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Schedule V - Registration * Mandatory registration irrespective of threshold - * Person making an inter-State supply (outward supply); * Casual taxable persons; * Person required to pay tax under reverse charge mechanism; * Persons required to pay tax on the supply of notified services effected through it [u/s 8(4)]; + Non-resident taxable person; * Notified persons required to deduct tax u/s0 46; * Persons required to collect tax u/s 56 i.e., e-commerce operators; * Persons who supply goods and/ or services on behalf of another registered taxable person (whether as agent or otherwise); * Persons who supply goods and/or services through e-commerce operators; + E-Commerce Operator * Input service distributors; * Persons supplying online information & database access or retrieval services from a place outside India to an unregistered persor Section 12(2)—Time of Supply of Goods Time of supply of goods «shall ‘payment, i.e, — be Actual date of isuue of invoice by the supplver Due date for issue of invoice by the supplier (Section 28°]: + Supply involves movement: Time of removal of goods for supply + Sala on approval basis: Earlier of time at which it becomes known that the supply has taken place OR 6 months from date of removal = Other cases: Delivery of goods/ making available to the recipient or - Notified categories of supplies: Time to be specified by Rules and Services ‘+ Where successive Statement of Account (SOA) is issued Pvesnmrine per po + Where successive Payment “aera le tata ore ‘+ Due date for payment ascertainable from contract Section 14 — Change in Rate of Tax ~ Date of supply Dateof ——Dateof Time of supply Rate of tax of goods or Invoice receipt of services payment a) (2) @) (4) (5) Before After After (2) or (3) New Before Before After (Q)or (2) Old Before After Before (1) or (3) old After Before After (2) or (3) New After Before Before (2) or (3) Old After After Before (1) or (2) New Valuation - Section 15 of CGST * Value of supply of goods/services - Transaction value (price actually paid or payable) * Supplier and recipient of supply are unrelated * Price isthe sole consideration * Section 2(84) of the CGST Act deems the persons below to be “related persons” * Officers / Directors of one another's business + Partners in business + Employer - employee * A person directiy/ indirectly owns/ controls/ holds 25% of shares of both the persons * One directiy/ indirectiy controls the other ‘+ Both are directiy/ indirectly contralled by a third person + Together, they directiy/ indirectly control a third person ‘+ Members of the same family * Sole agent / Sole distributor of the other a tty Ue A Ha i