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5/18/2017 Name Narrative Assignment | Schoology

Language Arts: Bell 2

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Name Narrative Assignment Grade: 27/30

Please see description of paragraph and instructions in the Multiple Perspectives folder under "Name
Narrative Assignment." Submit here in either a separate document or in the document where you Submissions
brainstormed. Assignment submitted
Posted Tue Apr 18, 2017 at 8:05 am 1 item On time

Criteria Grading Scale Re-submit Assignment

Name Meaning 5 3 0
Writing clearly explains the meaning of your name Complete Semi-complete Missing
Similes 5 3 0
Writing utilizes at LEAST 2 similes to show what your Complete Semi-complete Missing
name is like (YELLOW).
Metaphor 5 3 0
Writing utilizes at LEAST 1 metaphor to compare your Complete Semi-complete Missing
name to something else (ORANGE).
Imagery 5 3 0
Writing utilizes at LEAST 3 images (3 of the five senses) Complete Semi-complete Missing
Name Suitability 5 3 0
Writing explains why your name is suitable or not Complete Semi-complete Missing
suitable to you (PINK).
Conventions 3 2 0
Writing is typed and free of spelling mistakes and Few to no errors Some errors Many errors.
common grammatical errors present. begin to impair
the reader's
Creativity 2 1 0
Writing demonstrates both creativity and effort. Yes Somewhat No

Total pts: 30

https://masonohioschools.schoology.com/assignment/1040792126/info 1/1