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Advantages of GATE Scores

PSU's like BARC, NPCIL, HAL etc. give importance to GATE scores for various
job positions in their organizations. GATE seats are fixed in every institute.
Pharma graduate (post-graduate in India) schools have also got there fixed
GATE seats. A student is also eligible for a monthly scholarship of Rs. 8000.
The examination also tests the takers' perseverance and patience.
Applying to various institutes
Usually IISc application dates are within 4-5 days of announcement of results.
Most institutes do not specify their cut-offs for previous years. So there is a
general confusion in terms of selecting institutes and specializations. But in
the recent years IIT Kharagpur and Guwahati have been specifying last year
cut-off mark list.
Validity of GATE score
A person is eligible to GATE in the pre final year of the qualifying degree.
However the GATE score will remain valid only upto the next GATE
examination. That is if a person has given GATE 2008 examination, the score
will be valid only upto GATE 2009.If a person wants, he or she can attempt
the GATE paper in the pre qualifying year of his or her degree for practice or
to get a feel of the paper. From 2009 onwards, GATE score will be valid for
the one year only. This means that GATE 2009 score is valid for 2009
admissions only.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all-India examination administered and
conducted in eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee comprising faculty from Indian
Institute of Science, Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of the National
Coordinating Board - GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development
(MHRD), Government of India.

Admission to post graduate programmes at engineering and other professional colleges in the country
such as IISc Bangalore, IITs, NITs and NIPER are open to those who qualify through GATE. Students who
wish take admission in masters courses such as M.Tech, M.E. or M.Pharm in India have to take GATE.

GATE qualified candidates in Engineering disciplines are also eligible for the award of Junior Research
Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories. Some government organizations prescribe GATE qualification as a
requirement for applying to the post of a Scientist/Engineer.

GATE is conducted in 21 streams. They are Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer
Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Instrumentation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,
Agricultural Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Geology and Geophysics, Mathematics, Mining
Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, Textile Engineering and
Fiber Science, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering Sciences and Life Science.

Eligibility for GATE

The following categories of candidates are eligible to appear in GATE
Bachelor degree holders in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture/Pharmacy (4 years after 10+2) and
those who are in the final or pre-final year of such programmes.
Master degree holders in any branch of Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Applications or
equivalent and those who are in the final or pre-final year of such programmes.
Candidates in the second or higher year of the Four-year Integrated Master degree programme (Post-
B.Sc.) in Engineering/Technology or in the third or higher year of Five-year Integrated Master degree
programme and Dual Degree programme in Engineering/Technology.
Candidates with qualifications obtained through examinations conducted by professional societies
recognised by UPSC/AICTE (e.g. AMIE) as equivalent to B.E./B.Tech. Those who have completed section
A or equivalent of such professional courses are also eligible.

The GATE examination consists of a single paper of 3 hours duration. The question paper consists of only
objective type questions. Each question will have four choices for the answer. Only one choice is correct.
There will be negative marking for wrong answers. The deduction for each wrong answer will be 25% of
the allotted marks.

The question paper will be for a total of 150 marks divided into three groups:
(i) Group I: Question Numbers 1 to 20 (20 questions) will carry one mark each (sub total 20 marks).

(ii) Group II: Question Numbers 21 to 75 (55 questions) will carry two marks each (sub total 110 marks).
Out of these, Q.71 to Q.75 may be common data based questions.

(iii) Group III: Question Numbers 76 to 85 (10 questions) will carry two marks each (sub total 20 marks).
These questions are called linked answer questions. These 10 questions comprise five pairs of questions
(76 & 77, 78 & 79, etc.). The solution to the second question of each pair (e.g. Q.77) will be linked to the
correct answer to the first one (e.g. Q.76) in the pair.

Each question will have four choices for the answer. Only one choice is correct. Wrong answers carry
25% negative marks. In Q.1 to Q.20, 0.25 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer and in Q.21 to
Q.76, Q.78, Q.80, Q.82 and Q.84, 0.5 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. If the first question in
the linked pair is wrong, then the second question in the pair will not be evaluated. However, there is no
negative marking for the linked answer questions - Q.77, Q.79, Q.81, Q.83 and Q.85.

Papers bearing the code AE, AG, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, IN, ME, MN, MT, PI, TF will contain questions on
Engineering Mathematics to the extent of 20 to 25 marks.
CS-Computer Science and Engineering

Mathematical Logic: Propositional Logic; First Order Logic.

Probability: Conditional Probability; Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation; Random Variables;
Distributions; uniform, normal, exponential, Poisson, Binomial.

Set Theory & Algebra: Sets; Relations; Functions; Groups; Partial Orders; Lattice; Boolean Algebra.

Combinatorics: Permutations; Combinations; Counting; Summation; generating functions; recurrence

relations; asymptotics.

Graph Theory: Connectivity; spanning trees; Cut vertices & edges; covering; matching; independent sets;
Colouring; Planarity; Isomorphism.

Linear Algebra: Algebra of matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations, Eigen values and Eigen

Numerical Methods: LU decomposition for systems of linear equations; numerical solutions of non-linear
algebraic equations by Secant, Bisection and Newton-Raphson Methods; Numerical integration by
trapezoidal and Simpsons rules. Calculus: Limit, Continuity & differentiability, Mean value Theorems,
Theorems of integral calculus, evaluation of definite & improper integrals, Partial derivatives, Total
derivatives, maxima & minima.


Theory of Computation: Regular languages and finite automata, Context free languages and Push-down
automata, Recursively enumerable sets and Turing machines, Undecidability; NP-completeness.

Digital Logic: Logic functions, Minimization, Design and synthesis of combinational and sequential
circuits; Number representation and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point).

Computer Organization and Architecture: Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU and data-
path, CPU control design, Memory interface, I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode), Instruction
pipelining, Cache and main memory, Secondary storage.

Programming and Data Structures: Programming in C; Functions, Recursion, Parameter passing, Scope,
Binding; Abstract data types, Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees, Binary search trees, Binary

Algorithms: Analysis, Asymptotic notation, Notions of space and time complexity, Worst and average case

Design: Greedy approach, Dynamic programming, Divide-and-conquer; Tree and graph traversals,
Connected components, Spanning trees, Shortest paths; Hashing, Sorting, Searching.

Compiler Design: Lexical analysis, Parsing, Syntax directed translation, Runtime environments,
Intermediate and target code generation, Basics of code optimization.

Operating System: Processes, Threads, Inter-process communication, Concurrency, Synchronization,

Deadlock, CPU scheduling, Memory management and virtual memory, File systems, I/O systems,
Protection and security.

Databases: ER-model, Relational model (relational algebra, tuple calculus), Database design (integrity
constraints, normal forms), Query languages (SQL), File structures (sequential files, indexing, B and B+
trees), Transactions and concurrency control.

Computer Networks: ISO/OSI stack, LAN technologies (Ethernet, Token ring), Flow and error control
techniques, Routing algorithms, Congestion control, TCP/UDP and sockets, IP(v4), Application layer
protocols (icmp, dns, smtp, pop, ftp, http); Basic concepts of hubs, switches, gateways, and routers.

The important dates for GATE 2008 are given below. The dates for GATE 2009 are also likely to be
Commencement of
Sale of information brochure and offline application forms 24 September 2007
Online application form submission - 24 September 2007
Last date of issue of information brochure and application forms
By post from GATE Offices - 19 October 2007
At bank counters - 26 October 2007
At GATE office counters - 30 October 2007
Last date for
Online application form submission (website closure) - 26 October 2007
Receipt of completed offline application form at different GATE Offices - 30 October 2007
Receipt of completed online application form at IISc Bangalore - 30 October 2007
Date of the examination - 10 February 2008 Announcement of results - 15 March 2008

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore http://www.dr-ait.org/
Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum http://www.git.edu/
Government College of Pharmacy, Bangalore
Government Tool Room & Training Centre,
Government Tool Room & Training Centre, Mysore
H.K.E. Societys College of Pharmacy, Gulbarga http://www.hkespharmacy.org/
J.N.N. College of Engineering, Shimoga http://www.jnnce.ac.in/
J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Mysore http://www.jsspharma.org/
K.L.E. Societys College of Pharmacy, Belgaum http://www.kleslingarajcollege.com/
K.L.E.S. College of Engineering & Technology,
K.L.E.S. College of Pharmacy, Hubli http://www.kleslingarajcollege.com/
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Karnataka National Institute of Technology,
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NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya
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Institute of Technology), Bhopal
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College), Ujjain


Appasaheb Biranle College of Pharmacy, Sangli

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Technology, Karaikudi
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University, Chennai
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Government College of Engineering, Salem http://www.gcesalem.edu.in
Government College of Engineering, Kattabomman
Government College of Technology, Coimbatore http://www.gct.ac.in/
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Hindustan Engineering Training Centre, Chennai http://www.hindustancollege.com/
J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Ootacamond http://www.jsscpooty.org/
K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology,
Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore http://www.karunya.edu/
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Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore http://www.kct.ac.in/
M.S. University, Tirunelveli http://www.msuniversitytvl.net/
Maharaja College of Engineering, Avinashi http://www.maharaja.in/mec/index.html
Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Virudhunagar http://www.mepcoeng.ac.in/
Mohammed Sathak Engineering College,
Kilakkarai, Ramanathapuram Dist.
Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai http://www.mitindia.edu/
Nandha College of Paramedical Sciences, Erode
National Engineering College, Kovilpatti http://www.nationalenggcollege.org/
Noorul Islam College of Engineering, Kanyakumari http://www.niceindia.com/
Periyar Maniammai College of Technology for
Women, Thanjavur
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore http://www.psgtech.edu/
PSNA College of Engineering & Technology,
R.V.S. College of Engineering & Technology,
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli http://www.nitt.edu
Regional Power Training Institute, Neyveli http://www.nptisr.com/PGDC.htm
S.R.M. College of Pharmacy, S.R.M. Nagar http://www.srmuniv.ac.in
S.R.M. Engineering College, Potheri http://www.srmuniv.ac.in/
Satyabhama Institute of Science & Technology,
School of Arch. & Planning, Anna University, http://www.annauniv.edu/sap/
Sastra University http://www.sastra.edu/
Sona College of Technology, Salem http://www.sonatech.ac.in/
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Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering,
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Technical Teachers Training Institute, Chennai http://www.nitttrc.ac.in/
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Pant College of Technology, Pant Nagar http://www.gbpuat-tech.ac.in/


Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh http://www.amu.ac.in/

Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad http://www.aaidu.org/
Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University,
Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering &
Technology, Jhansi
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Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra http://www.dei.ac.in/
Electronics Research & Dev. Centre of India, Noida
Government Central Textile Institute, Kanpur http://www.uptti.ac.in/
Harcourt Butler Technology Institute, Kanpur http://hbti.ac.in/
Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow http://www.ietlucknow.edu/
Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology,
Power Management Institute, Noida http://www.pmintpc.com


Bengal Engineering College, Howrah

College of Ceramic Technology, Belaghata
College of Textile Technology, Bahrampore
College of Leather Technology, Kolkata http://www.gcelt.gov.in/
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata www.isical.ac.in/
Institute of Jute Technology, Kolkata http://www.ijtindia.org/
Jadavpur University, Kolkata http://www.jadavpur.edu/
National Institute of Technology, Burdwan
Regional Power Training Institute, Durgapur http://www.npti.nic.in/
University College of Science & Technology,
All About GATE
What is GATE all about?
GATE is organized by IITs and IISc, which have pioneered advanced education at masters level in India.
The sole purpose of GATE is not only to conduct a test for admission but, which is also the major goal, to
identify the suitable engineers/researchers in various areas and make them to choose their area of choice
in which they can pursue their master degree. As you know by now, GATE is only organized by IITs and
IISc which always try to innovate and introduce new systems to test the basic knowledge of candidates in
various fields. As a part of that innovation, the previous year GATE papers were fully objective type. This
year also the same pattern is being used, and mathematics added! Although this made the job relatively
easier for the evaluators, the candidates now have a bound choice to cover all the topics. As you know,
the setting of questions papers at IITs and IISc in itself is very interesting. The designated faculty in each
of the areas who provide the syllabus of a particular stream have the burden to set the questions which is
finally combined to a full length paper. Being set by the highly qualified faculty, the questions papers are
not like a very traditional one. They always try to test the very basic of candidates in respective areas by
bringing the element of innovation in these papers. It is not surprising that sometimes the questions are
mere applications of basic concepts in their area of research. The implication of this, it seems is that
cracking GATE with a very high percentile is merely having the basics cleared. No! Absolutely not! As
innovations are always a part of the question paper, one needs to be able to apply the basics in a new
application, too. That is why similar to JEE, GATE is altogether different from other competitive exams.
Here in GATE, one needs to prepare thoroughly by understanding the basics. Its not at all the mugging
up the end results (formulae) and directly applying them; instead, you need to know the principle in the
derivation of those end results because in most of the cases the questions are based on the basic
principle involved in the derivation, or the case where they may ask the behavior of the system under
some other conditions or simple application of that result.

To secure a very high percentile you should always remember the fact that you are adjudged relatively not
absolutely. Hence, your rank obviously depends on how you performed relative to your competitors. Many
times, it happens that the candidates are sure of getting many questions correct. But one should always
know that although the questions have only one correct answer, other probable choices are deliberately
put there to confuse the candidates. In that sense, preparing the choices other than the correct one is
also a part of the bringing the element of innovation, which really makes the life hell for a test taker to
arrive at the very correct choice.

The question that poses itself to the GATE aspirants now is, how does he prepare, what methods he
should adopt that would ensure his admission in the esteemed IITs or the IISc.
How to Prepare
How does one prepare for GATE, specifically GATE 2009
Before the marathon begins, the runner puts in months, even years, of effort before he actually runs the
race. As the saying goes get your fundamentals right. GATE is an exam that tests you on your
fundamentals. The questions are generally derivations of the fundamentals. Preparation for GATE is an
ongoing process, and is supposed to happen in stages. First get your fundamentals right, and then test
yourself on those fundamentals. When you have done this, you should pit yourself with the competition,
which means a mock test which would give you a percentile to let you know where you stand amongst

How do you choose which coaching material to go with. This is something that is quite subjective. A
coaching material cannot be assessed until you have gone through it. So, you could go by the word of
your seniors as to what coaching material they followed to prepare for GATE.

Here are some parameters on which you can decide whether you should go for a particular coaching
institute, use a particular coaching material, or tests:

1. Uniqueness in their study material: Study material provided by the coaching institutes is of little
assistance if they are compact copy-paste or rewrite of materials taken from other books. If the reading of
such material doesnt increase interest and enjoyment then they are not worth it. There are plenty of
standard books on each subject by good authors, which can make your study enjoyable during

2. Collection of quality books in their library: During the process of theory conceptualization and building
application capabilities, you need good books, which can really put your brain on exercise. Check out
their library!

3. Flexibility in the Coaching Model: What happens when your pace of learning is much faster or slower
than the average? Is there any mechanism by which the model can identify exactly where you need help
and provide the same? Is it possible in that coaching model to minimize the wastage of your time?

4. Quality of questions discussed: Number of questions discussed is not that important. By discussing and
solving 10-15 conceptual questions on each topic you can build a good application capability. On the
other hand solving many tricky non-conceptual questions will simply waste your time.

5. Tests and evaluation model: How is the progress of your preparation tested and analyzed? To what
extent the feedback helps in identifying the areas for further work? Here I must say that this is the most
crucial part of the preparation. This is the area where most of the students fail due to lack of proper test
materials which can help them to build in themselves a real-test-like environment and temperament. Once
you are able to choose the correct assistance for your GATE journey, it will be an enjoying and thrilling

Here are some things apart from working on your engineering concepts, that you should do for a
complete preparation for GATE

1. Solve previous years GATE papers: Solving previous years papers gives you a fair idea of what the
actual paper would be like. It also brushes up your basics and exposes your areas of improvement.

2. Solve test papers: Solve as many test papers as possible. This actually is the best way to keep
improving as you prepare for GATE.

3. Analyze : Analyzing your test results is a very important part of taking the test. If you do not analyze,
the test does not add value. You should minutely analyze and define as to where you could have scored
more; analyze your accuracy rates in various topics and maintain a topic wise datasheet which lists your
performance topic wise for different test papers.

4. Take up an all India test series which gives you your percentile and All India Rank : This is very
important to avoid the frog in the pond syndrome. Students tend to take it easy if they attain a high score
in the tests. However, GATE is an exam in which people are selected on their relative scores. So even if
you have scored 95% it does not essentially translate to a percentile of 95. You are competing with the
best in India, and to get through GATE you should know where you stand to be among the top few
selected for the interview. A test series of this sort is being provided by GATE Forum

5. Simulate actual test environment : This is very important. The actual test happens in a classroom, and
is timed. When you take up the test, switch off your cell phone, have a timer which times your tests, and
avoid taking any breaks. Also, if possible, take up a mock test series which enables you to take the test in
a classroom environment.

We are presenting below a series of interviews of some of our toppers in GATE

Rakesh, AIR 1, CS, GATE 2008, answers below some of the questions posed by us in an interview to
help benefit present and future GATE Aspirants.
Pimplikar Rakesh Rameshrao
Stream CS
[Roll no: 156551]
1. When and from which college did you complete your engineering?
I have completed my B.E. in Computer Science from Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering &
Technology, Nanded (Maharashtra) in the year 2007.
2. Have you taken GATE earlier and how was your performance in it?
Earlier I have attempted GATE twice. In GATE 2006, my score was just 355 and rank was 2238. In GATE
2007, my score was 424 and rank was 932. I improved it significantly in GATE 2008. Now my score is 935
and rank is 1.
3. Can you recollect when you started preparation for GATE 2008? (Which year of engineering /
I got job through campus. But as I was desperate for M.Tech. from a reputed institute, I didnt join the job.
I feel it is very difficult to give time for technical studies while doing a job. I was very good in basic
concepts in my engineering course. I started preparing seriously for GATE 2008 in August 2007. I think if
you are good in basics, a consistent study of 4-5 months is sufficient to crack GATE. Third and final year
of Engineering is the right time to clear your basics.
4. When you started your preparation, what was your aim in GATE?
In the beginning I didnt aim high. (Consequently) My aim was to get into top 100 rankers so that I can get
admission in IIT. Accordingly I planned my studies.
5. When you were preparing for GATE, were you expecting this rank?
When I started preparing I wasnt expecting this rank. Later on, I joined GATEFORUM test series in
August 2008. When I started getting good All India Rank in mock tests, my confidence was boosted. I felt
that with consistent study I could get AIR 1 in GATE as well. In such a way, GATEFORUM test series
helped me to analyze myself and to improve over weak areas. It was really useful to know where I stand
in India.
6. What were the subjects you felt were tough?
In the beginning, Theory of Computation, Compilers, Computer Organization, Operating Systems &
Computer Networks were tough for me. But logical approach helped me to get command over these
subjects. I concentrated over only those topics which are given in GATE syllabus and I solved as many
problems from these subjects as possible.
7. What were the subjects you felt were easy?
Subjects like Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Computer Algorithms, C-Programming, Digital
Electronics, Database Managements Systems were easy for me.
8. Which books and material did you refer to in your preparation?
I think books prescribed by any university syllabus are standard books and those books are sufficient for
GATE studies. Books only help us clearing concepts, but GATE is all about application of those concepts.
So unless you practice problems from previous GATE papers or from other mock test series, you cannot
crack GATE.
9. How did Gateforums coaching / correspondence course / test series help in your preparation?
I had joined GATEFORUM test series only. I think it played a very important role in my preparation. The
main thing is that it provides All India Rank in every test so that you come to know where you stand in
India. It helps very much to boost your confidence. In the beginning I was thinking to get into top 100
rankers only. As I started improving in test series, I thought I could also get into top 5 or even AIR 1. It
also helped me to learn time management. Subject wise analysis and ranking is another feature of this
test series so that I came to know where I was weak and which area I should improve upon. Reading
tough topics, appearing for next test, analyzing weak areas, improving over weak areas, again appearing
for next test, this cycle can be followed in this test series. And 10 such tests are enough to get perfection.
Thus GATEFORUM test series is the perfect simulation of real GATE exam./
10. What are the strengths of Gateforums product?
It is precise as per the GATE syllabus and it shows the right direction for the preparation.
11. In your opinion what are the major reasons for your success in GATE?
I believe in 3 Cs, Confidence, Consistency and Concentration. 3 Cs are sufficient to get success in any
field. Again you should have burning desire to achieve something. I solved around 35 full length GATE
question papers (previous year papers and mock test series papers). And I analyzed each and every
paper after solving it. Solving problems is the key. Also, right decision at right time is the reason for my
12. What was your methodology while preparing for GATE?
I had joined coaching. So my habit was to revise the topic at home on the same day when it was taught in
class. Also I was trying to solve problems over that topic at home. If there was any difficulty, I used to ask
it to Sir on next day. In such a way, I didnt leave any concept uncleared. I used to revise every subject
once in at least 15 days so that it remains fresh in your mind. Otherwise you will forget few concepts by
the time of exam. Also I was appearing for GATEFORUM mock tests regularly.
13. When did you complete the syllabus? And were you able to revise? (how many times)
I completed my syllabus well in advance before 1 and half month. Then I revised syllabus within 15-20
days. Earlier I kept revising every subject at least once in 15 days. So approximately I revised entire
syllabus 6-7 times. And that is important too, because GATE syllabus is so vast that if dont revise
periodically, you will forget it.
14. How did you prepare in the last 2 months before GATE?
In last 2 months, I revised all subjects twice. In the last 1 month I didnt read any new concept. I was just
solving question papers in the last month.
15. What suggestion and preparation tips would you like to give to GATE aspirants?
Very first point is you should have a strong desire to crack GATE. Give importance to GATE study over
activities for at least 4-5 months. Plan your study as per time you have. Dont read entire book for a
subject. Be precise and practice as many problems as you can. Practicing problem is the key. Hard work
of 4-5 months is sufficient to crack GATE.
16. Which institute and specialization are you planning to take up?
Most probably, I will go for IIT Bombay. I am interested in Data Mining and Networks.
Achyut, (All India Rank 1, Mechanical, GATE 2008) answers the questions posed by us for the benefit
of other GATE Aspirants in the following interview.
Bhure Achyut Chatrabhuj
GATE 2008 Topper
Stream ME (Mechanical)
Gateforum Roll No: [144658]
1. From which college are you pursuing / completed your engineering?
Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University LONERE Dist Raigad Maharashtra
2. Have you taken GATE earlier? How was your performance in it?
GATE 2006 AIR 2207
GATE 2007 AIR 517
3. Can you recollect when you started preparation for GATE 2008? (Which year of engineering /
In Third Year of B.Tech
4. When you started your preparation, what was your aim in GATE?
In my first attempt(2006) I aimed to obtain at least a valid GATE score; in my second attempt(2007) I
decided gain rank within 100 where as in third attempt (2008) tried hard to get rank within 10.
5. When you were preparing for GATE, were you expecting this rank?
I had got AIR 1 in 8 out of 10 mock tests conducted by Gateforum so I was expecting my rank at least
within 25
6.. What were the subjects you felt were tough?
I felt industrial engineering & operation research very boring. Thermal science is very tough to understand
but I have mastered it much above the average level of students. Math is tough to understand but easy to
7. What were the subjects you felt were easy?
Machine design, Solid mechanics, Applied mechanics, Theory of machines, Production engineering, Heat
8. Which books / material did you refer to in your preparation?
Beer Johnson McGraw-hill,
Maths - B.S.Grewal, Erwin Kryzig , TOM- S.S.Rattan,
Thermodynamics- P.K.Nag, Cengel ,
Heat transfer- Y.A.Cengel
9. How did Gateforums Coaching / Correspondence course / Test series help in your preparation?
I had applied for the Gateforum test series only. Performance analysis provided by Gateforum helped in
detecting my weak areas. All India ranking system tells where we stand in national level competition.
Method of conducting the exam & many question are very similar to actual GATE paper. Overall test
series gives a nice practice of solving the GATE Question Paper in limited time. This experience helps in
actual GATE paper.
10. In your opinion what are the major reasons for your success in GATE?
Deep understanding of subjects, quick thinking, practice of different type of problems & question papers.
11. What was your methodology while preparing for GATE?
As explained below.
12. When did you complete the syllabus? Were you able to revise? (how many times)
Actually I had completed most of syllabus thoroughly during my B Tech. so during last year I learned very
few concepts & gave much time for revision. (3 to 4 times)
13. How did you prepare in the last 2 months before GATE?
Dont learn new things in last two months. Try to study 2 to 3 different subjects each day. Solve at least 1
paper in each week. Prepare all syllabus; do not skip any subject or topic. It is possible to prepare all
subjects thoroughly but do something from everything so that you can solve at least easy questions from
each topic.
14. What suggestion preparation tips would you like to give to GATE aspirants?
Basic requirement for GATE exam is that your concepts should be clear. Try to understand as many
concepts as possible thoroughly; but this is not enough for getting very high rankings. To increase
speeds, try to solve many different types of problems & many question papers (within time). Try to make
optimum use of calculator.
15. Which institute specialization are you planning to take up?
I have planned for taking admission in IISc Bangalore in Mechanical Engineering.
Adil (CS, AIR5, GATE 2008) answers some Questions on his preparations in GATE 2008 which led to his
excellent results.

Adil Anis Sandalwala

Stream CS
Gateforum Roll No: [534445]
1. From which college did you complete your engineering?
I have completed engineering from IET-DAVV Indore
2. Have you taken GATE earlier and how was your performance in it?

In GATE 2003, Rank - 289

3. Can you recollect when you started preparation for GATE 2008? (Which year of engineering /
Around November 2007
4. When you started your preparation, what was your aim in GATE?
Just to crack a great rank and get into IIT
5. When you were preparing for GATE, were you expecting this rank?
Not exactly.. but Ive always studied with this in mind that I have to get such rank in GATE
6. What were the subjects you felt were tough?
Computer Architecture and Organization, Computer Networks
7. What were the subjects you felt were easy?
Analysis of Algorithms, Database, TOC, Discrete Structures
8. Which books and material did you refer to in your preparation?
Just the suggested books for each subject but the main preparation were in maintaining regularity in
studying them
9. How did Gateforums coaching / correspondence course / test series help in your preparation?
It helped me to maintain my regularity and assessing my performance at all India level It also helped
me to correct and identify my mistakes.
10. In your opinion what are the major reasons for your success in GATE?
Regularity, self-confidence but above all HARD WORK.
11. What was your methodology while preparing for GATE?
I always tried to cover each subject to its complete depth before switching to another subject. I
preferred starting with the subjects in which I was weak so that I would have time to re-study it in the
end then to the subjects in which I felt confident. But I always made sure that I time to REVISE the
complete syllabus before each test/exam to have a complete cover and feel for the exam
12. When did you complete the syllabus? And were you able to revise? (how many times)
I completed the syllabus at around mid-January 2008, and was able to revise the subjects once. And
when I had time took on selected and important topics for a further revision.
13. How did you prepare in the last 2 months before GATE?
Study, Study and Revision.
14. What suggestion and preparation tips would you like to give to GATE aspirants?
Have your goal clear in your mind and put in your whole hearted effort for the preparation for the exam.
It is not that tough but just have confidence in yourself and you can have good rank in the exam
15. Which institute and specialization are you planning to take up?
IIT Bombay or IISc Bangalore

GATE is the first step in the path towards securing admission for post graduate courses in various
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Features of Classroom Coaching Module

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Faculty A balanced mix of professors from top notch institutions and GATE toppers. Emphasis
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Course Material Exhaustive course material containing more than 4000 Periodic assessment
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TarGATE 09 - All India Mock Test Series

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Assistance may be provided for hostel facility for out-station students for both the venues.
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Our course modules have been adjusted to suit the new pattern and syllabus of GATE 2009. Discuss the
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Our course modules have been adjusted to suit the new pattern and syllabus of GATE 2009. Discuss the
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Name : Dip Sankar Banerjee Name : Aparajitha Name : Ramit Sarkar

Stream : CS Stream : CS Stream : ECE
City : Kolkata City : Mumbai City : Kolkata
Roll : 772096 Roll :782001 Roll : 771014

Feedback : The eTutor course is Feedback : It is a very good Feedback : Classes for maths
really fabulous and is providing a concept and also is very helpful! were good.
great help. It would be better if the board
The explanation by the esteemed can be made full screen!
professors is really vivid and is (We at Gateforum are working
making my concepts real good on it)
for the exam. I am really looking
forward to attend all the tutorials
of all the classes. The materials
is really great !!

Name : Moumita Das Name : Surendra Prasad Name : Harsh Vardhan

Stream : EC Stream : ME Stream : CS
City : Kolkata City : Chennai City : Mumbai
Roll : 771013 Roll :664501 Roll :

Feedback : It is helpful.although Feedback : It is good for those Feedback : Well the explanation
I have not seen much of classes, who really wants to crack gate given in the lectures is very clear.
but the few i hav seen are good. examination!
Testimonials are slightly edited for (spelling and other) mistakes and doubts.

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Correspondence Course is available in the following streams

Computer Science and Engineering (Syllabus Changed for GATE 2009!)

Instrumentation Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our course modules have been adjusted to suit the new pattern and syllabus of GATE 2009. Discuss the
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Online Classes Can be accessed at any time from any computer through the internet.
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"eTutor is a revolutionary new offering from GATEFORUM which will bring high quality classroom
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Sri Prakash
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The paper structure, pattern and syllabus of GATE 2009 has been changed. Our Test Series will
follow the new pattern.
Please discuss it here.

Knowing your enemy is winning half the battle" - Napolean

TarGATE09, GATEFORUMs All India Test Series, provides the ideal platform wherein you can compare
your preparedness vis-a-vis other GATE aspirants. Based on the analysis we provide after each test, you
can work on your strengths and weakness and fine-tune your strategies. Our test series is the only one to
be conducted across the country and hence you get a fairly accurate estimate of the competition.

Features of the TarGATE09

10 full length tests, modeled on the GATE pattern and difficulty levels, and 18 topic wise practice

Complete performance analysis after each full length test Analysis includes All India Rank,
Projected GATE score, Percentile Score and Topic wise analysis.

Conducted at more than 30 centers across the country.

Available in two modes Classroom mode and Take Home mode

Classroom Mode In this mode, you can take the 10 full length tests at our venues on the dates
scheduled (Usually on Sundays). This mode helps you cope with exam pressure and understand time
management better.

Take Home mode Keeping in view the time and location constraints of some students, we offer this
mode wherein the student will be mailed the test paper along with the response sheet. The student can
take the test according to his convenience and send us the response sheet to get his/her performance

Register for our Scholarship Test for All India Test Series.

Streams for which All India Mock GATE Test Series is available:

Computer Science and Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Instrumentation Engineering

All India Mock GATE Test Series Schedule

Free Test 31st August

Test 1 5th October

Test 2 19th October

Test 3 2nd November

Test 4 16th November

Test 5 30th November

Test 6 21st December

4th January - View

Test 7

18th January - View

Test 8

Test 9 25th January

Test 10 1st February

List of cities where the Test Series is scheduled to be held:























Free All India Mock GATE Test Series for GATE 2009 on August 31st

We are happy to inform you that Gateforum is conducting a Free Test in your city on 31st of August.This is
a free mock GATE Test, and we invite you to walkin. Details are as follows :

This is a free test. No entrance fees, no fees for results, no fees for 'other charges' and no fees
for the answer keys and solutions.

The Test will be of 3 hours duration, and will cover the entire syllabus. Dont skip this test
because you are not prepared. Nobody is, at this point of time.

You can walkin at the test venue. We encourage people to register before-hand at
However, even if you have not registered online, you can walkin at our test venue.

You should bring a pen, two sharpened pencils, eraser, a sharpener, an engg calculator and a
watch to keep track of time.

Question paper will have your roll number.Dont lose your Question paper after the test.

You will have to shade the OMR sheet using a pencil only. So make sure you have pencils.
Except the shading of the OMR sheets, the other areas can be filled in with a pen also.

Please remember to fill up the OMR sheet completely. In the absense of the same, your OMR
sheet will not be evaluated.

You may be required to fill a form before entering.

The test will be conducted for the streams of ECE, EE, ME, PY, CS (&IT), IN.

Answer keys and explanations will be provided after the test.

Results will be made available on 10 September on the website. Please visit our website on
that day. On the results page, you will have to enter your Roll Number mentioned on your
question paper. Please do not lose your question paper.

You can discuss the question paper in our discussion forum - www.gatementor.com

Timings and Venues for Mock GATE Tests for GATE 2009 :

Centers Venue

Ahmedabad Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 079-26859461

Allahabad Prabha Coaching

House Number. 06, M.I.G. II, Shiv
Allahpur, (Near Police Booth)

Test Time - 11.00am to 2.00pm

Ph : 9305094878 / 0522-2327074 /

Amaravati Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.
Ph: 9226338702

Bangalore National College

Jayanagar 7th Block, Near City
5 minutes from Jayanagar 4th Block
Bus Stand

Test Time - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Reporting time 9.15am

Maharani Laxmi Ammani College

Malleswaram 18th Cross

Test Time - 2pm to 5pm

Reporting time 1.15pm

Ph : 080 4131 0203

Baroda (Vadodar Please call up the center at given

a) phone
number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 0265-6616173

Bhilai Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 99260 25024

Bhopal Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 9425037340, 4269134

Bhubaneswar Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 0674-3254182, 9437055010.

Chennai Stella Maris

17, Cathedral Road (Near Gemini
Chennai 600 086
Ph: 080 32513337, 093437 39939

Test Time 10 AM to 1 PM
Reporting Time 9.30 AM

Coimbatore S.N.R. Sons College

S.N.R College Road,
Coimbatore 641006
Ph: 080 32513337, 093437 39939

Test Time 10 AM to 1 PM
Reporting Time 9.30 AM

Delhi Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 011-41513567/68, 9810654929

Durgapur Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 033 3255 2002

Guwahati Please call up the center at given
number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 03612464706, 98640 74861

Hyderabad Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 99899 24870, 99894 77436

Indore Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 98262 91229

Jabalpur Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 9329542117
Jalpaiguri Institute of Pharmacy

Reporting time - 10.30am

Date : 31 August

Kanpur Jigyasu Balika Inter College

On the road of Rama Dental College
Near CSJM University Kanpur

Test time - 11.00am to 2.00pm

Ph: 0522-2327074 / 9415093982 /

Kochi Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Phone: 0484-2401644, 9496413070

Kolkata Test on October 12

South Kolkata
Lake View High School
Behind AMRI Hospital
Bus Stop:Panchanantala

Timing :10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Reporting time: 9:30 am
Labon Hrad Vidyapith
Sector-I, AD Block,
Salt Lake

Timing: 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Reporting time: 2.00 pm

Michael Madhusudan Memorial

Kabi Guru Sarani,
City Centre,

Test time: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Reporting time: 9.30 am

Ph: 033 32552002

Institute of Pharmacy
Sadar Hospital,

Test time: 11.00 am to 2.00 pm

Reporting time: 10.30 am

Lucknow Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 0522-2327074, 9415093982

Mathura Please call up the center at given
number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 9917007333 / 9917227333

Mumbai Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 022 2643 7475 / 2623 7471

Nagpur Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 9423413374

Pune Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.
Ph: 25538396 / 25510078

Raipur Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 0771-4043404 / 9893139232

Rajkot Free test in Rajkot on 26th October


First Floor, 101, Aswamegh Appt.,
Above Modern Fast Food,
University Road,
Rajkot - 360005
Ph: 0281-3044877

Time: 2 - 5 PM

Surat Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 09377859870
Trivandrum Please call up the center at given
number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 94471 32291

Tirupati Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 98498 85026

Visakhapatnam Please call up the center at given

number for the Test Series venues
and timings.

Ph: 9290585235

For more details please view the instruction manual in the enrollment form

All India Short Test Series for GATE 2009

Starts on 21 Dec

Features :
5 Full Length Tests covering the entire syllabus.
All India Rank, Percentile, Projected GATE Score and Section wise rank and percentiles for each test.
Available in Postal Mode also.

Fees : Rs. 1250

How to Apply :
Download our enrollment form at http://www.gateforum.com/form.zip
Send us the filled up enrollment form along with a DD of Rs. 1250 to the nearest office.
Mention "Short Test Series" at the top of the form.

Other payment modes described below for the test series also accepted.

Fees for Short Test Series plus 16 Section Tests - Rs. 1550.


Test 1 21st December

4th January- View


Test3 18th January

Test4 25th January

Test5 1st February

Scholarships announced

How to Enroll with Scholarships! Click here

Note : These scholarships are not valid if you take online tests package alone.

All India Results

Stream Roll No. Score Ran Name Scholarshi
k p
122190 136.25 1 JOYDEV SIKDAR 2500
CS 122189 128.25 2 RAJAN KUMAR 2500
122757 106.25 3 KOUSTAV KUMAR DUTTA 2500

ECE 101847 144.5 1 K MAHESWAR RAO 2500

101840 144.5 1 JAGBANOHU 2500
101846 143.3 3 RAJAN SINGH 2500

EE 103495 140 1 VAIBHAV PANNDEY 2500

103633 71.25 2 M BUASKARA 2500
113801 52 3 AVIK GHOSH 2500

ME 104920 103.25 1 S H GOWTHAM 2500

104919 102.75 2 G KALYANA CHAKRAVARTY 2500
904077 99.75 3 AJAU KUMAR KANGO 2500

IN 215601 107.5 1 CHANDAN KUMAR PARHI 2500

105427 48 2 BANIBRATA MUKHERJEE 2500
105287 41.75 3 S J ARVIND 2500

PY 916050 102.25 1 A KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY 2500

116574 96.25 2 SREERUPA BISWAS 2500
116567 93.75 3 SUBHAJIT GOSH 2500

Ran Discount
Stream Roll No. Score Name
k (Rs.)
112072 85 1 PRAGYA SINHA 1875
622041 73.75 2 SENTHILNATHAN N 1250
622020 68.5 3 625

ECE 621015 113.25 1 MAYUR KAPUR 1875

101948 76 2 VINAKYAK GANIGER 1250
101962 75.75 3 SHISHIR KUMAR 625

EE 103633 71.25 1 M BUASKARA 1875

103591 37 2 SUSHMA C 1250
103598 34 3 G DEPAK 625

ME 104920 103.25 1 S H GOWTHAM 1875

104919 102.75 2 G KALYANA CHAKRAVARTY 1250
104882 41.75 3 NISHANTH S PRABHU 625

PY 106555 79.75 1 UMA MAHESHWAR ROAK 1875

106559 70.75 2 ROOPESH GOWDA H B 1250
106560 64.5 3 PANDU RANGA BALLUR 625

IN 105323 22 1 VISHAL SINHA 1875

105325 19.5 2 VIKRAM RAMANATHAN 1250
105324 11.5 3 MADHURI M MALL 625

CS 112923 25.25 1 PARMAR CHINTAN M 1875
112924 23.75 2 HEMANG KOTHARI 1250
112921 22.25 3 KAUSHAL M SHAH 625

ECE 131118 34.25 1 UPADHAYAY RUTIKAJ 1875

131121 25 2 PREETI MATHURIA 1250
131126 23.25 3 RUTUL H TRIVEDI 625

EE 113574 19.5 PAVAN DADHANIA 500

ME 114588 16.25 BHUTANI DIPESH 500

PY 116601 43.5 CHIRAG A LIMBAD 500

116600 46.25 NIRJO BAROCHIA 500

CS 102961 73.5 1 PRASANNA KARTHIK 1875
102956 68 2 M PAWAN KUMAR 1250
102947 67.25 3 REVATI A 625
102960 67.25 3 ANISH S KUMAR 625

ECE 111115 96 1 S MURALI 1875

111114 90.25 2 ABHINAV G 1250
111138 78.5 3 NIGESH B 625

EE 103556 27.5 1 AVANTHIKA SATHEESH H P 1875

103552 24 2 ANAND KUMAR R S 1250
103570 21 3 VISHNU G 625

ME 104859 66.25 1 SIVAKUMAR S 1875

104817 58 2 A R RAJAKRISHNA 1250
104869 50 3 M RAGHAVENDRAN 625
IN 105306 41.25 1 ARUN NEHRU 1875
105308 35.25 2 A AKILEZ KRISHNA SWAMI 1250
105305 34 3 N HARIHARAN 625

PY 106437 82.75 1 PRIYA B 1875

106439 75.5 2 RAMESH M 1250
106445 72 3 BHUPATHI KANNAN P 625

CS 102298 77.75 1 SWAPNIL CHAUDHARI 1875
102300 70.75 2 PRACHEE SAVANT 1250
102305 69.25 3 RAHUL SUDHIR PANDIT 625

ECE 101288 84.5 1 SHAH KUNAL H 1875

101286 56 2 KASHFAT FIROJ KHAN 1250
991995 46.25 3 NEHA KULKARNI 625


103167 AMEY KET 500



ME 104265 63.75 1 AVINASH B BHAT 1875

104260 44 2 SUBHANKAR DEV 1250
104262 42.75 3 DALAL SWAPNIL ARUN 625

PY 106147 81 1 RINKU R RHATHURIA 1875

106137 72 2 1250
106146 71.25 3 SEBY VARGHESE 625

CS 122190 136.25 1 JOYDEV SIKDAR 1875
122189 128.25 2 RAJAN KUMAR 1250
122184 87.5 3 RAHUL DEV BURMAN 625

ME 124018 53 1 SUMAN PAIK 1875

124016 43 2 KRISHAN MOHAN KUMAR 1250
124019 32.25 3 PARESH HALDER 625

PY 116279 57 1 SUDIPENDRA NATH ROY 1875

116281 56.75 2 BINAYAK DEB 1250
116265 56 3 NILESH DAS 625

102146 86.5 1 1875
102127 68 2 KANE PUSHKAR SHIRISH 1250
102124 66.25 3 SARVESH SANJAY BIDKAR 625

ECE 101060 86 1 CHANDAN P ATTARE 1875

101146 74 2 ANKIT 1250
101144 65.25 3 PATIL MAKARAND KRISHNA 625

EE 103093 36.5 1 ABHIJEET GADGE 1875

103095 27.5 2 MAHESH P VARDIKAR 1250
103094 26.25 3 KULKARNI SWANAND S 625

IN 105032 13.75 1 KAMBLE DEEPALI 1875

105034 8.5 DHAVAIKAR ABHIRAM 500
105031 4.5 500

ME 104110 57 1 ABHISHEK Y DESHMUKH 1875

104105 54.25 2 KARE SHRISHAIL SRIKANT 1250
104102 53 3 BHAGWAT JADAV 625

106053 83.75 1 1875
106054 79.5 2 1250
106052 74.5 3 ANUPAM JOSEPH 625

CS 102899 61.25 1 SAJIN K 1875
102896 52 2 SAURAV MURALIDHARAN 1250
102891 38.75 3 A SARAVANAN 625

ECE 111019 59.75 1 PREETI 1875

111023 51.25 2 BRAGADEES KUMAR S K 1250
111011 44.25 3 NARAYANA SRINIVASAN 625

EE 103532 32 1 S N SUDHIRAJAN 1875

103543 28 2 SAKTHIVELM 1250
103550 26 3 JAYASHRI G 625
IN 105287 41.75 1 S J ARVIND 1875
105289 25 2 NALINI S 1250
105281 20.25 3 R M GANESH 625

ME 104769 65 1 SENTHIL MAHALINGAM B 1875

104764 49.5 2 SIVABHARATHI 1250
104760 44.75 3 D DINESH 625

CS 102362 76.5 1 JITENDRA KUMAR SAHU 1875
992998 68.5 2 PANKAJ SAHU 1250
102419 64.75 3 ANURAG KAUL 625

ECE 101392 116 1 DEVI DAYAL SINGH 1875

101383 98.25 2 VISHWAS SINGIM 1250
101391 95.25 3 SANTOSH KUMAR 625

EE 103249 24.25 1 APOORVA SHARMA 1875

103253 22.5 2 VIPIN K R PAL 1250
103231 20.25 3 APURAV GAUR 625

ME 104312 61.75 1 AMIT KUMAR TRIPATHI 1875

104320 43.25 2 ANUJ KUMAR PACHAURI 1250
104319 39.75 3 PRADEEP TRIPATHI 625

CS 102707 60.25 1 MOHAMMED JUNAID AZAD 1875
102709 51.75 2 JYOTI RAJAN ADHIKARAY 1250
102717 39.75 3 ATANU KUMAR DASH 625

ECE 101741 62.75 1 JITENDRA KUMAR DASH 1875

101748 62.5 2 NEERAJ KUMAR SHARMA 1250
101743 57.5 3 SAMBIT KABI 625

EE 103431 33.75 1 PRIYABRATA JENAMANI 1875

103434 25.75 2 MANOJ KUMAR SENAPATI 1250
103433 24.75 3 AVINASH PANDA 625

ME 104529 55.5 1 PRASANTA KUMAR SAMAL 1875

104528 38.5 2 SATYAM SIBEN SWARN 1250
104527 35.25 3 SRIKANTH SAHOO 625

IN 215601 107.5 1 CHANDAN KUMAR PARHI 1875

105178 24.75 2 SIPAN KUMAR PATEL 1250
105179 23.75 3 SATPREM MOHANTY 625

CS 102805 56 1 SHASHANK JAIN 1875
102804 52.25 2 RISHAB NAMEDO 1250
102802 42.25 3 SWATI JAIN 625

ECE 101840 144.5 1 JAGBANOHU 1875

101847 144.5 2 K MAHESWAR RAO 1875
101846 143 3 RAJAN SINGH 625

EE 103495 140 1 VAIBHAV PANNDEY 1875

ME 104714 61.5 1 BHUSHAN SINGH 1875

104705 55.5 2 SUNIL SINGH TOMAR 1250
104711 51.75 3 SAMSHER SINGH 625

112551 70.25 1 1875
112560 65.75 2 K RAVI KUMAR 1250
112696 62.5 3 ABHINAV GUPTA 625

ECE 111252 101.5 1 A SANTOSH KUMAR REDDY 1875

111538 99 2 1250
111315 97.5 3 C H SATISH KUMAR 625

EE 113024 35.25 1 THOKARE NITIN D 1875

113027 35 2 TARANANDA KUMAR T 1250
103989 35 2 B SADANAND 1250

ME 114044 72.5 1 NARESH BOPADI 1875

114306 66.25 2 T.N SAMBASIVA S NULU 1250
114043 55.75 3 625

IN 105246 25.25 1 G L KOUNDINYA 1875

105245 25 2 THORAT LAXMINARAYAN L 1250
105244 24.5 3 RUTHIKA MAHESHWARI 625

PY 106690 73.5 1 G CHANDRA SHEKAR 1875

106988 72.25 2 P SRINIVAS GOUD 1250
106652 71.75 3 K SHABARI 625

CS 102512 87.75 1 ADARSH MALU 1875
102504 77 2 ANKIT SHAH 1250
102505 70.75 3 SUDHIR KUMAR JAISWAL 625

ECE 101542 89.75 1 SUMEET MUNDRA 1875

101553 78 2 VIVEK NEEMA 1250
101554 77.25 3 PRAKASH JAIN 625

EE 103307 26.75 1 CHINMAY JAIN 1875

103309 22.25 2 CHETAN MADWANI 1250
103310 11 3 NARESH PANDRE 625

ME 104412 69.75 1 ANKIT MUDGAL 1875

104411 69.5 2 AMIT JAIN 1250
104413 58.25 3 ANKIT GARG 625

IN 105116 31.25 1 PRATEEK GARG 1875

105120 25.75 2 MAHESH KUMAWAT 1250
105121 24.25 3 BHUPENDRA SHARMA 625

CS 102004 49.25 1 MANUSUBRAMANIAN S 1875
102006 33 2 CYRIL RAJU 1250
102009 32.5 3 JESSY C M 625

ECE 101036 62 1 NIRMAL DEV 1875

101033 61.25 2 ANEESH KUMAR R 1250
101040 59.5 3 RUBIN JOSE PETER 625

EE 103004 29.75 1 RAHUL R 1875

103001 27.5 2 LEKSHMAN K G 1250
103005 22 3 SRIDEEP RAJENDREN 625

ME 104015 71.75 1 LINOY E K 1875

104016 68.25 2 NIMAL NARESH 1250
104006 66.25 3 ABI S DAS 625

IN 105010 13.5 1 PARVATHY R 1875

225401 12.25 2 ABDUL NASER 1250
105003 8.75 3 ABI S DAS 625
PY 106003 30.5 1 BYBU A 500
106002 29.75 2 VISHNU S 500
106001 28.5 3 TANYA SARAH THOMAS 500

CS 102331 12.5 1 MANISHA KUMARI 500


101356 50 500
101357 46.25 VIVEK KUMAR GAUTHAM 500

CS 122757 106.25 1 KOUSTAV KUMAR DUTTA 1875
122758 105.5 2 PRSBHAS KUMAR SAMANTA 1250
122728 100.75 3 SUMAN KALYAN BERA 625

ECE 121491 121.5 1 DEBARSI CHAKRABORTY 1875

121485 115.25 1 ANIRUDDHA ROY 1875
121409 93.75 2 JOYDEEP BASU 1250

EE 113801 52 1 AVIK GHOSH 1875

113650 50 2 ARKO BARMAN 1250
113558 45 3 SOUMYA SHUKRA NAG 625

ME 124239 76.5 1 SAYAN DATTA 1875

124231 70.25 2 SREYASHI CHAKRABORTY 1250
114576 66 3 MANJESH KUMAR SINGH 625


105450 40.5 2 ARPAN KUNDU 1250
105451 38.75 3 MANAS DAS 625

PY 116574 96.25 1 SREERUPA BISWAS 1875

116567 93.75 2 SUBHAJIT GOSH 1250
116566 90.75 3 SAMRAT ROY CHOWDHURY 625

CS 102639 60.25 1 VIKAS AGGARWAL 1875
102696 60 2 RAJESH KUMAR 1250
102676 59 3 ANKIT AGARWAL 625

ECE 101724 76.75 1 GAURAV AGARWAL 1875

101709 74.75 2 AJNESH SINGH 1250
101661 71 3 PRADEEP SINGH 625

EE 103384 28.5 1 ASHWINI KUMAR JENA 1875

103415 20.75 2 MAYUR PAUL 1250
103414 20.25 3 DEAVENDER 625
103417 20.25 3 ANKIT SINGHAL 625

ME 104488 50 1 KULDEEP SINGH 1875

104489 44.25 2 NITESH DUTT 1250
104492 31 3 SIDDHARATH JAIN 625

IN 105168 17.5 1 DEVESH SHUKLA 500

105163 11 2 NIMISHA JAISWAL 500

PY 106337 66.25 1 GAGANDEEP KAUR 500

106320 50 2 MEHMOOD HASAN 500
106338 48.5 3 MANOJ KUMAR SHARMA 500

CS 102430 52.75 1 CIJO JOSE 1875
102421 42.25 2 RAJENDRA KUMAR SINGH 1250
102423 41.5 3 MAHALINGAM P R 625

ECE 101495 72.25 1 SRIJIH K 1875

101491 67.75 2 ROHIT KUMAR SINGH 1250
101493 48 3 PRAVEEN KUMAR M 625

EE 103260 28.5 1 REETU RACHEL VARGHESH 1875

103261 18.75 2 SUNIL PRASAD 1250
103258 18.5 3 MRINAL RAJAN 625

ME 104384 46.5 1 KUMAR MUKUL 1875

104382 33.25 2 KRISHANKANT KUMAR 1250
104383 31.5 3 AMARENDRA KUMAR 625

CS 102748 74 1 KUSHAL WADWANI 1875
102749 74 2 NEELESH CHOURASIYA 1875
102786 69.5 3 PUNEET BIRWA 625

ECE 101804 115.25 1 MITESH KUMAR 1875

101811 101.75 2 MUKUL KUMAR YADAV 1250
101808 86.75 3 SUNNY KUMAR 625
EE 103443 22.75 1 KRISHNA KUMAR 500
103437 11.75 2 RAKESH KUMAR 500

ME 104577 77.25 1 ABHISHEK KR MISHRA 1875

104578 69.5 2 VIVEK DWIVEDI 1250
104576 62.25 3 HUSSAI ALI 625

PY 106359 55.5 1 ASHISH BHAVAS 1875

106362 48.75 2 ASHISH TIWARI 1250
106360 37.25 3 PRADEEP YADAV 625

CS 102052 106 1 CHETAN BHAT 1875
102051 83.75 2 ASHUTOSH PATEL 1250
102056 72 3 ATUL GUPTA 625

ECE 101058 56.75 1 SHAH RUSHAL M 1875

101054 53.75 2 MANEESH KUMAR 1250
101053 50 3 AMIN DARSHIT 625

103046 33.5 1 1875
103041 25.25 2 TRIVEDI DHAVAL J 1250
103045 15 3 NASRUL KAMAR 625

ME 104043 53.25 1 MD MAHFOOZ KHAN 1875

104046 49 2 MANJUNATH RAO 1250
104047 42.5 3 KETAN M VASANI 625

CS 102114 98 1 NAVEEN KU SALAM 1875
102092 93.5 2 NEHA YADAV 1250
102097 76.25 3 SOHIT KANWAR 625

ECE 101122 131 1 ANSHUL GUPTA 1875

101113 74.75 2 ANKIT KHETRAPAL 1250
101114 71.5 3 ANKIT DUBEY 625

EE 103068 24.5 1 SAMEER KULKARNI 1875

103070 22 2 DINESH TIWARI 1250
103069 14 3 ASHOK KUMAR 625

ME 904077 99.75 1 AJAU KUMAR KANGO 1875

104070 99.5 2 JAYANTH JANGOE 1250
224201 67.75 3 PUSHKAL BHAWSAR 625

IN 105022 18 DARSHAN MANDGE 500

PY 106042 63.75 1 DHAINI RAN PATEL 1875

106044 63.5 2 SHEIK ABDUL GHANEE 1250
106043 62.75 3 SURESH KESHWANI 625

CS 112292 81 1 N V K CHAITHANYA 1875
112293 78.5 2 S V NARASIM HULU 1250
112294 77.5 3 625

ECE 111591 94.25 1 G YOGESHWAR RAO 1875

111730 80 2 D SRINIVASU 1250
111782 64.5 3 GARIMELLA RADHIKA 625

EE 103778 37.5 1 M P R R K TIRUMALESH 1875

103764 35 2 K KIRAN KUMAR 1250
103895 26 3 GOVARDHAN GUNDA 625


114349 45.75 2 NIKHIL VEMUGANTI 1250
114441 45.25 3 CH MURALI MOHAN 625

IN 105234 22.5 1 M NASSIR HOSAIN 1875

105233 18 2 1250
105231 16.75 3 N SURESH 625

PY 916050 102.25 1 A KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY 1875

116050 82 2 M SIVPRASADE 1250
116048 79 3 HAVIS CHANDRA PRASAD 625

102849 66 1 1875
102850 49.75 2 BHARUKA RAHUL RAJESH 1250
102842 28.75 3 MILIND DILIP GEDAM 625

ECE 211510 52 1 SAMEER BOBADE 1875

111664 36 2 RAHUL SHIVADAS VAIDYA 1250
211511 32.5 3 DIPAK B TEKADE 625

EE 103782 21.25 1 AMOL S BAKALE 1875

103786 15 2 1250
103787 11.5 3 ASHISH M PETE 625

ME 104748 36 1 GAJANAN V ZAPARDE 1875

104751 20 2 KEDAR S JOSHI 1250
104750 16.25 3 MITESH S SELARKA 625

IN 105205 17.75 1 KALYANI VINAYAK RAUT 1875

105203 16.75 2 NARATA P JAISWAL 1250
112396 15 3 KETKI MUZUMDAR 625

PY 106908 78 1 TUSHAR N SATAV 1875

106887 71 2 GOPAL B PATANGE 1250
106889 68.5 3 ANIKET M JHRIKHANDE 625

CS 122089 60.75 1 GOWTHAM SRINIVAS P 1875
122090 56.75 2 K ANIL KISHORE 1250
122082 53 3 SUMIT BAGLA 625

ECE 121006 32.75 1 RAHUL JAIN 1875

121008 26 2 MANISH AGARWAL 1250
121002 25.75 3 TANU JINDAL 625
CS 122860 21 MANOJIT SAHA 500

ECE 121577 47.25 1 SAURABH 1875

121569 32.75 2 SUNIL KUMAR 1250
121568 31 3 SUBRATA DAS 625

EE 113684 21.5 1 SUBHASH KUMAR 1875

113671 16.75 2 SUBHASIS MISHRA 1250
113670 15.75 3 PANKAJ KUMAR 625

ME 114632 42 1 SATISH KUMAR PANDA 1875

114631 41.75 2 SAURABH KUMAR 1250
114629 35 3 ABHINAV GUPTA 625

IN 105476 20.25 DHANANJAY KUMAR 500

CS 112703 79.5 1 V KARTHIK 1875
112579 76 2 J DEVENDRA 1250
112583 66.5 3 VASISTA JAYANTH K 625

111604 115.5 1 1875
111532 99.5 2 S DEVASHEKHAR 1250

EE 103911 47 1 M NAGARJUNA REDDY 1875

103919 33.75 2 P MALLIKARJUNA 1250
103909 33.5 3 D CHANDRA MOULI 625

ME 114529 76.75 1 V SUBBA REDDY 1875

114024 63 2 D SRIHARI 1250
114526 51.5 3 V PURUSHOTHAM 625

PY 106907 76.5 1 B SUREKHA 1875

106720 59.5 2 P TRIVENI HARITHA DEVI 1250
106902 57 3 P SAIRAM 625

ECE 101637 19.25 1 SHUBHAM KUMAR SHEEL 1875
101636 18.75 2 PRITAM SHIL 1250
101640 17.5 3 HIRANYA KUMAR DAS 625


104473 15 URMILA SAIKIA 500
104474 18.5 BHABANI BORA 500

CS 112514 52.25 1 DILDAR ALI KHAN PATHAN 1875
112258 50.25 2 K V MAHATHI 1250
112519 46.25 3 HARISH PORANKI 625


111689 99.25 2 RAJESH SIRIKI 1250
111688 85.5 3 BATHINJ ARUNA 625

EE 103848 30.5 1 V SAIPHANI KRISHNA 1875

103847 28 2 S S N V KIRAN 1250
103888 25 3 M RAJU NAYAK 625
ME 114354 56.25 1 B KRISHNA REDDY 1875
114351 53 2 1250
204005 49.5 3 V S N RANJHIT KUMAR G 625

205019 25.75 1875
205026 25.5 C SESHADRI KIRAN 1250
205025 20.75 ANIL KUMAR B 625

CS 102468 28.75 1 SANDEEP AHUJHA 1875
102462 28.25 2 1875
102463 26.75 3 PIYUSH SHRIVASTAVA 625

ECE 101515 58 1 KESHV KANTH SARAF 1875

101514 52.5 2 ANSHUL YADAV 1250
101513 39.5 3 SARANSH YADAV 625

EE 103290 23.5 1 SHIVAM SUNANE 1875

103284 11.25 2 SATENDER RAY 1250
103287 8.25 3 ASHITA BADERIA 625

ME 104390 41 1 GAURAV SINGH 1875

104386 28.75 2 ASHISH KUMAR MISHRA 1250
104401 22.25 3 SUBODH BHALERAO 625

PY 106232 15.75 PRAMOD SINGH RAJPUT 500

CS 102215 59.75 1 GEETA HARIHARAN IYER 1875
102228 41.25 2 PIYUSH KANPILLEWAR 1250
102214 35 3 KALPA Y VISHNANI 625

ECE 101232 58.25 1 ANKIT SHRIMANKAR 1875

101209 53.25 2 HITESH AMBARKANE 1250
101233 52.75 3 APURV MITTAL 625

EE 103118 31.25 1 PRAJAKTA SATISH VAJDYA 1875

103122 20.25 2 RAJENDRA AHIRE 1250
103117 16.75 3 SONALI U MADANKAR 625

ME 104165 29.25 1 SANDEEP KUMAR SAW 1875

104168 27 2 VIRAT PRAKASH SHARMA 1250
104169 25.25 3 625

102204 21.75 500

PY 106086 71.25 NIRAJ M 500

CS 112883 65.75 1 HARDIK SONI 1875
112854 42 2 SHAH KEYUR N 1250
112868 41.25 3 PAMANI MANAN VIREN 625

ECE 131027 116.25 1 AMIN DARSHIT A 1875

131003 86.25 2 NAQUEEB AHMAD WARSI 1250
131010 77.75 3 JAYKUMAR SHAH 625

EE 113694 21.75 1 KAUSHIK DHAVAL 1875

113692 16.25 2 MODI MITRESH A 1250
113703 13.25 3 MANTHAN PARIKH 625

ME 114878 42.5 1 DIVRANIYA PARBHAT L 1875

114896 41 2 VAIBHAV SINGH 1250
114880 28 3 625

IN 105497 31.5 1 KEYUR R ANPARIYA 1875

105496 24.5 2 PATEL BHARGAV N 1250
105494 21.25 3 PATEL RUCHITA K 625


116763 136.5 1 1875
116771 77.75 2 PARIKH ARPI J 1250
116769 76.5 3 GARGI LAKHWANI 625

ECE 131071 120 1 SAGAR GUPTA 1875
131065 107 2 MAYANK RATHORE 1250
131063 33.75 3 DEEPRAJ SONI 625

EE 113738 28 1 NITI VACHHANI 1875

113734 18.25 2 MANISH KUMAR 1250
113739 17.5 3 RISHIRAJ M BHAGAY 625
ME 114852 32.75 1 HEMANTH K CHAUHAN 500
114851 32.5 2 CHAITANYA 500
114853 30 3 ANKUR SHAH 500

PY 116832 88 1 PARMAR HITESH M 1875

116834 86 2 MAYUR PARMAR 1250
116823 80 3 SARASWAT RUHI S 625

Congratulations on winning the scholarships! Here is how you can avail our scholarships as discounts!

How to Enroll:
You can enroll by sending in your enrollment form, along with a DD (of Fees minus Scholarship Amount)
to the nearest office. Scholarships valid only till October 3.
e.g. you want to pay for Test Series (Fees Rs. 2500) and have won a scholarship of Rs. 1250,
Your Net Fees = Test Series Fees (Rs 2500) - Scholarship won (Rs. 1250), which comes to Rs. 1250.
Just make a DD in the name of Gateforum Educational Services Private Limited and send it to us with the
enrollment form.

In case you have already paid, you can make use of the discount amount by upgrading to one more
e.g. You already paid 2500 for Test Series, You got 1250 scholarship.
You can choose to upgrade to Correspondence + Test Series by paying the difference amount, which is
Actual Fees of upgraded package (Rs 6500) - Fees Paid (Rs. 2500) - Scholarship won (Rs. 1250)
Just make a DD in the name of Gateforum Educational Services Private Limited (make it payable at
Bangalore) and send it to us with your Roll Number, Name, Stream and City written on the reverse.


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To register online, please click here.

Offline Registration is equally easy. Please download the form. Fill it up and send it to us at our nearest
office / Bangalore Office.

Bangalore Office Address

No. 31, First Floor, Ring Road B Block,
Dwarkanagar 5th Cross,
Banashankari 3rd Stage,
Next to PES Institute of Technology,
Bangalore 560085.

If you need help filling up the form, kindly read the instruction manual attached to the form.
Payment Options available are Cash, DD, Cheque and Online Payment. For more details please
download our enrollment form which lists all possible payment options.
Check out the Fees & Discounts.

Register with us online

Online Registration enables you to get information about GATE, UPSC Exams, Post Graduate Exams
and PSU exams without delay. We also provide information about Gateforum from time to time.
Registering online also helps us to provide you with information specific to your city. To register online,
please fill up the form. An online Roll Number is generated. At any point of time, you can simply quote the
number to enroll for any of our packages. Please note that Online Registration does not necessarily mean
enrollment, though it may come with certain benefits from time to time.

NB : If Package is (Correspondence Course) CC, Requisite Fee Amount to Enroll is Rs 5000

If Package is (Test Series) TS, Requisite Fee Amount to Enroll is Rs 2500
If Package is (Classsroom coaching) CL, Requisite Fee Amount to Enroll is decided by the center.
If Package is (Correspondence Course + Test Series) CC+TS, Requisite Fee Amount to Enroll is Rs 6500

If Package is CC+TS+eTutor, Requisite Fee Amount to Enroll is Rs 7000

If Package is eTutor+(Offline) Test Series, Requisite Fee Amount to Enroll is Rs 6500
If Package is Online Test Series, Requisite Fee Amount to Enroll is Rs 1000

Please take a printout of this Admit card. Simply send a printout / copy of this Admit card with requisite
payment to Gateforum Office to enroll.

For more information, please see the instruction manual at http://www.gateforum.com/form.zip

You may also walkin with this Admit Card at any of our offices to enroll. Register here.
Thank you for choosing Gateforum.
Click here to download the enrollment form.
The Enrollment Form comes with the Instruction Manual, and has the following information :
i) The Enrollment Form
ii) How to Fill up the Form
iii) Payment Instructions
iv) Discount Details
v) Syllabus
vi) Where to send the form
vii Scholarships and Discounts

Product Price Discount Grid

Package Details Streams Fees Discount

(including (off
Service prescribed
Tax) Fees) for
Last year
Classroom Coaching 250 hours of Coaching EC, CS, Call up CL 50%
in Classrooms EE, ME, nearest CC+TS
(Correspondence IN, PY, office. 40%
Course and All India CE CC 30%
Test Series TS Rs.
(Classroom/Postal) Free 1000
to all students).
Correspondence Course+eTutor+ GATE 2009 Study EC, CS, Rs. 9000 CL 50%
(Classroom/Postal) Test Series+ Material covering entire EE, ME, CC+TS
Online Test Series syllabus + Online PY 40%
Classroom Coaching CC 30%
(250 hours approx) + All TS Rs.
India Mock GATE Test 1000
Series + 5 full tests
Online + 16 topic wise
tests Online
Correspondence Course+eTutor+ GATE 2009 Study EC, CS, Rs. 8000 CL 50%
(Classroom/Postal) Test Series Material covering entire EE, ME, CC+TS
syllabus + Online PY 40%
Classroom Coaching CC 30%
(250 hours approx) + All TS Rs.
India Mock GATE Test 1000
Correspondence Course + GATE 2009 Study EC, CS, Rs.6500 CL 50%
(Classroom/Postal) Test Series Material covering entire EE, ME, CC+TS
syllabus + All India Mock PY, IN 40%
GATE Test Series CC 30%
TS Rs.
eTutor + Classroom/Postal Test Online Classroom EC, CS, Rs. 6500 CL 50%
Series Coaching (250 hours EE, ME, CC+TS
approx) + All India Mock PY 40%
GATE Test Series CC 30%
TS Rs.
eTutor + Online Test Series Online Classroom EC, CS, Rs. 6000 CL 50%
Coaching (250 hours EE, ME, CC+TS
approx) + 5 full tests + PY, IN 40%
16 topic wise tests (All CC 30%
Online) TS Rs.
Correspondence Course + Online GATE 2009 Study EC, CS, Rs. 6000 CL 50%
Test Series Material + 5 full tests + EE, ME, CC+TS
16 topic wise tests (All PY, IN 40%
Online) CC 30%
TS Rs.
Correspondence Course GATE 2009 Study EC, CS, Rs. 5000 CL 50%
Material EE, ME, CC+TS
PY, IN 40%
CC 30%
TS Rs.
eTutor Online Classroom EC, CS, Rs. 5000 CL 50%
Coaching (250 hours EE, ME, CC+TS
approx) PY 40%
CC 30%
TS Rs.
All India Mock GATE Test Series 10 Full Length Tests + EC, CS, Rs. 2500 CL
18 Section Tests EE, ME, Rs.1000
(Classroom/Postal) PY, IN CC+TS
TS Rs.
Online Test Series 5 full tests + 16 topic EC, CS, Rs. 1000 CL
wise tests (All Online) EE, ME, Rs.650
Rs. 600
CC Rs.
TS Rs.
* CL previous Classroom Coaching Student, CC previous Correspondence Course Student, TS
previous Test Series Student, CC+TS Previous years student who had taken up both Correspondence &
Test Series.

Toppers in our Scholarship Tests

A Free test is conducted every year in the month of August / September all over India. To receive
information about the same, kindly register online.
Scholarships are as follows:
All India Rank 1 100% - FREE TEST SERIES (in all streams)
All India Rank 2 100% - FREE TEST SERIES (in all streams)
All India Rank 3 100% - FREE TEST SERIES (in all streams)

City based scholarships* will also be given. They will be as follows:

City Rank 1 75% discount on fees (in all streams*)
City Rank 2 50% discount on fees (in all streams*)
City Rank 3 25% discount on fees (in all streams*)

* terms and conditions apply

Please find the details in our Enrollment Form.

Meritorious Students

Students with excellent academic record or with excellent previous GATE Scores(600+) or other similar
achievements may approach us, and we shall process the applications on a case to case basis.