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Genevieve Cox

A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfilment of

EDID 6511- Facilitating and Managing Learning

Date of submission: 28 November, 2016

Email: genevieve.cox@my.open.uwi.edu

University: University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus

Course Coordinator: Dr. Camille Dickson-Deane

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 2

Table of Contents

Executive Summary............................................................................................................................................3
Project Summary ................................................................................................................................................3
Project Charter ....................................................................................................................................................4
Project Overview, Organizational and Communications Management Plan......................................................4
Organization and Management Plan...................................................................................................................7
Summary ...........................................................................................................................................................8
Scope of Work, Statement of Work....................................................................................................................8
Time Management ............................................................................................................................................19
Risk Management .............................................................................................................................................24
Quality Management Plan ............................................................................................................................27
Summary .........................................................................................................................................................27
Cost Management .............................................................................................................................................28
Project Cost Management .............................................................................................................................28
Budget Project Cost Management ...............................................................................................................28
Change and Communications Management .....................................................................................................32
Communications & Project Reporting Plan ...............................................................................................32
Summary Project After Action Plan and Lessons Learned ......................................................................34
Appendices .......................................................................................................................................................37
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 3

Executive Summary

Project Summary/proposal

Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is the main tax collection agency in Antigua and Barbuda, and is

responsible for the collection of over 55% of all revenues collected in the country.

This project proposal outlines and initiates the conception of a training programme which will

educate taxpayers about the requirements for the Unincorporated Business Tax, which was

implemented on the 1st of July 2016. It is intended that the product of the training programme

will be live tax talk sessions that are to be broadcasted on ABS/Radio and television to the

general public.

The proposed project will need the approval and support of various stakeholders.

Main Internal stakeholders: Commissioner of Inland Revenue Department

Taxpayer Services Department

Subject Matter Experts/ IRD staff/Consultant

Main external stakeholders:

ABS Radio/television

Government Printery

Training facilitators/Graphic designer

Participants/General Public

The cost of the project is mainly for supplies, refreshments, fees for the training facilitators and

contingency fees.
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 4

Project Objectives

Run workshop topic sessions and produce Tax Talk show for airplay and align project deliverables

with the mission of the organization.

Reach a wider target audience (small business owners and general public) to reduce the number of

persons visiting the office on a daily basis.

Project Product Description

The project is expected to produce a prime time programming show called Tax Talk for mass

general public education of the fundamentals of UBT tax. This will be achieved by recording

live panel discussions to be aired after the evening news at 7.00P.M on the nations state radio

and television stations.

Project Charter

Project 2016 Developing UBT Tax Outreach

Background/Business Case

For the past month, Tax Payer Services (TPS) has been inundated with calls from the general public
since the implementation of the Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT). This has resulted in increased
waiting time for taxpayers visiting the office to see a tax officer in the TPS section.

Problem Statement

During the past month, the increase in calls and visits to the office has increased by over 45 per
cent. The increased waiting time and calls needs to be decreased by 45% by the end of November,

Project Overview, Organizational and Communications Management Plan

The project scope includes examining communication procedures in TPS for educating tax payers.
Small business owners, who are required to transition from filing on a monthly basis, to filing every
quarter will be targeted for group in-house training on registration procedures. Tax education
information on other taxes will not be included in the scope of the project. The scope also includes
creation and design of brochures and tax forms for tax education in the workshop. The registration
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 5

of new UBT tax payers, and re-registration of existing PIT taxpayers in addition to recording of
workshop sessions for broadcast of a live tax talk programme.

Project Goals and objectives

Inform the general public about the introduction of the UBT in a group setting

Produce additional brochures to address questions frequently asked by taxpayers

Reduce the number of telephone calls and tax payer visits to the office

Produce televised training sessions for primetime airplay simultaneously on Antigua Barbuda
Broadcasting Service ABS Radio and TV.


Milestones in the project indicate major constraints of the project schedule, and provides a summary
overview of the project actions and timelines to be completed by specific dates.

Inform general public about UBT September 7th 2016

Production of supplemental brochures to address - taxpayer FAQ - September 15th 2016

Produce televised training sessions for airplay October 7th 2016

Significantly reduce number of telephone calls and taxpayer office visits - November 15th 2016

Key stakeholders/Roles and Responsibilities of Project Team

Key Stakeholders Tax Payer Services, ABS Radio/TV, Government Printery, Small Business
owners, and general public

Project Champion Commissioner of Inland Revenue

Genevieve: Project Manager, procurement, trainer responsible for project operations management

Nyeisha: Learning and graphic designer/trainer, responsible design aspects of training.

Rachele: Learning designer, responsible for communications and risk management

Rhonda: Consultant, responsible for quality management

Project Budget (estimate)

The proposed cost for the project is $19,950.00 East Caribbean Dollars (ECD). The cost to be
incurred will be mainly for stationery supplies, refreshments, training facilitator fees, consultant
fees, sundry expenses, and an amount for contingency funds in the event of stakeholder no show.
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 6


Major constraints to be considered are the co-operation of stakeholder agencies, the availability and
commitment of TPS staff, facilitator availability and willingness of workshop participants to
volunteer for the tax talk program.


Workshop resource materials will be available for workshop start date

It is expected that workshop will be advertised and well attended.

Workshop facilitators will be committed to time arrangements even if they are not paid on time.

Participants will understand basics of the tax legislation and volunteer for live panel discussions.

Project Risks- (major internal)

A Part of the team are volunteers with no-money motivation which may mean that
overtime payments may be expected by TPS staff.
Technical risks: Data may not be updated and migrated on time by IT department
Not enough authority/ support from to the project team by the project sponsor

Project Risks - external

Stakeholders not committed to providing requested services

Facilitator non availability
In the case of participants the team may have to find and educate new project participants
for tax talk show if those in training program do not volunteer
Force Majeure- the project will be operating in the hurricane season

Project Manager Authority/ Responsibilities

The Project Manager has the following authority with regards to this project:

Authority 1: Organize internal resources and delegate tasks to TPS staff.

Authority 2: Engage external stakeholders to execute project according to plan.

Other Authorities: Make decisions on key aspects of the projects operation.

I (We), the undersigned, authorize Genevieve Cox to begin managing

UBT Tax Education Outreach Project project based the scope and major deliverables
identified in this Project Plan.
J. Warren
J. Warren, Commissioner IRD
Project Sponsor
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 7

The Project Manager has the following responsibilities with regards to this project:

Responsibility 1: Generate awareness of project among staff to garner support for project operations

Responsibility 2: Align project deliverables with the mission of the organization

Other Responsibilities : Monitor, control and execute the project according to plan.

I accept the Project Manager responsibilities for this project as outlined above.

Genevieve Cox
Genevieve Cox
Project Manager

Organization and Management Plan

The Revenue

Project Organizational Chart

Inland Revenue Major

stakeholder(PM/TPS/IRD ABS/Radio/TV
Govt Printery
Comm. IRD Stakeholder
Project Sponsor
Tax Talk
Project Manager/ TPS
Project management /
logistics General Public

Small business Project team Training Scope/ Subject matter Project process
owners /consultants facilitators Risk/Quality experts/graphic and Product
Communicatins design
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 8


The organization chart above illustrates the projects organization that is expected to govern the
management processes and the reporting relationships. Roles and responsibilities of everyone
involved in the project are detailed in the Key Personnel Roles table below. The project
manager and team will need to have authority and take responsibility to operate team and
project processes effectively in the planning phase, and throughout the duration of the project.
Critical factors are outlined in the Scope of Work document below.

Key Personnel Roles

Stakeholders ABS Radio/ Television- record Tax Talk

Government Printery- printing forms, brochures etc.
TPS Project internal (IRD staff)/external logistics
Participants workshop and tax talk audience
Target audience Tax payers and genera public
Sponsor Commissioner of IRD- project approval and champion
Project manager Genevieve Cox
Team Members Genevieve: Team Lead Designer/SME/Risk
Nyeisha: Asst. Team Lead, graphic design
Rachel: Asst. Team lead, Communications
Rhonda: Consultant- Quality management

Scope of Work/Statement of work

Business Need

The introduction of the Unincorporated Business Tax has resulted in the increase of taxpayer calls
and visits to the IRD by approximately 35%

The increased traffic in the department became apparent with the implementation of the
UBT in July. It is expected that the long queues and increased taxpayer waiting times will
be reduced by approximately 50% end of November.

The problem of long queues is a constant feature at the IRD, and impacts on the busy
schedule of taxpayers, who in many instances may have to take time off from their busy

Project Goals

The goals and objectives are:

Provide group training to reduce increased taxpayer traffic by 50 per cent by the end of
November 2016.

Produce approximately 5000 brochures and frequently asked questions.

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 9

Reduce telephone calls and taxpayer visits to office by approximately 40 percent.

Project Objectives

Run workshop topic sessions and produce Tax Talk show for airplay

Reach a wider target audience (small business owners and general public)

Product Description/Deliverables
Produce prime time programming of Tax Talk discussions for mass education of the fundamentals
of UBT tax by live panel to be aired after the evening news at 7.00P.M.

Project Customer, Project Sponsor, Project Manager

Name Organization
Project Customer Participants/Taxpayers General Public of Antigua and Barbuda
Project Sponsor Commissioner of IRD IRD
Project Manager Genevieve Cox IRD

Project Boundaries

The proposed project include examining communications procedures in the Tax Payer Services
department for educating taxpayers and small business owners who are required to transition from
the Personal Income Tax (PIT) to the UBT and the re-registration of existing PIT taxpayers in the
system under the UBT tax.

In Scope
Design and creation of the tax forms
Tax education to small business owners in the delivery of the workshop sessions
Registration of new taxpayers to the UBT tax/, re-registration of existing PIT taxpayers
to the UBT tax
Recording of workshop sessions for the airing of Tax Talk and a live panel of workshop
participants and facilitators

Out of Scope
Tax education on other taxes, advice on other taxes
Tax talk discussions on other taxes are out of the scope of the project.

Critical Success Factors

It is expected that IT staff will migrate the taxpayer data on a timely basis for the workshop start
date. Poor attendance to workshop sessions in addition to limited or no commitment from Taxpayer
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 10

Services staff will negatively impact the project. Cooperation from ABS Radio/TV and the
Government Printery could negatively impact the success of the project, a contingency plan is being
considered in this event. Timely decision making and reviews of the projects progress, in addition
to technical, managerial, stakeholder and resource factors (computers/projectors/cameras /supplies)
availability along with skilled project staff will positively impact the success of the project.

Project Assumptions
Workshop will be advertised and well attended. Workshop facilitators are committed to time
arrangements. Participants will understand basics of the tax legislation and volunteer for live panel
discussions. Workshop resource materials will be available for workshop start date.

Project Constraints
Limited staff resources to be dedicated exclusively to the workshop activities. Major setbacks from
stakeholder agencies in keeping on schedule and on target for start date of the workshop. Facilitator
unavailability on scheduled workshop dates.
Internal : Limited resources in TPS to dedicate exclusively to assist with workshop activities and
External: Delays resulting from government stakeholder agencies in commitments.

Project Deliverables

Deliverable Description
Brochures/leaflets/tax forms Creation and production of brochures/FAQs
Orientation training to important statutory provisions of Training on UBT tax legislation basics
UBT tax
Recording of workshop for television broadcasting Production of Tax Talk to reach a wider audience
Airing of Tax Talk panel discussions on UBT tax Weekly broadcast of tax sessions
Education of general public on tax requirements To encourage increased tax compliance
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 11

Statement of Work for UBT Tax Educational Outreach Project

1. Project scope:
2. Key Deliverables:
a. Workshop training commencement due: 10th Oct. 2016
b. Recording of tax talk first broadcast due: 1st Nov. 2016
c. Live panel discussions begins due: 15th Nov. 2016
3. Period of performance: 9/1/2016 - 11/30/2016
4. UBT project manager: Genevieve
5. Title: Subject matter expert
6. Physical location: Work will be performed at IRD offices on Friars Hill Road
7. Supplies and equipment: Project will use office computer/ supplies when working on
8. Budget amount with contingent funds provision $19,950.00
9. Total budget not to exceed: $23,000.00.
10. Payment terms: facilitators will be paid on a percentage basis to be decided .
11. Employee- project relationship: TPS employees are expected to co-operate with project
operations but, may require payment of overtime
12. Stakeholders project relationship: Stakeholders (government run organizations) are
expected to provide services pro bono but in the event of non-cooperation, provision is made in
the contingent fund for procuring recording services from a private enterprise
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 12

Work Breakdown Structure (version 2)

WBS Dictionary

Level WBS WBS Code Definition


1 1.1 UBT Outreach Project Concept of group tax education using the media
communicated to the Commissioner

1 1.1.A Meet with the project sponsor Communicate project concept with the

1 1.1.1 Initiation - Project meeting The work to initiate the project and concept for
the workshop discussed with TPS

1 1.1.1.A Prepare Project Proposal See project proposal for details

1 1.1.2 Get buy-in /recommendations Evaluate need for workshop and make
from TPS recommendations to the Commissioner

1 1.1.2.A Meet with TPS Recommendations from TPS project support staff
Formal meeting with the project team, project
stakeholders, chaired by Project Manager to
discuss stakeholder organizations availability and
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 13

2 1.2 Plan workshop Project Manager to develop the Project Charter.

Management plans: Scope, time, risks, quality,

and other plans efforts to be prepared as defined
in plans

2 1.2.A Project progress meeting Facilitate meeting with all stakeholders to clarify
workshop requirements

3 1.3 Communicate with Project Charter is delivered to the Project Sponsor

stakeholders: Submit Project for approval
Stakeholders are initially contacted

3 1.3.A Review project business Identify alignment of project charter to business

need/charter needs of project

1 1.4 Design brochures/handout Resource materials are designed


1 1.4.A Review quality of design Review quality of designs to include relevant


1 1.5 Organize for tax talk recordings Preparations made for start of tax talk show
recordings by advertisement

5 1.5.A Define triple constraint issues Scope, time and cost are reviewed

2 1.2.1 Planning Planning process for the project kickoff. Decision

on dates/location/staffing

2 1.2.1.A Identify skills required for Identify key personnel roles and skills required

1 1.1.3 Consult with TPS on logistics Project Manager creates a Scope Statement after
consultation with TPS to discuss logistics

1 1.1.3.A Define project goals Describe goals to be achieved by the project/ and
product of the project

3 1.31 Request conference room for The Project Manager determines the training
workshop dates an dates and requests the resources/conference room,
stakeholder involvement etc.
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 14

3 1.3.1.A Confirm resources availability Conference room, computers, projectors, and

stakeholder resources are reviewed

4 1.4.1 Procure workshop resources Planning process officially started with a project
kickoff meeting TPS. Other document resources
are put on procurement list

4 1.4.1.A Review materials/ procurement Review budget estimates, tentative scheduling

requirements etc.

5 1.51 Project Plan is developed Project Manager the team develops the project
plan. A chart of project activity for discussion
panel is affixed to conference room wall

5 1.5.1.A Identify schedule constraint Key schedule delay areas are identified

1 1.1.4 Identify and clarify project Project Manager prepares the initial project
needs charter-see charter at a glance in appendix

1 1.1.4.A Identify project deliverables deliverables are reviewed, charter,wbs etc

1 1.1.5 Review available resources. The project charter is approved and project
Milestone: Project charter and operations move into action
wbs are redone

1 1.1.5.A Prepare project charter update Updated version of project charter prepared
showing stages of the project process

2 Plan Project Work involved to execute the project begins.

Quality and risks management issues are
reviewed. WBS completed

2 1.2.2 Designate suitable facilitators Review training workshop requirements by the

and trainers for workshop project manager and team, get additional
clarification may be needed for technical aspects
of logistics for training.

2 1.2.2.A Create project organization Identify project team and stakeholder roles

3 1.3.2 Communicate with facilitators Tax educational and technical/ resources are
to design workshop reviewed and suggestions made for training
sessions and communications
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 15

3 1.3.2.A Prepare communications plan Project communication operation is documented

4 1.4.2 Request sample forms/training The procurement of sample tax forms from the
materials/ resources Government Printery

4 1.4.2.A Review frequently asked Review quality of FAQ forms quality

questions FAQs)

5 1.5.2 invite prospective workshop Begin discussion with workshop participants for
participants to volunteer for tax volunteering for live panel. Invite them to
discussions participate in show

5 1.5.2.A Identify areas of cost overruns Reexamine EVM scenarios/cost management

2 1.2.3 Design workshop agenda Delegation of responsibilities design discussion

topics for workshop agenda

2 1.2.3.A Identify project Work breakdown structure is completed, Gantt

milestone/timelines charts and PDM completed

2 1.2.4 Identify tasks team, Hold discussions to identify tasks responsibility

stakeholders and w/shop on workshop process and logistics and design
participants discussion topics

2 1.2.4.A Estimate and identify project Prepare budget and requisition funds from
costs department training estimates

2 1.2.5 Design discussion topics Select discussion topics for training sessions

2 1.2.5.A Milestone: Project plan drafted All involved are briefed on process and logistics ,
and prepared plan is approved and distributed

3 1.3.3 Designate responsibility Subject matter experts are designated to research


3 1.3.3.A Identify quality management Personnel designated consultant engaged


4 1.4.3 Prepare introductory Topic 1: What is UBT Tax ? Income subject to

presentation and exempt from UBT
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 16

4 1.4.3.A Review topics 1-5 Review topics 1-5 to review FAQs

5 1.5.3 Engage participants Invite participant volunteers for Tax Talk

discussion on selected topic: What is UBT
income subject to and exempt from the tax

5 1.5.3.A Identify areas of scope creep Project Charter,WBS, PDM,and budget estimates

1 1.2.4 Project meeting to review Review available workshop resources and

delivery of intro session suggestions for topic discussion and delivery

3 1.3.4 Designate brochure Redesign of brochure for ongoing topics


3 1.3.4.A Identify risk management Personnel designated- project manager to prepare

strategy risk schedule and register

3 1.3.5 Designate responsibility for Personnel designated for review of FAQs

frequently asked questions

3 1.3.5.A Identify cost Prepare EVM scenarios for estimates at

management/Earned Value completion (EVM)
Management (EVM)

4 1.4.4 Topic 2: Brochure redesign Topic 2: Registration fees topic is discussed and
with additional FAQs additional FAQs collected.

4 1.4.4.A Assess topics 1-5 FAQs affecting topics 1-2 are integrated into
discussions for topics 3-5

5 1.5.4 Tax Talk discussions recorded Basics of tax rates, penalties and interest on UBT
Topics 1 &2

5 1.5.4.A Identify risks and quality issues Describe key risks and quality issues in panel

3 Frequently Asked Questions Designate responsibility and topic selection for
frequently asked questions update

4 Presentation topic 3: UBT filing and payment procedures. Form of

annual UBT calculation circulated
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 17

4 1.4.4.A Project team review of topic Training session operations quality is assessed
session delivery

5 Tax Talk discussions recorded Basics of UBT filing: Payment and Procedures
tax talk discussions

5 Identify operational issues Discuss project operations, training and recording

3 Designate graphic design Delegate responsibility for upgrading design

work on brochures to include photo of panel
discussion participants from topics 1&2

4 Presentation topic 4: What happens when your return is filed?

5 Project team discussions with Basics of guided hands on example of filling out
consultant -Tax Talk a tax return /live panel illustrations and discussion
discussions recorded/produced

3 Communications and quality Consultant engaged/communications charter

control assigned updated and project management plan as project

4 1.4.43 Presentation topic 5: Basics of what happens when your return is

reassessed and what to do if you disagree

5 Tax talk discussions Questions from audience to live panel are
recorded/produced discussed and included in production of tax talk

3 Milestone: press release to Simulcast of training sessions advertised for

external stakeholders broadcast at primetime on ABS Radio/TV

3 1..3.4.4 Media/press release Ongoing communication with external


4 Meet facilitators/trainers/TPS Ongoing discussions on impact of group tax

education using media for ideas on improving
delivery of training

3 Confirm media presence for Live panel discussion with personnel from TPS
panel and participant panel to be recorded and aired

4 Print workshop materials Workshop materials are updated with additional
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 18

FAQs from training sessions 3-5 and printed

4 Run evaluation and All training sessions run and tax talk show
completion of topic sessions. delivered. Special review session of project team,
facilitators, TPS and participants

5 After action review meeting All stakeholders meet to discuss project
operation workshop risks and quality of product
produced is reviewed and discussed. Lessons
learned are considered. (to be done)

5 1.5.0.A Evaluate project process Workshop operations/materials reviewed

5 Audience feedback and project Show goes live. Ongoing evaluation and
feedback review feedback from the general public

5 Review FAQs noted to be The handouts are updated for training iteration
added to question bank

5 1.5.1A Evaluate training session Project team evaluate training session feedback/
impact impact

5 Review panel discussions Project team discuss conduct of sessions

5 1.5.2.A Review tax talk show impact Project team discuss and evaluate impact of show

5 Review workshop participants Project team meet to discuss workshop

feedback participants concerns

5 1.5.3.A Evaluate participants feedback Project team meet to discuss workshop

participants questions and queries

5 Lessons learned from project Review of project operations and documents.

5 1.5.4.A Evaluate lessons learned from Project team meet for final review of what
key deliverables/operations and worked/what did not work

5 Project team meet for project Final project meet for closure of operations
wrap up

5 Filing and close all project Project wrap and closure Filing and archiving of
papers project documentation
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 19

Time Management

Gantt chart provides a graphical illustration of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track
specific tasks in a project. The chart illustrates the activity relationships representing each activity
with a bar. It is a graphical scale that shows duration, start and finish times of the project.

Gantt Charts showing project progress to Sept 4th

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 20

September 4th 25th

September 4th October 16th

October 16th November 30th

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 21

PDM Duration, critical path, forward and backward pass calculation

Task D run
RunW/shop Table Key ID
topic sessions/
Live panel tax ES Task EF
Task B talk
Design/create Task C SL
topics/materials confirm LS DR LF
Confirm media for tax 25 D 63
facilitator talk 0 0 0
11 B 17 25 38 63
0 0 0 17 C 25
11 6 17 0 0 0
17 8 25
Task F
Task A
Review 63 F 76
resources for 0 0 0
workshop Task E
Print W/shop 63 13 76
0 A 11
0 0 0 17 E 22
0 11 11
3 3 3
20 5 25
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 22

PDM (revised) ID
operation issues
Subtasks breakdown Duration Diagram Audience
1.2.5.A Prepare
project plan
10 Print Project team
1.1.5.A handouts, wrap up
Prepare Project
Charter team review
1.2.5 Design
1.3.5.A ID
EVM s/narios
1.1.5 Review ck, Evaluation,
available archive project
w/shop resrcs Confirm Run workshop documents Finish
ss media topic sessions

8 days

Critical path activity text font is red

1.1.5 1.25

Other Time Management Documents

Milestone and timeline information for project

Key Milestones Target Date

Phase One- 15/9/2016
Project team meeting/advertisement of proposed workshop
Approve Project Charter and Project Plan and develop project strategy
Phase Two 30/9/2016
Produce brochures/ FAQs/tax forms
Press release to inform general public 15/10/2016
Confirm media coverage from ABS/Radio and Television
Develop ongoing tax talk sessions for broadcast 15/10/2016
Phase Three- (12/10/2016-25/11/2016)
Delivery of training sessions
Simulcast of training sessions on ABS Radio/TV 1/11/2016
Phase Four
Project team meet addition to FAQs/brochure content updated 1/11/2016
Live panel Tax Talk by TPS officials and workshop participants
Phase Five 26/10/2016-29/10/2016)
Project feedback evaluation and completion

Dependencies: Project success is dependent on collaboration and co-operation with

external stakeholders
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 23

UBT Tax Education Outreach Project- Milestone Schedule

Task/Milestone Team Member/ September October November Target

Stakeholder 2016 2016 2016 Completion
Brochure Nyeisha/ 5/10/2016
design/creation Genevieve
Printing of Govt printery/TPS 5/10/2016
Design/selection Genevieve 5/10/2016
of w/shop Nyeisha
contents/topic /TPS
Media coverage Rachel/TPS 10/10/2016
W/shop Tax ABS/TPS/W/shop 15/11/2016
Talk Production Participants/Team

Measurable target dates


target/goal Y
Design and implement training Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
program for UBT Tax training September October November Program
Manager (PM)/TPS

Create brochures/FAQs/forms 5/10/2016 Asst. Project lead

Design training session content 5/10/2016 October SME/facilitators
Project lead
Selection of topics, design 5/10/2016 October November Facilitator/Consulta
content ntProject lead
Request media coverage 10/10/2016 October November ABS
Produce Tax Talk product 15/11/2016 Radio/TV/TPS
Conduct audit of workshop 30/11/2016 September October November Team/TPS
attendance, procedures and consultant
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 24

Risk Management

Risks management
Internal and external risks that have a high possibility of negatively impacting the project are noted
in the Scope of Work document and the Project Charter. Uncertain events or conditions are
identified in the table below. The risks identified will be assessed and managed to minimize their
impact on different stages of the projects process, and key deliverable resources and product.
Potential Project Risks Management and Mitigation Strategic Plan

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mitigation

Key: RA: Risk Avoidance RS: Risk Sharing RR: Risk Reduction RT:Risk Transfer
Initiation of Executive Lack of executive Generate awareness for the project and garner
project commitment support (RR)
Disagreement over
business need

Lack of control by Get parties to agree on lines of authority in the

project manager project planning, and project operations (RR)

Lack of project team Empower team member roles for different

authority processes in the project (RR)

Scope Scope is ill defined Ensure that all activities necessary for the
Required activities are success of the project are considered (RA)
missing from scope

Planning of Scope is inflated

project Review scope and adjust cost estimates as needs
Cost estimates are be.(RR)
Cost inaccurate Inaccurate cost estimates are reworked (RR)
Budget forecast is Provide contingent funds in the budget estimate
inaccurate (RR)
Misunderstanding of Review project requirements and make changes
project requirements where necessary (RR)

Cost over run Review scenarios in cost management section

Delays in budget for forecast of project costs (RR)
approval for project Lobby officials at the Treasury (RR)

Execution of Time Delays in schedule Put contingent plan in place to engage other
project from non- recording services for the tax talk show (RR)
commitment of
Manage agreements with stakeholders to ensure
Original milestone all terms are clear and understood (RA)
targets not met
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 25

Unacceptable terms of
agreement by
stakeholders Manage agreements with facilitators. Have
auxillary trainers on hand (RR)
Facilitators Delays in recruiting
Trainers not effective
Non commitment by
Failure to negotiate
reasonable price for Agree on fair pay for services procured (RR)
Monitoring Stakeholders Delays in approaching Get regular feedback from the communications
and control stakeholders negatively designate to keep abreast of emerging issues
of project impact the project (RR)

Lack of stakeholder
Garner support for the project (RR)
Turnover in TPS staff
expectations are not Have contingent resources in place (RR)
Low productivity from Ongoing talks with stakeholders to maintain co-
TPS operation and collaboration (RR)
Organizational Consider paying staff for over time (RR)
restructuring causes
chaos in project Have a shadow project team that follows the
operations project operations (RR)

Change of scope
decisions inflate the
resources for the
project See scenarios in cost management section for
recalculate the new estimate at completion (RR)
Changes may cause
stakeholder conflict and Maintain good relations with all stakeholders,
non co-operation and keep in constant contact (RR)

Key individuals are not

informed of changes Impress the importance of communicating
internally and externally to the project team

Communications Over/under
communication creates
Continue to stress the importance of
Disregard of project communication, co-operation and collaboration
communications (RR)

Continue to garner support for the project both

internally and externally (RR)
Product quality- Meeting to be held
lessons learned
Closing of After Action Review Meeting to be held
the project
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 26

Risk Register

ID# Name Description Problem Impact Probability Owner

of problem
1.1.2 Evaluate need Make project Tax education for High (project high Project
Executive for project need UBT tax cannot move manager
recommendation forward without
s consent)
1.2.A Facilitate Meet with team, Delays in High (important high Project
Stakeholders meeting with all and stakeholders approaching to brief sponsor
stakeholders to discuss stakeholder will stakeholdrs and
availability/com cause delays in get buy-in from
mit to project project milestones them
1.2.2 Designate Review training Trainers High (will med Project
Facilitators suitable requirements ineffective affect quality of manager
facilitators/traine uncommitted the training
rs /product)
1.3.2.A Prepare Document Disregard of High ( will med Communications
Communicatio communications communication project affect manager
ns plan requirements communications process/operatio
Project product
1.2.4.A Estimate and Prepare budget Misunderstanding High( will med Project
Cost identify cost for to requisition of project affect triple manager
project training estimate requirements/budg constraints, and
funds et estimates are project product
inaccurate quality)
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 27

Quality Management
Quality Management Plan to be used is Total Quality Management (TQM), and the International
Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 to implement a quality management system (QMS) that delivers
quality throughout the project. Check sheets will be used to provide data for Pareto analysis charts
to track various elements of project development. These will indicate areas where quality issues are
most likely to impact the project such as top management and stakeholder engagement. ISO
recommends identifying key processes and interactions needed to meet quality objectives.
Understanding the business need for producing a mass tax education programme and engaging
stakeholders and team members will aid in effective operation of the projects processes. The
standard and process for controlling the management of the project and quality of the product for
the duration of the project will be verified by a consultant.
Summary Quality Management System Proposed

Check sheets for Progress Reviews to document project issues

During the project cycle, check sheets will collect data which will be analyzed using Pareto Analysis. Pareto Analysis will be used to tell at a glance
the impact on the project of planned project essentials that are expected to give evidence on quality indicators

Designated Start Completed Area Reviewed: Comments:

Reviewers: Date: Date:
1: Cost/scope/TPS logistics on project
2: 9/30/2016 05/10/2016 Graphics for brochures/sample forms
Nyeisha Design
3: Communications Internal/external
4: Standard of project processes/product
External Summary

WBS Resolution
Review Deliverable
ID Findings Resolution Date
Date Reviewed
1.4.1 09-30- Procure Reviewed all 05-10-
2016 w/shop identified 2016
resources: Brochures missing tax
brochures missing key regulations for
elements of brochure
tax regulations update

1.4.2 09-30- Request TPS did not Called printer 5-10-

2016 sample follow up on and asked for 2016
forms request for delivery of
forms forms ASAP

1.2.4 15-10- Identify Delivery Resolved 10-15-

2016 tasks Training inconsistencies 2016
responsibility needs between SME
for workshop misunderstood and delivery
for topic 2 trainer to refine
training plan
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 28

Pareto analysis
Pareto analysis is graphical, and allows the project manager to identify and focus on the critical elements in the
program that are more likely to impact the quality of the project and its key deliverables. The diagram below
helps the project manager and team to focus their problem solving efforts on key quality essentials such as the
understanding of the business need by the sponsor and getting the co-operation of the team and stakeholders.

Pareto Analysis

Tax Education Outreach Project

Sept- Nov 2016
[UBT Project]
30 100%


Involve Audience/Participants

Ensure Feedback and Evalua

Cumulative %
Understand Business Need

Assure Resource/Materials
Impact on Project

Engage Team members

Plan Progress Reviews

Assure Proper Training

Engage Stakeholders

Delegate Effectively

Communicate for



0 [42] 0%
Quality Essentials
Inputs Process/Outputs Cumulative% [42]

The first 8 Q

Cost Management
Cost management documents the cost of the project and shows how expenses will be managed to ensure that
the project will be completed within its approved budget. The project budget and spending plan describes the
control processes to manage the expenses and contingency funds allocated to project expenditures.

Project Cost Management and Earned Value Analysis

Budget of the project is estimated and shows the cost associated with activities. Activities in the
budget must be timed so that the money is ready for the start, duration, and end of the activity.
Detailed estimates are done and contingent funds are allocated for alternate events that could
potentially lead to cost overruns in the progress of the project operations.
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 29

Contingent funds in this project have been allocated in case of schedule delays, and other factors
that could negatively impact the completion of the project.

Estimated Budget: Summary of the projects total costs and the anticipated cost of on-going operations and maintenance of the project

1. Estimated Project Budget

Description of Work Start and End Dates Cost
Phase One Initial discussions and meetings Sept 01- Sept 19th ----------
Phase Two Graphic design of brochures/forms $900.00
Procurement of stationery/ Sept 15-Oct 4th
refreshment supplies 1250.00
Phase Three Engagement of external 5800.00
stakeholders/facilitators/training Oct 05- Nov 25th
Resources 1000.00
Engagement of consultant Oct 05th Nov 25th 2000.00
Phase Four Training sessions/produce tax talk Nov 9- Nov 25th
Contingency funds Sept - Nov 9,000.00
Phase Five Evaluation and feedback ------------
Total $19,950.00

Comment: Existing resources at IRD are expected to be used for facilitating the workshop with a
view to reducing cost of the project. Stakeholder services are expected to be pro bono. However a
contingency fund is provided in the event the project will have to engage alternate media recording
and printing services, or the need arises to pay overtime to TPS staff who will be very involved in
the logistics of the project operations.


Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management- Earned Value Analysis

Project cost management involves the use of Earned Value Analysis to compare budgeted cost to
actual costs during the duration of the project, and allows for allocation of expenses for partial
completion if some detailed costs are paid out but others have not been paid out as yet.
The Earned Value Analysis summary analysis and calculations below shows that planned cost are
projected to be $19,950.00. The actual cost of the project and ongoing operations have exceeded
the budget amounts and are expected to continue in that trend for the entire period.

Earned Value on the project

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 30

Earned value calculations- snap shot in time (week 9)

Planned Value (PV) =$13,070
Actual Cost (AC) =$15,380
Earned Value (EV) =$13,190

At the end of week 9, the project is a bit ahead of schedule because earned value exceeds planned
value. At this specific point in time the project is operating over budget, because the AC line is
above the EV line on the chart illustrated above.

To complete performance Index (TCPI )

Scenario 1- complete project within BAC (project is over budget because TCPI >1
To complete performance Index (TCPI ) efficiency needed to finish the project on budget is the ratio between budgeted cost of work
remaining and money remaining (finish project within BAC)

=6760/4570 =1.4792

Scenario 2- complete project with new EAC (project is under budget because TCPI < 1)

=6760/7882 = 0.8576

Variance at completion (VAC)

VAC = (BAC- EAC) = (19,950 23,262) = - 3,312

New Estimate To Complete (ETC) amount = (EAC AC ) 23,262 19,950 = 3, 312

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 31

Estimates to complete (EAC) the project

Scenario 1- review of estimate (Project will continue to spend at the same rate up to week 9)


= (19950/0.86)

= 23,197.67

Scenario 2 - review of estimate (Project expenditures will occur at original forecasted figures and no further delays take place)

EAC = AC + (BAC - EV)

= 15,380 + (19,950 13,190)

= 15,380 + 6760

= 22,140

Scenario 3 review of estimate (current cost and current schedule performance will impact future cost performance)


= 15,380 +[(19950-13,190)/(1.01*.86)]

= 15,380 +[(6760)/(.8686)]

= 15,380+(7782.64)

= 23,162.64

Scenario 4 Project estimates, original conditions expected and assumptions are inaccurate

EAC = AC+ New Estimate

EAC = 19,950 + 3, 312 = 23,262

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 32

Change Management and Communications Management

Change Management- Integrated Change Control

Changes in the project knowledge areas that may be expected to occur are detailed in the table
below. Integrated management of the scope, schedule, cost, quality, risk, human resources,
procurement and stakeholders will ensure the projects success.
Scope Brochures and handouts are required to be
updated with FAQs coming out of the training
session and tax talk programme
Cost Project budget is constrained from changes in
scope, and will need to be increased
Schedule Delays in recording talk show will negatively
impact project timelines
Quality Poor process standards could result in an
ineffective project product
Procurement The project depends on money being put in the
estimates sent to the government treasury to pay
for services. Delays in voucher approval could
prevent project from moving forward
Human Resource Staff resources
TPS staff may be unwilling to work without
overtime compensation
Stakeholders May not be committed to the projects timeline
Risks Are outlined in the risk schedule and could
negatively impact the project if they occur
Quality Standard Control standard outlined in quality section

Communications & Project Reporting Plan


The communications Plan establishes the basic communication expectations within the team and
beyond the team. Standard project reports and updates to the process and progress of the project
will be produced on a regular basis following team discussions and consultations. This document
identifies initial communication responsibilities that will guide the team communicating among
themselves, with the sponsor, and with external stakeholders and is subject to change.
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 33

UBT Tax Outreach Education Project

Communications Plan Charter

Project Name: UBT Tax Outreach Education Start Date: 1st September, 2016
Project Lead : Genevieve Cox End Date: 30th November, 2016
Target Audience:
Small business owners and general public of Antigua and Barbuda
Project Goals
Provide group training to tax payers after hours to reduce increased traffic during working hours
Produce additional brochures to address questions frequently asked by taxpayers
Reduce the number of telephone calls and tax payer visits to TPS during daytime hours

Produce televised tax training sessions for airplay
Project Genevieve Cox -Team lead/SME/PM Tel: 268 463-1446 Email:genevieve.cox@uwi.open.edu
Team Nyeisha George-Minott - Asst.Team lead
Members Tel: 268 464 5187 Email:nyeishageorge.minott@uwi.open.edu
Contact info Rachele Wagstaffe - Asst. Team Lead/Communications manager
Tel: 868 917 6517 Email:rachele.wagstaffe@uwi.open.edu
Rhonda Grant Consultant Tel: 268 464 6413 Email: Rhonda.grant@uwi.open.edu

Project Stakeholders:
ABS Radio and Television
Workshop Participants/ General public
Commissioner of Inland Revenue/ Tax Payer Services (TPS)
Government Printery

Timeline Team Member Method Message/Comments/Queries Stakeholder

1-15/9/2016 Genevieve Face to Face Initial project discussions Comm. IRD
3-18/9/2016 Genevieve Face to Face Proposed Project logistics TPS/consultant
15-30/9/2016 Gen/Nyeisha/Rachele/ Skype Discussions on W/shop resource Govt. Printery
Rhonda preparations
15/9/2016 Rachele Skype Document weekly team meeting Project team
15-30/9/2016 Rachele/Genevieve Email/letter Press release/W/shop ABS Radio TV
30/9/2016 Rachele Skype Ongoing documentation of Project team
weekly team meetings update
15/10/2016 Rachel/Genevieve/TPS Email/letter Confirm media coverage of event TPS/ABS
15/10/2016 Genevieve/Nyeisha/ Skype/text/IM Develop ongoing Tax Talk for ABS/TPS
Rachele/Rhonda Email broadcast
15/10/2016 Rhonda Email Quality review tax talk Team
development review form sent
15/10/2016 Rachele Skype Document weekly team meeting Project team
12/10- Genevieve/Nyeisha/ Email Delivery of workshop training ABS/TPS/Govt
25/11/2016 Rachel/Rhonda PowerPoint sessions printery
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 34

25/11/2016 Rhonda Checksheets Quality review of forms Team

1/11/2016 Genevieve/consultant Telephone Proceed with simulcast airplay ABS/TPS
1/11/2016 All team Skype Progress team meet discussions Comm IRD/
members/consultant TPS
20/10- Gen/Rachel/Nyeisha Texting/IM Produce Live Panel Tax Talk W/shop
25/11/2016 participants/
25/11/2016 Rhonda, consultant Email/review Project progress review Team
28/11/2016 All Team members Face to Project feedback and completion Comm of Inland
Consultant Face/Skype discussions gather project Revenue/TPS
records, evaluation of project, w/shop
Quality of project, lessons participants/
learned from project. general public
29/11/2016 Rachele/team Skype Document lessons learnt from Project team
after action review

Adapted from: (http://inte5160.wikispaces.com/Communication+Plans) used under CC-BY-SA license


Summary Close of Project

Project After Action Plan and Lessons Learned


Team/Project Name: Lifelong Brain Boosters/ UBT Education Outreach Project

Project/ Event Period: UBT Training/ September November 2016

Date of Review: November 29th 2016

When Review was Completed: November 30th, 2016

During Project: Ongoing meetings for progress review discussion on project deliverables

After Project Completion: Feedback and evaluation of process and product of project

Participants: Team members/stakeholders

Name Job Title Role in Team

Genevieve Project Manager Monitor and control project

expectations according to
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 35

Summary of project event:

What went well and why?

What were the successful steps taken towards achieving your objective?

Successes How to ensure successes in future

What can be improved and how?

What could have been done better?

What can we do in similar situations in the future to ensure success?

What would be your advice to future project teams?

What can be improved Recommendations

Lessons Learned

The table below explores questions to be reviewed by the project team in determining the product

effectiveness, and how well the cost, scope, schedule, risk, communications and quality were

managed by the project team. Meeting to be held.

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 36

Project Name: UBT Tax Education Outreach Project

Date: 29 November 2016


How well does the product or service the project
produced meet the defined project requirements?
How well does the product or service the project
produced meet your needs?
To what extent were the objectives and goals outlined
in the Business Case met?
What is your overall assessment of the outcome of this
How well did the scope of the project match what was
defined in the Project Proposal?
How satisfied are you with your involvement in the
development and/or review of the Project Scope during
Project Initiation and Planning?
Was the Change Control process properly implemented
to manage changes to Cost, Scope, Schedule, or
Were changes to Cost, Scope, Schedule, or Quality,
effectively managed?
Was project performance validated or challenged? If
yes, were the estimates effectively revised and were
current and future tasks re-scheduled?
How closely did the initial Project Schedule compare
with the actual schedule?
How did the estimated Project Budget compare with the
total actual expenditures?
How effectively was the Quality Management Plan
applied during Project Execution?
How effective was the quality assurance process?
How effective were project audits?
How effective were Best Practices & Lessons Learned
from prior projects utilized in this project?
How well were team members involved in the risk
identification and mitigation planning process?
To what extent was the evolution of risks
How accurate was the Risk Management Plan/Log?
How accurately and timely was the Risk Management
Log updated or reviewed?
How effective were the communications materials in
providing and orienting team members about the details
of the project?
How satisfied were you with the kick-off meetings you
participated in?
How efficient were project team meetings conducted?
How timely were Progress Reports provided to the
Project Manager by Team Members?

EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 37


Appendix A:Project Charter draft at a Glance : Overview of Project Deliverables and Scope
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 38

Appendix B:
Draft WBS for initiation of project
EDID 6511 UBT Tax Outreach Education Project COX_G 39

Appendix C: PDM Draft


Topics 4 &5
38 days
Subtasks breakdown Duration Diagram
Topics 1 2 & 3

15 days Live panel Tax

Print handouts,
Project team brochures 10 days

3 days
Media press
3 days release

Meeting with Evaluation
Start Create brochures
Commissioner TPS project meeting
handouts/FAQ 14 day
3days Consultations 3days Finish
ss 5 days

8 days