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People who create things and discover things, they belongs to the deep thinking

and big thinking community of people


C.E.O !
55 Keys for Permanent road To Success in
Life, Career & Business

Benjamin M.Othmar & Deepak Burfiwala

If you can change data of your mind, you can
change your life in all respects for sure.
We respectfully and passionately dedicate this book to
the immortal light available within every single person on
this earth. This eternal success book is written to make
you clear about your inner infinite creative potential.
We give the credit of our success as authors to everyone
who has accepted us unconditionally. This is your book.
This is written for you to help you in connecting to your
inner immortal light. This is your book and hope you will
find your pure calling after going through its everlasting
Authors Note
One of the truest life changing eternal lessons is by
adopting a positive and productive thinking; a person
can absolutely transform his life forever. Thinking is
the ultimate blessing that you have received from great
existence. Thinking is your immortal tool that if once
trained to see life as a grand opportunity to contribute
your best for serving humanity then it will simply fill
your life with absolute fulfillment, lasting success, divine
prosperity, perfect heath and complete inner peace. The
best thing is, whatever is mentioned in first paragraph is
not only designed for super human beings. These immortal
blessings of life are for you.
Yes, they are totally available to you. In this book,
Think like a Global C.E.O., eternal success principles
are simply presented to you to help you find a place within
you that is beyond your imagination, that is perfectly at
peace all the time and that is immortally powerful every
moment. Each and every human being on this beautiful
world is naturally designed to live an Epic life. Yes, it is
true that you need a manual to live life as a divine blessing.
This book will awesomely serve for you like that success
manual. Adopt its message with respect in your daily life.
Believe us; you are here on this earth to Shine as
a human being. You are on this earth to discover your
calling. You are on this earth to rock as a Rock Star. You
are on this earth to help humanity in reaching to new
dimensions, new heights and new level of achievements.
You are here to prosper. You are here to serve mankind.
You are here to Sing the song of your soul. You are here to
discover your innate infinite talents. This book is about
gifting you a whole new set of thing system to make your
life a true blessing. It will help you in adopting a champion
mindset to help you in living your most Authentic and
fulfilling life. Step by step you will know about your inner
awesomeness. Such is the beauty of this eternal success
literature. Read it to claim your inner immortal powers.
Go through it and adopt the thinking patterns of a Global
C.E.O. Who believe in daily personal development. Be like
a Global C.E.O. who is always becoming a better person to
achieve better results in life. Be more to achieve more in life.
Grow more people to succeed permanently.
Grow more spirits to enlighten yours own with eternal
and pure fulfillment. Live with self-education. Live with
self-awareness. Live with passion. Live with your true
life purpose. Live with absolute clarity of your lifes
main work. Live with never ending enthusiasm to serve
humanity with all your heart. Live like a most alive person
on this earth. Live like the most polite and kindest person
you know. Own your calling. Own your true identity. Own
your inner awesomeness. Own your inner immortality.
Own your eternal inner powers. We deeply wish you that
this profound book will transform your life completely
and you find your divine life calling by going through its
eternal success message.

With more love +Respect

Benjamin M.Othmar & Deepak Burfiwala
1. Grow people

2. Your mind is your friend or foe?

3. Financial I.Q. is important

4. Be fit to be of use

5. Your real asset in life

6. Follow your instincts

7. Truth is ageless

8. With significance transforms

9. Note down your thoughts

10. Love and success

11. Use your ears more

12. Practice kaizen every day

13. Be comfortable at doing uncomfortable

14. Love and leadership

15. Adopt creative habits

16. Take personal responsibility of your life

17. Where is your focus?

18. Impacts of positive teaching

19. Failure is good

20. Build a personal library

21. Love makes you eternal

22. Curiosity develops you

23. Personal growth: a lifetime matter

24. Add music in your life

25. Become an incredible salesman

26. Expand your network

27. Create a vision for life

28. Expand your knowledge giving sources

29. What are you searching in life?

30. How do you define success?

31. How do you participate every day in universe?

32. Make your passion your profession

33. Observe more to obtain more

34. Adopt sharing philosophy

35. Write your strengths and weaknesses on paper

36. Creatively visualize your dreams daily

37. Work on your communication skills

38. Adopt visionary leadership

39. Learn making win-win relationships

40. Do the mountain top thinking

41. You get what you give

42. No failures only leanings

43. Think like a Global C.E.O

44. Decide your life values

45. Commit to lifelong learning

46. Speak from heart to get heard by hearts

47. Persistence is everything

48. Everyone is unique, respect all

49. Successful do this while failures dont

50. Meter of personal development

51. More knowledge, more returns

52. Passion chapter of success

53. Rules of the game are universal

54. Your dressing sense speaks

55. Be a lifelong learner

A complete pack of self-empowering thoughts

Praises for other books by the Authors
About the Authors
You can get what you want to get if you help other people in getting what
they want.
Zig Ziglar
No man can become rich without himself enriching others.
Andrew Carnegie
One of the wisest ways to grow in life is helping others
to grow. Grow people to grow yourself. Help people to help
yourself. By helping others you help yourself. By building
roads for others, you build road for your success also. Help
people in watching a leader within them. Make people
realize that they are worthy of a better future. Help people
in knowing their dream in a better way. Even science
confirms it today that the fastest way to get happiness is
give someone else happiness. When you do good things
for others, you get huge blessing from universe. Spirit
of humanity gets health when it is practiced by human
beings. Then you can be a winner !
One of the permanent ways to succeed in life is
becoming a selfless person. When you start moving from
a selfish to selfless person, you start attracting abundance
in every aspect of your life. Think about helping others.
Think about serving others. Be a person who loves to help others.
Be more kind. Be more helping. Be more encouraging. Be more
optimistic. Show more faith in others. Trust the magnificence of
others. Train yourself to appreciate others. Train yourself to boost
others confidence. Train yourself to build strong teams. Train
yourself to look people with eyes of possibilities. Train
yourself to look at people with unconditional attitude.
Grow people to grow yourself. In the attempt of helping
others, you explore totally new possibilities for yourself.
Moreover, when you realize that we all are the part of a
single universe. We all are family members. We all are
connected to each other. When we help others, we actually
promote brotherhood and togetherness. Lucky people are
those who are dedicated to help others. Fortunate are
those who are serving mankind selflessly. Interesting thing
in your life is you search for opportunities to make more
money while you need to find opportunities to help human
beings. Service to mankind brings prosperity, abundance,
wealth, health, peace, fortune and fate in your life. Main
aim of writing this book is to help you understand that you
are incredible, special, and full of power, full of internal
gifts and prosperity. We deeply request you to make your
life a masterpiece. We respectfully request you to live a
life of peace, love, abundance, health, creativity, vision,
wisdom and joy. Help others in living their lives with
more conviction in life. Help others in believe their inner
wisdom. No person on this earth is strange for you, he is
your own and loving brother. Yes, he may have a different
name, caste, age, sex, thinking, profession and financial
status but he is just like you in the eyes of creator God.
Respect humanity. Respect human beings from all walks
of life.
Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving
his goals nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental
attitude. Thomas Jefferson
You may choose to become your best friend or worst
enemy while chasing success in life. When you fill your
mind with empowering beliefs, it acts as your best success
partner. On the contrary, when it is full of self-limiting
beliefs then it ends you up as a life loser. Your mind is your
biggest possession. You need to understand its importance
in your success and happiness. Your world is sized according
to your mind.
Expand your mind to expand your world. Expand your
awareness to expand your growth possibilities. Expand
your conscience to expand your opportunities. Believe us,
you are not here on this earth to struggle or live like a
hard man. If you are living like this, means you are out of
self-awareness kind of education. You must know yourself.
You must know the power of a prepared mind in chasing
success. Once you get your mind as your success partner, it
acts as a catalyst. Moreover, what you put into your mind,
you get the same in your external life.
Reading books is one important step towards making
your mind your surest friend in the journey of life. Meeting
to new and successful people at regular interval is also a
powerful step. Watching interviews of ultra-successful
people also fill your mind with such self-empowering
beliefs. You must understand filling your mind with
positive and productive thoughts is a regular process. You
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 2

need to work on yourself daily. You need to prepare your

mind as your success partner every single day. One of the
impossible things is not filling your mind with productive
ideas and getting innovative results.
Nothing happens itself; you have to make it happen.
Expecting some miracles towards your life transformation
without your own conscious efforts is pure foolishness.
Whoever is achieved anything worthwhile in life, he at
some stage in his life, chosen to fill his mind with self-
empowering thoughts. Choose to make your mind your
nest success partner. Choose to fill your mind with
awesome and productive self-liberating thoughts. Choose
to widen your mind. Choose to expand your awareness
about your own self. Choose to transcend your regular
thoughts. Choose to become a winner. Choose to become
a visionary in life. Choose to nurture your mind every day.
Choose to use your mind as a healer in your life. Make
your mind your servant. Make your mind your guide along
the wonderful journey of life.
The number one problem in todays generation and economy is the lack of
financial literacy. Alan Greenspan
Rich Dad Poor Dad an eternal book in the history
of business and success books. Awesome person Robert
Kiyosaki deserves a grand salute for bringing out such
a great book in the direction of giving people worldwide
financial awareness. He was the first person who made
me realize that making money is important but how you
invest that money further is equally important. For the
first time in my life, I found there is a financial intelligence
that is required to master the game of money making.
Through that book he successfully shared few powerful
principles and I must advice you to go through this
awesome piece of work by him. This book has helped me
about getting the concept of asset making. You must create
assets for you. You must make your thinking, your primary
asset. You are your biggest power. You are your biggest
helper. You have to change to change everything in your
life. Such eternal guidelines I got from this book. Money
is something that you attract by becoming a person of
huge net worth. More you work on yourself, more you get
in returns. Financial gains are merely reflection of your
service to mankind through your profession.
More values you add in the lives of your customers, more
financial success you get in return, it is that much simple. What
we do, we only think about earning money in life. Moreover
you need to understand who is earning money for you.
Your thinking is earning money for you. Your philosophy
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 4

of life is earning money for you. Your ability to learn more

and more about your profession is earning money for you.
Your ability to take pain to give your customers innovative
services is earning for you. You need to understand the
paradigm of earning money. Here are some powerful
insights to help you in earning more fortune for you:
Be a person of massive net worth to get huge net

Invest regularly in your learning.

Invest time in expanding your skill set.

Learn how to become an unconventional thinker.

Learn the art of selling your personality.

Learn the art of effective communication.

Exchange energy when you interact to your


Understand needs of your customers deeply.

Choose to be a lifelong learner in your field.

Choose to spend time with people who are doing

awesome in your field.

Collect information about top 10 professional of

your area.

Read books in your field to expand your knowledge

because big knowledge pays big returns.
The person who has no time for exercise must make time for illness.
Old saying
Healthier you are, more confident you feel about
yourself. It is your primary duty to keep yourself fit. You
must focus on your health. Here the interesting thing that
I want to share is your health is combination of various
forms of health. How strong you are mentally, spiritually,
physically, socially and emotionally. You need to work
out on all these five dimensions. Expecting a healthy life
without working for it is pure foolishness. Nothing is frees in
this world, you have to pay the cost. Every great virtue has a cost
to pay. Pay the cost and get the benefits. Awesome health has a
cost. You need to take care of what kind of stuff you keep
in your mind on daily basis, how much time you devote
to exercising your body, how much you are connected with
your inner self, how good you are in your social interactions
and how strong you are in handling emotional adversities.
You can take this wisdom lightly because its losses are
quite serious. People who afford to ignore it; life affords to
ignore them from all kinds of health blessings.
Some powerful suggestions to maintain your all kinds
of health:
Go for a morning walk for five times a week.

Drink more water throughout the day.

Read 30 minutes in the morning or going before bed

but stuff must be uplifting or related to inspiration.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 6

Talk to people with proper respect and energy.

Meditate and do yoga on regular basis.

Have pictures of people with awesome health in

your room.

Have great quotes in your room.

Enjoy a sweating session at least a day.

Play some kind of sport daily.

Listen to inspirational audio programs in your

travelling time.

Subscribe some magazines or blogs on health.

Read 5 new quotes on health, fitness and awesome

physical stamina.

Listen to people who are enjoying the gift of perfect

health in their present lives.

Spend time with people who have mastered their

habits of procrastination, excuse-making and
mental fears.

Read about people who give their health their

primary priority.

Make it clear in your mind, if you want to do

more things, you must have your body with you in
awesome shape.

You have to work on your body to bless it fitness,

energy and perfect shape.

No pain no gain, still holds true.

Your biggest asset is your brain and its thinking ability.
I have three genius speakers on personal development
with me on this point. After reading thousands of books on
success and speaking in more than thousands plus success
workshops, I have come to reach to a conclusion about
getting success. Success is about training your most important
asset means your mind. Whatever you give to your mind, it
behaves accordingly. If you give it a food of powerful and
productive ideas, it amazes you with its results. Choose
to feed your mind with powerful and productive success
ideas. Whatever you feed in your mind on daily basis
constitutes your destiny.
The first genius success teacher is Brain Tracy, who
has devoted more than thirty five years of his life to make
people successful and financially free from nothing. He is
a master in this art. I read him thoroughly over the years.
One thing that he always teaches is train your mind for
success. Train your mind for thinking positive thoughts.
Train your mind to assist you in success. Train your mind
to appreciate life. Train your mind for future. Means, you
have to take charge of your mind. Treat your mind like a
garden. Choose to sow good seeds in this garden. What
you sow, you reap. Mind is your most powerful possession.
The second genius teacher on success and financial
freedom is Robert Kiyosaki, who is again a worldwide
personality and has helped million all over the globe in
becoming financially strong and personally more able.
I read his international bestselling book rich dad, poor
dad, in this masterpiece, he taught many marvelous
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 8

lessons regarding success but I personally like the idea of

training your mind for success. Treat your mind as your
most expensive possession. Feed your mind with rich
ideas. Read more and more personal development stuff.
Choose to grow intentionally. Choose to lead in life by
reading more productive stuff.
The third teacher Siddhartha Sharma, a best-selling
author and pioneer in success strategies teaching, taught
me in his workshop that prepare yourself for success. Your
mind is most powerful computer in this mind. Your mind
is having infinite capacity to make you a winner. Choose to
nourish your mind with most cultivating and empowering
thoughts. Expand your mind to expand your world.
Sometimes your higher self will guide you to make mistakes so you can
learn lessons. Gabrielle Bernstein
Oprah Winfery one of my all-time favorite role models
in life. She is like a mother in my life. She always encourages
me to follow the path of truth in every condition. I admire
her quotes and philosophy very much. One quote of her
is very awesome, which is, follow your instincts and trust
your inner wisdom. She taught me the power of self-faith.
There is a lot power in believing yourself. She taught me
that you are complete in yourself. You need to listen to
your inner voice. External voices make you feel that you
have something wrong in you. Internal voices always make
you feel that you are complete in all respects. Internal
voices make you realize that you are on this earth to shine,
soar, prosper and live an abundant life.
Where your happiness is, your treasures are also there.
Observe your gut feelings. Observe things that make you
feel most alive. There is a silence in you. There is a creative
muse in you. There is a world of infinite energy in you.
Follow your heart. When you follow crowd, you become
an identity-less person. When you follow your heart, you
discover your identity. You are not here to please someone;
you are here to live your version of life. One of the primary
goals of all wise people in life is taking themselves off from
the road of achieving things from life. Most of the time,
you yourself resist the receiving process in life.
Many times it happens, you hear from within that
do not this and doing this is of no use in future but still
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 10

you do that and in the end you find no results, at that

time you also think that somebody inside me, was telling
me this. It is human nature and somehow, our society
also forces us to follow the crowd. Following crowd is the
awesome route to kill your individuality. Listening to your
gut feelings is the surest way to self-mastery. When you
are pure and true to yourself, whole universe is with you.
Pleasure automatically follows you when you follow your
heart. Listen to your conscience. Listen to that small voice
within you.
Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.
Mahatma Gandhi
People come and people go but truth remains unaltered.
You and i are not here to stay forever. But truth is there
to stay and persist. Whatever is done by respecting truth
will remain alive forever in the hearts of people. It is your
primary duty to know the truth of your existence. You
must be aware about your true self. You must dare to know
who you are in real sense. I am extremely excited to tell
you certain truths of your existence.
1. No matter who you are, you matters for humanity.

2. You are a person of infinite strength from the house

of your creator.

3. Your true power is infinite and endless.

4. Your ability to achieve your dreams is unlimited.

5. The whole world is your platform for your evolution.

6. Every day you get to grow more, learn more and

soar more.

7. Your calling is your passport to a life of massive

success and deep fulfillment.

8. With service to mankind, you expand your


9. You are the true owner of your life.

Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 12

Know the truth of your existence and be immortal.

One of the best things about truth that I personally admire
is, know the truth and the truth will make you free. The
moment you feel the truth of your existence, the same
moment you make yourself free from all worldly bonds.
Everything happens at mental level. When you know the
truth of your existence, you realize that you are on your
mind. You are far-far bigger than your mind. Mind is very
small in front of your pure existence.
You are infinite. You are much bigger than any of your
prediction. You are one with whole universe. This is the
truth of your existence. It is not like; you will read these
lines here and start believing in this. But somehow, these
lines may invite you on the path of your self-realization.
Someday, somebody also invited me on this path and I
followed that path and realized the truth of my existence.
Today my biggest proud is my calling, my truth, my purpose
and my responsibility towards other human beings. Know
the truth and make yourself free from all kinds of bonds.
You can totally transform your life by transforming your selfish thoughts
into selfless ones.
Success is about becoming all that possibly you can
be in life. Success is all about using your inner gifts and
talents. Success is getting your inner depth. Success is
about serving human beings in a way that suits your heart.
Success is about becoming a person of hope, trust, courage,
positivity and determination. Success is about developing
infinite optimism within you about life. Define success in
a way that gives you motivation and lasting energy. See
success as a goal that makes you strong in the process of
achieving it. See success as a journey, not as a destination
to achieve. Work on your definition of success. Every step
that we make towards success should be a step to clean our
souls and to change our personality for better. In order to
achieve this kind of success, consider the following tips:
a. Make your journey to success also a journey to become a
better person: it might be possible that the bitter and
tough life that you have gone through have washed
away your sense of humanity. While struggling to
succeed, struggle also to become a better person
with billion dollar personal values like humbleness,
respect, joy, pity, and compassion. Whenever you
achieve something that you really want, change
also some attitudes within you that you know are
not good for the person that you are becoming.
As many people put themselves on your service,
understand that some other people also need your
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 14

b. Find a good reason to succeed: many people

swear to succeed only for negative reasons. Finding
a positive reason to succeed is a good motivation that will
not let you give up. People who have children strive to
achieve something for the sake of their childrens
well-being. In case you have a good reason, you
will succeed and at the same time become a better

c. Unchain all extremism in you: do not live

the life of distrust everyone around you. Do not
see every person around you as a cheater, loser and
wasteful person of society. Ways of thinking like I
will never trust anyone, all people are bad, life is
short, I will never be happy, I cannot love/forgive
him, God does not exist, misery is my destiny, I
was born to suffer and many others are harmful to
your transformation. The best way is to know that
everything is possible as long as you will give it a
try. Extremist ideas in your head are only to chain
you to the negative life so that you do not achieve
the real success that you truly deserve.

d. Consider difficulties as opportunities: all

the bad times that you have passed through were
meant to make you a better person. You may be
thinking of people, who caused harm to you by
becoming your enemies, but they actually did
a favor to you, they made you stronger instead.
Considering difficulty as opportunity will let you
forgive everything that happened to you and
everyone that caused harm to you and be a better

e. Design your life around your passions:

things that you like are important in making you a
better person. Make sure those things and treasures
No matter who you are
15 you too can be rich

that you like most are available in everything that

you do so that they help you in keeping a positive
attitude towards everything and everyone.

With all your daily efforts you achieve many things,

but they cannot be of any value to be called success, if you
ignore changing yourself for better. Materialistic success
comes to change your outside life, so ignoring to change
the person inside you would be a big mistake that you can
compare to eating good food in a dirty container, which
can cause many diseases. Remove all savage thinking in
you to embrace the changes that come with success and
live a greatly successful life.
When you write things on paper, you start attracting those things in your
life. Due to Power of law of attraction.
One of the most expensive assets that I have today is
my hand written thoughts of my last Five years of journey
as a motivational speaker. In this period, I came across
many eye opening ideas, books, seminars, personalities
and experiences, whatever I learnt from all that, is in
written form with me. When i read this I feel like I am the
richest person in this world. By experience I am sharing
this wisdom with you that start writing your thoughts. You
have countless benefits of writing your thoughts on paper.
You become more aware about your thinking.

You can track your growth.

You can take complete control of your destiny.

You can record your daily progress.

You learn on daily basis and that learning is in

written form.

You become more mature and wise to live life.

You increase your confidence and self-worth.

You become an awesome presenter of your ideas.

You heighten your blessings of life.

You strongly grow your inner self.

No matter who you are
17 you too can be rich

You move towards a lasting success.

You become your own best friend.

You learn from life and experience life.

You train yourself to think only in the direction of

your empowerment.

You train yourself to stay positive for the most of


You become the owner of a large sized written idea


You create a mood-booster for yourself.

When you feel low, you get high energy inspiration

from this.
How you talk about your work and how you talk to other people define
your determination level of success.
The word love is very complex and one could ask why
to talk about love in success matters? Well, it is because,
love is everything and it is the root of everything. Whatever
you do, wherever you go, with your permission or not, love
always follows you. Wise people use to say that love is
only seen with eyes of heart. Does your heart have eyes?
I assume yes, but if you think that your heart does not
have eyes, it is only because you have never opened them.
Love is always reflected through words, actions, gestures
and even with looks. We always receive and give love, but
what really love has to do with success?
Life works on a very simple principle. You get what you
give. When you give love, you get love. When you work
with love, your customers feel that they are loved and
they respond with love. Love makes your life complete.
Love blesses you with infinite energy. Without love, life
is baseless. Without love, songs of a singer are nothing.
Without love, teachings of a teacher are nothing. Without
love, art of an artist is nothing. Love is primary. Love
is basic. Love is like fuel to success engine. There cannot be
success without love, when success comes without love,
wise people call it vanity, something that passes and that
cannot be enjoyed for long time. In contrary, success that
comes with love lasts long because material success may
end but love will never end. By choosing hate instead of
love, they were pouring out the fuel from their engine and
continued to drive from an engine without fuel, they then
No matter who you are
19 you too can be rich

ended up by breaking the engine or their name the name

that they had constructed for many years.
The kind of success that is durable is the one that is
constructed with love. I have mentioned this previously
also that you truly need to find a significant reason for
success in order to let success transforms you into a good
person. This reason cannot be other than love. If you
are struggling to see your children living a better life, it
is only because you love them. You always feel bad to
see them lacking of some needs that you feel pushed to
do whatever possible just to make them happy, well that
feeling is none other than love. Love yourself . I guess you
are thinking that I am asking you to be selfish, no. Self-
love is to remember yourself in everything you do. Even
if you will love someone at the highest extent, you do not
have to forget yourself just for him or her. Remember that
even the commandment says that you should love others just
as you love yourself. This means that you will need to love
yourself in order to be able to love others. If you do not
love yourself, then others will come far below you in your
heart because we are created with that nature of loving
Self-love makes our steps clearer because, if we love
ourselves we will be able to know what we want and how
we want them; then we will do whatever we do having the
real picture of our actions outcomes in our minds. When
we talk about self-love, it reminds us that our happiness
matters. We cannot survive in an environment that we
do not love. That is why, as I said in the early chapters
that you need to build your working environment on
things that you love. Make sure that your success journey
is based on something that you enjoy doing, so that you
avoid getting bored in the middle of the road. I assure you,
you will not get anywhere. Doing jobs that relate to our
dreamed careers is one important key in success matters.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 20

The working environment also consist of people that you

work together, loving workmates will make your work
easier and enjoyable.
When people that work together love each other, the
environment is colored with smiles and care and there is nothing
that can hinder the work to be well accomplished. Workmates
that love each other will support each other to accomplish
even hard tasks. In contrary if you fail to create a loving
environment with people around you at work, you will live
a miserable life, with people talking behind your back and
keeping silence at your arrival. This can be much worse
and dangerous if you are boss and make all workers afraid
of you.
Love matters a lot in success, because it brightens the
purpose. Love opens you. Love opens your heart. Love
makes you wider in perspective. Love enables you to be
a better person for humanity. Love cannot have a better
definition than a feeling that puts a smile on someones
face even in times of trial.

Golden points to journal on:

a. For a successful life, combination of love and
purpose is essential.

b. We become what we teach to others.

c. We get what we give to others.

d. We receive what we share to others.

e. By sharing things, you start thinking holistically

about things. A great advantage of sharing is it
increases your wealth manifolds.

f. Relationship based on love is a very important

No matter who you are
21 you too can be rich

term in getting success. Whenever you start

working on a project with someone then focus on
his empowerment, focus on creating things that
can last forever.

g. If an organization can focus on growth of its

employees as well as its customers then its growth
is guaranteed.

i. Friends, who unconditionally accept us, are very

essential in living a meaningful life.

No matter who you are you too can be like Global C.E.O if you dare to LOVE
human beings unconditionally and life time
Listen more. Learn more by listening more. Feel a
person when he talks to you. Realize his magnificence
when he opens his heart to you. Instead of speaking, focus
more on listening. Avoid speaking, practice listening. Every
time you listen, you learn. With listening, new knowledge
enters in your mind. Every person knows something
unique that can actually help you in becoming a better
person if you choose to do so. Leaders listen. Masters
listen. Visionaries listen. Innovators listen. Change makers
listen. Entrepreneurs listen. Tycoons listen. Deep thinkers
listen. Life listens. Eternity listens. Winners listen. Listen
to lead. Listen to innovate. Listen to transform. Listen to
transcend. Listen to elevate. Listen to grow.
When I was still young, it was my habit, when I could
be coming from school to start calling my mum before
reaching home, I couldnt care whether she would be busy
working or very tired .I loved her as much, and the instant
she heard my voice, she couldnt hesitate to respond to
me. This could please me very much. She could haste,
leaving whatever she could be doing and come to hug me,
regardless of how I could be appearing, I could however
feel as if a king. When she could be busy, she could call me
to hug her and I could run quickly. You can imagine a son
and a mother hugging each other. She could tell me to sit
next to her and tell her how the day passed. These were my
responses and I could narrate everything while facing her.
You know mum today we studied Mathematics, check
what I have written, the teacher gave us questions and I
scored 0/10. Our teacher was dressed in red attires, mum
No matter who you are
23 you too can be rich

I fell down when I was playing, peters son beat me but I

revenged, I am indeed very hungry, give me what to eat
before I go to sleep, and remember you told me that you
will buy for me shoes when I become first, so when are
you buying them? this is the kind of report a son could
narrate to his mum.
What is surprising is that I never saw mum stopping
me to talk. She could comment: imagine a son reminding
her to buy shoes for him on condition of becoming first
and yet scoring 0/10 and wanting to eat. But she was
super kind and patient. She was a super star listener. She
couldnt cut my words short, instead she could give me
all the liberty to utter out everything I had and responds
thereafter. At this age, I have never found anybody who
can equal to mum. You find that when you are talking,
its a common habit to cut you short before you finish,
not giving you time. You find someone not heeding to
what you are telling him, perhaps he may start talking
on phone, face booking, emailing, to mention but a few.
Others cant focus on what you are telling them, instead
they look for negative arguments towards your advice, and
still others are To Whom It May Concern. My emphasis
here is that; all leaders are super star listeners and listeners are
problem solvers. Super success is related to 75% of listener.
Listen attentively to your customers problems. Listen
to their wants, Listen to your children, Listen to your wife,
give time to their views and address them if possible. If
you treat all people as heroes, they will likewise treat you as a
super hero. You must use their names in the right time and
at right place. Respect them. As a leader, success is all about
listening to your customers and team work . Listen to their
challenges and figure out the way forward. We all learn
from experience of others. This is the most important
tool, majority of people lack which has almost closed their
avenues towards success.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 24

Listening makes you wise. It helps you understand

the specialty of the other person. Listening gifts you
clarity. Listening empowers you with depth of knowledge.
Listening makes you a powerful communicator. Listen
to speak wisely. Listen to your own heart. Listen to your
instincts. Listen to your conscience. Listen to great ideas.
Listen to learn. Listening deepens you. Listening gives you
a complete view of any situation. Listening is not easy. It
requires enough patience. It involves proper respect for the
speaker. Listening does transform a person.
If you have the ability to listen then everything has the ability
to speak. Listen to nature. Listen to sun. Listen to sky.
Listen to moon. Listen to children. Listen to your parents.
Invest special time in listening. Like fix a particular
time for listening practice in your home and office. Fix
a complete day to listen your inner thoughts. Be brave
enough to listen your true thoughts. Be brave enough to
pay ears to your inner infinite and divine self. Listening
is respecting the other person. Listening builds trust.
Listening makes you a winner in relationship development
practices. Moreover, you get your best ideas from others
but only when you deeply listen them. The people who
always create and innovate, they are passionate listeners.
They keep on getting powerful ideas from others on daily
basis because they master the habit of listening with intent
of learning new wisdom. Listening opens new possibilities.
Listening unfolds new avenues for growth and evolution.
Commit to be a world class listener. Commit to listen from
heart. Commit to listen to heal a person. Commit to listen
a person to help him understand his own thoughts.
I know one thing, if you take one small step towards improving yourself
for better every single day, within few years, you will be living an awesome
and fulfilled life.
Daily devotion to excellence creates peak performers.
Who improves himself daily is unstoppable. In
Japanese proverb means that constant and never ending
improvement. Kaizen is a powerful concept. You are
invited to welcome this awesome concept of kaizen in
your life. When you grow step by step every day, you
permanently grow. Luck is nothing but the result of practicing
kaizen in your key areas. Small daily improvements lead you to
a stunning success over a period of time. Go for kaizen. Open
yourself towards the life changing philosophy of kaizen.
Every great performer practices kaizen to stay on track
every day.
Daily practice is the minimum cost that one has to
pay to stay in the game. Whatever you practice daily
empowers your personality lifetime. Consistent growth is
actual growth. Like if you want to be a writer. Write 100
words daily. Do it daily for a month. Within few days,
you will find yourself into a new world of opportunities.
You can do everything if you are committed. You can find
every answer if you are passionate to find. You will learn
everything if you are dedicated to learn it. Everything
is within you. Every answer is within you. You have to
dive deep within yourself to find such answers. No goal
of yours is beyond your reach. Kaizen is one powerful
practice that enables you to find those answers. When you
practice kaizen in one field, it automatically prepares your
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 26

mind to practice kaizen in other areas of your life also.

Daily improvement is the solution of every problem. Daily
learning of your craft is the solution of everything. Daily
devotion to excellence is everything in becoming a master.
Whatever is your goal, kaizen is the answer. When you
go to your goal step by step, you internalize it. It becomes
the part of your muscle memory. It creates changes within
you. It prepares you for becoming a person who can attain
that goal. It makes you humble. It makes you responsible.
It makes you kind enough. It makes you grateful. It makes
you realize the real worth of it. It makes you a winner
in true sense. It gifts you a lasting success. Step by step
learning is permanent learning in any field.
Welcome kaizen in your life. Practice kaizen to fill
your life with possibilities, opportunities and new avenues.
Do it to make your life a better life every single day. When
you practice something every day with the pure intention
of learning it, you get a lot internal gifts. You feel blessed
by dedicated practice of it every day. One more thing,
when you practice daily, you start loving and connecting
to it, selflessly and meaningfully. Before money, meanings
come. When you do something for meanings, you get
money naturally. Thinking to create meanings with your
work comes with practicing kaizen.

If you want to master something, do it daily. What you do daily, affects you daily.
What you do daily, unintentionally you master the way you do it.
All peak performers train themselves to do
uncomfortable things comfortably. They know the
importance of being comfortable in uncomfortable. There
is a pain in doing new things. No doubt there is a fun
and excitement in doing new things as they make us grow
and open new opportunities before us. It takes courage
and willpower to try new things on regular basis. Master
performers always try new and uncomfortable things
because they deeply understand the value of learning new
When you take pain, you bless yourself with gain. When you
do something for the first time, it looks difficult and it is
quite natural. But peak performers understand that if they
endured this initial pain then they will be the master of it.
You must be willing to take the pain of learning. Learning
must be going on till your last breathe. You must be ready
to hear crazy, fool, stupid or more things like that. When
you go away from the crowd, people laugh at you and this
is the hardest thing to endure for a common man. And if
a man endures it, he becomes a master of his destiny. You
have to understand that there is always pain involved in
going to next level of success.
You always have to dare yourself to feel uncomfortable
if you are serious about becoming better throughout your
journey. Life is never easy. It always demands hard work and
hard work. When you upgrade yourself, you naturally have
to learn new stuff and initially it looks like too hard. Most
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 28

of the people avoid struggle and pain in life and convince

themselves for a small life. Dont let this happen to you.
Challenge yourself for continuous learning and doing the
uncomfortable stuff to make your life a meaningful one.
Great leaders always search ways of developing their team and
continuously try to make them passionate leaders
To give this book a truly immortal shape for passionate
people who want to transform themselves as visionary
leaders, I, with deep love and respect, prefer to review the
importance of love in leadership as the great leadership
lecturer Chris Lowney insists on love as one of four pillars
of heroic leadership. A heroic leader is a person who is
committed to organize, command, and help people to
attain a certain goal. Heroism is to strive to do what other
people perceive to be hard but important. As I said before
love is also an engine to heroism. You may think that
leadership is not your business, but every person who have
responsibilities, either at his house, school or work is a leader.
This is because you need to take some decisions that no
one else can take for you we are all leaders- Chris Lowney.
Being a leader does not necessarily means that you
are in politics, or be the chief in command somewhere.
It simply means that you are a responsible person who
decides when to stand and when to communicate your
deepest beliefs for continuous growth. Decide to give your
hundred percent in your work. Decide to take ownership
of your work. Decide to make your mark through your
work. Decide to serve your customers by your work.
Decide to be answerable for your things. Decide to learn
your work every day. Decide to invest your every bit of
creative energy in your work. If you have no person to lead
then you are a self leader
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 30

Love in leadership means the vision to see each

persons talent, potential, and dignity; the courage, the
passion, and the commitment to unlock that potential;
and the resulting loyalty and mutual support that energize
and unite teams nicely said by Chris Lowney. This means
that as a leader you need to love people that you are leading to the
extent that you see each one of them as much important as yourself.
You have to recognize each persons ability and help him
or her to realize the treasure that is hidden in him or her
through what he or she can do. Once you have unlocked
each ones potential, you will be good to unite all talents
and abilities together to make something of extraordinary.
You are not going to do all things by your own and expect
to get impressive results. People tend to ignore others and
consider them as useless. Such people think that they are
the best in everything, that they do not need any help
from anyone. This is dangerous because you do not know
where your abilities can not reach; you do not know when
you are going to desperately need help. When you think
about success, think also about developing people.
There is a reason why everyone is in the place where he
is now. God created people with different talents so that
there would be no empty space in peoples need. The parts
of the body are very different physically and have different
strength and abilities, but they all work for a common goal
which is to make the person complete. Feet are far away
from eyes but they interact when the person is walking,
without eyes, legs find it difficult to move, without legs
eyes are not able to make the person move. No matter how
physically stronger legs are they can never say to the eyes
that they are the best.
Just as our body works as one unit, so should we
work as a team. Where there is no love, there is no peace.
Making ourselves a peaceful environment should be our
priority and the only way to achieve that is to consider all
people around us with dignity
No matter who you are
31 you too can be rich

It is important to understand that we deserve the best.

When you love yourself, you will not let anything hinder
you from doing what you like and judge to be best for
you. Consider yourself as much as possible, and there you
will understand the value of people who help you to be
who you want to be in life. Remember that your success
concerns only you, so you will not let people use you but
help each other to achieve many things.
Real love never offend, so try as much as you can not to
make people suffer from your decisions and let people around you
celebrate your success with you. You will not be able to do so
unless you love every single person around you and accept
them with their strengths and weaknesses. You may not
know how important they are but, no one around you is to
ignore. With love you will be able to center your interests
to their benefits. You will serve them and they will serve you
even more. Always remember that shared love is earned love.
It is through love that you can take challenges as
lighter burdens. Someone who do not wish good to you
and need to destroy whatever you achieve? Love him and
serve him equally as people who love you and you will see,
the person will change for better. With love you will be able
to see challenges as opportunities and mistakes as lessons. With
love you will surround yourself with people who are ready
to help you in times of trials and with whom you will share
sorrows and joys. Value your friend and love your enemies.
True success is the visible fruit of a love-driven life
Golden Points to Journal on:
Whatever is your profession to become a champion,
you have to learn the art of touching hearts of

Grow yourself by serving people.

Let your heart be your director.

Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 32

Make your life the source of impact and significance.

First believe in yourself, others will naturally follow

your belief.

Real leaders leave legacy.

Win yourself first to win the public.

Follow your heart for people to follow you.

Listen to the people honestly.

Be truthful to yourself first, then with others as


To impress or influence people, you have to touch

their true and honest feelings.

To lead people, you have to touch their hearts.

Leadership is about living a life of legacy

Every new day is a day of new learning for leaders

-Psychologists tell us that up to 90% of our behavior is habitual.
Rich become richer and poor become poorer by their habits .
- If you are not creating leaders in your organization or in your family
then your name is not going to be remembered for long.
-If you ignore your employees, definitely they will ignore your customers
Jack Canfield said awesomely in his best-selling
success book The 25 success Principles that learn four
success habits every year. First time I read this book I took
this advice lightly and didnt take any significant action
on it. But with time and reading this book again and again
and going through this chapter deeply I found there is a
real substance in this principle. By learning four success
habits every year, you can easily multiply your personal
and professional lives successes.
Then I started working in real sense on this technique.
Let me tell you, in 2009, I read this book for the first
time. And in the last months of 2009, I adopted four new
success habits and they were, writing thank you letters to
people who helped me in some way, appreciating people
for who they naturally are, writing the activities of whole
day on paper in advance before living that day actually
and writing my dreams on paper in present tense. Even
today I follow this principle. And these habits are still part
of my daily success routine.
What I found in next six months that this habit alone
transformed my life and given me unlimited excitement,
energy and hope about life. This habit connected me
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 34

to my infinite inner energy reservoir. By changing your

habits, you can totally change your destiny. By changing
your habits, you can transcend your limits. To help you in
living a full life, I am mentioning some powerful success
Like read success literature daily,

Listen motivational audio tapes daily,

Visit book shops once in a week, go to art galleries,

Read and write quotes on life, success and

persistence, write journal, take public speaking

Read blogs, subscribe YouTube channels that suit

your taste,

Cut inspirational stories from newspaper and paste

them in your daily journal,

Attend yoga classes, go for learning meditation,

Spend time with successful people regularly,

Talk to someone who is good than you in your

profession once in a week,

pray to God for every ones good, learn how to

express your heart in your words,

Build your personal success library and write your

dreams in your journal in present tense and read
them daily. These are few powerful success habits
that you can go for. Habits are powerful. Habits
decide your destiny. Choose empowering habits to
have an awesome destiny. Believe me; your destiny
is in your habits.
Accept 100% responsibility of your life.
Accept personal responsibility of continuous learning because continuous
learning is minimum requirement for success in any field.
Denis Waitley
I am excited to meet you with my life mentors; they
are Deepak Chopra, Eminem, Emerson, Pitbull,
Anthony Robbins, Saint Kabir, Brian Tracy,
Usain Bolt, Robin Sharma, Henry Ford, Ingvar
Kamprad, Wayne Dyer, Aamir Khan, Lady Gaga
and Amitabh Bachchan. Why I call these awesome
and genius people my mentors.
They teach me the importance of taking personal
responsibility in life. They are superstars. They are highly
successful and respected all over the world. They work
hard. They are live examples for all of us, how a person can
make his life an epic one. These people could choose to
live an ordinary life. They took the decision of taking their
call. They heard the voice of their inner self. They ignored
the chattering voices of critics. They made themselves
able, worthy and learned. They chose to keep themselves
in a position to accept the blessings of life. They chose to
think pure thoughts. They chose to think self-empowering
thoughts. They chose to make them a winner. They took
the responsibility to enlighten humanity with
their crafts.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 36

They chose to elevate mankind. They chose to lighten

the world. They took the honor of serving mankind. They
took the responsibility of educating themselves throughout
their life. They took the road less travelled. They chose to
become the master of their destiny. They chose to take
the control of their life in their hands. They decided to
discover their calling. They decided not to follow the
crowd. They chose to transcend the ordinary beliefs of
society. Now its your turn. Now the chance is given to
you. Now the universe is with you. Now the possibilities
are within you. Now the road is open to you. You can be
one of those people who enlighten the whole world with
their own example.
You can also take the responsibility for your life.
Some people blame circumstances while others create them. Take
responsibility to keep yourself in a position to receive the
blessings of life. Keep yourself in a position of getting
growth opportunities in life. You can take responsibility
to feed your mind with empowering beliefs on daily basis.
You can take charge of your life. You can lead your life by
giving it a meaningful purpose. You can rock in life. You can
choose to live an awesome life with fulfillment.
Focus on positive, get positive; same way focus on negative, get negative.
Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eyes off
your goal.
Henry Ford
I remember an interview of Queen Oprah Winferys
in which she was telling about the importance of your focus
on your life. If you focus on abundance, you multiply it
with manifolds. When you focus on lack in your life, you
unknowingly multiply it. Most of the times we tend to
focus on things we dont have in life. What happens in
results, we increase them. You need to learn to appreciate
you existing resources. Remember, with the proper awareness of
your existing resources, you can reach up to any heights.
There is a wonderful saying by john mason a pure
heated pester and author from America that when you
learn how to appreciate your current wealth then only God
multiplies it. He is totally true to his message. A world
class success trainer Harv Eker also shares it that when
you afford to handle your current assets then only more
assets come to you. You must bother about your focus
in life. You should focus on completeness, wealth, abundance,
learning, growth, appreciation, gratitude and respecting life.
As a child I got the grace of a self-made successful
person when he taught me superbly that dear son, always
look at sky and feel how wide this nature is. How big
the area of mother earth is. You are the real and loved
part of this whole universe; you are not separated from
this abundant universe. Nature is your mother. Nature is
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 38

your healer. Universe wants your success. Healing nature

provides your resources at all stages. You must believe on
existence. You can do wonders by showing faith on this
loving and awesome universe. I am fortunate by sharing
the name of this great person, he is Wayne Dyer, who has
recently passed away and left this world physically. His
messages and wisdom will always serving humanity with
infinite respect and blessings. I am sharing with you a
practical technique that will transform your life.
Start writing a gratitude diary.

Write in it all about what you have in life.

Write in it what kind of blessings you are enjoying

in your current life.

Write in it all about the times when you were alone

and god came forward to help you and to heal you.

Write in it all times when you were guided by

nature for your better future.

Paste images in it of all places you want to visit in


Paste images in it the kind of life you want to live

in future.

Your focus matters. Your energy flow matters. Your

concentration matters. You must train your mind
to focus on empowering things and ideas.
There is nothing that training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach. It
can turn bad moral into good moral; it can destroy bad principles and re-
create good one; it can lift men into angel ship. Mark Twain
Dont neglect the improvement of mental food, it matters a lot.
Before coming in the awesome profession of teaching,
I got the great opportunities of coming in the contact of
exceptional teachers of life, success, leadership, courage,
self-mastery and wisdom. One thing that I found in all
great teachers of the world is they open the mind of their
pupil. They make their student realize that he too can
become great. He too can realize his dreams. I remember,
I was giving a teachers training seminar and I asked to
participants that who is a best teacher? a teacher replied
that awesome and great teacher is one who opens the mind
of his student towards his own potential. The teacher who
makes his pupil realizes that he contains all the powers of
this world within him.
One more example that is coming in my mind about
positive teaching is from the real life of world class
motivational speaker Les Brown. When he was in
mathematics class (probably he was in fifth standard), his
teacher asked him to come on the board and write a formula
and he refused to do so. His teacher asked why you are
not writing the formula on board. He said, I am weak and
mentally not capable enough to write it, somebody told
me about my weakness in mathematics and thats why, I
am not able to write this. His teacher said something that
I feel; every teacher should say to his students, someones
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 40

opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Come on

the board and write the formula. He wrote and won his
mental battle. So positive teaching is all about giving your
students a healthy self-image about their own capabilities.
I too keep in my mind several things when I teach or share
my views in trainings, keynotes or full day workshops:
I focus on showing complete respect towards my

I focus on helping them in watching a big picture of

their possible future.

I encourage them to dream big about their future

so that they can optimally utilize their potential.

I make them feel that they are special, with gifts,

blessed and able to achieve any kind of worthwhile
goal in life.

I encourage them to speak like a champion, speak

like a superstar and speak like a master of his

I encourage them to be a lifelong learner.

I give them a positive, productive and infinite kind

of image for their self-identity.

Positive teaching is about impacting lives. Positive

teaching is about bringing changes in the lives of pupils.
Positive teaching is all about creating visionary leaders for
What is formula for achieving success? Double your failure rate. Thomas
My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are
content with your failure. Abraham Lincoln
See failure as a part of progress.
Few days back, life has introduced me to a wise
billionaire from china. Jack Ma is his name. He is a very
deep person. I was watching his interview about how
he got his fair share of fortune. He told, I was rejected
and failed in life so many times but every time I found,
I became stronger with each failure. He said something
that I can never forget that failure is success in other way.
If you are able to find hidden success in each failure then
failure no more can haunt you. There is seed of success in
each failure. Today my first love is stage speaking and I
enjoy it every day in my life. But very few know this about
me, once my biggest fear was stage speaking. I was a shy
guy and the thought of speaking something even before
five people used to haunt me. I have failed enough in my
process of becoming a motivational speaker but I never
gave up the process. I, proudly, give the whole credit of
my present day success in motivational success to all my
failures during the process. I have some wonderful insight
about failures:
Failures empower you. Failures strengthen you.

Failures introduce you to your hidden inner gifts.

Failures show you are on the track of finding

something worthwhile.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 42

When you try something for the first time, failure is

quite natural but when you keep on doing that and
gradually improve yourself along with this process
of learning, you master it in the end. Celebrate
your failures.

Learn from your failures. Understand life is far

more worthy than having success or failure in life.
Failure is a part of process of having success in life.
Failure is only a temporary event in the journey of
getting success. Learn from it and leave it behind.
You become what you read.
Investment in personal library is the most powerful investment one can
make in his lifetime to gain mental strength.
Poor people have big T.Vs, rich people have big libraries.
Jim Rohn
One powerful practical lesson or insight you can take
out of this book is building your personal wisdom centre.
Take the decision to make a space at your home to give
birth to new ideas. Your personal library is your personal
heaven on this earth. Few years back, when I would go to
anyones house, I use to focus on interior, cars, clothes and
their possessions because I was a shallow person and not
serious about life. But as I came into contact with personal
development stuff and got to know the value of books in
life, I got my whole thinking changed. Now I only prefer
to go to homes where I find library. As I find the library, I
immediately start looking at the masterpieces of literature.
This one habit alone increased my success, happiness and
fulfillment many-many times in life.
Books are very powerful. Decision of building your
own library is like allowing yourself to get wings to fly
high in the sky of your own dreams. If you are interested
about knowing which books I should buy then I have good
news for you. Our book self-ignorance is your problem,
self-awareness is your solution is having a list of 100
life changing books. Along with books, go for audio and
video lectures of success teachers. This year, give yourself
a world class gift of your own personal library. You will
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 44

find that this step alone will bring new energy, new vitality,
new hope, new dimension, new growth, new mindset, new
belief, new conditioning, new focus, new world and new
level of achievement in your life.
You can love or hate people but loving people is the best option.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; by loving someone
deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu
Where there is love, there is life. Mahatma Gandhi
Mother Teresa a human being who deserves total
respect and standing ovation. She dedicated her life to
serve mankind. She did those acts of kindness with love.
Because of her love she became divine and eternal in the
hearts of people. Nice wisdom. Nicely lived life. She made
love her primary tool of service. It is your love for your
work that makes it eternal. It is your love for humanity
that makes humanity your lover. Life works on very simple
principle. You get what you give. When you give love, you
get love. When you work with love, your customers feel
that love and they respond with love. Love makes your life
complete. Love blesses you with infinite energy. Without
love, life is baseless. Without love, songs of a singer are
nothing. Without love, teachings of a teacher are nothing.
Without love, art of an artist is nothing. Love is primary.
Love is basic.
You must add love in everything you do. Love what
you do. Love those for whom you do. Love the
things which help you to do.

Love life. Love yourself. Love your strengths. Love

your thoughts. Love nature.

Love blessings of life. Love your inner talents. Love

your inner beauty.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 46

Love your instincts. Love your growth potential.

Love your inbuilt ability to make your life an epic

life. Love your enemies. Love wisdom.

Love enlightenment. Love awareness. Love eternity.

Love universe. Love humanity. Love the sun. Love
the moon.

Love the sky. Love trees. Love animals. Love

children. Love your parents. Love your teachers.
Love your tough moments.

Love your prayers. Love the divine light within

you. Love the inner infiniteness within you. Love
the natural flow of life.
I have no special talents. I am passionately curious. Albert Einstein
He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask a
question is fool forever. Chinese proverb
The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them
into the impossible. Arthur C. Clark
There is a strong thing inside you that motivated you
to go further and become better every time. That magical
ability of yours is called as curiosity. When you were a
child you had infinite curiosity to know new things and
new people. You were in a state where you wanted to know
more and more about things. What happened people
around you who had stopped the process of learning in
their life for the rest of their life, they started destroying
your curiosity level. At first you found it sad but later, you
too became habitual of facing that. My point is, find your
curiosity again. Go for question the things.
Go for asking things that matter most in life. Ask to
you that is this the best version of life that I deserve to
live? Ask yourself, what does my life represents? Ask to
yourself, am I going in the right direction as my life is
going on? Asking is very important. Asking shows you are
curious. If you are curious, only then you will find answers.
I was curious about why some people get success and
achieve much in life while others live like life is punishing
them at every level.
Why is this? I started my search from some ultra-
successful people of my society and began asking them,
why are you so successful? They said, we are creating our
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 48

success every day with our thinking and actions. They

said something that changed my life forever. They said,
we have chosen to stay curious, hungry, learner till our last
breathe. They explained me that life is not about what life
is, life is about what you think life is. If you are curious
then slowly you will understand life. Life is very kind
and unconditional to everyone. Life has enough for every
single one of us. I found by listening the mindset of all
peak performers that staying hungry and curious for new
things and for the unknown in life provide outstanding
Real success is not having things but having victory over you.
Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a
Jim Rohn
Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Jim Rohn
I remember a person in a workshop where he was
the trainer and he was passionately answering every
question with the answer with same words. Words were
it is for a lifetime. Like participants along with me, had
asked many questions to him in the end. How long one
should do the reading books practice? He said, it is a life
time matter. Then one said how long one should do self-
empowering practices? He replied, it is a life time matter.
Then a question came, how long one should do personal
development practices? Again the answer was same,
it is a lifetime matter. I named that person, a life time
matter. Whenever I listen about some kind of personal
development practice, my mind says to me, it is a life time
I started writing journal and I started not to get
something out it in the beginning. I started because I
was passionate about recording my daily life experiences
on paper. I was passionate about learning from my own
life, learning from my own mistakes and taking positive
feedback from my past. I was surprised with the long list
of benefits this ritual was giving me. When someone asks
me that how long you are going to write a journal? I reply
with a smile, it is a life time matter. Whatever you do for
a lifetime, impacts you life time.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 50

Reading books is for life time.

Respecting people is for life time.

Doing self-development practices is for life time.

Listening people with respect is for life time.

Watching inspirational videos to get new energy is

for life time.

Waking up early is for life time. Talking in a polite

manner is for life time.

Learning from your role models is for life time.

Spending time with nature is for life time.

Writing in a journal is for lifetime.

Following your heart is for life time.

Believing in your own self is for life time.

Music can change the world because it can change people. Bono
Without music, life would be a mistake. Fredrick Nietzsche
Music is a powerful motivator. It relaxes you and expands
you. Before attending to a mind programming workshop,
I was a great fan of listening sad songs and I used to enjoy
them a lot. In that workshop the trainer said something
that permanently stopped me from further listening of
such songs. He said, the music you listen, conditions you.
The kind of songs you listen, create you mental state. You
tend to do such things that suit the environment of the
song. He guided us to go for instrumental music. He said,
say no permanently to sad or meaningless songs. Go for
audio tapes of meditation or classical music.
I do agree with his point as I am following his advice.
After coming from that workshop, the first thing I did was,
deleted all songs from my laptop and then started adding
songs only those who could empower me. Moreover I
prefer listening inspirational, success stories, lectures of
peak performers, and talks by experts on various subjects
and songs only who give meaningful messages.
I remember certain songs who have guided me in life.
One cannot deny from the fact that music is a healer and a
teacher. Music speaks to us via emotions. It is a wise thing
to go for meaningful music in life. I have closely examined
the people who are successful and failures. I have realized
that successful people have created their own life style.
The way they speak, they read, they think, they entertain
themselves, they react on things, they spend time with
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 52

people, they follow their purpose, and they convert

adversity into opportunities and stay grateful towards
life. They have chosen to be a winner in life till their last
breathe. Whatever came in their path, they transformed
it according their positive mental health. Music is one big
thing that touches everyone in some way.
What solution they have taken out for this, they shifted
their focus from listening any kind of songs to listening only
instrumental music or empowering music with meanings
in its lyrics. My dear readers, one profound step that you
can take to make your life a truly phenomenal one is going
for selected music in life. Avoid listening anything because
it affects you, it affects your health, wealth, discipline,
mood, success and happiness. You are not here to become
audience to all; you are here to live your life. Go for stuff
that make you better, make you feel proud on yourself and
encourages you to go further in life.
We all are salesmen of our fields so we need to master the art of sales.
Strange but true, from ancient times, men are doing a common mistakes they
are selling themselves on cheapest prices. In reality, everyone sells their idea
every time they open their mouth.
Whatever is your profession, you are a sales man of your personality. And you
should consider the impact of having a pleasing and effective impression.
One of the sweetest memories is when my dearest
Seema said to me, I want to gift you something that can
remain in your heart for lifetime. She said; tell me what is
really close to your heart. I said, Seema, books are my life.
I love books. Books make me realize who I am. Books are
my life changers. Whatever I am today is because of the
books I read. She said then I want to gift you a book. We
both went to a book shop. Amazing it was spending time
with life changing literature, success books and personal
development treasure.
I am a big fan of Joe Girard and I was stunned
when I saw his book How to sell anything to anybody,
I shouted with excitement, Seema, I got my cup of tea.
She immediately bought that for me and with her lovely
signatures, she on the spot gifted that masterpiece work
of divine Joe Girard to me. Thank you Seema for making
me feel special and loved every time. You always make me
realize that I must have done something great in my life
in my life.
My point is about dedicating yourself towards learning
more about salesmanship. When I read the book I got to
know how Joe broke all the records of selling things. He
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 54

was a champion human behavior expert. He was a pure

hearted man and an awesome mankind server. He was
master in giving genuine respect to his clients. He would
make people realize that they were great and deserve to get
great things for them. As a result, he used to get awesome
business from people.
One of this magical persons quality I have adopted in
my work, I love to sell my true feelings to people. I love
to broadcast my love, respect and genuineness towards
my work to my customers. I love to appreciate sincerely
my customers taste and recognitions. It is because of Joe
Girards magic that today I am able to understand that
products dont sell, the one who presents the products,
sells. Thinking of the salesman sells. If you are serious
about your success as a human being, you must learn art
of selling your trueness, purity, clarity of thoughts and
serving attitude for people. Remember this :

Dedicatedly focus on your interaction skills with people it constitutes important

part of your sales perspective hence it matters a lot

Sales champions know that success is all about how many rejections you are willing
and able to eat, to kiss the champion level.
Superstars of every field make super strong network and do magic with
their performance.
The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to
look for the work. Robert Kiyosaki
According to me ,Your contact list plays a key role in your professional
You are the sum total of your existing network of people.
You are the sum total of existing thoughts in your mind.
Network is very powerful word. Observe people of your
network. Observe the growth of people in your network
in last months. Your current success is defined by the kind
of network you have right now. What kind of people you
have chosen to spend time with. A billion dollar formula is
your network decides your net worth. Change your network
to change your net worth. Expand your network to expand your
net worth. Choose to spend time with self-made successful
people. Choose to sit with superstars of their own fields.
Choose to invest time with people who are serious about
their life.
Consciously you need to work on the network of yours.
You need to understand the power of a successful network.
When you sit with losers, you smell like losers.

When you sit with negative people, you smell like

negative people.

When you sit with critics, you end up becoming a

Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 56

When you sit with people who disown themselves,

you start disowning yourself.

When you sit with people who make excuses, you

end up becoming a master excuse maker.

Coin has the second side also.

When you sit with champions, you smell like a


When you sit with book lovers, you start reading

good books.

When you sit with people who love consistent self-

growth, you start doing your self-growth.

Start networking with people from different fields.

Start networking with people who are doing well than you.
Start networking with people who decided to grow in life
irrespective of their circumstances. Start networking with
people who have won their self-doubts. Start networking
with people who are doing nicely what you want to do in
your near future. Sit with genius entrepreneurs. Sit with
passionate musicians. Sit with awesome writers. Sit with
dedicated teachers. Sit with deep thinkers.
Sit with wonderful dreamers. Sit with star servers to
society. Breathe the oxygen of success. Breathe the oxygen
of enlightenment. Breathe the oxygen of a meaningful life.
Make it a target to add 5 new people in your network
in a month. Every new and positive person widens your
thinking. Every new person helps you in watching life with
a brand new glass. Every new and successful thinker enables
you in thinking your life with success attitude. With new
attitude, one gets new results. With new eyes, the world
looks new. You must be passionate about spending time
with positive, optimistic and always-growing mindset
You are not here merely to make a living .You are here in order to enable
the world to live more amply ,with greater vision ,with a finer sprit of hope
and achievement .You are here to enrich the world and you impoverish
yourself if you forget the errand .
Woodrow Wilson.
The holy book bible says it so nicely that where there
is no vision, people perish. How true it is. No matter where
you are today whether that is a big position or not but it
is true that from there itself you can reach to any heights
if you decide a clear vision for your life from today itself.
Founders of Google had a clear vision. Founders of
Facebook had a clear vision. Jack Ma had a clear vision.
Steve Jobs had a clear vision. Rattan Tata had a clear
vision. Jeff Bezos has a clear vision. You too can join
this group. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said The world
makes way for a man who knows where he is going..
According to Li Ka Shing, vision is perhaps our greatest
strength. It has kept us alive to the power and continuity
of thought through the centuries; it makes us peer into the
future and lends shape to the unknown.
Napoleon Hill, a pioneer in the field of motivational
writing wrote in his eternal book think and grow rich
that one must have a vision in life. Otherwise he is destined
to fail, struggle and feel neglected in life. You know when
you follow some meaningful vision in life you get creative
energy every day from universe, you learn every day; you
grow in life and contribute optimum.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 58

There was a famous show in the history of television

called the Oprah Winfery show in Oprah Winfery
interview people and shares wisdom thoughts for the help
of her viewers. In that show, will smith a Celebrity and
a true genius of humanity came with his blessed family
and he said in the result of very first question that you
must have a vision for your life. You must have a vision for
your relationship. You must have a vision of your future
in your mind. You must create a vision for everything you
do in life. Anthony Robbins, another gem in the field
of personal development shares that success leaves clues.
Will Smiths answer left the reason behind that why he
is on the top of his profession? His thinking is clear and
There was a guest Lecture in our secondary school days
and an eminent personality from corporate world came
to enlighten us. We were passionate and curious about
his thoughts. He spoke something that transformed me
forever. With deep respect and love in my heart, I would
like to share that message with you. He said so greatly,
expand your sources that give you new knowledge, ideas
and wisdom.
Be a person who always feels hungry for new ideas and
thoughts. He went back but he left a wonderful and life
enhancing message for all of us. Another example that is
coming in my mind is from great success coach and life
changer to millions worldwide Robin Sharma, he always
shares that to get new results we must engage ourselves in
new thinking patterns. To get new thinking patterns, we
have to open intentionally new windows of ideas in our
life. Albert Einstein a genius and great thinker for mankind
also shared that a problem cannot be solved on same level
of thinking on that it was generated. Now the question is
how you can add new sources to give yourself a brand new
mindset of a peak performer.
You can take the decision of building your own
success library.

You can start visiting the book shops once in a

week or month.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 60

You can start downloading the success, motivation,

leadership and empowering quotes from internet.

You can follow the Facebook pages of life changing

geniuses like Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins,
Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn,
Steven Aitchison, Les Brown, Tai Lopez,
Evan Carmichael and Zig Ziglar. Most
powerful success teacher of our times Jim Rohn
was once giving a lecture and someone asked him
how I can increase my earnings in life. Jim Rohn
replied in his strong and deep voice that increase
your learning first. Gentleman, give your mind a
powerful and productive diet. Intentionally develop
yourself. Increase your knowledge sources. Multiply
your learning to multiply your earnings. Go in
public libraries. Read more books. Read more blogs.
Read more success literature. Expand your mind.
Expand the size of your personal development
What we are becoming in life is exactly depends upon what we are searching
in life
Great leaders search ways of developing their team and continuously try to
make them passionate leaders
Holy book bible says it so clearly that those who seek
shall find. What you search in life, ultimately you get that
at later stages in life. Question yourself about your primary
quest in life. Ask yourself about your main longing in life.
Ask yourself about your ultimate calling in life. Search for
your divinity. Search for your inner awesomeness. Search
for your immortality. Search for your eternity. Search
meaningful things to get them in life. Search abundance.
Search prosperity. Search self-peace. Search your inner
light. Search your unique inner gifts. Search your ultimate
blessings that you have got from existence at the time of
your birth.
Search your purpose. Search your unique role
in this divine universe. Search your inner infinite
creative potential. Search your calling. Search wisdom.
Search enlightenment. Search self-awareness. Search your
bliss. Ironical but true, you get in life for what you truly
commit yourself to find. One must have clear awareness in
life about what he is searching in life. You must have this
wisdom with you that you deserve to live a complete life.
You have the owner of getting inner freedom in life. Search
opportunities to serve humanity. Search possibilities to
add value sin lives of people. Search opportunities to
appreciate people for who they naturally are.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 62

Your search should be for meaningful, eternal and

incredible things. You must aim at self-mastery. Aim a
gradual personal development. Aim to achieve stillness
within you. Aim to achieve an iron spirit while pursuing
your life goals. Aim to be a person of use for humanity. Aim
to become a person of positivity. Aim to become of eternal
optimism. Aim to see the picture behind every picture.
Aim to be more to have more. Aim to serve more people.
Aim to make your life a true masterpiece. Aim to commit a
better person every single day. Aim to know yourself. Aim
to connect your inner self deeply. Aim to achieve a sense
of purpose in life. Aim to appreciate blessings of life. Aim
to learn from life till your last breathe. Be clear about what
you are searching in life. Be passionate about your longings
in life. Look for meanings in life. Look for opportunities to
feel the blessings of life. Life has every kind of blessing to
offer you. It is up to you what you ask of it. Your asking
process decides your achievements in life.
Success like nature is always neutral and success never discriminates
between people on basis of age, sex, caste and religion
Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless
contribution will ever experience lifes deepest joy; true fulfillment.
Anthony Robbins
Success means something to one while its meaning
could be else for other. What is your meaning of success?
How do you define success in life? As per your meaning of
success, you get success. Successful people define success
as process of finding their role in this beautiful world.
Success means a life of meanings. Success means becoming
a better person every single day. Success means a person
who is grateful to life. Success means a person who is asset
for humanity.
One must bother about his definition of success in
life. You must see success as your birthright. You must
go for it. Success is getting your inner depth. Success is
about serving human beings in a way that suits your heart.
Success is about becoming a person of hope, trust, courage,
positivity and determination. Success is about developing
infinite optimism about life.
Define success is a way that gives you motivation and
lasting energy. See success as a goal that makes you strong
in the process of achieving it.
See success as a journey, not as a destination to achieve.
Work on your definition of success. Be a person who sees
success as a way of serving mankind. Be a person who
sees success as a life goal. There are infinite definitions
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 64

for success. According to ones wisdom, he defines success.

You must write how you define success. You must aware
about your version of success. You must focus about what
you attach to success.
You must expand your range of things that cover success.
Knowingly you must associate success with service. See
success as a byproduct of serving humanity. See
success as a byproduct of developing yourself every day.
See success as a byproduct of growing your awareness every
day. Success is about finding a place within you where you
are eternal, immortal, infinite and always at peace. Success
is about finding a real reason to grow, elevate, transcend
and expand in life. In your success, your definition of
success matters a lot. Create a definition that not only suits
you but also gives benefits to entire humanity. Live a life
that enriches lives of others as well. Connect significance
with success. Connect service to humanity with success.
Connect continuous self-development with success.
Connect meanings with money making in your way
to success. Connect enlightenment with success. Connect
wisdom with success. Connect self-awareness with success.
Connect gratitude with success. See success as a never
ending process of self-development.
Each and every human being on this earth is part of the universal creative
process. Its up to us, how we perceive this theory. Mother Teresa and Nelson
Mandela understood this in their lives and started contributing positively in
the creative process
You know it or not but you still participate every day
in some way in the whole universe functioning. Be aware
about your role in this beautiful universe. You can choose
to become a source of eternal positivity and boundless
energy in the universe. You can choose to become a person
who always respects others feelings. You can choose to
play like a victor. Choose to spread positivity, optimism
and happiness every day with your words and actions.
You must be aware about what you are leaving behind
you while living life. Decide to help others. Decide to heal
others. Decide to listen others. Decide to accept your role in
life. Decide to live your life with your full potential. Open
your eyes about your active role in this infinite universe.
Be a source of smile and energy for humanity. Be a source
of light and wisdom for humanity. Choose to fill your life
with truth. Choose a life of meanings. Choose a life of
strength. Choose a life of passion. Choose a life of vision.
Choose a life of love, peace, abundance, wisdom, prosperity
and gratitude. Stay growing every day. Keep following your
heart every day. Stay learning your craft every day. Your
role in this universe is unique. Only you are authorized to
play your role. No one in this whole universe can take your
fair share of happiness, success, wisdom, prosperity and
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 66

health. You have to open yourself to achieve your eternal

gifts in life. You must choose to play the role of a receiver
in life, not of a resister. You must not die with your music
You must not lose hope. You must not think that you
are an ordinary person because you are full of infinite
possibilities of growth and success. You are a person who
is sent on this earth to live a complete life. You are here to
live life of enlightenment. You are here to succeed. You are
here to live a life of passion. Participate like an achiever in
life every day. Participate like a grateful person in life every
day. Participate like an enthusiastic child in life every day.
Participate like a true appreciator of life in life every day.
You must participate in life with hope, optimism, positivity
and lightful attitude every day. Choose to sow seeds that
give lasting plants. Choose to live a complete life. Choose
to live life like it is a blessing to you from the universe.
For a successful life, combination of passion and purpose is essential
A common man do this biggest mistake in his life time, he never turns his
passion into his profession
Your passion is your gift. Your passion is your blessing.
Your passion is your eternal opportunity to serve humanity.
Your passion is your key to a life of endless happiness
and excitement. Do not separate your passion from your
profession. It is totally possible to convert your passion
into your profession. Life is like hell if you are out of your
passion. Life is given to you to discover your passion. Your
passion is your calling. Every single person is gifted with
this divine gift. One has to take responsibility to discover
his calling.
You are a person of infinite creative abilities but only when you
are on your passion. Life looks like a play when you play with your
passion. Choose to discover your passion. Passion means
using your creative internal energy to manifest greatness
within you. People make a mistake of finding a profession
other than their passion. Research any successful person
and you will find somewhere the person must be following
his heart.
Now the question is how to find your passion. First
of all, you must believe that there is passion sleeping in
you. Your passion is always lies within you. Your passion
is your wings. Your passion is given to you to fly high
in the sky of life. The wisest decision that you can take
in life is flowing your heart. Follow your passion to fill
your life with abundance. Life lived with passion is life
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 68

respected. Decide to follow your inner wisdom. Choose to

live your dreams. Choose to live your imaginations. Your
dreams matter. Your calling matters. You have been gifted
by dreams for a reason. You are having passion within for a
reason. Destiny wants you to win. Universe wants you to
win. Humanity wants you to win. Great god wants you to
win. Your passion wants you to win. Your capability wants
you to win. Your ability to develop yourself consistently
wants you to win.
Follow your heart. Listen to your conscience. Trust
your inner self. Trust your thinking. Believe in your
dreams. Believe in your imaginations. If you are gifted with
dreams then believe us, you are given the innate ability
to achieve your dreams. With passion, you live your life
like a blessing. Without passion, life becomes like hell. You
achieve your share of success by choosing your passion.
Make your passion your profession.
There is always a better way to do things in every profession every time,
but it only come to you when you observe it deeply
Your creative energy flows where you attention goes.
When you focus abundance, you get abundance. When you
observe deeper things, you achieve deeper results in life. What
you observe you get that. You have to focus more in life to
get more from life.
Successful and enlightened people commit to observe
flow of life. Life is having a simple principle when you
flow with life; life automatically fulfils you in all respects.
Life wants you to win. Life wants you to live a complete
life. When you observe completeness in life, you tend to
achieve that. When you work where do you focus? When
you focus on learning and giving your best to your work
automatically in return your work will prosper you with
every good result. You need to become a deep observer in
life. By becoming a deep observer of life, you will find that
life fulfils selfless servers of humanity.
Be a selfless server. Commit yourself to give others.
When you do not observe things, you live a shallow life.
You resist prosperity because you entangle yourself in
your selfish zone. But when you start noticing how nature
works and how great people work, you find they all follow
a simple rule. The rule of a golden life is giving your best
to others unconditionally. To become a deep person in life,
you need to observe the flow of life. When you follow the
flow of life, life itself serves as your mother and gives you
that suit your best needs. Sit in silence. Spend time with
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 70

trees. Spend time with birds and animals. Observe sky, sun
and moon. All natural things have a harmony in them.
You need to behave like friends with nature. Observe
abundance in life. Observe completeness in life. Go with
flow of life. Listen life. Be honest towards life. Dance with
life. Love to life. Respect life. Tune yourself with life.
Life has its own rhythm. One must tune himself to get
blessed by life. Observe what life wants to you. Observe
what your customers want to you. Observe what humanity
wants to you. When you feel their asking, you start working
in that direction. When you listen to life, life starts talking
to you like a friend. Be an awesome observer of life. Be an
awesome observer of your own inner self. Be an awesome
observer of nature. Give your eyes and ears to life and life
will fill you with infinite wisdom and abundance.
When God feels that His creatures are sharing positive values with each
other, He activates more positive vibes for us
Live to share your blessings. Share to prosper. Share
to soar. Share to succeed. Share to enlighten. Share to
grow. Share to feel oneness of the universe. Share to get
awakened. Share your talents. Share your knowledge.
Share your wisdom. Share your love. Share your respect.
Share your blessings to multiply them. You are here to
share your inner creativity with humanity. Share your
greatness with others. Share your inner infinite creative
potential with humanity. Commit to share.
Commit to share what is given to you. Your passion
should be sharing your inner gifts to humanity. Sharing is serving.
Sharing is adding fortune in your destiny. You got birth for
two primary reasons. Firstly, you must commit yourself
to find your calling. By finding your calling, you find
abundance, infiniteness and unlimited grace in your life.
Once you find that unlimited power house of inner energy
you automatically start sharing that with humanity. Trees
do not give shadow and fruit intentionally but they are
bound to give these precious gifts to human beings. Once
you share your blessings, you start getting real satisfaction
which is eternal, in your life. People who empower
mankind are people who live by principle of sharing. They
dedicate themselves towards sharing their inner blessings
and wisdom to the whole humanity. Share eternity.
Share abundance. Share purity of existence. Share
immortality. Share your originality. Share your passion.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 72

Share your boundless energy. Share your inner music. Share

your creativity. Share your divinity. Share your incredibility.
Share your inner god. Sharing is most powerful way of
growing. Share to shine. Share truth. Share your faith.
Share your positivity. Share your awesomeness. Share
your hugeness. Share your inner light. Share your Buddha.
Share your inner beauty. Share your constructive fire.
Eternal success law is share whatever good you have
within your life. Sharing your joy multiplies your joys.
Sharing expands you. Sharing makes you divine. Sharing
makes you ageless. Sharing makes you timeless. Sharing
makes you true winner. Sharing makes you immortal.
Sharing is true purpose of life. Sharing makes you a
complete man. Sharing fills your heart with immense love.
Sharing empties you from selfishness and makes you a
true selfless. Sharing is selflessness. Sharing is becoming
living god. Sharing is ageless secret of succeeding. Sharing
is empowering humanity. Sharing is becoming a source of
service. Sharing is growing with infinite speed. Sharing
is true living. Sharing fills you with eternity, divinity and
By writing about yourself on paper, you increase your awareness and
build a strong connection with your inner self
Awareness is everything. One must aware of his
strengths and weakness. You must enjoy the process of
knowing yourself. While considering the weaknesses you
must be open enough to admit them as we human beings
are always a work in progress. No one is perfect. There is
always a chance for everyone to become a better person
each day. You should invest your energy on strengths. Yes,
it Is good to know where you are weak but it is foolish
to focus every time where you are weak. You must give
your energy to your strengths. You must think more and
more about your strengths. Your strengths are your power
Your strengths are given to you for a purpose and also,
where you are weak, that is also for a reason. We all are
social beings, we compensate each other. It is a humble
duty of a person to realize where he is good and how
with daily practice he can reach to level of genius in that.
Moreover, where you are weak there must be some reason
behind it. One, you may not practice that a lot. Second,
you may not aware about its exact importance in your life.
Clarity is essential. A clear picture of your true personal
traits is important. Knowing your deeper self is a process
of long term.
You must be a student of life, lifetime. Focus must
be on strengths. Focus must be on how you can serve
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 74

mankind with your strengths. Moreover, when you get a

clear perspective on your strengths, you tend to increase
your strengths. Sometimes, your strengths are your
natural gifts from destiny. But you keep on thinking on
your weaknesses so you tend to miss those awesome and
priceless gifts. Suppose, your communication ability is
your strength but you are not good in mathematics.
There is no issue, go in the direction of championing
your speaking skills. There are infinite paths to empower
mankind via speaking skills. The bottom line is one must
be clear and confident about his strengths and weaknesses.
If you are clear and aware about where you are not that
much good, you can find people who will substitute you
in those area without causing you a sense of resentment.
But it will only happen if you will take time out to write
about your personal pluses and minuses. Believe us, your
strengths are infinite and your weaknesses are not your
weaknesses but are opportunities for you to associate
positively to other human beings. Whatever is given to
you by nature is for a higher purpose and your work is
to find that reason. You may call it your calling. Discover
your calling.
Everything in this world is created twice. Once in visualization and then
in real life
Either you live your past all the time or you create your
future but you cant do both at the same time. Most of the
people choose to stick to their past experiences. Most of
time, we choose such disempowering experiences that also
break us even in present moment. One must train himself
about how to look at his past happenings.
If you choose to let your past serve you, it serves. If you let
your past heal you, it heals, if you let your past hurt you, it
hurts. If you let your past guide you, it simply guides you. It is
up to you. How you project your thoughts on your past.
Learning from past is important to open up the past into
new opportunities and possibilities. To come out from the
cage of past, learning from it is essential. One must be a
regular student of his past experiences. Like you must journal
on questions like what is the best thing that I can extract
from my past experience or how my past experience is
empowering me in present time? .
There is a magical thing that happens when you free
yourself from the cage of past. You start creating your
dreams. You start involving yourself into a super creative
process of dreaming your highest life. It is your honest
duty to dream about your perfect health, wealth, and
social contributions, personal and professional successes.
More you dream more you realize that how important is
to dream about an ideal future. You must enjoy the process
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 76

of dreaming. While dreaming you manifest your highest

possibilities of growth of your existence.
You are here on this earth for a special reason. But if
you keep on thinking your past mistakes and limitations
then you are certainly going to miss your awesome gifts of
destiny.You should buy a spiral notebook and start cutting
the pictures and quotes that represent your dream life.
By doing this, you will intensify your mind functioning
towards the fulfillment of your dreams. This process
directs your energy flow towards your empowerment.
Most of the time, we break ourselves simply by thinking
self-defeating thoughts. Such exercises may seem silly but
they literally work. Do not look at what others are doing
and saying, kindly look at what champions are doing and
practicing every day in their life. Work on your dreams.
Make visionary dreaming your habit. Be bold enough to
dream your awesome future. With dreaming, every great
accomplishment comes. Be confident enough to write on a
paper clearly how your dream life will look life. Remember,
your destiny can give you everything but you must be
clear about what exactly you need to feel happy, blessed
and fulfilled in life.
The quality of relationship you enjoy at present in your life is exactly
proportional to your communication skills
What you say is far less important than how you say
The way you communicate your personality reflects how
aware you are about your real self. Learn to communicate.
Learn to express. Learn the art of opening your heart.
Learn the art of expression. Learn the art of winning hearts
with your words. Learn the magical skill of presenting
yourself awesomely to people. Communication skills are
skills which require life time efforts. Communication skills
provide you platform where ever you go. You must learn
the art of effective communication.
Communicate to connect. Communicate to serve.
Communicate to express your inner genius. Communicate
to care the other person. Communicate to create a lasting
relationship. Communicate to create a win-win situation.
Communicate in the words of possibilities. Communicate
in the words of optimism. Communicate in the words of
clarity and respect. Observe your communication. Your
words define your world. Your words define your wealth.
Your words define your happiness. Your words define your
I have a wonderful story on power of effective and
connecting communication skills. There was a motivational
speaker giving his speech in a school. He took out a 100
rupee note and asked to everyone, how much the cost of
this note is. Reply came 100 rupee. Then he wrinkled it
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 78

badly. Again he questioned about the worth of this note.

Everybody replied still it is of 100 rupee. He said like
this note your values can not be decreased by troubles
and setbacks. Even your value increases with challenges.
Challenges grow you. They make you more capable. You should
always be excited about facing difficulties and tough times as
they bring out best personal qualities out of you. This story
shows the strength of that speaker like how effective he
was in giving his message. Like that, you must develop
your language so that you can clearly express your ideas,
feelings and beliefs to others. To win, communicate to win
is essential. For leaders, it is their words that make their
images in the minds of their followers. I share with you a
message that I learnt in a leadership seminar where I was
a curious student of visionary leadership subject and the
message was, Your words may heal others or hurt, choose
them wisely.
People follow you, when you follow your heart; People follow you, when
they found that you are real and honest in your approach
Learn about leadership. Know its philosophy. It is not
only a term for corporate people. It is something related to
each and every person all over the world every time. Every
one of us needs to show leadership.
Leadership is thinking. Leadership is a blessing.

Leadership is a process of constant self-development.

Leadership is all about taking responsibility of your


Leading is living life at the fullest. Lead your

personal, professional, social, spiritual, financial
and inner life.

You have the birthright to lead your life.

To lead, you must know your role and
priorities clearly. Look at the history; we are
fortunate enough that we got leaders in all walks of
life. Go and study their lives. Find out what excited
them most about developing their inner leaders.
What was their inner drive? You must open your
eyes towards the awesome concept of life leadership.
Life itself gives us a clue towards nirvana. Life
stands for look inside for enlightenment.

Leadership is a privilege that life offers us. Leadership is

unleashing the indomitable leader within you. Leadership
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 80

is exposing your true bravery as a human being. Leadership

is living life with a central aim of helping others in some
sense. Leadership is living life with a sense of respect and
gratitude. Leadership is about becoming a better person
every day. Leadership is about finding new opportunities
to grow and evolve. Leadership is oxygen for life lovers.
Leadership is learning life. Leadership is looking at life
as a platform of getting wisdom, enlightenment, sense of
purpose and self-peace.
Leadership is an attitude. Leadership is a style of
unfolding your inner possibilities every day. Leadership is
a lifestyle that awakens your true inner possibilities. It is
a gift that is given to each one of us. Few of us choose to
unfold this gift and utilize it in daily life. It is about taking
a call in life. Call of greatness. Call of wisdom. Call of
enlightenment. Call of self-exploration. Call of self-peace.
Call of self-discovery. Call of humility. Call of unleashing
inner genius. Call of becoming a legend.
One of the surest ways to lead your life with vision is
trust your inner self. Be confident about your inner world.
Know your purpose and your one thing that destiny has
designed you to complete whole living on earth. Find your
immortality to lead your life like a visionary.
When two people start working together then four outcomes they can
have; win-win, lose-win, win-lose, lose-lose. Out of these four, win-win is
always better in all respects
Your relationships to others show the depth of your relationship with
The legendary thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson
said, the essence of life is making relationship with
creative, enlightened and fulfilled people. You are what
your relationships have made you. Every day everywhere
you knowingly or unknowingly make relationships. But
making win-win relationship is an art and you must learn
this art to succeed in life. There is a famous saying about
relationships, when you make a relation it should be fruitful
to both parties then only it will last. When both parties
get growth, satisfaction, fulfilment and inner health, they
maintain it for long.
Consider your relationship with your own self, family
members, friends, society and humanity. You must work on
your relationships. Brain Tracy did a wonderful service
to humanity worldwide when he dedicated a complete
chapter to art of making relationships in his best-selling
book maximum achievement. Your ability to create
lasting relationships can make you a peak performer.
Stephan Covey another gem of personal development
field worldwide explained it wonderfully in his best-selling
book 7 habits of highly effective people that think about
creating win-win relationships.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 82

A wise man gave me a winning advice few years back

by gifting me a book. It was not a book only; it was a whole
new kind of paradigm about making relations. The book
transformed my limited thinking about the relationship
and widened my perspective about the art of making lasting
relations. How to win friends and influence people was
the name, a masterpiece by legendry Dale Carnegie.
Kindly read this book and it will supercharge your mind
for a billion dollar success in your life.
To help you in making win-win relationships, I am
sharing some powerful principles:
When you communicate, communicate to express
your love, respect and knowledge for the benefit of
the listener.

To create lasting relation with others, first make an

unconditional relation with your own self.

Learn to forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

Learn to listen the unsaid within the said.

To win the heart of other person, listen him

unconditionally with a gentle smile.

Listen to heal him.

Listen not to criticize the person later but to

appreciate him with powerful and soulful words.

Give up your habit of criticizing others and

strongly adopt the habit of unconditional and true
appreciation of others.

Make the other person feel special.

It came out from relationship surveys that highly happy

people are people who are awesome in making lasting
No matter who you are
83 you too can be rich

relationships. When your 85% success in life is directly

related to your ability to connect with people, you cannot
afford to avoid the art of making win-win relationships.
Thinking big has no disadvantages; thinking small has no advantages
The world belongs to small thinkers but the world salutes big thinkers.
With the awesome quote by an awesome man Emerson
I would like to start this chapter, he said wisely, little
minds have little worries but big minds have no time for
worries. You must dare to entertain your mind with giant
ideas. You must not give your mind the opportunity of thinking
tiny thoughts. There is a magical thing about functioning
of your brain that it cannot think tiny and big thoughts
simultaneously. If you train your mind to heal you it will
definitely heal you. If your mind is untrained then it will
surely hurt you. Mindset is very powerful thing in life. You
can train your mind to think in a particular manner. You
can train your mind to help you in attracting your best destiny.
You can educate your mind to bring the best out of you
while facing setbacks and adversities of life.
Magic of thinking big is a life transforming book that
you must go through to internalize the benefits of thinking
big. My friend Mohit Sharma who is also a passionate
motivational speaker once said to me, it takes same energy
to think tiny and big thoughts, and if it is so, then we must
enjoy thinking billion dollar thoughts.
Once I was attending a training sessions on power
of thinking big. The trainer was a passionate person and
he said something that silenced me for next few hours.
He said let me give you a practical idea on thinking big
about your existing life. he said suppose you are a teacher
and you are teaching 200 students on a daily basis and
No matter who you are
85 you too can be rich

getting financial and learning benefits of that magnitude

in return. Then he said now upgrade and elevate your
thinking. Make your thinking the thinking of a visionary
businessman. Now think about serving and teaching to a
million students at a time via website, blog, books, audios
and YouTube lectures. He said most of you do not think
like this. You have unknowingly trained yourself to think
in a poor manner. By changing your scarcity mindset into
abundance mindset, you can easily flourish in life. In
life, there is no lack. No one wants you to suffer. There
is no shortage of resources on earth. Yes, there is surely
shortage of people who think big. You must dare to think
outstanding thoughts about your health, relationships,
work and social contributions.
The day you stop giving is the day you stop receiving, the day you stop
learning is the day you stop growing.
Making notes in my journal out of motivational lectures
that I use to hear in my daily routine is my gorgeous
habit. I remember a day when I was hearing the lecture
of Les Brown which is his quite popular one and he spoke
something that i could never forget. He said, life gives you
not what you want but it gives you according to who you
are. Nice lines. Deep message. I immediately stopped the
audio and started some deep thinking on that. How true it
is, nature has its own rules for each one of us. It obeys its
own pace. It never bothers who you are or what your skin
color is, it pays you according to your efforts. Nature has
its own principles and if you do not know them or do not
follow them then you are destined to struggle in life.
In life what you give to others, you get the same for
you in more amounts. It is an iron law of nature that
never changes. Let me share a wonderful real life example
with you. Few years back because of the wisdom of Robin
Sharma, I started writing thank you letters to everyone
who directly or indirectly helped me in my life. I love doing
that. When I hand over the letter someone and as he goes
through the feelings shared in the letter, his eyes go deep
and wet. He looks at me with infinite love and gratitude. I
get gratitude in return when I first express it for someone.
You get what you give to others. Life has its own wisdom.
Do good to get good in return. Love others to get loved by
others. Give awesome input to life in terms of preparing
yourself toward success to get awesome output from life
in return.
No matter who you are
87 you too can be rich

I remember one more eye opening incident of my life.

Once I was attending a magical workshop by Siddhartha
Sharma, one of the most passionate success coaches of our
times from India, he said something that I could never
forget. He said number of success people all over the world
never changes their faces change. Deep wisdom. There are
so few people who pay the price of success. Most of the
people expect success from life even without preparing
themselves for success. Jim Rohn says so nicely, you have
to attract success by becoming the person of huge net
worth. Success never visits a person who is not ready to put some
serious efforts to make himself more able, eligible and better for
serving the mankind. Mind the rule of life; it gives you back
what you give to it first.
If you are not getting failures or facing defeats in your path means you are
not moving forward
When in august 2011, I sent the manuscript of Apple
Juice for Success to publishers, I got replies like this is a
garbage, this book is having nothing in it, this book is not
even going to sell its first 100 copies, this is purely a waste
of effort if we go to publish it, sorry this is not a right
one of us to publish. I was little afraid in beginning with
such feedbacks. I started thinking as a poor writer about
me. Then those days I was reading about how Superstar
Motivators Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen turned
down by 130 publishers. They did not lose heart and
tried their best to get published. Finally, they got their fair
success of success with the 8 million sales of their first
book of chicken soup for the soul series and later a series
of 80 bestselling books with translation in 39 languages
multiplied their success worldwide. They became my
role model in the episode of getting published. Whatever
I received from publishers, I took that as feedback and
motivation to go to next ones. I was turned down by 30
publishers and that made me strong in the end.
A genius peak performance coach Anthony Robbins
says in his seminars that when you learn to train your mind
to convert your failures into massive successes, you become master
of your destiny. Failures are nothing but lessons from
your trials. Failures make you strong. They expand your
No matter who you are
89 you too can be rich

Here one more thing is important to understand while

we are preparing ourselves towards success. We need to
be aware with the clear definition of failure. Failure is
not that you tried for some result and you did not get
the same means you are failure. Real failure is absence of
courage even for trying towards your goals. Real failure is
giving up. Real failure is when you do not learn from your
mistakes and tend to repeat them. There is a wise way also
to convert your failures into success. That is learning from
your failures. Observe your failures. Find out what you
can pick out from your failures. Study what went wrong
so that you can make yourself better in that part. Try to
convert your setbacks into stepping stones and you know
what will happen then, you will have no more regret from
having failures in life.
People who create things and discover things, they belongs to the deep
thinking and big thinking community of people
The idea of this chapter has come from a visionary
man who read a book in his twenties and transformed his
life. At that time he was a laborer and then on he came
in the field of speaking and writing and today he is a self-
made multimillionaire. His name is Burke Hedges. His
book You Inc. deeply affected me and made me doing
deep thinking on this idea further. I love deep thinking
with pen and paper on such ideas that make life epic, large
and grand. When i was reading the book, I was giving
my heartfelt thanks to the author for bringing out such a
phenomenal book for lovers of personal development.
The best thing that i took out from the book is the
mindset of treating my own self like an organization. He
guided us that you are a company. You are having your
net worth. You are a salesman. You are always either
becoming better or bitter. You need to operate yourself like
C.E.O.s operate global companies. You need to be aware
with the truth, if you better manage your own self, then
everything related to you will be better managed. Success
starts from within. Leadership starts from within you.
You are responsible for your success. You have to take the
responsibility of your success. This whole idea changed
me and my thinking forever. Then on, I started watching
myself as a global company.
I started to invest in my brain, learning, attitudes and
skills. I became deeply interested in increasing my net worth
No matter who you are
91 you too can be rich

every month. The person shifted my paradigm completely.

If you are serious about your personal development for a
better future, then go through this masterpiece book You
Inc.. Robin Sharma a person who is serving mankind
with his life changing ideas has also said in his awesome
book the greatness guide that think like a C.E.O. You
should take the ownership of your life. You are the C.E.O.
of your life. You must not give your ownership in the hands
of somebody who is even not interested in his own success.
Take responsibility of your life. Behave like you are the
C.E.O of your life. Lead it and leave a legacy out of it.
Humanity, equality, happiness, peace, truth, freedom and love are my
lifelong values
Read about top class organizations of the world and notice, how they stay
on the top for long years, its because of their value system
I have influences of many outstanding leaders on me
from all walks of life worldwide as I love to learn from
everyone I meet to. But there is a person named Jim
Rohn, he is having a central place in my life. He has
widened my perspective for getting success and happiness
in life. I remember those days when I first started reading
this awesome gentleman. One day I read in his book that
your philosophy towards life decides everything in your
life. Like if you think life cheats you, it will surely cheat
If you think you are here on this earth to suffer and
struggle then for sure you will experience such things in
life. I was very feeling strange by reading such ideas. Then
i read, if you develop a healthy and productive attitude
towards life then your success is guaranteed. He focused a
lot on importance of positive life values in life. From there
for the first time, I got to know the importance of having
life values in leading life. He said, you must build positive
and productive life values like discipline, integrity, lifelong
learning, politeness, appreciate the other person, learning
from your mistakes, consistency, never giving up attitude,
giving your 100%, listen to understand, constantly improve
your mindset, treat yourself like a company, learn public
speaking and read more and more success literature.
No matter who you are
93 you too can be rich

Your life values decide the height of your life

accomplishments. When you change your attitude for
better everything else in your life becomes better. If you
are getting success then also concentrate on your life values
and stick to them firmly to further repeat your success
mechanism. If you are getting failures in life then also you
need to concentrate on your life values. Thinking solution
of your problem lies somewhere outside of you is a disease
that you must not adopt if you are serious about making
your life an epic one. Either you can blame others or take
the ownership of your life; you cannot do both at same
You stop learning, you stop growing
Be a passionate learner. Learn from life. Learn from
your past. Learn from your everyday life. Learn like
crazy. To grow in life, you need to learn. Learning more
is a strong motivator for earning more. Learning expands
you. Learning makes you more. Learning expands your
conscience. Learning is to know about your own ignorance.
Learning is for leaders. Learning is for growth lovers.
Learning is food for the mind. Learning is like wings.
Learning is like passport. Learning is like making yourself
more able. Learning is to become more to achieve more.
Learning is expanding your size in your field. Learning is
about widening your scope.
Do not think learning is only limited to school or
college walls. Learning is a life time matter. Learning is
for everyone. There is a big cost that one has to pay if
he ignores learning. Learning is refreshing your mind.
Learning is marching life with passion and knowledge.
Learning is leading. Learning is a not a someday project,
it is an everyday concept. Learn daily. Grow daily. Expand
daily. Elevate yourself daily. Experience the joy of learning
daily. Transcend daily. Exercise your brain via learning
daily. Commit to learn new things till your last breathe.
Learn new arts. Learn new skills. Learn new languages.
Learn swimming. Learn playing guitar. Learn meditation.
Learn your field. Learn your profession.
There is a secret of staying young and achiever lifetime
that secret is the secret of learning lifetime. People who
No matter who you are
95 you too can be rich

do learning regularly stay calm, at peace, confident, growing

and natural. People who commit themselves to lifelong learning
are destined to create their luck. Lucky people are not lucky
actually they create their luck. You too can create your
luck. You too can take the decision of learning lifetime.
You too can become a curious learner till your last
breathe. Learning consistently makes your life simple and
meaningful. Learning is sowing for future.
Be a student. Be a student to life. Be a student to your
past. Be a student of your dreams. Study your dreams.
Prepare for your dreams. Know more and more about your
dreams. Be a student of your eternity. Be a student of your
divinity. Be a student of your immortality. Be a student
of your incredibility. Be a student of your inner infinite
wisdom. Be a student of your intuitions. Be a student of
gratitude. Practice gratitude.
People get attached to us when we talk to them openly with natural voice
because the world loves the natural ones
People want to know exactly how much you respect them through your
speech, they dont bother about your mistakes and confidence, and they
first care about their own self-respect
When I am writing this chapter, I am feeling excited
and passionate about my own self as I have come from a
joyful evening celebration event. It was the celebration of
birthday of respectful Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founder of art
of living foundation that is doing the incredible work of
spreading peace, love and brotherhood all over the world.
Yesterday I got a call from Sanchay Bhatia who invited me
in this awesome gathering of incredible human beings.
Thank you Sanchay. When entered in the hall of
Hotel Pearl Marc where this birthday celebration was
being celebrated, found a team of devoted singers were
performing on spiritual songs and they were totally lost
in songs and everyone in the hall was feeling the music in
his heart. Lesson I learnt from there is, speak from heart
to reach straight into heart. Such celebrations help you to
realize your inner world. People at these events are those
who realize their inner greatness. Everyone had smile and
gratitude on his face. I felt very blessed by reaching there.
Everyone was communicating his heart with pure
intentions and as a result people were hearing each other
from hearts. Whenever you speak, remove yourself from
between and you will realize then your voice will become
No matter who you are
97 you too can be rich

eternal, pure and soothing. Greatest illusion of life is

feeling you are a body and you have your independent
existence. Divinity is within you. Infinite peace is within
you. The entire worlds strength is within you. When you
feel this truth in your heart, you speak from heart and
people hear you with heart.
May creator bless you such opportunities when you get
heard by hearts of people!.By writing this I am becoming
emotional for you and I want to share some of my blessing
for you that I always use to speak for every human being.
May God bless you with infinite wisdom! May God bless you
with infinite wealth of this whole universe! May God bless you
with perfect health! May God bless you with infinite peace! May
God bless you with infinite ability to serve mankind till your last
breathe! May God bless you with your unique purpose of getting
birth as a human being!
People try, people fail. People try, people fail. But real failure is when they stop
trying further
In 2009, when I came out of college with a degree that
could give me an impressive lifestyle, I decided to follow
my heart. I chose to walk the road less travelled. Road of
becoming a motivational speaker and writer. However it
was not smooth. Especially when you are from a middle
class family with uneducated parents and you have got
good grades from college with a campus placement and
your parents have invested their every penny in your
education. I completed my studies with hard efforts and
four years of investment. But when I came out I realized
this is not my cup of tea.
I decided instead of becoming a boring, i must become
a passionate speaker and author on life changing books.
Initially, I started giving inspirational lectures to students
in schools on free basis. However I was getting nothing
in return financially but I was fully satisfied from heart.
Somewhere I was feeling like I have won the battle of life.
With years of learning and experience as a speaker on
stage of schools, colleges, corporate and social gatherings,
people started inviting me for guest lectures and full day
workshops and I was on my track. Now I was getting good
rewards and appreciation for my brave decision of 2009.
Then in 2012, my first book Apple Juice for Success
came which was a booster to my career as a motivational
speaker. Somewhere that book marked me as an official
speaker and gifted me the opportunities to speak on
No matter who you are
99 you too can be rich

various levels. Now the equation is totally different in my

case. Today I give lectures to people on how to choose your
passion and follow your heart. I write blogs and books on
things that I follow in my life. I write to empower humanity.
I write to gift people a life of abundance, love and respect. I
persisted for more years of painful criticism, failure and
unacceptance as a motivational speaker.
From my own experience, I proudly say, those who persist,
they get massive success in the end. Somehow, they also develop
a never giving up attitude in life. So my dear friends never
give up on your dreams, passions and hobbies. Destiny
pays heavily to al.
We all can become great because we all can serve each other with love
and respect
Stop fighting to each other and start living with love and mutual
understanding for each other.
The greatest lesson that I learnt in my life is respect
everyone from heart irrespective of his age, skin color,
earning, social status, sex, heath, nationality and external
looks. More you practice this ageless principle of getting
internal peace, more you trust this wisdom.
With deep love and respect for your inner infinite
creative potential in my heart, I am going to share with
you meeting story with a person who was 108 years old.
I was taking interview of a self-made successful person
in his office. I was so excited by learning eternal success
principles from his mouth. But the ultimate gift for me
was about to come from destiny. As I ended my work of
taking his interview and started winding up my gadgets,
somebody entered in his office with pure white hairs. The
man who had given his interview stood up from his chair
and welcomed this old man.
When he introduced me to that old man, he said,
meet this young man, he is only 108 years old. I was silent
and unable to speak anything as I heard this. We spent
half an hour together and I asked the old man that what is
the secret of your long healthy life. He smiled and replied
in a sentence. He said, never criticize anyone whether
the person has done any kind of wrong to you. He again
said, appreciate everyone for who they are, accept them
No matter who you are
101 you too can be rich

with their naturality. When you criticize someone, you

reduce your life and happiness while when you appreciate
someone; you increase your happiness and prosperity.
When you appreciate a person, you appreciate great God.
Respect human beings to respect great God. When I came
home, I took out my journal and wrote each and every
line that great man spoke to me. Such meetings happen to
make you wiser and help you grow internally.
Remember my dear readers, give respect to everyone.
Speak from heart with everybody. Share your honest
feelings with others. Accept people as they are naturally.
Spread love in this world. Spread mutual respect in this
world. Spread peace in this world. Be eternal.. Be incredible.
Be unique. Be more kind. Be more humane.
To help you understanding what successful people do
and failures dont do, I am sharing you following points.
Successful people choose to become a lifelong
learner while failures dont do this.

Successful people choose to follow a clear vision in

their lives while failures dont do this.

Successful train their mind to convert every

obstacle into opportunity while failures dont do

Successful people invest time in reading books and

expanding their minds while failures invest time in
watching TV and doing leisure activities.

Successful people work hard to get their dreams

while failures only dream.

Successful people make friends the people who are

empowering while failures spend time with toxic

Successful people create their own luck while

failures think they are not lucky enough to succeed.

Successful people live every day with passion,

optimism and hope while failures expect someday
will come that will be totally lucky for them.
No matter who you are
103 you too can be rich

Successful people take responsibility to create their

future out of their present while failures blame
their past and waste their present.

Successful people learn from mistakes and make

them growth gifting events while failures do not
do this.

Successful people feel that they have some definite

purpose of coming in this world while failures do
not feel anything like this.

Successful people invest time in reading success

literature while failures invest time in leisure

Successful people keep on renovating their lives

while failures try to maintain the same environment
and avoid change of any kind.

Successful people train themselves to take

advantage of change period while failures get afraid
from change.

Successful people realize that they are mainly

responsible for making their own destiny while
failures think everyone else except themselves is
responsible for their destiny.
Remember when you grow in your mindset, skills, attitudes; you naturally
grow financially.
Education whether its technical or managerial is good only when you are
a good human being otherwise its simply a burden on your shoulders
Few years back, I got the great opportunity to shine
my life with the awesome works of Harv Eker the best-
selling author of the secrets of millionaire mind and in this
book he told a life changing secret about success and I am
glad to share that secret with you all. The secret is: you
attract success by becoming a worthy person with the help
of personal development exercises.
You may start worthy personal development activities
like start writing a success journal and write everyday
about your daily learnings, your goals and how you
want to achieve success to empower yourself as well
as humanity. Choose to be a person who invests in his
personal development. You can take the complete control
on your destiny by continuously investing your mind and
energy on your personal development rituals. Choose to be
a person who likes to engage himself in becoming a better
person every single day. Choose self-development as a life
time goal. work on yourself. Work on becoming a more
able and worthy person. Work on creating your destiny.
Work on attracting great opportunities by becoming a great
person. Be a rare person who buys more brain products than
beauty products. Be a rare person who challenges himself
always to gifts himself the gift of significant success. Read
success blogs. Read blogs on positive psychology. Read
No matter who you are
105 you too can be rich

blogs on personal development. Read blogs on finding

your inner strength. Personal development is necessary.
Personal development gifts you new opportunities. This
enables you to take more responsibilities. A wise success
coach Siddhartha Sharma from great India taught me a
wonderful thing that if a person is doings something better
than you, it does not mean he is better than you biologically
or mentally, it simply means, the person has done more
practice in doing that than you. Do your part, spent years
on practicing that stuff and you too can achieve such levels
in life while doing that.
Same level of skills maintains same level of incomes but continuous
learning creates new and higher levels of income
When you educate yourself consistently, you make
yourself fortunate. When you keep on working hard on
yourself, you start becoming a peak performer. It is always
better to invest in self-knowledge. The one who invests on
self education is always win the race of life with massive
success and fulfillment. There is always new knowledge
available to every one of us. Choose to be a learner. Choose
to open your mind for new ideas and possibilities. Choose to
open your own idea factories. Chose to cut ideas from
newspapers and magazines and paste them in your own
success journal. Remember, you have to create your
success. Success is now something that you get by chance;
it is purely achieved by hard work and continuous self-
development. It takes a lot hard work on your thinking
patterns to attract success in your life. Robin Sharma, a
leading self-development global expert says it so nicely
that a person, who experiences most, wins.
You must focus to improve every day. You must focus
to reflect more your original you in your things. To grow
more in life, you need to know more in life. You need to
go deep in things. You need to listen the unheard story of
every successful person. You need to enlighten yourself.
You need to fill your mind your giant ideas of success and
evolution. You need to create your luck. You cannot afford
to sit idle and wait for luck to bless you with awesome life.
It will never happen. Choose to be a leader. Choose to be a
lifelong learner. Choose to have awareness about your own self.
No matter who you are
107 you too can be rich

Choose to have to personal library. Choose to spend your days

in learning and learning more. Choose to be a crazy learner
of your craft. Choose to win in life by giving your hundred
percent to life. Words of a visionary leader who met me
in a public speaking seminar are still in my minds and he
was looking gorgeous when he was saying that instead of
spending your days in regret, choose to spend your days
in making yourself a worthy person. People with skills
attract awesome growth opportunities. Create your own
path to success. Choose to tread the road less travelled.
Spend time with personal development stuff. Pay the price
to get success. Pay the price to win in life. Victims love
entertainment, leaders love education. Robin Sharma
Passion is the missing piece of puzzle that you discover through hit and
trial. When you find it, it fits perfectly and you know that you have solved
the puzzle of life.
Siddhartha Sharma
There is one thing that matters most in your life that
are you doing your one thing. From your one thing I mean
your passion. You are totally designed by eternity to live
an abundant and fulfilled life. You took birth to serve
humanity. You are here on this earth to spread your inner
beauty. You are here to make people realize that you respect
humanity, integrity, brotherhood and growth in life. I want
to ask you that have you found your one thing. Let me
clear you the life time benefits of finding your one thing.
You will always be happy and stay growing.

You will be totally inclined with your higher self.

You will be totally taken control of your destiny.

Your will be living a life of love, peace, creativity,

inner gratification and meanings.

You will be expanding yourself every day.

You will be utilizing your inner infinite energy

resources up to fullest.

You will be having the feeling for rest of your life

that you too are a person of huge self-worth.

You will be enlightening the humanity.

No matter who you are
109 you too can be rich

You will be living life like it is a pure blessing to


You will be always talking in empowering words to


You will be kinder, clearer, more humane, creative

and thankful towards life.

You will be a lifelong learner.

Money will never be an issue even you will be

earning enough for all your worldly needs.

You will be serving mankind with enthusiasm, vigor

and passion.

You will be a live example for millions of people

that after finding your one thing how you can
lighten your life.

This book and my lifetime work are dedicated to help

you in finding your one thing. My one thing is motivational
speaking and self-awareness kind of book writing. I want
to leave a legacy of 100 plus books behind me for the rest
of mankind so that people, who are passionate to discover
their one thing, may find that. Focus on finding your one
thing and it will be a permanent solution for making your
life a true masterpiece.
Vision oriented, hard work, continues learning in your field, network
building with champions is universally acceptable secrets to success
In my life, many people have a respectful place in
my heart and out of that big list there is a name Kaushal
Goyal, who had published me for the very first time in
March 2012. He was a person who had shown his interest
and faith in my work. He said, I am ready to publish your
book Apple Juice For Success. When we both became
friends and kind of soulmates we started sharing deep
things about life. One day I was sitting in his office which
was less a commercial point but more a library of amazing
books, he was having truly magical books in his office.
In that heaven like atmosphere, we both were sharing our
views on success. Then he said something that given me a
new perspective about getting success in life.
He said, I am doing business for more than last two
decades, and I have realized that rules of success are
same. Whatever you need to succeed in India, the same
you need to succeed in America. Initially it may sound
strange. But, wherever you go you will find people, if you
are ready to respect them, ready to help them, ready to
serve them, ready to provide them some kind of product
or service that can make their life more meaningful then
definitely they will become your customers. And you can
earn any amount of money proportional to the number of
people you serve. He gave me an excellent example. He
said, like you are writing books and helping people in self-
No matter who you are
111 you too can be rich

Like that Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are also
writing books in same domain and they are helping millions
of people worldwide in doing personal development. See
what kind of status and life they are enjoying. He said,
of course they deserve that because first they took the
decision to give their best to life and automatically later
they received best from life. This meeting was totally
phenomenal as it opened a new window of wisdom in
my mind. I love sitting with wise people like him who
transform you with their ageless wisdom. He deserves a
big salute as he is having infinite personal qualities in him.
My dear friends, where you go in life, it is always better
to learn the basics of the game. Basics are find your one
thing, do your best, dedicate yourself to lifelong learning
of your craft, give your best to your customers, make them
feel special and commit yourself to serve them from heart.
You will never be a loser if you follow this.
Your first impression is created by your dressing sense.
When you go for first meeting with someone, your dressing plays a vital
role in creating a positive impression about you.
When Deepak tooks his admission in engineering
studies, he had to stay in hostel as the college was at a
significant distance to his hometown. Initial days were
very difficult as he had no experience of living life without
family. In hostel life, he got the awesome opportunity to
learn many things. One teacher he found there in second
year, Dr. K. D. Gupta, he was very particular about his
dressing sense. He used to notice him every day.
He was always dedicated and loving in his gesture.
Teacher used to wear suits and loved to look like a
professional and well-suited gentleman. Deepak never
seen such a dedicated person with a world-class dressing
sense and at the same time teachers was giving his hundred
percent to his work. Most of the students were fan of his
style. One day, Deepak asked teacher with courage that
sir why you dress like that. Teacher smiled first and then
answered, Deepak, your dressing sense represents your
personality, your thinking, your awareness, your respect
towards life, your attitude, your vision, your mindset, and
even very deep things about you.
Deepak said to me Benjamin that person transformed
my thinking about clothes. There is an international best-
selling book by David Schwartz Magic of thinking big he
wonderfully explained in this book, give your best to your
dressing because in return, your dressing will give you its
No matter who you are
113 you too can be rich

best. It will earn respect, attention, focus, opportunities

from all over your surroundings.
The point is clear here , most of the people you meet
in life in your daily routine, and they assess you with your
dressing sense. They predict many things about you even
on basis of your dress. Remember this :
Not only has your mouth, every part of your body

People start making opinions about you by looking

at your clothes.

Your first impression is created by your dressing


Clothes you wear, reflects the way you view your


Clothes often proclaim a man. William Shakespeare.

When you properly dress yourself. You will find

that everyone around you behave so nicely.

When you go for first meeting with someone, your

dressing plays a vital role in creating a positive
impression about you.

Proper dressing sense is proper presentations of

your personality.

You are more comfortable when you wear proper

clothes as per the occasion.

Sometimes people also remember you with

reference to your dressing style.
The people who dont do self-development daily are destined to fail in life.
Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning to champion your life
Be a passionate learner. Learn from life. Learn from
your past. Learn from your everyday life. Learn like
crazy. To grow in life, you need to learn. Learning more
is a strong motivator for earning more. Learning expands
you. Learning makes you more. Learning expands your
conscience. Learning betters you. Learning transcends you.
Learning elevates you. Learning stretches you. Learning
shows you new avenues. Learning is to know about your
own ignorance. Learning is for leaders. Learning is for
growth lovers. Learning is food for the mind. Learning
is like wings. Learning is like passport. Learning is like
making yourself more able. Learning is to become more
to achieve more. Learning is expanding your size in your
field. Learning is about widening your scope. Do not think
learning is only limited to school or college walls. Learning
is a life time matter. Learning is for everyone. There is a
big cost that one has to pay if he ignores learning. Learning
is refreshing your mind. Learning is marching life with
passion and knowledge.
No matter who you are
115 you too can be rich

A bonus gift for all our awesome readers

A complete pack of self-empowering thoughts

1. You are here to create your ultimate life by serving

humanity and discovering your true purpose of
existence. You are here to live a life of absolute
abundance. Success is your birthright. World is
yours. Eternity is with you.

2. Those who discover their calling, they cheat their

death. Your calling means your respectful role in
this beautiful world.

3. Your calling is purpose of your existence. You are

here for a reason. You have been given inner infinite
powers for a reason. Your job is to find that reason.

4. Your own decision to prepare yourself to succeed

in life matters most in your success. Success is not
away to you, you are away to success. Understand
this deeply and transform your life permanently.

5. Everyone preaches but few practice and those

who practice, they need not to preach. Those who
practice, they live that.

6. Personal development books are great as they bring

out best out of you. You need something that can
deeply inspire you to work hard on your inner self.
Major work of life is inner work. Everyone works on
his outer life but changes happen when you change
from inside. Life works from inside to outside.

7. Choose self-discovery as a life time subject to

master. Studying others will not give anything but
studying yourself will bless you with everything.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 116

8. Make your thoughts your greatest assets to soar in

life. Be brave to choose self-empowering thoughts.
Your thoughts are your ultimate power. Whatever
you think, you achieve that in life.

9. Run your own race to win the race with grace.

Running your own is true integrity. You are not here
to be like someone else. You are here to give birth
to your original self. Originally, you are designed to
rock in life.

10. Inner freedom is truest form of freedom. Winning

inner battle is ultimate winning. The enemy is
inside. Victory of ones own mind is greatest
victory of all.

11. Enlightenment means having complete awareness

of who you naturally are. By knowing who you are,
you become one with the whole existence.

12. Serve to soar. Read to lead. Listen to speak. Care

to serve. Help to get blessed. Persist to make your
mark. Work to mean. Speak to express.

13. Share to prosper. Smile to celebrate. Practice to

master. Sweat to soar. Learn to earn. Grow to give.
Persist to prosper.

14. Your clear life purpose gifts you absolute prosperity.

Your clear purpose empowers you with absolute and
ultimate blessings in life. Your life purpose means
your role in this beautiful world.

15. Empower yourself first to empower the humanity.

To change the world, first you have to empower
yourself. If you have something then only you can
share it with others.
No matter who you are
117 you too can be rich

16. To get blessed in life connect to your purpose.

Blessings are natural for those who are inclined
with their life purpose.

17. Whatever you do, do it to serve humanity. Bless

yourself with true abundance by serving loving
human beings with love and deep respect.

18. Open minds belong to history makers. Openness

is necessary for massive success. People with
open mind are people with exponential growth
possibilities in their future.

19. Think rare things to achieve rare things. Leave the

comfort zone. Leave the crowd. Leave the world of
conformity. Go for uncertainty. Certain things do
not give new results.

20. Opportunity to learn new things is always open

to you. Opportunity to grow every single day is
always open to you.

21. Big thinkers become great achievers. Size of your

thinking decided size of your achievements. Think
big to get bigger results.

22. Celebrate your failures to take profit out of them.

Failures are nothing but chances to learn more.
They make you deeper and wiser.

23. Live a life of meanings. Live a life of purpose.

24. Do the work to learn the work. Devote yourself

towards your creator while doing the work. Take
ownership for your works but give the credit of
success to your creator.

25. Leadership is about taking responsibility of creating

meanings by your work. Leadership is about helping
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 118

people in becoming the best version of their own

selves. Leadership is about giving respect, success
opportunities and appreciation unconditionally to
people. It is about treating people with a vision.

26. Your biggest freedom is freedom to choose your

destiny. You are the creator of your thoughts and

27. Your destiny is made by your every days hard work.

You form your world by your every days efforts in
the direction of your main aims of life.

28. You are the script writer of your destiny. Pen is

given to you. Pen is your thoughts. Paper is your
days. Script is your purpose.

29. Unleash your inner infinite creative power to unleash

your destiny. Unleash your inner magnificence to
bless the world with gift of real you.

30. Exceptional learners become exceptional earners.

Learning over the years makes you winner for the
years. Learning is expanding your horizons.

31. You must discover your calling to celebrate your

life. Your primary duty as a human being is finding
a real reason to exist. Your main aim should be to
discover your real work in this world. The world is
incomplete without your passion and contribution
in this.

32. Celebrate the awesomeness within you every single

day. Love yourself every single day. Treat yourself
with respect every single day.

33. Creativity explored is creativity celebrated. More

you express your creativity, more creativity you
receive from universe to express.
No matter who you are
119 you too can be rich

34. Awesomeness of thoughts is the DNA of

awesomeness of lifestyle. Inner awesomeness is
DNA of outer awesomeness.

35. Mastery is not a level, it is a lifestyle. Mastery is a

way of thinking. Mastery is about mastering your
own thinking and belief system.

36. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning to champion

your life. Everything in life is possible for lifelong

37. Life lived with purpose is life lived in true means.

Without purpose life is like a living hell.

38. You must face your fears to defeat them. Fears

faced bless you with ultimate power. Not faced
fears control your power.

39. It is easy to live a challenge free life but it does not

have any worth. Challenges you face in life increase
your net worth.

40. Goals are awesome as they develop you. Goals

are awesome as they guide your inner energy on
meaningful pursuits.

41. Learn to learn from your mistakes. Learning from

mistakes, turn them into successes.

42. Challenges introduce you to your actual strength.

Without pain, gain is not possible. Without new
efforts, new results are not possible.

43. Tough roads produce great riders. Bitter times make

you a better person.

44. Dare to do beyond that is easy to do. The stuff

that is easy to do does not make you strong and
empower you.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 120

45. Ultimate discovery of life lies in discovering your

own self. When you find yourself, you find yourself
into a whole new world of opportunities and
infinite blessings.

46. Choose to serve means choose to grow. Service

purifies your heart. Service gives you strength.
Service blesses you with fortune.

47. You must count your blessings to increase them.

When you focus on your blessings, you multiply

48. Dream daily, exercise daily and learn daily to feel

like an achiever daily.

49. Master your craft to honor your craft. Mastering

your work is respecting your work. You do not
master your work; you master your self-doubt of
mastering your work.

50. To achieve the rare dare to practice the rare. Dare to

go to the extra mile. Stretch yourself to strengthen

51. You must discover yourself to discover your identity.

When you discover who you are in real means your
whole life changes. When you change, everything
related to you changes.

52. Identity is made while recognition is achieved.

Sweat and hard work are that you give while
identity and a better lifestyle are that you get.

53. Leaving the crowd is true bravery. Running your

own race is true bravery. Going to achieve your
own personal mountaintop is worthwhile.
No matter who you are
121 you too can be rich

54. To go far in life you must dream of going far. People

with vision, perish. Have a long term vision for
your life.

55. Success is about going deeper and deeper within

your own self. Success is nothing to do with how
you are with others; it is primarily linked to how
you are with your own self. Outer only reflects the

56. Ultimate form of love is self-love. Self-love is the

ultimate selfish act. Self-love has infinite benefits.

57. Every day is a beautiful platform to grow your

awareness. Every new day a powerful source to
learn more, grow more and become more as a

58. Think of spreading love in this world. Think of

serving mankind during your lifetime.

59. It is your daily performance that constitutes your

destiny. No stars, no external prediction, no current
circumstances define your destiny only your daily
efforts and your belief system in life form your

60. Challenge yourself daily to do the extraordinary.

Dream your ideal life and take small steps for it
daily. Feel some heat daily. Do things that look odd
but give growth.

61. Nothing is impossible for a lifelong learner. Nothing

happens in a day. If a person is committed in his
life then he is destined to find his fortune. Life time
learning is the only way to live a life of possibilities,
blessings, abundance, health and respect.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 122

62. To grow your world you must expand your thinking.

Your world is in your thoughts. Grow the size of
your thoughts to grow the size of your world.

63. Significantly lived life by you inspires others as

well. Prefer significance based success over

64. To get better results in life be a better person.

Becoming more is must to have more in life. Do
not expect miracles in life, work on your inner self
and miracle will sure to happen.

65. To succeed in life you must discover a real reason

to succeed in life. Saying only, I want to succeed
in life is not enough, you need a real reason that
can inspire you to wake up early daily, to go to
the extra mile and to persist while in the middle
of adversities. Without vision, one is destined to
perish in life.

66. Growth of a single person really does impact the

growth of entire humanity. When you win, whole
universe wins. When you grow, whole humanity
grows. When you expand, the humanity expands
with you.

67. Unchain your thinking to unchain your destiny.

Whatever you have in your thoughts exactly same
you are going to have in your life. Open your
thoughts to live an open life.

68. Your wisdom is your ultimate possession.

Everything dies except truth. Your truth is your
true achievement in life. Knowing the truth of your
existence is your ultimate wisdom.

69. Work on your inner self. Work on making yourself

a person who attracts opportunities and fortune.
Work on increasing your self-worth.
No matter who you are
123 you too can be rich

70. Kindly hesitate in thinking small about your future.

Feel proud in thinking open, big and exceptional
dreams about you. By becoming rich and capable,
you can surely expect yourself to give something
worthwhile to this world.

71. Great listening gives birth to great speaking.

Listening is learning. Listening is expanding.
Listening is multiplying your awareness.

72. Peace comes from inside while people search it

outside. People love to change externals while
significant changes occur with inner changes.

73. Focus on the best to get the best. Train yourself to

look at the positive side of the situation. Best is the
one who chooses to see best in things.

74. Success is a state that you create in your life by

your own daily efforts. Success is a kind of state of
mind. It is a way of living life. Anybody can learn
it. Anybody can adopt it. It is open for everyone,
every time and everywhere.

75. Luck is not found somewhere it is always created

by your own daily efforts. Lucky people are not
lucky by birth actually they dedicate themselves to
create their own luck.

76. You can maintain in long term only those things that
you acquire through your own efforts. Whatever
you practice for years sticks to you for years.

77. Peace that comes from within is eternal. Happiness

that comes from within is eternal. Power that comes
from within is eternal.

78. Difficulties are the nick name of opportunities.

Difficulties won are opportunities created.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 124

79. Design your life around your passions. Do more

things that make you happy and most alive.

80. Self-discipline is a must to succeed in life. No one

else can do labor for you to make your life worthy.
You have to do it for you. Go for self-discipline.

81. Aim to utilize fully your inner infinite creative

potential lifetime. Aim to utilize every bit of talent
that you have got in life.

82. Follow your passion to leave your footprints. One

can make his mark by following his conscience.

83. Struggle gives you strength. Problems gift you

opportunities. No problem, no opportunity.

84. Inner beauty of you is age free. Actual age of you is

not numbers but your state of mind.

85. Simplifiers are achievers. Value simplicity. Value

the art of problem solving.

86. Bold vision gives you exceptional development.

People with vision prosper while others perish.

87. Be the one who utilizes his inner creative potential

up to fullest. Determine to be the optimum user of
inner potential. Complete satisfaction comes when
you totally utilize your inner powers.

88. Boldness in attitude comes with clear self-image.

With clear self-image, you show trust in your
abilities. When you show trust in yourself, you win
in life.

89. It is not the idea; it is your hard work on that idea

that makes the idea worthy. Your efforts make you
shine. Your hard work increases your net-worth.
No matter who you are
125 you too can be rich

How you execute an idea is what makes that idea


90. Inner wisdom is freedom. When you are from

inside, you are absolutely free. Free from all kind
of self-limiting thinking. Free from all kind of self-
destructive thoughts.

91. Problem is opportunity. Problems are blessings.

Problems teach you. Problem expands you.
Problems let you look at life with a new perspective.

92. You have to earn your fortune by hard work.

Nothing in life comes free. You have to do hard
work to achieve meaningful things of life. Like you
want to learn how to speak on stage with clarity
and conference then there is a cost to pay for this.
Who pays, get the results.

93. Self-realization is ultimate wisdom. When you

realize your inner infinite self then that make you
free from all worldly bonds. Only way to empower
yourself is go for self-education. Master your inner

94. To enjoy true happiness in life start building

yourself every day. True joy of life lies in progress.
When you grow daily, you feel like a champion

95. To lead people you have to touch their hearts.

To lead people, chose to serve them. Leaders are
voluntary servers of mankind.

96. Without hard work life is really hard. Easy roads

produce ordinary drivers. Tough roads create
wonderful riders. Go for the road less travelled.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 126

97. Self-education is awareness. Self-education is

making assets for you. Self-education is like giving
wings to you.

98. Without dedication you will have hesitation.

Hesitation arrives when a person does not dedicate
himself to his life-goal. Confidence and fearlessness
arrives when a person dedicates himself towards
his life-goal.

99. Decide to live a great life. Decide to win in life.

Decide to prosper in life. Decide to learn every
day in life. Decide to stay hungry and stay foolish
throughout in life.

100. Leave the crowd and make the mark. Leaving the
crows means approaching towards finding your
real self. Clear your mind with negative and toxic
influences of the people. Listen to your conscience.

101. Work passionately to earn smartly. Your passion

makes you a winner. Your passion makes you an
unbeatable person. Passionate performers are
massive earners.

102. You are responsible for every single thing of your

life. You are the caption of your life. You are the
master of your destiny.

103. Your habits shape your future. Choose your habits

consciously. Choose habits that empower you.
Choose habits that increase your self-worth.

104. When you work, work to learn and serve. Make

your work your best contribution. Out of your
work, choose to give your best inner manifestation.

105. Be a passionate lifelong learner. Learners lead.

Learners grow throughout. Learners find the extent
No matter who you are
127 you too can be rich

of their own ignorance. Lifelong learning blesses

you infinite opportunities and possibilities.

106. Deeper the person, simpler his lifestyle. With

depth in personality, simplicity arrives. Deeper the
person, simpler his expressions.

107. A person who is true to himself, can only smiles in

true sense. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to your
inner infinite creative powers. Stay true to your

108. See every new day as a new life. See every new day
as a brand new platform to learn more and grow
more in life. See every day as platform to respect
more people.

109. Commit to excellence in everything you do.

Commit to give your best in everything you do on
daily basis. Give your 100% to life and as a result,
get lifes 100% for you.

110. Habit of travelling the road less travelled is the

habit of champions. Go where no one goes and
leave your footprints. Take the never taken roads.
Rare people go to rare places.

111. Embrace change to profit from change. Change is

always there to profit you. Change is only constant
in life. You have to train yourself to take lessons
from change.

112. Follow your heart. Follow your awareness. Follow

your instincts. Follow your purpose. Follow your
inner voice.

113. If you are serving mankind, you are multiplying

your happiness. Serving humanity is synonym
of building your dream life. Life gives you back
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 128

according to what you give to other human beings

in your life.

114. Dedicated servers are happiest people on this earth.

Without serving others, you cannot find happiness
in your heart anywhere on this earth.

115. Seek not the happiness; seek the opportunities

to serve mankind. Happiness is a state of mind.
You can totally take the charge of creating this
mental state. Wise people create their fair share of
happiness by their own intentional efforts.

116. Happiness should not be the goal; it should be the

only goal. Losing happiness and getting everything
else in life is like speaking without emotions.
Happiness is the foundation of all successes.

117. Happiness is about finding a real reason to live,

serve, shine, prosper and evolve. Happiness is
about giving respect and care to others.

118. Enlightenment is your birthright. Abundance is

your birthright. Winning in life is your birthright.

119. Live a life of impact and significance. Live a life of

meanings. Live a life of purpose.

120. Your role in this world is truly special and unique.

Your potential is infinite. Your respect in this whole
universe is only reserved for you. No one can take
happiness and success of your share.

121. Leadership is about living a life of legacy.

Leadership is about creating meanings with your
work. Leadership is about letting people find their
own pace of growth.

122. Never worry about results but about not giving your
hundred percent. One thing that you must worry
No matter who you are
129 you too can be rich

that what if you are not giving your 100%. There is

an iron law of life, when you give your 100% to life,
life also gives its 100% to you as result.

123. Follow your conscience. Your conscience is your

passport to massive success. Following your
conscience means obeying the god within you.

124. Communicate to connect. Speak to serve. Express

your uniqueness. Communicate your truth.
Communicate your true genius.

125. There is a fortune available to everyone but

everyone should be ready to discover this fortune
through constant efforts and a positive attitude in

126. You become what you convince yourself to become.

You decide your destiny. Where you stop thinking,
you stop growing. No stars, no external predictions
and no parents but your own belief system is your
destiny teller.

127. Richness is natural part of your personality but

because of your scarcity belief system, you are
away to it. There is no lack in this universe; lack
is visible because your eyesight is full of lack. You
have prepared yourself to see the lack. Abundance
is always there but you have to retrain yourself to
see that abundance.

128. Education is very dangerous if it is consuming best

years of your life, giving you a non-serving attitude
towards life. Educating yourself with developing an
attitude to serve for humanity is no education at
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 130

129. Service to society is not a duty but a joyful

experience. You are not alone in this world,
everyone is associated to you. We all are a part of
the large family. More you serve, more you succeed.

130. Your language is an expression of the world within

you. Your version of outside world comes with your
spoken words. The way you speak determines the
way you perceive reality of life. Change your words,
change your world.

131. More you serve, more you grow. More you serve,
more complete you become. More you serve; more
you open the doors of fortune in your life.

132. Believe in yourself to let others believe in you.

Self-faith is primary in becoming successful and
trustworthy in life.

133. Happiness is about showing your love for humanity.

True and lasting happiness is about giving happiness
to others.

134. Self-discovery is true discovery. Knowing the world

within is true and healing knowing.

135. Cheaper happiness is not lasting while lasting

happiness is not cheaper. Permanent solution cannot
be achieved by applying temporary methods.

136. Lasting happiness is open to all but it is not free.

There is a price tag for every worthwhile thing in
life. Those who pay, they achieve.

137. Your job is your opportunity to present your creative

genius every single day. Your job is not a burden
but a golden chance to reveal the god within you.
No matter who you are
131 you too can be rich

138. Self-victory precedes public victory. What you

practice in private makes you a winner in public.

139. There is an endless growing ability within you.

There is an endless learning ability within you.
There is infinite awesomeness within you.

140. Celebrate your failures to take best life lessons out

of them. Learn from failures. Failures are essential
in growth. Failures are never but guidelines for the
better future.

141. The power to transform your life is totally within

you. The power to transform your destiny by
adopting abundance belief system is totally within

142. To become a charismatic person you must discover

your passion. Discovering your passion is getting
the visa for a rich, freedom based and fulfilled life.
You realize the awesomeness of life by knowing and
following your passion.

143. To permanently change your life, change your

scarcity mindset into abundance mindset. Lack of
money or lack or opportunity is not outside, it is
there in your mind. You are totally able to change
this picture of inside to change your reality outside.

144. Choose to grow in life to respect the treasure of life.

When you grow, you respect more for life. When
you expand your thinking, you become more
grateful to life. Growth is not only necessary to
have more material wealth but also to feel satisfied
from inside.

145. Enlightenment means opening of inner eyes.

Enlightenment is knowing your respectful role in
this beautiful humanity.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 132

146. Enemy is not a person; it is your own attitude

that plays the role of an enemy. Your mind makes
something your friend or foe? Your world is within
your mind. To open your world, open your mind.

147. Your worst enemy is your own ignorance towards

your inner infinite possibilities. Enemy outside
cannot harm you in any way; it is the enemy
within who badly affects you. No person in this
world wants your failure; it is your own ignorance
towards life that leads you towards failure.

148. Inner growth is actual growth. Inner growth is

lasting growth. Inner growth becomes outer growth.
Everything happens first in your inner world then
in outer world.

149. Your awareness about life is your actual earning

of life. What you get as wisdom or insight out of
your daily life that is your true earning of life. Your
wisdom is your eyes. Your wisdom is your strength.

150. Learning is anti-ageing. Learn to expand. Learn to

stay young forever. Youth is a state of mind, when
you do activities that make you feel like a young
man, you feel like a young man. Learning is life
changing. Learning is destiny making. Learning is
about creating your life in your way.

151. Learning is the art of staying young forever.

Learning is opening more doors. Learning is
opening eyes towards more opportunities in life.
Learning is making you more ready for the coming

152. Daily learning is the ritual of self-mastery. Winners

grow daily. Winners perform their best daily. They
dont believe in someday mentality, they follow
every day psychology.
No matter who you are
133 you too can be rich

153. Imitators never create history. Originals inspire the

world. Imitation is for short span. Originality is for

154. No one in this world wants to follow a man who

does not follow his heart. To lead others, learn to
lead yourself first. Be good to yourself to leave a
lasting impression in the hearts of others.

155. Everyday life gives you a grand opportunity to live

an epic life. Every day you get a fresh set of 24
hours to create, shine, learn and develop yourself.

156. Anything that helps you in growing your awareness

is education. Education does not mean that what
you take in schools or colleges, it is everything that
helps you in becoming a better person in any way.
Education is for life time.

157. Condition yourself every day to live like an

unstoppable person. Condition yourself to master
life. Condition yourself to win in life.

158. Listen to your heart to create history. History

makers follow their conscience. Before pleasing
anybody, to live for your dream is much important.

159. Discover your calling to discover the true wealth

of life. Life is full of infinite opportunities and
blessing to those who know why they are on this
awesome earth.

160. Discover within you the place where you are full of
infinite peace. Discover within the place where you
are having boundless energy and creativity.

161. Discover within the place where you are full of

infinite prosperity. Discover within you the place
where you are one with whole universe.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 134

162. Discover within you the place where you are truly
unstoppable. Discover within you the place where
you are always at peace and unshakable.

163. Your true inner power is infinite. Your true potential

is infinite. Your ability to learn new things is

164. People of vision are called visionary. Visionary are

those who serve humanity and uplift mankind with
their life-efforts.

165. Adversity is opportunity. Problem is solution.

Question is answer. Setback is stepping stone.

166. Things that cause you to grow, stretch, improve,

learn and prosper are most unique things of your
life. Welcome setbacks as they present stepping
stones in your path.

167. One must be true to himself to live a fulfilled

life. Stay honest to yourself till your last breathe.
Staying true to themselves is the hallmark of all
fulfilled people.

168. Lucky people are not lucky from day first, they
made themselves lucky slowly and steadily over
years. Brave men believe in continuous efforts and
personal development. They create their own luck.

169. You are the maker of your belief system and destiny.
Your life is goes as per your beliefs. Your beliefs give
direction to your life.

170. Blaming life is losing life. Appreciation attracts

wealth, peace, opportunities and possibilities while
criticism repels them.
No matter who you are
135 you too can be rich

171. Path never ends; it is the person who walks it ends.

Train yourself to follow the path of your conscience
till your last breathe. Train yourself to obey your
life values till your last breathe.

172. The worst of any experience always gives you best

life lesson out of it. Bitter the experience, better
the results. Toughest the road, best the drive it will

173. One must be willing to pay the price of success to

enjoy success. Expecting success is foolish thing in
life while preparing for success is the wisest one.

174. The choice to become a better person every day is

open to everyone. The choice to fill ones life with
new colors is open to everyone, every day.

175. You yourself create your fate when you do self-

development. People, who do intentional self-
development, create their own luck for rest of their

176. The world is a platform and you have to learn to

utilize this platform. The world is a growth school
for those who choose to learn from it.

177. The one who is ignorant is destined to suffer most

in life. Your ignorance let you suffer in life most.
Lack of opportunity is not a problem but the true
problem is of lack of positive attitude.

178. You can totally transform your life by becoming

a totally selfless person. Shift from selfishness to
selflessness is the truest achievement of life.

179. Ignorance is suffering. Awareness is grace.

Awareness gifts you wings to fly high in the sky of
your dreams. Awareness expands you.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 136

180. Abundance is naturally realized when one opens

his inner eyes. Abundance and awesomeness are
always within you and within you reach. You need
to realize that you deserve to achieve both of these
in your life. Those who seek shall find.

181. Becoming limitless in beliefs is a must to become

limitless in actual. Inner creates outer. Inner beliefs
of you form outer experiences of your life. Remote
control of your life events is your belief system.

182. Always remember that in life you are not alone.

God has not given up on you.

183. Get prepared and do not wait for any opportunity

to come search for you, go and search for them
everywhere. As my Mentor Les Brown said in
he is book, Live Your Dreams I believe that
opportunities still exist for those who are willing to
get in the door and bide their time until openings

184. Focus on your potential, not on your limitations.

185. Always be positive. Never think or speaks negatively

about yourself and others in life.

186. Have the hope that even if youre facing challenges

in life, remembers that there is happiness too. In
the future, the problems youre facing will end.

187. Be aware that your life is precious and that there

is no one apart from you, who can change it, but

188. Dont consider your life as a burden, but rather as

a gift from God.
No matter who you are
137 you too can be rich

189. Learn to think positively and read books that can

help you build your hope, watch films that can
maintain your life positively.

190. Always pray and remember that God is greater

than your problem.

191. Even when you go through a multitude of hardships

in life, you must have goals in your life.

192. When you are in problems, when you see earth

is pushing you down, give yourself a time in
conversation and think of how to overcome it,
because there will be a solution for any kind of

193. You cant be good to others, if you are not good to


194. The way you value yourself, is the way others value

195. Love your life because if you dont, no one will do

it for you.

196. Your life and future are in your hands and you are
the pilot. Either you drive fast or slow. The choice
is yours.

197. If you want to achieve super success in life, give

yourself more time to concentrate, by doing what
you love the most.

198. Whatever Is Of Value In Life, You Have To Discover

It Through Patience And Persistence.

199. The One Who Is Serving Humanity Is Lucky In

All Means.

200. The One Who Is Well-Known To Himself Is Free

In All Means
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 138

Benjamin M. Othmar
Thanks be to the almighty God for giving me another
opportunity to live and all those whom he used in course
my life and my family at large. First I would like to thank
Brother Othmar Wurth and M.Stefan whose simple, pure
love, guidance, encouragement, affection, inspiration and
advices has always encourage me to fulfill my dreams. I
dont know where I would be without you. Without you
there would be no life changing to Ben, may Lord bless
you. Special thanks to my Mum Ange Condo Umutoni,
for your unending love and support you have given me
over the years.
I would like to thank the great family of Hazitamungu
Theodomile, for their support they have given me over the
years. Thanks to Bishop Kayinamura Samuel, Rev Paster
Eraste Ndacyekwa, Paster Foustin Niyindengera, Jeanine
Condo, Chantal Condo, Hakizimana Gilbert, Rwanyonga
Claire, Nina Condo, Barutwanayo Jean Gilbert, Dr
karambizi, Prof Keffa, Prof Byarugaba, Dr Kibuka, Dr
Mwaniki, Dr Isac Abuga, Mutuyeyezu Osward, Lazale
Ndazale, Nyiraneza, Vincent Konadu, Mwumvaneza John
Ladislaus, Haguma Appolinaire, Dr Rutebuka Balinda,
Ndagije Mukasine Esta, Theoneste Gasangwa, Rugabisha
Thomas, for your advice, opinions, ideas and support on
way to great smile.
I would like to extend my gratitude to all teachers
in Rwanda, Uganda (Africa) and in India for that I have
learnt, they have encouraged me and put up with my
No matter who you are
139 you too can be rich

commitment. Special thanks to Prof Ruhul Gupta Jain

Director of International affairs MM University Mullana,
Dr Harish Sharma, Director of International affairs, Dr
Anil Chandok, Dr Ashok Kumar Garg, Ranjit Director
of NIIT Ambala, Gourav Kalra Assistant professor and
warden (MMU), Rashmi Garg Country coordinator
(MMU), Mr Naveen Account Branch (MMU), Rishi
Dhiman, Dr Sarabjit Singh Shergill and Dr Parampreet Ass.
Professors & Head PIET (Partial institute of Engineering
& Technology for Woman) Partial India, Divakar P.A
(office management MMIM) Joseph Kabakeza First
Counsellor High Commission of Rwanda in New Dehli,
Mucyo Rutishisha Second Counsellor High Commission
of Rwanda New Dehli, Emile Mwepesi Second Counsellor
High Commission of Rwanda New Dehli (India) and Saud
Mansoor Founder of Ispeedread (Bangalore) you have
been a source of knowledge and inspiration, you have
made my vision to become a reality, May God bless you
so much.
Dr. Sakshi Sharma (Ass. Professor MMIM) and Dr
Balwinder Kaur (Associate Professor MMIM) for your
kind words, endless love and support as my supervisors
during my Ph.D work am so much blessed to have you.
Am thankful to High Commissioner of the Republic of
Rwanda in New Dehli (India) Ernest Rwamucyo whose
teaching and advices inspires me to be a successful person.
To Dr Ruchika Wadhya, Head department (MMIM
Mullana Ambala) for your encouragement, advices and
support during Ph.D work, you deserve a huge thanks. I
am thankful to all faculty members and management staff
of MMIM at MMU Mullana for the love and kindness.
To Umubyeyi Vestine whose editorial patience, skills
and recommendations made this a better book. Thanks
Kigabiro Aymard, Ndabarasa Richard, Goodluch, Ntuli
Martha, Arakaza Charisse, Geway Gesso Bajuta, Zimba
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 140

Kelitay, who believed in me and encouraged me in

different ways. To Ndikuyera Robert who worked through
each sentences and made many invaluable, contributions.
Vanita Dua, Peeyush Ranga, Priyanka Ranga, Rahul Mehra,
Pradeep, Ankit, Emmy Arsonval Maniriho, Uwamahoro
Edith, Sarah Ndaya, Usman Umar Zango, Hadija, Rajesh
Kumar and Arun Kumar (P.A registrar MMU) thanks you
for your well wishes, encouragement, cooperation and being
there for me. I therefore extend my deep Special thanks
to Dr M.L.Ranga, Vice chancellor of Guru Jambheshwar
University of Science and Technology University Hisar
Haryana India, for providing everything needed to meet
with E.N.T specialist Dr Reeju Neetaat at PGI. Thanks
to all friends in MMU Mullana Ambala (Mullana) your
enthusiastic, commitment and camaraderie, you are
special peoples to me. Thanks to Apotre Gitwaza Paul of
Zion Temple Church who gave me special Prayers in 2005
may God bless you more.
Special thanks to all members of Children Help
Network (CHN) in Europe who sponsored me all my levels
of education. I dont know where I would be without you,
without your support Bens life was to Darkness may God
bless. And last but not the least, a big special thank to VIJ
(QUILLS INK) for putting this book in a readable form
and publishing it.
Deepak Burfiwala
With deep love and respect in my heart, I pay sincere
thanks to each and every person who directly or indirectly
helped me in this life changing journey of becoming a
passionate motivational speaker to help people in getting
their inner voice. I start from the beginning, all my life
changing gurus; Dale Carnegie, Shiv Khera, Peter Drucker,
Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Robin Sharma,
Osho along with my mentors Deepak Chopra, Eminem,
Emerson, Pitbull, Anthony Robbins, Saint Kabir, Brian
No matter who you are
141 you too can be rich

Tracy, Usain Bolt, Henry Ford, Wayne Dyer, Aamir Khan,

Lady Gaga, Amitabh Bachchan, are responsible for divine
realization of my inner potential in my life. My kind
parents of course deserve a grand salute for all good they
have done in my life. My life partner, who is a pure soul
mate and a blessed dancer, Seema Burfiwala is a key person
in my life and because of her faith in my writing abilities
I have developed the courage to write such life changing
stuff. I have a huge respect for her in my heart.
More than 500+ schools (all over haryana) and their
50,000+ eager students taught me how to be humble
and inspirational on stage. More than 100+ professional
institutes training sessions where I learnt awesome lessons
of training people for permanent impact are worthy
experiences of my journey. I am honestly thankful to
all these schools and institutes along with their worthy
My first publisher Pigeon Books led by Mr. Kaushal
Goyal, an amazing person who has shown faith in me
and made me a published author in March, 2012, is also
an important part of my life. Whatever I am today as an
author, it is because of his faith and humble guidance.
May god bless him and all his loved ones.
Everybody from publishing team acted as a superhero
for bringing this book in your hands and they all deserve a
grand salute for their awesome work.
Finally I convey my sincere greetings to awesome friend
of mine Benjamin Othmar, who is a blessing in my life. He
is so inspiring and nurturing that my life has completely
changed because of his presence. He is much more than an
inspirational speaker and author. He is an enlightened soul
on this earth. I am totally thankful to him for all his love
and kindness for me.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 142

Praises for other books by the Authors

Self-ignorance is your problem, self-awareness
is your solution, this book is having a profound formula
of success and happiness for every person who is ready to
take charge of his life.
Shyamlal Jangra,
Former judge and ombudsman, Kurukshetra
Haryana State (India)

Self-ignorance is your problem, self-awareness

is your solution. Authors are passionately lightening
the lives of people and sharing universal success principles
with them. I give my wishes to them.
Dr. Parmod Mahajan,
BVSc, MVSc, Ph.D. (APT)

The time and energy we spend in knowing everything

except our ownbeing, simply does not lead us anywhere.
Know yourself. Self-ignorance is your problem,
self-awareness is your solution is awesome book is
all about connecting to your pure being. Read this and
transform your life permanently.
Prof (Dr.) M. P. Gupta
Technical Education Consultant

Fortunately, I have gone through hundreds of

motivational books but Self-ignorance is your
problem, self-awareness is your solution is very
different form rest of self-help kind of stuff. The title itself
is enlightening and by adopting the powerful principles of
book, one can claim his share of success and abundance in
his life.
No matter who you are
143 you too can be rich

Mohit Sharma,
Motivational speaker and author, India

Everyone has some inner abilities but what actually

needed is one pure motivation that enlightened your inner
soul to believe and archive the aim of life. Self-ignorance
is your problem, self-awareness is your solution
is that source of inspiration that brings me towards the
light of hope from the darkness of unawareness.
Assistance Professor at Maharishi
Markandershari University Mullana Ambala
Haryana Sate India

There are only a few books that can LITERALLY move

your life to THE NEXT LEVEL. Luckily, this book is one
of them. If youre looking to grow your success, happiness
& prosperity, then do yourself a favour and read this book.
Not only I am reading this book, but I am getting bulk
copies so I can have my family members & client read this
book. WOW- its AMAZING.
Bishal Sarkar World Authority on Practical
Public Speaking

When I read books it make me feel good. But when I

read Self-ignorance is your problem, self-awareness is your
solution it made me look good.
Vijay Pal Singh, Author of Why people dont
get jobs.
Benjamin M.Othmar &
Deepak Burfiwala 144

About the Authors

Benjamin M. Othmar, is a President and CEO
of SUCCESS INFOCUS GROUP, a performance,
management consulting and training organization. He
is one of the top thinkers in success area and he trains
thousands of peoples every year in the area of personal
development, leadership and entrepreneurship awareness.
As author, coach and international motivation speaker,
he is one most in demand trainers of our time. He has
written several bestseller books so far and one of them is
the Self-ignorance is your problem. Self-Awareness is your
solution. He is dedicated to inspire people towards their
inner infinite creative potential and telling them about how
great they are naturally. He is most happy when he is on
stage and uplifts people and bless them hope, motivation
and courage. Connect with him at www.benothamar.
Deepak Burfiwala is a blessed author and speaker
on how to live the best version of your life. Passionately,
he has authored 4 books on success, happiness, leadership
and entrepreneurship development. He has touched the
hearts of thousands of people ranging from energetic school
kids to curious youngsters to highly dynamic corporate
professional in his 9 years of speaking career. He is always
creating and designing new toolkits to help people in bring
out the best within themselves. He is also a dedicated
blogger. Connect with him at www.deepakburfiwala.

Benjamin M. Othmar & Deepak Burfiwala

No matter who you are
145 you too can be rich

Cover Detail
Book is about discovering your inner eternal capacities
to endure in life. It delightfully educates the readers about
how they can grow in life step by step and turn all their
dreams into realities. Book is about bringing the best out
of its readers in a very respectful and meaningful way. Book
is based on eternal and universal success principles. Book
is less a book but more a best friend in times of absolute
challenges and setbacks. Book helps you in unleashing
your infinite inner potential and guides you to utilize your
inner energy to make your life the best version of your
highly awakened life.

This book will do for you:

Make you feel like you are growing in life

Blesses you with always uplifting spirit

Bring your absolute best and authentic self out of


Open new horizons for your success and happiness

Open a whole new world of infinite opportunities

and possibilities

Help you in looking the brighter side of situation

at all times

Enable you to leave your ultimate legacy for


Elevate your life by making you a purely selfless


Incredible and unbelievable state of mind at all


Unmatchable and unparalleled faith in yourself