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Teacher: Date:

Amanda Lockwood 05/02/17

Content Area: Grade Level:
Physical Education 1
Subject Matter:
Jumping and landing on two feet
Lesson Content Description:
Students will practice jumping and landing on two feet with various activities

Common Core Standard:

1 1.8 Land on both feet after taking off on one foot and on both feet.
Lesson Objective:
SWBAT jump and land on two feet while using a potato sack, jump rope, or pad.

Step-by-Step Anticipatory Set/Orientation
Complete warm up and stretches as a class, alternating boys and girls to assist in front of
the group from each class.
Give a brief overview of the days activities
Break students into three groups.
Model each activity for students at each station
1. Students use potato sacks to jump on two feet and zig zag through cones and back
to the beginning. Students will run a lap around the tree by the sandox before
returning to the line to wait for their next turn.
2. Students will skip count by 5s as they face mini exercise pads and jump over them
by lifting off with two feet and landing on two feet. They will turn their bodies to
the next pad and repeat until they reach the end of the pads. Students will take a
lap around the big tree before returning to the line to wait for their next turn.
3. Students will use personal jump ropes to practice jumping on two feet. Students
will complete jump roping in sets of 10 if they are able to jump consistently with
two feet. Students who are not yet able to jump rope with two feet will use both
feet to jump over the rope in front of them while holding the rope still, then swing
the rope over their heads and repeat the process slowly. Students will be reminded
it is ok to travel with this activity if they are utilizing the differentiated version of
the activity (most students will be doing this version of the activity)

Have students model activity before asking them to complete independently.
Pose group response questions on what students should or should not be doing to confirm

Independent Practice/Summative Assessment of Each Students Performance
Students will work in one station at a time until freeze is called. Students are lined up
and move to a new station.
Modeling and guiding is repeated when students move to the next station before having
them work at each station independently.