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Steven Fernandez

3529 E la Jara St. Long Beach, California 90805 Phone: 562-477-1900 E-Mail: Stevenft13@gmail.com

An entry-level position using my socializing, leadership, and problem solving skills as a systems software
engineer in a computer engineering field.

Robotics Class 2014-2016
Took robotics for two years
Has been to two robotic competitions and got 1st place for the first year and 2nd place for the second
Ended with As both years in robotics.

Programming 2016-Present
Worked with JavaScript and have skills for programming
Continuing to work with programming and have passed multiple lessons.

Hughes Middle School 2013-2016
Graduated with a GPA of 3.5 and above.

Lakewood High School 2016-Present

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Skills in computer programming and has effective communication skills with others. As well as leadership
and problem solving skills to get through tough obstacles.