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F Experiment No.


r. To calibrate the given pressure gauge using Dead weight pressure gauge tester.

rr Dead weight Tester

rr Weights
Pressure gauge.

]-. The laboratory standard of pressure is dead weight tester and is often used to calibrate
F. bourdon gauges. It utilizes the Pascal's law for its operation. In this type of instrument the
force produced on a piston of known area is measured directly from the weight it supports.
r{ Here dead weights are used to build pressure inside the pressure chamber. Oil pump is

rr fitted to the pressure chamber by which the oil is pumped to the pressure chamber. The
pressure chamber has two outlets. One outlet is connected to oil tank through a control valve.

ft The other outlet is connected to connect any pressure gauge which has to be tested or
calibrated. The pressure chamber is fitted with a plunger arangement also. By closing the
control valve and by pumping the oil inside pressure chamber the pressure inr;reases inside
]* the chamber and the plunger starts moving out. The dead weight calibrated for known

P pressure is kept on the plunger which will build the pressure inside the pressure chamber

proportional to the weight on the plunger. By adding the weight on the piunger the pressure
inside the chamber can be increased accordingly. The plunger is made to lift the weight till

l* the mark on the plunger by pumping the oil into the pressure chamber by using oil pump.


o Fill the oil tank with sufEcient oil

o Release the air release valve provided at the bottom till the oil starts dripping
continuously about 10 to 12 drops and tighten the release valve.
o Release the control val.,ie and pump the oil so that oil circulates through the tubes.
Pump for a while about a minute so that the tube will be filled with oil and any air

bubbles inside the tube will be removed.
o Now close the control valve and pump the oil , the plunger starts floating. Pump till
the line on plunger is visible. Rotate the plunger gently. The pressure is built inside
ffe chamber proportion ttr ihe weight on the plunger. The test gauge fixed will starts
showing the pressure.
o Add I Kg dead weight on the pluiiger and pump till the line on the plunger is clearly
o The bourdon pressure gauge will read the pressure corresponding to the dead weights
on the plunger. Not down the reading on the pressure gauge and tabulate the readings
nith the corresponding readings to the dead weight. Plot the graph for Aclr+1inffiNe
(Dead r*eight pressure V/s Pressure gauge reading). Calculate fte h#lsliVi"oi the
pressrre gauge.
o ^*r{RU
Release the control vahe sbu'l-v and remove tne eaoG$t hll ,rr. plunger.