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Name : Elang Fajar Tryadi

Student Number : 1606 885 233
Faculty / Class : FMIPA / MPKI E

1. The title of this article is The Naked Face

2. The author of this article is Malcolm Gladwell (Annals of


3. Why I choose this article ? Well actually, Im not

choosing this. But Choosen. I cant choose freely from my
textbook or from the internet. And at the first time saw this,
I was confused. Because the word that used by the author
of this text was the hard one. Also, this text has a difficult
plot to understand. Well, luckily Im not really bad at
English and also I used to read many kind of article. So, I
was able to finish to read the text and understand what this
text is talking about, even it takes more than an hour and
also has to read dictionary many times. But to be honest,
the content of the text is interesting. Because it explain
something that matter in our daily life, Facial Expression.

4. This article is talking about reading peoples thought by

looking at their face. And, it is really hard thing to do. The
writer also told us that even an organization like FBI, CIA,
DEA, and other else that trusted to read peoples thought,
only can succeed by 50%.The reason why it is hard, thats
because it is almot impossible to make a conlussion from
many gestures, intonatiom, words, eyes, etc in a very short
amount of time. Even someone already trained to look all
of that aspect, still there will be someone that smart
enough to hide it or even do a trick with that.

It may be hard thing to do, but the author also noted a

man that can read peoples thought, and he is John
Yarbrough. Once he was threatened by a kid who pointed
his gun to him. But because of his strong instinctive
reaction, he decided not to shot that kid, and so did the kid.
From there, we can see that reading someones thought
can be important in a dangerous situation. And the writer
explained all of this in this article.
5. The writers purpose is to give revelation in psychology
about reading peoples mind by seeing their facial
expression. And also, he stated that this can be learned.
6. My Comments are I think this issue is very important.
Additionaly, we live in a place where there are so many
crimes nearby. This article also open our mind into an issue
in our lives and yet we cant notice that. In conlusion, I
think that this is a good article that can give the reader
with a such a knowledge of psychologycal world.