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This system somewhat adopts the Sky-wars stat system.

Agility Dexterity
Brawn Strength
Cunning Wisdom
Intellect intellect
Presence Charisma
Willpower Constitution

Strength now represents your health pool at level 1.

Constitution now represents your willpower or more accurately your
endurance, how much mental and physical exhaustion you can take.
Spellslots name changed to = Strain
Health = Wound threshold

Defence is AC, and there is only one value.

Soak Value Some characters gain soak value as a type of skill thou it will not be
soak for instance
Barbarian Enraged Resistance When you would take damage reduce it by an
amount equal to your Constitution modifier
Fighter Seasoned Warrior When you would take damage reduce it by an
amount equal to your Strength Modifier
Rogue Uncanny Dodge When you would take damage reduce it by an amount
equal to your Dexterity Modifier
Experience points grant levels in increments of 100 xp, levels can then be used
to purchase upgrades depending on your class, or can be used to purchase a
new class.

Hit dice and HP A player only has 1 hit die unless a class feature gives another,
a hit dies size is increased if they choose a class with a higher one, a hit die is
used on a short rest to recover health and is returned on a long rest.
Races and Classes
Races / Sub races / Classes
If an item has encumberance it means it takes (encumberance levels) of strain
each time you are hit or hit with depending on wether a weapon or armor etc.
Strength is used for melee attack rolls and dexterity for ranged attack rolls and
damage bonus from stats is not added to rolls unless a skill states it does.
HP 10 + Brawn STRAIN 10 + Constitution Skills
Subrace Theill Dwarf
Subrace Hill Dwarf
Subrace Elisan
Subrace Lintristan
Subrace Panshaen
Subrace Darmantin
Subrace Drontaria
Subrace Omacian
Subrace High Elf
Subrace Wood Elf
Subrace Dark Drow Elf
Subrace Warden Drow Elf
Subrace Half Elf (wood)
Subrace Half Elf (drow)
Subrace Half Elf (High)
Subrace Pollar
Subrace Grizzly
Rakshasa (The Tiger-kin)
Subrace Tiger
Subrace Lion
Kitsune (fox people)
Subrace Red
Subrace Arctic
Subrace Silver(black)
Subrace Silver
Subrace Gold