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Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris


Hari/Tanggal : Rabu, 7 Mei 2008

Jam : 08.00 – 10.00


1. Isikan identitas Anda ke dalam Lembar Jawaban Ujian Nasional (LJUN) yang
tersedia dengan menggunakan pensil 2B sesuai petunjuk di Lembar Jawaban
Ujian Nasional (LJUN)

2. Hitamkan bulatan di depan nama mata ujian pada LJUN

3. Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan paket tes tersebut.

4. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 4 (empat)
pilihan jawaban.

5. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya.

6. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang
jelas, rusak, atau tidak lengkap.

7. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika atau alat

bantu hitung lainnya.

8. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.

9. Lembar soal boleh dicoret-coret, untuk mengerjakan soal hitungan.

1. You find the notice at the gate of a housing complex.

It means that only the… who own the house at the housing complex can go

A. Security guards

B. Participants

C. People

D. Guests

Read the invitation below and answer questions 2 and 3

You and your partner are invited

to attend

Eleanor Mckay’s

15th birthday

In The Cocino Green House

2. How old will Eleanor Mckay be in 2016?

A. 20

B. 21

C. 22

D. 23

3. When was Eleanor McKay born?

A. In 2003

B. In 2005

C. In 1993
D. In 1995

4. The following warning means the pedestrians should … the grass

Keep off the grass

A. not cut

B. not water

C. not keep

D. not walk on

Read the text and answer the questions 5 and 6

Student Writing Contest

THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY invites submissions of poetry, fiction, and

personal or journalistic essays for this year’s Student Writing Contest


Poetry, fiction, and personal or journalistic essays

MANUSCRIPTS should be typewritten (one side only, please) double-

spaced, and accompanied by a cover sheet with the following
information: title, category, word count, author’s name, address, phone
number, e-mail address (if available), and academic institution. Of this
information, only the title should appear on the manuscripts itself.


5. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To describe the student writing contest

B. To announce the student writing contest

C. To amuse the students with writing contest

D. To retell the students about writing contest

6. The following are required for the works that the participants should prepare,
except that they are…

A. original

B. unpublished

C. easy to read

D. typewritten

The warning means …

A. it will be good if we take the picture of the sun

B. it will be better if we take the picture of other intense light sources

C. if we aim the camera directly into the sun, the sun will have a

D. our eyes might be in danger if the camera is aimed into the sun or
intense light resources.

Study the following table to answer questions 8 and 9.

Calories per day

Boys Girls
Ages Calories Ages Calories
9 – 11 2,200 9 – 11 2,200
12 – 14 2,650 12 – 14 2,150
15 – 17 2,900 15 – 17 2,150

8. The text is about the number of calories that …

A. children need per day based on their ages
B. old people have to consume daily
C. all people must burn in a day
D. the boys need in a whole day

9. How many calories does a thirteen year old boy need per day?
A. 2,150.
B. 2,200.
C. 2,650.
D. 2,900

Read the text and answer questions 10 to 13.

Peter is the youngest in our family. He is fourteen years old and
four years younger than me. He has long, straight hair, bright eyes
and a friendly smile. Sometimes he is rather naughty at home, but he
usually does what he is asked to do.
Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school he plays
football and tennis. He is the best badminton player in our family.

10. What is the text mostly about?

A. Peter.
B. Peter’s hobby.
C. Peter’s family.
D. Peter’s elder brother.

11. From the text we know that Peter is…

A. the writer’s youngest brother
B. the writer’s elder brother
C. a naughty boy
D. a friendly boy

12. Based on the text we know that the writer is … years old.
A. fourteen
B. sixteen
C. eighteen
D. nineteen

13. “Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school he plays football and tennis”.
The underlined phrase can be replaced with …
A. dislike sport
B. really likes sport
C. hates sport very much
D. find sport not really entertaining.

The following text is for questions 14 to 17

Amelia’s house was in a quite place. It was a hilly village. The garden
of her house was very beautiful. Flowers with various colors grew there.
Amelia grew some roses. She ‘s a nature lover. One day Amelia closed her
book. She felt tired after studying hard. She stood by the window. She could
see the mountain from there. It was a beautiful bluish green.
“How beautiful. How wonderful it would be if I could reach the top of
that mountain without climbing.”
“if you want to fly up there, follow me,” said a soft voice. Amelia was
surprised. “who are you? Why did you come in without permission?”
“My name is Yuli. My home is a bit far from here. I want to be your friend,
Amelia,” said th girl.
“You know my name,” said Amelia.
“I often hear you mother calling you,” Yuli answered. She reached out her
hand to Amelia. Amelia shook Yuli’s hand.
“Why is your hand so cold? Are you ill? asked Amelia, worried.
“I haven’t been to school for few days,” said Yuli.
“If you were sick, why aren’t you in bed now?” asked Amelia.
“The fresh air will make me better, Amelia,” said Yuli pulled Amelia’s hand.
She wanted Amelia to follow her.
“Oh no, I cannot go now. I must do my homework.”
“Okay. How about tomorrow? My other will make some delicious cakes for
me. You must taste some, Yuli,” said Amelia.
“Thanks Amelia. You are so kind.” Yuli waved to Amelia and then she was
gone. Amelia’s mother was puzzled to see her daughter talking alone.

14. What does the story tell about?

A. A mysterious girl.
B. Amelia’s new friend
C. A little girl in a village.
D. A quite place in a village.

15. The first paragraph is about…

A. the dream of Amelia.
B. the setting place of the story.
C. how the story happened.
D. the problem faced by Amelia.

16. What did Amelia to do someday?

A. To play with her new friend.
B. To fly up to the top of the mountain.
C. To introduce her friend to her mother.
D. To reach the top of the mountain.

17. ‘ … make some delicious cakes for me’

The word ‘delicious’ means …
A. bad smell
B. nice taste
C. bitter taste
D. stale flavor

Read the following advertisement to answer questions 18 and 19.

Native speaker Eng Teachers
Required Exp/C TEFL preferred
Ph Louis 8564791 – 92, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Monday to Saturday

18. Which qualification must the teacher candidate have?

A. Explicit.
B. Expired.
C. Expressive.
D. Experienced.

19. The word “required’ is similar in meaning to …

A. Mr. called
and Mrs. Charly were on a tour to Europe. They were
B. helped
travelling on a guided tour to five countries. They were going to travel
C. trained
through The Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and France
forD.two needed
The guide for the tour was a Swiss. On the day 1st of the travel the
Read the
guide passage
told them toand answer
check questionstheir
their passports, 20 to 24 cheques and their
foreign cash. He told them to keep them safely.
They traveled in a comfortable coach with a toilet, music, and
video. The guide stopped the coach at many famous places. He
explained the cultural importance of the places. They stayed in big
hotels for the night and ate in the restaurants.
On the way, they stopped at small inns to eat lunch. In big towns,
they went for shopping. They brought many souvenirs for their friends.
Thy enjoyed the two-week tour.
20. The text is about…
A. travelling
B. shopping
C. tracking
D. visiting

21. Where were Mr. and Mrs. Charly touring?

A. Africa
B. Europe
C. America
D. Australia

22. The guide told them to check their immigration …, such as passport, visa and
exit permit.
A. paper
B. letters
C. records
D. documents

23. What is paragraph three about?

A. Shopping in big town
B. Staying in famous places
C. Visiting interesting places
D. Eating in big restaurants

24. “They enjoyed the two-week tour”

The underlined word has the same meaning as …
A. got bored with
B. got pleasure from
C. became addicted to
D. planned well became amazed at
Read the following text and answer questions 25 and 25.


This hair tonic is processed from the leaves of quinine tree to help
stimulate hair growth. Apply evenly on scalp every morning or evening
particularly on areas where hair is thinning and lightly massage.

25. What does the text tell about?

A. Hair cut
B. Hair style
C. Hair dresser
D. Hair treatment.

26. What is the function of hair tonic?

A. To make hair thin.
B. To massage scalp lightly.
C. To help stimulate hair growth.
D. To process the eaves of the quinine tree.

Read the following text and answer questions 27 to 29.

A shepherd took his ship out of pasture, but when it was time to
return to the sheep pen, he found that some wild goats had become mixed
up with his flock. Nonetheless, he was very pleased that the flock had
grown by itself, and he closed the goats into the pen along with the
The nest day was rainy and the shepherd decided not to go out.
He gave is sheep only a small handful of food, while he gave much
bigger rations to the goats. He thought that if he treated them well, they
would stay with him. In spite of this, as soon as the shepherd opened the
gate, the goats ran out and he was unable to catch them again.
“Ungrateful beasts, “ shouted the shepherd after them. “I treated
you better than the other!”
“That’s why we’re going,” answered one of the goats. “If you
prefer us new animals to your sheep, how will you treat us if you find
some more animals in your flocks?”
So, do not be too happy if someone shows you that they prefer to
you to their old friends. You too will soon be an old friend and could be
replaced just as easily.

27. The text tells you about a shepherd, his sheep and …
A. the pasture
B. wild goats
C. his friends
D. all beats

28. Why was the shepherd happy one day?

A. He found some wild goats among his sheep.
B. He could close his sheep in the pen well.
C. His lost goats returned in good condition.
D. There was a pasture for his hungry sheep.

29. Which is the moral value can you learn from the story?
A. Never ever trust to the new one.
B. Don’t thread your friend as enemy.
C. There are not good things on the old one.
D. Don’t forget the old friends if you get the new one.

Read the text and answer the questions 30 to 31.

The directors of the Indonesian Import Company request the company of

Mr. John Taylor

Managing Directors of Woolcat Ltd, Hampshire

on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of their company at the

International Club In Jakarta
On 10 September at 8.15 p.m.
(dinner at 9.00 p.m.)

Zu Bakir, Indonesian Import Company, 250 Serang Road Jakarta,

30. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To invite someone
B. To inform people.
C. To send a message.
D. To remind somebody.

31. Which statement is TRUE based on the text above?

A. Mr. Zu Bakir is the director of the International Club.
B. The invitees should inform Zu Bakir about their coming.
C. Mr. Taylor is the director of the Indonesia Import Company.
D. The Indonesia Import Company is located in Hampshire England.

Read the following text and answer questions 32 to 34.

32. Who are the most suitable people to drive the car?
A. Young people.
B. Old people.
C. Children.
D. Kids.

33. How many awards did New Honda Jazz get?

A. 68
B. 51
C. 34
D. 17

34. “… New Honda Jazz is the best car that suites to every youngster.”
The word “’suites’ has similar meaning to …
A. appropriate
B. uncomfortable
C. important
D. well-know

Read the text and answer questions 35 to 37.

Tikka Kebab
1. Cubes of lamb
2. Squares of green pepper
3. Onions
4. Salad
5. Tikka seasoning mixture

1. Cut onions into quarters
2. Put cubes of lambs, squares of green peppers and onion squares
on bamboo skewers and marinate them in Tikka seasoning
3. Grill them
4. Serve them with salad (curry like seasoning from India)

35. What does the writer write the text for?

A. To inform how to serve a salad.
B. To explain how to make a salad.
C. To tell how to make Tikka Kebab.
D. To discuss how to make cubes of lamb.

36. How many ingredients are needed to make Tikka Kebab?

A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six

37. What does the word ‘them’ in step 2 refer to?

A. Cubes of lamb and onions
B. Onion, bamboo, skewers, and salad.
C. Squares of green pepper and onions.
D. Cubes of lamb, onions, and squares of green pepper.

Read the letter below and answer the questions 38 to 40.

Dear Emily,
How are you doing? Remember me? We met at “Smutzer
Primate Museum” in Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta last month. I am really
glad that you choose my country to spend the vacation. Sorry, I cannot
enclose our photos here, because you know my youngest brother, Irfan,
deleted them. I had not kept them yet in the camera. Here I give you
some photos of Irfan’s birthday. We celebrated it by having lunch
together. You can see my big family. My mom roasted 3 big fish for
us. And we had hot chili sauce or sambal’ to eat with that roasted fish.
Hm… yummy!?
How about your activity this semester? You’re in class 11th,
right? I want to know about Victoria. I want to be your pen pal, so I
can improve my English, and you can improve your Bahasa Indonesia,
too. Okay, that’s all for the first letter. I am looking forward to hearing
from you. Send my love to your mom and grandma. Bye!

Your pal

38. The writer’s purpose of writing this letter is …

A. To get a photo
B. To have pen pal
C. To go to Victoria
D. To tell her experience
39. Where did Mirda met Emily?
A. In students’ exchange program
B. In Ragunan students’ camp.
C. In Ragunan zoo
D. In a study tour.

40. Where is Emily studying now?

A. In a junior high school.
B. In a senior high school
C. In a academy
D. In a university

Read the following text and answer questions 41 to 43

What is the significance of Rabbits’ Large Ears

A rabbit is a small furry mammal with a short tail and pointed

ears. Rabbits live in burrows in the ground. Each burrow is a home
of a single family. The first fossil which can be attributed to this
family came from North America but now they are found in every
part of the world. Compared to its small body rabbit has large –
sized ears.
A rabbit is a week and timid animal and is always surrounded
by many enemies. Therefore nature has gifted it with large ears to
help it to hear even the fun of drop sound. The large area of the ear
catches almost every sound wave produced in the air and transfers
them into the inner ear. This makes the rabbit to detect its enemies in
time and run to safety zones.
You must have noticed that a rabbit washes its ears by
repeatedly licking its forepaws and rubbing them over the surface of
its ears. It does this in order to keep its ears clean, and also to take
into its mouth natural oil which surrounds the ear surface. This oil is
important in forming vitamin D which is necessary for the growth of
healthy bones. If the rabbit is not allowed to form this, it will
develop rickets.
Shortened from : Children’s Knowledge Bank, Look Out, Rohan Book Company.

41. Which part of the rabbit’s body produced natural oil? Its …
A. forepaws
B. mouth
C. ears
D. tail

42. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

A. How enemies surround a rabbit.
B. How a rabbit detects its enemies.
C. Why a rabbit has many enemies
D. Why a rabbit like fighting.

43. The purpose of the text is …

A. To amuse the story.
B. To retell rabbit’s habitat.
C. To describe rabbit’s ears.
D. To describe rabbit in general.

For question 44 to 46, choose the suitable word to complete the text
Rino has a parrot named Coly
It has … (44) feather. They are yellow, blue and red. Coly is very
noisy. …(45) always imitates the human voice. It has a curved bill. It
also has feet with two toes pointing forward and two backward. The
feet help it to … (46) on the branches and hold food.

A. ugly
B. nice
C. colorful
D. beautiful

A. It
B. Its
C. They
D. Their

A. fly
B. take
C. grip
D. bring

47. 1. In the end, the crow had no more cake because of her foolishness.
2. The crow was so proud to hear this.
3. One day a hungry fox was walking alone in the jungle.
4. As soon as she opened her beak, the cake fell down.
5. The crow had a piece of cake on her beak.
6. The cunning Fox caught the cake happily and ran away.
7. Then she started to open her beak to sing for the Fox.
8. “Oh…beautiful Crow! You’re the best singer I’ve know in the
world. I really want to hear you melodious voice. Please… sing me
a song now!”
9. He saw a crow perch on a branch of tree.

Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences above?

A. 3–5–2–8–4–9–1–7–6
B. 3–5–7–8–2–9–4–1–6
C. 3–8–2–5–9–7–6–4–1
D. 3–9–5–8–2–7–4–6–1

48. 1. Why was it named like that?

2. A brontosaurus was as long as four big elephants standing in a line.
3. The man who named it thought that when such a big animal
walked, it must have made a noise like thunder
4. The word brontosaurus means thunder lizard.

The best arrangement of the sentence above is …

A. 4 – 2 – 1 – 3
B. 2 – 4 – 1 – 3
C. 3 – 4 – 1 – 2
D. 1 – 4 – 3 – 2

For questions 49 and 50 choose the best arrangement of the words to

make correct sentences.

49. in – your – the – best – speech – on – congratulation – contest – performance!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

A. 7–4–9–1–2–3–5–6–8
B. 7–6–2–4–9–1–3–5–8
C. 7–6–3–5–8–1–2–4–9
D. 7–1–3–5–8–6–2–9–4

50. Meet – the library – 3 p.m. – in front of – please – at – me

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

A. 5–7–4–2–6–3–1
B. 4–3–2–1–7–5–6
C. 5–1–7–4–2–6–3
D. 4–2–6–3–1–5–7


1. C 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. B
6. C 15. B 24. B 33. A 42. B
7. D 16. B 25. D 34. A 43. C
8. A 17. B 26. C 35. C 44. C
9. C 18. D 27. B 36. C 45. A
10. A 19. D 28. A 37. D 46. C
11. A 20. A 29. D 38. D 47. D
12. C 21. B 30. A 39. C 48. A
13. B 22. D 31. A 40. B 49. B
14. B 23. C 32. A 41. C 50. C


1. Kata “Residents” memiliki arti “penduduk atau sejumlah orang yang

menempati suatu lokasi tertentu. Jadi jawaban yang palling tepat adalah
(A) Security guard = petugas keamanan
(B) Partipants = peserta
(C) People = orang-orang
(D) Guest = tamu

2. Jika pada tahun 2008 Mckays berumur 15 tahun (ditandai dengan kata 15th
birthday atau berari ulang tahun yang kelima belas) maka pada tahun 2016 dia
berumur 23 tahun [15 + 8 (2016 – 2008) = 23)
Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah D (23)

3. Jika pada tahun 2008 Mckays berumur 15 tahun, berarti dia lahir pada tahun
1993 (2008 – 15 = 1993).
Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah C (1993)

4. Tanda Keep off the grass biasanya diletakkan di atas lahan berumput di taman
atau tempat-tempat umum. Fungsinya unutk memperingatkan orang-orang agar
tidak menijak atau berjalan di atas rumput.
Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat adalah D (not walk on)
(A) Not cut = tidak memotong
(B) Not water = tidak menyirami
(C) Not keep = tidak menjaga
(D) Not walk on = tidak berjalan di atas

5. Teks tersebut berisi informasi yang fungsinya memberitahukan atau

mengumumkan kepada masyarakat tentang Students Writing Contest yang
menjadi tema utama dalam teks tersebut.
(A) Salah, karena disitu tidak digambarkan/dideskripsikan mengenai Students
Writing Contest
(B) Benar, kaerna teks tersebutkan sifatnya mengumumkan (to announce)
Students Writing Contest
(C) Salah, karena tidak ada kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menarik atau
membujuk (to amuse) pembaca unutuk mengikuti Students Writing Contest
(D) Salah, karena teks tersebut tidak menceritakan (to retell) Students Writing

6. Tidak ada kalimat yang menyatakan bahwa karangan yang dikirimkan harus
easy to read baik secara implicit maupun eksplisit. Pihak panitia menerima
jenis karangan dalam bentuk apappun sesuai dengan kategori.

7. Warning berfungsi memperingatkan (to warn) pembaca mengenai suatu hal.

(A) Salah, karena warning tersebut tidak menganjurkan pembaca untuk
mengambil gambar matahari, warning justru melarangnya
(B) Salah, alasanyya sama dengan pint (A)
(C) Salah, karena bukan matahari yang akan mengalami masalah atau
(D) Benar, karena maksud warning tersebut adalah memperingatkan pembaca
untuk tidak mengahadapkan kamera secara langsung pada matahari, karena
dapat merusak mata kita.

8. (A) Benar, karena teks tersebut menjelaskan mengenai kalori yang dibutuhkan
oleh anak-anak berdasarkan umur mereka
(B) Salah, karena teks tersebut hanya menjelaskan mengenai kalori yang
dibuthkan oleh anak-anak (9 – 17 tahun), bukan orang tua.
(C) Salah, sebab teks tersebut hanya menjelaskan jumlah kalori yang
dibuthkan, bukan kalori yang harus dibakar.
(D) Salah, kaerna bukan hanya anak laki-laki yang dijelaskan, tetapi juga anak
perempuan (girls)

9. Kalori yang dibutuhkan oleh anak laki-laki berumur 13 tahun (thirteen years
old boy) yakni anak yang berkisar antara umur 12 – 14 tahun adalah 2,650.

10. Teks tersebut bercerita banyak mengenai Peter. Dari awal kalimat sampai
akhir kalimat, penulis hanya menjelaskan tentang Peter. Memang penulis
sedikit membahas mengenai kegemaran Peter, namun itu tidak mendominasi
teks tersebut. Sehingga jawan yang paling tepat adalah A (Peter)

11. Peter adalah saudara termuda dalam keluarga penulis (Peter is the youngest
in our family). Dari sini dapat dikatakan bahwa Peter adalah saudara termuda
(A) Benar, karena sesuai dengan bacaan (peter is the youngest in our family)

(B) Salah, karena Peter temuda, otomatis dia tak mungkin lebih tua dari
(C) Tidak ada kalimat5 y6ang menyatakan bahwa Peter adalah anak yang
nakal. Penulis hanya menjelaskan bahwa Peter agak nakal tapi penurut
(He is rather naughty

(D) Tidak ada kalimat dari teks tersebut yang menjelaskan bahwa Peter anak
yang ramah. Penulis hanya menjelaskan bahwa Peter memiliki senyum
yang ramah/bersahabat (a friendly smile)

12. Jika Peter berumur 14 tahun (He is fourteen years old) dan 4 tahun lebih
muda dari penulis (four years younger than me), maka penulis berumur 18
tahun (eighteen).
Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah C (eighteen)

13. Interested in berarti suka akan atau gemar akan

(A) Dislike = tidak suka
(B) Really likes sport = benar-benar menyukai
(C) Hates sports very much = snagt membenci olahraga
(D) Finds sport not really entertaining = menganggap olahraga tidak
Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah B (really likes sports)

14. Bacaan tersebut menceritaan tentang Amelia yang menemukan teman baru
meskipun teman baru itu hanya hayalan Amelia.

15. Paragraf 1 menjelaskan mengenai kondisi tempat dimana cerita itu terjadi.
(A) Salah, kaerna the dream of Amelia adalah inti dari keseluruhan teks
(B) Benar, karena paragraph pertama memang menjelaskan menganai setting
tempat dimana cerita itu berlangsung.
(C) Paragraph pertama tidak menjelaskan tentang bagaimana cerita tersebut
bias terjadi.
(D) Tidak ada satu kalimatpun yang menjelaskan mengenai maslah apa yang
sedang dihadapi oleh Amelia

16. (A) Salah, karena dia tidak berangan untuk bermain dengan teman baru
(B) Benar, seuai dengan kalimat “iHow wonderful it would be if I could reach
the top of the mountain without climbing”
(C) Salah, alasannya dia memang berencana untuk memperkenalkan teman
barunya kepada ibunya, namun keinginan itu muncul setelah dia menemukan
teman baru
(D) Salah, karena dia ingin mencapai puncak gunung dengan tidak

17. Delicious = sedap, lezat, enak

(A) Bad smell = bau busuk/tidak sedap
(B) Nice taste = lezat
(C) Bitter taste = pahit
(D) Stale flavor = basi

18. Yang diutamakan menjadi kualifikasi dalam lowongan tersebut adalah

berpengalaman (experienced)

19. Required = disyaratkan/diharuskan

(A) Called = dipanggil
(B) Helped = dibantu
(C) Trained = terlatih
(D) Needed = dibutuhkan

20. Teks tersebut menjelaskan tentang perjalanan Mr. dan Mrs. Charly keliling
Eropa. Bagian dari perjalanan (travelling) tersebut adalah berbelanja
(shopping), dan mengunjung (visiting) berbagai tempat.
Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat adalah A (travelling)

21. Telah jelas (kalimat pertama paragraph pertama)

22. Passport, visa dan exit permit termasuk surat-surat penting yang diperlukan
manakala seseorang bepergian ke luar negeri.
(A) Salah, Paper dapat berarti kertas atau surat kabar.

(B) Salah, Letters berrti surat. Surat yang dimaksud disini adalah informasi
yang dikirim oleh seseorang atau instansi kepada orang atau instanssi
yang lain.

(C) Salah, Records berarti rekaman atau catatan resmi

(D) Benar, karena Documents memilki arti surat-surat penting, contohnya

passport dan visa.

23. Paragraf 3 menceritakan bahwa Mr. dan Mrs. Charly menaiki coach dan
coach merka berhenti untuk mengunjungi (visiting) tempat-tempat yang
terkenal (famous places)
Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat adalah C(visiting interesting places)

24. Enjoyed = menikmati

(A) Got bored with = bosan akan
(B) Got pleasure from = senang akan
(C) Became addicted to = ketagihan akan
(D) Planned well became amazed at = kagum dengan
Jawaaban yang paling tepat adalah B (got pleasure from)
25. Teks tersbut menjelaskan tentang hair tonic yang bermanfaat bagi
pertumbuhan rambut. Teks tidak menjelaskan tentang model potongan
rambut atau gaya rambut juga tidak menjelaskan tentang piñata rambut.
Namun, teks tersebut menjelaskan tentang perwatan rambut (hair treatment).

26. Fungsi hair ttonic sesuai dengan kalimat pertama teks tersebut (to help
stimulate hair growth)
(A) Hair tonic tidak untuk menipiskan rambut, justru unutuk menebalkan

(B) Cara penggunaanya memang dipijatkan ke kulit kepala, tapi fungsinya

bukan untuk memijat, tentunya bukan hair tonic itu sendiri yang akan
memijat kepala kita.

(C) Jawaban benar, sesuai bacaan

(D) Hair tonic di dapat dari quinine tree, bukan alat yang akan meproses
quinine tree.

27. B (wild goats), telah jelas.

28. Dalam cerita tersebut, sang pengembala berbahagia karena menemukan

beberapa kambing diantara domba-dombanya.
(B) Tidak dijelaskan dalam cerita

(C) Tidak terdapat dalam cerita

(D) Tidak dijelaskan dalam teks

29. Pesan moral yang disampaikan penulis pada pembaca ditulis pada paragraph
terakhir cerita tersebut.
Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah D (Don’t forget the old friend if you get the
new one)

30. Surat tersebut merupakan surat undangan dari Zu Bakir, seorang direktur
perusahaan impor Indonesia bernama International Club yang ditujukan
kepada Mr. John Taylor, seorang manajemen direktur perusahaan Woolcat
Ltd, di Hampshire.
Surat undangan berfungsi untuk mengundang (to invite)
Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat adalah A (to invite someone)

31. Telah jelas, baca pembahasan nomor 30

32. Youngsters = kawula muda

(A) Young people = orang-orang muda/kawula muda

(B) Old people = orang muda

(C) Children = anak-anak

(D) Kids = anak-anak

33. Penghargaan yang diperoleh oleh Honda Jazz adalah 17 penghargaan

nasional (national awards) dan 51 penghargaan internasional (international
awards). Jadi, total keseluruhan adalah 63 penghargaan

34. Suites = cocok/pantas/serasi

(A) Appropriate = cocok
(B) Uncomfortable = tidak nyaman
(C) Important = penting
(D) Well-know = terkenal

35. Teks ini berbentuk prosedur yang mempunyai fungsi untuk menjelaskan atau
memaparkan (to explain/to tell) cara membuat atau mengoperasikan sesuatu
(A) Salah, karena teks tidak menjelaskan tentang cara menyajikan salad
(B) Salah, karena teks tidak menjelaskan mengenai cara membuat salad. Salad
adalah salah satu bahan yang diperlukan (ingredient)
(C) Benar, karena teks berisi tentang penjelasan mengenai cara membuat
Tikka Kebab
(D) Salah, teks tidak berisi tentang cara pembuatan cubes of lamb

36. Ada 5 bahan yang dibutuhkan dalam membuat Tikka Kebab, yaitu cubes of
lamb, squares of green pepper, onions, salad dan Tikka seasoning mixture.

37. Telah jelas

38. Dalam surat tersebut, Mirda bercerita kepada Emily tentang bagaimana
senangnya Mirda saat mereka berkenalan, tentang foto mereka yang dihapus
oleh adik Mirda, juga tentang keluarga Mirda. Semua itu merupakan
pengalaman (experience) yang Mirda alami selama berkenalan dengan Emily.
Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat sesuai dengan bacaan tersebut adalah D (to
tell her experience).

39. Telah jelas (kalimat pertama, paragraph pertama)

40. Emily sekarang kelas 11, yaitu siswa SMA (senior high school)

41. Dapat dilihat dalam bacaan, paragraph tiga kalimat ketiga (… and also to take
into its mouth natural oil which surrounds the ear surface)

42. Kalimat terakhir pargraf 2

43. Sesuai dengan judul yang membahas tentang teling besar kelinci (Rabbits’
large ears), dan sesuai dengan fungsi paragraph deskriptif yaitu untujk
mendeskripsikan (to describe), maka tujuan (purpose) dari bacaan tersebut
adalah C (to describe rabbits’ ears.

44. Jawaban yang tepat adalah “colorful” yang artinya berwarna-warni hal ini
ditandai dengan kalimat selanjutnya yang mengikuti yaitu yellow, blue, and

45. Kata yang dibutuhkan adalah kata ganti yang sesuai dengan kalimat
sebelumnya. Karena subject awalny adalah Coly yang mana dia adalah
hewan, maka kata gantinya adalah “It”. Sedangkan Its bukan merupakan
personal pronoun (kata ganti) tapi possessive pronoun (kata ganti milik)

46. Kaki yang dimiliki oleh Coly digunakan untuk …. ranting dan memegang
makanan. Kata yang tepat untuk melengkapai adalah menggenggam
(A) Fly = terbang

(B) Take = mengambil

(C) Grip = menggenggam

(D) Bring = membawa

47. Paragraph yang tepat adalah

One day a hungry fox was walking alone in the jungle. He saw a crow
perch on a branch of tree. The crow had a piece of cake on her beak. “Oh…
beautiful Crow! You’re the best singer I’ve know in the world. I really want
to hear you melodious voice. Please… sing me a song now!” The crow was
so proud to hear this. Then she started to open her beak to sing for the Fox.
As soon as she opened her beak, the cake fell down. The cunning Fox caught
the cake happily and ran away. In the end, the crow had no more cake
because of her foolishness.

48. Susunan yang tepat adalah

The word brontosaurus means thunder lizard. A brontosaurus was as
long as four big elephants standing in a line. Why was it named like that? The
man who named it thought that when such a big animal walked, it must have
made a noise like thunder

49. Susunan yang tepat adalah …

Congratulation on your best performance! In the speech contest

50. Susunan tang benar adalah

Please meet me in front of the library at 3 p.m.

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