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Kate and the Internet

Kate's first class starts at eight oclock in the morning and its
1.30a.m now. The only sound that you can hear in Kate's small
room is the clicking of a computer keyboard. Her mum does no
longer know what to do. Everyday, its the same. She goes to bed
half an hour later. Kate does no longer pay attention to her
studies or to the report she has to present next week .She
ignores all types of homework.Her mother says. She cares only
about the conversations she carries on with people from all over
the world without caring about her grades or her friends in real
life. Kate, who is a school student, spends about 75hours per
week online. "I cant stop. I have lost touch with all my friends in
real life."

The Internet access in American households increases, thats

why the number of teenagers who spend a long time of their
lives online, has increased, too. Psychologists say Look out! an
increasing number of teens are going into a new form of
addiction . In an interview Kate declared:" I'm destroying my
future and I am becoming isolated from the society," "I failed
English last year... I didnt care about my studies but at least, I
feel free. In fact, I can talk to others about any topic without
being afraid of the consequences. She added I have found

1/Complete using the right word from the text
This is a text about Kates addiction to internet.

2/Read the text and tick the right alternative

A) Kate feels that

she is alone. she is free. she is excellent at school.

B) Although Kate failed English last year ,

she studies hard to succeed.

she no longer uses the internet.

she still spends a long time online.

3/ This statement is false correct it with information from the text

b- It is very easy for her to stop surfing the net.
It is false because she likes to spend online, to the point of becoming an
addiction, because being online makes her feel free
4/Match parts of sentences in column (A) with parts of sentences in column
(B) and write the answers in column (C)
(A) (B) (C)

1. Kate spends a long a. a big number of teenagers have 1+C

time online, become addicted to the net.

2. Psychologists think b. is just one consequence of this type 2+ a

that of addiction.

3. Isolation from society c. and she doesnt care about her school 3+ b
5/ Read and circle the correct function of the underlined utterance:
Look out! An increasing number of teens are going into a new form of addiction
Advising Warning Suggesting
6/Read and say what the underlined words refer to :
I (Parag1) refers to Kate
who(Parag2) refers to Teenagers
7/ Read the text again and highlight with a different color the verbs
conjugated in simple present and present continuous.
8/ Write your opinion about the reading.
a. Do you agree with Kates opinion? Why?
b. What do you think about Kates behavior?
c. Do you know someone with a similar behavior?
d. What does she need to find a solution to that situation?

1 Yes, I'm good with technology
2 If used well the technology works as a tool for many uses, but if it is used well
it becomes a vice that is wasting time
3 My gadget favorite is the phone
4 Life is simpler, it is more complicated communication between people, it was
more difficult to search for any type of information
5 My favorite website is Youtube
6 Yes, because I like technology
7 Yes, when something about my privacy is published
8 Electronic music and cycling
9 I believe that yes, because it is said that on Mars before there was water and
still there is still water, and where there is water there is life
10 I would like to see the flying skateboard