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Homework Week 3 Term 2 2017

Confirmation Name Saint Project

Homework Week 3
Called by Name in Baptism

When you were brought for baptism, your parents were asked, What name do you give
your child? Your name may reflect the popular trends when you were born. You may have
been named in honor of a family member or a close family friend. There is also a Catholic
tradition of naming children for a saint. Whatever your name, it is by this name, that you
were baptized into the Catholic faith.

Names are a sign of power. When you were baptized, all sin was forgiven in the name of the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You can find many examples in the New Testament of
the Apostles curing and forgiving in the name of Jesus.

You probably remember Bible stories in which a persons name was

changed to show that he or she had entered into a new relationship
with God.

Name two examples from the Bible:


Answer the following questions ask your parents for help:

1. What is your complete baptismal name?

Middle: Louise
Last: Radburn

2. Why did your parents give you these names? My parents gave me these names
because they loved them and when they found out what trinity actually meant
they were very pleased.

3. What do these names mean (e.g., Peter means rock)? Trinity means the holy 3.
Homework Week 3 Term 2 2017

4. What name do you like your friends to call you? Why? I like my friends like to
call me Trini because it's what my great Grandfather calls me.
Homework Week 3 Term 2 2017

Called by Name in Confirmation

At the Sacrament of Confirmation, the concept of naming is present. One of the exciting
parts of preparing for Confirmation is choosing a name. Candidates may choose the name of
a Christian saint by which to be called. What does this saint have to do with you?

1. You will call upon this saint to pray for you.

2. You will be under the saints patronage.
3. The saint will provide a role model for living the Christian faith.

So how do you choose?

The saints name that you choose will represent the direction you feel your faith life is
taking, or will represent a strength or attribute your feel you need. It is important and
necessary to learn something about the saint you choose before you decide on that name,
even if you have been called by that name since Baptism.

Answer the following questions. Talk over your answers with your family, and use
reference books if necessary. Be ready to stand up and tell others why you chose your

Confirmation Saint Name Project

Next is a form that asks you to research your patron saint for Confirmation. Ask this saint
to be your patron/patroness to help you prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation,
and afterwards to be with you in your Christian journey. You can honor this saint through
prayer and imitation.

www.catholicforum.org www.newadvent.org.

www.catholic.org/saints www.catholic-pages.com
Homework Week 3 Term 2 2017


1. Students Name: Trinity Radburn

2. The saint I choose to imitate and whose name I have chosen for the Sacrament
of Confirmation is:St. Teresa of Calcutta

What is your saints feast day in the Church? 5 September

What three events in the life of this saint most impress you? Give details about the
event and why the event is impressive.

I. She became a saint in less than 50 years since her death this impressive because
there is no other saint that has been named a saint in less than 50 years.
II. Mother Teresa dropped her teaching to heal the sickest people of all who lived in
the slums, this is impressive because she stopped her teaching career so that she
could heal the slums.
III. When she taught the poor she didnt have any equipment ,this is impressive
because i've never heard of a teacher teaching without school supplies.

In what ways was this saint most like Jesus? Explain.

My saint is like jesus with her compassion she shows this when she stopped being a teacher
and helped the people who lived in the slums.

Who do you know that best models this saints life (person who is been alive in your
lifetime)? Why does his/her life remind you of your saint?
A person who is most like my saints life is my great Grandmother Judith Havenhand,
because firstly she devoted her life to god, secondly she was compassionate, these are two
reasons why i think she was like a saint.
How would you like your life to imitate your saint? In your examples, choose a
decision or situation where you could make a similar choice.

Example 1: Helping those in need.

Example 2: Donating money for the poor.

Why did you choose this Confirmation name? How would you answer that question in 30
seconds or less?
Because Mother Teresa is a perfect role model for all.

Many saints wrote prayers that we pray together. Find a prayer that was important to
your saint or a prayer that reflects your saints life.
Provide a copy of the prayer.
Being to commit the prayer to
memory by praying it every day.

Include a photo of your saint (if possible)

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