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Barriers of Cross-Cultural Communication in Electronic Based Companies

This research shall develop a better understanding of the barriers of cross-cultural

communication. There are countless challenges to develop a managerial implication of cross-

cultural management in companies having varied workforce diversity.

This research has been performed with the immediate aim of discovering what kind of

barriers that could affect cross-cultural communication in the electronic-based industries. The

objective of this study is to explore what are the biggest barriers of cross-cultural communication

caused by cultural differences, to explore the importance for people from different cultures

involved in communication, to have a sincere desire to understand each other, to explore the

importance of knowing about the other culture when communicating with a person of that

culture, to understand another culture and their basic cultural assumptions in order to determine

where they might be different from other cultures, to understand how cross-cultural

communication process can be improved within the organization. This research mainly

concentrates on the cultural differences in the communications context. In addition, this study

could initiate interest for any company to explore further on the effects and benefits of handling

cross-cultural communication effectively.

Through an in-depth analysis and application of this study, there is a bigger impact of

multinational firm communication in the cross-cultural communication. In addition, the

dimensions of national cultures, high and low context communication, language and

communication system have no apparent effects on the cross-cultural communication. A lesson to

company managers is that issues such as misunderstanding, miscommunication and

misinterpretation will arise in the workplace if managers and employees do not fully understand

the cultures of each other.

Finally, this study suggests that in order to manage the workforce diversity, a manager

need to be aware and to fully understand the other cultures as well. The employees will be more

motivated and be able to achieve job satisfaction. When managers are able to comprehend an

organizational environment with varied cultures, it will be easier for them to make cultural

adjustment to solve conflicts arising thereof. Managers need to be trained by professional

anthropologists to ensure they are highly sensitive to any cultural differences.