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Bond to Eq Ticker:
SP Settle Date: 3/18/2017 Month/Day/Year
ISIN: SG6WA5000004 Issuer Parent Company Ticker: CWT SP Trade Date: 5/2/2017
Bond Code: CWTSP 4.8 03/18/20 CWTSP
and Exchange: CWT SP Settlement Date: 5/5/2017
CWTSP 4.8 03/18/20 MTN Ultimate
4.8 03.18.20
Company MTN
Ticker: CWT SP
CWT Limited is a supply chain engineering company which provides integrated Sector: Industrials
logistics solutions across multiple markets and geographies. The Company Industry: Air Freight & Logistics
also provides commodity marketing, engineering and financial services Sub-Industry: Air Freight & Logistics
ancillary to its core logistics business. Modified Duration: 2.639
OCBC Issuer Rating: N (as of Dec 2016)
OCBC Issue Rating: N (as of Dec 2016)

Issue Details ###

Issuer Name: CWT Ltd Date Coupon Amount Nominal Amount
Guarantor: N.A. 18-Sep-17 6,049.32
Country of Issue SINGAPORE 18-Mar-18 5,950.69
Country of Risk SG 18-Sep-18 6,049.32
Currency SGD 18-Mar-19 5,950.69
Coupon Rate 4.800% 18-Sep-19 6,049.32
Coupon Type FIXED 18-Mar-20 5,983.56 250,000.00
Coupon Frequency S/A
Issue Date (Month/Day/Year) 3/18/2015
Call Date (Month/Day/Year) N.A.
Maturity 3/18/2020
Years to Next Call #VALUE!
Years to Maturity 2.88
Collateral Type SR UNSECURED
Rating (S & P) N.A.
Rating (Moody's) N.A.
Rating (Fitch) N.A.
Outstanding Issue Size 100,000,000
Minimum Amount 250,000
Incremental Amount 250,000
Stock Exchanges listed on SGX-ST
Indicative Subscription Details
Indicative Client Price 103.000 Cashflow SGD 36,032.88 SGD 250,000.00
Indicative Yield to Call N.A.
Indicative Yield to Maturity 3.69%
Nominal Amount 250,000.00
Principal Amount (P) 257,500.00
Accrued Interest (AI) (48 Days) ($32.88 per day) 1,578.08
Total Settlement Amount (P+AI) 259,078.08 Total Cashflow SGD 286,032.88
Net Cash Return SGD 26,954.79


Date Formula Day Count Freq N.A. Index Value: #N/A Invalid Security%
N.A. #N/A
N/AN/A Index Name: #N/A Field Not Applicable =
N/AN/A #N/A Invalid Security

#N/A N/A

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