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MUSIC HISTORY 497A, Autumn quarter 2017, asks:


Students seeking a typical contemporary course in music history, music theory,

ethnomusicology, or performance practice will not find it here. This course will simply
seek to explore whyas listeners, as performers, and as students and lovers of musicwe
continue to listen to, to perform, to study, and (most important) to esteem and to love the
music of Beethoven. Music majors and other qualified students, from both academic and
performance areas, are all welcome. Our resources will be simply scores, recordings, and
(hopefully) live performances of Beethovens works, reflecting my (quaint?) belief that the
proper study of music ismusic!
For inquiries, and to obtain an add code, contact: Larry Starr (lstarr@uw.edu). My sole
qualifications for teaching this course are that I have listened to, studied, and loved
Beethovens music for nearly seven decades.
Course meets: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:30-2:50 P.M., Room 219 Music Building