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By L. B. Cantr.bu~y

One crisp J~nlHl"Y morning I trucks fmm t he hill ."hllttled ',~~k, ""rl f,'l"lh ",'lw('('" h",',' ,.' Sweetwater bringing if' CI3" ,;, ·G, Avenger's largest C:. ',et Cla~~.

Yes, it was" happy day when we piled out of those trucks and ate that breakfast actually cooked bv ladies. After our seventy- five e;nl lunch on the train we would ha ve enjoyed plnin G, I. chow, hut this was heaven,

We really looked forward to our stay here, and now the time has I come when we can look bark with as much joy and pride.

We'll long remember Avenger F'ielc' where most or us took our soln '~"r~- \.v ..... ~11 h,nr, r {'mf"~l"'I.1(l1· f~'.U r(\I!"w rlf~r"s who g,'_IV(~ tl_l.~~r best, but dropped by the way. and above all we will not f .... rcct our clnssmntes Hnrvoy Cnnnvt"11 nnrl Pall ~ Jnl,llSOtl \\-'llO J,.:a\'C" tlH,""j r ih .... (:s 10 their country and flying.

Now that we of 4~·G an' moving on to basic training, we would like to pass on what we have learned and benefited by 10 43-H and the W AAF~,

We have erijoy ed _vollr company. both Cadettes and Cadets. 43·H, you were good for uur egos. We could solo when you couldn't; asked our advice on flying: ,n'ld0 us f.('r-l like ;H'PS.

And WAAF~ we l ik ed your shows, you,' ready humor "oct your friendliness. \Ve. well understand that you are as much a part or this Air Force as we are. Though we try to hide it we are proud of yow' work, proud that

our countrv's women can pilch in Instructors and dispatchers of Class 43·G

~~:rl ",I.;I~"'::~1 i,l~f ~~.:;~. stn'l:d., ""d. ~GOSSIP' IS DEDICATED s~;~:.~IJ1~~ ;~~~n;~'~~· ~~~I\~~~.)·\~'~ITO 43 G INSTRUCTORS

WAAF~, ancl p<',·mill1enl 1',11'1." I _

J)("I-~nlln(l'l_ I is 1111' lIl1foq!f'LLahl(" stlJ'-Y ur one

And a~ niH' -1:t-(: til al\"l il("" \\'p l~f\IIH' till' day th.ilL \\0'(' j Hr- \\,;1:-: the man \1'1,:111. \\.'~IS yfHII' Wnrnn ns r;dth ;0 the abHity or

n'"li7.l' that our l,."ills ."'ill 1,'"",,1: wu lk erl nut "" the line ,,"ri " Iel- mother, f~lher, swcetheurt and American women JS pilots and dif Ierent roads t" basic school'. i low took ~ few men and said, with, brother [or two months, Yes. he 'her grim struggle 10 put that idea but in the end ~II t~1ese WOlds will: n genUc pal on the wing, "This is: could look at the back "I' YOLlI' across, That woman is Jacque. I:~d t .. " I'endez"ous nver Tokio. : "n·" head lind 1('11 you wnut you were line Cochran, who holds dozens of (,,,,,(I luck 4:l·G. i He was the rello)w W:1O showed thinking. He was your instructor wor ld flying records and is one of

! VlIU how to fly, pleaded with you; and to the instructors of 4~·G this I the gl' women pilots, and

Tuk c " ride with [',,;1<1111 . Ii" "k,.."p lhal nose up" and told: issue is gratefully dcdicat ... d. '110 whom all the credit ~f)r estab-

And you'll find that he's" tough vou tha], you were a stupid so-. Since we could not include all lishing the Woman Trainee Pro.

one. . and-so: I tConlinuad Col. 3. Page 2) 1 (Conlinued Col. 1. Page 5)

------------------------- "''-------------

iWPT Comes to iAvenger Field

By Bryan

A few days prior to Feb. 21, the

curiosity of Sweetwater citizens reached its peak when 'women ptlots from every corner and crossroad of the continental United States, between the ages of 21 and 34, began to pour out of trains, buses and private cars and began to fill up all available hotel space within the city limits, However" the cur-ios! ty of the ci tizens did

~?l . ex,c.eed \)~~ ,,~uriOS(tY .• ;?Uh ......

~"I •. t., ,,,,,.,,1\ es, Arre, til. unl

bined efforl< of Ml'~, Cliff Deaton, Chief Establishment Officer, and Miss -Jean Forster, Woman Trainee ~Ill'('r"js",· or Ih .. ~ PUh, h",1 fin· n lly assembled all the girl, in the Blue Bonnett Hotel until the housing Iaci.lities <It Avenger Field were completed and the I!il'ls could be moved into the batI ;·acks being constructed [or them.

I It is true that the curiosity of the women trainees still runs rather high but has been reduced to

a great extent by the combined ef-

forts of Miss Jacqueline Cochran. Mrs, Deaton, Miss Forster and the Army "fficinl, "t the Avenger Field post who have gone to great lengths to impress and explain to the class the rules and regulations pertinent to Women Pilot Trainee".

In ,,11 seriousness, however, it must bl' realized that this traininl! program, though still in an cx perimental form, symbolizes a newer" for women in America.

Behind the scenes of the adv .. nl of Class 43· W·4 of the 318th A. A. F. F, T. n, In Avenger Field



SATURDAY, r'ilAHCH 20, 194~

,.~--- ._-------_--- -,--

By Carl Fulmer ·1

Early the morning of - "WHAT TO DO?

eighty-five jubilant members

or class 43-H look a long last look A man loves do)!s because iJ at the high walls around Pre- dog possesses all the qualities he Flight School. expects to find ill ,m ideal woman

By noon ,,11 memories of PH- -loyalty, 'obedlence. admiration rades, cross country runs and and trust, To a dog you are 011-

those all too few open posts were ways just it. He thinks you are "Forced Landing"

forgotten, Now we were going on great and wonderful, no matter ------, .. ---.----. -----.---., ---,------

" "('nl ,,,I v ... " til 1"(', Tn h... chop- hnw ~m,,11 lind insil!"ifi",,"t yu" GOSSIP IS DEDICATED i 'II: 1o"lIr.~ rru", 111:W 1"lal li.flnO,

I ... ,,<I~ "I!"in" Ih'II""'s .'1",(",,1 lik., lna,V he, llis IIl1milwri a<l"""U,," TO 43.G INSTRUCTORS .,,,1 I" n"'"lio" III" time acquired

lil:htnilll!_ :-;",.., ""'11 have t wu- rlaU ... ·s .1'1111 alUl his IIllw"v"I·inl! - (Continued from P"ge 1) : lx-tween the Y"'"'S of, 1912 lind

bit braces again-oh, no we won't, devotion is an irresistable appeal, of our instruetors here we have ] 1930_ His refusal to state how it's a country club, Come what A dog always takes you serious- selected our - SQu'adron Command- I many flying hours he acquired may, we were eager for anything, ly., He sympathiaes with all your ers and their assistants for a Iew Inuring these years started me ask-

When we arrived here lit moods, stands [or all YOUI' grouch- thumb nail sketches, : illg" questions or men who've

Avenger Field we were put at es and never reminds you that ,known him longer than I, and

ease and made to feel at home. you have made ... fool of yourself, ELME'R RILEY' 'from their reports he has close to

It wasn't long until we were hep He responds to your caresses with Oh! there's that check pilot: 17.000 hours which is no short

to what was expected of our class enthusiasm and gratitude, He again-better known to us as Mr. ~ time.

here on the post and in Sweet- ne. vel' ~esents your indifference or I Riley or to some ~f the of!ice per- : I cannot cover all his experwater, It was hard at first for us complains th~t you do not love sonnet, as quote " The Chief Wolf I iences in- so short a space, but to understand why so many mern- him any more. of Fligh.t 1." ; oven before the nays'or parachutes

he_rs of 43·G weren't !'miling all A clug never -tell" Y','u that ynul At-the ,ill!.e ".r twenty Mr, Hill,y! the people in 4R slates.. Canada

the time, need. a 's'h'h'lll! Wi' 'It 'm.'.';r;.'l. ... W~\;r~.~~il!.\.~Q. I;!,~~. (IJI,nli ,',,,'ee" and h<ls ~ and MeXico were turnmg out to

Well fellows. we know now. nags or answersback. Above ali been in the ~ame-e\'l'r sine!', which : 'I"'e "The Flying Hinhts" ""no wen' ''!'his is a ~,,,ru grillu and ,'ur UP- he never n~k.. quest inns. He rsever-. Is Approximil1.<'ly r"url.,,'n years'i th.; n giving exhibitions 'all ov ... r per class has s e 1 for Us an excel- wants It) know where you are no- From 1928 to 1934 he ric", "t 1":111- I the country, This team was made lent example. Your record is our ing 01' where you have been at dom, but from 1934 up to the ume jlll' or the two Hil!hl brothers, Fred gOill. We wish to take up your this hour or the night, He is just he started training Brili~h pilots I and George and their wives. They

<,!la I 1t'''I!!', liS uv('rj"Yf'd \" .« -r- yllll <It 2 a, m. ,It Avenl!f!r Ficin he operuted a I did every conceivable trick from

_________ H~'" lu- is at. r. p. In. '.",{:hlJul uf his OWII, Jri~ lulnl lo,a.! ~ winJ,! wu~kin.J! t ... dnin~ tricks un a

A LITTLE OF THIS AND THAT Should! I;,'t m,,,.,.i.'d '''- IJllY a: hours ,H'C aIlP .... xim:'h,ly 4,511111:w red'-llpe ladcler swinl!inll {mm

, dog?-AV Ie Dunn, C, S_ : with a horsepower n,tinl! r"ll)!inl!: an airplane. Mr, Hight has rnudc

Cadet Funk needs a pensc,0pe - '\ from 26 to 650. He has flown 50'18 parachute jumps, logged close

to keep track of a pretty httle; . f Pampa that Stud- different types of planes including i to 400 hours on airplanes equip-

Miss from ~entucky who ha.~ been I gl ~p~l~ee rI~~Ul Gregory is one: a corrugated tin tri-motor which; ped with skits, flown almost every 11 week gettl~g here, A_ny ,~rn "~I~. who C2~t the Byrd and seems i is like putting wings on a hox! t.ype of plane and' w~en .asked to her whereabouts will be ap _ I d' f 'L _ I car. Dunn.g his career he taught! what he enjoyed most III hIS flypreciated. _ If you have ( sam,e vez~; ~o:e ~ote was made un hili wife and two brothers l" fly; ing career was "Instructing studplease notify the F: B. I. Funk s I th -. e g pevine about Lt.' ao definitely the Rileys lire whnt' ents and hunting coyotes from an

Bureau of Information.! i e s<lm, ra -' 'could be called, _ "Birds of a ! ail-plane," ,

A rumor reached here by the i (Conbnued CO~_~~!~_5_) __ I Feather," : The "Old Mun's" brother,

------------------.--- i According to "II reports MI·,! George H. is also connected wilh

IIWCY is "'l<' or t):" rnullh('sl'l Avenger F'ield, giving r~rre~h~I' tOlJJ.!hcst r-Iu-ck lulob III 111(" ~anlP. f cotlrH(!N Ln our Instructors In BaSH: '43-G Ver~ inn), but ;' -'q uarc shunt- 1','" iners.

I er, so to Mr. Riley rrorn the Class r would like to add that I can

I)f 43·0-" Keep - Em Fly ing." speak - (or all the fellows in 43-G

in wishing [01· Mr. Hight the best I "THE OLD MAN" in all his Iuture. work.and that we We call him Ihe "Okl Man:' nut are proud to call him' "The Old out of disrespect. but r"l" the Man,"

simple reason we are all lorm ... rly GI's and all GI's call th e lop 10,111 of their ot,lm the "Old Man." For the simple reason that we "(" sped his judgm('nt and iloil it,v 10 fly above "II has :,,:qlli""~cI lIim Ith i.< name. For 1 ho"f' l'",.ple who I have not met "The Olrl Man," he is the Squadron Commander of Ffight I Class 43-G Mr. Fred Hight, born in 11190, Boyd County. Nebraska.

His flying career began in 1912 when the JN4d (Jenney's) were Ihen all the rage. His logged fly.


I':d it or 4:~-(; - A v I Cad et Leslie B, rv

4:~-H l-:ditllr~ Av/Cadets C. K Fulmer: W, ,II. Md~.ltsk~·

Women's Erlitor , I'I-tISS Th,:;lma Bryan

5ta rr Cart.oonists A \'/ Cadets R, L. J)u pont. E: S. l?~rney

Art Advisor and Director M~r,\"In Krieger

Militarv Advisor Lt. Wilham Gerron

uat; of·P~lica-tj;_;_I~~=_-_~_-~-_-_-_~-~ March 2~:. ~~4;~




Instructor Fred Breise--"C~n't be beat" says all his students, Mr. Breise h a s been an instructor from the time that he had seven ",,10 hours the present when he now has 3,000 hours.

An owner or his own airport in Minnesota. Mr. Breise soloed when he had five .. nd a half hours. At that time his instructor was an old hand with ten solo hours.

Mr_ Br eise, assistant to Mr. (Continued Col. 4. P"O. 5)

SATurWA v, MARCil 20, 1!14~


... _ ._ .. _. -_._-----,-----


43-W-4 SOLOS

"Here I am up alone in one of Uncle Sam's PT'.'" was the thought voiced by the 31Ilth'~ first woman to solo, Juanil~ Bolish 01 Ca lifornla, whose shirt ta il st ill hangs on the bulletin board in the flight room! A close second fur first solo honors was run by Mary Wiggins also oC California,

These two soloists have Ilown and known each other since 1932 -and they were co-owners of a Taylorcraft bought one month be[ore Pearl Harbor and hangared ill Olancha in Owens Valley, California. To build up time for their commercials the girls accepted jobs as waitresses in the local restaurant, travelled 46 miles il night to attend ground school and flew in their free time. Arter receiving their well-earned Commercials 011 January 28 the two Californians Wed a flight plan IOI' Sweetwater and. the 318th.

Soloing lor Mary Wiggins was rather tame after the exciting life she has INI since wiunilll! the Florida State Champion Springboard Diving Title in 1926. Mary joined a show doing swimming and diving acts and graduated to real dare-devil acts in the next ~eW Jeai·~. S~,C '.., iI~ ~;l!ed in : !l:l4 with The Congress or Dare-Devils doing 9 out of the 14 Acts which includroi - pa ... ,chuv, jumping. driving cars through a wooden wall, riding motorcycles through flames, nighl fire dives, high dives into a 5 foot tank, stunt driving CII!'S and wing walking. Later she was introduced into the movies by M"cl:\ Senne! and began her career as a Hollywood stunt star. Mary's greatest fe .. t rur which she still holds the World's Undefeated Pro Title was fin 86 fool dive (rom the Ocean Park Pier into 6 feet of water! Her 32 parachute jumps will lake away any qualms of animilated forced landings.


Thuuks or 43-W-4 I!<> the C .. dots for the space allotted to us in their paper, The Gosport' Gossip. We are the first class and this is our lirst issue-c-let's make the next one bigger and better-s-keep .the nose down in turns ami nut rOI' news.


Oh, fresh and freckled Phaetons,

khaki clad, '

Cocked grins and thrilling, wild desire

T" (lilig .. stlver dUll',ot castward

And set all Tokyo afire.


TEXT FOR THE: WEEK Consider the lilies of the Field JAvenger), they toil not, neither do they SPlN.


---- .. ~-.-.-. ~~~----_-- .,------


Milkmaids, teachers, gold-diggel's. stenographers-e-we al] .carne I" A 1'''11').('''' Firlrl h' 1~'n rn I" fI." l1u' iU'UI\r W:lV. lit'hind H:-> W" len hea,:t thl:ob~ and headaches and supposedly enough years lo have grown out or homesickness and .• uch stuff. But' the human education being,l.ike much of our math, w('ak in spots, we develoP-, ed various ailments and com-

1'1,."cs r"I' Whid,l " nCCdC'.11 remed i ('H.

i§'m~,~.e we Ie:l X,=m"l"dy, whether it be ex-husbllnd, ex-

boy· f~iend or cxccutfves. (Doll't ,*,. __ ._ ._.

blame me. Is it my fault if I'm, .-.----.- ,------.-.---.

saturated to the ears in math?) Ior you. You know i~t!rgeant The Student Pilot's Prayer

So we getX. 'Maybe it's a Cold, Vic Is the remedy.

or homesickness or a Sore finger, I Y""Sergeant Vic.. Most Gracious God, Lord of

or athletes fool. An'yway we need .. Talk' about the morale DC the J::xcellence!

a remedY:. So let's let remedy--Y. ilrmy-Sergeant Vic i~ lh. ever. y I I crav. e a girl that You alone

Finding' Y i.~ like this: backbone of the 318Ui. Honestly, dlspensel

It is 7:30 on 11 Texas murning. it's gollen so bad that lhi~ 'con- Pilut uf Worlds, make me " flycr

(Time in Texas is measured by versation was overheard between, true,

wind velocity) 'You "niHleex- two women pilots: One that is fit 10 come 0<0 close

pC"imentillly II couple nf Wmes and First W IP: "I didn't let Cadet, to You, ..

thiiik'" mHybe you had better re- .Ju(' ki~~ me bUll night." 'rempcl' my ""(1" r , make me wise

port to sick call at 7:40. Second W IP: "Why?" and sane,

By 7:40 you are fully convinced First W IP: "0, he had a cold. As he must be who's master or a

you have a temperature of 105 and And Sergeant Vic told me to be plane;

arejn the last stages of pneu- careful about catching cold." Grant me the wit 10 make pre-

monia. You start shakily for the Altogether now, girls! -It's the caution double

dispensary, 3Hlth [or Sergeant Vic every tirt\~! That they may never say "It's

You walk feebly in and stand 'In And, girls! He can cook, too! . cockpit trouble."

line. Finnlly somebody sticks a Grant me O Lord, that sut>tlili

niermometerin your mouth and WOMEN TRAINEES' ' seventh sense.,

tells you 10 say "ah" at the same DICTIONARY That makes a man at home in the

time. Presently you and your Immense..

.'!liffie" hover over a' box of P. T. (physical training) - On the controls, give me that ccr-

kleenex, ill the' sick bay. Pnuncn tri mm irig. lain grip

Hours go by and then the door P. T. (the aircrafU - Plenty Thai puts " man in tune with "

opens, You look lip ho·pefu1ly and trouble. "sweet" ship,

~ep it isn't the doctor and subside A AJo"FTD-(Censore<i). And makes him tly by Soul and

to tearful misery once more. Then Bunk BiJge-.Barracks flying. not by rule,

a nice hand reels your pulse, while Stall-A place for horses and And makes an Airman, uf a flying

all equally nice one straighten" gremlins. fool.

your bed "overs .and hands yuu . I1lusioll-A W. T:~ ide" uf an s;,m", fl'uit juice. A quiet, sooth- ,,"·pr.rt pattern,

jill.! vuice tells you to take. it easy Censored mall-s-Open post.

and asks you where you. hurl. I . Air . ra i~ - Students, retu ruing

Then and there yOU catch a Irom practice area. l(limm .. ring of Y~ You have mel S,"'J:{,,,"t Vi". You feci bett .. r. And preUy SO'Jn ,,(ter you've coniess e d a 11 YQUL' troubles to him and he has done 11 hundred things

Our 'Forster' Motherl


<H ('i IIU·st~~ we nil nlll hurtl ly : believe ill our good. furtune in be- II ing here at all, but not least among «n the miracles, is that wei shou kl h:.,"'C as our J!U itip such fI .~.v>op"thclie and '"I[,,).(cther wo"dcrru I person ,,~ M iss Forster. I Th rough the d i fficu It period at the beginning of our program, she always stood l'e",ly to help us in Ihe trnnsition from civil !" In i I i\,II'Y life. The ex tent or her kindness and understanding can only. be repaid ,;by our utmost efforts to succeed. i{ we do succeed, ",~e will have sa id, better than words can say it, "Thank you," tu our "Furster" motherv-« Richey.

Balanced Equations

By, Gene Slack




Have I been as sore

A;' P. T. with Ll. Riley!


I've marched with Ll. Neff 1'0 . tunes of RIGHT, LEFT,

In columns long and wiley.

flu.t never hefore

Husband of TrHinee Calhoun-« "I regret I have but one WAAF,

I" give to. my country." '



I Manuel, Training

'I By Doris Mllnuel .

Scanning horizons-with skyward desire

Ever I"n~irl.l: 10 gel much highr,· L" n k "lit, train .. <', r,w thllt teleph"ne wi,.e!

Oh, on, too late, yl>ur prop's in the mire!

Hm'e you heard .. boul tile giL'j who rnadea perfect 720 turn with'out losing an inch of .altltude? 'P. S. It was yours truly, in a ground loop)!

... ,. ..

It seems to be catching-even the girl~ drink '2 glas.~es of tomato juice in the' Canteen ~n Sunday mnrnirur. (Ahem.)

• •

As long as our coveralls don't fit LIS I guess they've decided to. make us fit them-hence tnt' ~eflns, pota toes and spaghetti (or supper, Hasn't this man's Army heard about the rubber shortage?

Then t here's the t" Ie about the ~irl who wanted t6 sign in Saturday night <It the Officer oJ the DilY'S b~y-lost her bearings and was wandering up and down hetwern the C •. odct's barracks, IShe

*'ulcllHnt (dm;n.!! barracks i nsped ion I: "I'm I,(lad to note that vour bed springs have been du~t!':<i."

Woman Pi!Ol Framee:

all. FOI· one long year I waited, I thuur,tht that I would die. It was .• 0 despairing

I thought I'd never fly.

Then nile fine day a wlro curuc, "Report and Jet us know,

If ynu' re 51 ill in th e mood to fI y, And wh{'n you'd Ilke In .I!","

Leaving' ~ peaceful domain, I hopped a Ira in

And rode the Texas Rattler, What follows is my story

For the Avengel' Alrport Tattler.

I came to fly and you'd wonder Why the story so .greatly diHers We artse at dawn put OUr cover-

"\1,, on

Then fan out doors to attention!

We march and we drill

We study and still of there's. no mention,

We. nep! We halt! .They're out fur a kili,

But flying is our lntentton.

At I.:ost it came, like the dawn again;

A break in this Texas weather. So now we're lea ring to fly as we soar the sky.

Anrl when we're Eil,,:les, there'll be 'none better.


SATUIIOA Y. MAnCil ~I). liH:!


----- ------------------





I t?-t,

(Continued from P"g" II ,

J,(l'<UH l:oes. The details vI' tll,,( By Mr, Fagin story has nul, "lid probably will n ut be pubtisned. SI) Iur thr-rc h"" b(,(,11 lillie pub 1 icily,' ttached III iU'Y of the W. 1\ Hetivilit:':->, Hnd unti I th is class, still in the experirnental stage, h .. " been proven and tested, there will not he nny publicity. To "II appearances the beginning seemed simple. Miss Cochran, with a sort or 5\<II(e magic, reached over and pulled the entire program (Jut "r the Army hat.

H is a challenge to Class 43-W-4

tn repay Miss Cochran's r"ith in them as pilots and as women, to uphold and continue th(' tradition; both personal and professional, as set tor them by her.

IConJinued from Page 21 maybe it could be xm .. l l, likl' " Hight in Flight I of 43-G instructping-llUng ba ll?" ed C. P- T. in California

h father surprised rne tu sec a "One dny .a new oif'it;{_!r al thl: ctlmin.l! he-re. Hi" :-;.h,old("nL'"i hnv(\

parachute bobbin~ above the CO"k- field overheard the "'il end of a to look back t" SE'l' if he is ,till Jlit, SU I lookecl in. Arter [ IHIII conversation .: , . 'Uwnks a I .. t, thrl· r- -he is ~" quiet in th,' pl,u)l' tapped on it with an inquirtne I Slim, I'll appreciate it: The "Wc- and they swear uy his every move.

I, er immediately walked over and NARRON LEE

knuck le, the red (Hce of " cadet . trod -ed I ' I[ ~ d 'M I

popped out III 1 UC llmse,.ln ay ThO' "fear of 43-0"-"Check

"Go way, don't bother me!" ~hake your hand, 1 ve been hear- Hide Lee", is really not as rough as

Then he thought better of it, you ~ng your ~~me ~o koCten, anti I've he has been painted, No matter could see he didn't mean to be een wan, mg now you . . . how bum a ride you give him, he rude. "I'm looking for the ball, t~~~ht I d never get 10 meet nas a "stern winder" 10 show you my instructor told me to get on I y .. ' _ _ _ Oil the way home. Those inverted it." Down popped his head, and But 1 ... say, If i~ were forced landings at 1,500 are just a the parachute began bobbing I only the size of II basketball it favoritE' sn don't mind them.

"I!am. ~>u.!!khedt 10 b~. e".~y I" lmrt.' and he Nal"Uil H. I..('e, all OU;CflL" until a

- ltd ' lth - "H Id I 00 me itatively lit the sky. few years a go, who got his oxper-

appe "gam WI my 0 "If k

on " minute bud" knuckle. ' you eep your eyes. open i .. nee on B·IS's and Lockheed

"What do you want, can't you I ~ou might see Slim Staten In the HUdson's in Panama, is at present see I'm busy ... don't you under-I ea~teen, or walkl~.!! past the lmk Squadron Commander of Flight II stand? I've got 10 find the bal! so I trainer rooms,. I ve seen him by 43-G.

A LITTLE OF THIS AND THAT I can get on it." the fountam, in the hangars and JOHNNIE HENRY

(Continuad from Page 2) I "Wrong place." by the gr?und schoo I. _ IC you look A rough and ready individual

I k· h R d "It' t t b h - h Tn agarn, he JI never be rn the same ith D J k II M H d

Nei Spearman \a mg t..e ua .. s go 0 e ~re, somew ere, place." WI a r. e e - r. y e per-

to Roscoe. Can either of you 1 Do you ever listen to the pub- "_Look M I· . t e .. sonahty will "ptly describe John-

Officers explain these rumors to lie address system?" . '. r., __ VI' JUS gol to , ,., nie Henry, Instructor, Assistant

us? ! "Sure, but they never call me, a little WIldly, Squadron Commander and Civil-

Have you heard about the Iel- they are always looking for Slim "He is also chief guard. He ian "check Pilot of Flight II 43-0.

knows guns and likes to hunt."

low back at Pre-Flight who died Staten, Excuse me , , ." But this "U"." A former Navy pilot and betiev-

from eating horse meal? time I anticipated his disappear- "He is a local man, and one of i~Ig ill il lirm method of instruc-

Did you now our W. P. T. are ing act and stopped it with a th best H 'II r 11 _ tron, Mr. Henry spurs hIS students

putting their hair up in cadence motion of my hand. His hands . I' ..' e usua 'i 0 ows a on with words such as "stupid"

bli . h k f crgar, d h (I·k· -.

now? It goes 1-2-3-4 what are we began fum ing in t e POC ets 0 "But I .. d t I an p rases 0 I e slglllCicance.

doing this for, no one looks at us his jacket as if he hadn't gone "All' P ~at se Ii '.' ht -I~~pen' e y., His versatility is not limited to

thr ugh til m a 'hundred tim be rig ,a ng , m commg d f . h . t f

anymore, 10 e ". es - to that .. , just find Slim Staten," wor 5 ."1 e. IS a past mas er 0

About that underclassman who fore. Then eagerly, Is It_ the I "I d '-t t thi f' d the rovmg stick techmque-e-bang-

-. r b b II avbe?" on_ wan any mg Ixe, . dl b '

died from eating that horse meat sl~e 0 a ase a,' ~"y e. . r don't hunt, I don't need a guard mg up a g~, y num et of k~ee,,_

-an upperclassman yelled whoa, 'When something IS to be Iixed t ( t tho . t t ft f h ., n ted On _ terra firma Mr. Henry rs a

the m .. at stopp .. d and the fellow whom do they call1'' toa Ih ISg~.m d~ u,. Ok al'll Ioa_ t quiet ,'",tiring r .. now with a ~h)l

d ' "51' St t D II· k c rvUII r , .....>u,,, W<J" . tak· t . ..

choked to eath. I rrn II en. 0 yo" lin is the ball. . , ." grrn !ng a g~'ea IIItere~t In hIS

- ---'=-.=-==--'-'-'-"'=,-"-'-=._"=-- . -- -/ . h - f' - - , - - feet while -t!llklng, but hIS many

"~nal swat VI" been hy Ill!! to - - - - ---- - .--- -.----- ----- _

t II SI· St \ h' it!" successful students refled his I' you, 1m a en, e s on I . ability 10 bring out the best in


everyone who come under tutelage.



Cadet Tommy Davis l43-H', of The (il'sl «ny-nine ~weatinl(

Lubbock, Texas, was married weeks ago--be seemed like a

I Saturday night, March 6, to Miss tough, hard-boiled cookie-a guy Corinne Cates of 1.0:< Angeles, not to have check rides with, C:.l1 f"rl1 iu. It W,," II """bll'-";".!! Now, we knnw thl'oulth notfiable . ceremony at the Sweetwater (')(lJerienL'" that thl' w",-d ;_, 1 Fin;l Baptist Church, with Rev, "exorting"-that Louis Y"""j.(.

J. M. Sibley officiating. Squadron Commander of Flight 4,

Parents and close friends of the is as helpful us they eqme. Young, bride and groom witnessed the who stopped logging his hours at candlelight- Ceremony. Cadet Nor- 2,000-100g slnce-c-learned to fly man McCabe was best man and with the CPT, come to Avenger the bride was attended by Mrs. Field with the R. A. F. in June, Ernie Myers, whose husband is a 1942: has an uncanny memory (or member of Class 43-G. The bride details. One cadet. volunteered wore a white ensemble with black for a vacant fifth period one day accessories. =-Young said, "No, you're ahe .. d-

Before hi.'< Cadet appointment, you have .twenty-six hours and 1)""1,, !!,·;uhmt('d r .... rn Lubbock (,wty-lwo minutes now." The High School and was a medical '''lllet c1 ... ~ket1 his time, Iuu ncl technician. Arter the war he Young had hit it to the minute, plans to finish a medical course '~nd is stil! wondering how. Young. preparatory lo becoming 11 doc lor. a_ native of Chicago, recen~IY mar-

______ -_ ,ned, (November, 1942) Wishes he

Captain Putters .. " would "p-l' C')UI~ . stick with 43-0 through jJ)·cciate it if someone cuuld ex-' BaSIC and Advanced.

plain to hirn huw Cadets Annett I F', X. DUFFY

and Copley bruised their toes "! _ He's a native of Long Is laud, a

few nights ago. city sticker by heredity lind en-

------- I vironment, and how he ever drifl-

How can a felluw limp so ter- cd to God-forsaken Texas we don't ribly during the week then dance I know-but we're glad he's here, so vinlent ly on Saturdny n;~ht as Frank X.r?) Duffy, civilian check

! Cadet Copley? - I (Continued Col, I. Page 6)

(Continued from Page SI

"ilnt [lIId Instructor of FlighJ IV. By Lord Canterbury I His keeper immi-diat.;ly ill-

is the kind of gllY who makes lit- On Ihe previous uppearanec II!: Iorrned him that if he had one By Buddy Reran

tie boys want to grow up and '_ I ,less brain cell he woold be danaer- When 8: 15 P. M. arrived I)"

be pi lots, He's" srnonth Ilyer, Ye Tales yc scnbc_ Was tl~nly "lI.';I,~ I':'IIS and br.ol,!$ht him in, - Fr_iday,)hp orchestra let ny wilh

but with an unquenchable "Hut" ert fill' lime, ·bllt this lime~he sl1MI ! The Rock~ then drlll)le'<i " little the Army Air Corps Song. and streak, never curses a student start a ·halL hUj.l1" befure dead line.' and inquired just what W,IS wrong and the class of 4J-G witnessed reven me in my most un-progres- In such .. liberal span of lime with him. His instructor, a kind- and performed in it's last weeksive clips his words -he should certainly 'be able to Iy and soft-hearted man, shook Iy show at Avenger Field. The shorter when impatient and prob- write a great deal 1,1.>0Ut a greai .his head- and·said, "Nothing thai WAAFs cadets, and visiting orably grits his teeth and says, "I'll .deal.e However two paragraphs a new brain- and body can't fix." ricers and their wives had fun.

get this 'dumb dodo through here have already passed mid -as yet 5(; the performance was a sue-

yet!" That's one thing we quickly nothing of undue - interest has But in spite. QC all his short cess.

learned-Duffy Is here to' help been written.' So if you are still commgs .the NIckel R:~cket soloed Miss Thompson's letter, "Dear you-and nul to bedevil yl>(i. We reading W.I' shall ('nrleavi,,· to I-:ive-~ah yes. Though hI!, plane was Mom:' songs by Miss Ritchie. leave -him-<lill'n It.-to the wo- out, ' -tied to 8 rope ;'"~ w .. tll~ l111t louve Miss Sharon, and Cadet Densmen. As one Cadet- said- "Duf(y's In this issue the greater amount the ground, he dId aet III It "lone, more, excellent acrobatic danethe kind of a guy you'd like to of this chatter will be-d!'voted to touched the; cQntrQI~and taxred ing by Miss Colburn, and Cadet be in eornbat whh,"-Eno\l.c:h sajrl. that well-kl10wn flC""nnality. thai around the Clelcl once. When last Ehler's accordion ,.soIQ brought. .. ,

muuntnin nf Inu~t'li"-S from thr seen he- ums J.::t"Hurid luupinJ! rnu nris uf applause trom th-r 'n-

BILL GROUT South Side or Chieal!lI, the -r .. merl around the wind lIoe and i"si"U!11! thusiastic audience. Mrs. William

He's old enough to be our Nickel ROcket Irnrn Lippy's Lower that that orange and white thing -O"ies had them begging tor more grandd"ddy nut in yenr_but in Level. out there crf'aleri nil a irplane with her piano playing and sinl!hours, fOI" Bill Grout, Check Pilot . II seems that the Ruckel is quite menace and should be removed ing. The orchestra composed oC and Commander of Flight III, fly- an H, P. who would put Herky 10 from the 'field. Cadets' and young musicians ing since 192i, has logged about shame. Not only did - he have I NQW we,-"i,;111 Ica\";: tho Rucki'! (n,m SW{'f' I wa tor, -and led by in- 5,400 hours .. here there and previous time on a r ubber band i and throw a r~.;., bouquets to srructor Patterson, furnished an everywhere, He's a small mous- . job, but on many occasrons has II George Cahelo fm' his amazine appropriate musical background. tached Cellow whom ·you~ ... e prob-. taken an .elevalor up. feat with a pair of leather gLoves: . The - program was brought to a a~ly never seen -without a grin on ACter his Crest hop here his inJto Joe Cavagnol for his Cine voice. close with' a fine rendition of hIS Cace. Grout. has !Iown every- structor realized his mistake and I which he . insis~, was dev~loped "Minnie From Trinidad," Ieaturthin!! from _a -Piper- Cub to an as yet has not r emovcd the I when selllng fIsh In Battirnore; ing Cadet McDaniel on the drums. PIS!hl phle(' S.,I:1I" In. South rand Ru(~k(.rs h~lnrktlrrs aJ,!Hiu. I· to P,.url ~.iH·J)(·r (ur his phih.,suph.v Last w4"pk Lhr J!irls tonk ovr-r<:~ntntl Amesica _ hack ill the -The Huckel, how('vI.'I·, is a .~'t'ry! nn the, f;';n'.!"· -'{'~, ,md I" 0. D. lh., - evr-ninu I"'ing led by Mi~· !I~II"tles. He came . to- Avenger sma r t lad and-needs -little instruc-] Delafield CUI" originating· II much tress otCercrnonies Doris Manuel Fteld from California when the I tion. In Jact this hi what his in-I quoted phrase while knocking on and really- succeeded in turning

sehoul opene? last. year. Q~liet structor has to ten him, "Now just I a notel room door. out a -IQP performance.

and ur:assummg, .Btl] Grout hk~s relax, be alert, and try ttl keep And since bnuquets ;,,'1' lJeillJ: 1 would. like to take this oo-

hIS Clymg, and yours, smooth, stili Irom falling out of .,the cockpi I, ! passed out ye stm'Y,e, stater will . R_ortun_ity to thank the Cadets he gels a bang out QC acrobatics and I'll get in' our lllne." 'clQse this 1a.~1 bu- ~f chatter now and the WAAFs who appear~d. in ;Inri, most irnportant, he puts a On one occasion the lad I:·om! nno forever in the "Gosport -Gos. our, shQWS for ge.neIl?us)y glVIIlJjl

Ilustered cadet immediately at L' '1.0 - 1 I .. . -. their ume and thelr talent to

- Ippy S . wer .eve I became over I sip With a few appointments s, To k th" ibl .

ease on a check ride.' . anxious <;Ind. since his straight I th'e Order, of the._.Barbed-Wire mad eto tehse kProlg• Tt3hms bopoSSI et,

, . . _. . '.--.' an an a e ys am

NEWT CAMPBELL Jackel hounl'i ,hllY' s'.'rnew~;'t, h(' i Under, P;IIlL~ _W,! njlm,: ;II·J-, P-T '"-.1 girls '1Il Lhe- [·i"ld["r hein!! a

Hnutill' tUllhn' .shunti .. : Ncwtun~ Ht,L~nl~'h ..... 1 hi (lu a. leN·I' wllh tl1(' l ~truc,Uws, drill ."'('I'.J.!f·fIII ts, K~, f'P+ I 'rand aunie-ncc.

Ih"r" what the eudets ·',f Flighl stirk III between I"s [.,,'th I",th of I pushers, M. 1'.'" ,,,,,i <::lI~:CK g

III, 43-G call Newt .Campbellv-Jor l_h.e.m:~ '.: PILOTS m, life time members:

h(.~·s that -sort fir ,a guy: Newt ~----- --- ... , - ~~ ---- .. .r. -.

Campbell whose·home is in'Hono-r 0 1. .. he' Pe' ople II its way to make our:'week~l'llds

lulu, has ·Iogged over 4,000 hours ~ more enjoyable, and ,we wi,;h

since he hit the blue for the Cirst of $w' _ ee·' l.wal:er: them the- best or luck and SjJCCf'S!<

time back in 1929. > Since his first - t; in the tuture. Til{' ilh<italiHns _l ..

,;0]" hop at teur. hours, he's been To the pe;jpl_l'- or Sweetwutr-r. homes, the I·id('.~ jnt';, ti,'wll'-' . ,111(1

stunting and instructing, iri Man-, the. ci,!s.s of'43:G sends' it's sin- [riendly greetings .. all' ht!Jped--.(lo [ila, on the island and on our cere, thanks. _ _'Tlleif 'friendly at-] make our slay here a happier nine west coast. The old stunting in- titude toward us has been great-I" weeks. GOCIdby~, good luck,' and

stinct is still close' to the skin. Iy appreciated, arid we shall long thanks! " . ,~

Campbell otten rewards a cadet's remember 'their '. kindness. Tl'ie, - " .-. . ,"

good flying on a check ride with staff of the 0: S. ·O.:'-with Mr. i Take a ride:'with Stover-

fifteen minutes oC stunling - to Simon as il~;director, went out o[! And your Clyit,g days: are over. wring the PT and cadet dry, Il'~ - -- ----- .. :-'-- -'.- ' .. ---------no], rcnlly h;I1'd to give Catnphel! a a good rirle. they tell us, because you're at ea$e the moment yQU see and hear him. Mr. Campbell cnmo 10 Avenger Fi"ld when it




if you I,,"k real carefully yoll will see that Cadet~"Buddy" Beran left hi" show-stllPping "check-l"iot''' ~ct ,- nut o[ the "Theatre" cnlumn.

It w"" gQod, Mr_ Beran. as were your songs and music, your entertainment in the ready room, E\'eryone here at. Avenger thanks YU1I fnl- .,"'0111" ;~f·t_~. hut ;lbB"(~ all. I rlq- .\"(1111"0 ;.!III'I~·'_ sillJ:h'.ll:IlId(.~1 II prnducinS! uf oUr regular shnw~.

Thank you. "Buddy:' ,



Cadets-Form I


_._----_ ....... _------


Dan Cupid Scores' Again

Once more Dan leveled his sights on 43-G and .came out with another victory, when Cadet DanCred Doll married Miss Angee Carlton at Holy Family Church.

Cadel and Mrs. Walter Cr(lw-_ fQrd were the attending couple, and a large number or Cadets and Ilther friends were present.

Cadet and Mrs. Don are both from MasRiloo, Ohio. Th!" bride was .formerty a Postal Tele[(mph manaaer in M:ls!lilon. Cadet .P"II served liS Tank Commanrlcn "t, 'Fort 1;<nux. Kentucky. bern ... : hf'(~utnfif.r.: a-< {~Hdct.

W:hat's all this chatter we hear .~ about Cadet Dunn being a plumb_ ' .. er "f Sol'rle, renown?

Hank Datigherty is still tellinJ! the canteen girls about the -sweetie at hQme-hope the girl:., on,,'! t~ll the-.~weetie about Hank,

T"kc' " rid" with H.l!cII

And at "Sa~ Sack" YQu'll seen.