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Put the verb in the correct form (Present Perfect)

1. I__________________ ALREADY/EAT my breakfast.
2. She________________ NEVER/BE to Milan.
3. I_________________ SEE you for more than a week.
4. I_______________________ EAT eggs since I was in Moscow.
5. Old George______________________ BE here for years!
6. He____________________ SPEAK to me for over three weeks.
7. You________________________ HAVE a new one every day for the last six weeks.
8. She________________ HAVE a holiday for four years.
9. I____________________________ PLAY the violin since I was a little boy.
10. My brother________________________ WRITE to me for months.
11. I_______________________ SEE you since we met a year ago.
12. We_______________________ PAY the butcher for over three weeks.
13. I________________________ NEVER/VISIT this museum before.
14. John______________________ JUST/LEAVE .
15. I___________________________ HAVE no time to tidy my room up.
16. She__________________________ NOT/FINISH her work yet.
17. Bob________________________ ALREADY/TELL me about his difficulties.
18. My mum_________________ TRY to learn English for years.
19. We _________________________ LIVE here for the last six months.
20. That book__________________________ BE on the table for weeks.

Make a question:
1. I have lived in Torun for 28 years.
2. She has ironed 5 shirts so far.
3. Lucy has owned her own car since 1975.
4. My parents have been married for 25 years.
5. I've been interested in computer technology since last year.
6. Alan has worn glasses for six years.
7. We have been angry at each other for a week.
8. My sisters have known how to knit for many years.
9. My daughter has had a boyfriend for several months.
10. There has been a health club in town since last winter.
11. I have just had breakfast.
12. He has been in prison for six months.
13. The police have caught the thief so far.
14. You have asked that question three times so far.
15. I have never been to London

Make a negative:
1. I've been to Spain.
2. he's cooked dinner.
3.They've gone out.
4.The play has already begun.
5.I've made a decision.
6.Winter has begun.
7.They've passed all exams.
8.I have heard from Mike lately.
9.Ann has opened the door.
10.I've already had my lunch.
11.It has been a long journey.
12.My children have finished school.
13.John's father has borrowed my bike.
14.I've already invited her to my party.
15.The dog has escaped.
1.we have waited herean hour.
2. My mother hasn't met Tom .. his birthday.
3. People haven't seen rain here. more than 30 months.
4. Our family have belonged to the fitness club.. we moved here.
5. I haven't visited the Normans.. ages.
6. Their son has been involved in modern art. over 5 years.
7. Everybody has recognised me they saw me on TV.
8. I haven't watched any film.. last month.
9. My mum has had 5 cigarettes. she got up.
10. My parents have known each other 1975.
11. Agnes has cleaned the house .. about 2 hours.
12.My dad hasn't spoken English.. he left school.
13.Sheila hasn't been to a tennis match a long time.
14.Mark has lived in this village months.
15.You haven't drunk anything.. breakfast. It's not good for your health.
16.I have ironed 15 shirts yesterday.
17.Andy has been jogging in the morning. the last ten months.
18.He has been calling her over 15 minutes.
19.I haven't drunk Coke. I was a child.
20.I'm tired. We have been dancing about 2 hours.