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At the end of 50 minute period the pupils should be able to:
a. identify describing word used in a sentence,
b. give words that describes a certain thing and
c. show cooperation in group activity.


A. Topic: Describing Words
B. Reference: Lets Begin Reading in English Learners Manual for Grade II
Pages 442-445.
C. Valuing: Show cooperation.
D. Instructional Materials:
1. Chalk
2. Chalkboard
3. Picture of lion, puppy, city, province, happy face, dirty place
4. Improvised magic box (made from used box wrapped with design)
5. Realia (pencil, brown bag and green leaves)
6. Word Cards
7. Cartolina for visual aids

Teachers Activity Pupils Activity

A. Preliminary Activities
1. Greetings
2. Drill
- Who wants to hear
-Yes Maam!
- Today you are going to
hear different sounds and
after that, you are going to
tell if it is loud or soft
- (The teacher will play
different sounds.)
- Ambulance sound effect
- Cat meow sound -loud sound
- Very good! -soft sound
- Give yourselves a boom
boom shake clap! -(pupils will do the boom boom shake
3. Review clap)
- Last meeting we learned
how it looks like in the
city and in the province.
- Class.
- We live in Camarines
Norte, which is a
province, can you describe
our province. What can
you say about it?
- And have you ever gone -clean, has fresh air
to Manila City?
- What can you say about -Yes Maam
Manila City?
- Thats correct!
- After describing the city -Big, noisy, has many tall buildings and
and the province, now has bright lights
where do you like to live,
in the city or in the
province? -(pupils will have varied answers)
- Very good! -in the city because it has bright lights at
B. Developmental Activity night!
1. Motivation -in the province, because of fresh air.
- I have here a magic box
(the teacher will show the
magic box)
- In order to open this
magic box we need to say
the magic word and the
magic word is owa owwa
- Now do you really want to
open this magic box?
- So, everybody let us say
the magic word owwa
owwa achuchuachuchu! -Yes Maam!
- (the teacher will open the
magic box) -owwa owwa achuchuachuchu!
- So what have we here?
- Very good!
- Lets open it again. -a puppy!
Everybody, whats the
magic word?
- So, what have we here?
- Very good! We have here
-owwa owwa achuchuachuchu!
a puppy and a lion
- Now, we are going to -a lion!
describe this puppy and
this lion.
- What can you say about
this puppy?
- Very good!
- How about this lion? What
can you say about it? -small, cute.
- Very good!
2. Presentation
- (The teacher will point out
the words written on the -big, scary
board) .
- A while ago you had given
these words.
- What can you say about
these words?
- If these words describe
something so what kind of
words are these?
- Very good! -it describes something.
- Loud and soft describe the
quality of the sound
- Bright lights describe the -describing word
city and fresh air describes
the province. Big and
scary describe the lion and
small and cute describe
the puppy.
- So, all these words are
describing words.
- Today, we are going to
learn more about
describing words.
- Are you ready to listen
and to learn?
3. Discussion
- Let us read the paragraph.
- (the teacher will post the
visual aid on the board)
- Everybody please read.

-(the pupils will read the visual aid

posted on the board)
- Very good!
- Tall, clean, soft are all Describing words tell about how
describing words because a person, place or something looks like.
it tells how the place looks Describing words tell about the color
like. of things. And tell about what
we hear or feel.
- Class, look at this picture.
- What can you say about
this place?
- Thats correct!

Dirty is a describing word

because it tells how the
place looks like.
- (the teacher will show -dirty!
different things with
varied colors)
- What is the color of this
- How about this bag?
- And how about these
- Correct! So yellow, brown
and green are describing
words because it tells
about colors! -yellow
- What can you say about -brown
this picture? -green
- (the teacher will show a
picture of a happy face)
- Thats correct!
- Very good!
- Happy is a describing
word because it tells about
our feelings!
- describing word because it
describes what we hear.
- I have here different cards
with different words -happy
written on it, you are
going to identify or you
are going to tell if it is a
describing word or not.
You are going to clap your
hands if the word that you
see is a describing word
and if it is not a describing
word you are going to say
- Do you understand?
- Very good!
- Lets practice!
- The first word is
- green is tells about color,
so are you going to clap or
to say aiii?
- Clap if it is a describing
word and say aiii if it is
not a describing word. -Yes Mam
- Very good!
- Lets proceed to another

- PENCIL -clap!
- Very good!
- You are now able to
identify describing words!
C. Post Activity
1. Generalization
- Have you learned
anything today? -(clap)
- So what have you learned
today? -(clap)
- Very good!
2. Application
- I will group you into five -(aiii)
groups. Every group has
one leader. The leader will
pick a thing from this
magic basket.
- You are going to describe
the thing that you got from
this magic box. Describing words tell about how
- You can tell its color, size a person, place or something looks like.
or shape. You can also Describing words tell about the color
of things. And tell about what
describe by telling what
we hear or feel.
you see, hear or feel.
- You are going to write
your answer on this
cartolina and you are
going to read your
answers in front.
- Do you understand?
- Are you ready?
- You only have five
minutes to answer
- Leaders please come here
in front to pick a thing
from this magic basket.
- (after the pupils got
something from the magic
- Okey, start answering
because your five minutes
starts now!
- (after five minutes)
- Pencils up!
- Please read your answers -Yes Mam!
group 1,2,3,4 and 5. -Yes, Mam!
- Very good!
- Everybody give
yourselves an oh yeah

- (the pupils will read their answers).

-oh yeah!

Identifying describing words used in the sentence.
Direction: Copy the describing word used in each sentence.
1. The boy gave his red toy car to his friend. red
2. Christian is under the tall tree. tall
3. Teacher Anna has a beautiful bag. beautiful
4. I have a big balloon. big
5. The children are happy. happy
In a one whole sheet of paper describe your favorite pet.

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