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Item Category (vov7)

Schedule Line Cat (vov6)

Shipping point (ovl2)
Route determination (ovrf)
Storage location
Picking determination
Packing determination
Billing document determination
Delivery Doc Type
Business area
Partner determination
Output determination
Text determination
Price determination
Account determination
Warehouse determination
Tax determination
Credit check

Incomplete log
Rebate condition setup

* Shipping condition is derived from customer master and sales doc type, of which sales doc type t

Storage location based shipping point determination

Doc Type + Item cat group + Usage + Higher level item cat
Item cat of corresponding item + MRP type of material
Delivery Plant (CMIR, CMR (SH) , MMR) + Shipping condition (Customer Master - Sold-to Party) + L
Departure zone of the shipping pt (Customizing) + shipping condition (SP*) + Transport group(MM
Shipping point + Delivery plant + storage condition
On bases of MALA rule: Delivery Plant + Loading Group + Storage condition(MM) (storage rule a
Package usage
For Billing plan, Billing Type maintain under Billing Plan Type of Maintain Date Category for Billing P
Delivery document default type attached to Sales document type
Plant + item division
At -Account group level, sales document header level, item level, sales document delivery level, Sh
Output determination at Sales document level, Delivery level, Billing level
1)Customer Material Information Record 2) Customer Master (General text, Accounting text, Sales
Sales Area + Document Pricing Procedure indicator from Sale/Billing Document type + Pricing Proc
Chart of Accounts + Sales Org + Customer Account grp (Customer Master - Payer) + Material Acco
Ware house number + Plant + Storage location
Destination Country of Ship-to Party + Departure Country of Shipping Point + Tax Classification for
Credit check at Sales document level OR at Delivery OR at Good issue Risk group at Sales documen
assign to status group, which is assigned to sales doc, item
cat or schedule line level
customer master billing info checked, Sales organization activate, Billing document activate

d from customer master and sales doc type, of which sales doc type takes priority

ing point determination

er - Sold-to Party) + Loading group (Matrial Master)
+ Transport group(MM) + Transportation zone of the Ship to party (General Data) + Weight group (optional)

(MM) (storage rule also assignment to Delivery type)

Category for Billing Plan Type

ment delivery level, Shipment level, Billing document level and item level

ccounting text, Sales text) 3) Material master text (Sales text or PO text)
nt type + Pricing Procedure indicator from Customer Master (Sold-to Party)
ayer) + Material Account grp (Material Master) + Account key

Tax Classification for Customer from Customer Master + Tax Classification for Material Master
oup at Sales document level and Risk category from Customer Master, Item category credit check should be

ument activate
eight group (optional)

redit check should be activate