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Globalization and its impact

-Communications strategy

Prepared by :
Nuresha Rasanjali Perera: 101510351
Thimothy Shanon Jebaseelan: 101662223

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017

Goal & Objectives



Target audiences
Primary target audience: Business and government
Secondary target audience: Students community
Tertiary target audience: General public

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
Key messages

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
No.50/9 Lagonda drive,
Ingleburne, Colombo 15
Telephone 077 882 3801

12th of April 2017

Mr. Steve Smith

Managing director
Soft logic PLC
18/3 Green lane
Colombo 7
Globalization impact towards business

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to promote the key findings of globalization and
its impact towards the business. I am writing this letter to demonstrate my opinion
towards globalization and the consequences businesses face because of it. This letter
will express how a business can gain advantage through globalization.

Globalization has brought many benefits to todays society. This is increased

interconnectedness of culture, business, technology and many positive actions that

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
many companies undertaking today due to globalization. Business gets many benefits
through globalization and I am going to include some of the benefits which has major
impact towards the business. First main advantage is outsourcing, Because of
outsourcing business can get cheaper raw material and labor. Business can outsource
its operations to lower labor cost countries such as India, China and Bangladesh
through that business can cut down expenses and give quality products with lower
costs. With that business can grow its operation globally around the world. Business
outsourcing let people employed all around the world and because of that now business
earns more and more money.
Second main benefit is globalization leads to lower cost. Business are no longer
competing with just another business but its competing with business all around the
world. Because of this competition business needs to keep their prices low.
Third main benefit is productivity. Because of globalization business can focus on
limited product which they are really good at. By focusing on limited products. Business
can deliver quality products with lower cost which helps the business to maximize its
profits on a regular basis.
Last one is capital flow. Through globalization business can get capital which they
needed through share market. Because of increase in investment from foreign investors
and individuals the lending restrictions has decrease and it allows businesses to really
use the capital to expand and innovate and invest back to their business units.

I am looking forward to talk with you in near future about globalization and what
advantages our organization can gain with it. And also to come up with an ideology to
face the competition.
If there are any question about this letter, please contact me directly and I will be very
pleased to assist.

Yours sincerely,

Thimothy shanon
Thimothy shanon
Marketing Director
CC. Nuresha Perera

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
From: Nuresha Perera <nperera@softlogic.au>
Sent: Monday, 14 April 2017 2.00 AM

TO: All employees

Subject: Introducing a new employee engagement app


We being a worldwide business, our hierarchical culture and innovation plays an

imperative component in the improvement of our association as a rule separated from
our business and other functional methodologies. Our organization culture has without a
doubt rolled out a colossal improvement in the achievement, manageability and
execution of our association in the course of recent years. Then again, information
technology additionally assumes an essential part in today's business world since IT
drives innovations and its advancements that results in business success.

We trust that transparency and new innovation is a standout amongst the most
essential elements that an association ought to take after to enhance itself. The IT and
HR branches of our association is building up an employee engagement application
with a specific end goal to remote the workforce, enhance representative efficiency and

This encourages constant joint effort where workers will have the capacity to get
quick feedback on their reports and even organize gatherings through instant
messages and texts with the board. This will make activities a great deal more
composed, reasonable, basic, and proficient.

This also makes feedback and recognition (public appreciation of well performing
employees) much more trouble-free for the top management and also within the
coworkers of the organization.

Another very important factor is that it will make it easier for the top management
to get an overall idea of the ongoing performance and engagement level of the
company and develop goals and set strategies to overcome any weaknesses.

Finally, we believe that this will improve and grow the connectivity of the
employees of the organization.

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
This will give the chance for our employees to be in
touch on all business events, be informed about
important and urgent notices, answer surveys etc. which
consequently will help us to assemble a solid association
with our workforce and in this way enhance the general
profitability and effectiveness of the representatives and
the whole association.
We will keep you'll refreshed on this new application and
furthermore its release date. Much thanks to you for your
support in helping this business achieve its prosperity.

Thank you.


Nuresha Perera

HR Director
Softlogic Holdings PLC
T: 077 882 3801

URL: softlogic.lk

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
Globalizatio Globalization and Culture
n and its What is culture?
Culture means the customs, beliefs, ideas,

impact on behaviors, artefacts, morals, laws, habits, values

and any other capabilities that are followed and
believed by a group of people belonging to a

Culture and particular society.

Globalization has resulted in opening cultures to a whole
new arena. Therefore, it is important to understand that

globalization could have both positives and/or negative
impacts towards different cultures.

Food is an important
part in any culture. Due to globalizations it has
given people the opportunity taste food from other
cultures all over the world. E.g. KFC, Mc Donalds.
Globalization? It can also be seen that some food items have
become an integral part of consumption by citizens
d has reached beyond its boundaries all over the world.
elopment in communication, technology It also allows people to und
ion. As a result, the relationship among different cultures and share th
got improved making them
and interlinked globally thus converting
d into

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
As a result of this cross border culture, The quantity and quality
the educational systems of countries have of education of a country plays a very vital role
also changed where now countries try to in its participation to the globalization process.
develop more modern skills within the
younger generation. Today countries are more concerned towards
global education in order to build
In order to minimize the cons of cultural and enhance;
globalization it is important for a country to take Knowledge and
steps so as not to misrepresent their culture. understanding
Examples being;
Values and attitudes
Taking steps to increase demand for
cultural products since people are more Skills and processes
interested and attracted to western products.

Action and participation

among the youth.

The advancement of technology plays an important

Globalization is often viewed as westernization of de role in global education providing students the
opportunity to;

Seek and reach

extended boundaries providing opportunities of

It provides equal
opportunity to
As a result of the point mentioned access to
above, knowledge and
Multinational companies will have a greater learning tools.
impact on poor and developing countries which
will pave the way to colonization.
important to be understood that Another very importan
nsibility as a nation to protect the internationalization o
es and heritage of our country in through globalization.
erve them for the future improve the teaching
learning process and also at the en
countrys economy through investm

ation and Education Globalization has also taken

learning to a whole new level due
introduction of internet to the world

SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
Countries can make use of global
education only if they have access to the latest Contact no.
technology. Therefor it is important for the
government of a country to update on latest
teaching and learning processes to provide a
077 882 3801
good learning experience for the students.

No.50/9 Lagond drive,

Ingleburne Colombo 15


SCI-COM10009-Internal and external communication strategy, Nuresha & Thimothy, 21/05/2017
To Glenn Maxwell (Marketing manager)

Cc David Warner (Marketing research manager)

SUBJECT Communications strategy

Date 21/05/2017


To enlighten our internal employees on globalization and its impacts towards

the business.


Globalization is a leading concept that has become a major factor that affect businesses
all around the world. As a result, they increasingly plan on production activities and
innovations with the improvement of technology, communication and transportation
facilities. This in turn has increased the competition among businesses not only at
national level but also at international level. Thereby it is important for us to
communicate and promote the importance of globalization with the internal parties of
the organization as well as with external parties.

This includes several communications strategies for the purpose of promoting globalization
within the organization and also within external parties.

This report includes a newsletter from the marketing director of our company to
the managing director explaining the importance of globalization to our business
in achieving our goals and objectives.

Also an email to the employees informing then the launch of a new employee
engagement app to enhance the overall performance of the employees.
Finally, in order to educate the public on globalization and its impact the
organization has created a poster and a brochure covering the areas; Importance
of globalization, impact of globalization on culture and education.


Before company coming into certain conclusion the company has to analyze the risk
that may arise.
The absence of client inclination on a specific market may prompt an uncompetitive and
ugly offer to them. Association must settle on the kind of nation on which to center their
consideration, considering elements, for example, political security, outside obligation,
conversion scale soundness, organization, debasement, traditional obligation and other
duty and non-levy boundaries, copyright consistence and expenses of adjusting the
material assets to the particular results of the market concerned.


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Chief Executive Officer
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