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March 12, 2008

Ram Mynampati
Satyam Computer Services
One Gatehall Dr, Suite 301
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Dear Mr. Mynarpati.

We are delighted that you have agreed to retain The Chugh Firm. Please accept this
Agreement to work on your behalf.

Partes: Ths Agreement is between The Chugb Fir ("Chugh") and Satyam Computer
Services, Ltd ("Satyam").

Scope of Work: We wil assist you with respect to matters before the World Barne We
may hie other consultants and professionals to help us with ths matter.

Retainer and Expenses; Term: In consideration for Chugh's services, Satyam agrees to
a retainer ofUS$120,000 at the rate ofUS$40,000 per month for three months, beginng
on March 12 and ending on June 11,2008.

Additionally, you agree to reimburse Chugh for ordinar and out-or-pocket expenses,
including items such as telecommuncations services, printing, photocopying, local
transportation and other incidental expenses. Chugh will also be reimbursed for non-local
transporttion, meals and entertainment, including airline tickets and hotels, which wil
be authorized by you in advance.

Invoicing: Professional fees and expenses are invoiced separately.

1. Professional Fees. Payment ofUS$120,OOO will be invoiced with ths contract and is
due upon receipt.

2. Expenses. Chugh wil invoice you on the last day of each month for expenses incured
I durg the month prior, staring March 31, 2008. Regardless of the ultimate duration of
the Agreement, all invoices generated from the terms and between the two pares to this
agreement are payable in-full and promptly upon receipt and shall he paid directly to

Renewal & Extension: This Agreement can he renewed and extended upon notice by
either par to the other and upon mutual assent, at a rate to be mutually agreed upon,
commencing on the first day following the previous contractual termination date. Terms
and Scope of Work will remain materially and substantially consistent with the terms and
scope of work specified herein, unless otherwise agreed to by the paries in wrting.

Termination & Cancellation: Either pary may termnate ths Agreement upon thrt
(30) days wrtten notice, with no fuer obligation, other than to pay such fees and
expenses that will have accrued up to and through the 30wday notice penod.

Confidentiality: Chugh recognizes that in the course of our representation, we could

become aware of inormation, practices or policies, which you wish kept confidential.
Chugh agrees to maitain that confdentiality and will not disclose to any outside par
the information either during the period of a contract or afterwards, to the extent
permitted by law.

Entire Understanding: This Agreement contains the entire understanding between the
paries. Amendment, modification or waiver of this agreement may be accomplished with
a wrtten instrent signed by both paries. Please sign both copies of this agreement and
retu one to us.

Than you.

Ra Mynámpati
Satyar Computer Services
:; ""est d. T;hu.7h

Navneet S. Chugh
The Chugb Firm