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Product Information

HDT/Vicat Standard

HDT/Vicat 2300 Standard Vicat test needle

Range of applications As soon as the required flexure, edge fiber extension

Determination of Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) on or penetration is achieved at all stations, the heating is
thermoplastics, hard rubber, as well as fiber reinforced switched off and the test is ended.
and filled hardenable plastics, according to ISO 75 The cooling of the immersion liquid is started
Parts 1 to 3 and ASTM D 648 Method A and B automatically by the program via magnetic valve, or it
can be started manually. Then the specimens can be
Determination of Vicat Softening Temperature (VST) on taken out of the bath.
thermoplastics, according to ISO 306 and
ASTM D 1525 Functions, elements and interfaces
Builtin microprocessorcontrolled electronics for
Determination of creep test characteristics temperature control and test data acquisition
under deflection loading Easily readable test data display
Safety thermostat
Determination Electronic bath level monitoring
The HDT/Vicat Standard instruments have been Test control and data acquisition via PC with
designed for use in received goods control, production testXpert II (2 RS232Interfaces required in PC)
monitoring, as well as for education and training Integrated compensation of the thermal expansion
purposes. Various instruments with up to 6 testing of the testing stations with PC operation
stations are available. testXpert II enables convenient Manual immersion of the testing stations
parametrization of the test sequence and display of test Manual placing of the test weights
Cooling of the immersion liquid
Test sequence The instruments have a cooling water connection as
As soon as the immersion liquid has reached the standard. For faster cooling, there is also a connection
starting temperature, the specimens are placed in the for an external cooling unit (Option).
testing stations and manually lowered into the bath.
The next step is to manually place the test weight, Specimen data
called for in the Standard, onto the testing station and VST specimen dimensions, max.: 10 x 6.5 x 10 mm
start the menu guided test sequence on the PC. After HDT specimen dimensions, max.: 13 x 15 x 130 mm
pretempering while under load, the travel signals are HDT support distances: 64 and 100 mm
PI 601 2.0414

set to zero by the program, and the heating of the (optional 101.6 mm)
immersion liquid is started with the preset heating rate.
Product Information
HDT/Vicat Standard
Instrument HDT/Vicat HDT/Vicat HDT/Vicat
3-300 Standard 4-300 Standard 6-300 Standard
Number of testing stations 3 4
Max. temperature [C] +20 ... +300 +20 ... +300 +20 ... +300
Cooling Solenoid valve Solenoid valve Solenoid valve
Oil, filling quantity [l], approx. 19.9 36 36
Height x width x depth [mm] 500 x 440 x 600 500 x 710 x 600 500 x 710 x 600
Weight (without accessories) [kg], approx. 30 35 35
Item number 326030(2 326032(2 326036(2
Expandable by retrofitting up to 6 testing stations
A water supply is required

Technical data for all instruments

Indicated accuracy at 250 C 0.5 C
Ambient temperature curve 0.1 C
Resolution of temperature measurement 0.1 C
Temp. sensor: 1 x measurement of the bath temp.
Heating time: 50 / 120 K/h or freely adjustable.
Travel measurement by digital transducers:
Resolution 0.001 mm HDT weight set
Indicated accuracy 0.01 mm
Supply voltage 230/240 V
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 3460 W
Water supply max. 10 bar Vicat weight set
Information about other accessories, e.g. PC workstations, upon request.
Description Item number
Vicat test needle 326070
Vicat weight set, 10 & 50 N, according to ISO 306 and ASTM D 1525 (required 1x per station) 326072
HDT test plunger 326078
HDT calibration and centering tool for adjustment of HDT test plunger 326076
HDT Weight Set ISO 752 flatwise. For specimen size 4 x 10 mm (thickness x width, 0.05 mm) and 326080
80 mm length ( 2 mm), for flexural stress of 1.8, 0.45 or 8 MPa (required 1x per station)(3
HDT Weight Set ISO 752 edgewise. For specimen size 10 x 4 mm (thickness x width, 0.05 mm) and 326082
120 mm length ( 2 mm), for flexural stress of 1.8, 0.45 or 8 MPa (required 1x per station)(3
HDT Weight Set ASTM D 648 method A and B. For specimen size 6.35 x 12.7 mm (thickness x width), 085403
for flexural stress of 1.82 / 0.455 MPa (required 1x per station)
Calibration set for deflection/penetration transducer, for Vicat and HDT tests (required 1x) 326090
Universal weight set to cover Vicat and HDT test Standards. All loads from 1 up to 5500 g can be achie- 326088
ved in 1 g intervals. The weights are stackable, 21 single weights are included (required 1x per station)
Thermal fluid, 10 liter 326092
Thermal fluid, 5 liter 326094
Optional cooling unit: External cooling for oilbaths, manually shiftable. Cooling time from 300 C down 326189(2
to 30 C in 20 minutes approximately, 500 W power (at a water temperature of 12 C)
Vicat specimen cutting pincers for dimensioning of Vicat specimen, incl. stop for 10 mm specimen length 750485
Pair of specimen supports for extended distance to 101.6 mm 031576
A water supply is required
When using the HDTweight set, the specimen dimensions must be within 0.05 mm

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