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You can go to VA02 and then go to Header Data and then go

to Sales Tab. You can only see the Created On that is Date of
the sales document and Created by. There is no option
available to see the exact timing in the standard sales order

Go to se11 and check Table VBAK and do (Ctrlshiftf10) and

under VBELN put the sales document number and under
ERDAT put the Sales document Date and then execute (F8)
and you will see the field name ERZET that is time.

Goto the T.Code "SE11/SE16".

Enter the table name as "VBAK".

Enter your sales order number into the field "VBELN" and
then Execute.

Get the Created date from the field "ERDAT" and time from
the field "ERZET".

Next for getting the creation date and time for Billing
document,goto the table "VBRK".

Pass the billing document number.Execute.

Get the Created date from the field "ERDAT" and time from
the field "ERZET".

For getting the changed details,there are different ways.

One such easiest way is goto the T.Code "VA03",Enter your

order number.

Click on Environment-->Changes.

Select "Overview" and "Additional Info".


Select your entry and click on choose.

Here you will get the date and time.

The similar thing is for billing document changes also use teh
T.Code "VF03".

Or one more way is pass the Order number preceeded by

two 0's into the field "Object Id" in the table "CDPOS" and
then execute.

Get teh Changenr.

Pass the same to "CDHDR" table to get the UDATE and


Outbound Delivery Document Time:

for out bound delivery goto se16 and enter header table LIKP

ERZET -- creation time

ERDAT -- creation date

How to check the processing time for an

Outbound Idoc
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Created by Kevin O'Donoghue, last modified on Nov 27, 2012
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This document explains how to check how long it has taken for an idoc to be passed to the RFC layer once it has
been created from the application.

An Idoc consists of a control record, multiple status records and multiple data records. The status records log the
different stages through which an idoc is processed along it's path from creation to dispatch. Generally the status
values received by an outbound idoc are:
Status 01 -> Idoc generated
Status 30 -> Idoc ready for dispatch
Status 03 -> Idoc sent
You can look in the status records in WE02 to see how long it took from the point of creation on the database to the
time it was sent to the RFC layer/ SM58. After that, it might be hanging in the RFC queue waiting to be sent, but
the ALE part is already finished and you will need to check SM58 for more information if the idoc was still not sent.

To see how long it took, click the status 01 record to see when it was created on the database.

Then click the status 03 record to see when it was passed to the RFC layer.
You can see this Idoc took 2 seconds from the time it was created to the time it was sent to the RFC layer.

You can get the details of the IDoc Creation

time stamp in EDIDC Table & CRETIM Field