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Notice and Caveat Title 42 usc 1,9g6

Greetings Alaine Dimmett, I Sionya Haley now known as Priya Sha ul'me'el lndigenous autochthon
and blood woman who is white and Native American Cherokee Moor received information on
May 1-1,
2017 of the Gregorian calendar from my mate Michael Fullilove now known as Marshawn Shiloh
Sha ul me el lndigenous autochthon flesh and blood man a white and Native American
Cherokee Moor
of Cahokia Atlan Turtle lsland that he was taking too metropolitan Saint Louis psychiatric center
his consent or being first given prior written notice. The doctor whom he was to see
said he was not
schedule to see her and she had a prior meeting to attend. He was ask to fill out authorization forms
disclosure of consumer medical/health information for the State of Missouri which he did conditionally
and reserved all of his rights under UCC 1-308. He has asked that I as his mate and power of
give you this information. Michael is exercising his right to Not contract or participate
any further with
your agency without fill disclosure detailing any obligations he has to comply with
any of your request
with the authority of and from the state of Missouri, and who gave the authority to compel his
performance without his free prior and informed consent in matters which would
affect his rights. His
statutory declaration clearly voids any obligation of comply performance from the state of Missouri
is lawful and in cord with lnternational Law as it was honorably trend to the governor
as well as the 22nd
judicial circuit courts. An inquiry is being prepared under the Missouri
sun shine Law to be sent to the
courts about their delegated powers from congress if they exist and will be forward to congress
members and the attorney general. lf any authority of any agent/agency is lacking an investigation
be requested with a complaint and fine, penalties, of imprisonment as well as compensation
damages can be asserted for violations of human rights and federal law. lf you have any questions
as to
give validity clarity to your involvement or have any disagreements with
what has been said, feel free to
contact me at the following contact information email addreg5 ,:'i:':r-1., ;,i:iatl,r,::_:-:..,.:
. r,r::..;-: 314_250-795g
Po Box 775133 Saint Louis 163177) ln the great spirits of our Ancestors bahug kawun ila EL
netera wa
naeay hamudmul

United Nations Declaration on the right of Indigenous peoples-
v/unpfiiidocuments/DRlP S en.pdf) united Nations convention on
Economic, Social & cultural Rights, United Nations Charter; Article 55 & 56, presidential
proclamation 7500,H.J.R. i94, S. Con. Res. 26 S. 1200, HJR_3

Affirmed to and subscribed before me this _ day of May 2017

Affiant UCC 308 without

- Produce [$Etification rype and +n fr)) Nort O'* /,*or,- St 7t a egzl-

TMOTHV J. r,qCIwnv
Notary Public - NotarY Seal
Commissioned f or St. Lrruis County
My Commission Expires: April 8' 2019
Commission # 15634648

!L\}}-ct,ti35 r - Dr
U.S. Offic of Personnel Management
before completing form')
Guide to Personnel Data Standards (Piease read the Privacy A$fsJatqT-e{-and instructions
Birthoate (Month and Year)
Name (Last, First, Middle lnitial)


Privacy Act Statement

16 and in compliance
Ethnicity and race information is requested under the
Classification of Federal
with the Office of Management and Budget's 1997 Revigigns
Data on Race and etniicity. Providing ifris information isTffinTaryffiEs
your employing agency will attempt io identify your race and
status, but in the instance of missing information,
ethnicitY bY visual observation-
opportunity throughout the Federal
This information is used as necessary to ptan for equal employment
personnet Management or employing agency maintaining the
government. lt is also used by the U.S.'Offrce of
response and in the production of summary
records to locate individuals for personnel research or survey
for which the records are collected and
descriptive staustics and analytical studies in supporl of the function
maintained, or for related worHorce studies-
order 9397, which requires sSN be
social security Number (ssN) is requested under the authority of Executive
Providing this information is
used for lhe purpose of uniform, orderly administration of personnel records.
voluntary and failure to do so will have no efiect on your employment status.
lf SSN is not provided, however'
other agency sources may be used to obtain it.
question 1, go to qtrestion 2-
ican, puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other
Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.)
8v"" tr t'to

box. Check as many as aPPlY.


fl American lndian or Alaska Native (induding cential America), ind who maintains tribal affiliation or community

trRrian Asia, or the lndian subcontinent inciuding, for example, cambodia,
chine, lndia,

A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa'

f etack or African American
Guam' Samoa' or
A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii'
I t'tative Hawaiian or Other Pacific lslander
other Pacmc lslancis.

ffi wnite
North Africa.

Standard Form 181

Revised August 2005
Previous editions not uqable
i F: (
"' -.
. :ii: t{;'
'j.'- - ,r- i) i , DEC Z g
iri: -".it,!-
{"--'*i: L-i ri\-r "":j
r1 20ffi
;i-Q -- ':i; ; i-i.*!ili--iirir,)-.1r,'., ai#?r'r'8itJ3[t5:y,,f
ctncutr Clenrs'ijFFrce
\r,!rif a =:*,;:iifii.,'lJirr,
i ul '.lY .*=-


:'\ futi,-rlel

lrtr \,o,' c'
ucc iJ3c'g

ia/,* /
t k

StatutorY Declaration
ln the matter Amendmenr of Missouri Heatl, D-it isio,r of vital records Registration # 124-76-001 81 8
I. Michael Anthony Fullilove ttow knowtr as: N{arsharvn Shiloh Wijaya Sha' ul *" -:]
c/o 3916 N
statutc of Westmirrster
Florissalt St.Louis Missouri do solerlnly cleclare in accord rvith: the 1931
( ). ITTSArticlesof confeclerationandperpetualUnionArticlesXl, 1812
Treaty of Ghenr: 1794 Jay 'keaty; i836 Treaty of Marrakesh (llorocco) al! recognized and valid
Narions, thc
treaties, constitution for the united states of Arnerica, the 1948 Charter of the United
1975 Inter-American l)eclaration on the rights of Incli-tenotts Peopies and the United

decade of the rvorld's Incligenous people. that upon discoverin-t that the registration
of a Live Birrh
of Febn-rary 5'h 1976, in ttre STATE OF MISSOURYL,{ISSOURI REPUBLIC called Missouri
Republic was a contlact between rny rnother and the U'S' Government Colporation rvho did not tell
hei she rvas selling mc. a flesh and biood child, to the STATE OF MISSOURI CORPORAIION

the Chattei Property/S1ave ,'vhich is a violation of Human Rights, I hereby void the contlact' ab

initio tbr frau,l. Since I arr a Flesh And Blood: MeJanrnite Cherokee Native American Moor of
Turtle Island and of this planet in accorci rvith the United Nations Declaration on the Rights o1'
Indigenous Peoples. HJR 194- - U'S Congress
rfpology to African Americans lor Slaver,v-, S, Con, Res. 26- United State Senatc Apology to Atiican
aine riians lor Slavery; u.s. apology To Native Americans (Sec 81 13 oi H.R.3326 Department of
Det'ense Appropriations Act.1 " Upon
discovering thilt Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor Mountbatten Battenberg [MISNOMER: Queen
E,lizabeth III violated her coronarion oath ( a legally bindin-e contract) of June 2"'i l9-53. On May 14'
20 l l at Southrvard Crown Courr (l Engtish Grounds in Southrvard. London, En-eland) Defendant:
John Anthony Hill in the United Kingdom proved before an Englislr jur-v that Elizabeth Alexar.rdra
Mary Winclsor-Mountbatlen. lvas not the rightful monarch and never was: queentElizabeth is not
the rightful monarch and ner.er was. This was a t\\/o point aretrtnent. Firstly, Elizabeth knerv- then
and now- that she was crorvned on a fake coronation stone instead of the reai Storre of
Destiny/Coronatiou Stone, which rneant not only u,as she never properly crorvned, but she
knowingly and fiaudulently rvas conning the Public and that is r,r,hy she did not wallt her coronation
televised. REGINA v.JAH (case Ref. Numtrer:T20107746) ( See
). I declale that the name MICHAELANTHONY FULLILOVE
on the registrarion of the Live birth is a corporation and illichael Anthony Fullilove, is an
In{igenous, Flesh & Blood N{an. I am Not a corporation, artificial person. natural person, fictitious
entity or vessel of the United States as detined under 18 U.S.C. 9 and I give notice Internationally,
Domestically and Universallv via this Declaration that I deny corporate existencc. Under
reservation of All My Rights Unalienable and otherwise, I am: Indigenous/Autochthon of this
pliuet. And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believin,e it to bc true, and knowing that
this is the same force attd effect as made under oath.
United Nations Declaration on the right of lndigenous People s-
{ ) United Nations Convention t'rtt

Economic, Social & cultural Ri-shts. Unrtecl Natioris Chaner: Article 55 & -56, Preside ntial
proclamatiou 7500,H.J.R. 194. S, Con. Res. 26 S. 1200, HJR-3

Atfirmed to and subscribeci be[ore me thiv& day of May-20]

Aftiant UCC 1-308 rvithoui preiudice

NIy Cornrnissioner Expires


87 189019n pH
.-^,,, .,r_f, 777 t :54

10/19,/2016 (oYYl'',:,.- =...

:-, 1=-'::1a:1

Prur1.,ct ,li; Pr ice

De;ct't Pt i :rr

' iI " $2'62

First-Cl ass
Mai 1

Large Envel ope

(Domestt c-t
!\ r1U 61101i
1 rFFFFRq0fi "i '
l;:-:.-; 't
E 1c oz)
ilel i,er v DaY\
ir;;;;; itr"ztrzolor 1 tril '
$ti "'
orti.i.ii*L ^^ ff!\
(AmOunt:$u uu/

iffixin,tulili.:0r "' o'n,,n

v- '-
I :1\l
$20.00 B^ _E= I

Ca:lr { $l Y/) ' gYE+

ilfrange fffsi
d f lo l -;nfri;31;a
u:l i
{r 1

..,ts;i.q( r "cusdii
,-^- - ".,-";iii ^"*!f!
-..t it tl Au/
rtsrr'l,ol ?rr*,"",

I Complete items 1,2, and S.

r Print your name and actdress on the
so that we can return the card to you. ' -'--
reverse El Agent
: Attach this card to the back of the mailoiece.
Date of Deliveru
or on the front if soace oermitc
t, RrticteRooEGo to: 20 Zutu'
l9-d6livery address difFerent from item 1?
lf YES, enter delivery address below:
E Yes

l'rJ i<=-,,': 1'. ;,, i'1.; t,it,r;

lilli!il lllr;Ilf!!!t tttr iji rrnrr ,rn, r!r,.,r
Name Miciiael Fullilove
cCI 3916 n Florisszurr st.louis

Name c,f
Gi--rvernor: .leremiah \\riison Jav Nixcn
Address P.O. Box 720 Jefferson Citv
State Missouri 65 i02

Dear Governcr: Jav Nixon

Re' Statutory Declaration in accord rvith

u.N. Declaration on the rights of Indigenous

Thank 1,ou for r our rime.

Cc: Jesuit General Adolpho Nichola_s

Cc: Pope Francis I


Llc: Eiizaberh Ii

L s CUVER\.JeNr/,{
\mR-i^T.ON z


H. RES. lg4

Apologizing for rhe mslar.enrent anil r'at,iaI segr"egation of ,\-fi'iirarr-AInctir'atrs


Irrrni-.',Lr* :T. J0li;
,llr' (-l{)Hil\ (frr' iririr,s,..li. lir'. Jr }HN:or oi (ierl qirr. lIs. J-ir- trsu}l-LDl- ( r
Tcxtis. lIr. RI'.,ur:: rrf I"'rrlisJ-h'iuliil. lh. Iillt.Eil. lIs Iftt.l'.t'rr.lr('li. :\Is.
\\-or-ir-Sri. l.h'. F'-r,l,l.(ils. -\l-s. Lnc, lir'. lli-'(.irttnn:, JIs. -ti'ti'\r(t)\'1'sii1'.
JLs. ll-,rl'-rrLy iri Ntri-Yrrlk. lh. Urjiit-Eris. :\h'. lllllr r,i\-ilgiui:r. lL'.
t-l rt-:-Lxrr. lIr'. Il,rr,;Er- lir'. P,rvxr. JIr. JERprn:or. llr. Eli-rsr,-rx. lft'.
^\-r. Gnrr,r i,l llt'-rris. lL'. Iit-rrrliFIEI-I-r, lL,q. \Y,rrsr,,r, ]h'. lfrrt'nEr'.
lh'. L'r-r-r,r't n. lls. L..\R,sr.iN. l]r'. I-cLrlL. llr. At.rtrnri-r.*. llr. l],lrl: ,-,r
-\lrllrrrrrra. lI1 . J,E\\-ls oi Gclrgia, lh'. ,\nEltrlnOlIEtE. lL' H,ir'.c. lll'.
Iinxrrn. lIs. Il--ii.r;trrr. 1h'. I.Ious, ,\Ir'. Iru-:;rn. lL'. IIoxl-r-!. irr,-l
lh'. Iit-.'i. l:it-II) -ii1l:]r)iitr.11 the follouing rr,sa)hti!.u: rr"Lir:11 r,\'ii!r i(,rii'irrr. r,
th,: (l,lrLnri".ee iil thr .Jricljcttrn-

,\pologizinq fol' the i'itsl;rvrlncllt itncl t'atiiil -\{:'grcgation of
^$rilirn -Auri'i(' iir IS.

\\:lrrreas itril]iorts of -!ti'tt'turs rtlrd tlrt'tt-,:lescettcl;tirts \\'ci'rl

arrtlnl'er-1 in the Liniterl Statcs eilil the 1,1 ,frlert'icall colo-
iries li'r.iur 1Lj1!) tht'ritrgh

\\Ihereas slaverr- in ,\rl.ei'iia reselnlllccl tto othel fonn of itu'ol-

'r-111tarr' ser'\-iturlc knomr in historl-, ils AiricaIIS \1-c1"e cap- t

tl1rci1 a1lc1 soid at mLctioir lilie irranitnitte oltjtrct.s t,l' ani-


1\'lrer"ea-s -{l'ricnrts fitrteci ittto slavel'\' \\'e1-e llnrt;ilizec}. lmrliilj-

ated. clehulrartizecl. artc'l suhjr:cr,:t1 to the irlcli3rritr- "f
l.rciirg stlipl,retl of theil llirn1es atrd licl'itase:

\\rlrcreas ettslrtveci fairtilies \\-et"e tol'll irpart ;ttter llarittg lrtell

so1c1 ,qelIitt'att'h. fi"r)lli ollu allothilf i

\\rlit'rcas the s1'stt'itt r,,f sltlr-ti'r- ancl tlte risi:tt'it1 riitisnt against
])cr'-s11t15 oi' ,\t'rit'iitt tlest'eltt ttllor, rt-1llt'}i it clepelrtlecl

cAnte etttrr:ncht'tl in rhe Natiott's social tabric:

\\'hi:retrs slaveil'\\'as i10t tifficralll' al-'ollsheti r'ultli the passasc

of the 1;:]tlt Antettrln-rettt io tltr: L.rijtt,l Strttes (lonstitr.r-
riorl in 151.i5 aft..r.tlie eiicl 0f the Cir-il \Yar. rvhich wa-s
foug'ht ovei' the sltrvelr- i-sstre:

\\lliei'etr.s ittter r'ttrirrtr:iprttirltt f'ron-i 246 \-tt1l's ot -tlat't'ry., -.\1'ri-

can-^\:lcricztu,s sgoll sA1\' the t'leetiirg pofitica1. socia]. trntl
ttcolopric 5i'ai1s thel' trtatir: c-ltL1in3' Iiectrl.lstlpcticrn 5is-
cerattcl 111- rinrlcrrt ratism, hrit:lLirrgs. clisetrft'riricltisenietit,
tslar:li Ccicli's. irtttl rai:ial st'gleg'irtioir las's tllat itnptlst'd il
riqicl ,systi-'1rl ot' ot{icia1}r- sii}l(jtiollL't.l t'titittl segregatioit irt
virtLrallf itll itt'tus oi life:
\\:helea-c the sS.stem oj clc jule t'acral st'qlc'q:rtion kttoxl as
''Jiti-L f'rr11-." 5.hitit tiI't)Sr-' i1 uertiill l)filTs of t[e Natit'n
follou'ils' t-1tr' (-'iril \\I:rt' tir r.rretlte s{llii}ritt'-l LIIlcl L}1Ie(lrlal
socii:tii:s fu:: ri-hites atril Aii'icau--Lu1'dcalls, \\'as a ili1.ecr
result of tlrtr t'acislu :i3;ainst pel'sol'ls lrf -'tti"ignn tlr3scent
en g'eircipt'er1 br" sl ztven-;

\\rhelcas tht tl.slern ol Jirn Ci'ol- lau-s officiall-r, eriis1ecl into

the 1960's-a cetltut'l: after tlie official elLrl of slavcn' in
Arerica-ruitil Cong'ress iooli trtrtiott to eud it' hut tlte
r?stig,es of Jim Crot, colltitlrle to this r'la1':

\\'her'ea,s -lii'ican-l-luerir.rans L'ontinile to suttel fi:oin the cun-

seqrlelr('es iif slavet'r' arrcl Jrrtt l-1"s11'-]ililg altel" hotlr si-s-

.E[R.E$ 194 IH

tems r\-ere f.r-n'ilir111- irltolishecl-throrLg'h eri.,l1'n1olls ciiinr:ige

:rnrl loss, botii tangible antl iittangiltle. iucluc'ling t]le ioss
ol htttr,an cligrritr- ancl libt-r't]., the tru*qtrattorl of ritl'tt'l'.'
tllltl irriif'essi<-iltitl lives. itrrii tire lutrg-tel"ln lr)-\s of iittoiiltl
il rr,l ,'1,1,( l'tllttilr :

\\lr,.f ' ,it: llr,-. sl,rt') ,,1 : ]1,.. t,trSl;rt','trrr'ttl ;tlt,i

.jIttt- si'tl t'i;.,Tit,]l

uf .\fliL':itr-^\ntet'ir't'rttsirtlii tlre deltutitatrtziltgl atriit'ities

comnritterl aS'airlst thetn shiir-rld not J-ie lturgct-l trotu or'
nrrnimizecl in the ti:l}ing ,ri hnelicatt ]ris1,,rrvr

\\'lrt,r'eas oii Juh. S.200;J. cluring'a trip to tior"ee Isianil. Serr-

t:qit}. i1 ft.,nlc:: slar-e 1ti.,r't. Presiileitt Gt'ttrg,c \\'. Bush ac-

('.nititltlittg k'gac1- itr ^\liiclican liir:
lurr,rl-lec1get1 slar-er'1''s
ancl tire lleecl to r:ouft'i*tt tlrtrt ieg'iiL'r- u-ltett Ile sttlted tliat
sliir-en"'1\-i'ls 0I1e of the g'1'eatest ci'imes cif histor'1-
. Tirc lacirtl l-,i3rttn, ft'i1 l-rr- slavtrl- ilitl llrlt t'ut1 uith
sltit-t't"r' or l'itlr s(jg'reg:i1tiLrr. -\tt,1 lltrtllv lf tlre iss,.tts illitt
still tloultle Anerica have t'oots iir tirt llittcl eslrti'-fl](iP
ll olhet' lirni:s. fint hort-ttvr'r lt.rttg' tlit j,-,rtt'tii-t]', ur.Ll' ri-r:-stir=lJ-
is srt; lilrertr- irticl ,jtrstitre 1't-rr tt11.";

l\hereas Presit'L:nt llill Cliriton also :.it:klorr'lr:riy.-i:tl thc Llt'el-

sr'iiti:t1 plol-,k'tirs rausrcl l.-li- the rr-,tttitnLirlg legac,l- of i'4,-'-
istn erg:riirst -Vi'itriLtr-Ainericrill)s tlli'lr ll':qatl rr-itll 'slil\-el'J-
u'hen he initjirtiril a nationai clialogtre al,.,out racc';

\\lrtreas ti geriuine zrpologv is irn iinportilnt at1t1 ilett'ssitta-

first step iri the pro(ess of r':it,izil ret:r-rtrc'ilizitiotl;
\\lrerr:as irn apol(-igJ' tol ct'nttllrie,c of ll'ntal clt'hunrauizatiou
arrtl itr,jrrsti(.(,S r.illttl,)[ r^t'ilSi] tlrr' |irSl . lrtlt lot]1't's:iul) Ol'
tite urotrg's t,otntrtittecl catt sper:cl ra(1jtti heirling, Ltlld rL'(:-
onciliation a.uc1 irellt An,:i:ir:atts t't-itili't-rtlt tire ghost-< of
thoir Itast;

l\'Lereas the legislatrrre ot the Conruronx-ealtlr of \lrgiriia lras

receirtil' talien the 1eac1 in adolrtirlg a i"esolutiou otficialll-
erlrr"rssing appropi-itrte 1-e1)i(,)rse for slalcLv irttcl uthrl
St atr ]eEi sl atures iile cur r,sicleri r rp. sirtrilar rr,sohitiotisl itt'icl

\\llterr,;1-q it rs imlroltaut tlris caur)tr'r'. utrch leqalh- t'ei'oq-

rrizt-c1 slirlen'thlorLgh its (''orrstitutitin iriirl its 1:il's, to
ii-ialie a firrnral irilol(lgv liir slavetr- trttcl fiil jts su(1('essot'.
Jiin Crou'. so thi.tt it car] nlove forri'alc'i and seek rcc-
onciliatiorr. juslicr:. arrirl lLalmoil. ti.rr all of it s citizr:trs:
^\*ot'. tliei'efrire. l'rr it
1 Resrilr,e d, That tire Ilor-rsr,- of licpt'esetrtatir-cs-
) i1; iiclinol-ieciges thc nrnclamc'nta1 injustici:.
-l r-r'ucltr-, ltr"utalit1.. irntl inlmnLairitl of slavei'1- ;incl

-t Jrm (,'t'crrt-;

-5 i2 i trt -\fririttt-,\tl]ct'ir:iil-ts {-)tl ltchr'iif


6 oI tlre ]tei,1r1e rif tlrr: l-rritecl Stater, f, rt tlrr r\-r'.t ro\

7 c'ourmjtterl i-r3^ailst thcrn arLtL theil Allttstor',r r',lto

I sutt,:r.ettl riliL,-.r sla,,.er.)' atrd ,Iiur ('i'rtrv: trrLrl

o (3) .--rpresses its t:r)niutittneitt ti., ret'ri11' the lirr-

10 e'elirLg consLr-lurtl]ces of thr' ririsdeerls c,otnntitted

11 asaiust Ailiciiu-Alericiti'rs untler s1avery- :tncl Ji;l
12 Crorv ancl to stop the (-)cclu'rellirr' of huurait rights
13 liolatirins in the flitui'e.
C tl
g,1tr2016 prye Frarrcis Apdopfzes tc lrdgenors P@es for 'Grave Sirs' cf Cdcnidisrn - lCTMN.ccrn

This Week From lrdian Cr:untry Taday

*i1 ii !..,. ;, li-: t',Ll.-:,:' iir: f"! 1:: 1i::: i. :i. r: :
=l ..li .,=I - E-,,1J:t-t".
.., 't=

ilil1E Pli'..r'-ai"rf G::.1=;:IC3Y C!ASSi|-IEDS C3ITUARIES RSS FEEIS S:jCP

_ : .:-:::-
t,tE!',,/s Poliatcs aE: tri:!.lc .i.Soui SPaFiS tsUsl|.lE-ss PHCiOS :i'ALIH :r\:vie'.lNl'::ti. ' - -:

& ,"
l-i Ittentionr nd ian Trust Landownerul
'i-:Fx ''-.; . I
\ir ti 'S''e

art o6Lriog to p*y fair market velue m
sellers for their Gacriond bnd interess.
ii": l
:. ill ?urchasd land will te re*orcd

:eli* tg Bihal trust oruneruhip

ae-4 \.@'-.L"!aL - :-- : -=-!---

}I .#t.
ft-r: ;'{ &a-
tclleYt' ffi ,E=

Gregi+ie sary: !cr?-{F

Faps -I:.urcx hek',lcriiis airi i::aager.las dtildrs* a( i.: rtii::d i'irii "$oiii:ion Presideni Era:",'oraies tipar 5is
a:r'i:l'a:,ti ii i:inarr_.li:i ./uI:, i-
Pope Francis Apologizes to HISTORY
!*-_ __, 38K oeople like tnis. Be ihe fifs1 ci )'aJ.
lndigenous Peoples for
'Grave Sins' of Colonialism ..J,
Black Elk Peak
r-_.:i_-l :1] IcTMNSTAFF I zircl+ ;;
:i ICTIIN caught up
with Basii Brave
[ {+.'
... ::,:' In a landmark -rpeech, Pope Francis
apologized on Thursday for tlle "grave i':.:: i:. ir,i::
*EY !'JEiqS ALEETS sins" of coionizLlisur against Indigenous Make Mine a
Peoples of America in a speech to In modern American
grassrooLs groups in Bolivia. socieL-v-, the peanut
"Some may rightly sa-v, '\4ten tire pope speaks of colonialism, he overlor:ks
:: :a I )
cerltain actions of the church,' " the Pope said, according to lhe Neur York Tintes- 'llir;:
Aliens and
"I say this to you rr'ith regret: N{arry grave sirts v'ere committed against t}re Native Predators I:..,
people of America in the name of Gtld." You can't steal -
something that has
He didrr't stop there. i'10...

"I humbly ask forgiveness, not onl-v for the oft'ense of the church herself, but also
for crimes eomrnitted against the native peopies during the so-called conquest of
America," :'l:.' : :.-. - :. :: !: l:::.:',: reported.
&i 1ai2016 Pope Francis Apdogizw to lndigencx-s P$es for 'Grave Sins' cf Cdoflialism - |CTMN com

He spoke to a crorqd of more than 1.5oo at the \\rorld Meeting of Popular

I4ovements. standing side-by-side rvith Boiiviar President Evo l\{orales, the This wek From indiatr Cauntry ioday
Andean nation's first ildigenous president. ,:..i,:.;;,;:,:,: i::::1. r: i, i:=: ;:,.::'=.-: i-ii l .: :

AJtlough Latin American church leaders have issued apologies in the past. this
one went further and \{?s much more targeted, the -',::' r.r: i' .,:' : l:';.r reported.
Previous apologies had not been directed at Indigenous Peopies of ttre Americas. "-"j:':t'
AF said.
Easy! -

The Catholic Church rvas one of man-v Christian denominations that ran boarding
schools in Canada and the LT.S. designed to "kill the Indian in the child" by taking
Itids from their families, cutling thern ofl from their cuiture and edtcating them in
the rvays ofthe European-minded set[iers. The Canadian Truth and
Reconciliation Commission on June 2 came out r,rith a reporl c-alling such
practices "cultural genocide" and recommending that Prime N{inister Step}ren
Harper ask the Pope {or a-n apolog,v. I'hough Harpel met uith Pope Francis and MOST SHARED
mentioned ttre report, he did not specificall,v request the apolop'', and the Pontiffs
r.vords in Boliria did not reference thc TRC docunrent.
8Ivl5,ths and
-{trocities :lbout
RELA.TED: Christopher
Columbus and
Colurnbus Da-v-

womalt ro reqeral
REI-ATED: ..':.: : -.:, :.',.1 !:.1 .r-'..11';:'-':':',:r::, :, i::.:,' .l''- Court
The Pontiff is touring South America ior eight da1's, with stops in Ecriador, Bolivia Culturally
and Paragua,v. He has come out shongl1, against the entironmental rat'ages and Appropriate
social iniustice of climate change, and in Thursdav's speech l'Ie continued in that Chicago Blackhawks
Logo b1- First
vein. by caliing leaders u'ho do not defend l\4other Earth "co'wards." He also said Nations Arrist Goes
they are committing "a grave sin," AP said. ltraI
- i.''
REL{TED: :'-,:,.-:r,:-:::i;::: l-',:...:,'r..::.,:,-
",':-..., '... -.'::'l':..., a::1::,..- History Professor
Denies Native
tl.:,.: r.,:..,-;i':-'.:r-:--.-:": r^,.=' l-:,,: :,',:.:-.l.':1.,,-,, r,:.-'-,:.,,,. i_'::,.. ,:,.,.l:,._:.-':.;,."',',, Genocide: Native
Student Disagreed,
Then Says Professor
E:rpelled Her L-rom
i_' Course

..: Traurna May Be

\,'l/oven Into DNA of
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Comrnent "


The apology rvould go niuch further if he would rescind the PapaJ
8t16t2016 XLVlll World Day of Peace 2'015r No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters I Francis





1, At the beginning of this New Year, which we welcome as God's gracious gift
to all humanity, I offer heartfelt wishes of peace to every man and woman, to
all the wodd's peoples and nations, to heads of state and government, and to
religious leaders. In doing so, I pray for an end to wars, conflicts and rhe great
suffering caused by human agency, by epidemics past and present, and by the
devastation wrought by natural disasters. I pray especially that, on the basis of
our common calling to cooperate with God and all people of good will for the
advancement of harmony and peace in the world, we may resist the temptation
to act in a manner unworthy of our humanity.

In my Message for Peace last year, I spoke of "the desire for a full life... lryhich
includes a longing for fraternity which draws us to fellowship with others and
enables us to see them not as enemies or rivals, but as brothers and sisters to
be accepted and embraced".[1] Since we are by nature relational beings, meant
to find fulfilment through interpersonal relationships inspired by justice and love,
it is fundamental for our human development that our dignity, freedom and
autonomy be acknowledged and respected. Tragically, the growing scourge of
mant exploitation by man gravely damages the life of communion and our
calling to forge interpersonal relations marked by respect, justice and love. This
abominable phenomenon, which leads to contempt for the fundamental rights of
others and to the suppression of their freedom and dignity, takes many forms. I
would like briefly to consider these, so that, in the light of Godt word, we can
consider all men and women "no longer slaves, but brothers and sisters".

Listenlng to God's plan for humanity

2. The theme I have chosen for this year's message is drawn from Saint Pault
letter to Philemon, in which the Apostle asks his co-worker to welcome
Onesimus, formerly Philemon's slave, now a Christian and, therefore, according
to Paul, worthy of being considered a bi'other. The Aoostie of iire Geiriries
writes: "Perhaps this is why he was parted frt"ini you ior .: while, ihal ,r.ou might
have him back for ever, no longer as a slave but more than a sla've. as a
5116/2016 Apostolic Letler lssued l!{oiu Propno C)nthe Jur sdiction of judic;ai Aulhorities oiVatrcan City Slafa jn C;"ir_rrinai lvlaters (.11 July 2013) lFrancis

ffiT, ;;r, ,;;

Fr':i:rcri \1o1r: Prut"rrtr


F D,\ I Ql'i-: S>116 PillO




iN CI{I \,1I,\,.\L h|{TTE ITS

In our times. rhe cornrlr:n good is increasjngl), threatenccl bl,transnational organrzed cdrle, the
use oltire markets and of tlie ecr-rnom\,. as u'eil as by tetror.iim.

It is theretbre necessar)' for tire international conmrunity to adopt adequate 1ega1 lrsirul-nents to prcr ent
aud couuter crimiltal activities. b1'promoting international judiiial cooperatiJn on crimilal lltarters.

In ratifrring Lltllrerous intemationai conr.entior-rs in these areas. and acrins also on behalf of Vatican City
State. the Holy' See has constantlv maintaincd that srich agreerneltts are efTectn,e lreans to pr.evelt
crirninal activitres that threalur human clignitl'" the comrnon good an,c peace.

lvitha View to reneu'iltq the ALrostolic See 's comilitrnent to cooperate io these ends. b_v lnealrs
of this
Apostolrc Letter issued l.kttu ProTt-io, I establisii that:

i ' The colllpetent Judicral Authoritres ol \ratrcan Citt, State shall also erercrse pelal jurisdictio* o'er:
a) crirnes cotltlitted against tire securit-v. the f,rndameutal intelests or the patrimony of the
I{oly See;

b) crimes relened to:

- irr vaticair City State Lau, No. \rIII, of 1 1 July 2013, containins St.tpplemerfiant
Nonns on CriminaI Latt,A,{alters;

- in vaticarr cit,v Srate Lau, No. IX. of 11 Jul1, 2013, containing Amendment,s to
llte Crintittrtl Crrr|o rtni tlro (-rintinrrl Pynn,>.^!,,,.o f,.,.t,,,

5i16/2C13 Ap.sioiicL-e'.terlssred flctuP"opricOntheJu:isiictrcnof Judicial Authori'ilesof \lcarCj!istateinCrirnrnai l,,lattefs(i1 July20i3)li:rancis

u'ltetl such crimes are committcd br, tiie per-sons refen-ed to in paragrapl-r 3
belou, in the exercise of their functions:

c) any other crime n'hosc'pl'osecution is required b,v an intemational aqreemelrt ratitied by

the Holr'See. if the peq)etrator is ph.vsicailv presenr rn tire teruitor.v of Vatican City State and
has not L-reen extradited.

2' The criines refened to irl paragtaph i are to be judged pursuant to the crirnilal la11 i1for-ce in Vatican
Ciry" State at the tilre of their cotlurission. u,ithout pleji"rciice ro the general principles of the iegal
on lhe teutporal application of criurinal lau's.

3.Forthepurposesof\raticancrirnrnal lau.thetbllou.inepersonsarecleened "ptitlico1ficials":

a) trletnbers. olficials artdpersonnc'lof the r"adous organs of the Rorlan Curia and of rhe
lnstitutions connected to it.

b) papal Jegates and diplornaric persorrnel of the IIoiv See.

c) lhose persolls u'ho set'r'e as iepresentativc-s. managers or clire ctors. a-s ri'e11 as persons u,ho
even cle.iaclo ll-lellaqe 01'e\r-t'cise contlol ovet the entities djrectlr, deprep6Errl ol the I:IolV
See and listed in the regrstn, ol ca,oricar juridicai persous kep-,1 6, tlre Gor.emorate ol
Vatican Cirl,'State:

d) an1'other person holding an adrninrstratirre or judicial mandare in the Ho11. See.

perlnanent or telllporar1'. paid or unpaid. irrespective oirhat
llersolt's seniority.
4 The.jtlrisdiction refened to in par"agraph 1 comprises also the adnrinistratir.e iiabilrtl,ofjgridical
persons arising tiorl crimes. as resulated Lrv \/atican Citv State lau-s.

5. \\,'hen the same rrarrers at'r prr.e5gslrted iir other States, the plor.istons rn lorce in Vaticarr
Citv State o,
concufrent jurisdictioti s1ia11 appl)'.

6 Tlre content of article 23 of Lau' No. CXIX of 2 l November 1981. u{rich approves the Jtrlicinl Orclet.
o/'I/aticon Cin, State remains in lorce.

This I decide and establish. anvthing ro tire contrary notu,rthstanding.

I establish that this Apostolic Letter issr-rcei N4otu Proprro ri.ili be promuluated b.v its pr.rbiication in
L'osserr.atore Romano, entering into rorce on 1 Sepfeurber 20I3.

Gh,en i.tt Rr.nne, ut the Aposrolic Paloce, on ll Ju11,2013, tltefirst o.f nn,pontificate.