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Case Study

Question 1: Suggest bases for segmentation of market for groom plus products
Segmentation is the division of market based on similarity of tastes and preferenceof the
customers. Different products ranges target different customer segments. If the marketers know
which segment of the market they are targeting, they candesign their marketing mix to suit the
customers in the segment.In the case studies mentioned, the target market for male fairness
segment industryis the metro sexual youth. The domain of marketing segment is limited to
thecities. Therefore the bases for segmentation should be a mixture of Individualmarketing,
niche marketing and Local marketing.Individual marketing is the extreme level of segmentation
in which ABC can focuson individual customers. The company can approach individuals through
emailsand tie up with popular websites for promoting its own product. The company cansend
their promotional mails to the large customer base of these websites.The niche marketing can
be an effort to position the fairness products in a smaller urban market that have similar
attributes and some specific unsatisfied needs.Asresearch by the company shows that men
prefer bleach with its own fragrance andformulations niche marketing can be an effective
strategy.Local marketing can help expand the marketing beyond the boundaries of themetro
cities. The idea should be to offer customized fairness product to suit thelocal markets.As
mentioned in the case study that the youths are driven by desire to look fairer,this particular
attribute can be exploited. Even McDonalds had to design their strategy to to suit the local
markets by introducing indianite products.Besides certain segmentation variables has to be kept
in mind such as age and lifecycle stage, gender, income, social class and certain psychographic
attributes likevalues, beliefs, lifestyle, personality before designing a segmentation of market.

Question 2: Discuss the importance of packaging in marketing of the above productrange

We all know that packaging adds value to the product in the form of easier handling and
secured usage. Packaging is very important for fairness products as it plays a vital role in its
appeal and sales of the product. A properly packaged product can result in repeat purchase by
the customers.For a fairness product, an easy to use packaging which is secured and
transparentare likely to have better sales. Transparent packaging will help the customer viewthe
contents of the product and help them in their purchase decision making.Packaging is also vital
for preservation and their continual usage. Incase of beauty products, size shape color, and
labeling should attract both visually and and psychologically.For better recognition and
preventing confusion it is important to maintainconsistency in packaging design.Packaging
should also facilitate easier handling by the retailers and dealers.Itshould also be environment
friendly as it would add to the good quality of the product and thus help in the easy saleability
and marketability of the product.Innovative packaging can help distinguish beauty products from
those of competitors.Large package size can motivate the customers to consume
more as they have thefeeling that they have bought a large quantity of the product at the
reduced rate.The ultimate objective of packaging particularly in case of fairness products
should be to facilitate easier usage, secured handling and preventing any spillage whileusing.
The shape, size, colour, and mode of packaging should appeal to their psyche. As a result it will
help in creating brand value and loyal customer base.
Question 3: Suggest a suitable promotion mix for creating awareness of theabove range of
Promotion of a product requires a diligent deliberation. There are a wide variety of media to
choose from. Therefore it is indispensable to know the target customers,their location, the
message to be delivered, and the timing of the promotions.The main purpose of promotion is to
boost the sales of a product by creating designi.e, both the consumer as well as trade demand.
Suitable promotion mix in case of

the beauty products can be the following.1. Selection of the right media like television, websites
and lifestyle journalscan be effective in case of fairness product.. Most visible display
hoardingon the busy streets, health centers, gym , spa etc. can help promote the product.2.
Point of purchase displays such as window displays, wall displays, danglers, balloons and of
course innovations like sniff teasers that spreads the aromaof product can be an effective
promotion mix.3. Distribution of free samples to niche segments to encourage them try anew
product.4. Free gifts, coupons ,scratch card scheme can incentivise the customers buythe same
product again.5. Devising strategies through money refunds and rebates so that
qualifiedcustomers make repeat purchase. The method of refund should beconsistent and
confidence boosting.Besides publishing stories and articles in leading dailies and health
magazines and promoting social and health activities before launching the product can help
buildawareness. If a products feature and specialty can be carried in the editorial sectionof
newspapers, publications or the broad cast medium, it can help not only in building awareness
but also build credibility.