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Causing aggression and crime?

- Do violent and crime-oriented video games

lead to increased aggression, violence, and criminal acts among their
players? -

Psychological disturbances - Do violent video games cause psychological

disturbances, particularly among the young children that play them (this is
referring to disturbances that may be disconnected from considerations of
violence) -

Academic value? - Do violent video game hinder academic achievement?


Do violent video games lack "artistic" value? -

Is parental consent insufficient for the purpose of filtering violent games from
their children? Can increased censorship be justified on this basis?

Would a government be justified to intervene in censoring violent video


..Although no violent**the problem still will occurs.the game

is always use as a excuse by humanactually the human always put
the blame on the games
1 Violent video games provide a safe outlet for angry feelings. (2007 study).

2 Violent video game ratings are going up, while murder rates have gone

3 Violent video games show violence, however people who play these video
games do not use this violence in the real world.