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So you think a wiring expert can't handle vintage steel?

Youre On
Positive thinking is a go!

Whatever the difficulties whatever the new experience is we need to dream,

mitigate risks, and just go, says Joao Aristides Bottura Filho, a self-described
challenge-oriented person. He likes to get his hands dirty, whether its on a cluster
of wires for Schneider Electrics Partner Retail or its under the hood of the 1965
Jeep Willys hes restoring. Im not a mechanic, so its a deep challenge, but after
two years its like another family member. The electrical professional of 25 years
heartily explains, Schneider is a diverse company, and they appreciate my range of
talents. I get to collaborate with lots of different people Its what makes my job
such a thrilling ride.

Joao Aristides Bottura Filho

Wiring Devices Cluster, Director
Sao Paulo, Brazil


So you think a master welder can't spark her own

Having her feet on the ground just in time

A material sciences engineer, Julie Glad is responsible for welding support at

Schneider Electrics manufacturing plant in Grenoble, France. Julie often makes time
to bike to a mountain top, take in the view, and let the world look small. Still,
improving quality in welding techniques and processes for the plant is always on her
mind. Zooming down a mountain and working in manufacturing present similar
challenges. Yet, she loves losing herself in the solitude of mountain landscapes at
exciting speeds. Falling down is part of any experience, but I get my feet on the
ground just in time and let the adrenaline drive me home.
Julie Glad
Master Technician Production Support
Grenoble, France


So you think a structured system architect can't conquer

unpredictable terrain?
Taking challenges in stride

In mountain trail running and other endeavors I seek to dive into adventures
without knowing if I can actually complete them. I may not always succeed, but
bouncing back is part of life, reflects a lighthearted Michel Cercueil. He also gives
his best as a system architect, where he puts his analytical mind to the test and
solves complex diagnostic issues for Schneider Electric. I love technical and
intellectual challenges, and this drives me to position our products for nothing but
success. Whether hes ascending a rocky trail or maintaining quality on the latest
equipment and software, Michel runs head-on to the challenge.

Michel Cercueil
Systems Architect Energy and Partner
Grenoble, France


So you think a webinar instructor can't make you believe

in magic?
Employee learning up his sleeve

Card tricks and illusions add to Sanjay Subramanyams nights. By day, he leads the
global learning services team for Schneider Electric. Because Schneider is so
flexible, I was able to turn my hobby of magic into a part-time profession.
Everywhere Sanjay has worked, hes been a part of learning operations, easing
employee training and education. At Schneider, Im fulfilled greatly. I have a
fantastic team that supports end-to-end webinars which add to employee growth. It
was at age 13, however, that Sanjay was enchanted by the art of magic. A
magician came to our school and made my friend disappear into a box she was
sliding swords into. It changed my world my eyes grew large in disbelief. When I
perform, I seek that same wide-eyed reaction from the crowd. It truly motivates

Sanjay Subramanyam
Lead Webinar Instructor
Bangalore, India


So you think a finance executive can't earn audience

From finance to fine dance

Life is so colourful when we do what we love. Nithya Jayaraman is a smiling

example of a harmonious life/work balance. The companys people, global
environment, and flexibility are the driving factors that have me coming to work
every day with such zeal. The global environment Nithya speaks of is Schneider
Electric Bangalore, where she works with Swedish business units, handling their
vendor accounts from all over the world. Her cultural depth doesnt stop there: Ive
been studying Bharatanatyam choreography for more than 20 years. It has always
given me joy and added meaning to my life. It has created a better me. Because
work allows me to pursue my passions, including my Masters in Fine Arts this year, I
am living the life Ive wished for!

Nithya Lakshmi Jayaraman

Finance Executive
Bangalore, India

So you think a software salesman cant land a hard-hitting
Gloving up and stepping up

After an hour of a boxing workout, Im a new person. Im ready for anything. With
the ever-changing Internet of Things, Andrew Xu needs to be ready for anything as
software sales director for Schneider Electric. Whether its an incoming right hook
or an imminent business pitch, Andrew uses his skills from the ring to step up to
challenges. You have to assess your situation concentration and confidence are
both key elements to success. My time at Schneider has taught me that. Andrew
excitedly likens boxing to his job, where tasks speed at him and a tactical response
is in order. I tried golf, too, but its just not as exciting!

Andrew Xu
Software Business Director
Beijing, China

So you think a technology modernist expert can't be a
music traditionalist?
User experience to listening experience

Yao Fei works with sales units, finance departments, and external vendors to refine
user experience for Schneider Electric, but theres another trio that often adds to
her life: At special events, I perform with two other erhu players. My favourite piece
is Horse Race. Its a song about a wild stallion running free on a prairie, full of
enthusiasm and joy. The serene sound of the erhu or the Chinese southern
fiddle takes patience and passion to get just right, much like ensuring digital
user experience is at its best for Yaos customers. There are so many angles to
approach my job from. I never get bored. Its not just about IPO and strengthening
customer relationships for her, though: Energy management is valuable and
necessary for our planet, I am glad Im part of a contribution that changes peoples
lives for the better.

Yao Fei
Customer Experience IT Manager
Beijing, China


So you think a punctual project manager can't get a late-

game win?
New ways to score

It doesnt matter if hes going for a goal as forward, or leading his team of
manufacturers for Schneider Electric, Ricardo Maysen Elizondo plays to win. The
two things are similar to me. The fun is in the challenge of tough projects and tough
opponents. As project manager for an Audi-related manufacturing line, Ricardo
immerses himself and his 120-person team in the massive project. We are living it
living this project. We are dedicated to getting it right and when the pressures
on, we just play soccer together! For Ricardo, a life of demanding, ever-changing
work is what hes looking for. Schneider is a bringer of transformation, and I always
feel like Im on the edge of something bigger coming my way

Ricardo Maysen Elizondo

Project Manager
Mexico City, Mexico

So you think a grounded sales manager cant go from 0 to
160 k?
Running in balance and personal bests

Liliana Aldana has endurance, focus, and a need to succeed. This is her recipe for
finishing ultra-marathons, even if they have her trekking through mountain terrain.
Determination is key. There have been times I ran for 20 hours without stopping
Im training for a 160 k right now. Liliana is the lady you want on your side in a
race, marathon, or any other endeavor. At Schneider Electric, she has handled
retail venues and partner business, but currently manages sales for distributors,
determined to have all customers walk away with the same amazing experience.
She has a credo: I look to live a balanced life, especially in these four categories
my children, my marriage, my profession, and my hobby! With the help of
Schneider Electrics life/work flexibility, it looks like Liliana has it all figured out.

Liliana Aldana
Distributor Sales Manager
Mexico City, Mexico


So you think a business director can't put a new spin on
Leading, spinning, connecting

I love to make a difference in peoples lives, says Canninah Mapena. Things like
our Rural Electrification projects allow me to do just that, up close and from a
distance. As Vice President of Schneider Electrics Energy Business in
Johannesburg, Canninah enjoys keeping connections alive and well, satisfied by
enduring and fruitful customer relationships and Schneider allows her the
life/work balance to maintain other connections. Spinning allows me to network in a
different domain. I started right after my first child was born, and its wonderful. I
get to de-stress with many people from many walks of life. For these reasons, it is
very close to my heart!

Canninah Mapena
Director Energy Business
Johannesburg, South Africa


So you think an applications engineer can't be a game-

changer on the pitch?
Field skills and skills on the field

I very much appreciate the work culture at Schneider. It gave me the space and
freedom to accelerate my career. Osrick Hendricks used to be a project manager,
but after craving a new professional direction, he is now in sales for field services. I
drive business for my sector. This involves identifying growth areas and making
contact with the supply chain. Im engaged, and bettering my field skills every day.
When Osrick isnt driving sales, hes driving the ball as a number 9 (striker), or
coaching indoor and outdoor soccer. For me, the essence of the sport is player to
player. I can compare it to sales what Schneider has taught me most is that were
just people selling to people. Its a human-to-human experience as well

Osrick Hendricks
Product Application Engineer
Johannesburg, South Africa


So you think a head product designer can't headline on

Friday night?
From low-voltage expertise to hi-fi ska

By day, Aleksandr Gorlov is an expert at retrofit design, ensuring that Schneider

Electric low- and medium-voltage equipment is supported by his teams
meticulous documentation. By night, his upbeat, rock-steady rhythms can be heard
in the nightlife of Moscow. Were heavily influenced by Jamaican music and electric
reggae, says Aleksandr, who plays both guitar and trumpet. Aside from playing the
capital, his ska band does mini tours to Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Vologda,
and other Russian cities. Working with a band is a lot like working with our services
design bureau I get to collaborate with people for a beneficial outcome, and I
never ever get bored.

Aleksandr Gorlov
Head of Reftrofit Product Design
Moscow, Russia


So you think a customer satisfaction VP cant satisfy her

need for speed?
Happiness on two wheels

Schneider Electric really provides the right kind of energy for me, says Natalia
Deyanova. I work with people who want our clients to be happy. As the vice
president of customer satisfaction, quality of service and repeat business is
important to Natalia. Though she regularly collaborates with colleagues from Brazil,
Spain, France, and China, its dashing through her hometown of Moscow that gives
her the thrill of speed. I love moving really fast, and my bike gives me that
quickness and freedom. The motorcycle is quite heavy, she says, and she needs to
routinely engage in strength-building just to keep up with it. Schneider empowers
me to balance my work with things outside the office, so training to ride is easy to
fit into my day. Work fuels my inner engine, and if I can help it, I never slow down!

Natalia Deyanova
Customer Satisfaction & Quality VP
Moscow, Russia


So you think an all-business engineer cant make you

laugh till it hurts?
Comic timing to production line timing

Im happy to make people laugh at me, says Erik Bagus Saputra, all to make them
feel good about their life stories through my own. A comedian of five years, Erik
analyses what makes a punch line work, and as a machine-to-machine engineer he
analyses what makes a production line work in economic time. Erik explains that
Schneider Electric has afforded him a range of opportunity and professional
satisfaction. Schneider gives me the step-by-step expertise I need to succeed,
making me very happy in my profession. And for that, he keeps the levity coming
at the office.

Erik Bagus Saputra

MTM & Ergonomic Engineer
Jakarta, Indonesia


So you think a payroll manager can't move more than

Small bus, big impact

Payroll manager Reinhard Roya knows his way around spreadsheets and budgets
and the packed streets of Jakarta. He has made himself, and his spacious vehicle,
available as an exclusive carpool to the people in his neighborhood. I just love to
drive, but my little bus carries up to 17 people from my area sometimes. Most of
his passengers are Schneider Electric employees. His services are not only
voluntary and environmentally responsible; they help cut down his colleagues
travel time to the city by some two hours. Reinhard ensures that employee payroll is
as smooth as the ride to the office. He sees this as an even exchange: If my
passengers are happy, Im happy too.

Reinhard Roya
Payroll Manager
Jakarta, Indonesia


So you think a busy sales consultant cant find her

moment of Zen?
Balance and wellness all around

A tough and challenging client is more interesting to me than an easy one, says
Lim Soo Chee. I want to know what drives them as individuals so I might better
work with them. As a senior sales engineer, she pitches Schneider Electric
services to businesses that have restrictive budgets. Finding the flexibility to meet
their needs is one of Lims strengths. Yoga nurtures her composure and patience
qualities she shares with others. She even went to India for a month to immerse
herself in the way of the teachers path. Whether its work-related or health-related,
Im happy to improve peoples lives through yogas philosophies physical, mental,
and spiritual balance.

Lim Soo Chee

Senior Sales Consultant Engineer


So you think a sustainability engineer cant colour outside

the lines?
Yus many shades of green

An environment and sustainability engineer, Yu Siang Chieng is a voice of the

companys green mission. At Schneider Electric, Yu supports initiatives for a lower-
carbon supply chain one that zeroes in on reduced landfill waste through energy
efficiency. Im an environmentalist who strongly believes that we need to instill
sustainable living in those around us. Its the outdoors that motivates her to create,
though. I like to immerse myself in nature, seeking inspiration for cartoons,
sketches of people, forest scenes and such. But whether Im painting, sketching, or
working, Im always focused on the environment. Fresh air gives me peace of mind.

Yu Siang Chieng
Environment and Sustainability Engineer


So you think a field coordinator cant field fresh daisies?

The shared fruits of labour

I love that my hobby unites all walks of life. People appreciate the fruits and
vegetables from my garden. Its great exercise, and it supports my community,
explains Philippa Clayton, who shares the produce with friends, family, and beyond.
I produce so much, I have to give it out at the office they dont seem to mind!
Philippa not only contributes some of her harvest (and award-winning jams) to her
colleagues; she coordinates labour for the Industry Business, placing critical delivery
experts in the field for Schneider Electric UK. Whether shes taking on new service
projects or preparing to sweep the prizes at next years May Fair, Philippas
mentality is the same: I like to be pushed to learn something new. Every day is a
school day! Not knowing always motivates me to do great things.

Philippa Clayton
Delivery Resource Coordinator
London, UK


So you think a hard-lined project manager can't bend

these strings?
11 strings of perfection

Im a perfectionist in whatever I do. I was happy to become part of a company that

is a perfectionist as an energy leader, says Fadi Halawi, a project manager for
Schneider Electrics Middle East Regional Execution Center. Through tender
management, I make an impact here, on great projects and great people. I can
make the same impact with music. And Fadi does when playing the oud, a
traditional Arabic instrument. His father suggested he learn the instrument because
its so unique. The moment I held it in my hands, I took to it. I love the feel and the
sound. It can be very experimental. Fadi plays the oud to clear his mind, get in a
focused state, and tackle work but its not just for him: It pleases me to know
that after I play I leave other people with a mellow, Zen feeling.

Fadi Halawi
Project Manager
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


So you think a determined account manager can't

determine the perfect pattern?
The geometry of tradition

Fatima El Habachi aims to design great relationships between Schneider Electric

and the worlds major Oil & Gas entities. She also finds personal joy in designing
richly coloured, traditional Islamic patterns. Ive been making these for some time
now, and the exercise still amazes me. You have to hit geometric milestones before
you see the real beauty of the pattern. Fatima likens this to succeeding with her Oil
& Gas accounts: Its important to consider the steps; to complete the smaller things
well rather than just rush to the end. Fatima finds her greatest professional
satisfaction in servicing accounts where her efforts integrate Schneider solutions
with her customers brands. Its very exciting to create something long-lasting,
something Im proud of.

Fatima El Habachi
Strategic Account Manager: Oil & Gas for Global Solutions
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


So you think a strategic marketer cant throw a wild snap-

An analytical mind with a black-belt attitude

Well-rounded, respectable character is important to Michael Clay, which is why he

was drawn to Schneider Electric 10 years ago. I like what the company
represents. Theyre involved in a lot of environmental aspects, a lot of diversity in
the workforce, and other things like the HeForShe programme said a lot about
them. Michael has enjoyed several roles in his decade at Schneider; his current role
on the ITB Strategic Intelligence Team sees him analysing and forecasting market
trends. However, his analytical mind is expertly applied to character-building
elsewhere: teaching karate. I like the competitive side, but I also like the
friendships that form when you train people. As a black belt with his own dojo,
Michael relates the martial arts to work, and beyond. The ability to adapt and react
to situations that challenge us thats exactly what we need in life to develop and

Michael Clay
Marketing Strategic Intelligence
Sydney, Australia


So you think a communications specialist cant connect

without words?
Breaking boards and work rewards

Taekwondo is my break from the world. When Im training, any frustration from the
day just melts away, says Sharon Mishra, a field marketing and communications
expert for Schneider Electric in Sydney. When shes not kicking through boards or
applying her athletic background in the dojo the same training ground where she
met her fianc Sharon strategically plans, budgets, and executes marketing
events, which she describes as hard but rewarding work But expression is the
key. Like when I teach taekwondo, clear communication ensures productive training.
The same is crucial for my role in marketing, as we are required to work with
stakeholders from all over the globe. Both roles are very important to me, and both
very satisfying!

Sharon Mishra
Marketing Communications Specialist
Sydney, Australia


So you think an engineer cant lead charity baking?

Youre On

Making a difference and baking a difference

Brenda Sanchez lives to help people, and free cake is always a help especially if
youre a child in need. She gives away her sweets to ailing children and their
families through a charity organization of like-minded bakers. Being good to people
is my everyday goal, she explains. I like to remind them that good things can
happen. Brenda is also good to her team of electronic designers around the world
as the custodian of their Power Management Technologies database. But she sees
techniques in engineering and baking as the same: Everything has a recipe I
look for new ingredients and new ways to give help. Its just that sometimes the
help I give has frosting on it!

Brenda Sanchez
Electronic Standardization Engineer
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

So you think a strategic marketer cant beat your core strength?

Embracing the kinetic lifestyle

Melanie Schleeweis-Connor never stops moving. Her goal-oriented approach to

business is the same as it is to weight conditioning, running, yoga, and skydiving: I
take the same path to EcoBuilding solutions as I do my own lifestyle of wellness
sustainable energy and continuous improvements mean a smoothly functioning
machine. Melanie connects with partners and customers from Nashville, Tennessee
(US) to the UK, to Norway, thriving on collaboration. Mindful of a life/work balance,
Melanie carves her own benchmarks. But why does she keep on moving? I have an
insatiable thirst for life, she says. Theres way too much fun to be had.

Melanie Schleeweis-Connor
EcoBuilding Strategic Marketing Team
Boston, Massachusetts, USA