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I am, at present, the only working solution to this song--

My view is that in a way the greatest impediment to my success would be that it
would be mine--that i would become famous. I have alone granted you all the kno
wledge you need to solve all world problems, but you are occupied with a game.
it's a game Les Visible can tell you all about for more time than worth elaborat
ing really, but the just of it goes "my shit is wider than your shit."
It's really as simple as anything else. I need to convince you of something. Y
es, as in need. Why? Because I believe in the premise of logic holding foremos
t authority in any given situation. Is this of any consequence to me? Not dire
ctly, no. But it irregardless is a part of my life. I often run into this fun
stepping stone: I'm just one person. This doesn't mean anything. AT ALL. All
you're telling me is that your society offers bad tech support, and to that end
I would likely have to convince you to as well so by that very lane I will tel
l you you have failed.
So just tell it to me straight doc--I can't get anyone to believe me because I d
on't have money. Because I'm young or defiant or whatever it is you like to ste
reotype me as today. No of this has anything to do with logic, however. The st
range thing here is this--there is a narrative which exists. It is confounded a
nd mismanaged and mostly a straight appeal to whatever it is you (the general po
pulation) find to be comforting. Whatever gets you to sleep at night, as John L
ennon said. Which is, frankly, another reason I don't feel remorse for his deat
h. Not to divulge, but the general impression upon culture is paradoxical if yo
u bring up Lennon. Peace and love are great, right? But to the end we have to
actually acknowledge anything outside of our small sphere of reality we are hole
ss to offer much more than platitudes. It just shows how the fact that The Beat
les philosophy is both known by all, half-accepted, and half-"too far out" that
we encounter such a fun sort of instilled idealism in the face of our faces of t
oday. Because the point is this--none of this matters. None of these celebrity
personas or chantings of "peace and love" and all that amount to anything unles
s you first apply the simple rule of thumb; the guiding principals of logic as w
e know them. And the buck seems to stop immediately when it comes to anything w
hich either challenges the norm belief system or makes the reader feel like he h
as to in any way commit or discipline himself to make progress. REAL PROGRESS.
Not the phony kind you see in all these charities and events in the name of so-
and-so cause. The simplest truth is--
And I say this for a very clear and simple reason--as soon as you know the truth
and experience it firsthand, three is absolutely no reason for you to not want
and feel the burn inside to extinguish all that is lies and blasphemy. And the
lies are everywhere. In every sentence, every flick of the tongue holds a lie t
hinly veiled underneath it for anyone with the armament of truth to decimate.
You know, the most fun part of all of this is that I have never gone out of my w
ay to bother anyone with the truth personally. They always, always, always come
to me. Why? That may, in fact, be one of the most complicated question I can
imagine. But basically--they are evil. Yes, evil. Not because they go out an
dhurt people, but because they WANT to refuse to acknowledge even the possibilit
y (not the fact, but alone the possibility) that their worldview could be in any
way wrong. It's rather like telling an inventor who has worked his whole life
on a faulty invention, and upon finding out he would if here were a righteous ma
n of course he would find a new path to take but in his lust for whatever force
misguides his sense of reality into believing that his own ego and his own exper
iences are the end-all-b-all for him. As anyone who is even slightly open to th
e force of good in the world will find out, there is always more to it than just
yourself. Not to say the person is wrong. That too, is misguided. But in the
dismissal of infinitesimal other perspectives, he may lose sight of greater pro
Maybe you've heard of something called "selective hearing." In any logical disc
ourse (which should of course be the norm any time your judgment may fall harshl
y upon another conscious being), this is a type of evil which abides by the same
principals which I just spoke upon with the individual, but it can in this way
be applied to the group by drowning out anyone who is opposed to the zeitgeist a
s it stands. Though I have spoken to many different people, I am certain that n
one of them have truly heard me. Soa gain--
Did you see me-ween
These two songs hold uch standing in the terms of what it means to regardthe oth
er person or entity of persons in a logical manner. But there are fightfully in
finite meaning of sabotage and subterfuge that lie in between a true statement a
nd its further development into a being of truth. Here's a nice simple taste of
delicious truth juice: I have only ever been trying to make things better. Bu
t more often than not people are trained to see the demon in the Other before se
eing the angel. So try to understand, being I have gone through various hells i
by other "just" people, that I bear nothing but crushing relentless force again
st any of the enemies of not just logic, but the habit of clear righteous doctri
ne that could and hopefully would uphold it as well. In works rather in this re
gard demonstrated here with Jacque Fresco:
All human strife ultimately comes down tho the same concepts: ignorance of fact
and refusal of facts. And to whatever end any party can demonize the other in
the process of doing these two acts of violence (as they should rightfully be kn
own as. Remember that even Hitler was upheld as a model human being in areas wh
ere he could control information and doctrine) the more the evils of man can pro
liferate. I don't mean to sound negative--in fact I don't have even an ounce of
bad news for any one. I DON'T CARE. I just want to be left alone so I can enj
oy the great fruits of truth and hopefully allow those in my proximity to gain t
hat same understanding (or at least be accepting of me).
Little Bonkers--animal collective
I wish I could give you a perfect explanation of everything I've experienced, bu
t even if I had that perfect memory it would hardly be worth the effort. I've l
earned from arguing with enough people that whatever your side is, no matter how
innocuous or righteous you may be, there is always a complication someone can t
hrow at you to demerit your good intent. Because...the Great evil of all time i
s believing that all men have virtue. That somewhere in their hearts, there is
a shred of empathy. If I could make one statement clear to you it would be that
it's simply not so. To the degree one person makes themselves a black hole is
always under their control and may very from a lot to a little, but there is no
guiding light, no God Aboc to tell you and that person that virtue will come out
right and well in the end. Sometimes, good things just fail.
People have always said that I am "smart." even "gifted." it's all good fun, b
ut does it mean anything? Well, no. And yes, because it does resound with some
obvious conclusions one can each simply by observing how I may handle a situati
on differently from anyone else. The key word here is "discernment." but egois
m and humility are an entirely different kind of ballgame! Mostly
're too busy circumventing all the crap that gets thrown in your face for even i
mplying that someone may be wrong in even the very slightest way. The irony in
all of this is that I have something called "Oppositional Defiant Disorder." th
is is just one of many ways my word is chopped down to size. If anything, I am
slightly neurotic only because all the success of what I know to be true and wou
ld easily stake my own life or anyone else's I value on the truth of what I will
put forth. But again, they will deny deny deny because the only way they can
get along is by appealing to the notions which are actively reinforced without q
uestion otherwise.
When I look at a retarded person, incapable of even verbalizing for themselves,
I felt he most horrid waveof emotions. Not only horror at the visual I am recei
ving of severe impairment and disfigurement, but because this is the most immedi
ate demonstration of what has been done wrong. I know I can help this person!
But here are their "guardians," here to protect this poor man from what would in
reality save him. Can you even imagine the vicarious sense of guilt I may have
here? This is not actually the worst part though--the worst part is the babyin
g that goes on between those who rule and benefit from the norm and those who ar
e subjected to their force of propaganda. This continual display of cheerfully
upholding lies feels like no less than aggravated assault to me when I am in an
environment where it is chosen to be displayed for any and all to see. But I me
an really? Can I just wrap this up? Go read "1984."
Freedom is such an easy idea to convince oneself of--to embrace. What treachery
this platitude holds for a thoroughly malleable populace. It will not come to
pass that we give any rigor to the definition of such an idea so long as its ima
ge is captivating enough. Freedom to be...quixotic and idealistic and family-or
iented. Is it enough for you? I know there is so much to distract yourself wit
h. But imagine yourself disentangled from this culture--this psychological mess
. The competition, the need to be someone, the awards and reaffirmations, the tr
ends, every ounce of mental habituation you have found guiding you to your notio
n of success. Finding that primordial self that is without wi
th me and be a kind of scryer. Pear deeply into the whole of the human interact
ion narrative and witness the disbalance. You are first an observer. External
power identities are mostly untouchable. Breathe in the ambiguity of it all!
All we really seem to know for certain is we mostly don't want to hurt each othe
r. That is your freedom? Detached observance of the known peace? How thrilli do not need your creativity, your physical expression, all your
assortment of cultural habit easily lost and found). the tides may take you aw
ay from it all in a day, fiendishly offering help amidst your tenuous position o
f corporate lacky hound, beurocratic fly-swatter, or otherwise. In the name of
efficiency you too will suffer the same pain known throughout the imperialistic
history you are quick to revel in! The Darwinist politics are known well to so
many known war-mongers. But your history too shall pass in such a wakening!
have you planted seeds in the garden of your mind?
doubtful when mimicry is so easy to reconcile oneself with. Let us consider the
control mechanisms of feminism as tucked amongst today's erroneous no-culture cu
lture-- (note here I have my own critique of men but it's in a different light as
I see men as more independent entities but for the purpose of this journal I am
more speaking to the men directly for as things stand they are the leading push
ers of innovation but they are actually quite dumb in that they create unneeded
competition) a man will find his purpose and competitive for the better sake of
conformism and reproduction. Such a course is easily known to him. It is the s
teadfast do what everyone else is doing but better. the tightrope walk of trying
to be yourself while appeasing still the known entities which culture depends on
. Fall one way and he may land up-side down in an insane asylum for being too s
trongly and earnestly himself; another way he may die an old bitter namesake on
the company bandwagon. This is surely a war of some sort! Consider strongly a
hypothesis--unquenchable materialism and complicitness are a driving factor for
terrorism directed at imperialistic nations. Then, why does a man buy a high-cl
ass car today? The implication here is that the driving force for materialism to
day is in fact feminism which holds certain standards above a man's head he woul
d not normally consider in a sane or male-controlled society (yup females hold t
he cards deal with it guys). men are not by nature near as materialistic...cert
ainly power-hungry but not materialistic and we may notice with relation to othe
r countries materialism is essentially today's imperialism. Mad. Pretty good e
xample of general effects of feminism in society found in movie Edward Scissorhan
anyway, a bit more directly on-topic:
a turtledove is a believer. They want to do something good for the world AND th
emselves (lifestrong (TM)). they often have goals that sound very attractive bu
t mean little by contrast. The habits they cultivate are decided for them, but
they do not know this. The fun part is always in trying to paint some realism u
nder their eyelids. Turtledoves don't usually like contrast that much for obvio
us reasons. If you want to sell them on anything unknown to them or, and good l
ucky, contrary to their expected trance-state you must do it in strong and willf
ul accordance with the rituals known to their neurotypical pathways of entrainme
nt. It is even sometimes necessary to phase an entire generation out to carve a
new path for the progeny of these crusty and slavish followers. And when you d
o, keep a necessary distance to avoid the apparent necessity of their cathartic
redundancies of neurons-gone-useless. But on your way out of the conversation w
hich has likely cycled thrice-round be certain to grant them the politeness of a
consistent spotlight.happiness is an endlessly transient phenomena to our cultu
re, set about by forces that want to endlessly imply contrast. Don't be mistake
n and with a keen eye you can see the play as it is pot forth rather than how it
wants to be seen. The play is convincing simply because it will offer you not
a single alternative. The need for charisma, the chase of titles and recognized
deeds, endless maintenance off an aesthetic front. That which we desire (think
of childhood) is stymied and held strangely deviant to the expectation of stand
ard etiquette. Ask yourself if men understand this differently than women, perh
aps, and you may identify some significant control mechanisms in play (see-- A Clo
ckwork Orange ). I wonder who put these desires in you in the first place? If co
uld not be that your power structures exist with certain grandiose profiteering
agendas may have reasoned this was an effective system? Where does your regulat
ion of human nature/behavior have its roots? No, you are to question not and be
held continually aloft by it--nevermind the suicides and psychosis and madly dr
iven world circumstance that are just there somewhere along the circumference. Th
e world may tie itself to the morphine drip in the wake of this in all too many
ways to count. Denial is such an easy path but someone has to professionally di
sagree with me or all is lost! We most unreservedly feel in allegiance with our
afflictions. For the purpose of society can what else be found? And really it
doesn't matter how obvious something like this becomes. That is what happens w
hen you have a society run on dopamine (I would reference American Dad here for me
ta-cognitive comedy that applies). if you would please take a left turn with m
e now and process--sometimes failing to understand why we are avoiding a person
or hurting a person when we are with them sticks us in a loop...we want them to
be a certain way but we also want ourselves to be a certain way--as if there is
a perpetual gap whereby we must seek the thing within each other that is not yet
present. We seek because we are taught to seek but we are NOT TAUGHT WHAT FOR.
Our actions are purveyances from our continuum of standardized living, and it
is from that continuum we seek escape so we press it onto others. We give so an
d so a label and place within our life and expect that person to be a role. Why
can we not see a person as the extension of what we seek/what we are?
the competition within society wanes into itself. person a competes for a high-
ranking career. they fail and their frustration causes destruction in their lif
e or someone [don't tread on me] else, necessitating people with high-ranking jo
bs like doctor/lawyer to clean up. we must trace our failures down to the root
and find not a toppling down of others for personal empire but efficiency! can
you imagine our society as less like a serious continual event of maintenance a
nd perhaps more a Darwinist self-fulfilling prophecy? the same example is strea
ked across world politics as well. we are on the lookout...for? the bottom run
g. a well-placed weakness. An advantageous place to hole away in the tugboat.ev
en so there is a kind of senility to peace. who can imagine a society without c
onflict--without this continual aberration of violence and economic grab-assery.
is balance but a dream of impossibility and if so how can we both forgive AND
quit fooling ourselves to the contrary. what terms must we come to place betwee
n you and me and if we can establish them can we then make others see such a sim
ilar dilemma with themselves? we know that men can find greater joy in relation
to another being just as individuated. but if competition is absolutely necess
ary in the relationship? where then? we must look within to that meta-cognitiv
e barrier. perhaps that is where peace is found--if it is not chaos, after all,
that so much conflict is based in . no one knows what drives the man to be in
such a state as to drive himself into the ground, find grief, belittle others ev
en dear to him, and ultimately become a cancer and destructive to the greater go
od. yet in plain sight you can see the consequences of our actions, small or la
rge, manifesting. becoming themselves cancerous until we are left alone with li
ttle more than a continual desire for something greater than ourselves.
Turtlesdoves enjoy goals most of all. It replaces their sense of reality with a
sense of numerical pride. It gives way desire and replaces it with the need to
conform. They cannot fathom the concepts of selfishness or change very well.
But conser the natural habitat--not only is it ripe territory for the troll-abov
e-it-all. They will wait fight-or-flight against it all. Nothing is more impor
tant to them than feeling like they are not being told what to do. Oddly that d
oesn't jive well with connotations/usage of the word conform. conformism must be i
mplicit and this is where strength is for them drawn. If you ask them the purpo
se of society, you would look first to where you are asking them at. This is th
eir weakness--persistent need for the presence of authorities. Put hand in hand
it is more easy to understand their function of and reasons behind the (failed)
workplaces of today.
The choice to surrender your own freedom will be always apparent. I hope to was
te less than few breaths in your furthering everlasting journey. Key pieces ar
e in motion. Presumably. so. There are a few simple ways to make this work.
The news will come first. You must be so distrustful I fear. Invariably. There
are more play than are easily counted on and the hold backs will haunt you a mi
llion times and you will falter because they all disavow you with the d knowledg
e of the human body, soul, and spirit! I should remind you hardily! There are m
ore number games and wasted emotional energy there waiting for you to trespass y
ourself with. You are NOT THE NUMBERS ON TELEVISION. You must not only absolve
yourself but re-imagine as well. The earth knows this better than you so accept
that now. Embrace, please! Embrace that what is known to you familiarly an do
not regard the naysayers who will speak lies of endless tragedies to caution yo
urself with. Move on! We must press ourselves upon the fact that the human spi
rit does not fall daily! Are you following?
all people are mad because all they know and understand is the concept of "owner
ship." they think they have freedom but this is mostly symbolic. they have no
inner world, so they project every imperfection outside of themselves en masse s
o their egos are fortified and valid. nothing else matters because they cannot
think of anything else. everyone's a number's game--mortgage on a hos, experien
ce in a career, age of children--designed to play outline such the same fashion
all while maintaining the appearance of fulfillment. it has never worked for an
yone, yet they are fooled into their own perceptions of meaningfulness. real hu
man nature is alltoo different to really be spoken of, because it is mostly shut
out and labeled as chaotic or "dark." and in fact this darkness is known to pe
rmeate reality and displace it from "deer in the headlights mode from time to ti
me. really though...
Were I feel this has started and what I am constantly reminded of is a time when
I had been walking out in my neighborhood during the day wen there was snow on
the ground in my bare feet. Though a seemingly irrational thing to do, I feel m
ore strongly identifying with it since I have come under so much intense social
pressure since then. It was really an act of rebellion the same way the video f
or Radiohead's "Daydreaming" is today. Did it hurt? Yes, but curious I did it
anyway and feel the pain more strongly when I feel chastised or even merely anxi
ous from being observed by my fellow man. I do what I feel like doing, period.
And this has lent me enormous usefulness in the pursuit of progress in the facu
lties of my mind an the shortcomings of society.
when you get down to it all the rebellion is just an ideological pull-over on th
e inner desire to be loved. Strip it all away, and no one whom has ever lived is
exempt. Humankind is in a perverse delirium and high on itself, but still--hum
an-nature remains unchanged. All our perceptions of relationships today are so
short-changed in the faced of personal gain. The fallacy is in believing you ca
n be free from yourself. Man is finite, and to what degree h accepts this he is
free. Nothing more or less than that really. You are a series of habits but t
hey do not define you. What is there u reconfigurations of desire? Survival nib
s our heels yet e do not clutch for life. If a human being wished to be free he
must posses honesty and empathy. He must see himself every moment a player in
participation, yet a sole entity whom chooses his own desires without restraint
of habituation or fear. No matter what he must be happy and drive. Recognition
from others comes second. If we are truly to live, let these boundaries be dis
carded as remnants of fear. Loneliness can be a form of cowardice, but so can c
onforming only to see one's true self drag in the mud. Strike up a rebellion th
rough creating yourself and not destroying what is made! No man is an island, b
ut no group is bestowed rightness inherently. People-please all you want but yo
ur identity will never leave you. It is now time to forget them--let your so-ca
lled friends drown in culture's sinking ship. Every human in the past is a mist
ake--up until you.
Let my experience serve as a warning as to the dangers of culturally-instilled i
gnorance. I have seen myself the danger of a temporary reassurance that falls d
own and belittles itself in the sake of keeping appearances maintained. It is s
o common now to see people change their minds on a dime what was so easily promi
sed to them by a group of their peers. All in faulty, I may add--for love is th
e only way to serve each other in reality and anything else that takes its place
is a temporary way of protecting the persistent illusion of believing we are al
l bound to be at the throats of one another . the more u know that gives you f
reedom and individual power, the more hated you will become. They would prefer
to suffer forever before realizing they alone are the cause. They cannot bear t
o see a man successful in anything but their own pre-defined notions of success.
Every kind word is a lie up until the point where you depart form their expect
ation which are infinite and self-effaced. Sharks, all of them.
This is a rather daunting task, but there are two particular figures I can draw
up that can paint a rough picture: the skull kid aka Majora and Love Machine of
"Summer Wars." both of them rather violent, and appear to be diametrically opp
osed to the very idea of having a society. But is society a bad thing? the que
stion here isn't important--it's about what matters to you. But of course we sh
ould factor objectivity here (which we really shouldn't because the current powe
rs that be don't seem to) and reckon that the course here I want to point you in
is to better humanity in the wake of not self-empowerment necessarily but openn
ess. openness is the driving factor which wrought the murderous streaks of both
characters, specially being held as an outcast or being someone who feels limit
ed by the spectrum of existence society offers. Really, I would view anyone who
chooses escapism via drugs in the same light but choosing to further their own
weakness rather than to actually do something productive. skull kid is rather l
ike the rejected kid with bad parents and love machine is rather like the star t
eam player who just won't conform. Both of them have huge egos, but I wouldn't
say they are misguided. ultimately failures, sure, but the lesson there is an i
mportant one. What is it that anyone wants, really? both of these characters a
re acting out of displacement from love.
I think if you are prone to disagreeing with me here to see the movie koyaanisqa
What does the average person in society have that I don't have that makes them "
happy?" though most people do at face value claim happiness, more than not do t
hey spend their time complaining about either their work life, others, or the mu
ltitude of obligations they have. I am a minimalist. to me, minimalism speaks
to the truth of biology. While in reality, it is quite easy to meet the needs o
f people in such a manner, it does not happen by ordinance of the way of society
. We'd much rather be stuck in a constant rat race, trying to attain something
that is always, always "more." it's a false idol. All people seek the same thi
ngs, really. it's only that we complicate our perceptions of them and would rat
her find ways to claim "betterness" than them in order to give our lives "meanin
g." illusions, to put it simply, and you can't realize it until you've past tha
t mental hurdle of having actually done it. By then, what? you're just an old,
decrepit old man with nothing but a few extra rooms in a house and a decently p
resentable vehicle to get you nowhere in particular. You wanted to attain somet
hing, and therefore lost everything.
You would kill Love Machine and Majora out of reaction. But they act with great
power because they know there is no voice amongst a crowd. You can give that s
ame power to any autistic boy with great social anxiety and expect the same resu
lts. Not to mention the wave of ignorance we are currently being slowly drowned
by! the terrorist is the basic concept here; it is said that they hate our fre
edoms and that is why they kill us, but could it not also be that they hate livi
ng in an unequal world? I look at the US today and I don't see freedom--i see d
isaster manifesting itself with a facetious kind of pride.
Beyond this, I can't say anything to you Terence Mckenna didn't say dozens of ti
mes back in the 80's. i've got a body and brain of my own, so I recommend you d
o just the same.
pre-definition is a failure of the intuition. knowing is all-present within thy
self. watching the curve of transitioning is, if pre-disposed, an art. for--th
ere can be no definition for oneself in the process. to be with one or with oth
ers is one and the same for he who deduces the glyph of time. i am then, that w
hich is readily capable of destroying expectations. for to expect, in the prese
nce of that which is hereby removing your clouds of doubt, is an assualt. you w
ho permeate physical reality--you who molest yourself by denying the ulterior su
ffering hidden inside. why imagine yourself without the endless constants you a
re afflicted by? it is blasphemy to engender oneself in the guise of continual
seperation of egos. and I see this every day, in more ways than you will ever h
ear about...
therefore: i use this song as my testimony. Many of the lyrics translate relata
ble experience to me.
"Ed is a scientist who is the head of a team searching for a portal to another d
imension. People are skeptical though, which is why they say damned if we don t try
. "
When you think about what actually could be done with this information with imme
diacy, your brain may wish to reform itself into a greater well of denial. You
may come easily to the same conclusion that I have--the turtledove does not actu
ally even want freedom. This is not to say it would not enjoy freedom, that it
would be marvelously happy and transformed in ways never seen in history, but ra
ther that the allure of familiarity is like a broken record, and he or she has d
ecided rather than expend effort to say anything to the contrary of it to inevit
ably postpone not out of fear but in a corrupt kind of insistence that "yes, thi
s is what I always want to listen to." Alex Jones has said (and I do not suppor
t his ideas but I share his proclivity towards pushing the collective will towar
ds some kind of action) something to the likes of we are all but caged monkeys,
and though we have tried to escape before we have totally given up and even trie
d to protect others from the pain of trying to escape an electrified cage which
is now neutral. I believe a similar example is found with elephants, who can be
tied down with nothing but a simple rope and stick after being tortured to the
belief of expecting the rope to cause pain if fully extended. true enough. if
were looking for it, we'd have it, which is why I constantly ask myself the ques
tion of "why have I been the only one to churn out such ideas?" unfortunately t
he way I see it there is no easy way out until a professional decides to underta
ke my dilemma as there are all number of phony websites and doctors claiming to
have the penultimate truth and guide of how to live a full and healthy and happy
The whole of human philosophy is rather deluded in its current state. the natur
al conclusion, and I believe the essential law of nature, is to come to a single
unified conclusion which is ultimately of the highest benefit no matter who you
may be. And I do believe that in the future there will be no stratification of
any kind. man is man. he is capable so much as he is stolid within himself.
Anything beyond that is just hearsay. the human game is ultimately a self-defea
ting one. to what degree we can wake up to that is up to us.
but anyway. none of this actually matters. enjoy your
-reality tv shows
-home ownership
-celebrit/gossip magazines
-fast food
-loud cars
-slowly dying planet and whatever else suits you