conquer poverty, building a business empire, and
create jobs. The number of companies whose management has now reached 15
companies, and since 2006 he also jumped into the coal mining business in
Riau, providing cable TV and internet services in Sumatra.
Some companies are in Group MCB hers is PT Basko Minang Plaza
(shopping center), PT Cerya Riau Self Printing (CRMP) (printing), PT Cerya
Zico Utama (property), PT Jaya Bastara Young (coal mines), PT Riau Agro
Mandiri (fattening, import and export of livestock), PT Agro Mandiri, Riau
Perkasa (breeding, meat canning), PT Indonesian Mesh Network (cable TV and
Internet), and PT Best Western and now renamed Premier Basko Hotel.
He also has a child. Premier Basko Hotel a five star hotel consists of 180
rooms operating in Padang, West Sumatra. Projects are currently underway
along with the city of Pekanbaru Superblock City Riau Riau Green is located in
the heart of Pekanbaru stands in a 2 hectare with superblock concept that
consists of 7 floors and 3 Centre Tower Shopping respective Tower Apartment
Tower Condotel / Condominium Hotel and Office Tower 1.
There is no turning back. No word blame for their poverty. No word
disappointment and complaints. There is no pride. There is no hatred. No
insubordination to parents. No word spoil her children. No word lazy. No word
can not. Do not stop, kept running. No word was not feasible. No word
comfortable. No word was not grateful. Unless said thank you, O God above all
else. That picture of the Inspirator: H.Basrizal Koto.
Send regards for success!

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