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MSc course
Full and part-time



Teaching, group design and individual project work are exceptional.

While I have been stretched academically, the Cranfield academic team
has been really supportive, providing informative feedback as I have
progressed through the Masters programme. Students also benefit
directly from input from motorsport practitioners, many of whom are
alumni. Cranfields facilities and equipment are excellent. Without doubt
this is a first-class motorsport engineering education experience.
Jack Chilvers, MSc Advanced Motorsport Engineering

Motorsport engineering
Motorsport is a demanding world that requires total commitment from its
engineers. Without their skills and expertise, teams dont even get to race.
Cranfields Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc will hone your skills and
expertise in relation to motorsport and high performance engineering through
a rigorous combination of high level teaching and motorsport related project
work. Our influential network of alumni is testament to the quality of the course.

Your career prospects Motorsport engagement

Motorsport is a highly competitive sector. While we cannot Motorsport practitioners, many of whom are alumni of Cranfield
guarantee you a job in motorsport, studying at Cranfield will University contribute valuable sessions on the course.
immerse you in a highly focused motorsport engineering The programme is supported by a dedicated industrial advisory
programme, providing you with access to motorsport companies panel, which is comprised of senior motorsport professionals.
and practitioners. You will find Cranfield alumni working throughout The panel is closely involved in development of course content
the international motorsport sector. and provides support for group design and individual projects.
This ensures the knowledge you gain is of direct relevance to the
Industry-supported project work motorsport industry and provides you with an invaluable network
Our students regularly engage with motorsport practitioners of industry contacts. Full-time students tour an F1 facility, receive
through group design and individual project work supported by Silverstone passes, visit the circuit where they drive single seat
industry. Our extensive network of contacts provides students race cars (subject to availability), experience a professional race
the opportunity to undertake exciting projects addressing real-life driving simulator, and have access to a number of software
challenges in motorsport, while gaining important additional skills. packages relevant to motorsport.

Track record Prizes

Full-time students compete for prizes and trophies which are
Cranfield University has undertaken research, consultancy and
awarded by Racecar Engineering, the MSA, Sir Jackie Stewart
testing for the motorsport sector since the 1970s. The University
OBE, Visiting Professor Adrian Reynard, Silverstone, Altair and
is home to the FIA approved Cranfield Impact Centre and
the BRDC.
Cranfield Motorsport Simulation which work with F1 and leading
motorsport companies. We have an international reputation for our
expertise in aerodynamics, CFD, materials technology, including
composites, safety of motorsport vehicle structures, power-train This programme is accredited by the following institutions as
development, vehicle dynamics, simulation, data acquisition and fulfilling further learning requirements for CEng.
electronics, tyre characterisation and modelling. This track record Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)
ensures the course is highly respected by the motorsport industry.
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

The day before going to Goodwood, I was at

Cranfield University attending the Thesis Project
The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)

Exhibition Day which included presentations

for the Motorsport MSc programme, in other
words, the bright young minds that will
hopefully be coming into motorsport in the near
future. With students from around the world,
it really was inspirational talking to many of Examples of group projects:
them and learning from them what they had
Hydrogen-powered sports-racing car with Radical Sportscars
been researching and their conclusions. As
Active aerodynamics for the Reynard Inverter
long as the sanctioning bodies embrace new Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) for Ford Motorsport
technologies and not be afraid of them and go Sustainable off-road competition vehicles and events
down the spec series route, then motor racings KERS systems for LMP racing

future looks exceptionally bright.
William Kimberley, Editor, Race Tech Magazine
MSc course modules
Introduction to Advanced Computational Fluid
Motorsport Engineering Dynamics for Motorsport
This module provides an introduction to the programme and This module focuses on the application of Computational Fluid
includes two days dedicated to a number of software packages Dynamics (CFD). CFD is an integral element in the design and
used on the course. analysis of both external and internal vehicle aerodynamics,
their design and application.
Motorsport Structural Analysis
This is an introduction to selection, processing, design and
Motorsport Aerodynamics
analysis of competition vehicles. You will learn about a range of Aerodynamics are a critical aspect of competition vehicle design.
materials used in motorsport, structural analysis, modelling and Through this module you will understand the principles and
simulations, identification of failure modes and appropriate test applications of aerodynamics in relation to motorsport. The module
methods. includes testing in the specialist Cranfield wind tunnel facility.

Composite Structures for The Business of Motorsport

Motorsport This module will develop your understanding of the business side
of motorsport and how the sector operates. It covers marketing,
Provides a detailed understanding and practical experience of
project management, financial management, business planning
using composite materials in racing car structures from materials
and strategy.
selection and component design to manufacturing technology,
processing and performance.

Motorsport Powertrain The all-round motorsport knowledge and

experiences I gained while at Cranfield
Design have proven invaluable to date, allowing
me to work closely with departments
This module will equip you with the understanding of engineering outside my own area of expertise
principles on which competition powertrain design and and understand their objectives and
development depend. It includes using AVL Boost for simulations.

Motorsport Vehicle Dynamics I believe that this is the strongest feature

of the Cranfield Motorsport MSc as only
This module is all about competition vehicle dynamics. It focuses by appreciating the sometimes conflicting
on limit behaviour with explanations and findings from vehicle requirements of race car design can you
tests where you will use a computer based dynamics simulation
produce a car that excels in all areas
without any weaknesses, which has to
be the ultimate aim of any motorsport
Motorsport Electronics and
Data Acquisition

Matthew Sorrell, Computational Fluid Dynamics
This provides an understanding of electronic and data acquisition Team Leader for Red Bull Technology Limited
systems that are integral to modern motorsport vehicles. You will
employ methodologies used for the analysis and interpretation of
the data acquired and how these may be used to optimise vehicle www.motorsport.cranfield.ac.uk

This course has the best reputation in the industry.This was

confirmed several times when I personally asked people in F1.
If anyones goal is to work in F1 or in motorsport in general,
this is by far the best course.

Ralph Koyess, Vehicle Performance Engineer at Lotus F1 Team
and former Motorsport MSc student
Apply now
T: +44 (0) 1234 758008
E: motorsportmsc@cranfield.ac.uk


Course information
tesy of
ge c

MSc structure Entry requirements

The Advanced Motorsport Engineering Candidates must possess a 1st or Alternative study options
MSc course comprises a series of taught Upper 2nd class UK honours degree
You may choose full or part-time study.
modules, a group design project and an or international equivalent in a relevant
Part-time study allows you to fit your studies
individual thesis project. STEM discipline such as engineering,
around your existing life and work commitments,
aerodynamics, physics or applied
so you can gain a postgraduate qualification
Taught modules 40% mathematics. You must have A-Level
while continuing your career. In order to achieve
You will undertake nine taught modules, mathematics and physics, or their
this you must be working for a motorsport
eight of which are formally assessed. international equivalent. English language
company or related organisation which can
These run from October to February, IELTS 7.0 or equivalent preferred.
support your dissertation and thesis projects.
providing you with the essential Consideration is given to exceptional
Part-time students are able to undertake project
knowledge to develop your understanding candidates with minimum IELTS 6.5
work with their organisation, offering additional
of motorsport engineering and the or equivalent.
benefits to their employer.
business of motorsport.
Group design project 20% MSc: Full-time 1 year, Part-time 2-3 years.
This runs from February to May. Student
teams work to a brief, delivering a How to find us
motorsport design engineering related Supporting organisations
project. Students submit a detailed report include
and present their project work to an invited
industry audience in May. Individual
contribution is also evaluated.
Thesis project 40%
The final individual thesis project runs until Birmingham
early September. Thesis projects enable 55 mins Cranfield
students to specialise, demonstrating their Milton
ability to think and work in an original way. Keynes
35 mins

They are often supported by motorsport Milton


companies. A thesis poster exhibition London

concludes the programme.

35 minutes from London to Milton Keynes by train

55 minutes from Birmingham to Milton Keynes by train

Cranfield University
Cranfield is an exclusively postgraduate university that is a global leader for education
and transformational research in technology and management. Our world class
academics and exceptional facilities combine to create a high-tech campus that is
located in the Bedfordshire countryside, yet close to vibrant towns. As one of the UKs
top five research intensive universities, we are world-leading in our contribution to
global innovation.Courses are career-focused and are constantly updated with input
from Industry Advisory Panels to ensure they meet the needs of employers, making
Cranfield the ideal destination for advancing your career.

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