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Scholarship for Professional Courses for

SC/ST candidates

The following terms and conditions will govern the grant of the scholarships:
a) The contingency grant sanctioned will be reimbursed to the scholar on the actual
expenditure incurred by him/her on the admissible items within the limit.
b) The books and non-consumable items purchased or acquired, out of the contingency grant,
will be the property of the concerned university or the institution and that the scholars are to
return them at the end of their programme of post-graduate and research work to the
concerned institution.
c) It will be obligatory for every post-graduate student to undertake a to 10 hours (per week)
of work related to teaching and research activities as assigned to him/her by the institute.
This could include tutorials, laboratory classes, development and maintenance of
laboratories, assistance in research and development activities undertaken by faculty
members, maintenance and operation of Computers and other central facilities, assistance in
library , etc.
d) Wherever the Government of India/University Grants Commission/Council of
scientific and Industrial Research/Industry sponsored projects are being undertaken, the
services of the students may be utilized for providing assistance in the projects funded by
these agencies. In that event, a portion of the scholarship amount Rs.1500/-per
month may be charged to the project funds for the duration, the students are engaged in
these projects.
e) The students must secure a first class or equivalent CGPA/Grade during, the first semester
, second semester and the third semester examinations to become eligible for continuance
of scholarship at the enhanced rate during the second, third and forth semester respectively.
Scholarship once discontinued will not he restored, e'en if a student secures first class (oi)
equivalent (Grade A) grade after the second semester.
f) The student who secure first class, or equivalent CGPA/Grade during, their first
semester, second semester and third semester examination, are eligible to get the PG
Scholarship @ Rs.5000/- p.m. and the student who secure below 60% marks (first
class), (or) equivalent CGPA grade in their first, second and third semester examination,
will be eligible to PG Scholarship @ Rs. 1000/- p.m. only.
g) The scholarships may be discontinued at any time for any kind of misconduct by the
student, receiving the same, as judged by a Disciplinary Committee of the institution.
h) No Scholarship should be given to PG student who Passes the GATE examination during
the second year of study.
i) Scholarship will be discontinued immediately upon his/her failure in any semester.
j) The student shall be required to give an undertaking to the effect that he/she would not
leave the course midway.
k) During the course of studies, the student shall not recei've any emoluments, salary, stipend,
etc. from any other source.
1) In no case the scholarship will be continued for a period of more than 24 months only.
m) Suitable hostel type accommodation may be provided wherever available.
No house rent Allowance (I-IRA) is admissible to ME/M.Tech. students.
o) The- student shall be eligible for medical facilities as per university/institute/college rules.
Foreign student are not be eligible for the GATE Scholarship.
q The students shall be entitled, to take leave for a maximum period of 30 days per winter,
pooja etc.
years in addition to general holidays but is not entitled to vocations e.g. summer
r) The students, who are admitted to AICTE/UGC approved P.G courses [ME/ M.Tech. /
Master of Planning] are only eligible to receive the GATE scholarships.
s) The UGC may impose any other conditions as deemed necessary from time to time.