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Online Machinery Health Manage ment

Predictive diAgnoSticS froM rotAting

equiPMent Prevent unScheduled doWntiMe

rotAting equiPMent A keY coMPonent AMS Suite deliverS inforMAtion

of PlAntWeb Architecture

for fASt Action

Unexpected machinery downtime can account for AMS Suite predictive maintenance applications, vital
as much as 40% of lost capacity and can consume up to Online Machinery Monitoring, deliver meaningful
to 30% of a plants maintenance budget. Emersons information to maintenance and reliability personnel
online machinery technologies and services help prevent and control room operators for faster action. Access to
unexpected downtime while reducing the overall cost of powerful predictive diagnostics allows your team to
maintenance and increase performance. focus resources on problem assets and empowers
them to act quickly. Decisions are based on accurate
Online Machinery Monitoring includes machinery information.
protection, predictive diagnostics, performance
monitoring, and integration with process control.
iMProve ProductivitY
Online Machinery Monitoring also integrates critical and
essential machinery into the proven PlantWeb digital plant n Reduce time and effort spent manually
architecture. These predictive online technologies collecting asset data.
measure and track faults, analyze data, and deliver n Troubleshoot potential problems right from
information to operators and maintenance personnel so
operations and maintenance PCs.
you know about problems in advance long before they
cause production interruptions.
n Build teamwork as both operations and
maintenance receive appropriate PlantWeb Alerts
with recommended correction actions.
n Improve productivity by prioritizing work for
your most critical assets.

Online Machinery Health Manage ment

MAchinerY heAlth MAnAgeMent

driveS iMProved buSineSS reSultS

highlightS of online MAchinerY our cuStoMerS SAY it beSt

heAlth MAnAgeMent include:
n 44 hours downtime avoided in first 6 months.
cSi 6500 Machinery health Monitor n 50% increase in machinery meant time between failures.
n Provides API 670 critical machinery protection n 43% reduction in mechanical emergency maintenance.
and predition
n 260 % program ROI in first 6 months.
n Easily integrated with a DeltaV or Ovation digital
Johns Manville, etowah tennessee
control systems
n Perfect for obsolete protection system
retrofit application Protect Your equiPMent inveStMent
n Identifies issues with critical equipment before
Online Machinery Monitoring for your plants most critical
problems trip the protection system.
asset is an important element of a comprehensive asset
n Delivers real-time machinery health information to management plan. Powerful diagnostics and precise
operators and maintenance personnel. alerts from critical rotating machinery are cornerstones
n Provides industry-leading PeakVue technology to to building your predictive maintenance environment.
differentiate early bearing faults from machine noise . By combining protection, prediction, performance
AMS Suite predictive maintenance software monitoring, and your process control system, you are
actively ensuring the health and prolonging the life
n Gives a single, unified view of plant asset information cycle of your critical machinery.
n Powerful dashboards and reports show information
such as key performance indicators, prioritized lists PlantWeb Services ensure successful implementation of
of active alerts, and health ratings for each asset the PlantWeb technologies to deliver maximum benefits
from your technology investment.
n Collects detailed asset data for management, analysis,
predictive maintenance, and performance monitoring Contact your Emerson sales representative to learn
how you can improve availability and performance
through better optimization of critical assets.

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