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Community Service Project

Name of Intern: Joe Amodio

Name of Mentor: Kris Lindsay
Name of Supervisor: Ann Dombroski

Name of the Organization Participating:

Family Centered Services of Connecticut

Organizations Contact Information:

Family Centered Services of CT, Inc.
235 Nicoll Street (Rear)
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone (203) 624-2600

Fax (203) 562-6232
Email info@FamilyCT.org

Goal of the Service Project:

The goal of the service project is to promote positive citizenship through acts of kindness. Our
classroom community will respond to the diverse needs of the community and gain an
understanding of the social, economic and cultural context of communities in neighboring
towns/cities. Our classroom will collect donations for a less fortunate family during the holiday
season through the Family Centered Service organization in New Haven, Connecticut.
Actions Steps to Accomplish Community Service Project:
Contact Family Centered Services regarding the adopt-a-family holiday program
Invite a member from the organization to Skype with and/or visit our school to discuss
the needs of the community, and why our support is needed.
Read The True Gift by Patricia MacLauchlan aloud with students to enforce the idea of
giving as its own gift.
Develop a parent letter to distribute to students regarding our holiday project, including
information about our adopted family and their holiday wish list.
Collect and organize parent donations
Create cards and holiday messages for the adopted family
Wrap and package gifts
Enlist parent support for delivery of gifts to Family Centered Services
Deliver our gifts to the FCS office in New Haven, Connecticut
Reflect on our acts of kindness and contribution to the greater community

Connecticut Standards for Leadership Addressed:

Standard 1: Implement and sustain the vision, mission and goals of the school
Standard 2: Continuously improve teaching and learning.
Standard 4: Collaborate with families and other stakeholders, respond and contribute to
community interests and needs, access resources in conjunction with other organizations
Standard 5: Demonstrate a commitment to values, beliefs and practices aligned with the vision,
Community Service Project
mission and goals; model and expect exemplary practices

Direct Benefit to Students:

Students will be directly involved in giving back to the community, and supporting the needs of
less fortunate families. This will help foster responsible citizenship and develop a deeper
understanding of the broader social context and economic situation of families in surrounding
communities. The project will also help students practice oral and written communication skills
in a variety of capacities.

Schedule/Time Line for Student Engagement:

November 2014:

assist in developing a notice to inform parents about our project.

December 2014:

assist parents with shopping for donations

deliver gifs to school
create holiday cards/messages
wrap and label gifts
deliver gifts to FCS office
reflect on the effects of the project and successes

Interns Schedule to Create, Implement, and Reflect on Community Service Project:

October 2014:
contact Family Centered Services regarding the adopt-a-family holiday program
invite a representative to speak with students regarding the goals of their org.
create a log of all activities toward this proposal

November 2014:
communicate with FCS regarding our adopted family and their wish list
create parent letters to enlist support and seek donations
read aloud The True Gift by Patricia MacLauchlan and reflect on connections to our

December 2014:
collect gifts/donations
communicate with parents regarding progress towards our goal, and needs
facilitate a wrapping session
enlist student/parent support for delivery of gifts
facilitate the distribution and delivery to the New Haven office
reflect on the effects of the project and successes
maintain a photo story of students activities
Community Service Project