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Lesson Plan Template

Background Information-Content

Student name: Shaikha ID#: Lesson Title/Reference: A land

Mohammed H00271222 of natural beauty 2
Students No. of Date: Time: School: Almassah
grade: 11 students: 32 school
Learning Outcomes Target Language
Speaking Answer question number 1

Listening I want you to use the dictionary to

search for the adjectives of these
Reading Look at the classroom wall and
The students will read the vocabulary search for the word list words.

Writing Can you match the definition to

The student will read the vocabulary words the word?

mountain, range, gorge, valley, peak, desert, sand, dune. Enriching adjectives:
breathtaking, spellbinding, overwhelming

Phonological features
Ss will face the difficulty on finding the definition of each word.

Other (eg affective domain)

The students will have the ability to search by themselves and discovers the
meaning of the words and searching for the adjective using the dictionary.

Rationale: (Why am I teaching this? Place in teaching sequence?)

To make the students searching depending on themselves to look after the

information and find the answers on their way.
Task(s): (What will the learners do?)
Ss will search for the definition of 8 words and they are going to look in the
dictionary to make list of nouns into adjective.

Core activities: (knowledge building, transformation, presentation):


Resources and Materials:

Dictionary, workbook

Time/Stage Teachers Students Activity Interaction Why

Activity and Pattern
language input
-T will hang out -S runs to the list and To engage the students to
5m the vocabulary memorizes word number Group work the lesson.
words list in the 1.
Pre lessoning
- T will ask the
students to find the -S come back to the
vocabulary list and group and tells the word
one of the learners to another learner who
should go to the list writes it down.
and memorizes the
words after that
getting back to her
group and tells her
group member the
-T will ask the -Ss will open their book. Individually To make the students
students to open work think and search for the
their book. information by
15 m -Answer the -Ss will answer the question themselves.
While questions by
lessoning putting the word
behind the
-Look at the text to
understand the
meaning throw the
-T will ask the -Ss will answer the question Pair work To encourage the student
students to answer by using the dictionary. to look after the words
the second question and search for them in
(completing the the dictionary.
20 m table with the
Post lessoning adjective forms of
the nouns).

-T will ask the

students to use the
dictionary to
answer the