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Writing Assignment


Luis Gleimer Lambrao Noriega

Juan Pablo Ospina
Natalia Quintero
Giovanni Prez Godoy


Rayner Ramos



The English language, as its name suggests, is the official language of England, the country
in which it arises. As history progresses, and as England conquered many territories within
and outside Europe, the English language would become one of the most widely spoken
languages in the world: territories such as Wales, Scotland and Ireland (within Europe), the
United States, Jamaica , Canada (in America), South Africa and many regions of Oceania
would accept it as official language, obviously with variations in vocabulary, pronunciation
and accent.

It is also the official language in countries like India, which is very striking if we consider that
in Asia there is no other territory that has it as a central language. This is due to the English
presence in India and the spread that the language had even after the withdrawal of English
presence in the region.


El parque est ubicado en la ciudad de Envigado, tiene una gran diversidad de fauna y
flora que permite disfrutar de un contacto con la naturaleza durante el recorrido. El Parque
Posee 170.000 metros de extensin, cuenta con kioscos que permiten mayor comodidad
para los visitantes y senderos bien sealizados en los recorridos.

The park is located in the city of Envigado, It has a great diversity of fauna and flora that
allows to enjoy a contact with the nature during the route. The Park has 170,000 meters of
extension, it has kiosks that allow greater comfort for the visitors and trails well signposted
in the routes.

Prrafo 1: Descripcin general de la ciudad en 2030.

Envigado ser una ciudad moderna, con amplios corredores viales y peatonales, dando
prioridad al transporte masivo, tendra una moderna infraestructura pblica que le permitir

Paragraph 1: General description of the city in 2030.

Envigado will be a modern city, with extensive road and pedestrian corridors, giving priority
to mass transportation, with a modern public infrastructure allowing look forward to ahead

Prrafo 2: Cmo ser la economa en 2030?

En Envigado la economa se fortalecer en el sector comercial y de servicios, zonas
gastronmicas, turismo ecolgico y el fortalecimiento de sus industrias. Permitindole
continuar con una vida cmoda a la gente

Paragraph 2: What will the economy be like in 2030?

In Envigado the economy will be strengthened in the commercial and service sector,
gastronomic areas, ecological tourism and the strengthening of its industries. Allowing you
to go on with a comfortable life a the people
Prrafo 3: Cmo ser el transporte en 2030?
Nuestro transporte contar con extensos corredores viales y peatonales, dando prioridad
al transporte pblico ya las rutas ciclistas lo que le permitir caminar al trabajo.

Paragraph 3: What will transport be like in 2030?

Our transport will has extensive road and pedestrian corridors, giving priority to mass
transit and cycle routes what will allow you to walk off to work

Prrafo 4: Qu atracciones tursticas habr en 2030?

En Envigado tendremos Parques ecolgico en las orillas de sus quebradas Ayura y la
Heliodora, el parque principal, la zona gourmet y se podr comer fuera de casa

Paragraph 4: What tourist attractions will there be in 2030?

In Envigado we will have ecological parks on the shore of its ravines Ayura and Heliodora,
the main park, the gourmet area and you can eat out.

Verbos Modales

Tiempo futuro

verbos phrasal

Consolidation of activities and texts (Step 1 y 3).



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by the teacher.


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I like this description of Medellin, especially for new trees where we could have better air to
breathe. We would get to have better air quality would play again without problems.

his point about the economy seems to be very successful, especially for the impulse to the
company that could have a lot of success and the oportuniti to constitute best labor

I would lead an umbrella to visit this place and to improve the tour around this place.
Which is a beautiful place to walk


Good evening mate, the description you make of the bare foot park is very complete and
also concrete. I find it a very nice and comfortable place to go with the family and feel in a
state of calm and relax for a while

Your description about this place is fine, but I want to know how is your experiencie when
you went over there? What have you feel when you are there?
For example, I was there once, I went without shoes and I sit in a rock then I can put my
feet on the water, it was really a great and refreshing experiencie, and a jazz
group was playing a great music, that music was bringing me up, but it was already to late
so I cant enjoyed to much.
I promised that the next time, I will go more early, so I will enjoy it for more longer.

Im from Medellin, but I live in Cali since 3 years ago. I love the way you imagine Medellin,
specially the part about the pollution, right now its so sad that our city is compared with
Chine about the pollution, so, its very important get new rules about not using car all days,
promote use of bicycles and definitely to grow many more trees.



Comrade Juan Pablo, you are very right when he informs that the park Eplora It is one of
the most attractive parks in the city, has a modern architecture, and is located in the north
of the city. It owns the largest freshwater aquarium in Latin America with emphasis on the
Amazon River, I have had the excellent opportunity to enter this site and I find it very
beautiful, full of plant life and more than 300 interactive experiences, an auditorium for 3D
projections, a television studio, a children's room, spaces for experimentation for all and A
temporary exhibition room, make it the largest project of dissemination and promotion of
science and technology that Medelln offers its local population and visitors, to exalt
creativity and provide the opportunity to experiment, to learn having fun and to build a
knowledge that Development, well-being and dignity.

Modal verbs are auxiliary verbs that can not function as a main verb, a difference of the
auxiliary verbs "to be", "to do" and "to have".

Modal verbs express modality, ability, possibility, necessity or other condition. Uses for the
future and the conditional.

As complementary verbs that are, the modal verbs do not work without another verb. This
other verb always goes after the modal verb and is in the base form (the infinitive without
"to"). Modal verbs are not conjugated and do not have time.