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Elnaz Bagheri

Humanities Room 526

800 N State College Boulevard

Fullerton, CA, 92831

Dear Dr. Bruce

During this semester, I have learnt a lot about scientific writing and, since I am a new international
transfer student and had very little knowledge coming in, I am confident that I have gained many different
skills from this class. I have learnt how to organize my writing through different methods and can prove
my increased expertise in the student learning outcomes (SLO) through my portfolio, which includes my
fully revised annotated bibliography and peers review.

I chose to revise my annotated bibliography, because it was my best assignment which almost
displays my improvement in SLOs (1,2,3,4,5). Rhetorical focus in my annotated bibliography is formal
since I wrote specifically about the role of nanoparticles at antimicrobial effects, which shows my
audience pertains to the scientific community. Therefore, the format is formal and some sentences and
words such as bactericidal treatment prove my improvement in SLO 1. Moreover, I have got familiar with
one kind of ethical citation which it calls APA and I used it in my annotated bibliography (SLO2). I have
used persuasion (SLO3) in my annotated bibliography papers summary. As proof of this, in the sentence
provided I discussed that DDSs are the best anti-infectious therapy because this method had positive
effect on lung infections, Nowadays, Nano systems such as drug delivery systems are known the best
anti-infectious therapy whereas antibiotic therapies at lungs infections are enhanced by DDSs.
furthermore, I have learnt different methods for organization writing during this semester which one of
them was using headings that I used it in my annotated bibliography which improved my skills in SLO 4
and 5.

Secondly, I determined to explain the annotated bibliographys rubric as a peers review for minor
document as it proves other direction of my rhetorical focus ability and my improvement in SLOs (1,4,6).
Peers review is an informal writing because it will be more understandable for my classmates when I
write informal. Therefore, it was a good practice for me in SLO 1. Organization (SLO 4) in the annotated
bibliographys rubric displays four levels of my groupmates proficiency in scientific writing such as below
basic, developing, proficient and advanced which helped me to explain and organize my ideas regarding
six SLOs which my groupmates used in their annotated bibliography. Moreover, in a peers review,
Collaboration is another important SLO which I have learnt about it by peers review because I could give
some advices to my classmates about quality of their annotated bibliography, also their advices were very
helpful for me to enhance my writing.

I strongly believe that this course was beneficial for me and significantly enhanced the quality of my
writing by practicing on both formal and informal writings such as annotated bibliography and peers
review, also I have got familiar with six student outcomes which illustrate the students writing
improvement. I hope that my selection of these documents prove that my writing skills are improved
during this semester.