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Education at national level face up to diverse problems and

limitations of pedagogical carcter. As a manifestation of a politic

education, the ministry education it is currently commanded of a

dynamic of changes to the modernization of the education to put into

the requirement and big challenges which propose the education in

the present century. Even though it is true that we are going up Little

by Little, we are concious that our country has not been ocuping

prodigious places, in the different international evaluations (PISA)

which have been taking until now.

About our regin Huanuco we know that neither it is exempt to this

problematic, in reason that the census evaluations of the last years

put us in the last paces in language and maths, the majority of our

students end up the elementary and secondray school with serious

ortographic failures. The educational institutions (elementary and

secondary level) have fulfilled or have done moderately giving to

them the esencial and basic knowledge about ortography; for

instance, a great group of them put an accent on correctly just with a

reduced number of words, bringing as a consecuence the lack of

comprehension about which is written, so the problematic is present

there and the following interrogant it is emphasized as, how to

confront and correct this lack on the students?

It is in this way which we present our investigation work titled The

technique of metaplan and the literal ortography learning in the

children of the 3rd grade from the educational institution San Pedro-

Huanuco. It was developed an experimental investigation. The

design of the used investigation was quasi experimental with the

application of a pre and post test, as a sample two section were

chosen, the 3rd grade A with twenty seven students being all of

them members of the control group and the twenty seven students

from the 3rd grade D as the experimental group, previously applied

the pre-test evaluation. It was procesed the data of the field Research

the same which was subjected to a statistical processing and its post

analysis and interpretation.

The results of the post test about the literal ortography learning in the

control and experimental group (chart N 4) evinces that there exists

significantly differences; given that, the X of the post from the

experimental group which was 16.4, significantly differs to the X of

the post test form the control group; as a consecuence, we assumed

that this change obbeys to the technique of Metaplan.

With the aim to go Deep in the analysis and the interpretation of the

results, the following nule hypothesis was subjected to a prove,

whether the technique of Metaplan itis not effective, so the literal

ortography learning in the children from the 3rd grade of the

educational institution San Pedro-Huanuco 2015 will not get better;

for this effect, to calculate the T of student and to know the results,

the prove of the hypothesis was used concluding that.

As the value of the T= 4,9 it is higher than the Tc= 1,67 the nule

hypothesis it is rejected; for this reason, it corroborates that the

application of the Metaplan technique significantly infludes in the

literal ortography learning in the children form the 3rd grade of the

educational institution San Pedro-Huanuco, 2015.