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Full Moon in Sagittarius

(Ritual written and presented in Sydney by

Logan, presented in Nowra by Samantha
on Friday 29th May 2015.)

Written by Logan with inspiration from: Michael W.

Ford's - Rite of the werewolf. Developing the body of
shadow exercise. The Rite of Self Creation. And
inspiration from Maskim Hul - Babylonian Magick.

I have practiced all these rites individually and found

a powerful synchronicity between them, after I made
some original changes based off my own experience
and practice. Logan

With the Moon in Sagittarius, encouraging
flights of imagination, confidence, self
mastery and exploration. It is the perfect
time for this Luciferian ritual of self creation,
focusing on the Primordial mother - Tiamat.

During this rite we will be passing through

stages of astral Lycanthropy to become as
Tiamat, become a dragon - powerful, wise ,
decisive, standing in our power where we will harness ' melammu,' the black flame and
spark of creation that resides with in us, to be our own gods and stand in our power.

There are a few things that differ from the circles we normally hold.

We will be closing the circle with a specific dragon - Leviathan. Lord of the subconscious

As this is a primal working we will be closing off 'the above.

And our quarter calls will begin in the west following anticlockwise as it will be opposite to the
sun, and we will be calling in The Four Winds used in some Mesopotamian magick, I chose
to do this as they are quite chaotic energies, and Tiamat being the chaos mother generates
a good synchronicity. Also the winds are their own spiralling energies that will increase
power, as well as act as a ward ward.

The ritual

Cast circle: In the coils of Leviathan this circle is sealed.

Closed to the above: As this is a primal working, we will be closing the

above - Sweep Athame upwards from North-South then East-West.

Facing the West:

Amurru, great wind which brings devastaBon to the plains,
I summon thee!


Facing the South:

Sutu! From the desolate lands gallop forth! In the darkness
I shall ride these winds, I summon thee!


Facing the East:

Sadu, Mountain Wind of the blazing dawn! Send forth the

storms of burning rain!
I summon thee!


Facing the North:

Istanu, storm-winds which split open the land,

I summon thee!



Mummu Tiamat Muallidat Gimrisun.

Ummu Ubur PatIqat Kalama
Hear Thy Names. ThalaPh-Omoroca-Tauthe-Mummu Tiamat

I call to the depths of the abyss, to the return of your dark waters. That we may sleep
and enter your coils O primal goddess! Let us return for a Bme into the serpenBne
embrace. Let our dreams take the nightmarish forms of composite beasts!
Let us take the knowledge you oer great dragon!

Burnt offerings/incense
Add oerings to re.


Charge Our blood to turn as poison, nectar to the wise.

Breed within us black serpents, sharp of tooth and merciless of fang.
We shall be the un faceable weapons, ll our bodies with venom.
We shall become as ferocious dragons, cloaked in the fearsome rays of your sight.
We are creaBng our Deic beings from thee.
With this Blade we cut weakness and emerge Godlike,
We shall be your children in this world!
Whoever shall look upon us shall collapse in uPer terror!
(x9 we all chant)
Our bodies shall rise up conBnually and never turn away from challenges!
We summon thee, Mush-Hushshu Dragon, Lahmu, Horned Serpent, Ugallu Demon,
serpent man, rabid dog, bull man, empower us with merciless weapons, manifest our
Mummu Tiamat, envenom us as night, illuminate us in the ery day.
Cast thy spell upon us for we shall be as Qingu, the greatest in the gods assembly.
We shall form our will and desire from the forgoPen darkness,
Mummu Hubar arise in us, empower us!
Salamu Tammabukku, Elu, mush, mush, Elu, Nekelmu Ina
(Black Dragon Raise Up, Serpent, Serpent, Raise up)
Salamu Kishpu Ina, mush elu, mummu Tiamat elu
(Black Sorcery Within, Serpent Raise up, Mother Tiamat raise up)
We drink now the primal waters, the abyssic darkness.

Drink from chalice:

Black waters of the abyss.


MeditaBon soundtrack: h"p://spheresoight.com.au/content/music/Tiamat-

Medita8on.mp3 (32 minutes run Bme, approx. 30MB)

Find yourself a comfortable posiBon to sit in.... take slow deep breaths, breathing out
into any tension your body holds... with each breath feel the energy from the core of
the earth rise within you, and deep within your base chakra, begin to visualise a deep
red orb with two snakes moving slowly around it, like electrons spinning around the
nucleus of an atom, as the spinning becomes faster the red orb begins to glow, and
the spinning snakes move up to encompass a ball of orange, and as the snakes twist
and spin it begins to glow. The snakes twist their way up to your solar plexus, and as
they orbit the yellow orb begins to glow. Slithering their way up the snakes begin to
crackle with energy as they spark the green orb of the heart into glowing before
moving up to the throat where they conBnue to spin around the blue orb making it
glow. The snakes move up and writhe around the third eye, invigoraBng it into
glowing indigo light before nally moving to the crown, now spinning so fast, violet
energy arcs to the orb making it instantly glow. Now with their dance complete, the
snakes y out into the universe.

A thick mist now appears before you, you feel it's cool wetness as you leave you body
and begin to move through it, to the centre of the room, where you become
completely enveloped in the mist.


As the mist thins you nd yourself at the opening to a large cave near a sea cli,
under a cool starry night sky, with the smell of sea water light in the air. You are
drawn to enter the cave. Guided by aming torches, you descend through the ancient
rocky path observing small glints of embedded crystal that has formed over the
millennia, you feel this place's power in the air.

Short pause

Acer some Bme your descent takes you into a cavern, where you again begin to smell
sea air and hear the sounds of turbulent water crashing against rock. In the middle of
this room, you see a large shining at pillar of black obsidian reecBng small glints of
faint torch re. As you move toward this black mirror you noBce bones amongst the
rubble of the cave and the energy you feel in the air intensies. You stand facing the
black mirror and begin focusing on the very features that make up your face, seek to
understand what you tell people by your features....15-20 second pause.... Now see

past this mask and focus on that which drives you, and your deep desires. Your form
changes in the mirror, begin to shape your new form and enesh yourself as a beast!
A powerful form that will not let others get in its way! One who makes their desires
manifest! One that overcomes obstacles! You begin transforming, and the ames
turn black. Your features turn besBal, like that of a werewolf .... 20-30 second
pause.... you let out a deep guPural growl, but you are not yet nished. You are here
to become a Dragon, to become as Tiamat! Transform yourself!

.... 30 second pause (or whatever feels right)....

Now, your draconian transformaBon complete, you move through the cavern in your
new form as if you had always been this way past the obsidian pillar toward the
sound of the waves crashing onto rocks. With your senses now enhanced, you noBce
the shades in this place, and you simply absorb them.

Primal Abyss

You come to the end of the caves trail, before you is a cli, bordering a monolithic
whirlpool of blackened water. The primordial waters of Tiamat are in this abyss. Go
now, Dive into the raging waters and empower your new form and return as a dragon
child of Tiamat. You may be confronted by that which is holding you back, and
hindering you amongst other things while you are in there, but remember, you have
the power to overcome it.

When it is Bme I will call you back.

Pause for as long as feels right.

Return and exit

It is now Bme to return. You shoot up from the centre of the whirl pool and Fly back
to the entrance of the cave. Once you have landed, you are breathing heavily,
exhilarated. You now morph back into your human form, knowing that within, you
are a dragon and can call upon it when you need to.

The cool night air slowly becomes thick with mist

You now bring your awareness back to this room, you feel your body signg in the
chair and begin to move your ngers and toes. Take deep breaths and stretch out,
keeping your eyes closed as we close the chakras.

Visualise the violet glowing orb of your crown chakra at the top of your head slowly
fade, shugng down that power. Feel now the energy trickle down to the ball of

indigo light, your third eye. That too stops spinning and begins to darken. Feel it shut
down that power, and move down to your throat. Feel the power shugng down as
the ball of sky blue light fades into darkness. Feel your heart chakra closing down, the
ball of emerald green light coming to a stop and fading into darkness. You move to
your solar plexus, feeling the power fade into darkness as the bright ball of yellow
light shuts down. You move down to your sacral chakra, and feel the orange ball of
light cease spinning and fade into darkness. You come to rest within the base chakra,
leaving it open, as always, and now, when you are ready, you can open your eyes.

PRIMAL cone of power:

AnimalisBc dancing and roaring - others drum.



Tiamat! Thank you for your presence at our rite! Thank you for giving us the power to
be erce as we face our challenges!
Hail and Farewell!
Facing the North:

Istanu, thank you for empowering us with your swirling winds!

Hail and farewell!
Facing the East:

Sadu, Thank you for assisBng us in our transformaBons with your violent sand
Hail and farewell!

Facing the South:

Sutu! Thank you for protecBng us during our re-birth with your raging storms!
Hail and farewell!

Facing the West:

Amurru, Thank you for allowing us to manifest our will with your howling winds!
Hail and farewell!
Open the above
athame sweep from west->east and south->north

Some photos from the Sydney ritual

Below: Statue of Lilith (lec) and Dragon (right)