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French country - Belgique

Methods of Preparation
Food Customs of Belgium Interesting Facts Belgium produces 220,000 tons of chocolate per year
French Fries originated in Belgium in the seventieth century
Belgium manufactures over 700 types of beer
An average Belgian adult drinks 150L of beer per year
Only 5% of the population attend church
Royal Palace of Brussels is larger than the Buckingham Palace Meal Patterns Breakfast
Intro/Background Location Situated in Western Europe Border Countries Netherlands to the North
Germany & Luxembourg to the West
France to the South
North Sea to the Background Was part of the Netherlands until 1830
King Leopold I was the first King
Belgium was occupied and the site of many battles during both world wars King Leopold I Fairly
People usually choose some cake or pastries egg. Croissant and pain au chocolate Lunch Larger
than breakfast
Traditional meals are usually eaten at lunch for egg. Tartar, Moseley Fried, and etc. Dinner
Largest meal of the day for Belgian people
Wide variety of meals such as Likes Sla, Pickled Crudits, etc. Mealtime Etiquette Knives remain
on the right of the plate and spoons to the left
Your hands must remain above the table while you eat
Most honoured person sits at the head or the centre of the table
You don't have to tip because in Belgium most restaurants add a 15% service charge Some
Interesting Belgian Foods Rabbit in Mustard Sauce - exactly what the name says
Moseley Fried is also a simple dish containing French fries and Mussels.
Last of all, Konini in Guise is a special rabbit dish that is prepared
With Guise beer. Rabbit in Mustard Sauce Moseley Fried Impact on Canadian Culture Not a big
impact on Canadian culture
Only real sign of Belgium influence is waffles and chocolate
However there is no Belgium groceries, restaurants, or anything other than a few in big cities
egg. Toronto
Therefore even though chocolate is a big influence, its the only one so Canada isnt affected by
Belgium as much as other countries Belgian Restaurant on Toronto Food and Characteristic
Flavours of Belgium Belgium cuisine has been influenced by its neighbouring countries over
centuries - mostly by France
Known around the world for their chocolate
2 Major ethnic groups in Belgium
The Fleming people located in northern Belgium and the Walloons people of the south
Both influenced by different countries based on their location THE END