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Scrum for Web Application

As a software development consultant I would like to suggest SCRUM method for the
development of the Web application as it is one of the most crucial and relevant agile
framework and also it is an repetitive, cumulative process that allows the customers and
clients to change or update the requirement or detail at any point of the system development
process. There are various methods and principals involved in agile methodology but
SCRUM is a simple and effective method or way to manage the development process.
SCRUM is a genuine approach in agile methodology which makes it attractive to many
software development consultants, project managers and technology teams. SCRUM is the
best solution when flexibility is needed. SCRUM methodology aims to improve customer
service, deliver working software at a hasty pace, uphold and encourage teamwork and
understanding among the team members and developers, measure result based on completed
work, allow team to organize itself and check consistency.

System or projects that can be separated into definite section according to the function are
suited for SCRUM methodology. SCRUM does not require the team to art detailed specific
information before the development process is started like traditional approaches like
waterfall methodology. It is flexible enough to shorten the preparation time and even if the
team receives new requirement or changes in the previous detail, new sprints can be
introduced with relative ease. Scrum requires face-to-face communication on a regular basis
as well, and roles are clearly defined so that each team member knows their responsibilities.
Another reason for suggestion SCRUM methodology is that it allows to better estimate the
amount of work involved in a project or development process and also it can easily and
quickly adapt to client changes and the fast paced market. It can increase transparency though
daily interaction and constant communication with the team members. SCRUM can easily
find, identify and expose the source of problems like wrong information, inadequate
resources because individuals are expected to pull their own weight. In nutshell, SCRUM is
known for creating an environment that value teamwork and skill development and adapting
with the clients need in time without difficulty.

Some of the keys concept of SCRUM are mentioned below:

Product Owner
Customers normally have an initial idea, and along with imaginative development team, will
create a product storage. During the development stage, the customer will assess every
modules partial result, being able to make modications or changes for the next module.

Scrum Master
This person is in direct contact with the customer and is responsible for assessing prioritized
requisites, coordinating, assigning tasks and supervising the work of each developer.

Development team
The team will share out the work in line with the Scrum Masters guidelines, so each member
will be in charge of the specic tasks required by the project, such as:

Web design
Web programming
Mobile apps programming (Android, iPhone)

Sprint or Iteration
The Scrum Master will draw up a series of modules from the goals list and will establish a
series of tasks for the team to execute to complete. This sprint will last a specied amount of
time, depending on the projects complexity. The sprints nal objective is to produce a
partial or total product delivery, which can be seen by the client. If it is a partial delivery,
another sprint with its goals will be presented. The nal part of the sprint consists of
reviewing progress made so far and assessing it in order to ensure the results in future sprint.
After every sprint, the work done is presented to the client so that all the work done will be
seen, and the client will be able to make new requirements to meet their needs, so the Scrum
Master will re-plan the project if required.

Daily Scrum
Every day there will be a scrum between the team and the Scrum Master, who will review the
sprints current state, diculties encountered and the best way to solve them.

Scrum is a team-working methodology which achieves functional results in an eective way

for web or mobile app development projects