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SCL Lateran Treaty Accidental Saint & The Good Pope


Rerum Novarum Quadragesimo Anno Mater Et Magistra Quadragesimo Anno Mater Et Magistra
On The Conditions Of Reconstruction of the Christianity and Social 40th Anniversary of RN 70th Anniversary of RN
Labor Social Order Progress Electronic Computer and Packet
Vatican Radio
Pope Leo XIII Pope Pius XI Pope John XXIII Network
Call for cooperation Focus on farmers and Nazis Rise to power in Fascist
Discusses the International Organizations
among nations through farm workers in Germany
problems raised by Totalitarian Systems vs Democratic
the creation of a global depressed rural, Space Race Man on the Moon
Industrial Revolution Sate
community agricultural economies
Rise of Nationalist Lenin Established Dictatorship of
Rise of Capitalism And Social Security System
Govts and the Great Arms and Space Race Proletariat in Russia
Socialism World War I Vietnam War
Extremes of Capitalism Panic of 1893 & Pullman Strike in
Atomic Synergy Nuclear Warfare
Individualism and Principle of Subsidiarity Call for Socialization the US in 1894
Socialism Collectivism Anti-Colonization & Economic
"Nazism, Facism & Communism "
Role of the church as a Globalization
The Magna Carta of Triple Alliance & Triple Enente Berlin Wall Erected
State intervention to teacher and guardian
the Social Teaching of Fascist March in Rome Genetic Code deciphered
mediate labor-conflicts of the poor and
the Church US Stock Market Collapse Pop Culture
Stalins triumph in Communist
Rerum Novarum Russia
Capitalism Socialism
Entrepreneur Classless Society Common Good refers to the social conditions that allow people to
Wealth Abolishment of Private Property reach their full human potential and to realize their human dignity.
Mass Production and The rise of nationalist governments and not the great depression
Popular Collectives that is the cause of the massive unemployment in the 1930s
Commodity Collective Interest & Effort Imperialism is the new form of colonialism
Market Egalitarian Collaboration Principle of subsidiarity is a response to the need to balance
Profit Utopia personal freedom (capitalism and democracy) vis-a-vis the
Efficiency Indifference common good and equality (socialism)
Risk and Innovation Collectivism The nature of Authority does not imply that it is vital for the proper
Dictatorship Distribution of wealth functioning of society
Investment Karl Marx Nationalist governments tend to concentrate power on the
Individualism Movement from working class government so they could facilitate the distribution of goods
Economy Justice as the overarching theme Greater productivity means lesser price for consumers
Everything can be bought Social Control Great Depression which consists in the crashing of stock markets
Materialism & Consumerism Means of Production and bank in 1929 is caused by the failure and incompetence of
Industrial Revolution Workers council banks and extreme consumerism brought about by capitalism
Economic dictators are those whose decisions have wide
Pope Pius XI Pope John XXIII implications in the socio-economic system which somehow cause
Quadregisimo Anno Mater et Magestra imbalances of power
Vatican Radio Internationalization of CST Government Authority derives its force from the moral order which
Huge Social, Economic and Cultural has God as its goal thats why, formation of conscience is better
Against Totalitarian Systems
change and progress than rewards and-punishments system and a state cannot oblige
The Peace of Christ in the Kingdom on matters of conscience
See, Judge, Act
of Christ
Government authorities should be reminded that their mandate Call to move Doesnt
comes from the people, and they would have to responsibly carry Empowerme towards assert the
Just Wage
out the common good nt better power dictatorship
Structured by rights and duties, Society must be founded on the sharing of proletariat
principle that every human person has freedom and intelligence Calling the
Socialization should be complemented with the principle of Injustice to market to
subsidiarity and social inclusion assign to account that
Every person has rights and duties flowing from his/he nature as a higher the common
n of private
human being. These rights are universal and inviolable association wealth
Shareholding property
what ensures the
ownership is
subordinate health and
s can do all elements
The principle of subsidiarity does not actually advocate support for
of society
both the empowerment of the lower bodies and their accountability
Supreme Prevent
for a responsible performance of their actions
authority monopolisin
Competition in the market cannot guarantee high quality products Viability of
allow local g economic
and lower price businesses
communities life whereby
Capitalism could expand to Communism while Communism could when setting
handle only the
expand to Imperialism wages
matters app strongest
Socialism causes the gap between rich & poor, the uneven to them survive
distribution of wealth and increasing isolation among the people Mater et Magestra
The central concern of Subsidiarity is that responsibility belongs to Everyones share in the profit is Desirable balance between different
the distant or farthermost community or authority who can handle asserted elements of society or the economy
the problem Governments had a vital role to
Capitalism suppresses unrestricted exercise of individual goals and address the wealth divide and to
desires Promotion of family-size ensure the poorest communities
Capital should be prioritized over Labor and that income should be corporations & cooperatives had essential public services, basic
concentrated in the hands of the capitalist since they have the economic opportunities, and an
knowhows of the business and industry acceptable standard of living
Providing the individual with habits
Economic development must have a
Quadregisimo Anno and skills for participating within
corresponding social development
AGAINST his/her own society
SOCIALISM A business, organization own and Social conditions that allow people
& run jointly by the members who to reach their full human potential
COMMUNIS share the profits or benefits and to realize their human dignity
M Responsibility of government to go
Addresses the needs of countries
Support of further in ensuring justice and
Community The State Unrelenting that are not industrialized
the public Every part of equity for vulnerable groups
participation has become class
authority in society Working together for stronger It requires Education, Employment,
in decision- a slave to warfare is
negotiations should have cooperatives Health Care, Balance between
making greed cruel
and crises these Provide those unindustrialized wages & prices, Access to basic
Reiterated associations nations with necessary resources services
Negotiations Addressing a Ennobled
defense of and and training to implement modern
of contracts problem the raw
private organization methods
characterize belongs to materials
property that are Wealthier nations giving help to
d by justice the closest and
rights and experts in poorer nations is required by justice
and community degraded
collective their area & humanity
partnership or authority the people
bargaining Local products and small scale