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Montville Township High School Spring Musical


Spring Musical Staff

Director & Producer: Mr. Baird

Assistant Director/Choreographer: Ms. Miller
Vocal Director: Mrs. Markowski
Musical Director: Mr. Havington
Costumer and Hair/Make-Up: Mrs. Kenny
Technical Director: Mr. Sheehan
Stage Crew Advisor: Mrs. Holeczko
Art Director: Ms. Racioppi
Lighting Designer: Kevin Ohweiler
Production Stage Manager: Liz Raymond

Date Event Location

November 19th Audition Meeting (2:30pm) Choir Room
December 2nd Vocal Auditions (2:30pm-5:30pm) Choir Room

December 3rd Dance Auditions (2:30-5pm) Auditorium

December 4th Callbacks (2:30m-5:30pm) Auditorium
December 5th Callbacks (as needed, 2:30) Auditorium

Dec.- March Rehearsals (Mon.-Sat.) Auditorium

February 27thth Sitzprobe Auditorium
February 28th ACT ONE TECH Auditorium
March 1st ACT TWO TECH Auditorium
March 2nd-4th Dress Rehearsals (3pm-??) Auditorium
March 5th Performance (7:30pm) Auditorium
March 6th Performance (7:30pm) Auditorium
March 7th Performance (7:30pm) Auditorium
March 9th & 10th Strike (2:30pm- ??) Auditorium
Elle Woods- Recent college graduate and quintessential Valley Girl who goes to Harvard Law
school to impress her ex-boyfriend. She enters law school just a pretty face and hot body, but
leaves pretty smart and hot for another man. This character will not be one-dimension. Elle needs
to be not only youthful and bubbly, but also, vulnerable, lovable, determined, gregarious, and
forceful. She must be a triple threat. Soprano Belt, Gb2 - G5

Paulette Bonafonte- Brash and funny Hair Stylist (no hair experience necessary) She and Elle
help each other to achieve their dreams of the perfect Man and Manicure. Soprano Belt, A3 - A5

Brooke Wyndham- A beautifully aging Deltu Nu sorority sister who stars in her own line of
exercise videos. She is accused of murder. Alto or Soprano, A3 - G5

Pilar- Delta Nu sorority sister/Greek Chorus Member. She is the sassy and sensible one. Soprano
Belt, G#3 - F5

Serena- Delta Nu sorority sister/Greek Chorus Member . She is the UCLA cheerleader. She is
Jewish. Soprano Belt, G#3 - F5

Margot- Delta Nu sorority sister/Greek Chorus Member . She is the man hungry, seemingly
dim-witted one. Soprano Belt, G#3 - F5

Enid Hoopes- Harvard Law Student and extreme feminist. Soprano Belt, G3 - G5

Vivienne Kensington- Stuck up and wealthy. She is a smart and savvy law student that
understands that what matters most are brains. Although beauty is not her highest priority, she is
also very attractive. Soprano Belt, A3 - F5

Kate- Delta Nu sorority sister/Greek Chorus Member. She is the smart and nerdy one. Alto, Bb3
- Eb5

Chutney Wyndham- Step Daughter to Brook Wyndham.


Delta Nu Sisters

Mrs. Woods - Elles Mom - Alto, C4 - E5

Whitney - Viviennes Best friend - Alto, G3-C5

Store Clerk #1, Store Manager, Front of Store Cashier, Perfume Clerk #1 and #2

District Attorney Joyce Riley, Judge, Reporter, Stenographer, and Jurors

Alumni of Delta Nu and current UCLA students

Restaurant, Mall and Beauty Shop Patrons

Harvard Law Professors and Students

Brookes Inmates


Emmett Forrest- Attractive, yet smart and sensitive, older law student who takes Elle under his
wing and finds love with her. Tenor, B2 - A4

Warner Huntington III- He is a model, extremely attractive and self centered. His pompous
and arrogant nature destroys everything that he could have had with Elle. Tenor, Eb3 - Ab4

Professor Callahan- A pompous and manipulative law professor at Harvard. He objectifies Elle.
Callahan should be both charismatic and warm but able to turn instantly to a conniving shark.
Baritone, A2 - F#4

Dewey- Paulettes ex-boyfriend. Red neck and trashy. Lazy.

Kyle- A handsome, in shape USPS/Fedex/UPS employee.

Sundeep Padaman- Harvard Law Student and ex-dictator of a Middle East nation.

Aaron Schultz- A Harvard Law Student and multi-millionaire. Second Tenor


Mr. Woods - Elles Father; Baritone, D3-E#4

Jamaican Me Crazy Rapper Grand Master Chad (High Baritone) and Dancers

Harvard Admissions Council Members: Winthrop, Lowell, and Pforzheimer (Bari-


KiKi - Hair Colorist

Carlos - Nikos' Gay Lover- Tenor

Nikos - Brookes Pool Boy

Alumni and current UCLA students

Restaurant, Mall and Beauty Shop Patrons

Harvard Law Professors and Students

Jurors and Bailiff

Suit Salesman

Bend and Snap male on-lookers

Brookes Inmates

Prepping for the Audition

1. Sign Up for an audition slot. Sign Up sheet is located on the Choir Room
bulletin board.

2. Pick one of the given audition songs:

Guys: Serious m. 5-36

Blood in the Water m. 10-26
Chip on my Shoulder m. 7-22

Girls: Omigod You Guys m. 5-36

What You Want m. 6-21
Ireland (Reprise) m.23-50c
Whipped into Shape m. 7-22

***Copies of these songs can be picked up in the Choir Room***

3. Memorize your song! The production team is looking for PREPARED actors
and actresses. Remember three things: SING your song well, ACT your song out,
& COMMIT to your song.

4. Research the show. Watch the filmed MTV version on YouTube. Also listen to
the cast album (Original Broadway Cast and Original London Cast). You should be
able to sing any song from Legally Blonde.

5. Practice!! Practice!! Practice!! Do not wait until the last minute to prepare; you
will regret it, especially if you want a lead.

6. Fill out forms. Fill out the Musical Cast Contract and Audition Form. These
must be turned in at auditions. This packet must be read by students and parents


Tuesday December 2nd (2:30pm-5:30pm) VOCAL
- Sign Up for a time slot and report 10 minutes prior to start time.
- Please see Mr. Baird if you have any issues with date or time.
- You must bring your Musical Cast Contract and Audition Form.
- Dress nicely. Wear clothes that flatter you and make you look good.

Wednesday December 3rd (2:30pm-5pm) DANCE

- You must be present the entire time.
- Please come in appropriate dance attire.
- Try your hardest. We know that dancing is not everyones strong point.

Thursday December 4th (2:30pm-5:30pm) 1st CALLBACK
- Callback list will be posted on the morning of Wednesday December 3rd.
- Callback materials can be picked up from Mrs. Markowski.
- Not being called back is not an indicator of your talent level,
commitment, or whether or not you will be cast.
- Only students called back will be permitted in the callback room.
- We will be focusing on the vocal selections at this callback.
- Some scene work will occur if time allows
Friday December 5th (2:30pm-5:00pm) 2nd CALLBACK
- A new callback list with cuts will be made.
- Only those who are listed on new callback list are allowed to attend.
- We may ask you to sing again



Casting decisions are based on talent, hard work, and the best interest of the
entire show.
Casting, once posted, is final and WILL NOT change.
Each role is cast based on students ability, fit for the role, and work ethic.
All students are considered equally, and everyone is given a fair shot.
No roles are PRE-CAST
The audition panel does not cast based on students grade level, previous
roles, number of MTHS shows, previous work with directors, relationship
to any of the production staff, liking or not liking a student, & parental
Students and families must acknowledge that not every student can be cast
in the role they might choose themselves.
Even if they are not agreed with, the artistic decisions of the production staff
must be respected.
When the cast list is posted, please refrain from any social media posting
until after the first rehearsal.
Responses to casting:
o It is normal to be upset and disappointed with casting, this is
something that everyone in theater experiences at some point.
However, it is unhealthy and unfair to be bitter and nasty.
o No negative emotions may be displayed towards other students or
staff members.
o Congratulate those who have been cast. Remember that all students
simply do their best, nothing more, to earn their parts.
o Those pleased with casting results must display humility and
graciousness. Such students must be aware and sensitive of their
All questions/concerns about casting are to be directed to Mr. Baird
It is acceptable and encouraged to ask about your audition/how to improve,
but it is inappropriate to complain about results or other students.
If you wish to decline your role for whatever reason, you MUST tell Mr.
Cast must be in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to participate.
Actors cannot miss rehearsals unless they have a conflict that has been pre-approved
by the director. Emergencies are an exception.
All conflicts must be submitted by December 19th. No conflicts will be taken after
that date. Again, emergencies are an exception.
Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are strictly prohibited and also illegal.
Scripts must be turned in at the designated off-book date.
Actors are required to sell $250 in Ads to help offset the cost of the production.
o If you sell $300 in Ads, you get a free t-shirt
o If you sell $350 in Ads, you get two comp tickets to one performance
All actors must attend at least one SET DAY
All actors must have full availability the last two weeks of the show (Feb 23rd
March 7th)
All actors and crew members are required to attend strike on March 9th & 10th.

All actors must be on time and ready to work when they are called to rehearsal.
Your script, pencil, and a good attitude must be brought to every rehearsal
Use your time wisely. If there is down time, work on your homework, run lines, and keep
the noise level to a minimum.
No cell phones are to be used during rehearsal unless permission has been given by a
production staff member.
Rehearsals are closed; no family or friends are permitted in the rehearsal space.
Lines, Songs, Blocking, & Chorography must be memorized by assigned date.
Directors are the only ones allowed to give notes. Students are not allowed to give other
students notes regarding performance. Failure to comply with this rule will result in
disciplinary action.
Please clean up after yourselves!
If you are to be absent for any reason, you must send an email to Mr. Baird
(mthsmusical@gmail.com) before the start of rehearsal.
If you miss a rehearsal where music, blocking, or choreography is being taught, it is your
responsibility to make up what you missed before the next time we review. Failure to do
so will lead to removal from song, scene, or musical number.

Dress Rehearsal/Performances
Actors must sign in when they arrive.
Actors may not alter blocking, dialogue, choreography, costumes without permission
from the production staff.
Each actor is responsible for keeping his/her dressing room area clean and organized. If a
costume needs to be repaired, please see Mrs. Kenny.
Actors are to report at assigned call times and remain backstage until after the
Only actors, crew members, and production staff members are allowed backstage during
performances. All family and friends are to stay in the lobby for the entire performance.
If you need to get something from someone in the lobby, you must inform a production
staff member.

Students Name (Print):____________________Date:_________________

Students Name (Signature):________________Date:___________________

Parents Name (Print):______________________________________________

Parents Name (Signature):__________________________________________

Callback_________________________________________Cast As___________________________________________

***************************Please do not write above this



Home phone:____________________________________________________________________

Cell phone:______________________________________________________________________

Parent Cell phone:________________________________________________________________

Student email:____________________________________________________________________

Parent email:_____________________________________________________________________


List any conflicts that would interfere with rehearsals and performances (see attached tentative
calendar) Be as specific as possible. Conflicts reported AFTER casting may result in a different cast
assignment or dismissal from show.
I would like to be considered for the part of: (This is just a preference, NOT an
indicator of casting)

1st choice:________________2nd choice:____________________3rd choice:__________________

Would you accept another role other than your choice(s)? YES:__________

Parent/Guardian Information

I realize that if my child is chosen for the cast, I will be responsible to make sure he/she attends every
rehearsal and performance for which he/she has been scheduled. In case of illness, I will notify the
Director in advance. In order to ensure the quality of rehearsals and the production, I understand that
two or more absences may result in dismissal from the show.

Parent/Guardian Signature:______________________________________________________________

Please indicate below which items you would be willing to assist with: (You will be contacted via email
if you volunteer)

_______Backstage _________Photography ___________Publicity

______Refreshments _________Costumes ___________Sets

______Rehearsal Snacks _________Props ___________Lobby Display