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Finishing Range Definition:
Medium Range Definition:
Roughing Range Definition:
AP=(.01-.1in) AP=(.02-.23in) AP=(.15-.47in)
F=(.002-.012ipr) F=(.006-.024ipr) F=(.016-.047ipr)



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Finishing Range Definition:
Medium Range Definition:
Roughing Range Definition:
AP=(.01-.1in) AP=(.02-.23in) AP=(.15-.47in)
F=(.002-.012ipr) F=(.006-.024ipr) F=(.016-.047ipr)

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8.26 Turning (4.72 w/ Gantry Robot)
Max. turning length 5.7 (3.94 w/ Gantry Robot)
Dual 20HP Spindle Motors
4,500 RPM Spindles

Dual 8 Chucks
1,181 IPM Rapids on X and Z
Workpiece Size 4.72 x 3.94
starting at
Workpiece Weight 6.6 lbs. each
5 seconds Loading / Unloading
Dual 14 Pallet Parts Stockers
Dual High Speed Gantries
Part Turnover Station
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$45,795 $23,274 FREIGHT $37,175 $18,717 FREIGHT $47,500 $23,891 FREIGHT

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$10,835 7,032
FREIGHT $11,195 $
5,316 FREIGHT $13,795 $9,440 FREIGHT

9" x 42" 16-Speed Mill 9" x 48" Electronic 9" x 48" Electronic
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78 Establishing a Path to Success
Our Top Shops benchmarking survey aims to cover everything
from A to Z in identifying machine shop operational excellence
and best practices. The goal is to provide shops with intelli-
gence they can use to more effectively pave a path to success.

84 Making Cents of Vertical Automation

For Vickers Engineering, part volumes and success are mea-
sured in pennies and seconds, switching from HMC cells to
VMC cells is requiring some creative thinking when it comes to
robotics, cutting tools, workholding and more. BY MATT DANFORD

92 Equipped for Composites

92 General Tool Co. has learned that in order to machine compos-
ites like carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) to tolerances as
S E P T E M B E R 2 016


tight as those for precision metal components, your machine
tool needs the right set of features. BY PETER ZELINSKI

Gear Production
In this edition, a survey of traditional gear machining processes
Every Process in light of gear grindings ascendancy; a review of several
Has its Place
next-generation options for gear finishing; and a look at the
benefits one shop found by upgrading its inspection technology.
Find the supplement just after page 96.
8 MMS September 2016
Sometimes its the little things that let you know
your employees enjoy what they do.
If you want to create a shop environment where your team looks forward
to going to work each morning, GibbsCAM is YOUR CAM software solution.


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Turning Mill/Turn Wire-EDM
Modeling Milling Machining Machining Machining Machining
30 Optimized Machining out of the Box
36 How to Use Google Street View to Market Your Shop
38 Integrating Additive Manufacturing without Inhibiting Machining


18 Mark: My Word
20 The Z Axis
26 One-Off
44 Deciding Factors
48 Competing Ideas
52 Blackman on Taxes
70 Quality Gaging Tips
74 CNC Tech Talk
272 Gardner Business Index: Metalworking

118 Collaborative Robots Deliver Flexibility to Shop Floor
130 Grinding Machine Increases Tool Suppliers Production
142 Five-Axis Machine Produces Medical Parts without
Wasted Capabilities


12 Web Extras
14 MMS Connect
56 Shop Talk
68 Meeting Dates
158 On Display: IMTS 2016

266 Business Opportunities
268 Index of Advertisers


This issues cover image is a screen capture of the actual CAM program Applied
Machinings Chad Harris created to machine our revamped Top Shops logo. Turn to
Derek Korns column on page 26 to read about that process and learn about our
magazines inaugural Top Shops Conference, which will take place in the fall of 2017.

10 MMS September 2016

Doosan Machine Tools America Optimal Solutions for the Future

ly Do
f inite
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Add Doosan for these compelling reasons:
Reliability we provide 24/7 coverage for all of your service and
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standard features that are options on most.
Local Presence In All Markets our extensive distributor network is
committed and experienced.
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NEXT GENERATION IN ACTION: INTERNS of future workers. Find it at short.mmsonline.com/
Its been a busy summer preparing for this months
International Manufacturing Technology Show INTERACTIVE INTERNING
(IMTS), but Modern Machine Shop had plenty of Marketing Intern Madeline Kline was able to attend
help. Gardner Business Media Inc., the magazines Amerimold this summer for the third time. In her
publisher, hired more than 10 interns this summer, article, she reflects on managing live-tweeting
most of them contributing in some capacity over for MoldMaking Technology. Find it at short.
the course of their work to our myriad media mmsonline.com/tweet.
preparations for the show. Some of them were
even able to contribute their writing skills, com-
posing blog posts for MMS Online. Below is a
selection of some of their contributions to the site.


In her blog post reporting on the manufacturing-
related competitions at the SkillsUSA conference,
Editorial Intern Katie Cattell relates her observa-
tions about how big events like this are providing
career avenues to young people. Find it at short.
mmsonline.com/skills1 and read a version of it
on page 56. After a successful summer internship with Modern
Machine Shop, Hannah Coombs has accepted an
PRINT, LIKE MANUFACTURING, IS CHANGING editorial position with one of our sister publications,
Intern (and now Managing Editor of Products Products Finishing.
F i n i s h i n g) H a n n a h C o o m b s f i n d s l e s s o n s
about the flux in manufacturing in her trip to the
magazine printing facility that churns out Modern
Machine Shop ever y month. Find it at shor t.


High-school Intern Max Egan reflects on SkillsUSA
and the need to change perceptions of manufac-
turing in order to really attract his own generation

MMS Extra is Modern Machine Shops

free email newsletter. To subscribe, Another summer intern, Katie Cattell, returns back
visit mmsonline.com/sub/newsletter. to school to finish her last year of college. Find both
interns contributions on mmsonline.com.

12 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Micro-Precision Taken to the Extreme

Machine the smallest of parts with maximum precision accurate to tolerances in the micron range.
Authentic Supermini. The high-production tooling system handles the most challenging jobs starting
in bore diameter 0.2mm (.00899). More than 1,000 standard carbide inserts with ideal geometries are
available. All standard and custom solutions fit the same toolholder for use with or without coolant. www.hornusa.com
Expertise meets the high-tech production of miniature parts. www.hornusa.com



UL, a global safety science organization, has announced what it calls
a Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP) for industrial control
systems. It is designed to provide testable cybersecurity criteria to help
assess software vulnerabilities and weaknesses, minimize exploitation,
address known malware, review security controls and increase security
awareness. Read the full story pinned to the top of our Facebook page.

Say automation, and we tend to picture
robotseven though the range of
what automation might involve includes
these devices and more. We also think
of it as replacing people. However,
productive uses of automation often
involve people and technology working
00:27 02:08
in parallel to complement one another.


techspex.com bit.ly/mmstopshops
If you missed the Machine/Shop supplement A member of our Top Shops group reacted to
to last months issue, then you missed an Peter Zelinskis July column The Attentiveness
article by Barry Rogers about key questions Gap, saying he was guilty of popping in his ear
to answer before researching and purchasing buds to get through the day. He remembers a
a new CNC machine tool. Basically, if you're time though, when he was just learning, that he
going to IMTS with a new machine tool pur- took great pride in his craftsmanship. He asked
chase on the docket, go back and read the the group if they should all be working to get the
story, or find it online at short.techspex.com/ fire back, or if they thought it was not an issue
newmachine. at all. Join the conversation at the URL above.


Here is a sampling of some of our recent tweetslittle bits of
information in 140 characters or less. Follow us on Twitter to read more
stories like these.
Can additive manufacturing be added without inhibiting the capabilities
of a machine tool? short.mmsonline.com/addam
Investment in technology for probing on machining centers covers
moldmaking needs of today and tomorrow short.mmsonline.com/probe
Electrospindle changes tools in less than 2 seconds short.mmsonline.

14 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

B&F Precision Machine
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

40 Taper Inline Series 40 Taper Belted Series 50 Taper Belted Series


The Milltronics VM Series is now better than ever. With our new 9000 Series CNC,
the reinvented VM Series gives you everything you need to stay competitive. Backed by
Milltronics reliability and SupportONE Service, the VM Series offers the right balance
of features, performance and price you need to invent faster ways to make great
products. Call 888-999-1440 to learn more about the new VM4222IL, VM3018 and VM5025XP or
Booth S-8329 see the full VM product line up at www.milltronics.com.

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MARK: MY WORD Commentary

New Titles, New Roles

Stepping up is what makes a good team great.

The editorial staff of Modern Machine Shop for this magazine and for Additive Manufacturing,
has always worked hard to be a cohesive and of which he has been editor-in-chief since its
effective team. Like all good teams, individual debut. Pete will also keep the MMS brand at the
members have had dif ferent functions but a forefront of reaching and serving our audience in
common goal: to build and support a brand that a world in which print, digital and social media
promotes new technology in manufacturing. And are all now vital to that mission.
as it is with all good teams, it is necessary to Working closely with Pete and me continues
adjust and reposition those functions to meet to be Derek Korn, who has been with MMS for
changing circumstances. This is one of those almost 13 years. His new title is Executive Editor.
times for us to step up, so to speak. In addition to producing insightful articles about
Thats exactly what we have done, as indicated the application of technology by leading machine
by some changes in the titles on the staff page shops, Derek will now focus more intently on the
of this magazine, which continues to be the anchor operation of the MMS brand internally. He will
of Modern Machine Shops print and online coordinate and oversee the work of other editors
entities. Here are the details: on staff while ensuring the magazine covers the
subject matter that will enable shops to become
more efficient and effective. Dereks essential
MARK ALBERT ef for ts to grow and enhance our Top Shops
benchmarking program will also keep him engaged
with the metalworking community, especially with
Never stop finding better ways
the launch of the Top Shops Conference in 2017.
to work together.
Finally, Emily Probst is now Managing Editor,
the title we give to the person chiefly responsible
for the smooth and timely production of print and
online content. She is arguably overdue for this
My new title is Editorial Director. Although I will title, as she has been fulfilling this role for some
continue to write and prepare my usual lineup of time. Emily also ably manages our blog and news-
editorial contributions such as this column, Decid- letters, and keeps MMS active in Twitter, Facebook,
ing Factors, feature articles, regular blog posts YouTube and other social media channels.
and other items for print and online, I will concen- Of course, our entire editorial staff is commit-
trate on developing editorial talent to sustain our ted to growing and evolving, whether or not
commitment to excellence in technical journalism. individual titles change. We never stop finding
Pete Zelinskis new title is Editor-in-Chief, the better ways to work together. This often involves
title I am passing on. Pete, a 19-year veteran of drawing on the skills and resources of many other
the MMS staff, will take on a more active role as departments in the company. Working as a team
the face of the magazine to the metalworking is our instinctive mode, regardless of who pulls
industry. He has already been representing the together to tackle the task at the moment.
MMS brand at notable events and appearances. But no moment goes by that Im not extremely
However, he will continue to write stellar pieces proud to be part of this team.

18 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

THE Z AXIS Commentary

Q&A with
Cardinal Manufacturing
A Wisconsin high school manufacturing class funds itself by operating as a
business. Leaders in one Ohio county recently explored this idea.
In western Wisconsin, the Eleva-Strum publicSince then, about six other high schools, in Wis-
school district has an answer to the so-called consin and outside the state, have launched or
intend to launch similar student-run manufactur-
skills gap. In fact, this school district has one of
the most enriching answers I have seen, because ing businesses. Craig Cegielski, Cardinal Manu-
facturings founder and teacher, has advised most
its solution elevates not only students manufac-
of these, and he says he hopes one day to get to
turing skills, but also foundational skills related
to employment and professionalism. This districtsee a student-run high school manufacturing
is the location of Cardinal Manufacturing, the business in each of the 50 states.
Eleva-Strum High School manufacturing class Ohio is among the latest states to show inter-
that operates as a commercial businessoper- est. In northeast Ohio, the Medina County Economic
ates, in fact, as a job shop. The students here Development Corp. recently hosted Mr. Cegielski
earn money for the program by making machined in a closed, roundtable discussion in which local
and welded parts for other businesses. Profits educators at both the high school and college
from this work have provided for modern CNC level, as well as business leaders and a state
equipment and other advanced resources that representative, all had the chance to ask the
Wisconsin teacher sometimes blunt questions
would otherwise be inconceivable for a high school
shop class in such a small district. The same about his program.
income also provides for profit-sharing checks I had the chance to join the discussion. Each
of the 18 local leaders involved saw significant
for the students at the end of the school year (as
promise and value in this program for both students
high as about $1,500 for the student who last year
clocked the most time in the student shop). and manufacturers in the county. But many of
them also perceived obstacles to implementing
such a program that they wanted the teacher to
PETER ZELINSKI speak to. For communities that might consider
promoting manufacturing education through a
high school program like this, the exchange
The commercial work gives
brought out some of the concerns and operational
him a chance to discuss with
details. Here are questions that were put to Mr.
students the value of a
Cegielski and my summaries of his responses:
marketable trade.
Q: Where did the initial capital come from
to begin this program?
Modern Machine Shop has covered Cardinal Mr. Cegielski responds, essentially, What
Manufacturing various times. The schools model capital? School leaders and administrators sup-
is still the same as when we detailed it in an ported him in this plan to reinvigorate the schools
article several years ago (see gbm.media/card). manufacturing program, but they could not afford

20 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com






We challenged large and small shops around the world to try Dynamic
toolpaths. The results are nothing short of amazing. Dramatically shorter
cycle times, with extended tool life and less strain on machines.

See it for yourself. Get it at Mastercam.com/DynamicChallenge.

THE Z AXIS Commentary

Students learn CNC

machining by running real
jobs for real customers.
The high school program
formerly had old and
imprecise equipment,
but operating as a
commercial job shop
has enabled it to afford
more modern machines.
Teacher Craig Cegielski,
the programs founder
and teacher, is seen
below. Photography by
Creative Technology Corp.

a large up-front investment in an uncertain idea.

Thus, the program was launched in 2005 with an
initial budget of $3,000.
At that time, the shop class had only old equip-
ment. The business began with the students doing
what commercial work they could on these
machinesgenerally low-tolerance repair work
for local companies, including local farmerswith
profits reinvested into the shop. Student projects
in those early days also served the needs of the
shop. For example, students built welding bays
and workbenches that later classes of students business came out of those conversations. Stu-
continue to use. dents successful delivery of those orders led to
The shop has continued to grow and improve more work, and more customers by word of mouth.
in this way, but the teacher says progress has not The high school company has not lacked for work
been as slow as one might imagine. Along with since then, and Mr. Cegielski has not had to do
equipment being purchased, some has also been any cold-calling since that one summer week.
donated by businesses seeing the shops success Q: Are there liability implications of stu-
and wanting to encourage it. A local machine dents doing commercial work?
shop, MRS Machining, has been generous in Some of Cardinal Manufacturings work is
donating machinery, for example. And among the repair, including one noteworthy job that involved
shops newest equipment is two Haas CNC ver- significant remanufacturing related to a piece of
tical machining centers. One of these was pur- agricultural equipment. One roundtable participant
chased outright by Cardinal Manufacturing and therefore asked about liability. What if the reman-
one was donated by the machine tool builder. ufactured component later fails in a way that
Q: What were the early conversations like causes injury or damage?
with local businesses? Mr. Cegielski says the superintendent and other
During the summer before the program launched, leaders of the Eleva-Strum district took care to
Mr. Cegielski devoted a week to doing nothing have the districts insurance company review their
except visiting every local industrial business he plans to launch the Cardinal Manufacturing pro-
could to explain what he planned to do. He did gram. They obtained the assurance that the
not ask for donations in these meetings; he asked districts coverage does address a circumstance
for work. Some initial orders to the student-run like the one described above.

22 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Water Saving In-House
Finishing Solutions

TRU TEMP 30 minute process. MICROLOK MZN 20 minute process.

Smart option for in-house black oxide on iron and steel A fine-grained zinc phosphating solution for iron and steel
components. Nothing like it. Safe, simple, 30-minute components. Sealed with a rust preventative MICROLOK MZN
TRU TEMP P process operates at 200oF and contains no has excellent corrosion resistance and also provides anti-galling
pollutants. TRU TEMPP creates a non-dimensional finish protection and break-in lubricity to critical working surfaces.
and compliant for RoHS and Mil spec. Mil Spec compliant (MIL-DTL-16232G, Type Z).

Rinse discharge and water

treatment options.
Birchwood Technologies has options to greatly
reduce water consumption. These systems can make
finishing in-house possible even in locations with
water restrictions. Call to discuss a proposal for
your specific needs. Phone 952.937.7931

Ion Exchange System With Zero Discharge Near-Zero Water Recycling System
Scan QR code or visit
Buy online today.
us online www.birchwoodtechnologies.com
THE Z AXIS Commentary

Similarly, the possibility of a student being work. The low hourly rate it charges for student
injured while doing commercial work at the school labor means it frequently obtains the chance to
(which hopefully never occurs) is covered by perform repairs on components that the owner
insurance as well. Though the students here otherwise would discard.
happen to be using the school equipment to make Q : W h a t d o e s t h e i n s t r u c t o r s d a y
useful parts for customers rather than traditional look like?
shop-class assignments, the work is equally risky Only half-jokingly, Mr. Cegielski says his role
in either case, and it looks the same from the with Cardinal Manufacturing is to stand around
insurance companys perspective. and do nothing. He trains students in how to
Q: Eleva-Strum High School is small. How perform every aspect of the business, including
could this idea work in a large school? not just programming and running jobs, but also
Eleva-Strums most recent graduating class scheduling and billing, in the hope that they actu-
had 43 students. As an indicator of how popular ally can per form ever y aspectleaving him
manufacturing has become, 18 of those former to supervise.
seniors were in Cardinal Manufacturing. (Whereas But Cardinal Manufacturing as a class officially
the shop class a decade or so ago attracted more occupies only two periods of an eight-period day.
like six.) For the effectiveness of this program as He teaches other classes during other periods.
a functioning business, Mr. Cegielski has to limit Cardinal Manufacturing students meanwhile often
the classs size, yet in such a small school, even spend study hall periods continuing their work in
being selective still lets him admit a large share the shop. The teachers classroom includes large
of total students. How could such a program work windows into the shop so he can see this activity.
in a school that is much larger? Q : W hat has you r t ime wit h Ca r d inal
Mr. Cegielski says the crucial element of this Manufacturing taught you?
model is student-run business. In a large school, Im teaching soft skills, says Mr. Cegielski.
the answer would be to extend that model beyond That is a far bigger and more significant part of
manufacturing. Yes, there certainly would be too what he is imparting to students than he could
many interested students if manufacturing was have appreciated when he began this program.
the only student-run business, so the key to scal- Over time, he has adapted his plan for the class
ing up would be to add more. What about a to emphasize this instruction, which starts on the
student-run nursery in the school greenhouse? first day of school each year. On day one, I teach
Or a student-run auto repair shop or caterer? everyone how to shake hands, he says.
Q: Who receives the money and cuts the Similarly, whenever a customer visits to pick
checks? Does the student-run business have up a finished job, he turns this into an opportunity
its own finances? to practice professionalism and customer service.
Yes and no, Mr. Cegielski says. Customers He has the students plan: Who will greet the
make payments to the school district; the district customer and give him his parts? Who will help
maintains funds and disburses them on Cardinal load them? Who will have the invoice ready? Who
Manufacturings behalf. Financially, the business will thank him for his business?
functions like a student club. The shop has recently There is also financial counseling, he says. The
been given the use of a credit card, a change that involvement in commercial work gives him a
has made this arrangement much more seamless. chance to discuss with students how valuable it
Q: Is there enough work to go around? Is is to possess a marketable trade, in the context
there a danger of the student-run business of how much it costs to live as an adult and how
competing against local businesses? much they should therefore be aiming to earn.
There is plenty of work, the teacher says. Local Every different year delivers a different group
manufacturers often send Cardinal the short-run, of kids. The mix of what they need from him varies.
low-tolerance work they dont want to bother But in some years, he says, developing soft skills
witha win for both parties. accounted for 25 percent of what we spent our
In addition, Cardinals low prices actually create time on.

24 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com



Booth S-8342

Tilting Head Horizontal

Introducing the Newest Addition to Our Line of

High Performance 5 Axis Machining Centers
Reduce Setup Time and Operations With This Tilting Head Horizontal
100 Regency Drive,
Glendale Heights IL 60139
TEL: 630-924-9000
100 Regency Drive, TEL:
FAX: 630-924-9000
630-924-9010 Learn more on our website at:
Glendale Heights IL 60139 www.okkcorp.com www.okkcorp.com
FAX: 630-924-9010
ONE-OFF Commentary

The Story of a Top Shops

Workpiece, Conference
Our Top Shops benchmarking program will be represented in big ways in our IMTS
booth. Its there where well make a big announcement about the program, too.
It was time. Given that our magazines annual the machined 3D logo might look like, adding depth
Top Shops benchmarking survey is on its sixth and dimension to various individual elements, such
year, the time was right to freshen its logo, which as the Modern Machine Shop logo and the banner
we did a couple months ago. that wraps around the shield. What you see on this
That said, we didnt want to simply revamp it. months cover, underneath all the toolpath imagery,
We also wanted to find a shop to machine it once is what he designed.
the design was finalized. Being that contract shop Knowing this workpiece cut from aluminum
Applied Engineering, located in Yankton, South plate was roughly 2 feet tall and nearly 2 feet wide,
Dakota, was last years Top Shops Honors Program we wanted to have an idea as to how much it would
winner in the machining technology category, it weigh so we could consider options for mounting
made sense to first approach those folks to see if it. After CAM programming, including the removal
theyd be willing to take on that job. of a good deal of material from the back side of the
par t to lighten it, Chad used SolidWorks to
approximate the final weight at just a little more
DEREK KORN than 45 pounds.
As you see on the following page, the machined
logo looks fantastic, and well certainly get our use
Email me as to what you might
out of it moving forward. For one, itll be on display
like the Top Shops Conference
in our IMTS Booth W-10 located at the entrance to
to cover.
the West Hall as part of the Top Shops Event, a
collaborative display presented by Gardner Busi-
ness Media (publisher of this magazine) and the
Thankfully, but not unexpectedly, shop projects sponsors of IMTS. The goals of this event are to
manager Brad Bohnet agreed to help us with this, highlight the types of new machining technologies,
putting programmer Chad Harris in charge of the shopfloor practices and business strategies that
endeavor. After our magazines creative director, leading shops are applying; look at some disruptive
Jeff Norgord, and art director, Heather McClain technologies that might impact manufacturing in
Francis, completed the new 2D logo design in the future; and enable shops to benchmark them-
Adobe Illustrator, Heather exported a .dxf (drawing selves against other successful U.S. operations.
interchange format) file to simplify the creation of However, theres another way well get use out
a 3D CAD model. of the new logo. Next fall, Modern Machine Shop
I sent Chad the .dxf file on Tuesday, July 5, so is holding its inaugural Top Shops Conference,
he could start building the model. Less than 24 which, moving forward, will be held each non-IMTS
hours later, he sent me screen captures of what year. We dont want this conference simply to focus
he had created based on his perception of what on uber-conceptual, sounds-good-on-paper

26 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

a-DiA Series

If it ts in a RoboDrill,
it should be run in a RoboDrill.
With a proven record of high performance, high reliability,
and low maintenance, RoboDrills are the preferred
machines in any shop.
FANUC 3li-B5 control 1.6 second tool change
16.5 HP @ 10,000 rpm 660 lb table capacity
7 HP @ 24,000 rpm 1.5 G acceleration
BIG-PLUS spindle Designed for automation
21 tool ATC Available with
Pallet Changer


BOOTH S-9119

Triple H 40
Horizontal Machining Center
KIWA Triple H40 series, is a high-performance horizontal
machining center with a Column Traverse Design. This
allows for heavy parts to be machined in a compact
space. The machine design will accommodate
a variety of workpieces and factory automation
equipment and is equipped with a wide center trough
in the machining area and a chip auger to carry chips
directly down the center trough for disposal at the rear
of the machine. The 5 axis version allows for heavy parts
to be machined on ve sides.

Compact, 62 in. Column traverse design
wide design Provision for 70-bar,
Tilt/rotary with (1000 psi) coolant
500mm table through spindle
Spindle: 40 Tool ATC standard
20 HP / 12,000 rpm direct
drive, 40 taper spindle


65 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776 Charlotte Chicago Detroit Los Angeles Phoenix San Francisco
978.443.5388 | sales@methodsmachine.com 704.587.0507 847.783.6800 248.624.8601 714.521.2507 602.437.2220 510.636.1430

ONE-OFF Commentary

bleeding-edge concepts. Instead,

we want to offer presentations about
very advanced yet practical tactics,
processes, machining approaches
and so on that people could readily
apply once back at their shops. This
might include leveraging additive
manufacturing in a shop setting,
machine tool monitoring and data
collection, cutting tool management,
and best practices in areas such as
business strategies, work force
development and human resources.
Just like we hope you feel that
Modern Machine Shop is your Shown left to right are Applied Engineerings Rory Hamilton (operator
magazine, we want you to feel that who machined the logo), Brad Bohnet (shop projects manager) and
the Top Shops Conference is your Chad Harris (CAM programmer for the logo).
conference. For this, we welcome
your input as to the types of topics youd like potential conference dates and locations, they have
to learn more about in nex t falls inaugural yet to be finalized. Know that well provide you
edition. Email me with any thoughts or ideas you with all event details as soon as theyre nailed
might have. Although weve narrowed down down, though.

The new evolution of BIG KAISER digital
boring tools will be paired with a smart
device for real time tool data display


Higher Performance. Guaranteed. has long been a statement we hang our hat on. At IMTS 2016, BIG KAISER
is making our most ambitious effort yet to prove that our tooling outperforms and delivers lasting value. We are
challenging the metalworking world to Test Us. Our tooling stands up to the hardest tests, day in and day out,
and wed love the opportunity to prove it.

Stop by our booth at IMTS 2016 or visit BIGKAISER.com/TestUs to request your no-risk trial today!

BOOTH W-1600

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These Companies Demand the Best
from Themselves and Their Suppliers...
They also use Fagor CNC and Feedback Systems

Lockheed Martin Fain Aerospace Models Triumph Aerospace

Bell Helicopter Cessna GKN Aerospace
Northrup Grumman GulfStream Aerospace Raytheon
L3 Communications Bombardier Prat hitney
Boeing ATK Zodiac Aerospace

Chicago | Dallas | Florida | Los Angeles | Montreal | New Jersey | Toronto

For more information: 800-4A-FAGOR or info@fagor-automation.com

CNC Systems | Digital Servo Motor rives | Feedback Systems | DRO Systems | Motion Control Systems
RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief

Optimized Machining
out of the Box
Four tooling-related companies partner to supply dynamically stable milling for
improved productivity on existing machine tools. Users do not have to mea-
sure the dynamics of their machines. Instead, tooling tailored to the machine
arrives as a complete assembly, along with software for quickly determining the
parameters that tooling can be used to achieve.


enhancement that hardly any shop is using.

E very milling process has a spindle speed, or
a set of spindle speeds, at which it inherently
wants to cut. Run at one of these particular speeds
Why are dynamically stable milling speeds not
more widely used? The corresponding organiza-
(the sweet spot, if you will), and chatter quiets tional complexity is part of the reason. Those
down. Heavier cuts are possible. Higher tool life seemingly magical spindle rpm values are differ-
is achieved. Particularly above 10,000 rpm, the ent for every different combination of machine,
chance for enhanced cutting performance at toolholder, cutting tool and tool overhang length.
these dynamically stable spindle speeds can be Finding the right speed for one combination is
pronounced. Finding and running at these speeds not difficulta measurement using commercially
is perhaps the most accessible productivity available frequency-analysis equipment can

Spindle speeds
corresponding to the
frequency response of
a given machine-and-
tooling combination permit
heavier, smoother, more
productive milling. The
Smart Tool system consists
of a tool/toolholder assem-
bly that is optimized to the
dynamics of a particular
machining center, so that
the milling cutter within
that system can be used as
effectively as possible in
that machine.

30 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief

Toolholder, tool and retention knob are initially

shipped as an assembled, pre-balanced unit. Place-
ment of a custom setscrew slot in the tool ensures
proper overhang length for dynamic optimization.

use the correct spindle speed for each machine-

and-tooling combination. All in all, this is more
preparation than most shops are willing to make,
and it is more process control than they are able
to realize.
It would be better if there was simply a way to
purchase the productivity enhancement. Yet the
hope of delivering dynamically stable speeds that
easily has proven elusive. Since the speeds are
dependent on individual machine and tooling
choices, there has never seemed to be a way to
provide those speeds as an out-of-the-box prod-
uct. The company BlueSwarf, for example, has
wrestled with this. This firm provides a software
interfaceits Tool Dashboardthat makes use
of machining stability signatures by allowing
users to quickly find the most productive param-
eters for a given machine-and-tool system in a
given workpiece material. Yet BlueSwarf still
requires its users to have performed a tap test,
or to have something equivalent to tap-test data
for the machining system.
determine it in minutes. (Involving a tap with a But now, thanks to a partnership involving
small hammer, this measurement is commonly other tooling-related companiesand thanks to
called a tap test.) However, the shop that is a busine ss model that they are pione e ring
intent on using stable speeds has to determine togetherthe prospect of simply purchasing an
this ideal speed for every combination of machine, optimize d proc e s s has come much ne a re r
tooling and stick-out length that it wants to opti- to reality.
mize. It also has to apply the discipline to ensure The companies include BlueSwarf, along with
that tools and toolholders are always assembled Briney Tooling Systems, Fullerton Tool Co., and
the same way and assigned to the correct the Morris Group business unit Velocity Products.
machines, and that the machining cycles always The product they have introduced together is the
Smart Tool system now supplied by Velocity.
BlueSwarf, call 888-811-3260 The system works this way: For any machining
or visit blueswarf.com. center from Okuma (more on that requirement
Briney Tooling Systems, call 800-752-8035 later), Velocity will provide a complete tooling
or visit brineytooling.com. assembly that is optimized for high-productivity
milling on that machine. The assembly consists
Fullerton Tool Co., call 855-722-7243
of a Briney toolholder tailored to that machines
or visit fullertontool.com.
dynamics, as well as the users choice of Fullerton
Okuma, call 704-588-7000 end mill and a custom tool overhang length selected
or visit okuma.com/americas. to optimize the dynamic resonance of this overall
Velocity Products (main contact for Smart Tool), machine-and-tooling combination. This assembly
call 256-258-5549 or visit velocityproducts. (with retention knob) is balanced as a unit and

32 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com






TRAM is dedicated to transferring advanced CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA
manufacturing techniques to business leaders, AT
managers and engineers in the aerospace industry.
This is your chance to see the very latest technologies
from the best and brightest that aviation has to offer.

RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief

By predicting the effect

of different cutting
parameters without any
need for test cuts, the
Tool Dashboard enables
users of a Smart Tool
assembly to quickly find
the combination of
cutting parameters
delivering optimal
performance with that
particular assembly.

sent in a package that also includes a BlueSwarf accurate placement of the slot for that particular
Tool Dashboard tailored to that assembly, allow- customers tooling.
ing the user to quickly determine the optimum The Smart Tool system is only available for
combination of spindle speed and depth of cut Okuma machines. Velocity supplies tooling and
in various applications. The result is optimized accessories for Okuma equipment, but other
milling out of the box, without users having to factors led to the focus on this builder as well.
perform any of their own frequency measurements, Research done by Tony Schmitz and Scott Smith
and without the user having to implement much of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
in the way of new process disciplines or controls. (near Okumas U.S. headquarters) enabled this
The extent of performance improvement will system, because it led the way for combining
vary, but the Smart Tool group says a doubling tool and machine frequency responses
of productivity from heavier depths of cut and mathematically rather than measuring ever y
doubled tool life from smoother cutting are rea- combination. And BlueSwarf, as a member of
sonable outcomes compared to the non-optimal Okumas Par tners in THINC network, had
milling conditions at which many shops typically suf ficient access to the companys machine
run. To be sure, slight process controls are needed to ols to b e a ble to p e r for m the ne c e s s a r y
to achieve and maintain these results. Toolhold- me asure me nt of their dy namic prope r tie s.
ers optimized for a particular machine need to (Meanwhile, perhaps fittingly, all Briney toolhold-
stay with that machine, though they can be used ers happen to be made on Okuma machines.)
with any of the Smart Tool assemblies that might One other point Velocity and the other Smart
have been purchased for different end mills on Tool companies take care to point out is this: The
that machine. Also, the end mills need to be re- system is entirely U.S.-made. In other words, for
ordered through Velocitywhich obtains them companies favoring domestic manufacturing, the
from Fullertonin part because these companies system is optimized in this way as well. Fullerton
will ensure that the correct overhang length is and Br iney both do the ir manufactur ing in
maintained. In this system, the overhang is con- Michigan, and BlueSwarf is also a U.S. firm. In
trolled by the placement of a patent-pending this case, therefore, the claim that the best tool
custom setscrew slot in the shank of the tool. The for the job is made in America is an assertion that
customer order number for any individual Smart can be suppor ted with the physics and the
Tool assembly cues Velocity and Fullerton to the mathematics of frequency analysis.

34 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


S I NC E 19 64


Grooving and Turning up to a shoulder

Groove widths from .004" 8 8 8 T H I N B I T

through .150" in .001" increments
Grades and coatings for ferrous, 8 8 8 T H I N FA X
Booth W-2172
non-ferrous and plastic materials

Maximum depth of cut 1" KAISER TOOL COMPANY, INC.

Groove widths 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm
Coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous materials US PATENT NOS. 6,688,816; 6,824,333; 5,638,728
RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief

How to Use Google Street View

to Market Your Shop

H ow do you let potential customers see your

machines and manufacturing capabilities
when they cant spend the time and money to
area. (A searchable list of Google-cer tified
photographers can be found at short.mmsonline.
com/streetview.) According to Douglas Biggs,
leave work and fly across the country to visit your Gilman vice president of sales and marketing,
facility? Gilman Precision of Grafton, Wisconsin, prices depend on the size of a facility and how
is taking an unusual approach to showcasing its many photos would be necessary to cover it.
capabilities: offering a virtual tour using Google Gilman paid about $2,000 for photos of its 70,000
Street View, a web service that provides 360- square-foot-facility.
degree views of specific locations. In this instance, Once the company chose a photographer, the
the location is Gilmans facility. rest of the process took little involvement from
Google Street View wasnt Gilmans first attempt Gilman, Mr. Biggs says. The photographer used
at a virtual tour. YouTube videos ultimately fell a digital camera with a seamless 360-degree-view
short of expectations because they didnt allow lens on a tripod to capture images around the
visitors to stop and stare at things that piqued shop. Every 5 feet, he would stop and take photos
their interest. So after the Milwaukee Chamber in each direction before moving on. The whole
of Commerce sent out information on using Google photo shoot took about two hours to complete.
Street View to tour restaurants, bars and other Afterwards, the photographer loaded the tour
locations, Gilman reached out to Google to see
if the company would consider a street view of a To virtually tour Gilmans facility from a desktop
manufacturing facility. computer, click the arrow in the direction you wish
To start the process, Gilman got bids from to walk. To see a 360-degree view from that point,
someGoogle-cer tified photographersin the click and drag the photo left or right.

36 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Discover Takumi
i Exceptional surface finishes; outstanding
accuracy; fast throughput
i World-class performance for die/mold,
aerospace, and other high speed applications
i Thermally stable double-column and
c-frame machining centers
i Robust, precision machined castings

See the Takumi CNC machines in action at IMTS2016

Booth #S-8420
Takumi USA | TAKUMIUSA.com | 844.302.3792 | info@takumiusa.com
7220 Winton Drive Indianapolis, IN 46268

Machines shown with options. Information may change without notice.

RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief

online to Google. From start to finish, creating the facility so slowly and deliberately was an eye-
virtual tour took about two weeks. The tour is opening experience. Ive never walked my floor
accessible at the bottom of Gilmans website at and examined it to that extent, he says. Its a
gilmanprecision.com and on Google Maps. completely different way of looking at your shop.
Having gone through this process, Mr. Biggs In fact, it sparked some ideas for the future. I
has some tips for other shops considering a now know that if we need a new machine down
Google Street View photo shoot: the road, we can do it by moving a certain machine
Consider the lighting.Be sure the shop is to another location.
brightly lit. A dark shop does not give an overall Aftera little more than a week,Google Street
good impression. View was already making a difference in Gilmans
Clean up. A tidy shop indicates good work marketing efforts, Mr. Biggs reports. The com-
habits, attention to detail and proper maintenance. pany promoted the virtual tour through an email
While he considers it a home-field advantage blast and saw significant growth in its open rate
to always have a clean shop, Mr. Biggs suggests for that particular mailing. Moreover, the shop
going through and making sure to clean out has received feedback from customers who
junk drawers, so to speak. Like inviting guests didnt realize it had certain capabilities before
over to your house, you want to put your best viewing the tour. Business oppor tunities are
face forward. already in the works, Mr. Biggs says.
Take another look.Take several people Another benefit is the ability to check Google
through the shop beforehand, looking for customer- A naly tics to see where people are clicking
sensitive parts and logos that you would not want next on the companys website after taking the
in photos. Gilman used to be part of SFK until it tour. Do they want more information on the
set out on its own about five years ago. Still, there companys spindles, or do they perhaps want
were some old calendars and displays that needed to know about a different topic? Using this infor-
to be removed before the photo shoot. mation, Gilman can better prepare its future
According to Mr. Biggs, walking through the marketing content.

Integrating Additive Manufacturing

without Inhibiting Machining

additive manufacturing is an addition to machin-

M itsui Seiki is a machine tool builder that aims
to excel in the area of precision. It provides
machines, often custom-engineered, to meet
ing that brings both design freedom and process
efficiency to complement machinings precision.
machining challenges related to high-value parts And by consolidating more of a parts processing
with particularly demanding tolerances. Therefore, into a single machine, it potentially reduces part
the companys introduction of additive manufac- handling, which facilitates precision as well. During
turing as a capability it can now deliver might the past year or more that the company has been
seem like an odd fit. Additive manufacturing preparing to come to market with additive capa-
building up parts or features through a controlled bility, he says, it has been experimenting with how
process of adding material in layerscannot by to use metal cutting and metal deposition effec-
itself achieve anything like the fine tolerances that tively within the same machine tool, without having
machining can. to compromise the effectiveness or promise of
But Robb Hudson, technology and business either capability.
development manager for the company, says M r. H u d s o n s ays e s s e nti a l l y a ny of th e

38 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Makino adaptive automation combines the
JOIN US FOR EXCITING best engineering thinking with best-in-class
manufacturing technology.
RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief

A hybrid additive/subtractive version of this machin- operation removes much of the volume of coolant
ing center is now available as a standard product, but still clinging to the part, followed by the laser
the company says essentially any of its machines can applied at a wide focus to evaporate the rest. The
now be made available as hybrids. surface dried in this way is ready for a new feature
to be grown onto it through laser cladding.
companys machines can now be made available A similarly important consideration is protec-
as a hybrid system, capable of both additive and tion of the machine. Because some metal powder
subtractive operations. A hybrid model of the invariably escapes, preserving the machining
companys Vertex five-axis machining center will precision demands ensuring that the powder does
now be a standard product. The additive capabil- not affect sensitive mechanical systems such as
ity comes from the companys partnership with the ballscrews and ways. Here, the company was
Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, a firm jointly able to draw on extensive prior experience, Mr.
based in Texas and the UK that offers a system Hudson says. Guarding and other kinematic
for integrating additive manufacturing capability protections the company has engineered for
into an existing machine tool. The Hybrid Manu- machining centers used in precision graphite
facturing head performs metal additive manufac- milling have been adapted to protect the machine
turing through laser cladding, feeding metal against metal powder.
powder into a pool that is melted by a laser. The The reward for all of this development will be
head mounts in the machines spindle using a the opportunity to deliver much more manufactur-
toolholder, and when it is not in use, it waits in the ing capability within a single cycle and bring much
machines carousel alongside other tools. more of a parts production into a single machine.
Yet integrating additive capability into the CNC machining is the solution for tight precision,
machine is not as simple as adding this head. The while additive manufacturing is potentially the
machine itself is also modified for safe use of the solution where a high level of geometric complex-
laser, as well as to enable powder flow. And if the ity is needed. Those two benefits need not be
full machining capabilities are to remain available, separatea part that includes geometrically
then new processing techniques along with other challenging features is now also a part that can
machine modifications are in order, too. be machined to tight tolerances, without any
For example, what about coolant? Generally, handling or travel needed to transition between
coolant and lasers dont mix, Mr. Hudson observes. those objectives.
But as part of the testing of additive/subtractive Indeed, that promise is particularly beneficial
processing at Mitsui Seikis headquarters in Japan, to manufacturers in the aerospace industry, Mr.
the company has refined a process for using flood Hudson says. A large portion of the machine tool
coolant extensively within a cycle that also includes builders customers are in this sector. Their aim
additive layering. In this process, an air blow-off is often the buy-to-fly ratio, or how much material

40 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief

they have to purchase versus how much is left here as well. That is, instead of an oversize work-
once all of the parts machining is done, he says. piece going into the machine to get much of its
Buy-to-fly ratios are often high to machine elab- material cut away, what if a workpiece that was
orate aircraft components out of solid billet or actually incomplete went into the machine instead?
even out of forgings, meaning material waste is For material efficiency, some of this parts features
high. But hybrid manufacturing offers a solution would still be produced through machining, while
other featuresnarrow fins and other projections,
Mitsui Seiki, call 201-337-1300 for examplecould instead be produced cost-
or visit mitsuiseiki.com. effectively by additively building them on.

September 12 - 17, 2016

Booth S - 8656

42 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com




DECIDING FACTORS A Focus on Data-Driven Manufacturing

Cybersecurity Assurance
U L, a global safety science organization, has
announced what it calls a Cybersecurity
Assurance Program (UL CAP) for industrial control
performance and financial return on these control
systems and the equipment they run.
Were aiming to support and underpin the
systems, designed to provide testable cyberse- innovative, rapidly iterating technologies that make
curity criteria to help assess software vulnerabil- up the Industrial Internet of Things with a security
ities and weaknesses, minimize exploitation, program, says Rachna Stegall, director of con-
address known malware, review security controls nected technologies at UL. The more industrial
and increase security awareness. UL CAP is control systems become interconnected with
intended for control system manufacturers who other devices, the greater the potential security
need support in assessing security risks while risks. The Cybersecurity Assurance Programs
they continue to focus on product innovation to purpose is to help manufacturers, purchasers
help build safer, more secure products. These and end users mitigate those risks via methodical
steps will help protect the Industrial Internet of risk assessments and evaluations.
Things. The program should benefit OEMs, machine Developers of UL CAP solicited input from
tool builders, system integrators and retrofitters major stakeholders representing the federal gov-
who want to mitigate risks by sourcing products ernment, academia and industry to elevate the
assessed by an expert third party. security measures deployed by companies, and
Network-connected products and systems agencies who may have equipment and devices
offer capabilities that promise significant boosts connected to digital networks. For example,
in productivity to manufacturing companies. automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, along with
Industrial control systems, for example, are becom- the many job shops and manufacturing subcon-
ing more interconnected, connectable and net- tractors that support them, make up a critical
workable, thus making data-driven manufacturing supply chain that must have cybersecurity mea-
a practical reality on the factory floor. However, sures as a priority. UL CAP is being presented as
there are growing risks that threaten the security, a means for evaluating the security provisions of

This is an overview
of services of the UL
Cybersecurity Assurance

MODER ATOR MARK ALBERT, malber t@mmsonline.com

44 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

R 12-
H W-1


Face Grooving


Deep Grooving

Beyond Evolution is the new single-sided Cut-Off

grooving and cut-off tool that also performs

multi-directional turning. Side Turning

CALL 1-844-314-1977



DECIDING FACTORS A Focus on Data-Driven Manufacturing

control systems within these supply chains. incorporate additional technical criteria as the
The urgency of this issue was addressed by security needs in the marketplace evolve.
the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP), UL CAP can help vendors identify security risks
which was released by the White House last in their products and systems, and it suggests
February. The CNAP is designed to enhance methods for mitigating those risks. The UL 2900-
cybersecurity capabilities within the U.S. govern- 2-2 standard can be applied to industrial control
ment and across the country. ULs CAP program system components such as:
was recognized within the CNAP as a way to test Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
and certify network-connectable devices. Remote network terminals
ULs evaluation of industrial control system Human-machine interfaces (HMIs)
security uses UL 2900-2-2, which is within the Input/output (I/O) servers
UL 2900 series of standards. This series outlines Machine tool control units
technical criteria for testing and evaluating the Intelligent devices such as sensors
security of products and systems that are network- Fieldbus connections
connectable. These standards form a basic set Industrial control systems that meet the require-
of requirements to measure, and then improve, ments outlined in the standard can then be certi-
the fitness of products and systems from a network fied by UL as UL 2900-2-2 compliant. Addition-
security standpoint. UL 2900 is designed to ally, since security is an ever-changing challenge,
UL 2900-2-2 can be used to evaluate a vendors
For more information on UL CAP, visit booth processes for design, development and mainte-
E-4135 at IMTS or visit ul.com/cybersecurity. nance of secure products and systems.

MTConnect As a Siemens Solution

Partner, TechSolve offers
Compliance for software-only MTConnect
SINUMERIK solutions for:
Siemens Solutionline or
840D CNC by Powerline
TechSolve HMI-Advanced or

Contact sales@techsolve.org
for more information

46 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

BOOTH E-3114

Vero Software is the market leading provider of computer
aided manufacturing (CAM) systems for NC part programming.
Our CAM systems for milling, turning, mill-turn machining and
Wire EDM offer unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated
toolpath generation.

Production Milling
4/5 Axis Milling
Production Turning
Multi-Axis Mill/Turn

OEE: The Gift That Keeps

on Giving
Combining key data can paint a better picture of what is happening in a shop
and help it make decisions that will yield the greatest long-term benefits.
Overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, is a In the previous example, if during the five hours
metric that accurately conveys how well machines that the machine is available to produce parts,
of all types are performing. More and more com- it produces the required number of parts within
panies are finding OEE to be a key component in four hours, performance efficiency would be 80
their continuous improvement initiatives. percent (four hours divided by five hours).
As with any metric, OEE involves collecting Rate of quality is the percentage of time
dataspecifically, data pertaining to equipment the machine is producing good parts. The time
availability, performance efficiency and rate of spent producing defective parts is deducted
quality. The meaning of these three OEE catego- from the machines run time. Following our
ries is described here: example, if 10 percent of the parts the machine
Equipment availability is the amount of produced during the four hours of productive
time a machine is available to produce parts run time were defective, the rate of quality would
when needed. This would be the time remaining be 90 percent.
after machine breakdown and setup times are Using the numbers in this example, multiply-
removed. For example, if during an eight-hour ing the percentages of equipment availability,
shift a machine experienced breakdowns for one performance efficiency and rate of quality would
hour, and another two hours were spent setting yield an OEE of 45 percent (63 percent multiplied
up jobs, machine availability would be five hours. by 80 percent multiplied by 90 percent). This
Expressed as a percent of available time, equip- means that the machine is running par ts of
ment availability would be 63 percent (five hours acceptable quality at planned speed only 45
divided by eight hours). percent of the time, or approximately 3 1/2 hours
Performance efficiency is the percentage in an eight-hour shift.
of time that a machine is running at planned Interestingly enough, many companies already
speed. Factors that affect planned speed are collect this data, but do not combine it to calcu-
speed reductions (that are usually related to the late OEE. Equipment availability, performance
part being run) and minor machine stoppages efficiency and rate of quality may even be reviewed
(such as tool changes, material loading or an and evaluated by different departments inde-
operator being called away for a short interval). pendently. Maintenance may capture machine
downtime and track this as part of a daily, weekly
or monthly metric. Manufacturing may capture
WAYNE S. CHANESKI per formance ef ficiency in terms of whether
machines produced the number of parts they
were supposed to in a given period. Finally, qual-
ity control may collect data on defective parts
produced and track it as part of a plant-wide
yield rate. Unfortunately, all of this information

48 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


treated individually may not present a clear in equipment availability of only four hours per
picture of how a machine is really performing. shift, or 50 percent. The slow machine could be
OEE ties all of this information together and changed-over much faster and rarely experienced
can help a company make better decisions. One any breakdowns, so it had an equipment avail-
company recently set out to use OEE as the pre- ability rating of 85 percent. Finally, good parts
ferred metric for its key machines. Like many were produced on the fast machine 93 percent
companies, it recorded lots of data, but in a rather of the time, while the slow machine produced
disjointed manner. The companys main focus good parts 99 percent of the time. In the end, the
had always been machine efficiency, and machines fast machines OEE was calculated to be 44
were ranked by the number of parts they produced percent (95 percent multiplied by 50 percent
per hour, when they were running. When the multiplied by 93 percent), while the slow machines
management team looked at machine performance OEE was a much higher 67 percent (80 percent
from an OEE perspective, there were some sur- multiplied by 85 percent multiplied by 99 percent).
prises. For example, one machine, lets call it the To put this in perspective, over an eight-hour shift,
fast machine had a strong record of producing the slow machine was producing good quality
a high number of parts per hour and was consid- parts at planned speed almost two hours longer
ered 95-percent efficient. Another machine that than the fast machine.
did the same type of work, lets call it the slow Focusing on OEE, rather than individual cat-
machine, could not produce parts at the same egories of machine performance, can provide a
rate and was rated as 80-percent efficient. On better picture of what is happening with your
the other hand, the fast machine had long setups machines and allow you to plan the changes that
and experienced frequent breakdowns, resulting would yield the greatest long-term benefit.

Turn your CMM into a versatile

measuring solution.
Mitutoyo offers a full array of probing solutions for a variety
of applications.
Non-contact laser line probes are ideal for all environments from R&D through
production. Use for reverse engineering, rapid measurement of non-prismatic
parts, castings, forgings, stampings, molds complex geometry, airfoils and
flexible parts.
Quick Vision Probe (QVP) is ideal for achieving high throughput for flexible parts.
The QVP-captured image uses various automatic edge detections performed by
the Visionpak software and is equipped with the standard co-axial light running
through the lens system, as well as white-light LED ring illumination.
Surftest probe enables surface roughness analysis, eliminating the need for
workpiece changeover to a second device. Available detectors include standard-
type, deep groove, small hole, extra small hole and gear tooth surface.
All probing solutions can also be mounted onto the PH10M or PH10MQ probe
head, and with a probe changer can accommodate both contact and non-
contact measurements.


606/610/1010 606T QVP Surftest

SEE US AT IMTS, BOOTH E-5215 Mitutoyo America Corporation | 1-888-mitutoyo | www.mitutoyo.com


50 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com



Craftsmanship is essential to Okumas highly accurate,
robust CNC machining performance. Thats why we employ
hand scraping to produce the tightest, most consistent
tolerances in our foundation elements. And why we optimize
mechanical, electronics and software systems to work
as one finely-tuned, long-lasting unit. With Okuma, youll
open enduring possibilities and endless opportunities
for competitive advantages.



Arizona CNC Equipment GOSIGER HEMAQ Thomas Skinner & Son

www.arizonacnc.com www.gosiger.com www.hemaq.com www.thomasskinner.com

EMEC Machine Tools, Inc. Hartwig, Inc. Morris Group, Inc.

www.emecmt.com www.hartwiginc.com www.morrisgroupinc.com

www.okuma.com | www.myokuma.com

Succession Plan Solutions

With the right plan, you can ensure that the business you worked so hard to
build will live on even after you retire.
If you own or run a family business, and you control) to make final business decisions.
want that business to continue after your leader- Heres how we typically solve this problem
ship ends, you need a succession plan. Although when it arises: We create voting stock (say 100
succession planning does not have a one-size- shares) and non-voting stock (say 10,000 shares).
fits all solution, if you are like Joe, who owns 100 This is a tax-free transaction. The owner of the
percent of Success Co. and would like it live on company keeps the voting stock and control of
after he retires, you have three basic options for the company, while the non-voting stock is divid-
what to do with your business: transfer it to one ing evenly among the children. When the owner
or more family members, one or more key employ- dies, 51 shares of the voting stock, and control
ees, or some third party. of the company, goes to the child who has been
The following four family situations come up identified as the clear leader. That childs non-
often in practice: voting shares are then reduced by the exact
1. The owner either has no children, or none number of extra voting shares he receives.
of his children want to or are capable of running 4. At least one of the owners children works for
the company af ter his depar ture. Of course, the business and is capable of taking over, but the
perhaps one of them could still own all or part owner also has one or more other children who
of the company, if a professional manager actu- are not involved in the company. This is a common
ally ran its day-to-day operations. This is rarely scenario, and it is also problematic. Typically, the
done, however. Instead, this situation prompts owner will want stock in the company to go only
the second and third transfer options above. to the children involved in the business, while those
2. The owner has only one child, who already who are not involved in the business get other
works for the company and is capable of running assets that he owns. Of course, often there are not
it. This may be the most clear-cut scenario. The enough other assets to meet the usual goal of
only question is how to transfer ownership to treating each child equally. Purchasing second-
that child in the most tax-effective manner. to-die life insurance can make up the difference.
3. Two or more of the owners children are
invo l ve d in th e bu s in e s s. In most of th e se THE TAX PROBLEMS
cases, the owner wants each of the children The tax costs associated with using the wrong
to own an equal number of shares of the busi- succession plan can produce a never-ending,
n e s s. T his c re ate s a pro bl e m, howeve r, in expensive nightmare.
that there must be a clear leader (with voting Say Joe sells Success Co. to his only child,
Sam, for $1 million. Assume the tax rates are 40
percent for income taxes (35 percent federal and
IRVING L. BLACKMAN 5 percent state) and 40 percent for estate taxes.
Joes tax basis for Success Co. is zero. To pay
Contact Irving Blackman by
his dad that $1 million and cover the $670,000
sending an email to blackman@
in income taxes, Sam must earn $1.67 million.
And Joe will have to pay a capital gains tax of
$200,000, leaving him with only $800,000 for

52 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

The price hit
for a large range of applications

Special oer*

$ 199,900

The favoritCNC is a CNC universal cylindrical

grinding machine for the individual and batch
production of medium-sized workpieces. It has
distances between centers of 25.6 / 39 and a
center height of 6.9.It can machine workpieces
with a maximum weight of 176 / 265 lbs..
UNITED GRINDING North America is now
offering this machine at a special promotional
discount for IMTS. *Please contact your
Regional Sales Manager for details on this
special offer. Offer Expires 10.1.16

the company. Then, when Joe dies, another 40 for income tax purposes. As a result, every penny
percent of that $800,000 ($320,000) will go to the that the owner receives until the note is paid off is
estate tax monster. tax freeno capital gains tax and no income tax
Yes, its expensive to do succession planning on the interest income. The companys cash flow
the wrong way. is used to pay off the note, plus interest.
In the case of Success Co., Sam is named the
THE RIGHT WAY beneficiary of the IDT, so when the note is paid off,
The right succession plan is actually a two-step the trustee will distribute the non-voting shares to
process: him, but Joe will still own the voting stock and
Step 1. Recapitalize the business so that there control the company for the rest of his life.
are 100 shares of voting stock (which the owner Can the IDT strategy be used to transfer a
keeps in order to maintain control of the company) company to one or more of its employees? Of
and 10,000 shares of non-voting stock. The non- course it can, but typically the sale price will be
voting stock is entitled to discounts to its value of the full value of the non-voting stock (before dis-
40 percent for tax purposes. In the case of Success counts), and the owner will keep the voting stock
Co., valued at $1 million, this means its value for until he is paid in full. An IDT also can be used by
tax purposes is only $600,000. a stockholder to buy out other stockholders.
Step 2. Sell the non-voting stock to an inten- This article does not cover every possible use
tionally defective trust (IDT) for $600,000, which of an IDT in succession planning, nor does it
will be paid to the owner, in full, with an interest- describe every nuance, tax trap or exception. It
bearing note. An IDT is the same as any other does offer the family business owner a starting
irrevocable trust except that it is not recognized point, however.

Power Clamp
Shrink Fit Machine
Reliable tool changes
Fastest in the Galaxy.

September 12 - 17, 2016

Come visit us in Chicago!
Booth #W-1452

Shrinking Technology
Tooling Technology Balancing Technology Measuring Instruments

Haimer USA, LLC | 134 E. Hill Street | Villa Park, IL 60181 | Phone: +1-630-833-1500 | Email: haimer@haimer-usa.com | www.haimer-usa.com

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w w w.unisig.com



Drill any deep hole perfectly and productively.

From under 10 inches to over 65 feet. From straightforward
gundrilling to incredibly complex combinations of milling
and drilling. From small medical components, to forgings
weighing over 100 tons. Whatever your deep hole drilling
challenge UNISIG understands what youre facing and what
you need to overcome it.

Visit www.unisig.com or call 1-262-252-3802 to learn about

our commitment to your success.

Deeper understanding. Deeper capabilities. Deeper commitment.



Frances didnt think he would make it to the in career and technical education programs to
SkillsUSA championships. become skilled workers in their fields. Since its
The competition was really tough, he said. founding in 1965, the organization has served
There was someone that I thought was better 12.2 million members. As part of its mission to
than me because she was faster. prepare students for entry into the skilled work-
Frances is one of more than 6,000 high school force, SkillsUSA hosts a variety of local, state and
and college students who took part in the com- national competitions where students can show-
petitions that SkillsUSA hosted June 20-24 in case their skills and compete for awards. To make
its efforts to prepare the next generation of Amer- it to the national competition in Louisville this year,
icas skilled work force and overcome what each competitor first had to earn a gold medal in
many see as a growing skills gap. This years their state.
national championships took place in Louisville, I attended the final competition day of the 2016
Kentucky, at the Kentucky Exposition Center and SkillsUSA national championships, which alto-
Crowne Plaza. gether holds more than 100 contests in leadership
Formerly known as the Vocational Industrial and hands-on occupational skills, including some
Clubs of America (VICA), SkillsUSA is a nationwide related to machining. As I traversed the exposition
organization that trains public high school and center, taking in a variety of competitions ranging
college/postsecondary students who are enrolled from video game design to CNC programming,
the level of talent and dedication it takes to make
it to the national-level championships quickly
became apparent.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
(STEM) programs are a well-established focus of
SkillsUSA, as evidenced by the variety of com-
petitions as well as by support the industry offers.
(One judge we spoke to told us that in the past
three years, eight students had been hired straight
off of the competition floor by big-name compa-
nies like Toyota and Nissan.) I observed a variety
of manufacturing-related competitions, including
additive manufacturing, CNC milling and turning,

Meet Frances, a 19-year-old student from the Joseph

M. Barry Career & Technical Educational Center in
Westbury, New York. Francis competed in the Indus-
trial Motor Control contest at the 2016 SkillsUSA
national-level championships.

56 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

from Your Machining Operations

Turnings & Chip Dualpak Coolant Recycling

Processing Systems Chip Briquetters Systems

With Custom Built Equipment for

Processing Scrap Metal and Spent Fluids
Container Loading Plant Safety New Coolant Purchases
and Tool Life and Haul Away Costs

Designed for you guaranteed.

See how to reduce your costs:
prab.com/scrap-fluid-mgmt Booth # NC-238 Made in the USA

Contact us at sales@prab.com 1.800.968.7722


and robotics and automation technology, to name When we first entered the competition, we
a few. were told that SkillsUSA is full of big fish from
Each of these competitions required special- small ponds, but its where the sharks come out
ized equipment and donated materials. Accord- to play. Students like Frances train year-round for
ing to the organization, the 2016 SkillsUSA cham- the oppor tunity to compete at the SkillsUSA
pionships received more than $36 million in championships. The competition is tough and
donated time, equipment and materials. There many students walk away without a medal to show
were also scholarships available for students who for their hard work. However, it is the hard work
placed in certain competitions. and time spent training that many students claim
as the most important
t a ke away f ro m th e i r
journey to the national

visit skillsusa.org.

Mitsubishi Electric
Corp. ( Tok yo, Japan)
announced that a fac-
tory automation platform
Booth W-1622
as a service (FA PaaS)
testbed, which is under
joint development by
ID gripping is often overlooked as M i t s u b i s h i E l e c t r i c,
a workholding option, yet in many Hitachi Ltd. and Intel
situations it is the best choice: C or p., ha s b e e n
approved by the Indus-
Allows for full access to the entire length of the part trial Internet Consortium
so all external surfaces can be turned in a single (IIC) in the United States.
operation, guaranteeing perfect concentricity.
The IIC is an open-mem-
bership, international,
For secondary operations, gripping on the ID eliminates Full Range of In-Stock
the risk of marking/damage to previously-finished surfaces. not-for-profit consortium
Standards, Plus Quick
interested in the estab-
Delivery on Specials
For many parts, the engagement length of an ID bore lishment of architectural
can be greater than what is available for OD gripping, Ranging up to 24" frameworks and overall
resulting in superior rigidity and torque transmission. directions for the Indus-
trial Internet.
ID systems tend to be more streamlined than OD
The testbed is
systems, enabling better part access especially
important for use on machines with live tooling. expected to facilitate
the integration of Inter-
1-800-645-4174 net of Things (IoT) sys-
Please Visit www.IDWorkholding.com www.royalprod.com tems to connect manu-
facturing sites and head

58 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


offices for strengthened operations and globaliza- applications and other FA-related products such
tion of supply chains as well as improved produc- as programmable controllers and drive units in
tion quality, delivery time and productivity when order to leverage its e-Factory IoT concept. Hita-
responding to sudden changes in markets. The chi and Intel will handle IT-related products such
companies involved intend to establish an open- as IoT gateways and cloud systems.
interface platform that integrates factory automa- After verifying the security of FA-IT interface
tion (FA) and information technology (IT) by June platform connections and the flow of operational
of 2017. data, the testbed platform will be offered to IIC
Mitsubishi Electric will develop FA edge devices, member companies and potential users.
Mitsubishi Electric
Automation, call
847-478-2500 or visit

Mandelli Sistemi SpA
(Piacenza, Italy), a man-
ufacturer of horizontal
machining centers, is
remembering Francesco
Mulazzi, a mechanical
design manager who
recently died, by creat-
ing oppor tunities for
young mechanical engi-
neers to study and be
i n t r o d u c e d i n to t h e
machine tool world.
T he company has
announced a scholar-
ship named af ter Mr.
Mulazzi for students who
will earn a Laurea Magis-
trale (a type of postsec-
ondary academic
degree) in mechanical
engineering during the
2016-17 academic year.
Upon graduation, the
student who is awarded
the scholarship will have
the opportunity to carry
out a six-month training

60 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


internship at the Mandelli Sistemi plant in Piacenza. FANUC AMERICA APPOINTS

Additionally, the winner of the scholarship will be PRESIDENT AND CEO
awarded a total of 5,000 euros in two yearly FANUC America Corp. (Rochester Hills, Michigan)
installments, the second being contingent on announced that Mike Cicco has been named the
grades during the first academic year. companys president and CEO. In addition, Rick
The company intends the scholarship to be Schneider has been named chairman of FANUC
awarded annually as a memorial. America and will continue in his role as a board
Mandelli Sistemi S.p.A., visit www.mandelli. member of its parent company, FANUC Corp.
com/en. Mr. Cicco joined the company in 1999 and has
held a variety of man-
agement positions over
th e ye a r s, i n c l u d i n g
software/controls man-
ager and district sales
Scientific Cutting Tools manager at the com-
panys southern Califor-

THE CRT SYSTEM nia facility. In 2005, Mr.

Cicco took on the role
of national account man-
The CRT Holder + Qualified Tools
ager of the companys
Authorized System Inte-
g r a to r s a l e s g r o u p.
Later, he was named
general manager of sev-
eral robot division
groups. In 2015, Mr.
Cicco was promoted to
vice president of
FA N U Cs N o r t h a n d
Coolant South American sales
Ring 360 of
Technology Coolant and execution depart-
ment. Earlier this year
he was named president
and COO. As president
and CEO, he will have
responsibility for all of
the companys opera-
tions in Nor th and
South America.
FANUC America Corp.,

IMTS Booth# W-2011 call 888-326-8287

or visit fanucamerica.
Scientific Cutting Tools Thread Mills
800.383.2244 Port Tools
Indexable Tools
805.584.9495 MACHINE TOOLS
Single Point Tools
www.sct-usa.com Coolant Through PROMOTES
sales@sct-usa.com Left: CRT Holder in Action \ Right: Boring bar in CRT Holder Specialty Tools PRESIDENT
Samsung Machine Tools

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The LOWEST clamping device

just got lower.

Tiny Vise Low-Prole
NEW Low-profile Tiny Vise clamps from Carr Lane Manufacturing securely
grip the side of a workpiece to keep the top clear for machining. Available in
a wide range of sizes, from a miniature #8-32 thread size, up to a powerful
1-8 thread size with 2500 lbs clamping force. Patented design. Made in USA.

Visit carrlane.com to learn more.

See this and our other new products at IMTS Sept. 12-17 (Booth W-1663)


(Pewaukee, Wisconsin) has promoted Michael and managed a variety of machine tool sales and
Huggett to company president. Since starting at marketing companies such as Hwacheon, Index,
Samsung early in 2016, the company says he has DMG MORI and Hurco.
already made a significant impact. Mr. Huggetts Samsung Machine Tools USA, call 262-521-1100
expanded role gives him oversight of sales, market or visit samsungmachinetools.com.
expansion, marketing, machine development and
Mr. Huggett has over 23 years of manufactur- GROUND FOR HEADQUARTERS
ing sales and marketing experience. He has lead MC Machinery Systems and its partners, The
Opus Group (Min-
netonka, Minnesota),
Elk Grove Village and
H e i t m a n A r c h i te c t s

(Itasca, Illinois), held an
official groundbreaking
c e r e m o n y J u n e 3 0,

2016, at the construction
site for a new corporate
h e a d q u a r te r s i n E l k

Grove Village, Illinois.
Attendees witnessed
the current land clearing
and preparation of the
11.7-acre lot on which

the facility will be con-
structed, and partici-
pated in a virtual reality
experience simulating
Sealed, clamped, and ready to turnthe next the lobby of the future
generation of quick jaw change chucks has headquarters.
arrived. The KNCS-2G, offers the same superior Construction of the
flexibility, minimal set up times, and high repeat- new, 175,000-square-
ability as the original KNCS-N, but with added foot corporate head-
protection and efficiency, making it ideal for mass quarters is slated to be
production applications. And with its optimized completed December
lubrication system, the KNCS-2G will save you 2016. The company says
time and money in repairs and upkeep. proximity to Chicagos
interstate 90 and OHare
At SMW Autoblok, we have dozens of ways
Inter national A irpor t
for you to hold workpieces better, stronger and
were important factors
smarter. Call or visit our website to learn more.
when choosing the loca-
tion for the new facility.
Another concern was
to retain its long-tenured
Booth #W-1400
employees by choosing
a location close to the
www.SMWautoblok.com 847.215.0591 existing facility.
The new facility will
include a variet y of

64 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

2016 Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference
Hosted by AMT The Association For Manufacturing Technology


Get the industrys best overview of market conditions, trends and forecasts,
and learn how to use that data to drive your business in the coming year. At
GFMC 2016, you will leave equipped with the tools you need to distinguish
yourself from the competition and lead the way in todays dynamic market.


spaces tailored to accommodate customer prod- ALCOA OPENS POWDERED METAL

uct demonstrations, research and development, PRODUCTION FACILITY
machine refurbishment, and customer support. FOR METAL 3D PRINTING
In total, the building will feature 50,000 square Lightweight metals manufacturer Alcoa has
feet of office space spread across two stories; opened a powdered metal production facility at
75,000 square feet of ancillary and storage areas; its Technology Center outside of Pittsburgh,
and a 50,000-square-foot showroom. Pennsylvania, to serve the metal additive indus-
MC Machinery Systems Inc., call 630-616-5920 try. The facility will produce titanium, nickel and
or visit mcmachinery.com. aluminum powders developed for 3D-printed
aerospace parts. Alcoa
has also invested in a
range of technologies
to further develop addi-
tive processes, product
design and qualification.
Metal powders used
for additively manufac-
turing durable, high-
quality aerospace parts
are available in limited
q u a nti ti e s, s ay s th e
company. Through this
expansion, the company
intends to develop mate-
rials with the specific
properties needed to
print components out
of metal.
The facility will form
part of Arconic following
separation from Alcoas
traditional commodity
business in the second
half of 2016. The plant
is part of a $60-million
investment in advanced
3D printing materials
and processes that
builds on the companys
3D printing capabilities
in California, Georgia,
Michigan, Pennsylvania
and Texas.
Alcoa Global Aero-
space, Transportation
and Industrial Rolled
call 800-543-6265 or
visit alcoamic6.com.

66 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com



Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois
imts.com additiveconference.com

Held every other year at Chicagos McCormick The 2016 edition of the Additive Manufacturing
Place, The International Manufacturing Technol- Conference takes place alongside IMTS, with one
ogy Show (IMTS) comprises a trade show, confer- and a half days of sessions and networking oppor-
ence sessions and various other events for man- tunities plus tours and full access to the show
ufacturing professionals. The 2016 edition is floor. The program will cover the processes,
expected to be one of the largest in show history, products and possibilities of additive manufactur-
with producers AMTThe Association For Man- ing technologies for making functional components
ufacturing Technology anticipating more than and end-use production parts.
100,000 visitors from 112 countries.

MMS May 2016 mmsonline.com


September 12-17 | Surface Technology October 4-8 | BI-MU 2016

North America at IMTS Milan, Italy
Chicago, Illinois bimu.it
October 12-13 | Greater Ohio
September 14-15 | Midwest Design-2-Part Show
Design-2-Part Show Akron, Ohio
St. Charles, Missouri d2p.com
October 19-21 | Global Forecasting &
September 14-15 | Trends in Advanced Marketing Conference
Machining, Manufacturing & Materials (TRAM) Miami, Florida
Chicago, Illinois amtonline.org/gfmc
October 21-25 | PMPA Annual Meeting
September 26-29 | Composites and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) pmpa.org
Anaheim, California
thecamx.org October 25-29 | EuroBlech
Hannover, Germany
September 28-29 | New England euroblech.com
Design-2-Part Show
Marlborough, Massachusetts October 26-27 | Southern California
d2p.com Design-2-Part Show
Long Beach, California

mmsonline.com May 2016 MMS


Automating Gages
Doing so can help speed the measurement process, eliminate operator
influence and generate better results.
A trained inspection technician will most likely every time we reduce or replace human involve-
get better results from a gage than your average ment, we are apt to speed up the measuring
machine operator. The operator is also likely to be process and reduce manufacturing costs.
slower to complete the process than the trained Based on this premise that custom gaging is
technician, and there is a good possibility that he meant to speed the measuring process and reduce
will not be able to keep up with the rate at which the human element, we can begin dividing custom
the machine is producing parts. gages into various levels of automation and look
Because of this, standard off-the-shelf gaging at how these can help improve the inspection
may not be the best choice for specific inspection process and increase production.
processes at the machine or for best throughput Automating manual gages. On a very basic
by the operator. More and more high-production level, if a manual gage is created with the specific
facilities are looking to reduce the amount of inter- goal of making it easier to stage or gage a part,
action the operator has with the part. Machine then we have helped automate the process. Or, if
operators are there to make parts, not necessar- the manual gage is designed to make multiple
ily to handle, measure and move parts. checks at once, the same goal is accomplished:
When most people think of automation with the gage reduces or takes the place of human
custom gages, they envision a large inline gaging labor.
system with parts moving along on a conveyor and Semi-automatic gages. The next level of
being passed through the automatic gage, mea- automation brings movement into the gaging
sured and sorted, per part requirements. And while operation. Parts often have to be moved or manip-
this is a true example of an automated gaging ulated to make the required check: diameter
process, there are a lot of in-between gages that, variation runouts, concentricity or some other
while not as extensive as fully automatic gages, rotational function, for example. This required
do introduce some automation to the process. movement can be built into a custom gage, includ-
This is because what automation does is provide ing rotating a part faster than the operator can or
an operational improvement to an apparatus, rotating it at a constant velocity without operator
process or system by adding mechanical or elec- influence. There are a number of ways to do this.
tronic devices that take the place of human labor. One is to effect the rotation so that both static and
Thus, anytime we use a custom gage that rotation checks can be made in one operation. For
replaces, or even just lessens operator involvement, a custom-configured, standard-element system,
we have provided some form of automation. And this is the ultimate in automation: multiple checks,
faster rotation and no operator influence.
Fully automated gages. Fully automating the
GEORGE SCHUETZ measuring process is the ultimate custom gage
solution. It takes the operator completely out of
the picture and allows running lights-out in a very
reliable manner.
There are two levels of custom-gage automation
involving part movement within the gage: The gage

70 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Life in 3D.


Pursue your next discovery.
When we see the world from a fresh perspective, curiosity and technology can combine in
ways that inspire breakthroughs. Thats the promise of the ZEISS O-INSPECT family of 3D
measurement machines. Incorporating both optical and contact scanning sensors, these
true all-in-one tools can differentiate your labs capabilities while providing superior ROI.
See the ZEISS O-INSPECT at IMTS, booth E-5502.

Explore a world of new opportunities at ZEISS.com/Explore3D.


can be designed for an automated process as a However, they all have the same goals: speed the
standalone station, or the gage can be part of the process, eliminate the influence of the operator
manufacturing process and take over for some and generate better measuring results.
portion of the part handling within the manufactur-
ing cycle. Gages designed as standalone stations
are often robot-fed, and may or may not include Parts often have to be
part manipulation/movement. Standalone stations moved or manipulated to
have all the gaging components in place with the make the required check:
measuring system sending information back to a diameter variation runouts,
main controller. The gage will often use sensors to concentricity or some
verify to the process controller when a part is in other rotational function,
place, when to take a measurement and when to for example. This required
provide gaging results for disposal. These custom movement can be built into
solutions are specifically tailored to the speed of a custom gage.
the process, the part tolerances required, the
environmental conditions of the process and the
capabilities of the system bringing the part to the
gaging station.
There are many ways that custom gages can
help automate the measuring process, whether
by simple modification to a standard gage or by
building a custom CNC surface-measuring system.



EQUATORthe revolutionary system that brings versatile, reprogrammable gauging to

the shop oor
This dramatic leap forward in manufacturing for a wide range of parts quickly and easily. Reprogrammable
productivity brings highly repeatable and Find out how real-world manufacturers Easily automated
thermally insensitive gauging to your experience up to 70% savings by having Thermally insensitive
process control procedures. Bypass your Equator right on the shop floor. Low cost of ownership
CMM and inspect in real time, switching out

Renishaw IncHoffman Estates, IL www.renishaw.com

MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com






Built-in Wireless Technology EXACTLY

MarCal & MarCator

Mahr wireless data transmission capability is integrated

Receive Tips from within MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators
our Gaging Guru:
mahr.com/GagingTips using proven wireless technology. We have eliminated the
expensive power hungry add-on transmitters that complicate
their use. Now when combined with an i-stick receiver and mkt.nafta@mahr.com

MarCom software, data collection is extremely economical, www.mahr.com

easy and transparent to the user.


I M T S B O O T H E - 5 6 1 4

A Custom Macro for

Bar Pulling
This alternative to bar feeding can provide many of the same capabilities, but
at a fraction of the cost.
One popular application for turning centers interrupted while a bar is being machined. If the
is bar work, during which multiple workpieces cycle is cancelled for any reason, the machine
are machined from one long bar. While bar feed- will lose track of how many workpieces have been
ers may be the most efficient platform for send- machined, complicating the task of restarting.
ing a bar through the machines spindle, bar Additionally, using this technique can lead to
pullers provide many of the same capabilities at wasted raw material. If the machine is in the
a fraction of the cost. middle of a bar when the programmed part count
On a turning center, one turret station is is reached, nothing will (automatically) stop the
required to hold the bar-pulling device. Designs machine until the whole bar is machined.
for bar pullers vary, but the basic idea is that These issues can be overcome with a relatively
during the CNC cycle and after a workpiece is simple-to-use custom macro:
cut off from the bar: 1) the spindle will stop and O0002
the bar puller will engage the workpiece; 2) the (Input data)
clamping system (collet or chuck) will release #100=275 (Lot size)
the workpiece; 3) the Z axis will advance the bar; #101=1.0 (Workpiece length)
4) the clamping system will be clamped again; #106=1020 (Program number for the
and 5) the bar puller will retract from the work- machining program)
piece and machining operations on the next #104=36.0 (Bar length in inches)
workpiece will be performed. #102=0.03 (Facing stock)
Many programmers use subprogramming #105=3.0 (Remnant length in inches)
techniques for the repeated workpiece machin- #103=0.125 (Cutoff tool width)
ing and bar advance. If 20 workpieces can be IF [#501GT0] GOTO5 (Test if any workpieces
machined from a bar, for example, they will use have been machined)
a command something like this one (program (Calculations for a new production run)
O1000 in this example is a program that machines #500=0 (Counter for bar)
one workpiece): #503=#101+#102+#103 (Bar advance amount)
N040 M98 P1000 L20 #502=FIX[[#104-#105]/#503] (Number of parts
This works well as long as the cycle is not per bar)
(Loop for the production run)
N5IF [#501GE#100] GOTO99 (Test for lot
MIKE LYNCH completion)
(Loop for each bar)
IF [#500GE#502] GOTO98 (Test for bar completion)
M98P#106 (Execute the program that runs a part
and advances the bar)
#500=#500+1 (Step bar counter)

74 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

ATC Tools 60/80/120
Boring Spindle 04.3, 05.1, 06.3
Heidenhain Scales all Axis including B Axis
Coolant through the Spindle
Advanced Moving Column Design
FANUC 31iMB Control


Booth S-8536

Go with the -team www.AbsoluteMachine.com


#501=#501+1 (Step production run counter) Since the bar-advance amount (#503) is a per-
GOTO5 (Go back to bar completion and lot manent common variable and is retained from
completion tests) program to program, you can use it in the machin-
(Actions when bar or lot is completed) ing program during bar advance to save some work:
N98#500=0 (Reset bar counter) G98 G01 W#503 F30.0 (Pull the bar)
#3000=100 (Load a new bar) Once the program has completed a bar, it will
N99#500=0 (Reset bar counter) put the machine in alarm state with the message
#501=0 (Reset production run counter) to load a new bar. At this time, load the new bar,
#3000=100 (Production run is completed) reset the program (so that it runs from the begin-
M30 ning) and restart the cycle. When the program
completes the production run (probably in the
To use this program (it will be the main pro- middle of a bar), it will place the machine in alarm
gram), first create, load and test the workpiece- state with the message that the production run
machining and bar-advance subprograms. Then, is completed.
modify the input data in the program above. It is It is important to note that the value of #501,
likely that much of this data will remain the same the production counter, must be set to zero before
from job to job (like bar and remnant length), so this program is used for the first time. It is set
we have listed the data in the order most likely back to zero at the completion of each production
to be changed. If you use a consistent process run, but if you stop running the job before com-
for your bar-pulling application, it is likely that pleting the production run for any reason (pos-
only the first three input data values must be sibly to pull off of the job to work on a more urgent
changed from job to job. one), you must reset #501 to zero yourself.

76 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Establishing a Path
to Success
Our Top Shops benchmarking survey aims to cover everything from A to Z in
identifying machine shop operational excellence and best practices. The goal
is to provide shops with intelligence they can use to more effectively pave a
path to success.

78 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


M uch about our Top Shops benchmarking

survey revolves around providing numbers
and values that shops can compare to their own
B allbar inspection. Circular ballbar tests give
shops a diagnostic review of a machines
capability, identif ying issues such as scaling
to see how they rate against industry leaders. mismatch resulting from the difference in the
Here are three examples: In this our sixth survey measured travels of the X and Y axes. (Typically,
edition, our Top Shops benchmarking group (the one of the axes is either over-traveling or under-
group that represents the top 20 percent of shops traveling relative to the other.) A new value for the
as determined by totaling the points assigned to linear error compensation parameter can then be
certain business- and technology-related ques- entered to improve machining of curves and arcs.
tions) reports median spindle uptime of 72 percent
compared to 60 percent for other surveyed shops.
Profit margins for Top Shops and other shops in
C ustomer tours. Leading shops use customer
tours as a marketing tool to showcase their
in-house technologies and capabilities, as well
2015 were 15 and 8 percent, respectively. Plus, as the pride they have in their employees and
the quote-to-book ratio for Top Shops was 61 overall operation. Tours also enable them to
percent compared to 50 percent for other shops. demonstrate the control they have over their
These and other such shopfloor and financial processes and the thought put into how work
metrics are included in the 2016 Top Shops flows through the shop.
Executive Summar y that we created. Sur vey
participants received printed copies, but you can
access a digital version at mmsonline.com/
D esign for manufacturability. Adding engi-
neering staff is becoming more important
for shops as more OEMs outsource their machin-
topshops. ing work. An unintended consequence of this for
However, what the sur vey also unveils are OEMs is that many of their product designers no
various ideas, strategies, equipment and processes longer have access to internal manufacturing
that leading shops are leveraging to their advan- engineers who can suggest ways that new designs
tage. Because we want the survey to cover every- can be modified to facilitate production. Shops
thing from A to Z in that regard, here are 26 that can offer DFM advice can suggest design
examples to consider based on the 2016 results: changes to simplify machining work and reduce
production costs.
A pprenticeship programs. A larger number
of Top Shops have developed some flavor of
in-house training or apprenticeship program for E nterprise resource planning. ERP software
offers potential advantages with respect to
prospects. In some cases, a general shop training costing, estimating, scheduling and job tracking.
curriculum is adequate, but sometimes custom- Having fully interactive access to process control
ization is necessary for shops having specialized software enables supervisors to stay close to
machining and manufacturing processes. This activities on the shop floor so they can quickly
type of training also helps to standardize processes, access pertinent information and make changes
eliminating any person-to-person variation from on the spot. Implementing ERP reveals actual
the way the tasks are supposed to be performed. costs and revenue where they are incurred.

This year marks the sixth edition of our Top Shops

F ive-axis machining. Whether its 3+2 posi-
tioning or full contouring, many leading shops
use five-axis machining as a way to create com-
benchmarking survey. To celebrate, we came up plex components with tight relative feature toler-
with a fresh logo for the brand and asked Applied ances. Plus, accessing five faces of a part in one
Engineering, located in Yankton, South Dakota, to setup minimizes the number of times a part is
machine it out of aluminum plate. Were also intro- touched during production.
ducing the Top Shops Conference in 2017, which you
can read about in the sidebar on page 81. G rinding. More than half of all surveyed shops
this year refurbish cutting tools using their

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 79


own grinding machines, which is a significant

increase from the last survey. Although these
machines are most commonly used by cutting
J ust in time. Nearly 60 percent of this years
Top Shops offer JIT delivery to customers
compared to 40 percent of other shops. This isnt
tool manufacturers and regrinding ser vices, surprising given the degree of process control,
simplification of operation and lower cost have organizational commitment, predictive mainte-
made them attractive to machine shops, too. nance and related attributes that are required to
establish an effective, reliable JIT production
H igh-speed machining. HSM was largely
born out of the needs of the aerospace
industry to remove a good amount of material,

creating pockets from solid material as it moved

away from the use of weldments. It is now being
K aizen events. Kaizen is the lean manufac-
turing concept of continuous improvement.
The key to its successful implementation is making
applied in other industries, whereby high spindle continuous improvement part of a shops culture,
speeds and fast, light cuts ultimately result in but letting individual employees determine how
higher material removal rates compared to slower best to carry out kaizen. Holding large kaizen
hogging operations. Advanced shops use tap events to address significant changes is important,
tests to identify the highest spindle speed that but its also important to continuously focus on
wont result in chatter. what might be considered smallish improvements
each day.
I ndexers. A rotary indexer is a relatively inex-
pensive way to bring four- or five-axis motion
to a three-axis VMC. It can also enable multiple L inkedIn. In terms of social media channels
used, LinkedIn remains the most popular
parts to be fixtured, much like a tombstone on an among shops, compared to Facebook, Twitter
HMC. Plus, it can be removed from a machines and Instagram. This year, nearly 90 percent of all
table to allow three-axis work to be performed shops surveyed reported using it to connect and
on a large workpiece. interact with potential new business contacts.


M achine monitoring. Although some Indus-
trial Internet of Things concepts still seem
ethereal at this point, machine monitoring is a
PROGRAM WINNERS real-world application shops can adopt and
benefit from today. MTConnect, the open, royalty-
Our annual Top Shops benchmarking survey free standard that provides a common commu-
includes an Honors Program to highlight nication link between machines, is starting to be
shops in the top 20 percent benchmarking considered by a growing number of Top Shops
group that performed well in a particular as a means to do that.
survey category. These shops were vetted
by Executive Editor Derek Korn and will be
profiled in upcoming issues of the magazine.
N ear-dry machining. Also known as minimum
quantity lubrication (MQL), near-dry machin-
ing delivers an oil mist instead of flood coolant to
Congratulations to the following Honors the tool and workpiece. It can lower machining
Program winners for 2016: costs by eliminating not only the large volume of
coolant used in conventional wet operations, but
2016 Award Winners also all the ancillary equipment and electrical
Machining Technology power necessary to maintain a big, central cool-
Donson MachineAlsip, Illinois ant system. MQL also creates a cleaner, safer
Shopfloor Practices manufacturing environment, which is beneficial
Tech ManufacturingWright City, Missouri to the health of both the equipment used on the
Business Strategies shop floor and the employees who work there.
C&M MachiningWebb City, Missouri
Human Resources
Mallory IndustriesFarmington, Connecticut
O n-machine probes. Probes mounted in a
machines spindle can reduce setup time by
establishing the true location of a workpiece
fixtured on a table, which then enables the CNC

80 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


to shift the coordinate system to compensate.

They can also probe key machined features midway PLAN TO JOIN US NEXT
through a job for process control to minimize scrap FALL
and rework. Additionally, tool probes can help If youre interested in learning more about
speed setups by automatically measuring tools strategies, practices and technologies such
and performing in-procees tool-breakage checks. as those covered in this article, make plans

P rofit sharing. The hourly pay offered by Top

Shops and other surveyed shops typically is
similar. That said, leading shops are more likely
to attend our inaugural Top Shops Conference
next fall. Our goal for this is not to focus so
heavily on bleeding-edge concepts and
to offer other benefits to entice and retain good ideas, but rather to offer presentations about
employees. One is a profit-sharing plan, in which very advanced yet practical tactics, processes,
both the company and its employees can benefit machining approaches and so on that people
because it spurs the workforce to look for ways could readily apply once back at their shops.
to improve efficiencies, thereby improving produc- Topics might include additive manufacturing
tion rates and profits. in a shop setting, machine tool monitoring
and data collection, cutting tool management,
Q uality certifications. Some shops attain
ISO or AS certification because it is demanded
by their customers to demonstrate that they have
and business best practices. Stay tuned for
additional information, including dates
an effective quality management system in place and location.
and firm control over their processes and proce-
dures. However, leading shops dont look at
cer tification only as a task to be completed. themselves and manually touch-off during setup,
Instead, to truly realize all the potential for process ultimately improving spindle uptime.
improvement, they make the principles of a stan-
dard part of their company culture. U phill battles. This years survey included
an open-ended question asking about what

R obotic automation. Robotic technology

has come a long way, and leading shops
recognize that robots offer real value in terms of
shops envision to be their challenges ahead. The
four most common responses were uncertainty
with regard to the upcoming U.S. presidential
unattended or lights-out machining situations. election, concerns about the economy in general,
Theyre also becoming easier to integrate and the ebb in the oil/gas industry and the challenge
program, and have improved sensing capabilities. of finding shopfloor talent. The last of these has
It will be interesting to see the impact that col- been a problem for some time.
laborative robots will have moving forward. These
robots dont need protective cages and can work
safely in the same area as humans.
V alue stream mapping. VSM is a visual lean
manufacturing tool that identifies where value
is or isnt being added as material flows through

S wiss-type lathes. Screw machine shops

were the first to adopt multifunction CNC
Swiss-type lathes. Today, an increasing number
a production process. The first step is to create
a current-state map that shows wasted motion,
unnecessary part handling and so on. Then, a
of traditional shops are also considering this future-state map can be created to show how
machining platform to, in some cases, produce rearranged equipment and processes can improve
complex parts complete, reducing setups, sec- product flow.
ondary operations and work in process.

T ool presetters. Offline measurement of tools

using a presetter can go a long way toward
W aterjet machining. Waterjets are not just
for fabrication shops. An increasing number
of machine shops are using them, too. One way
reducing change-over times. This is especially these shops benefit from them is creating work-
important for job shops that commonly have a piece blanks from plate material to closer-to-net
high mix of work. Measuring and providing tools shape than a typical sawn blank. This reduces
to operators prior to subsequent new jobs elimi- the amount of subsequent milling work required
nates the need for them to find necessary tooling to complete the parts.

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 81


X factor. An X factor is a technology that shops

arent currently implementing on a grand
scale, but that could potentially enable them to
devices for mills and lathes, as well as tooling
to consider.

diversify and/or increase efficiencies. Perhaps THREE FINAL POINTS

the biggest at this point is additive manufacturing. Harbour Results Inc., is an industrial management
Still largely used for prototyping, AM can be consulting firm located in Southfield, Michigan.
employed to quickly 3D print tooling, fixtures, jigs We asked consultant James Murphy and the HRI
and related items for use in a machine shop. team to review Top Shops data to identify specific
practices or strategies that leading shops share.
Y ouTube. While LinkedIn is popular among
Top Shops for connecting with others, they
also use YouTube to share video of their overall
In doing so, three ideas emerged. First, investing
in technology can positively impact a shops
capabilities, specific challenging machining oper- bottom line. HRI has found that companies with
ations and so on. Technology such as GoPro a capital expenditure of more than 10 percent of
cameras mounted inside a machines workzone revenue tend to be more profitable by four per-
greatly simplifies this. centage points on average. Second, shops with
an apprenticeship program have shorter machine
Z ero-point clamping systems. Many work
holding device manufacturers offer zero-point
clamping systems. These systems use fixtures
setup times and higher capacity utilization. Third,
continuous improvement initiatives result in fewer
that have a clamping knob(s) that is inserted into quality issues, higher on-time delivery rates and
receivers installed on a machines bed. This pro- higher spindle utilization rates.
vides quick and position-repeatable clamping. Read Mr. Murphys entire ar ticle at shor t.
That said, there are other forms of quick-change mmsonline.com/hri.

Machine-Ready Solutions
Rethink Your Workflow Reduce Cycle Time #W-1279

Machine-Ready Machine-Ready Machine-Ready Finish-Machined

Blanks Dovetail Blanks Material Prep Components
Made to order from one Dovetail Blanks include Squaring, attening and Complete-to-print
to thousands, close toler- a precision dovetail to milling, including adding nish components,
ance and ready to load match your brand and features and removing large including processing,
directly into your CNC model of workholding amounts of materialyour sub-assembly and
machining center. xture. stock or ours. managed inventory.

Machine-Ready is Lean-Ready
Being Machine-Ready lets you get right to the high
value process of nish-machining, by eliminating
material prep and other time consuming processes. Call us to discuss your next production job.
Choose the Machine-Ready Solution that best supports 800-234-5613
your busy shop and start increasing throughput, now. www.tciprecision.com

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Simply Brilliant.

See us at IMTS
Booths E-5516 & S-8719

Introducing the wireless gage

A new era of precision and operator convenience.
By integrating a computer into the Cut the cable and enter the world
rechargeable, wireless iWave2 handle, of iWave2. Theres no going back.
Marposs has achieved an unprecedented www.marposs.com
level of convenience and performance Toll-free 1-888-MARPOSS
in manual gaging technology. Each
measurement is immediately displayed to
the operator on the gage, and automatically
uploaded via Bluetooth to the gage
computer. Interchangeable nosepieces
rapidly convert the rugged, compact
handle to a plug, snap or depth gauge.
Innovative design features include soft
touch buttons that are impervious to
moisture; long-life, fast-recharging Li-ion
battery; intuitive graphical color display
with automatic orientation; automatic The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned
by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such
data synchronization, and more. Also available with quick-change StarLock system marks by Marposs is under license.

84 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Making Cents
of Vertical Automation
When part volumes are high, and success is measured in pennies and
seconds, moving away from horizontal machines requires creative thinking
about robotics, cutting tools, workholding and more.

engineering manager, he says hes been given

A s far as Jordan Klint is concerned, Vickers
Engineering is just the right size.
Its certainly not too small. Decorated by the
plenty of leeway in how he does his job. Thats
thanks largely to the sort of culture one might
previous owner to resemble a castle, complete expect to find at a much smaller company. Here,
with mock parapets and a drawbridge, the facil- people are free to make their own way rather than
ity immediately stands out. Still, first-time visitors being forced into rigid, pre-defined roles. Weve
might never guess that lurking behind this medi- got the resources to invest when we need to, but
eval faade is a cavernous 120,000 square feet were still small enough to be flexible and try new
of manufacturing space, where more than 100 things, he says.
CNC machining centers churn out engine, brak- Many new ideas originate with a special team
ing and other components for, as Mr. Klint puts of engineers and programmers that acts essen-
it, pretty much anything on wheels. This kind tially as an in-house automation systems integra-
of c a p a c i t y m a ke s th e h e av i l y a u to m ate d, tor. With both the desire and the authority to
170-employee company an impor tant link in challenge accepted wisdom in search of a better
automotive supply chains (it enjoys Tier-One way, this team exemplifies the companys posi-
status for most work). It is also a critical partner tion between small, resource-strapped shops
for a slew of construction, agricultural, defense, working with outside consultants and larger
and oil and gas industry clients. It is certainly an operations that lack the independence required
important fixture in New Troy, an unincorporated for flexibility. Most recently, the teams work has
community of about 500 people in picturesque led Vickers Engineering to bet its future on the
southwestern Michigan. notion that, if configured properly, robot-fed
Yet, the company isnt too large, either, Mr. Klint vertical machining centers can be just as pro-
says, or at least it doesnt feel that way. Since ductive as robot-fed horizontals.
starting here in 2011 and climbing the ranks to The key phrase, of course, is if configured
properly. There are good reasons why the com-
(F acing P age ) The requirement for additional part pany has long standardized on horizontal machin-
setups on vertical machines has driven the automa- ing centers (HMCs) over their less-expensive
tion team to get more creative about robot grippers. vertical cousins. High part volumessome long-
Models like this are capable of clamping parts in standing contracts exceed 1 million per yearleave
multiple orientations. little room for error, and initial machine cost

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 85


HMCs and pallet changers have long been the

preferred equipment at Vickers Engineering
because you get your loads for free, Mr. Klint says.
Making up for this advantage is largely an exercise in
minimizing spindle downtime.

HMCs. One reason for standardizing on a hori-

zontal machine configuration is that the spindle
can access not just the front faces of the work-
pieces, but also the ends/sides of those on the
left and right faces of the tombstone, all in the
same setup. In the meantime, loading/unloading
can proceed on the second pallet, a task thats
savings would be for naught without keeping largely been automated since the installation of
per-part costs and cycle times on par with what the companys first robot arm in 2006.
a horizontal could achieve. Making a new way Although verticals can be fitted with pallet
has meant thinking differently about virtually changers, too, they accommodate fewer parts
every element of the process, from robot grip- than an indexing tombstone. Parts also tend to
pers and programming to cutting tools and
workholding. We live in a world of seconds and Reflecting the change in philosophy that accompanies
cents, and every one counts, says Jeff Vickers, moving parts progressively from fixture to fixture and
vice president. operation to operation, Engineering Manager Jordan
Klint often refers to VMC cells as vertical transfer
HORIZONTAL ROOTS, VERTICAL GROWTH lines. Here, a robot picks up a milled part from the
Since the companys founding in 1970, the vast nest to its left, places it in the fixture at this dedi-
majority of high-volume parts have been machined cated etching station, then inserts a turned part from
from cast iron and aluminum castings on Mori the conveyor in front of it. After etching, the assem-
Seiki NH4000 DCG and larger NH5000 DCG bled component is conveyed out of the cell.

86 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


require more clamping configurations to ensure

access. Robot or not, that means more frequent
loading and unloading, and more setups per part.
That translates to more frequent spindle interrup-
tions and thus, more downtime. In contrast, with
a robot-tended HMC, You get your loads for free,
Mr. Klint says.
Understandably, it took an unusual set of cir-
cumstances to prompt the shop to adopt its first
high-production VMC cell. Although most machin-
ing cells are in place for about 5-7 years, some
jobs run longer. That was the case for the machin-
ing of an automotive engine stiffener bracket
casting, a process that, by early 2015, was in dire
need of an upgrade. Meanwhile, a DMG MORI
Duravertical VMC had been sitting idle after the
conclusion of a job with volumes too low to justify Although this automotive stiffener bracket became
a dedicated HMC and robot, but too high for the first truly high-volume part at Vickers Engineer-
t h e c o m p a n y s s e p a r a te l o w -v o l u m e a n d ing to be produced on a VMC, quantities of 229,000
prototyping divisions. Faced with the prospect of per year are actually relatively low by the companys
re-engineering the stiffener bracket job anyway, standards.
the team saw an opportunity.
Just maybe, Mr. Klint and his colleagues rea- from its new VMCs.
soned, the VMC could come close enough to the This particular part is machined in two clamp-
efficiency of an HMC to justify moving the stiffener ing configurations. As shown on the next page,
bracket there rather than investing in an entirely the VMCs work envelope is large enough to
new cell. In turn, proving that this could be done comfortably accommodate four fixtures, two for
would open the door to using VMCs for other work each load (two A-side loads and two B-side loads).
as well. We wanted to see how far we could go Experimentation led the team to abandon efforts
down this path until we hit a roadblock we couldnt to use all of the fixtures at once, as they might
overcome, and that hasnt happened yet, he says, with a horizontal machine. Unloading two finished
noting that the shop has installed six more VMC parts from the B-load fixtures, transferring two
cells since then. Well cer tainly install more in-process parts from A-load fixtures to B-load
horizontal cells moving forward. But weve also fixtures, and loading two fresh castings kept the
shown that verticals can be a key tool when it door open (and the spindle stopped) for too long.
comes to staying competitive. Rather, the crew determined that the best way to
minimize spindle downtime would be to machine
MINDING SECONDS AND CENTS only two parts per cycle: one in an A fixture and
Vickers Engineerings success with its seven VMC one in the B fixture on the opposite side of the
cells speaks for itself. Still, Mr. Klint emphasizes workzone (that is, catty-corner from the A fixture).
that making up for the lost flexibility of an HMCs Once A-side and B-side machining on those
indexing tombstonethat is, doing everything parts is complete, the robot arm uses a twin-
possible to minimize downtime in order to meet station gripper to bring in two fresh castings. The
cost and cycle-time targetstook significant time basic routine is place, pick, place, pick. More
and energy as well as all the ingenuity that the specifically, the robot first deposits a fresh cast-
automation team could muster. The original cell ing into the open A-side fixture, then moves over
for the stiffener bracket provides a prime example and uses the same, now-unoccupied clamping
of the lengths to which the team goes to wring station to pick up the already-machined part from
every last cent and every fraction of a second the adjacent A-side fixture (place, pick). Then, it

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 87


Rather than loading all

four of these fixtures
with stiffener brackets in
one machining cycle, the
robot in the shops first
cell loads only two at a
time. This results in less
spindle downtime.

rotates 90 degrees and repeats the same process to the older horizontal cells, in which the ability
for the B-side fixtures. Now loaded with the two to machine during loading/unloading cycles made
machined parts, it moves out of the workzone. robot capacity a greater priority than speed (hence
The finished part (from the B-side fixture) goes the decision to standardize mostly on the relatively
to a conveyor leading out of the cell. The in- robust M-710iC, which offers 50-kg capacity).
process part (from the A-side fixture) is deposited To take full advantage of this speed, the
in a nesting fixture outside the machine, where automation team has replaced a side panel on
its held in the proper orientation for loading in e a c h D u r ave r t i c a l w i t h a n e w d o o r t h a t s
the open B-side fixture during the robots next a s s e m b l e d i n - h o u s e. O p e r a te d v i a a n a i r
cycle. Thanks in large part to this strategy, each cylinder with a programmable logic controller
interruption for loading/unloading amounts to (PLC), these custom doors take only 0.8 second
only 7 seconds, beating the initial goal of 8 sec- to open or close, compared to 1.5 seconds for
onds. Compared to the dated, previous process, the factory model.
costs per piece were reduced from 31 to 18 cents. Custom cutters. The companys first VMC
Although every new job presents its own pro- cell never would have been able to compete with
cess engineering challenges, this first experiment a horizontal configuration without two special
taught the team a number of lessons that theyve geometries from Seco Tools. One is a back-
applied to every new VMC job since. Heres a look chamfering cutter, a tool that approaches through
at some of the key elements of the companys one end of a hole to cut a chamfer surrounding
strategy for making sense of vertical automation: the opening on the other end. The other custom
Faster bots, faster doors. Keeping robot tool, depicted on the next page, performs face
interruptions to 7 seconds on that first VMC cell milling and slotting operations on two different
took more than just creative engineering. In a part faces simultaneously. Both tools share the
practice that has been duplicated on all subse- same primary advantage: They help make up for
quent cells, the company opted for the lightest, the lost flexibility of an HMC by combining oper-
smallest, and by extension, the fastest robot arm ations previously performed by multiple cutters,
possible for the job: a M-10iA from FANUC Robot- thus minimizing both tool changes and the number
ics with load capacity of 10 kg. Thats a contrast of required clamping configurations.

88 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Leveraging gravity. Fortunately, workhold- The basic idea is to create a funnelto have the
ing is one of the few aspects of the process that part fall naturally into the fixture and only fit one
tends to be less complicated with a vertical, says way, he says.
Robert Kracker, a manufacturing engineer who More sophisticated grippers. Engineering
works on the automation team with Mr. Klint. another variety of workholdingrobot end effec-
One reason is that once the cycle starts, gravity torsisnt so simple. Without the inherent flexibil-
becomes a VMCs ally, adding rigidity and firmly ity afforded by an indexing tombstone, the team
anchoring workpieces that might other wise has been forced to think beyond end-of-arm
extend into thin air and require balancing with tooling that grips parts in the same way on the
spring clips and toggles. To further press this same clamping locations every time.
advantage, vertical cell operators have made a Thats the case even for the single VMC on the
habit of extending parts as far off the work table floor that offers more than three axes. Without a
as possible. This reduces the distanceand fourth-axis rotary table, this machine could never
timerequired for the spindle to reach the work- access all of the part in only two clamping con-
piece while also improving rigidity, especially in figurations on two dedicated fixtures. Even so, it
extended-reach situations. took an innovative gripper design to ensure the
Granted, chip evacuation is always a particu- robot arm could complete all needed transfers
lar focus when designing vertical fixtures, Mr. loading a raw casting, unloading the finished part
Kracker says, citing the practice of surrounding and moving the in-process part to the next fix-
locating pin interfaces with counterbores and turewithout creating too much downtime, Mr.
channels that provide pathways for coolant and Kracker says. As shown on page 84, each of the
chips to flow harmlessly away (see the picture on grippers three stations is dedicated to one of
page 91). Overall, however, the relative simplicity these tasks, with the end effector rotating as
of vertical workholding makes it easier to develop needed in 180-degree increments. Although the
fixtures that help simplify robot motion and avoid in-process gripper and final-part gripper clamp
misloads, Mr. Kracker says. This is particularly on the same hole pattern, they interface with that
important when parts must move through mul- pattern from opposite sides of the part. The fact
tiple stations, including some outside the machine. that the hole pattern would be slightly offset if the
For instance, the nesting fixture on the first VMC two parts were to be laid atop one another com-
cell leverages gravity and various locating points plicated engineering, but it also helped prevent
to ensure the part fits only if oriented correctly for misloads, he notes.
placement in the B fixture on the machine table. As is the case with other vertical cells employ-
ing multifunction grippers, each station and each
individual finger is clearly labeled to ensure proper
assembly if components need to be replaced.
Working with VMCs also led the engineering team
to shave a few tenths of a second from the safety
check that ensures parts are held securely before
the robot moves away from the staging area, nest
or fixture. Just like those in the older, HMC-based
cells, VMC cell grippers fire a shot of air that trig-
gers a sensor upon impact with the workpiece,

Tools with combined functionality are one of Vickers

Engineerings chief means of making up for the lost
flexibility of an HMC. This example from the compa-
nys first high-volume vertical cell performs simulta-
neous face milling and slotting operations on different
areas of the part.

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 89


One inherent advantage of verticals is that they dont

require rotary unions to link up hydraulic workhold-
ing. Visible on the top of this HMC tombstone, these
devices use multiple independent, sealed passages
to maintain a continuous hydraulic fluid connection
without the hoses becoming twisted when the fixture
indexes, but they can be time-consuming to maintain.

and, in some cases, even adding more positions

to minimize traverse time. Careful engineering
and sof tware simulation have so far proven
sufficient to avoid any problems.
Another tweak has reduced the time required
to teach a robot; that is, to manually jog it through
its programmed routine. Consider that for part
pickup alone, this requires logging X, Y and Z
coordinates for as many as 30 individual work-
pieces stations in each staging drawer. This can
be time-consuming not only during initial cell
setup, but also whenever a robot must be re-
programmed for any reason (maintenance that
requires removing and reinstalling end-of-arm
tooling, a knocked fixture, etc.). To alleviate this
burden, the team now uses of fsets instead.
Returning to the example of part pickup, each
drawer has its own coordinate frame, the robot
is jogged only to a central location, and the PLC
calculates the locations of the rest of the stations
based on that single point. In addition to saving
and robot motion begins as soon as the PLC time, this strategy has proven more reliable than
receives that signal. The difference is that on the manually jogging the robot because theres less
new VMC cells, theres no delay between the risk of error, Mr. Kracker says.
closing of the clamping mechanism and the safety
check. Its like a stop sign instead of a stoplight, ALWAYS WORTH THE EFFORT
Mr. Klint says. The work involved with engineering a vertical cell
CNC and programming tweaks. Although might seem overly daunting, no matter how sig-
every cell is different, certain time-saving strat- nificant the cost savings. Nonetheless, Mr. Kracker
egies are ubiquitous. For example, all DuraVer- and Mr. Klint insist that experiments like this can
tical VMCs come standard with a preset tool- pay dividends even if they dont work out. For
change positiona safe spot for the spindle instance, the aforementioned tweaks to robot
that minimizes the risk of interference when the teach routines would save time regardless of
automatic toolchanger makes the swap. Although whether the company had ever adopted VMC
that can be a boon for most general machining cells. The case is the same for various other
applications, every fraction of a second devoted changes catalyzed by that transition, including
to a tool change can mean the difference between the decision to standardize on a single interface
success and failure on a VMC cell at Vickers for all cell-controlling PLCs. Likewise with a move
Engineering, Mr. Kracker says. Thats why the to use more macros and subprogramswhich
team modifies this factory setting for every new can often be adapted for different cells laterin
machine, customizing tool-change positions place of lengthy, step-by-step coding.

90 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Verticals offer the opportunity to work with gravity

rather than against it, but only with the right precau-
tions. For instance, these locating pads feature chan-
nels and counterbores to provide an escape route for
chips that might otherwise interfere with machining.

ing knowledge and expertise, but also its creativ-

ity and its willingness to question established
practices. The best way to get us to try some-
thing is to tell us it cant or shouldnt be done,
Mr. Klint says.

Vickers Engineering, call 269-426-8545

or visit vickerseng.com
DMG MORI, call 847-593-5400 or visit
In any case, they and the other members of
the automation integration team thrive on such
work. Indeed, the very existence of this team FANUC America Corp., call 888-326-8287
reflects a view shared all the way up the chain or visit fanucamerica.com
of command: Vickers Engineerings true com- Seco Tools, call 248-528-5200
petitive edge is not just the depth of its engineer- or visit secotools.com



Powerful 5-axis HSC/HPC machining centers. Unsurpassed application diversity.

For complex workpieces. Parts up to interference diameter 1,700 mm, profiles up to 30,000 mm
in length, structural parts up to 4,000 x 1,000 and 7,000 x 2,000 mm as well as plates, integral and
wing parts up to 47,000 x 7,000 mm. Customized solutions for composite, aluminium, steel and
titanium machining. Handtmann horizontal machining centers, profile machining centers, moving
high portal machining centers, universal machining centers. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Handtmann CNC Technologies, Inc.

phone: 847-844-3300
email: info@handtmanncnc.com

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 91


Equipped for Composites

What machine tool features make sense for composites? A shop machining
critical aircraft parts in both metal and composites describes the key features
of the machine it bought with an eye toward CFRP.

92 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


comparable tolerancesas well as to the same

F or General Tool Co. (GTC), a 70-year-old
contract manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio,
composites machining means something dif-
quality assurance standardsas critical parts
machined in metal. The company also makes
ferent and more challenging than what the phrase these components using the very same types of
often implies. Much of composites machining machine tools on which critical metal parts would
consists of trimming and related operations on be made.
CNC routers, frequently to relatively loose toler- Indeed, demonstrating its ability to machine
ances. By contrast, GTC produces carbon fiber CFRP parts this accurately is how GTC first became
reinforced plastic (CFRP) components for military established working with this material. The start
vehicles including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to was more than 20 years ago, when an aerospace
customer faced capacity constraints machining
composite fan blades. GTC worked with the
customer to develop a process for precisely
machining the blades root structures using dia-
mond abrasive tooling on an HMC with a high-
torque spindle that might otherwise cut aerospace
alloys. More CFRP work followed this, and GTC
developed increasingly more experience at
machining the challenging composite parts on
its metalcutting machines.
This year, the company took a major step that
represents both a renewed commitment to
composites machining and an advance from its
practice so far. For the first time, the company
purchased a large-travel, precision five-a xis
machine tool that was chosen particularly with
composites work in mind. The steady increase
the company has seen in composites machining
coupled with the ex tent to which it expects
customers to favor composites for new parts in
the future led to the conclusion that GTCs capac-
ity for composites machining ought to expand.
Specifically, the company wanted the level of
capacity represented by a metalcutting machine
tool that just happened to have the right set of
f e a t u r e s fo r t i g h t-to l e r a n c e m a c h i n i n g
of composites.
What features are those? There are several.
For a machine tool intended for composite parts,

The new machine was chosen for its potential effec-

tiveness at machining composite parts. It will join
other high-end machines at General Tool Co. that are
available for machining critical components in either
composites or metal.

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 93


the company s ays the be ginning is simply ciency by performing all the necessary machining
the travels. in one setup.
Other features making the machine effective
HIGH WAYS for composites relate to its structure. A U-shaped
The new machine is a Diamond 30 five-a xis design for the base and frame places axis drives
gantry-style machining center from Parpas. Both and the way systems far above the work area,
of the machines rotary axes are in the spindle near the machines ceiling. Mr. Kramer says this
head, meaning that the spindle is able to move is beneficial because flood coolant during machin-
and pivot around the part while the part itself ing tends to carry the dust from machining carbon-
doesnt move. fiber composite into mechanisms located below
Composites machining is often inherently five- the cutting. Machine tools running composite
axis machining, notes General Tool CTO Greg parts throughout his shop filter coolant to capture
Kramer. From a design standpoint, part of the this dust, and they feature protected way systems,
very appeal of composites is the ability to make but in spite of all of this, disassembly of the machines
contoured forms in monolithic pieces. Parts GTC for maintenance inevitably reveals carbon dust
machines therefore typically include tight-tolerance infiltrating these systems. He says getting the
features in need of machining at various angles, ways up out of the way (so to speak) might be the
sometimes combined with contoured milling tool best solution to this problem.
paths. In the past, CFRP parts such as large F-35 In addition, on the Parpas machine, this same
ducts required various setups even on one of the structure is monitored with temperature sensors
companys larger five-axis machines to let the feeding data to the CNC, and it is cooled during
machine reach all of the parts critical features. operation with refrigerated air. The result Mr.
But the 3,000-by-2,600-mm travels of the Parpas Kramer expects is a dimensionally stable machine
machine are large enough to let the machine reach tool, and that stability is even more important for
all the way around these parts, increasing effi- composites than for metal, he says. Thermal

GTCs machining of
defense-related CFRP
components involves
features that have
tolerances comparable to
those of critical parts in

94 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Features of the new machine that make it suitable for the much older machine tool this machine replaced
composites include large travels so that a five-axis did not have that capability. Since a composite
part can be set up just one time, as well as protec- part is a workpiece that already has a significant
tion of the ways via a design that elevates them high amount of value built into it before the shop even
above the work. receives it, the machining process for such a part
poses far more financial risk than a process that
expansion of a metal machine might be no con- begins with a square billet of metal. Machining
cern if the metal workpiece is similarly expanding. routines for CFRP parts as valuable as the ones
But CFRP, given its low expansion coefficient, GTC produces demand in-process inspection to
is a different matter. The machine that can be confirm accuracy, and machining personnel here
protected from heating up will be more likely to are accustomed to performing the inspections
hold fine tolerances on these composite parts. manually. Probing thus will increase efficiency,
One other, more commonplace feature of the because it will automate the process of safeguard-
machine is also impor tant, he says: spindle- ing the part against error.
mounted probing. With a probe, the Diamond 30
machine is equipped to perform some of its own TOOLING OPPORTUNITY
in-process measurements. Of course, many The new machine might lead to other process
machining centers are equipped for probing, but advances as well. Specifically, it might in some

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 95


GTC uses diamond-abrasive tooling routinely in

composites machining, but this tooling is not without
its challenges. The new machine will provide the
opportunity to evaluate alternate tooling choices.

Speaking to me at one point while the machining

cycle ran for a CFRP part (not on the new Parpas
machine, but on a machining center older than
this), he kept close to the machine in case he
heard the sound of this binding. That failure is
uncommon, but it happens just frequently enough
to justif y the machinist remaining aler t to its
In the particular part he was running, he says
one hole type actually proved so conducive to
tool binding that the shop ultimately abandoned
an abrasive tool for machining the feature. It
switched instead to a more conventional carbide
drill, albeit with a special grind geometry.
Such a switch might seem straightforward.
For a part intended for aircraft, however, making
a change like this was no small matter. The process
had been certified to make a flight-ready com-
ponent using the previous tool, so changing the
tool entailed recertification. In this case, that step
proved to be more than worthwhile, because the
cases open the way to more cost-effective choices carbide drill performed better and lasted much
in cutting tools. longer than the former tool. Through this experi-
Over the years, the company has experimented ence, GTC discovered that the wear resistance
extensively with tooling in CFRP. Its findings have of modern, standard cutting tools had advanced
led it to favor diamond-abrasive tools used with to such a point that certain metalcutting tools
through-the-tool, high-pressure coolant delivery. today are far better suited to CFRP than carbide
Scott Brown, GTC milling strategist, and Chuck tools of the past.
Shannon, programmer, were tasked with oversee- This is a valuable discovery for the company
ing the startup of the new machine and produc- to have made just prior to installing the new
tion of its first composite parts. As they have machine for CFRP. Since this machine is new,
before, these men created light and fast tool paths everything about each parts process on it is
for the diamond-plated tools. However, this tool- new. Existing parts sent to the machine will get
ing poses challenges, they say. Specifically, Mr. programs and processes that will need to be
Brown cites the danger that carbide dust might certified as though the parts were new. As a
bind up in the abrasive grit, eliminating the effec- result, on each of these parts, the choice of cut-
tiveness of the tool in the midst of the cut. ting tools is suddenly wide open. GTC is as free
GTC machinist Eric Leder can attest to this. to experiment with new cutting tools for com-
posites as it has ever been. In particular, it is free
to explore the extent to which alternatives to
General Tool Co., call 513-733-5500 diamond-abrasive tools might now be able to
or visit gentool.com. do the work more effectively, further adding to
Parpas America Corp., call 248-253-6000 efficiencies it will realize on the composites-
or visit parpasamerica.com. equipped machine.

96 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


100 108
98 The Pitchline PUBLISHER
When a Part Becomes Art Travis Egan
Gears are gorgeous on their own, but watching the tegan@gardnerweb.com
interaction within a gear set is especially intriguing.
Read how this artist taught himself to make gears EDITOR
in order to power the drive of an art installment. Russ Willcutt
100 Every Process Has Its Place SR. MANAGING EDITOR
With so many advances being made in gear grind- Kate Hand
ing technology, where does that leave processes khand@gardnerweb.com
such as hobbing, shaping and shaving? This shop
explains its machining methodology. By Russ Willcutt ASSISTANT EDITOR
Jedd Cole
104 Next-Generation Gear Finishing jcole@gardnerweb.com
Vibratory finishing, centrifugal barrel finishing and
turbo-abrasive machining are the three top tech- ART DIRECTOR
niques for finishing gears, improving performance Kenny Snowball
and extending service life. By Ray Chalmers ksnowball@gardnerweb.com

108 The Benefits of a Bigger CMM ADVERTISING MANAGER

The elimination of backlogs, increased throughput, William Caldwell
and the ability to quote larger, more complex parts billc@gardnerweb.com
are just a few of the benefits this company has
realized by upgrading its inspection technology.
By April Lemois

112 On Display at IMTS

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 97


When a Part Becomes Art

Gears are gorgeous on their own, but watching the interaction within a gear
set is especially intriguing. Read how this artist taught himself to make gears
in order to power the drive of an art installment.

Ive always considered gears to be works of absolutely relentless once he establishes a

art. No matter the material or the surface finish, goal. He began working with Emily to develop
the geometry of a gear, as well as its function, is a concepts, first asking her to give him a list of
beautiful thing to behold. words having to do with business ethics. Her
In all my years spent covering this industry, choices included honesty, transparency and
Ive worked with art directors and designers cooperation; she came up with about 150 words
to incorporate gear imagery into the designs in all. The two wanted to convey the interaction
produced to accompany articles. Sometimes of these concepts in creating an ethical business
these photos were contributed by the subjects of environment. They
the feature to be augmented, and other times the began to think of a
image was produced by an artist basically out wooden wheel with
of whole cloth. This has always happened on a the word Ethics at
screen, howeveruntil recently. its hub, surrounded
Jeff Norgord is creative director of Gardner by concentric
Business Media, (publisher of Modern Machine rings printed with
Shop, Production Machining and MoldMaking the words theyd
Technology, among other print magazines). Like developed so that,
most designers I know, he creates art on his own when a knob was turned, the bands revolved
time as well. Not long ago, he was commissioned in opposite directions and different concepts
by Cincinnatis Xavier University to create an came into proximity with one another, depicting
ambitious work of art focusing on business ethics the relative and changing nature of a workplace
in a tangible, motion-based piece to be installed inhabited by people who must interact. Colorful
in a public space on campus. inlaid tiles signified diversity. The resulting
Everything about this artwork was challenging, artworknearly 4 feet in diameterhas a sealed
especially the gear sets Mr. Norgord had to wooden exterior that contains the gear sets and
learn how to design and machine (sun gears, contributes to the mystery of the motion.
carriers, planetary gears, all acrylic and cut via Ive seen gears used for artistic purposes
laser machining) that would produce the desired or transformed into art, but to watch Jeff teach
movements and tactical elements so integral himself what he needed to know for gears to
to the pieces message. The project originated drive the intended motion of this artwork was a
when Tim Penningtoneditor of Products fascinating experience with impressive results
Finishing, another Gardner publicationbrought which are now on display at Xavier University.
his daughter, Emily, together with Jeff. She
was graduating magna cum laude from the
Williams College of Business at Xavier, and
her final assignment for the Cintas Institute for
Business Ethicsfrom which shed received a
Russ Willcutt
scholarshipinvolved working with an artist of her Editor
own choosing to devise a project on ethics.
The thing to know about Jeff is that hes

98 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Precise and productive.

Visit us at:

IMTS 2016
September 12 - 17, 2016
Chicago, USA
North Hall, Booth N-6930

Gear tools from Liebherr Shaping cutter can be

easily ordered from our
stock-tools catalogue!
Liebherr gear tools guarantee the best performance and longest tool life, saving www.stocktools.
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Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc.

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Every Process Has Its Place

With so many advances being made in gear grinding technology, where
does that leave processes such as hobbing, shaping and shaving? This
shop explains its machining methodology.
The Schafer Saga
M achining processes evolve over time, some
to a greater extent than others. In gear
manufacturing, grinding technology has shown
Launched in 1934, Schafer Industries is
headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, with
particular growth, with advances in both machines additional manufacturing facilities in that same
and abrasives delivering more stability, greater state as well as Ohio and Illinois. Bipin Doshi
material removal and longer tool life than ever is CEO and president, while Stan Blenke is its
before. In fact, with grinding machines now able to executive vice president and CFO. Growth has
produce a gear straight from a blank all the way to been achieved through wise capital investments
a finished product, some shops no longer perform and the acquisition of other companies that fit into
other traditional gear manufacturing processes, its strategic business plan for growth.
instead choosing to invest their time and capital in
grinding machines alone.
So where does that leave well-known and
long-used processes such as gear shaping,
shaving and hobbing? How have these techniques
improved over time, and what role do they play in
the current approach to manufacturing gears?
Schafer Gear Works is an advocate of advanced
grinding technologies, with a total of eight grinders
available, including five fully automated Gleason
machines. However, it still performs shaping,
shaving and hobbing when one or more of these
processes are called for in order to satisfy different
customer requirements or prepare to minimize
stock removal on their high-speed grinders. Due
to this, Schafer still relies on these traditional
processes for reasons having to do with materials,
geometries and time.
Supporting those processes with new
technology, workforce expertise and savvy
process engineering has helped the company
provide customers with greater latitude in terms
of the qualities of the finished part as well as the
cost based on the machining process chosen to
produce the gear or part in question.

This worm gear is made of brass, and the gear teeth were cut
by plunge hobbing.

100 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

The company is divided between two divisions: An involute spline made of stainless steel, with spline teeth cut
Schafer Gear Works and Schafer Driveline. It is by hobbing.
known as a manufacturer of precision gearing
of all sizes in addition to axles, transaxles, to the one that needs to occur next. In addition,
transmissions, brake assemblies and other most shop employees are cross-trained so they
components for various transportation-related can operate multiple machines and/or cells,
markets, which also include leisure and off- leading to a high degree of flexibility on the floor.
Two of the companys facilities are devoted to Processes and Purposes
manufacturing gears and each site has its own According to Steve Fussell, manufacturing
specialty. Small precision gears with tolerances manager, the primary benefit of grinding for gear
ranging to 0.0002 inch for the aerospace and production has historically been the improved
automotive industries are produced in Fort gear quality after heat treating to produce near-
Wayne, Indiana, while medium-size spur and perfect symmetry and micro-finish, which results
helical gearsas well as bevel and worm in very quiet gears. It is also necessary as a
gearsare manufactured in South Bend. Large- finishing process after many roughing operations.
diameter spur and helical gears (with grinding Nowadays, you can add increased material
ranging to AGMA Class 12) up to 60 inches in removal thanks to more powerful machines,
diameter and face grinding as large as 8 inches the availability of automation and improved
in diameter that have traditionally been produced wheel grades. Schafers two newest Gleason
at the companys Rockford, Illinois, facility will grindersa 160 TWG for gears as large as 160
soon be machined in Roscoe due to Schafers mm in diameter, and a 200 GX which grinds
recent acquisition of Custom Gear & Machine Inc. gears ranging to 200 mm in diameterare fully
The South Bend location performs all of the automated and meet quality standards of both
gear manufacturing processes listed so far, in ISO 9001:2008 and AGMA 11. So its clear that
addition to EDM and Swiss turning. Since Schafer Schafer is taking full advantage of the latest
is a high-production manufacturer, there is a great in grinding technologies. But how about other
deal of automation and the work flow is laid out traditional gear machining processeswhen are
in such a way that each process naturally leads they used, and why?

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 101


Hardened 8620 steel was used for this helical gear. Its teeth
were cut by hobbing and finished by gear grinding after heat

Despite its many attributes, however, hobbing

cant be used to cut gear teeth with an adjacent
shoulder due to the shape of the hob and
clearance issues, Mr. Fussell points out. This is
where shaping comes in.
ShapingThis machining process creates
HobbingWhen it comes to aggressive gear teeth by using a cutter that is applied to the
material removal while machining spur and workpiece in a continuous rotating movement
helical gears as well as pinions, hobbing is the along the same plane. The four basic types
gold standard, Mr. Fussell says. He describes of cuttersdisks, hubs, shanks and helical
the hob he uses as a fully coated, multi-start cuttersactually mimic the forms of the gears
cutting tool that is cylindrical in shape with helical theyre used to produce. The cutter is located on
cutting teeth. These teeth have gashes along one spindle and the workpiece revolves around
the length of the hob that aid in both cutting the tool on another spindle in a reciprocating
and chip removal. A specialized form of milling, motion that duplicates the gear tooth form of
hobbing can rough out gears at a speed that the cutter. The process is used to produce
enables Schafer to produce a million gears a internal gears, external gears and gear-pinion
year quickly enough to avoid creating a backlog arrangements. It is also the only way to address
in the machining process (a significant number the aforementioned situation when gear teeth
of Schafers gears are manufactured using are located near an adjacent shoulder, which
the standard hob, heat treat and finish grind no other process can produce competitively,
technique). At the same time, not everyone resulting in a higher cost per part than other
requires a super-fine surface finish like that processes due to its somewhat complicated
produced for industries such as aerospace. In tooling.
such cases where a fine finish is not required, Both machine tools and cutting tools have
perfectly functional pinions can be hobbed and been greatly improved upon in recent years, Mr.
then heat treated without finish grinding. Fussell says. Newer CNC shapers and machine
Schafers approach to harnessing the power
of hobbing is to first equip each machine with
automation so that a single operator can run
as many as four machines. When hobbing is
conducted properly, the accuracy is such that
just 0.004 inch per flank of material is left to be
removed after heat treat, which the grinders can
handle in less than a 1-minute cycle on many
parts. To meet its production goals, Schafer has
15 to 20 hobbers running at a time, primarily
machining 8620, 4140 and 9310 alloy steels,
as well as bronze and stainless steel. Some
machines are equipped with a spline roller, which
basically crushes the spline into the pinion
shaft, and others have either automatic deburring
machines in the cell or make use of an option to This helical gear is made of a ductile iron casting, with gear
mount deburring tools directly onto the hobber. teeth cut by hobbing and then finished by shaving.

102 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

tools enable operators to cut at higher strokes per
minute and to run modified programs to minimize
cycles. The cutting tools hold an edge much
longer than they once did thanks to stronger
materials and newly developed coatings.
Still, shaping is a slower process than
hobbing, requiring creative ways of getting as
many gears as possible across the machine.
The solution, due to the limits of the process
technology, involves training an operator to run
multiple machines. With a total of eight shapers
on hand in South Bend, Schafer has worked to
train a single operator to oversee five or
six running machines. The slightly slower
cycle times are what make it possible for one
operator to load and unload so many machines
at once.
ShavingWhereas shaping is a roughing
operation, gear shaving is a finishing process The large gear in this helical assembly is made of ductile
that corrects errors in index, helical angle, tooth iron, and the small gear is made of hardened 8620 steel. The
finished small gear is pressed into a large gear blank, and then
profile and eccentricity. It can remove the majority
large gear teeth are cut by hobbing and then finished
of the errors often found in hobbed or shaped
by shaving.
gears. As its name implies, in shaving, the cutting
tool rides across a gears surface and between Continued Improvement
its teeth to continuously remove tiny shavings After a season of heavy investments, both
of metal, providing a smooth surface finish and in terms of capital equipment and business
therefore quieter gear sets. The process also acquisitions, Schafer Gear Works plans to
increases a gears load-carrying capacity as well continue streamlining operations and learning
as its service life, since a smooth surface protects about the latest technologies that will enable
the gear from spalling, and wear between mated them to continue to prosper, add capabilities
parts is minimized. and enter new markets. According to Mr. Blenke,
The cutting tool used in rotary gear shaving the company is generally making its strategic
operations is made of high-speed steels, plans quite a few years in advance so theyll be
hardened and ground. Factors affecting tool life prepared for upcoming changes. Many of them
include the condition of the parts coming off the have to do with investing in connectivitya few
hobber. Some shaving cutters can process as of their Gleason machine tools are connected
many as 4,000 gears between sharpenings, and to the OEMs service technicians at present,
they are generally resharpened about 10 times. and Schafer's impression of the technology is
Remembering a time not that long ago when highly favorableimproving quality control, as it
shavers were relatively rudimentary, Mr. Fussell recently did by purchasing a Gleason 300GMS
says new CNC shavers show improvements P gear inspection system; and cross-training
both in their ease of use and their machining employees for a flexible and agile workforce.
capabilities. Progressive diagonal cutting
is another helpful process, which takes the
approach of moving the cutter across the gear
tooth, providing the operator with more versatility
to make profile adjustments.

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 103


Gear Finishing
Vibratory finishing, centrifugal barrel finishing and turbo-abrasive
machining are the three top techniques for finishing gears, improving
performance and extending service life.

problem-solving customer challenges.

D ave Davidson has surface finishing in his
DNA. His manufacturing beginnings trace
to the 1970s working in a longstanding family
That includes gear-making. Depending on the
particular application, Mr. Davidson describes
business that manufactured wooden shoe pegs three mass-finishing methodologies for producing
used for tumble-polishing small plastic items surface finishes on gears that contribute to
using steam-era machinery. improved performance and extended service life.
To get a leg up on the technology, Mr. They are:
Davidson, who is now retired but remains active Vibratory FinishingConventional and
as a consultant in the industry, joined the Society predominant, the familiar vibratory bowls or
of Manufacturing Engineers' Burr, Edge and tubs come in small or large sizes and have
Surface Technology division. And with the help been around for decades. There is a relatively
of SME mentors, he developed a line of abrasive recent wrinkle in vibratory finishing, chemically
and polishing products as well as new mass assisted vibratory finishing, which uses specially
finishing processes for barrel, vibratory and formulated chemical compounds along with
centrifugal finishing systems. He is a master at non-abrasive media to produce a conversion

Isotropic finishing can have a dramatic impact

on gear performance and service life, so much
so that some racing teams disassemble stock
gear sets and components and send them out
to be isotropically finished for the perfor-
mance and extended service life benefits.
(Photo courtesy of Mark Riley, BV Products.)

104 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

coating on gears and similar components. This
makes it possible to develop level surfaces with
micro-finish surface attributes. This technology
is especially applicable to automotive gear
train systems and engine components such as
camshafts and crankshafts, and is widely seen
among racing teams to acquire performance
Centrifugal Barrel FinishingThis high-
energy method is a mechanically accelerated
means for producing edge contour and isotropic
micro-finishes on gears. This method is used
by a variety of gear manufacturers and high-
performance racing teams to improve the surface
finish and endurance of gear sets. It is also
capable of producing low micro-inch finishes
to improve load-bearing qualities of mating
surfaces and to develop beneficial compressive
stress and cold-hardening properties useful to
highly stressed parts. A sequence of processes
(analogous to roughing, finishing and polishing)
is often used to develop highly finished surfaces.
The high centrifugal forces and speed of this
process achieve high-level surface finishes in
short cycle times.
One user, Mr. Davidson recalls, pulled racing
transmissions after each event for centrifugal
finishing, only to find afterward that gear sets
were lasting an entire season.
A note here about isotropic surface finishes for
gears. Isotropic finishing, Mr. Davidson says, is a
technical term used to distinguish surface finish
patterns that are random and non-directional in Gear before (top) and after (bottom) turbo abrasive
nature. This is in contrast to surfaces developed machining (TAM). (Photo courtesy of Michael Massarsky,
by all common machining and grinding methods, Turbo Finish Corp.)
characterized by Gaussian peak-and-valley
distributions parallel to each other that manifest a Turbo-Finish or Turbo-Abrasive Machining
positive skewed surface with surface peaks and This is the next-generation gear-finishing
asperities predominating the surface profile, method, according to Mr. Davidson, who
he says. advises and assists Turbo Finish Corp. of Barre,
By this definition, all mass finishing methods Massachusetts, developer of turbo-abrasive
could be said to be isotropic in nature. The machining (TAM). Not wholly machining and not
process outlined above, however, has been wholly finishing, one of the properties separating
optimized to consistently produce gear surface TAM from vibratory or centrifugal gear finishing is
finishes that will improve overall operational that it is a dry method using no fluid media. Parts
performance and extend service life. are fixtured on a spindle, similar to a horizontal

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 105

A better understanding of gear-finishing options will add to
performance levels and service life. (Photo courtesy of Mark
Riley, BV Products.)

machining center, and rotated at speeds ranging

from 500 to 2,000 rpm, fully enveloped in an
abrasive media cloud. Highly refined surfaces
can be developed when a secondary operation
utilizing dry polishing soft granulates, treated
with fine polishing materials occurs as a follow-
up to the abrasive deburring, contouring and Reduced lubrication requirements and cost
smoothing operation. Improved oil retention
Once youve got abrasive particles impinging Reduced contact and bending fatigue
the part at that level of force, youre creating a Improved pitting resistance
shot-peening effect without creating shot-peening Reduced vibration and noise attenuation
surfaces, Mr. Davidson says. Reduced applied torque requirements
From an environmental perspective, that Improved surface finish uniformity (part-to-
TAM produces these effects in a waterless, dry part, feature-to-feature and lot-to-lot)
operation is an added advantage. Unlike most of High-quality, micro-finished surfaces
the other mass-finishing methods, TAM produces
no wet-waste discharge effluent that requires Reduced Friction Benefits
treatment or remediation. Increased fuel economy
Admittedly, TAM investment is more on the Reduced contact fatigue
capital equipment level, but users can create Increased power density
edge contours and other surface finishes very Lower operating temperature
rapidlywith 60- to 120-second cycles in many Extended mean time between maintenance
casesand machines can accommodate large overhauls
gears in the 48-inch diameter range that would Reduced maintenance costs
make vibratory or centrifugal finishing inefficient, Eliminated break-in
if not impossible. Extended component life
According to Jim Riley of BV Products, a Reduced metal debris
surface improvement technologies specialist Reduced part failures
based in Victoria, Australia, the advantage and Minimized overheating
benefit feature sets most commonly attributed to
these types of isotropic finishing are: Many gears and gear sets in a variety of
industries remain subject to fatigue, fracture
Performance Benefits and wear, Mr. Davidson says. Such parts
Reduced friction can gain substantial improvements in life and
Increased part durability performance, from alterations to their overall
Improved corrosion resistance surface texture. Improvements in overall
Reduced wear smoothness, load-bearing ratio, surface
profile skewness and isotropicity can, in many
instances, improve life and performance and cut
operational costs dramatically. Manufacturers
that have not subjected their parts to an analysis
to determine the potential benefits of this kind of
processing may be making parts that are not all
that they can be.

106 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Visit us at Stace-Allen.com

Precision Grinding
.0002 TIR
Thin Wall Parts
ID and OD Gripping
Adjustable Chucking Pressure
Coolant Thru
Built in Air Sensing
4-way Adju
Soft Jaws
Hardened a
and Ground Jaws w/ Set Master
P.D. Grippin
Swivel Jaws For Roundness Issues
Full Wrap J
Custom Applications



2250 W. Minnesota St.
Workholding Since 1946 Indianapolis, IN 46221
Telephone (317) 632-2401
Fax (317) 637-7563

Repositioning this large gear casing for the

transmission of a helicopter rotor system on the old
CMM was very time consuming, causing a production
bottleneck. With the new Global Advantage 15.30.10
from Hexagon, setups are simplified and handling
time is slashed.

The Benefits
of a Bigger CMM
The elimination of backlogs, increased throughput, and the ability to quote
larger, more complex parts are just a few of the benefits this company has
realized by upgrading its inspection technology.

E very gear manufacturing company welcomes

growth, but it comes with challenges. They
include investing in new equipment to meet
came at a time when the company was tripling its
workspace, so space wasn't a problem.
Triumph discovered a host of benefits,
capacity, hiring skilled operators if necessary and including saving 20-24 hours per assembly of
even finding space to locate the machine. the large helicopter component the CMM was
For Triumph Gear Systems-Macomb, these primarily purchased to measure, the ability to
challenges were easily overcome when it needed take on new work with more complex assemblies
a bigger coordinate measuring machine (CMM) than before, and the elimination of a backlog in its
to handle the larger parts it was beginning to inspection department.
make. The increased revenue from the new work
justified the investment, the PC-DMIS software Measuring Growth
was user friendly for beginners and popular Over the last 40 years, the Michigan-based
enough for there to be plenty of programmers company has built a solid reputation for its
available on the market. In addition, the purchase expertise in machining precision gears for

108 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

the aerospace industry. In the past decade it
has expanded the business to include much
larger components such as housings and
subassemblies. Today, Triumph Gear produces
approximately 28,800 parts annually.
To facilitate recent growth, the company set
about searching for a CMM that would meet
all of its criteria, beginning with a much larger
workspace and high-precision measurement
capabilities for increasingly complex parts. The
measurement solution also needed to be versatile
so that it could verify a range of parts. While
the existing CMM was capable of inspecting
Triumphs newest componenta large gear
casing for the transmission of a helicopter rotor
systemit clearly needed more travel in the
X-axis of the machine. Historically, to measure
the part, the operator would lay it on one side,
measure it, flip it 180 degrees about the Y axis,
then measure the other side, causing a quality
control bottleneck. In an attempt to speed things
Triumph Gears new Hexagon CMM has enabled the company
up, the inspection team began duplicating
to quote larger parts of greater complexity than it was able to
programs and part setup, actually causing further bid on in the past.
delays in output while their CNC machines sat
idle. involved. He says that, of the roughly 500
The solution came in the form of a different part numbers the company currently
Global Advantage 15.30.10 from Hexagon produces, about one third require quality
Manufacturing Intelligence of North Kingstown, inspection.
Rhode Island. This advanced CMM package With less than 1 percent of parts returned to the
met Triumphs requirements for accuracy and metrology department, manufacturing intelligence
speed, and it included features such as thermal is paving the way for precision manufacturing.
compensation, advanced software and a high- In order for us to maintain credibility with our
performance analog scanning probe. This customers, we need accuracy and repeatability.
specific model has the highest-performing drives Efficiency is important, but not if it jeopardizes
of the entire product line, with top acceleration our quality, Mr. Farr says. We are very confident
to 4.3 meters per second squared, for maximum in the accuracy of our programs and our overall
measuring throughput. ability to inspect parts.
Once the machine was installed, he began
Size Matters modifying the companys existing program,
Robert Farr is the CMM manager at Triumph reducing the handling time by roughly four hours
Gear. He points out that Triumph Gears need per assembly. The helicopter gear casing no
for accuracy and repeatability is essential to its longer needed to be rotated, enabling faster
success, notably because several parts have setups, runtimes and change control times.
tight tolerance requirements of 0.001 inch. The extra runtime also enabled the metrology
The complexity of the housings the company department to keep up with internal demands.
manufactures calls for more precise alignments Overall, Triumph saved roughly 20-24 hours per
due to the size increase of the gears and axles assembly of its helicopter component with the

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 109


The Hexagon CMM includes features such as thermal

compensation, advanced software and a high-performance
analog scanning probe.

new implementation. to the Triumph team. By incorporating PC-DMIS

No longer at maximum capacity, the company scripting to input serial number, shop number
is able to take on additional work and more and lot number into one interface, Mr. Farr is able
complex assemblies. The new CMM and probe to create a repeatable process for a more fluid
changers allow us to use multiple probe build- user experience. When it comes to hiring and
ups while maintaining efficient runtimes, Mr. Farr training new recruits, the softwares user-friendly
says. We originally purchased the CMM to make interface enables him to hire someone new to
inspection of the gear casing more efficient, but it the industry and train them to effectively use it.
also allowed us to run multiple jobs that required Alternatively, locating a user who is proficient in
the larger inspection capability. In the past we PC-DMIS software is not difficult, as the software
had to schedule our larger jobs back-to-back. is so widely known in the metrology field.
Today, we have doubled the overall capacity to Another example involves the companys
inspect parts, which shows in our throughput. efforts to alleviate bottlenecks in its supply
chain. Triumph uses graphical reporting to
Operational Efficiency show the location of component alignments that
Triumph relies on inspection software to handle may be hard to duplicate on a machine. For
the growing complexity of its parts. Mr. Farr feels example, the company provides a report to show
that PC-DMIS inspection software is ideal for the a bore package at a best low fit situation. In
first-time programmer to learn on, but also offers addition, the report also states where the current
high-end capabilities at a novice level. bushings are located, enabling the supplier to
One of the benefits of the software is the machine the bushings back to the best fit bore
information you have with the cursor position, package. Providing inspection reports and visual
he says. When editing inspection routines, the information enables the supplier to produce parts
system tracks your current workplane, pre-hit/ faster and without errors.
retract, probe tip angle and alignment. In other The company also creates special reports
software programs I have used, you had to for its customers based on their engineering
manually recall without inserting code into your specifications. In some instances, a customer
program, which sometimes caused mistakes. will want to see the location of surface features in
Running operations more efficiently is important relation to the rest of the part to ensure accuracy,

110 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

In response to increased production demands, Triumph Gear
basically tripled the size of its workspace, moving its CMM lab
to the new area with plenty of room for the new Hexagon CMM.

Farr has mapped a five-year plan for the quality

control operations that includes hiring a full-time
programmer and two more inspectors so the
company can increase its machine capacity by
80 percent. As for future technology acquisitions,
he will be on the lookout for smart solutions that
help enhance quality, reduce internal scrap and
while others may only request 3D coordinate rework and increase inspection throughput.
point data. Whatever the case, the team has the If youve got a good quality department, they
essential tools for generating customized and can reach out to engineering and manufacturing
comprehensive PC-DMIS inspection reports. and catch mistakes as they are happening, Mr.
Farr says. Quality control, if you do it right, can
Looking to the Future have a major impact on the overall business.
Triumph Gear is strategically positioning itself
for continued growth. The companys recent
expansion allows for the accommodation of new
machines and equipment in all departments,
from milling to metrology. Following suit, Mr.

Efficient gear cutting for

complete machining
5-axis-turning center for all
machining tasks
Single clamping operation for
highest precision




The small footprint multi-talent

Contact our US-Sales Team to learn more:

DVS Technology America Inc.
734-656-2080 sales.america@dvs-technology.com

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 111


Gear Grinder Designed for Large-Scale Production Quality

Liebherr Gear Technology Inc., Booth N-6930
The Liebherr LGG 280 gear-grinding machine is designed The machine enables the application of undulations
to reduce grinding times for twist-free profile grinding specifically to gear wheel flanks for noise optimization.
and generating grinding of workpieces ranging to 280 The ability to produce submicron-range waviness
mm in diameter. The machine is the second in the LGG provides a range of optimization options. The touchscreen
series and is designed to deliver consistent, large-scale user interface is said to ease programming and machine
production quality in automotive applications, including operations and includes an integrated webcam.
conical gearing. The machine enables users to produce Liebherr Gear Technology Inc. | 734-429-7225 |
smaller gears with greater load-carrying capability. liebherr.com
As part of a production line, the machines one-table
solution is said to promote higher quality throughout
production with one clamping fixture and one geometry.
This approach promotes reliable micron-range finish
quality for gear-noise optimization.
The grinding head supports rotation speeds ranging
to 10,000 rpm and features 35 kW of spindle power,
enabling high cutting speeds and feed rates. According
to the company, the machine can utilize the potential of
the 3M abrasive Cubitron II. Other features include an
HSK-C100 toolholder for changing the grinding arbor and
a second grinding head featuring a small worm diameter
for collision-critical parts.

Turn-Mill Performs Six-Sided Machining

without Interruption
Starrag USA Inc., Booth S-8696
Bumotecs s191FTLR seven-axis turn-mill from Starrag is
designed to start with a plain bar and machine parts such
as aircraft pinion regulators complete in a single setup.
The machine is able to perform six-sided machining,
including the generation of an outer ring gear and pin for
the inner ring gear, without interruption to the cycle.
The turn-mill uses its full-size subspindle and FANUC
linear motor drive to turn, hob, grind, surface finish
and mill aerospace fuel injectors, from small, high-mix
batches to large-volume serial production.
Starrag USA Inc. | 859-534-5201 | starrag.com
Gear Center Designed for Mass Production
Kapp Technologies, Booth N-7036
Kapp Niles offers the KX 100 Dynamic gear center
designed for mass production of external planetary
gears ranging to 125 mm. According to the company, its
independent twin pick-up work spindles provide optimum
productivity, reducing tooling setup time. Work arbor
change and verification is automated and grinding worm
change is semi-automated. The KX 100 will be exhibited
as a turnkey solution with basket stacker automation
and tooling. An integrated pallet conveyor offers a solution
for space and cost savings. The Kapp Niles machines are
complemented by measuring machines from Penta Gear
Metrology, with the larger custom measuring machines
from R&P Metrology.
Kapp Technologies | 303-447-1130 | kapp-usa.com

112 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Generating Grinding 8mm- 1,250mm Profile Grinding 8mm- 8,000mm

The ZE 800
and the KX100
at the IMTS.

Meet two of the

finest, compact
in the gear industry


KAPP Technologies
2870 Wilderness Place Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303) 447-1130 Fax: (303) 447-1131
www.kapp-niles.com info-usa@kapp-niles.com
APRIL 25 27, 2017
Greater Columbus Convention Center | Columbus, OH USA



Most people drive into a community and never
appreciate what manufacturers are building
behind closed doors. Parents often overlook
them thinking that the jobs went overseas and
tell their kids "it's dark and dirty."

This October with Manufacturing Day, we invite you to join us, as

we celebrate and showcase amazing careers and technology in
advanced manufacturing. To help you host an event that rocks,
Edge Factor has produced a free, time-saving and turnkey
package of event resources.

The Rock MFG Day Kit features cinematic media and interactive
resources to promote and host a MFG DAY event that
perceptions of manufacturing,
will change pe
inspire students, reach parents
and engage your
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Collaborative Robots Deliver

Flexibility to Shop Floor
the company installed four collaborative robots
I n the 1990s, Task Force Tips, a manufacturer
of firefighting equipment, started integrating
robots with its machine tools. These robots,
from Universal Robots USA Inc. (East Setauket,
New York). Not only did these robots pay for
however, were dedicated to working only on one themselves in just 34 days, they also improved
machine and could not be redeployed to other product quality.
tasks. In need of more flexibility on the shop floor, CEO Stewart McMillan still remembers his
father looking at him and asking, Are you sure
about this? when the family-owned company
PROBLEM Needed more flexibility in The auto industry has used robots for years,
robot use because it is the same process every day, year-
SOLUTION Four collaborative robots from round. With Universal Robots, automation can be
Universal Robots used flexibly and change day by day, says CEO
RESULTS Improved product quality, made Stuart McMillan. His company mounted a UR5 robot
better use of employees to a table on wheels and now rolls it between tasks
on the factory floor.

EDITOR EMILY PROBST, eprobst@mmsonline.com

118 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com




Copyright 2016, C.R. Onsrud, Incorporated. MMS 08/16


120 Technology Drive Troutman, NC 28166 (704) 508-7000 www.cronsrud.com

BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Automation Specialist Adam

Hessling says he can turn on
the Universal Robots controls
and teach the robot a few basic
waypoints and create a very
basic program in a matter of
minutes. However, he says
there are several layers in the
control if a programmer wants
to go deeper. For instance, he
could control the robot entirely
through scripting from a third-
party system, whether it be an
HMI or another PLC.

located in Valparaiso, Indiana, bought its first CNC of their dedication to just one machine. So, what
machine 40 years ago. It was a huge step, but happens is the machine wears out first, and now
giving people the proper tools to do their jobs is you have a $100,000 robot that you cannot do
essential to being productive, Mr. McMillan says. anything with, Mr. McMillan explains.
That line of thinking helped him recognize that After hearing about collaborative robots that
the shops robots had limited capabilities because could be used in a much more flexible manner,

120 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Dual spindle
5 axis
Flexible Live
Boo Hall S
Production center th S o
-848 uth

Chip to chip of 0.9 s even at maximum spindle speed! Savings of up to

500 - 2000 hours of non productive time per year equal 120000 $US/year.

The Mikron XT-one machining center is worldwide amongst

the most versatile and precise machines for complex parts.
Discover more under www.mikron.com/one

Mikron Corp. Monroe

200 Main Street Tel. +1 203 261 31 00
P.O. Box 268 mmo@mikron.com
Monroe, CT 06468 / USA www.mikron.com
Shops Using Technology

the company decided to explore

the technology by getting a Uni-
versal Robots demo in the shop.
According to Production Super-
visor Cory Mack, his colleagues
were trying to program it and
make it work within minutes of
its arrival.
The Universal Robot is so
simple and non-intimidating that
our programmers were already
in the mindset of I dont need
any guidance; I can do this on
my own. It was almost like a
PlayStation video game, where
they could pick up the controller
and figure it out without reading
the rules to the game, he says.
This led Task Force Tips to
install one UR10 robot and two
UR5 robots to tend CNC
machines. Another UR5 is
mounted to a table on wheels
and moved between tasks. The
UR robots can work collabora-
tively right alongside employees
due to a built-in safety feature
that causes them to automatically
stop operating when they
encounter obstacles in their
routea scenario Mr. McMillan
calls a fundamental paradigm
shift. In the past, a major imped-
iment to using robots was the
required security fencing around
the machine, he says. With the
UR robots, all the guarding is
unnecessary. Employees can
roll the table with the robot right
up to a machine and teach it to
load parts in a matter of minutes.
This is especially useful for
the production-cell layout at
Task Force Tips, where opera-
tors run multiple machines simul-
taneously around the clock.
Since acquiring the robots, staff-
ing requirements have decreased
from seven to three operators,

122 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

The hand-off between

the two UR5 robots
looks very impressive,
Mr. Hessling says, but
it was deceivingly easy
to do.

because it only takes about one hour per oper- itself, he says. As an additional benefit, the robot
ator shift to operate the robot, which includes saves seven hours each shif t for a machine
laying out parts and staging the robot, Mr. Mack operator to do something else productive. No
says. This translates to 21 hours of unassisted automation solution has resulted in layoffs, just
run time for the robot. In just 34 days, it pays for optimized production.

W You
av e
S y
on e rn.
M y Tu
ve r
at E
ne Life
h i te.
se Mac d Was
ea lui .
Incr inate F Earth m
e a.co
Elim ave th lubeus
S 5 76
2 6 -3
0) 3

124 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Visit Us Sept 12-17
Booth W-2000



Roboter-guided Robot coupling

Machine loading
High tech from a family-owned company
100% flexibility with the VERO-S quick-change
pallet system and the largest modular system
with more than 500 variations of workpiece
90% set-up time reduction
clamping. For automated machine loading due to set-up during processing time,
and unloading, and set-up in parallel to and automated loading with
the processing time. quick-change pallet system
Base plate with VERO-S NSA plus
pneumatic chuck Clamping station

Jens Lehmann, German goalkeeper legend,

SCHUNK brand ambassador since 2012 Clamping pallet with Clamping pallet with Clamping pallet Clamping pallet
for precise gripping and safe holding. clamping magnetic with with double
www.us.schunk.com/Lehmann force blocks clamping technology chuck angle tombstone
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

In application, the two UR5 robots working in takes out the complete-machined part and places
tandem have helped optimize hose coupling it on the outbound conveyor. From there, an
production in a two-machine cell. As blanks arrive operator places the parts onto anodizing racks,
on an inbound conveyor, the first robot uses vision completing the cycle.
guidance to identify and pick up the blanks before The process looks very impressive, but it is
inserting them into the first milling machine. The deceivingly easy to do, says Automation Special-
robot then takes out a half-machined part and ist Adam Hessling. With a background in CNC
hands it over to the other UR5. The second robot programming and no specific robotic-programming
inserts that part into the second CNC machine, experience, he was able to use Universal Robots
support website to put
together the two-robot
machining cell that pro-
duces hose couplings.
No external help was
necessary. If you under-
stand basic logic, you
can do an unbelievable
amount with Universal
Robots, he says.
Both the robot hand-
off and the vision guid-
ance use the Modbus
communication protocol
Master3DGage tm

See Us at IMTS! CMM Master

registers in the UR
robots controllers. Mr.
Booth E-3345 Hessling says that
Modbus made commu-
nication between the
t w o r o b o t s e a s y.
T h r o u g h t h e to u c h -
screen that comes with
each robot, he set the
waypoints that he wants
Verisurf Software t h e r o b o t s to m o v e

Automated Inspection
Verisurf programs and operates CMMs faster, easier and at a lower cost with its
through, and the two
robots confirm back and
forth to each other that
Model-Based CAD measurement platform; supporting all types and brands of
they are where they are
coordinate measuring machines. Verisurfs open system strategy
increases inspection flexibility, eliminates bottlenecks and supposed to be, he says.
reduces training and support costs. A c c o r d i n g to M r.
Call today for the name of your Hessling, he has the
nearest dealer or to arrange a demo. option to have discreet
Dealer Inquiries Invited inputs and outputs such
www.verisurf.com 866-340-5551
as those of a normal
FREE Verisurf Software Learning Edition p ro g ra m m a b l e l o g i c
Students, educators and customers can now learn all the
features of Verisurf Software for manufacturing inspection, controller, or he could
tool building and reverse engineering. u s e re g i s te r va l u e s,
For more information and software download visit which is what he used
https://www.verisurf.com/learning-edition-registration. Not for commercial use.
for the vision-guidance

126 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

DMG MORI is the
Exclusive Premium
Partner of the Porsche
Team in the LMP1
class of the FIA
World Endurance
Championship (WEC).

DMG MORI, the worlds leading manufacturer of machine tools,

is the Technology Partner of the Porsche LMP1 Team.

In addition to innovative, high-tech machine tools, DMG MORI

provides technological expertise in the development and
production of complex and precise components.

dmg mori is synonymous with cutting-edge

technologies designed to produce complex
parts from hard-to-machine materials ranging
from cobalt-chrome to titanium, as well as glass
and composites.
p s

hsc 70 linear

High-Speed Precision Cutting Swivel clip Differential cover

Center for more precision and Material: Aluminum Material: Aluminum
better surface quality. from dmg mori Machining time: 3 hours Machining time: 4 minutes

Learn more about the

DMG MORI Porsche Partnership
at porsche.dmgmori.com
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Task Force Tips roaming UR5 is being tested in a

deburring application.

involved. In fact, Mr. Hessling says it was a very

clean installation. All of the communication we
did was through our computer network; nothing
is actually hardwired together.
During production, when the UR5 places the
unmachined part in the lathe, the robots force
detection identifies if the part is misshapen, has
burrs or if there are chips in the chuck jaws. For
example, when the robot tries to reach the set
waypoint for placement and there is an obstruc-
cameras coordinates. Since Modbus registers tion that causes the force on the end of the arm
what it can output, he says he sent the coordinates to exceed 50 newtons (which Mr. Hessling pro-
to the Modbus registers in the Universal Robots grammed as the threshold), it applies an air blast
controller. This generated the parts waypoints to clean away the debris. If this does not clear
and directed the robot there. No scripting was the debris after several attempts, the robot tells
the machine to execute a chuck-wash cycle,
Universal Robots USA Inc., call 631-610-9664 which uses the machines high-pressure coolant
or visit universal-robots.com. system to dislodge the debris from the chuck


Economical High Performance Taps



1507 E. McFadden Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705



Customer Service 855-YMW-USA1 855-969-8721



Ph:714-782-0960 Fx: 714-380-6324


Booth W-2562

128 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Shops Using Technology

Search jaws. If the part still cant load after the coolant
wash, a popup appears on the robots touch-

Machines screen, instructing the operator to clear any

debris from the chuck jaws and press continue.

If the issue persists, another popup halts the
program entirely. The operator can then diagnose
the problem, fix it and restart production.
According to Mr. Hessling, the robot fixes a
failure-to-load issue about three or four times
an hour, which helps eliminate downtime. The
operator needs only to intervene about once per
shift, sometimes not at all, he says, explaining
that the robots are not at fault; it is just the nature
of the chips created from machining aluminum.
Freeing personnel from machine tending has
also played an important role in increased prod-
Machine Type: uct quality. Mr. Mack says that when employees
are not worried about keeping a machine running,
Machining Center
they have more time to visually inspect the
machined products. Part quality has really gone
Boring Mill to a whole other level with the UR robot in place,
Milling Machine while allowing our personnel to come up with
new ideas and better ways to improve our pro-
duction, he says.
Mr. McMillan agrees: When you set people
loose with a way to reduce the mundane labor
in their daily job, they find those ways. There
have been multiple days in which Ive come in
and seen the robot somewhere else in the shop
that surprised to me. I do not see our possibili-
ties being limited on places we can use these.
The next UR robot application at will likely be
at a deburring station within the CNC machining
cell where par ts are currently being hand-
deburred. The company is also looking at poten-
tial robot use for packing and shipping parts, as
well as with its laser machines.

The Machine Tool Search Engine

Watch how two UR5 robots working in
tandem use vision guidance to pick
blanks off a conveyor for CNC milling.


mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 129

BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Grinding Machine Increases

Tool Suppliers Production
I n order to stay competitive in their industries,
manufacturers must always be on the lookout
for new ways to provide value while keeping cost
Zurowski, Dihart carbide group leader at Komet
of America Inc. (Schaumburg, Illinois). When the
company needed to produce complex tools at
to a minimum. That is one of the duties of David higher production rates, he knew its existing
grinders could not keep up with the task. By
investing in a universal cylindrical grinding machine
KOMET OF AMERICA INC. from Junker (Elgin, Illinois), Komet was able to
PROBLEM Extra setup caused production decrease production time while providing the
bottleneck same, high-quality products.
SOLUTION Junkers Lean Selection allround Established in 1918, the Komet Group is a
universal cylindrical grinding machine
RESULTS Cost-effective upgrade in Having only one simple setup to grind each part
technology, decreased setup times complete has significantly increased Komets

130 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


See us at
Booth W-2386

Available SCHWANOG
Tooling Systems:

// OD Grooving
// OD Grooving on rotary
transfer machines
// ID Grooving
// ID Turning
// Form Drilling
// Shave tools
// Skiving

// Polygon Turning
// Broaching of Serration
// OD Whirling
// ID Whirling
// Selector system

Schwanog LLC
Elgin | Illinois
Toll free: 888-870-1055
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

full-line supplier of drilling, boring, reaming, thread- With a growing demand for complex tools,
ing and milling tools. With a total workforce of Komet needed to manufacture at higher production
1,600, the privately held company manufactures rates without sacrificing quality. The company
reamers, cutting rings and rapid-set heads with determined that its existing grinders could no longer
carbide and cermet blades. Led by President and keep up with effectively producing its multi-step
CEO Jan Pflugfelder, Komet of America and its tools. In particular, tools with a flat diameter and
140 employees are dedicated to the design and back taper caused a major production bottleneck
manufacturing of special indexable tools, poly- because the grinders required an extra setup to
crystalline diamond tools and reamers. adjust the table to match the angle.

See Us At IMTS Booth S8986

See the SMART-III technology at IMTS. The series is now available in a multi-functional two-
or three-axes CNC surface grinder. The SMARTs PC-based control, combined with a user-friendly
conversational TaskLink function, makes it easy to learn and operate. CNC experience is not
necessary. The SMART control features a highly efficient, constant-contact auto dressing function
and variable spindle speeds with constant surface speed control that reduces initial dress time from
hours to minutes. All data transfer is simplified by using a USB data port or an Ethernet connection.
The simulation mode is great for job shops, to prove-out a program prior to putting it in production,
reducing or eliminating scrapped parts and simplifying part set-up. The table size is up to 24"W x 80"L
with table loads up to 1,473 lbs.
Call your local dealer to see our comprehensive product line for all your machining needs.
Call Chevalier at 800-243-8253 or visit us on the web at www.ChevalierUSA.com. See you at IMTS.

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Junkers customized gap-

detection software was developed
to grind Dihart reamers, shown
here in the rough state.

Komet began searching for

a solution that would remove
this extra setup as well as grind
the tools in one clamping to
simplify the process. Moreover,
the company needed the grind-
ing machine to be delivered in
a short amount of time and to
be able to accommodate a
diamond grinding wheel. To
m e e t t h e s e r e q u i r e m e n t s,
Komet searched for a CNC
grinding machine with a freely
p ro g r a m m a b l e B a x i s th at
could accurately and efficiently
grind parts. According to the

EDM | Metal 3D Printing | High Speed Milling

Booth E-4802

New Economy WEDM, New Performance WEDM, New PCD Options, New Milling Center
At IMTS 2016, Sodick will leap forward with a wide range of new products, ranging from EDMs and High
Speed Mills, to New PCD Tool Cutting Options and Metal 3D Printing. Dont miss exciting new
technologies - Stop by IMTS Booth E-4802 to learn more, or visit us at www.sodick.com

Rigid Linear Motors Thermally Stable Ceramics Absolute Glass Scales Motion Control
In-House Technology ISO Certified Factories
www.sodick.com Create Your Future

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Exceptional support, fast, flawless bar loading and quick changeovers optimize turning center performance.
The industrys broadest and deepest line of both 12 and short load bar feeding equipment supports fixed and
sliding headstock machines that turn bar diameters from .039 to 4-3/4.


With todays sophisticated machining methods, chip conveyors must do more. The Turbo MH Series removes
birds nests, fines, coarse and stringy chips of all kinds, filters coolant to 250 or 500 microns, and cleans itself
for trouble-free operation. LNS also makes standard hinge belt and magnetic conveyors.


Removing heat from the cutting zone requires clean coolants,
but contaminants shorten coolant life and create health concerns.
PhaSep waste oil removal systems eliminate 99% of
contaminants in water-soluble coolants.


Providing a safe and healthy work
environment is easier with OSHA & NIOSH
compliant LNS Oil Mist Collectors, and a
Spray Cabin that safely cleans parts with
compressed air.


Proper workholding is essential for accurate,
trouble-free machining. LNS sells precision
chucks, and builds complete steady rest systems
designed for each users specific needs.

Bar Feeding Work Holding Coolant Chip Air

Systems Systems Management Management Filtration
Systems Systems Systems

Your one-stop-shop for machine tool peripherals

LNS America, Inc. | 513-528-5674 | sales@LNSamerica.com | www.LNS-america.com
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

company, Junkers Lean Selection allround stood we believe that we will have fewer limitations
out because it offers a rigid B axis with 0.0001- having one wheel per side and more clearance
degree resolution that is capable of grinding all for our complex tools. The machine was also
the tapers Komet needs to manufacture its tools. available in a short delivery time and at an appeal-
Along with the crucial B axis, the flexibility of the ing price point, he says.
grinding machine set Junker apar t from the In addition to the proper mechanical features,
competition, the company says. the company sought a custom-designed grind-
Mr. Zurowski says Komet selected a grinder ing program to reduce the amount of air grinding.
with a choice of two grinding spindles because The carbide inserts ground on each reamer are
set at common intervals
a l o n g t h e d i a m e te r,
meaning the grinding
surface is interrupted.
Af ter several discus-
sions about the prob-
When the coolant becomes a Liquid Tool.
lem, Junker suggested
using its gap detection
acoustic sensor to con-
trol the workhead
speed. Now, when the
grinding spindle detects
air grinding, the work-
head rotate s quick ly
until the next carbide
inser t is detected. At
each insert, the work-
head slows to the
g r i n d s e t t i n g t h e n
speeds up again to the
air setting when fin-
ished grinding. This is
designed to ensure the
best cycle time.
I n A p r i l 2015, th e
Junker Lean Selection
allround arrived at
Komet and was up and
running shortly there-
Metalworking fluids to a f te r. W i t h m a c h i n e
optimize productivity, operation in full swing,
economic efficiency
the company immedi-
and machining quality.
ately noticed significant
savings in production
times. Mr. Zurowski says
Our specialists support you to get the best out of your machines and tools with that setting back the
the Liquid Tool. Please contact us for your local distributor. taper with the B a xis
has been easier, hassle-
free and faster for oper-
Blaser Swisslube Inc. Goshen, New York Phone 845-294-3200 mailboxusa@blaser.com www.blaser.com ators. In setup, we save

136 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


8 Cutting Edges.
More milling.We made
More parts. t M More profits. fi
the MaxiMill 491 90 shoulder milling system simple to use,
featuring eight cutting edges and designed for roughing and finishing:
True 90 design
Easy to handle
Quick changeover
Smooth cutting action/exceptional balance
8 cutting edges
Universal application
Long tool life
Low power consumption
High-quality finishes
CERATIZIT. We do more thorough engineering up front, so you get optimum results
where it counts.Visit ceratizitusa.com and find out more.

To view the catalog, video or Powerpoint,

visit ceratizitpromos.com/maximill-491 or scan the QR code.


1 800 783 2280 1 586 759 2280 ceratizit.com
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

This is the Junker

JUWOP/LS graphical
and conversational
programming page.
The machine is
equipped with the
gramming system,
which enables the
user to program the
machine quickly and

around 30 to 35 minutes, he says. The grinders to change out the grinding wheel.
flexible design not only provides significant Despite the improved run time and setup time,
s av i n g s i n s etu p ti m e, b u t i t a l s o re d u c e d Komet detected a final inefficiency after instal-
running time by 5 to 10 minutes per part. The lation. Some parts required a wheel change in
freely programmable B a xis enables the order to grind multiple features, making wheel-
operator to grind continuously without having change time a critical factor in throughput. To


Less material. Less time. Less waste. In the
machining industry, less is more for your
bottom line. How much? In the case of
Sanmac Hollow Bar versus solid bar, weve had
countless customers who have tripled their
output while saving up to fifty percent on their
production costs. No center drilling and less
boring. No unnecessary machine setup. Simply
a product with superior machinability, reduced
tool wear and batch-to-batch consistency.
How can our stainless hollow bar machining
steels reduce your costs and improve machine
Visit smt.sandvik.com to find out.

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Run Lean

M42 Band Saw Blade Prices

Discounts for ordering 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 blades.
WIDTH 1/2 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" WIDTH 1-1/2" 2" 2-5/8"
4'-6" 16.08 17.75 18.65 20.67 15-6 68.79 86.20 117.67
5'-0" 17.15 19.01 20.01 22.25 16-0 70.78 88.74 121.14
5'-6" 18.23 20.27 21.37 23.83 16-6 72.77 91.29 124.62
6'-0" 19.30 21.53 22.73 25.41 17-0 74.75 93.83 128.09
6'-6" 20.37 22.78 24.08 26.99 17-6 76.74 96.38 131.56
7'-0" 21.44 24.04 25.44 28.58 18-0 78.73 98.92 135.03
7'-6" 22.51 25.30 26.80 30.16 18-6 80.72 101.46 138.50
8'-0" 23.58 26.55 28.15 31.74 19'-0" 82.71 104.01 141.97
8'-6" 24.65 27.81 29.51 33.32 19'-6" 84.70 106.55 145.45
9'-0" 25.73 29.07 30.87 34.90 20'-0" 86.68 109.10 148.92
9'-6" 26.80 30.33 32.23 36.48 20'-6" 88.67 111.64 152.39
10'-0" 27.87 31.58 33.58 38.06 21'-0" 90.66 114.19 155.86
10'-6" 28.94 32.84 34.94 39.64 21'-6" 92.65 116.73 159.33
11'-0" 30.01 34.10 36.30 41.22 22'-0" 94.64 119.28 162.80
11'-6" 31.08 35.35 37.65 42.80 22'-6" 96.63 121.82 166.28
12'-0" 32.15 36.61 39.01 44.39 23'-0" 98.62 124.36 169.75
12'-6" 33.23 37.87 40.37 45.97 23'-6" 100.60 126.91 173.22
13'-0" 34.30 39.13 41.73 47.55 24'-0" 102.59 129.45 176.69
13'-6" 35.37 40.38 43.08 49.13 24'-6" 104.58 132.00 180.16
14'-0" 36.44 41.64 44.44 50.71 25'-0" 106.57 134.54 183.63
14'-6" 37.51 42.90 45.80 52.29 25'-6" 108.56 137.09 187.11
15'-0" 38.58 44.15 47.15 53.87 26'-0" 110.55 139.63 190.58
15'-6" 39.65 45.41 48.51 55.45 26'-6" 112.53 142.18 194.05
16'-0" 40.73 46.67 49.87 57.03 27'-0" 114.52 144.72 197.52
16'-6" 41.80 47.93 51.23 58.62 27'-6" 116.51 147.26 200.99
17'-0" 42.87 49.18 52.58 60.20 28'-0" 118.50 149.81 204.47
17'-6" 43.94 50.44 53.94 61.78 28'-6" 120.49 152.35 207.94
18'-0" 45.01 51.70 55.30 63.36 29'-0" 122.48 154.90 211.41
18'-6" 46.08 52.95 56.65 64.94 29'-6" 124.46 157.44 214.88
19'-0" 47.15 54.21 58.01 66.52 30'-0" 126.45 159.99 218.35
19'-6" 48.23 55.47 59.37 68.10 30-6 128.44 162.53 221.82
20'-0" 49.30 56.73 60.73 69.68 31-0 130.43 165.08 225.30
20'-6" 50.37 57.98 62.08 71.26 31'-6" 132.42 167.62 228.77
21'-0" 51.44 59.24 63.44 72.85 32'-0" 134.41 170.16 232.24
21'-6" 52.51 60.50 64.80 74.43 32'-6" 136.39 172.71 235.71
22'-0" 53.58 61.75 66.15 76.01 33'-0" 138.38 175.25 239.18
22-6 54.65 63.01 67.51 77.59 33'-6" 140.37 177.80 242.65
23-0 55.73 64.27 68.87 79.17 34'-0" 142.36 180.34 246.13

Just 5 clicks in two minutes can save you up to 30%

Check our prices against your current supplier and see how they match up. Were confident youll gain
bargaining power with them, or better yet, be convinced to switch to us. And all it takes is a 5-click, two minute
visit to our website or a simple phone call. So ask yourself, is 2 minutes of your time worth saving 30%?
And dont forget, we ship FREE on all orders over 150.00.

BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

improve change-over time and prevent potential concentricity of less than 2 microns. Now that
quality issues when mounting a new wheel, the system is installed, the company says it is
the company imple me nte d Junke rs thre e - experiencing a further reduction in setup times,
point grinding wheel mounting system, which i m p r o v e d g r i n d i n g t i m e s a n d e v e n b e t te r
re d u c e s w h e e l c h a n g e - ove r ti m e s to l e s s part quality.
t h a n 20 m i n u te s a n d g u a r a n te e s a w h e e l From our experience in grinding reamers and
the way we set up and run the Junker, our finished
Erwin Junker Machinery Inc., call 847-488-0406 product is the same quality despite a reduction
or visit junker-group.com. in production time, which is what we were look-
ing for, Mr. Zurowski
Komet uses the same
grinding wheels as it
previously did, but the
company says that setup
is simpler, change-over
is faster, and grind time
is reduced. The machine
is equipped with the
JUWOP/LS program-
ming system, in which
th e g ra p h i c a ll y s u p -
ported data entry and
to-scale representation
on the screen are
designed to make
machine programming
easy with little or
no training.
Today, the company
produces high-quality
reamers with greater
efficiency and at com-
petitive costs for a
quality/value proposi-
tion, Mr. Zurowski says.
T he e conomic al a nd
f l ex ib l e Ju n ke r Le a n
Selection allround
gives the tool supplier
the freedom to manu-
facture a wide range
of parts with high
quality and precision
as it aggressively seeks
to expand its markets
and provide new
applications to its

140 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Clean air. Its what we do.
United Air Specialists, a company synonymous with superior ltration
for nearly 50 years, is now part of CLARCOR Industrial Air. You get the
same level of excellence but with expanded expertise in industrial ltration
solutions. And now, you have even greater access to leading-edge media
technologies such as ProTura Nanober and BHA Preveil. So to help
keep your facilities safe and workers healthy, turn to the experts at UAS.

Explore UAS ltration solutions at www.uasinc.com

2015 United Air Specialists, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Five-Axis Machine
Produces Medical Parts
without Wasted Capabilities

By using a variety of Mazak machines, .decimal is

able to quickly ship precision medical devices for
.DECIMAL INC. radiation treatment.
PROBLEM Needed to efficiently
manufacture medical devices
SOLUTION Mazak machines, particularly
VCU 400A 5X machines
W hen machining unique medical devices used
to administer radiation treatments for cancer
patients, high quality and fast turnaround is of
RESULTS Precisely and reliably manufacture utmost importance. Luckily, Sanford, Florida-
devices quickly based .(dot)decimal has found a way to achieve
both. The shop conducts all its business on a

142 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com



75% - 99% Abrasive Technologys innovative DUALFORCE
51% -65%
INCREASED technology is a controlled structure process that LESS WEAR
SAVINGS creates space between the abrasive particles,
resulting in a freer cutting wheel that withstands HIGH GRIND RATIO
CUSTOM cutting forces from high-speed applications.



USA | 800.964.8324
- Data based on actual tests.
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

completely digital, automated, internet basis, electron (low-mass) beams, depending on the
enabling it to receive job orders before 12 p.m., tumor type and location. These different beam
process them on a variety of machine tools from characteristics dictate filter requirements in terms
Mazak Corp. (Florence, Kentucky), and ship them of part specifications and feature geometries.
complete by 6 p.m. that same day. According to CEO and President Richard Sweat,
.decimal produces mostly filters/apertures that each device is as unique as a snowflake. For the
regulate the width and depth of radiation treatment 100 to 200 patient-specific jobs shipped per day,
beams. The devices are used for treatments the shop has no clue what part geometries it will
involving proton (very precise), photon (blurry) or have to machine until the orders are received from
hospitals and research

Bar Feeding. Its What We Do. The process begins

when doctors/facilities
Edge Technologies Offers Economical Excellence, load CT scans and MRI
Superior Design, and The Heaviest Built Bar Feeders, All results into a special
Backed by a Team Second To None. Whats Not To Love? software and build a 3D
v i r tu a l m o d e l of th e
patient to map out the
tumor. Then, they use
the companys custom
E dge Technologies is a leading
pro uctivity solutions provider
to the precision metal working
sof tware called plan-
ning.decimal (p.d) to
indust y. We offer the full lines
of FMB and Edge bar feeders help design, visualize
FMB Turbo 2-20 Edge Rebel 80 Servo
for Swiss Turning and Fixed
ads ck lathes. and order the needed
Edge Technologies is made up of a devices. The software
group of dedicated professionals,
a team with nearly 25 years of uploads the necessary
experience, who stand ready
to pounce on any problem and digital files and sends
resolve it immediately.
them via the internet to
The Edge line of Economical
Excellence magazine bar feeders be manufactured.
FMB Minimag 20 Edge V-65 Servo
and short loaders are the new
industry standard for quality at Once at the shop, the
affordable prices. The Scout
320 is the newest and most companys in-house-
economically priced magazine
bar feeder in this line. If you are developed manufactur-
considering an economical 12
magazine barfeeder, you should
ing automation software,
discuss this product with your automate.decimal
Edge Technologies Regional Sales
Manager or your local dealer Edge Minuteman 320 SE (a.d), controls all its pro-
FMB Turbo 3-38
before you buy any brand.
FMB magazine bar feeders are cesses, automates
smartly designed, robust in workflow and generates
construction, built in Germany to
the highest quality specifications, the tool paths. It also
and all of them are a bit on the
hefty side. As a matter of fact, controls communication
some of them outweigh the
competition as much as two to with the Ma zaks and
one. Thats Heavy Metal.
FM Turboo 5-65
FMB Edge Patriot 338 manages their functions
Visit us at IMTS 2016 in Booth
S-8348 and get more information to e nsure ef fe ctive
on how your Productivity Partner
can help your bottom line. machine utilization and
part quality. The soft-
call or click: 314.692.8388 ware is a vital link
www.edgetechnologies.com between device/aper-
ture specifications and
314.692.8388 f 314.692.5152 www.edgetechnologies.com the machine tool pro-
gramming language.

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Visit Us at Booth S-9410

Tsugamis BW209Z 20 mm CNC Lathe offers simultaneous 3-Path Control on Dual Independent Gang
Slides, enabling diverse part processing, including pinch turning and pinch milling. Its standard nine
cutting axes and free, user-friendly Abile software will make easy work of your most complex
machining challenges.

Visit Us at Booth S-9410

866.224.8576 | www.remsales.com
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Doctors and facilities use

the shops custom plan-
ning.decimal software
to design and order a
patients specific medi-
cal device. The software
uploads digital files via
the internet and the
shops manufacturing
automation software,
automate.decimal , con-
trols the shops workflow.
The automation software
also generates tool paths
for the Mazaks.


# THE only integrated
PDM-based CAD/CAM solution
Contact us at (630) 889 8055

MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com
in Germany
What to consider before buying
Waldrich Coburg NA, Inc.
a bridge mill:
2010 Filmore Ave.
Erie, PA 16506 + Precision + Low Foundation Cost
814-835-1955 + Milling Power + 5-Axis Capabilities
+ Torque + Fast Tool Change
wna@waldrich-coburg.com + Speed Times
www.waldrich-coburg.com + Wear Free + Low Maintenance
Guideways + Competitive
+ Domestic OEM
Service Price
September 12 - 17, 2016 To learn more about TAURUS by
Booth S-9276 WALDRICH COBURG contact us.
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

At the heart of the shops part-production Customer orders populate the companys
operations is what Mr. Sweat calls a farm of 26 servers with incoming orders throughout the
Mazak machines, the bulk of which are Vertical day, and the sof tware tracks each patients
Center Nexus (VCN) vertical machining centers device through manufacturing, invoicing
along with an Integrex 200S multitasking machine. and shipping. It determines which machines are
The company recently added two full five-axis open and allocates job files accordingly. The
Vertical Center Universal (VCU) 400A 5X VMCs sof tware also displays real-time job status,
to efficiently process apertures used in a new tracks part material back to the foundr y and
type of proton-radiation-beam therapy. tracks who machined it on which Mazak. It also
shows current machine
status. According to
Kevin Erhart, chief tech-
n i c a l o f f i c e r, m a n y

Maximum Precision...
of these steps are
critically important to
maintaining the levels
of traceability required
by the Food and Drug
The extreme stabil-
it y of our pro c e s se s
results from the elimina-
tion of variation, Mr.
Erhart explains. That is
why we have all Mazaks.
They not only provide
reliable and consistent
high performance, but
also fast and precise
Af ter the sof tware
...With Each Rotation sends a tool path to the
Improved quality with reduced cycle times! Todays shop floor, machinists
high volume production requires precision which only load raw parts into the
a few years ago was unachievable! When machining d e s i g n ate d M a z a ks,
worms, ballscrews or actuator screws for automotive
each of which is dedi-
or aerospace applications, whirling is fast becoming
the process of choice. Leistritz Whirling Machines and cated to run only one
Tooling Systems fit nicely into machining cells with a specific type of material,
small foot print and dry cutting advantage. mainly for recycling pur-
poses. Once completed,
parts move on to clean-
ing, inspection and
finally shipping.
Aperture/filter toler-
Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp. ances are typically
165 Chestnut Street, Allendale, NJ 07401 0.010 inch; however,
(201) 934-8262 www.leistritzcorp.com the shop actually
machines to much
tighter tolerances

148 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

.decimal ships about 100 to 200 patient-specific

jobs per day. On any given day, the shop has no
way of knowing exactly what its orders will be until
they are received.

says. The apertures/filters are made from brass,

acrylics, copper, aluminum and wax, with brass
and copper filters used most often for apertures
that restrict the lateral shape of the beam and
keep it from spreading beyond the tumor area.
The aperture patterns are a stencil or profile of a
tumors periphery and are machined completely
through the part.
Devices known as range and tissue compen-
sators require variable-depth pockets/closed
cavities to be machined out. Their varying depths
are what regulate the intensity or penetration
depth of the radiation beam. Thicker portions of
the cavity will block or limit the beam, while the
because the Mazaks enable parts to be produced thinner areas allow more of it to pass through to
well within Six Sigma requirements, Mr. Sweat the patient.

150 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

The Leader in CNC
Large Swing Lathe Technology
Built For Your Application
Select Models In-Stock Ready to Ship

Clausing Large Swing Extra Heavy-duty,

Large Capacity, Big Bore, CNC Lathes
Fanuc CNC control with 10.4" screen Max. unsupported weight between center:
Fanuc AC spindle drive motor: up to 80/100 Hp up to 33,000 lbs.
Spindle speed range: 4 to 1000 rpm 4 position programmable turret -
4 speed range, auto change, variable speed optional 12 station turret
spindle drive Optional live tooling and C-axis
Swing over bed 35" to 80" Hardened and ground bed ways and gears
Spindle bore 6" to 24" Programmable hydraulic tailstock with
Center distance 62" to 476" rotating quill and hydraulic body movement
Models with 2 and 4 bed ways Front and rear chip conveyor

Clausing Large Swing Heavy-Duty CNC Lathes are built for all your turning needs, just fill out the
Clausing Large Swing Lathe Profile available on our web site, and we will design a machine that is
ideal for Your turning application... Larger customized machines available
You Work with Clausing Professionals from Machine Design Through Machine Installation
Call 800-323-0972 for the Clausing Dealer Nearest You
or visit www.clausing-industrial.com
for detailed catalogs of the full line of Clausing Machine Tools
Over A Century in the Machine Tool Business
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

Variable-angle-beam, divergent-corrected-type nearby healthy tissues from receiving high doses

apertures spurred the companys latest venture of radiation.
into full five-axis machining. Used for a relatively Initially, .decimal machined the new apertures
new proton-radiation-beam therapy, these devices using a Mazak Integrex-type multitasking machine
are similar to standard apertures in that they with second turning spindle and milling spindle.
require machined cavities. However, the cavity However, that machine provided much more
contours in these apertures include variable-angle capability than was needed for the particular job,
walls. These angles further pinpoint the proton Mr. Sweat says. What he wanted was high per-
beam to provide a better beam resolution to spare formance, but at a more cost-effective price.
That was when he dis-
covered Mazaks VCU
Its all about match-
ing the angles of the
proton-beam divergence
sinc e the physic s of
radiation blocking and
scattering make these
angles a highly critical
feature of the design,

EFFICIENCY Mr. Sweat explains. Our

t wo M a z a k f i ve -a x is
IN MOTION VCUs enable us to
machine these angles
more accurately than
NEXT LEVEL QUICK-CHANGE FixturING using our existing bolt-
on rota r y-ta ble -t y pe
Todays CNC machining centers offer incredible performance and capability, yet
they are only as productive as we make them. Underutilized machines due to mac hine s a nd muc h
long changeover time zap productivity and rob profitability. more cost ef fectively
than using the Integrex
Jergens provides the tools to get the Powerful results give you the
most from your production floor: competitive edge: machines. Our pro-
cesses demand quality,
Multiple workholding systems with Increased spindle uptime
high accuracy and repeatability s t a b i l i t y, r e l i a b i l i t y,
Quick change-over
Our engineers know CNC machines
affordability and con-
Improve productivity sistency. The VCUs give
and the workholding that provides
the greatest productivity Real cost savings and rapid payback us all that, and they have
75 years of experience, innovative o p e r a te d f l a w l e s s l y
products and improved machining since we added them.
Learn more about your next level of productivity at jergensinc.com/IMTS The VCUs machine
only the proton-beam-
aperture parts. For pre-
cise five-axis machining,
the machines trunnion-
BOOTH W-2154 style rotar y/tilt tables
are constructed with
15700 S. Waterloo Road | Cleveland, OH 44110-3898 durable high-speed
1.877.426.2504 | jergensinc.com/WORKHOLDING | workholding@jergensinc.com roller gear cam drive
te c h n o l o g y f o r h i g h

152 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Fastems is the leading manufacturer of factory automation
systems. Our business idea is to improve our customers
competitiveness through automation and to get the
most out of the 8,760 production hours available each
year. We are known for flexible manufacturing systems
(FMS) and robotics-based automation systems as well as
for our wide range of services.

Our MMS5 control system is a collaboration tool
for everyone involved in production. Both our
intelligent software and clever equipment are
designed with work environment, safety and
ergonomics in mind. We help you to take control
of your production!

Fastems automation systems are open and

can be incorporated with virtually any modern
CNC machine tool brands. They are suitable for
several machine tool types and pallet sizes. Our
MMS5 software can be integrated with other
manufacturing plant software, such as ERP and MRP
systems, and is fully compatible with MTConnect.

For more information, please

visit www.fastems.com
or call toll-free 866-702-0611.

Fastems LLC
BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology

torsional rigidity and positioning accuracy. The diminishing return in which the cost of wear and
tables tilt +95 degrees/-45 degrees in the B axis tear to the machines outweighs the benefits of
and rotate 360 degrees in the C axis, and they seeking shorter machining time.
can accommodate workpieces weighing as much For us, wed rather run parts at a reasonably
as 440 pounds. fast speed while also getting the most life out of
While it is a small footprint machining center, our machine ballscrews and spindles, Mr. Sweat
the VCU provides .decimal with travels measuring says. We are process maniacs, and key to con-
19.88 by 15.74 by 17.12 inches (505 by 400 by trolling our processes is having consistency and
435 mm) in the X, Y and Z axes, respectively. A repeatability in our machine tools. We want stable
high-speed rapid traverse rate of 945 ipm (24 machines for stable production together with
meters per minute) in the machines three linear maximum tool and machine lives.
axes help reduce the shops non-cut times. Business continues to grow for .decimal, and
Aperture part cycle times at the shop typically the shop plans to increase its international deploy-
fall between 10 and 20 minutes, and compensa- ment. Mr. Sweat says that being digitally automated
tor/filter devices can range from 30 minutes to with the in-house-developed software enables
several hours, depending on part size and surface the shop to make any internet-accessible machine
complexity. While the shop tries to optimize cycle tool part of its farm. He envisions several shops
times whenever possible, there is a point of full of Mazaks in strategic countries, with the main
Florida facility funneling the incoming jobs to them.
Mazak Corp., call 859-342-1700 All of which will help get much needed devices to
or visit mazakusa.com. cancer patients even faster.

1914 | 2014

1 2 3

view our
CATAL online cogsdill.com
1 burnishing
2 deburring &
P 803.438.4000 back-spotfacing
F 803.438.5263
3 shefcut reaming
PO BOX 7007 & boring
4 recessing &
generating heads

5 zx systems
IMTS 2016
SEPT. 12-17, 2016
BOOTH #W-2371

154 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Automated Resource Deployment

Real Time Remote Monitoring

Detailed Efficiency Reporting

Quick Setup and Simple Interface


Smart Manufacturing. Redefined; With production

goal parameters, integrated smartphone
app, WiFi connectivity, 150 LED bulbs with
configurable colour options, Integrated
waterproof speaker capable of 100db, the Smart
Attend is the most capable addition to the world
of Smart Manufacturing.

info@smartattend.com | www.smartattend.com | (866) 210 - 9630

Search Machines

Machine Type: Turning

Envelope: Turning
Max. Chuck Dia: Chucker
Max. Bar Dia: Universal
Max Turning Length: Swiss


# of Main Spindles:
Spindle Direction:
Mill/Drill Function:

Techspex is free to use and free to join.


What is Techspex?
Techspex is a machine tool search
engine designed to help you identify
new machine tools and machine
tool accessories.

Why Use Techspex?

Techspex puts you in charge.
Its your job; you should control the search.
Research and select machines using the criteria
that matters most to you.

Techspex saves you time and money.

Quickly locate and compare the specific types
of machines you need. Save and export searches.
Request pricing. Contact suppliers directly.

Techspex is more than just machines.

Find tooling and workholding solutions, too.
Thousands of machine and company
showrooms complemented with related
articles, videos and technical information.


The Machine Tool Search Engine

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Media Metalworking
Group Product techspex.com

Search smarter today at techspex.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

IMTS 2016
The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is scheduled to take
place September 12-17, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The
show, which draws hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers from over 112
countries and more than 2,000 exhibiting companies, is organized into pavil-
ions covering Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing; Additive Manufacturing;
Controls and CAD/CAM; EDM; Fabricating and Lasers; Gear Generation; Machine
Components/Cleaning/Environmental; Metal Cutting; Quality Assurance;
and Tooling and Workholding Systems. IMTS is organized by AMTThe
Association For Manufacturing Technology. The following pages represent a
taste of the technologies attendees can expect to find on the show floor.

VMC FOR 4+1, FIVE-A XIS The standard version is equipped with a two-
APPLICATIONS axis, 12.6" rotary trunnion table, with a table load
CHEVALIER MACHINERY INC., BOOTH S-8986 of 220 lbs and an A-axis accuracy rate of 10".
Chevalier Machinery will exhibit its new QP5X-400, The maximum workpiece dimension is 15.7" in
a high-speed VMC featuring five-axis simultane- width and length by 13.7" in height. The machine
ous or 4+1 axis positioning applications. features XYZ-axis travels of 20.5" 15.8" 15".
The spindle includes a large-diameter, Big-Plus
spindle design that uses four-piece, P4-class,
high-precision, angular-contact ball bearings to
increase spindle rigidity and maintain a degree
of accuracy during high-speed machining.
The machine provides fast interpolation, with
a high-linear speed of 1,417 ipm on the X and Y
axes, and 1,181 ipm on the Z axis. The 40-taper
spindle provides 25 hp and maximum speed of
10,000 rpm. It is also equipped with 12,000- and
15,000-rpm spindle-speed options. The series
includes a 30+1 tool capacity, a FANUC 0iMF
CNC for 4+1 applications, linear-circular-helical
interpolation and a Manual Guide 0i, and a 10.4"
color LCD monitor.
Chevalier Machinery Inc., call 800-243-8253
or visit chevalierusa.com.

MMSONLINE .COM/ZONES/IMTS Check out Modern Machine Shops IMTS Zone for more products and
information from the companies you see here.

158 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

FIVE-A XIS VMC HSK A100 spindle and a maximum table load of
FOR LARGE-SIZE MACHINING 115,000 lbs. Table sizes are available as large as
MIGHTY USA INC. - VIPER, BOOTH S-9441 137" 236", and German INA roller linear guide-
Mighty USA introduces its Viper PG5 five-axis ways on all three linear axes are designed to
gantry machine, which is a high-wall, gantry-style, provide high rigidity and fast feed rates, the
simultaneous five-a xis double-column VMC company says.
designed for large-size and heavy workpieces. The machine uses Hiwin C3-class ballscrews.
The machine has a built-in 60-hp, 15,000-rpm, The X and Z axes use dual ballscrews, and all
linear axes use ballscrews with cooling systems
to avoid heat generation caused by ballscrew
movement. According to the company, ballscrew
cooling promotes dynamic three-axes performance
by maintaining a constant temperature.
Mighty USA Inc. - Viper, call 800-664-4489
or visit mightyviper.com.


Iscar presents the Fast Feed Quad (FFQ4) mills
for high-feed and rough milling applications. The


TAIYO KOKI rst developed the vertical grinding machine in 1991.
Since then we have delivered over 1,600 vertical grinders worldwide,
leading the way by providing world class precision,
new process innovation and protable productivity gains for our customers.

+ Simple design & + Automatic Chuck Change

Reasonable price. (ACC) system pushes
+ Productivity improvement productivity to new levels.
by Automatic Tool + The three position ACC
Changer (ATC) with 6 enables different
different grinding wheels. processes to run at
Two-grinding stations
+ Spindle run time is
Vertical Mate 85 PGV-3 maximized because the
Vertical Mate 85
Capability at S-8900 Capability parts is changed outside
850L600 mm 150L100 mm while the machine is


w w w.taiyokoki.com

160 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 20 12 -12
September 17,- 17,
20162016IMTS 2016


tools design incorporates a square, single-sided

insert with increased clearance angles (both radial
and axial) and four cutting edges. The FFQ4
features a 9-degree cutting edge angle for long
reach, and positive rake angle position for the
Machine Type: insert in the cutter body. According to the com-
Machining Center
pany, this design supports enhanced performance
in terms of insert and tool life when milling difficult-
to-machine materials like austenitic stainless steel
Boring Mill
and high-temperature alloys.
Milling Machine Two new insert grades have been introduced:
grade IC1882 and grade IC5820. The IC882
features an AlTiN+TiN PVD coating. The IC5820
has a MTCVD alpha Al2O3 coating.
Iscar Metals Inc., call 877-294-7227 or visit


BOOTH S-8874
Star CNC, a division of Star Micronics Co. Ltd.,
will introduce the SR-38 Type B, a 10-axis Swiss-
type automatic lathe for complex machining
operations. This addition to the companys prod-
uct line is said to be capable of machining complex,
large-diameter parts with high efficiency.
The Machine Tool Search Engine The rigid machine construction is designed to
handle barstock ranging to 1 1/2" in diameter. With
B-axis versatility, complex parts can be produced
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: in one operation with the precision and accuracy
required by quality critical applications in a variety
of industries. According to the company, the
techspex.com machines motion control system further optimizes
machining operations and significantly reduces
idle machine time.
In addition, Star CNC will introduce two other

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 161

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

machines: the SV-20R and SR-32JII. Mitsubishis wire and sinker EDM machines,
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp., including the EA8PS and EA12PS. Both PS-series
call 516-484-0500 or visit starcnc.com. machines feature a new Z-axis design that uses
high-quality ballscrew and LM way components
SINKER EDMS OFFER HIGH-SPEED to ensure positioning accuracy during high-speed
MC MACHINERY SYSTEMS INC., The EA8PS sinker EDM is designed for tight-
BOOTH N-6815 tolerance applications, such as those in the die/
MC Machinery Systems will display a range of mold industry. A thermal displacement compen-
sation system and
Z-axis cooling mecha-
nism are said to improve
accuracy by tracking
Engineering precisely what you value and compensating for
machine temperature
changes. The EA12PS
The new is designed for medium-
size sinker needs.
SIP MC Machinery
WMW for machining aluminum structural parts Systems Inc., call
630-616-5920 or visit

BOOTH N-6963

Performance increase
O kamotos ACC-32-
80CHiQ surface double-
due to new 200 hp spindle, column grinder is
30,000 rpm, 61 ft.lbf.
designed for high-
precision grinding of

- 30%
Faster production start
large components and
supports the high accu-
due to shorter installation racy and ef ficiency
directly on the factory oor.
needed for mold and
die production applica-
tions. The double-
Solutions for
column design and
Aerostructures construction withstands
12. - 17.9.2016, Chicago, South hall S-8696 www.starrag.com prolonged heavy-duty
gr inding conditions.
D o u b l e -V t a b l e way
construction enables

162 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

PRESENTING Systematically optimised proven elements
combined with newly developed components

such as the automatic cylinder correction system

KELLENBERGER and synchronous tailstock provide a contemporary

platform for flexibly satisfying all the varied

requirements of our customers.


www.kellenberger.com 800-843-8801
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

continued peak accuracy.

The grinder provides a consistently high
degree of flatness across the entire workpiece
surface. An exclusive reform mechanism auto-
matically adjusts for cross-slide wear without
CNC compensation. A shif t-plunge grinding
cycle supports fast, efficient stock removal, and
the machines multi-level grinding capability
enhances grinding flexibility. The standard 30-hp
s p i n d l e m oto r a n d 20 " d i a m e te r c o n c ave
grinding wheel are designed to handle tough
grinding requirements. MACHINE MONITORING
Features include a grinding wheel adapter, BOOSTS UPTIME
hydraulic overhead wheel dresser with dress MACHINEMETRICS INC., BOOTH N-7181
compensation, dresser stand with diamond tool, MachineMetrics will present its machine monitor-
automatic oil temperature regulator and spindle ing and manufacturing analytics software. The
speed controller. software automatically collects data from machines
The ACC-32-80CHiQs table size is 32" 80", and uses it to provide real-time visualizations
maximum pass width is 40", and maximum dis- and notifications.
tance under a standard wheel is 23.5". The software features real-time dashboards
Okamoto Corp., call 847-235-3500 with color coding that provide immediate data
or visit okamotocorp.com. to shopfloor employees. Detailed information

Something small is coming.

BOOTH 2217

164 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Get in the productivity fast lane. Whether you are machining
suspension components or engine parts, the unsurpassed
performance of the fast, efficient and versatile HCN-5000/50
will accelerate your high-volume, large heavy-part processing.



DISCOVER MORE WITH MAZAK | Visit us at MazakUSA.com | (859) 342-1700

Product images are for illustration purposes only and may not be exact representations of the product.
Mazak reserves the right to change product images and specifications at any time without notice.
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

can be displayed on tablets next to each machine WHIRLING MACHINE FOR

and enables operators to scrap parts or catego- REDUCED CYCLE TIMES
rize downtime. Downtime can then be displayed LEISTRITZ ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES CORP.,
on Pareto charts so significant problems can BOOTH N-7061
be addressed. Leistritz displays its LWN-90 whirling machine.
The software uses historical analytics to enable The machine produces precision worm gears
manufacturers to make informed decisions. with reduced cycle times. According to the com-
MachineMetrics Inc., call 413-341-5747 pany, when implemented into a production envi-
or visit machinemetrics.com. ronment and paired with induction-hardening
equipment, the whirling
method decreases
thread rolling, milling

AUTOMATION and grinding while

resulting in high worm
ELEVATED. quality. The steel bed
a n d p ro g ra m m a b l e -
force tailstock, com-
b i n e d w i th f i ve -a x i s
interpolation, are the
foundation of the
machines performance.
The machine features
a 4,0 0 0 - r p m , 5 - k W
whirling spindle that
p ro d u c e s wo r m s o r
outer diameters as large
At Murata Machinery, we take automation seriously. We dont
a s 2.5" a n d l e n g th s
simply add automation, and it is not an option that can be chosen.
ranging to 20". The com-
Automation is the central concept behind every machine we build. It is
pany uses a dry cutting
who we are, it is what we do. And after 80 plus years of excellence,
method of whirling that
it is what makes us the leader in high production automated turning
is said to be a clean
centers. More than just automation. This is Automation Elevated.
Leistritz Advanced
Discover Automation Elevated to take your production efficiency and
Technologies Corp.,
throughput to unbelievable new heights.
call 201-934-8262 or
visit leistritzcorp.com.
Visit muratec-usa.com or
call 800.428.8469 to learn more. WIRE EDMS
Booth# S-8844 COMBINE
BOOTH S-9119
APPLICATIONS PROJECT MANAGEMENT automatedturning.com M a c h i n e To o l s , t h e
series of wire EDMs are

166 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Laser Marking: Laser Welding: Laser Cutting Glass and Brittle Materials: Laser Cutting:
Direct, Permanent Track & Trace Scanner Welding System SmartCleaveFI Robotic-controlled Fiber Laser

Whether it's the powerful FL Series Fiber Lasers (up to 8 kW) for welding, cutting or surface
modification; the highly efficient diffusion-cooled CO2 Slab lasers for cutting three-
dimensional workpieces; or the versatile and innovative PowerLine F Laser Markers for
component traceability or day/night marking applications; ROFINs laser technology is
found in nearly every step of Production processes. Fast, precise, flexible, reliable and cost
effective processing in Automotive and Aerospace, the Machine Tool Industry, Medical
Device Technology, the Electronics Industry, and more. See our Laser Systems
for Marking, Welding,
We Think Laser and we have been doing so for more than 40 years. With 55,000 and Cutting at IMTS
lasers providing innovative solutions based on our comprehensive range of products and Booth N-6613
technologies, ROFIN is the worlds leading source of lasers for marking, cutting, welding
and surface treatment. When it comes to High-Quality Laser Systems, Think ROFIN.

ROFIN-BAASEL, Inc., 68 Barnum Rd., Devens, MA 01434 978 635-9100 info@rofin-baasel.com

ROFIN-SINAR, Inc., 40984 Concept Dr., Plymouth, MI 48170 734 455-5400 info@rofin-sinar.com www.ROFIN.com
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

of 0.0001". The wire EDM column and lower arm

are fixed so the table and workpiece move rather
than the column.
The 3D Compensation Function reduces the
need for indicating-in workpieces, enabling the
operator to measure the flatness of the workpiece,
and reducing setup time.
Methods Machine Tools Inc., call 877-668-4262
or visit methodsmachine.com.


DoAll will demonstrate its line of Hercules dual-
column enclosed CNC band saws, which includes
designed for high precision, fast rapid traverse DC-300CNC, DC-400CNC, DC-510CNC and
rates and expedited setups. DC-750CNC models. The saws are designed to
The series includes the C400iB, C600iB and provide versatile, efficient and accurate sawing
C800iB machines, the latter of which accom- solutions for steel service centers, tool making,
modates parts as heavy as 5,000 lbs and as large high-end metalworking, machine shops and
as 49.2" 38.4" 11.8". All machines feature fabrication shops. They are said to enable intricate
positioning accuracy of 0.0002" and repeatability a n d p r e c i s e c u t s, a n d f u l l a u to m a ti o n fo r

for Every
Eriez offers everything from drum top
vacuums to 1,000 gallon dual tank sump
cleaners to remove coolant, sludge and
chips from your sump, then:
Filter the sludge and chips from the coolant
Return the filtered coolant to the sump,
or transports it for recycling or disposal

Fluid Recycling
Selection Guide
See the whole line-up!!
visit Hydroflow.Eriez.com

Sump Cleaners
Cl Tramp Oil Removal Coolant Recycling Systems

168 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Y - Many new models with Y-Axis
Y - All new VTM Series Mill/Turns -
Turning combined with 5 Face Milling 800mm, 1,000mm, and 1,200mm sizes
Y - State-of-the-art technologies and specialty machines
Y - You Ji has the largest selection of vertical turning machines
Y - Because You Ji is the Worlds largest producer of vertical turning machines
Y - Because Absolute Machine Tools has been selling and supporting You Ji for over 20 years


VMT Series

Booth S-8536

Go with the -team www.AbsoluteMachine.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

h i g h - p r o d u c t i o n e n v i r o n m e n t s l i ke m e t a l be used for cutting solids, tubes and profile mate-

service centers. rial as large as 28" (700 mm) in diameter. Dual-
The Hercules high-production, horizontal CNC column machines can be used for a single cut or
machines are efficient, automatic, hydraulically serial production cutting. Operators can program
controlled machines with multiple material feeds. each cut to prolong blade life through servo-
According to DoAll, the saw construction makes controlled feed rates and blade torque monitoring.
it possible to cut a range of full and profile mate- The company is also displaying its StructurAll
rials, including stainless and tool steel. The enclosed dual column, dual swivel horizontal band saws;
band saws are intended for vertical cuts, and can and Olympia heavy-duty tube/pipe band saws.
DoAll Co., call
888-362-5572 or visit


Management CENTER
& Precision HANDTMANN
Manufacturers A-PUNKT
BOOTH S-9136
Your Job Just Got Easier! Handtmanns PBZ HD
Fast & Efficient profile machining center
Estimating/Quoting provides full, five-axis
simultaneous machining
Visual Scheduling for long workpieces of
Bar Code Routers composite, aluminum
and steel, and enables
Real-Time Job Costing
interference-free con-
Integrated Quality to u r i n g a n d p re c i s e
machining throughout
Gauge Management
the profile length rang-
Multi-Window ing to 30,000 mm.
Navigation The machine is
Visual Books designed for machining
Integrated Accounting aluminum profiles rang-
See Our Free D
Demo & Guided Tour at:
or QuickBooks i n g to 6,0 0 0 m m i n
Interface length with X-, Y- and
LIVE ACCESS ANYWHERE! Z-axis travels measuring
7,250 1,500 1,000
iVET Mobile APP for m m . Tr a v e l s p e e d s
Smartphones & Tablets range to 70 m/min. in
Manufacturing & Accounting
Solutions Since 1990
Executive Dashboard the X a xis and 40 m/
min. in the Y and Z axes.
330.650.4212 Information Shop
The 3,000-rpm spindle
www.HenningSoftware.com Kiosk
provides a ma ximum
p o w e r o f 5 8 k W.

170 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

The Name You Know. The Technology You Trust.

te Onl
Get te
k- Quo

The Evolution of Samsung

25 Machines, 20 New Models Shown at IMTS 2016!!
Introducing the SL 2000BSY

2.5 Bar
Sub Spindle
!!le Live Tools
E Wtab Y Axis
Nnbeaice!! 12/24 Tools
U Pr
Samsung Machine Tools offers CNC lathes ranging from
6 - 32 chucks with center distances up to 126


BOOTH #S-8336

FOR INFORMATION, CALL 1-800-600-4725 Ask for Nicholas | Dealer Inquiries Welcome!
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

Integrated chip management over the entire

machine length eases removal of high volumes
of chips generated in the machining process.
Other features include Siemens 840D SL control,
a tool magazine with 36 tool positions and an
integrated 400-mm-diameter saw blade.
The machining center supports interference-
free machining on all five sides of the part with a
single clamping including milling, sawing, drilling,
thread milling and cutting. It is equipped with an
integrated CNC-controlled clamping system for
reduced non-productive times, a variable number
of clamping vises and workholding fixtures with
integrated media supply. The machines use of a
dovetail clamping option also enables rapid change

KR AGILUS of heavy and long workholding fixtures. Custom-

ers may choose between a clamping vises version
The new master of speed with a maximum workpiece cross-section of 800
300 mm, or a table version for profiles ranging
to 800 575 mm.
SMALL ROBOTS. robots for 6kg to Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH,
10kg payloads with an available reach of call 49 751 5079 0 or visit handtmann.de/
700 to 1,100mm. machining-centres.html?L=1.

increases productivity.
BOOTH E-5025
requires low maintanence and can be installed
Belmonts SY series of high-speed CNC drilling
on the oor, ceiling, and wall to fully utilize
EDMs includes the SY-3030T with a paint-to-paint
production space.
design enabling multiple-machine setup. The
machine has an open height of 19.6" with X-, Y-
and W-axis travels measuring 11.8" 11.8" 19.6".
kukainfo@kukarobotics.com The work tank can fill up to 11.8" high, supporting
Visit Us in the North
1-800-459-6691 Building - Booth #6200 submersible applications.
The SY EDMs support automatic depth control,

172 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

C1 Series Lathes with 3-Stack Turret and Tool Changer.

turning centers. Our all-new C1

W Simply Quality.
complex parts. Featuring a triple Made by Hwacheon.
stack turret with a tool changer, this
lathe holds up to 36 tools. Using a Made in Korea.
machine complex parts with
educed setups, tooled Hwacheon Machinery America, Inc.
up for multiple jobs, ideal for short Technical Center
run jobs and increased pr . 555 Bond St., Lincolnshire, IL 60069
But dont just take our word for it. Tel. 847-573-0100
BOOTH S-8119

Smart Solutions for Perfect Machining.

Deep and Wide Product Line

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

multitasking abilities, three-step control of EDM circuit, which supports a complete hole and helps
parameters, Ethernet connectivity, USB support to eliminate back wall strikes.
for transferring data, and conversational G and Belmont Equipment & Technologies,
M code programming. Other features include call 800-356-4811 or visit belmont4edm.com.
linear glass scales and the ability to interface with
ancillary devices such as rotary and tilt/rotary GAGE CHECKS PART SURFACE
tables, indexers, and workpiece handling systems. FINISH BEFORE REMOVAL FROM
Available options include a 12-position automatic THE MACHINE
guide changer and Break Through Detection BLUM-NOVOTEST INC., BOOTH E-5527
Blum-Novotest presents
the TC64-RG, a surface
roughness gage
designed for checking
part surface finish
before removing the part
from a CNC machining
center. The gage can
accurately determine a
parts roughness in its
original orientation with
the gages design and
integrated Digilog tech-
nology that suppor ts
analog scanning of the
par t, eliminating the
need to reset the part.
New software devel-
o p e d f o r FA N U C,
Heidenhain and
Siemens controls eases
integration with controls
for various applications.
Surface data such as
Ra, Rz and Rmax values
are sampled at more
than 1,000 Hz/sec. and
recorded directly with
the control. The gage
supports an integrated
process of control for
manufacturers using
automated surface finish
analysis, enabling the
operator to quickly cor-
rect issues.
Blum-Novotest Inc.,
call 859-344-6789
or visit

174 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

More operations. Less handling.
Turn, mill, drill, grind, hob, tap, groove and more
in a single setup. Even 6-sided machining.

More precision.
Accuracies to microns
best possible turned surface finishes.

More profit for you.

With our precision turning solutions, you can cut
your cycle times dramatically. Up to 60% or more.

Less really is more.

Less time in the machine, complex parts finished
complete, means less cost per piece, better part quality.

BOOTH S-8136

INDEX MS16 Plus Multispindle CNC Lathe better. parts. faster.

Fast-setup, high-speed machining outproduces
cam-controlled multis.
n High-volume production of turned/milled parts to 22 mm
n 6 independent fluid-cooled CNC spindles for machining versatility www.indextraub.com info@indextraub.com
n 6 2-axis tool carriers plus backworking and 5 grooving tool slides

n Also available: MS52, MS40, MS32, MS22-8

CNC Multispindle Lathes Swiss Turning Machines Turn-mill Centers Automatic Lathes
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

Sinter Sud is an Italian carbide manufacturer that
has grown to become one of the largest carbide
manufacturers in Europe. The company opened
business in the United States in 2015 and has an
exclusive partnership with BB Inc. The company
manufactures rods, bars and burr blanks in a
variety of grades. The company is ISO certified
and Balzers validated for diamond coating.
Sinter Sud, call 39-0823-95-81-66
or visit sintersud.com/en. 1.0 micron) for precision bearings, pump gears
and valve plates. The machines process a range
GRINDING MACHINES of materials from aluminum to steel and sof t
DESIGNED FOR plastics to hard ceramics.
PRECISE PLANE PARALLELISM The company says that in addition to recycling
SUPFINA MACHINE CO., coolant, the Spiro series eliminates water from
BOOTHS N-6299, N-6394, N-6398 the cooling process and, as a result, reduces the
Supfina Machine Co.s Spiro series of surface chance of contamination. The machines base
finishing systems supports fine grinding with d e s i g n i s s a i d to m i n i m i ze v i b r ati o n, th u s
precise plane parallelism (less than or equal to reducing tool wear, and the machines modular

Focused on bringing product innovation to the industry

for over five decades.

Visit us at Booth #E-5025 Everything for EDM Since 1960

Michigan North Carolina Massachusetts California Illinois Headquarters: 800.356.4811 www.belmont4edm.com

176 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

G-series Precision at the highest level

A promising future with the G-series

GROB 5-axis universal machining centers stand out thanks to their absolute precision
and reliability in the automotive, aerospace, medical and mechanical engineering
as well as tool and mold industries.
The proven 5-axis simultaneous technology with horizontal spindle position enables
you to machine parts of various sizes and materials in a flexible and failure-free way
while offering maximum stability of the machine.
Fast chip-to-chip times and the innovative further development of our spindle
technology guarantee a high economic efficiency and productivity.
The GROB G-series for the most versatile machining possibilities.


Bluffton, Ohio, USA

Visit GROB at Booth #S-8574 info@us.grobgroup.com
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

design promotes quick tool change. high- and low-volume environments and are
Supfina Machine Co., call 401-294-6600 designed to eliminate change-overs. The grinder
or visit supfina.com. features a servo-driven index table capable of
holding as many as eight chucks and can also be
CLAMP BORE GRINDERS equipped with as many as three grinding heads,
AN ALTERNATIVE TO enabling multiple-pass operations.
DOUBLE-DISC GRINDERS According to the company, clamp bore grind-
NAGEL PRECISION, BOOTH N-7072 ers have emerged as an alternative to double-disc
Nagels SPV clamp bore grinders are flexible in grinders, especially for achieving critical bore-to-
face perpendicularity
with such parts as trans-
mission gears. The com-
When something exceptional develops between us: pany says that unlike
Thats the MAPAL effect. double-disc grinders,
West Building, with which there is no
Stand W-1410
relationship between
bore and face, clamp
bore grinder parts are

clamped to the bore

while the face is ground,
enabling bore-to-face
Process provide reduced tool costs
For low-volume,
reliability and a 50 % reduction in
typically high-change-
machining time with
special milling tools. over applications, each
place special importance on of the eight chucks can
perfect surfaces and edges. be dedicated to one
part, reducing change-
over. For high-volume
applications, two
chucks can be dedi-
cated to one par t:
One chuck is dedicated
to grinding while
the other is dedicated
to simultaneous
Nagel Precision,
call 734-426-5650
or visit nagelusa.com.

High performance in cost effectiveness: PRODUCTION
Single-step machining of CFK possible at double the feed rate.
www.mapal.com | Your technology partner for machining
BOOTH N-7214
Strausak, a member of

178 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Our abrasive waterjet technology

accurately cuts any material

and shape at significantly
#N-6228 faster speeds than traditional

CNC machining techniques.


Just as erosive forces shape the beauty of the Grand Canyon, our advanced OMAX and

MAXIEM abrasive waterjet systems have the power to productively and protably shape
your part manufacturing processes. Let us transform your business. #TruthInWaterjet

A D VA N C E D A B R A S I V E WA T E R J E T S Y S T E M S | 800.838.0343 | W W W. O M A X . C O M
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

Unveiling at

Booth # E-3240

New ct Rollomatic Holding, presents the U-Grind five-axis

Pro CNC tool and cutter grinder featuring thermal
stability designed to facilitate consistent, accurate,
small-batch production and regrinding. The two
different optional loaders include a small-batch
loader and full robotic automation. Features
includes an automatic wheel changer and a direct-
drive 12-kW (17-hp) grinding spindle with an
optional automatic loader. The machines automatic
Multi Connect quick-change system is designed for collet change
Connect all your and for ISO 50-taper toolholder change.
The grinder features NUM Flexium control and
Machines for NumrotoPlus tool grinding software enabling 3D
tool simulation, machine animation and collision
Machine Monitoring checking. Additional software is available for
complex step/form tools, hobs, burrs, shape cut-
DNC Communications ters, T-slot cutters, high-performance end mills

All-in-one device and drills (including K-land grinding), routers,

porting and other types of cutting tools. A touch
probe is included for grinding wheel qualification.
Digitization of existing cutting edges is included
PLC for grinding or regrinding pre-fluted tools.
Wireless Rollomatic Inc., call 866-713-6398
or visit rollomaticusa.com.
Emuges SpeedSynchro toolholding solution
www.ShopFloorAutomations.com/IMTS2016 features an integrated transmission of 1:4.412 for
Toll Free (877) 611-5825 optimizing thread production on CNC machines
with synchronous spindles. The integrated trans-
Find us on:
mission is combined with the products minimum-
length compensation to efficiently work with high

180 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Machining productivity
in every direction.
With HELLER, you get future-proof capability
and maximum machine availability. In every axis.

Booth S-9174

5-axis milling High-torque 5-sided, 5-axis

and turning. 4-axis machining. simultaneous machining
With the C Series HMCs, The H series for versatile The F Series offers three
the tool provides 5th axis machining of various batch spindle options for maximum
for horizontal, vertical, sizes, materials. process stability in any material.
and tilted turning.

HELLER. Expect optimum HELLER Machine Tools

quality production from Troy, Michigan
a highly stable, reliable www.heller.biz
process. Expect Lifetime sales@hus.heller-machines.com

HELLER Solutions. Knowing how its done.

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

cutting speeds and a relatively low synchronous and an ER16 toolholder size is offered. Internal
machine tool speed, compensating for synchro- coolant capability is provided.
nization errors during the threading process. Emuge Corp., call 800-323-3013
According to the compa ny, the product or visit emuge.com.
achieves exact thread depths because it does
not reverse the direction of rotation. The tool- GEAR-SHAPING TOOLS WITH
holder supports a maximum spindle speed of REPLACEABLE INSERTS
2,000 rpm and a maximum tapping speed of LIEBHERR GEAR TECHNOLOGY INC.,
8,824 rpm. The cutting range is from M1 to M8 BOOTH N-6930
Liebherr Gear Technol-
ogy of fers a range of
new gear-shaping tools
with replaceable inserts;
galvanized cubic boron
nitride (cBN) grinding
tools for generating and
profile grinding; shaving
cutters; rolling tools,
such as rolling discs and
rolling racks; deburring
tools for press deburr-
ing; master gears; and
rack-shape cutters. All
products are available
in a wide range of
custom specifications,
the company says.
Liebherr Gear
Technology Inc.,
call 734-429-7225
or visit liebherr.com.

Cut the materials of today. INTERNATIONAL USA

Shape the products of tomorrow.

INC., BOOTH S-9482
Kent Internationals KGC


u n i ve r s a l cy li n d r i c a l
grinding series features
an X axis with preloaded
precision roller linear
g u i d e s, a C 3 - g r a d e
FlowWaterjet.com 1.800.446.FLOW ballscrew and FANUC
servomotors. The cross

182 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Think you cant afford a
Giddings & Lewis
VTC or HBM? Think again!

Giddings & Lewis V Series Giddings & Lewis T-Bed HBM
800 - 2500 mm tables 130 or 155 mm spindle

Traditional Fives Giddings & Lewis Quality at an Untraditional Price

Proudly designed and built in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Visit Fives and see:

Both machines in action in the Financing Available
South hall, booth S8109 NO PAYMENTS for 5 months
Cranfield Precision & Landis-Bryant Financing examples*:
grinders in the North hall, booth N7018 Giddings & Lewis V 800
$ 8,710 / month (60 months) turning only
$11,185 / month (60 months) live spindle

Giddings & Lewis RT 130

$16,200 / month (60 months)
* See Fives representative for full financing details.

Fives Giddings & Lewis

142 Doty Street, Fond du Lac, WI, 54935
Ph: 920 906 2860 fivesmsi-sales@fivesgroup.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

ballscrew enables smooth transmission and dresser can be mounted at the rear side of the
stable, accurate performance. The design of the tailstock, workhead or on the table for different
ladder-type, V-flat Z-axis slideway promotes high applications. The workhead is servomotor-driven
rigidity and stability in the grinding process. with a labyrinth waterproof design. It includes
The machines wheelhead features a spindle high-precision, angular-contact ball bearings for
with six preloaded, angular-contact ball bearings axial and radial loading.
and a runout of 0.001 mm. A spindle inverter The machine features a FANUC control with
accommodates wheel diameter changes with conversational pages for general grinding appli-
constant circumferential wheel speed. For easy cations that are said to be easy to learn and
loading and unloading, a hydraulic system moves to use.
the tailstock quill; the operator can also move the Kent International USA Inc., call 800-279-5368
tailstock by hand. or visit kentusainc.com.
The table manually swivels for taper grinding,
and a dial gage is installed for easy reading. The PRODUCTION VISES INCREASE
Fixtureworks will showcase several new product
lines. Highlighting the exhibit will be its lineup of
Trimax vises, low-profile Trigrip carbide grippers
and the APS zero-point positioning system.
Trimax production vises enable users to increase
machine potential with multiple-part clamping,

The Originals
Dont be fooled by imitations!
Compact and unmatched holding power for
5-face-machining using the patented Grip-Fix
form-closure technology

Highly precise and modular zero-point clamping
system. Enormous reduction of set-up times!

Find us in
The expert in 5-axis machining and automation. Booth# E-

184 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

quick-change components and easy adjustment, down effect. The inserts are integrated with the
the company says. Vises in this line are suited for Trimax line of vises and can be used for upgrad-
production, five-axis and machinist applications. ing existing vise jaws.
Trigrip carbide gripper inserts are designed The APS zero-point positioning system is
for low-profile clamping with no dovetail workpiece designed to connect the clamping device or
preparation. The triangular grippers feature ser- workpiece with the machine tool for faster setup
rations designed for steel, hardened steel, titanium times and increased precision. The system features
and aluminum, and are equipped with two rows r e c e pt a c l e s w i t h t h r e e a i r- a c t i v a te d j a w s
of teeth at different angles to increase the pull- fo r i n c re a s e d r i g i d i t y, c l a m p i n g fo rc e a n d
repeatability of 0.0002".
The pins are released
with the application of
air pressure.
Visit us at IMTS The company also
Booth # N7587 displays its compact
I m a o a i r- a s s i s t e d
clamps, supports and

Superior Finish locators designed for

remote-control activa-

Superior Durability tion and simultaneous

Fixtureworks, call
Rosler is the global leader in supplying tailor-made finishing solutions for the
888-794-8687 or visit
automotive industry. Our mass finishing and shot blasting systems provide
precise, repeatable processes with a low cost per piece and short process times.
BOOTH S-9092
CNC Indexing &
Feeding Technologies
announces its new
Rosler offers a complete line of shot blasting par tnership with TJR
systems featuring automatic handling, ideal for Precision Technology
processing a wide variety of automotive from Taiwan. The com-
components, including crankshafts and engine blocks.
pany will now supply
TJR rotary tables with
an emphasis on direct-
drive and 5C collet
finding a better way... fourth-axis series units.
T h e rota r y ta b l e s
Rosler Metal Finishing USA is the leader in mass finishing, shot blasting, feature an anti-wearing
automated processes and media - made in the USA.
worm gear and a shaft
Visit www.rosler.us or call 269-441-3000 for more information.
made of high tensile
b r a s s fo r d u r a b i l i t y.
Encircling braking

186 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Efficiency across
all generations.

Powered by Tigertec Silver

M4000 is the universal system for all users who want to have as many options as possible when milling.
The M4000 range can master all machining tasks with our most efficient indexable insert powered by
Tigertec Silver. Whether it is a shoulder milling cutter, high-feed cutter, chamfer milling cutter, or T-slot
milling cutter, the square system indexable inserts can be used across the entire M4000 range. Save
time and money, and invest in the future. As the Walter Green seal shows:
The M4000 is fully CO2 compensated from raw material to manufacturing to storage.

Visit us at IMTS Booth W-1700

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

Advanced Honing Technology

wide range
of machines
for small
bore applications systems use a large clamping range to prevent
displacement during heavy-duty cutting. For tilt
rotary tables, the company offers a 2+1 indepen-
dent braking system and large diameter radial
and axial preloaded bearings for rigid support
during fourth and fifth axis cutting on both single-
and dual-arm rotary tables. A three-year parts
warranty is standard for all new TJR rotary tables.
CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies,
call 513-770-4200 or visit cncindexing.com.


Zollers Pilot 1.0 image processing technology is
designed for presetting and measuring standard
tools quickly and easily. Features include automatic
cutter shape and measuring range detection; a
navigation system called Compass; projector
function and cutting edge inspection; Cris360
to determine the effective cutting area of tools;
and a clear representation of the tool cutting edge
on a 13.3"-panel PC.
With Pilot 1.0, the companys Smile tool preset-
ter can be used on the shop floor next to CNC
machines, in processing and test centers, or in
B o o th N -6740 measurement rooms. According to Zoller, the
September 1217, 2016 presetter enables easy operation and real-time
presentation of the measurement results in the
camera field of vision. It is available in a workshop-
compatible device version. A variety of standard
measuring functions are available, including
longitudinal and cross dimensions, radius, two-
angle technology, and concentricity and runout.
Zoller Inc., call 877-496-5537
or visit zoller-usa.com.

188 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

TAPS DESIGNED including stainless steels. Z-Pro is provided in DIN

FOR VARIOUS MATERIALS lengths with ANSI diameters and offered with a
YMW TAPS USA, BOOTH W-2562 variety of coatings.
YMW Taps USA introduces the Z-Pro line of eco- YMW Taps USA, call 855-969-8721
nomical, high-performance taps. The line is offered or visit ymwtapsusa.com.
in standard sizes from #0 to 11/2 " and metric sizes
from M2 to M48 with a variety of types available. MEASURING SOFTWARE
These taps are designed for carbon steels, alloyed MONITORS, REPRODUCES
steels, irons, brass and free machining materials OPERATORS PROCESS
BOOTH W-2300
Parlec announces the
release of its P7 measur-
ing and inspection soft-
ware based on human
behavior and web prac-
tices. It has an Echo
feature said to monitor
the operators process
once and then repro-
duce it automatically.


feature can compare
First class tooling solutions for an industry that depends on constant innovation. forms and me asure-
ments of a cutting tool
to a .dxf drawing.
Reliable Parts Begin with Reliable Tooling The software is
available on the 1550-,
Long tool life, machining quality and repeatability are key components in manufacturing parts that
1850- and Apex-series
meet strict industry standards while allowing you to grow as a profitable aerospace manufacturer.
to o l m e a s u r i n g a n d
We offer many tooling solutions to keep you up and running fast when it comes to parts for
inspection machines.
airframes, engines, components, or various composites used in aerospace manufacturing.
The software contains
several software mod-
ules to enhance applica-
tion and support
future growth.
Other features
include feedback indica-
tors located throughout,
providing the operators
Check out our Aerospace Tooling Solutions brochure for product offering. with constant feedback,
and a flat color scheme
See More at kyoceraprecisiontools.com/aerospace designed to avoid strain-
ing the operators eyes
over an extended period
of time.
Parlec Inc.,
KYOCERA Precision Tools, Inc. | 800.823.7284 | cuttingtools@kyocera.com call 800-866-5872
or visit parlec.

190 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Visit us at Booth#N6815

Whoever said dont sweat the small stuff wasnt in a

business where microns make the difference. No matter
what type of technology your advanced manufacturing jobs
call for, our engineers, sales reps and support staff
appreciate every nuanced detail. MC Machinery products
and expertise run the gamut of modern machine
technology. So from EDM to advanced milling,
we do our part to help you do yours.

Visit MCMachinery.com/Partnership to learn more.

Follow us on Twitter @mc_mits


IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

AIR CARTRIDGE FILTRATION an absolute H13 HEPA filter for a filtration level of
SERIES SIMPLIFIES MAINTENANCE 99.97 percent, according to EN 1822 standards.
LOSMA INC., BOOTH NC-226 The re-condensed mist is collected in a tank,
Losmas Argos series of cartridge filtration units which can also be equipped with a pump to
captures mist, vapor and smoke generated during automatically discharge the tank.
machining operations. The units are available in The series is designed to promote sturdiness,
three sizes with throughputs ranging from 3,000 reliability and simplicity in maintenance. The
to 15,000 m 3/hour. manometer gage supplied enables users to
Upon request, the units can be supplied with monitor filter saturation level. An optional LED Up
system signals the status of the filter elements
by changing color from green to yellow to red.
The front hatch and the horizontal cartridge hook-
ing mechanism are designed to enable quick filter
access and replacement.
Losma Inc., call 866-567-0950
or visit losma.com.


Phillip Precisions Inspection Arsenal Loc-N-Load
quick-swap fixture system is designed to speed

Economic machining of long workpieces:

The WEILER V-Series

Welcome to the only 4-way Precision Lathe with automated cycles: The WEILER V-Series. This large machine can functi-
on as a smaller, simple manual machine to a fully programmable turning machine. If economic machining of long work
pieces is your business, the V-Series is your solution. It was designed with these work pieces in mind. The slides can
overrun the steady rest and tailstock. The V-Series is accurate and easy to operate. The smart WEILER software
guides you through each step eliminating the need for programming experience. One look at this robust lathe and
you can see the German standards for quality, precision and reliability.

Member of

www.weilerusa.com Booth S-9272

WEILER USA // Mount Pleasant I SC 29466 // Phone: (843) 810-3839 // info@weilerusa.com

192 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2 September
2016 12 -12
September 17, 2016IMTS 2016
17,- 2016

Search optical comparator inspections. The lean fixture

concept speeds inspection on traditional CMMs

Machines and vision systems as well as on gage arms and

laser trackers, and further enhances the value of

Smarter. optical comparators, the company says.

The system features a 6" docking rail, two 6"
12" Loc-N-Load plates and a workholding kit.
Items can be purchased individually or in a pre-
configured bundle. The docking rail secures to
the T-slot table, while the magnetically interlock-
ing plates are designed to quickly and accurately
secure and release. By fixturing on quick-swap
plates, operators can change parts in and out
without building and breaking down setups. For
high-quantity part lots, affordable plates can be
dedicated and kept with the job box for fast,
Machine Type: repeatable setups.
Phillips Precision Inc., call 508-869-0373
Machining Center
or visit fixture-up.com.


Fidia will feature its C-40 vision numerical control
for advanced high-speed milling and multi-axis
applications. The control is equipped with a
Quad-core processor and a more powerful graphic
processor. The products 64-bit, Windows 7
operating system enables precise execution and
virtual machining of the tool path using the Fidia
ViMill system. The control on display is equipped

The Machine Tool Search Engine



mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 193

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

with a V5 software package for multi-axis control for the control and integration of machines. The
that is designed to improve the performance of holistic user interface is designed to be as easy
high-speed milling machines. to use as a smartphone.The system features an
Fidia Co., call 248-680-0700 or visit fidia.com. open architecture that enables the exchange of
information with higher-level structures and
CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A DIGITAL enhances functionality of the CNC machine tool
MANUFACTURING STRATEGY on the shop floor. According to the company,
DMG MORI USA INC., BOOTH S-8900 the system helps users integrate their machines
DMG MORI offers its app-based CELOS system in the company organization while simultaneously
creating an inter face
for metalcutting pro-
duction in the cyber-
p hy s i c a l p ro d u c ti o n
system of the future.
The system results in
reduced tooling times,
as well as less time and
effort spent on calcula-
tion of technology
values or the search for
important information.
call 855-364-6674
or visit

BOOTH W-1663
Carr Lane Roemhelds
modular workhandling
units can be combined
in different combinations
for the safe and efficient
handling and movement
of heavy loads in assem-
bly operations, the com-
pany says. Various mod-
ules enable horizontal
and ver tical rotating,
ti l ti n g, a n d l i f ti n g of
workpieces with hydro-
mechanical or electric

194 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

operation. The units can be used in conjunction

with car ts, floor modules, plates, clamps or
height-adjustable tables.
Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.,
call 800-827-2526 or visit clrh.com.


Sodicks OPM250L, a hybrid machine that com-
bines direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) with
high-speed milling in the same workspace,
enables single-process production of finished
components. The One-Process Machine (OPM) cooling channels, this capability also helps reduce
is Sodicks first foray into DMLS technology. It is the number of parts necessary to produce a mold.
primarily designed for use by moldmakers, with Sodick has developed Z-Asso, a dedicated
the ability to create conformal cooling channels CAM system, for this integrated machine. Z-Asso
within a finished mold. is capable of importing CAD data, generating
The OPM250L enables machining workpieces laser and machining data, optimizing cutting along
before printing is complete, making it possible to high-load areas, and simulating the process to
alternate laser sintering and milling passes. In accurately estimate production time. The machine
addition to its usefulness in producing conformal provides further process improvements by enabling




The Leader in Mist and Coolant Filtration systems for the Machine Tool Industry
Losma, Inc. 30-A Wilson Dr. Sparta, N.J. 07871 - 973-300-1044 - sales@losmausa.com - www.losma.com

196 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

The Toolroom Titans

Easy Turn Series

MB Series

Demanding users know that the best toolroom machines in the world are made by a small
company in Patterson, New York. Designed and built using premium components, the Fryer
Toolroom Series outperforms, is more accurate and lasts longer than any other toolroom machine.
Equipped with the powerful but easy to use Siemens control, the Fryer Toolroom Series allows
you to create parts faster and more accurately. See for yourself the Fryer difference.

Compact Compact
Lathe Mill

FRYERMACHINE.COM The Toolroom Company Booth number 8719

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

unmanned and remote machining. machines for precision metal components, featur-
Sodick Inc., call 888-639-2325 ing the Lifehone L630. The modular, standard
or visit sodick.com. machine offers a systematic approach for efficient
manufacturing. The machine can be equipped
MODULAR HONING MACHINE with sun gears, connecting rods, hydraulic sleeves
OFFERS SYSTEMATIC APPROACH and injector pump components as well as match-
GEHRING HONING TECHNOLOGIES, ing honing units, depending on customer require-
BOOTH N-6740 ments and the parts to be finished.
Gehring presents its new line of modular honing The L630 machine is a honing center that can
be equipped with one
or two honing spindles.
Depending on the
machining task and
batch size, this type of
machine features an
optional fixed or rotary
table and as many as
eight stations. These
World Class stations can also be
used for measuring or
Manufacturer of brushing operations.
Gehring Honing
Rotary Cutting Tools Technologies,
call 248-478-8060
or visit gehring.de/en.

The new Stallion Hybrid
trunnions from Trunnion-
Table.com enable face-
plates and chucks to be
installed without
removal of the trunnion
ta b l e fo r fa ste r pa r t
setups, increased pro-
Made in U.S.A. ductivity and higher-
quality parts. The prod-
uct comes in two
models: the 9/20 and
t h e 9/23. T h e u n i t s
accommodate a variety
965 Harbor Lake Dr. Safety Harbor, FL 34695 of vises, fixtures, three-
727.726.5336 www.mastercuttool.com and four-jaw chucks,
Email: sales@mastercuttool.com and collet chucks
for f lexible job shop

198 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Come see these Machines at Masteels Booths S-8786 & S-8790
Spindle: 4.33 (110 mm) dia., 20 hp, 4,000 rpm, CAT 50 Taper
Travels X-Y-Z-W: 126 x 79 x 67 x 20 (3200 x 2000 x 1700 x 500 mm)
Table: 55 x 63 (1400 x 1600 mm), 26,400 lb capacity with 0.0001
positioning, 22,000 lb. capacity with B-axis cutting feed function
ATC: 60 positions
Through Spindle Coolant
Renishaw wireless Tool/Work Probes - RMP60 + RTS
Linear Scale Feedback on X/Y/Z axis
Control: FAGOR 8065 CNC


Turning Spindle with C-axis:
1,000 rpm, 50 hp, 20 hydraulic chuck, A2-15 nose, 7.0 bar capacity
Milling Spindle with B-axis:
12,000 rpm, 35 hp, Capto C6 spindle nose, B-axis -10 ~ +230
Dual Automatic Tool Changers:
Main ATC with 60 tools, Secondary ATC for 3 of 20 long boring bar
Turning Capacity: 31 x 60 (780 x 1500 mm)
Control: FAGOR 8065 CNC


Ram type construction features higher acceleration and deceleration on the Z-ax
Rigid Ram-type design allows max. cutting and flexibility
Table: 41 x 83 (1050 x 2100 mm), 11,000 lb capacity
Travels X-Y-Z, 80 x 40 x 60 (2000 x 1000 x 1500 mm)
Horizontal spindle: 5,000 rpm, CAT 50 Taper
Universal Head: Auto horizontal/vertical position, 3,500 rpm, CAT 50 taper
ATC 32 tools
Through Spindle Coolant
Linear scale feedback on X/Y/Z axis
Control: FAGOR 8060 CNC

MAXCUT / L&L MA-3080-10

Spindle: A2-15 nose, 30 hp, 10 bore
Swing: 30 (770 mm) over bed
Centers: 80 (2000 mm)
Twin turrets:
8 position hydraulic turret , 4 position quick changer turret
Dual chucks: 25 3-jaw, 24 4-jaw
22 wide, one-piece solid bed structure
Control: FAGOR 8060 CNC


Toll Free 1.800.913.4434 Email: Sales@masteels.com
www.masteels.com Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, CANADA
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

workholding. The 9/20 features dimensions of 9"

20" and is designed to hold a 6" vise. The 9/23
features dimensions of 9" 23" and is designed
for double- or single-station 6" vises.
Subplates and quick-change subplates are
available. Standard baseplates enable the trun-
nion assembly to be offset to one side of the
machine to maximize machine travel. A pneumatic
brake, built into the outboard support, provides
as much as 600 lbs of clamping. This makes the
machine applicable for shops doing heavy off-
center milling and drilling. Hydraulic workholding
packages are also available.
The trunnions are engineered to bolt onto a
machines rotary indexer, allowing operators to
mill, drill, tap and contour as many as three sides
of a part in one setup.
TrunnionTable.com, call 859-727-9900
or visit trunniontable.com.


BOOTH N-7098
Winema will introduce the RV 30 Flexmaster, a
fully CNC rotary indexing machine for medium
and large workpieces. The machine is equipped
with 10 clamping stations, and three optional axis
units situated horizontally and a xially enable
machining of more complex components. Double
machining of workpieces is possible via simulta-
neous feed of two workpieces or bars at two
different clamping stations.
The clamping units accommodate workpieces
ranging from 15 to 50 mm in diameter and

200 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


The Hardinge TALENT Series CNC Turning
Centers offer an exceptional combination of RI C
features for accuracy, flexibility and durability in E LYP Y
a compact design. The unique collet-ready main
and sub-spindle design will increase part accuracy
and improve surface finish.
N .H
Choose from any of the productivity options
below and youll have a truly versatile machine
tool with a level of quality you would expect with
any Hardinge Product.
Servo-Driven Tailstock Y-Axis
Live Tooling Sub-Spindle
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

to 200 mm in length. The workpieces are clamped barstock ranging to 24 mm in diameter.

into two precise two-jaw chucks, with a maximum The system machines workpieces from as
of 18 axial and four radial units available. Raw many as three sides simultaneously at each sta-
materials are fed as barstock via the loading tion, and can turn or reposition the workpieces
cartridge, or as a press raw piece or sawed sec- at defined stations. The station with the longest
tion placed directly into the clamping chucks. machining time determines the cycle time. The
Additionally, a contour lathe can be installed in machine can carry out radial drilling and thread
front of the switch instead of the bar feeding milling or contour milling at as many as four sta-
system, enabling the machining of tions. A flange-mounted angle head enables
machining such as mill-
ing of wre nch size s,
polygon milling, slotting
and contour milling.
AUTOMATE Measuring Parts? Winema Maschinen-
bau GmbH, call
is a FAST, ACCURATE, and EASY solution. or visit winema.de/en.

INC., BOOTH E-3351
Open Mind Technologies
USA will present
HyperMill Maxx Machin-
ing, a set of high-per-
fo r m a n c e strate g i e s
within HyperMill CAM
for improved roughing,
drilling and finishing.
Maxx Machining
Roughing is a high-
VERTEX 251 EXCEL 501 SOL 161
Automated Machine Automated Machine Manual Machine performance roughing
250x160x160mm 500x400x160mm 160x160x160mm module based on Celer-
$33,100 $47,700 $13,000
itives Volumill toolkit.
Prices include InSpec Metrology Software. This module is designed
Other models with sizes up to 2500x1600mm. to provide increased
cutter life while reducing
roughing times. It can
(707) 838-6272 Check out our
be applied to 2D pock-
product video
www.microvu.com eting routines, 3D stock
roughing and five-axis
shape offset roughing.
Maxx Machining Drill-
ing is a technique used

202 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Is your hydraulic oil
saving you money?
Operators using Mobil DTE premium hydraulic
oils in 2015 saved, on average, nearly $40,000* in
total costs. Is it time you joined them?

Visit booth S-9292 at IMTS to find out how we

can help boost your business.


*Savings based on extended oil drains, increased production/equipment uptime, energy efficiency or other tangible savings achieved by 147 customers, as compared to use of market general hydraulic oils.
2016 Exxon Mobil Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its affiliates unless otherwise noted.
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

of conical barrel cutters. This can be applied to

large planar surfaces found in mold tooling, as
well as in aerospace structural components and
other large ruled or sculpted surfaces.
Open Mind Technologies USA Inc.,
call 888-516-1232 or visit openmind-tech.com.

Spring Technologies will demonstrate its NCSIMUL
Solutions 10, an all-in-one digital suite. The com-
pany will focus on its most popular modules in
the suite, NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL CAM.
With this software, users can simulate, verify,
to open holes for roughing using a five-axis heli- optimize and review machine programs based on
cal drilling processes. It can use standard end the characteristics of the machine tools. Accord-
mills, and avoids recutting chips, thus protecting ing to the company, 3D graphics help to avoid
the cutter. machining crashes, while algorithms and embed-
The Maxx Machining Finishing includes a set ded process-based knowledge enable cutting
of finishing operations focused on the application conditions to be optimized. The software is said



The JUNKER Group is the ultimate partner worldwide
for all needs related to grinding and air ltration
technology. Maximum precision and absolute
passion for what we do makes us a pioneering
technology leader. It is our mission to set new
standards and justify the trust placed in us by
discerning customers from a vast array of industrial

Erwin Junker +1 847 488 0406

Machinery, Inc. info@junker-usa.com
2541 Technology Drive, #410
Elgin, IL 60124
MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com
Get new levels of performance in Stainless Steel and
HRSA materials with Korloy s New RM3 true perpendicular,
multi operational, high feed milling cutter.


620 Maple Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503, USA

Tel : 310-782-3800 Toll Free : 888-711-0001 Fax : 310-782-3885
Visit Booth: #1580 Web : www.korloyamerica.com E-mail : sales@korloy.us
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

to reduce the time spent on debugging programs OFFLINE PROGRAMMING FOR

and prevent the risk of spindle collision, tool MAZATROL, SMOOTH CONTROL
breakage and scrap. It is also designed to improve GRIFFO BROTHERS INC., BOOTH E-3307
cycle times and optimize processes. Griffo Brothers CamLink software for offline
Also on display will be the NCSIMUL CAM. Mazatrol CNC programming is now available for
This module enables users to change the target use with Windows 10 and Mazaks Smooth Con-
machine without reprogramming efforts. trol. Users can save files from their machines and
Spring Technologies Inc. (NCSIMUL Solutions), translate programs from one generation of machines
call 617-401-2197 or visit springplm.com. to the next. The software also enables users to
move data from Solid-

works into Ma zatrol.
Users can store and
retrieve Mazatrol or EIA/
ISO files of fline. Pro-
grams can be uploaded
or downloaded between

a machine and a PC.

Additionally, users
can print hard copies of
system programs; create
or edit programs at a
PC; shape check the
program part; and run
a toolpath check to visu-
alize how the program
will run to make adjust-
ments. Users can link
Mazatrol to CAD, and
.dxf files can be con-
ver ted directly to the
system. Mazatrol pro-
grams can be created
from SolidWorks using
the part model.

Griffo Brothers Inc.,
call 541-758-8421
or visit griffobros.com.

BOOTH E-5509
R e n i s h aws p ro b i n g
software package
is designed to

206 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

I D .

GR . T

EST PEAT se perfors, whatev

, en our
er y

IT R ea
incr roces
AD IT. hat p
LO FECT rinders teffectives.
R g -
ge e cost olution
PE -ed at
g rS
ttin gene eldon
h cu d W
Wit ncy an rn to
fficie be, tu
e ay

automatically optimize on-machine measurement

cycles to minimize cycle time and maximize pro-
ductivity. The Inspection Plus with SupaTouch
software features an easy-to-use optimization
process that is designed to automatically determine
and select the machine tools highest feed rates
while maintaining measurement accuracy.
The probing software uses in-cycle decision
making to implement either a one- or two-touch
probing strategy for each measurement routine,
and is said to eliminate the need for manual opti-
mization of on-machine positioning feed rates,
measurement feed rates and strategies. Compared
with traditional software cycles, the software is
said to provide a cycle time reduction ranging to
60 percent on CNC machine tools.
The software detects any measurements taken
during machine acceleration or deceleration
phases and compensates for errors by taking
corrective action and remeasuring. It also intro-
duces a calibration process that improves mea-
Visit us at IMTS 2016! surement repeatability in all directions and improves
the accuracy of probe positioning during multi-axis
Live demos & talk to our professionals. vector moves.
Renishaw Inc., call 847-286-9953
or visit renishaw.com.


BOOTHS E-4500, E-4502, NC-730
Siemens introduces its family of Sinumerik 828
QUALITY. Over and over again. WeldonSolutions.com CNC units. They are designed as a solution for
connecting robots to machine tools for automated

208 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Visit us at IMTS 2016!
Booth NC-451



Maximum light for minimum spaces

Experience the LED difference

of Waldmann Lighting.
Suitable for extremely harsh
machining environments (IP67)
Available in four lengths ranging
from 7.5 to 28.2 inches
Ideal for OEM applications
60,000 hours of maintenance-free The benefits of MACH LED PLUS.seventy
LED service life now available in a smaller form factor.

Waldmann Lighting Tel (800) 634- 0007 Fax (847) 520 -1730 www.waldmannlighting.com
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

production cell setup. The Sinumerik Integrate synchronize processes between the machine tool
Run MyRobot/EasyConnect interface performs and robots, thereby positioning efficient processes
handling tasks, enabling different types of robots in the automated production cell. Machine oper-
designed by different manufacturers to be con- ators can simultaneously access the factor y
nected to CNC machines. The interface enables network and inspect contract documents at the
companies to set up automated cells, including user interface. The concept also includes an
serial machines, with different types of CNCs application for prep work on the PC, including the
using the same standard interface. creation of part programs.
Using the new inte r fac e, op e rator s c a n Sinumerik Integrate Access MyMachine pro-
vides functionality for
remote diagnostics
using a corporate net-
work or internet access.
The basic Access

No matter how small MyMachine/P2P appli-

c ation facilitate s the
your project... exchange of data with
connected machines

Our laser
from a Windows PC.
Machine tool operators
can access the machine

can do it!
over the internet or out-
Bantam style side the company
PCD special form
grooving insert network. Sinumerik
Integrate Access
(ASP) provides an over-
v i ew of th e m a c h i n e
histor y in addition to
machine access. The
Sinumerik CNC enables
Laser Cut PCD the uploading and
downloading of machine
Advantages: Excellent for use in: data, files, trip recorders
and configurable PLC
Unmatched smooth Rubber
finishes! Carbon
traces. Text message
Fiberglass components
(SMS) or email notifica-
Unique chipbreakers in Ceramics
any style of insert! Copper tions in cases of unusual
machine conditions are
Small forms possible! Brass
Aluminun Alloys
also possible. ASP
enables monitoring of
fault states, and com-
prehensive integration
of in-house service and
maintenance processes.
Siemens Industry Inc.,
call 800-879-8079
Contact us at:
or visit
(713) 941-1080 sales@toolflo.com www.toolflo.com

210 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS features its Within software for generative design

FOR DESIGN, SIMULATION, optimization. These solutions create a manufac-
ADDITIVE PRODUCTION turing ecosystem engineered to streamline the
AUTODESK INC., BOOTH E-3222 design-for-manufacturing workflow in order to
Autodesks Netfabb software is designed to take improve process efficiency, reduce failure rates
additive manufacturing beyond prototyping and and lower product development costs.
p l a s ti c s to c re ate p ro d u c ti o n- g r ad e p a r ts Autodesk Inc., call 415-507-5000
at scale. or visit cam.autodesk.com.
The company provides a suite of modular
manufacturing solutions, including CAM, additive TOOLHOLDERS MADE WITH
manufacturing, composite processing, inspection, 100 PERCENT FORGED
factory layout and robotics. The company also CONSTRUCTION
BOOTH W-1485
Sowa Tool presents its line of GS toolholders
made with 100 percent forged construction. The
company says the compression during the forg-
ing process increases the holders strength.
These holders are precision ground throughout
and balanced for speeds ranging to 30,000 rpm.
The toolholder features DIN coolant through the
flange as a standard option. ER collet chuck nut

Rottler CNC Vertical

Honing Machines
Automatic CNC Control finishes
every cylinder to the same size
Automatic load control perfect
round and straight cylinders
Diamond and CBN Abrasives
perfect surface finish
Automatic Crash Protection no
broken stones and holders
Magnetic Filtering and Roll Out
Coolant Tank easy cleaning

Designed & Made in the USA

1-800-452-0534 Booth N-6548


212 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Weingrtner Maschinenbau GmbH has been a vital and reliable partner to the metal working industry for
many years. To machine large, complex and highly precise parts, Weingrtner offers a comprehensive and
flexible multi product machining center (mpmc). deep hole drilling

These customized and dedicated machines are in operation worldwide. Workpieces such as generator
shafts, barrels, crankshafts, landing gears, steam and gas turbine shafts, tubing hangers, compressor shafts
and many other types of large turning/milling parts are machinable in a highly economical way from blank to
finished part.

The Weingrtner mpmc (multi product machining center) machines are available in several sizes, starting with
the 600 series up to the mighty mpmc 2000. Based on the respective model, a maximum turning/milling diameter
of 2000mm (78) and machining lengths up to 15m (50) are available. Because of the rigid design, the powerful
machining units and the ability to handle workpiece weights up to 60 metric tons, the mpmc machines are suited
for heavy-duty machining operations with thick stock removal as well as for high precision machining operations.

All machines have flexible pick-up systems and parking options, which enable them to quickly exchange, fully crankshaft machining
automatically many different application-specific machining modules. A fast availability of all units and a short
changeover time guarantees our customers a decisive competitive advantage.

... we increase productivity


GmbH turbine shaft machining

Weingrtner Maschinenbau GmbH

4656 Kirchham 29 | Austria
phone +43 7619 2103 0
fax +43 7619 2103/42

turbo generator machining

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

threads are precision ground, not cut, and come RANGE OF GUNDRILLS,
complete with a balanced nut. ER collets available CARBIDE DRILLS, REAMERS
as standard and steel sealed are made of an alloy STAR SU LLC, BOOTH W-2258
steel over carbon steel. According to the company, Star SU presents its full line of gundrills and deep-
the stronger material enables the collet to hold hole drills including single-flute gundrills; solid-
for longer, re sulting in cost-saving cut ting carbide, single-flute gundrills; two-flute, two-hole
tool life. gundrills; double-jet gundrills; double-crimp
Sowa Tool & Machine Co. Ltd., gundrills; and bi-tip gundrills. Also on display is
call 800-265-8221 or visit sowatool.com. the companys solid- and brazed-construction
carbide drills and ream-
ers including core drills,
Super Round Tool (SRT)

Excellence In Honing reamers, valve guide

reamers, multi-diameter
cavity machining tools
and cryogenic machin-
ing cutting tools.
Nagel - the industrys Star SU LLC,
gold standard for high call 847-649-1450
volume automotive or visit star-su.com.
honing applications, has
introduced ECO series MILLING
20, 40, 80, 120 and 180
- state of the art vertical
honing systems, devel-
oped specifically for low
and medium volume PERFORMANCE
production. All these STARRAG USA INC.,
features at a surprisingly BOOTH S-8696
affordable price! The Ecospeed F 1540
milling machine from
3 mm to 180 mm bore diameter and Starrag is designed for
200 mm bore depth medium-size structural
Allen Bradley/Siemens controls and components used in the
windows PC based HMI aerospace and energy
In-process / Post process gauging business. According
Automatic form error recognition to the company, the
and correction m a c h i n es 2 0 0 - h p
Automatic tool wear compensation spindle provides
Change over from stroke honing to diamond sizing with push increased performance
of a button with low environmental
Roughing, finishing and gauging in same spindle
Unlike other
Quick change over
machines in the Eco-
Complete tooling and application support for life speed series, the
machine column is sta-
Contact: 734-426-1812
tionary in the F version.
www.nagelusa.com N-7072
Nagel Precision, Inc. Dealers Wanted
The pallets proceed in
288 Dino Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48103 the X direction to the
vertical table group. The

214 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

.the art of LaserCUSING

Our business is built on

a foundation of speed,
efficiency, and delivering
a superior quality of parts.
Concept Laser metal
powder-bed systems
provide us with the ability
to deliver on that promise
to our customers.

VP of Additive Manufacturing
Proto Labs

Improve Your Bottom Line By Building

Metal Parts With Rapid Speed
Concept Laser is the global leader in the design and
manufacture of powderbed-based laser metal additive
manufacturing systems. With over 15 years of design
production experience, Concept Laser has the right
solution for your laser metal manufacturing needs.
Concept Laser Inc (USA) Concept Laser GmbH
info@conceptlaserinc.com info@concept-laser.de
T: + 1 (817) 328-6500 T. +49 (0) 9571 1679-0
www.conceptlaserinc.com www.concept-laser.de
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

In addition, the F 1540 can be installed directly

on the factor y floor, eliminating the need for
expensive foundations.
Starrag USA Inc., call 859-534-5201
or visit starrag.com.


Heule Tools COFA C series of elliptical deburring
tools features exchangeable blade options with
material-dependent coatings. The tools are suit-
able for removing burrs on the front and back of
Ecospeed F 1540 has a rotatable, double-pallet drilled through holes on even or uneven surfaces
station on the side facing the X direction, which in a single cycle.
can be set up during machining time. The pallet Each tool body can house different-sized blade
size is 159" 157". The company says it accom- options. Tool types ranging from C6 up to C20
modates conditions for wing ribs, fuselage sections enable as many as three dif ferent deburring
or C frames ranging to 159" in height. It is equipped capacities without changing the tool, thanks to
with the 100th Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machin- the exchangeable blade sizes. The swivel move-
ing head. ment of the blades is guided by a blade holder,



Whoever wants to shape the future will need forward-

looking PCD tools and intelligent solutions for their pro-
duction, processing and maintenance. VOLLMER supports
you: with innovative PCD sharpening and eroding ma-
chines to suit virtually every requirement. With economical
automation options and strong services. For the highest
VOLLMER Vgrind 360 VOLLMER QXD 250 possible exibility, efciency and quality of results. The
future takes shape: with precision from VOLLMER.
VOLLMER at IMTS / Chicago, IL
September 12-17, 2016 / Booth N-7066 www.vollmer-group.com
VOLLMER OF AMERICA CORP. // 105 Broadway Avenue // Carnegie, PA 15106
info-us@vollmer-group.com // Phone: +1 412-278-0655

216 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Its all about Precision,
Productivity, and Profit.
One solution, fully integrated,
from one company. Visit us at
IMTS and let us show you how.


Witzig & Frank by Hydromat When it comes to multi- Designed with four machining
is a leading brand for modular tasking, Hydromat is without stations and two dedicated
machine concepts and turnkey peer. Whether its for lower loading/unloading stations, the
systems for metal cutting and volume production needs, ICON was developed around
forming applications The LSA improved design for tighter flexible machining principles.
is a multi-way production cell tolerances, high volumes, or Equipped with a six position
with horizontal indexing axis tooling development for tougher table, it shuttles pallets to
for 3-sided machining in one materials, we have delivered four machining modules for
clamping. It features 4 to 8 better solutions to our customers fast, ultra-precision cutting.
stations with horizontal and for decades. Hydromats EPIC is Engineered for maximum
radial units. Adjustable and the most efficient rotary transfer output in a small footprint, the
pivotable, they easily adapt to production system available. Bar ICON 6-150 the ultimate in
changing workpiece shapes. none. productivity and flexibility.

Hydromat Inc. 11600 Adie Road St. Louis, MO 63043
p 314.432.4644 f 314.692.5166
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

enabling the cutting edge to follow the uneven presetting requirements. A choice of tool sizes
bore edge. According to the company, the more and spring strengths enables use in various
the tool enters into the bore, the more the blade materials and hole sizes.
swings into the tool body. The result, Heule Heule Tool Corp., call 800-213-4341
says, is a radially shaped consistent deburring of or visit heuletool.com.
the bore edge which enables faster feed rates
with the tool slowing itself down as it enters the BRIDGE MILL SERIES INCREASES
through hole. STABILITY
The deburring tool has no adjusting screws or ABSOLUTE MACHINE TOOLS INC.,
BOOTH S-8536
The Johnford DMC
series of double-

Digital Microscope
column, moving-table
bridge mills, available
from Absolute Machine
Tools, a re built on a
one-piece Meehanite
cast iron bridge/column
assembly. The machines
are available in both
moving table and
sliding column (fixed-
table) versions, ranging
from 36" 36" 30" of
tr ave l to 6 0 20 f t.
Configurations include
multi-axis and five-face
s o l u ti o n s; s m a l l-,
Inspection Simplified m e d i u m - a n d l a rg e -
frame constructions;
Large working distance
5 mega pixel sensor and custom-made,
Designed to maximize efficiency and operator unlimited-size, sliding
comfort double-column options.
Up to 273x magnification in HDMI mode The series has a
and 534x in PC mode
long-base casting with
Imaging and measurement software
included complete support of the
Available in two models: Cyclops HDMI with table over a 51" Y-axis
HDMI output, and the original Cyclops with t r a v e l, e n a b l i n g t h e
both HDMI and USB outputs machining of large loads.
Cyclops Models
The Y and Z axes hold
Starting from $750
fixed loads at all times
while the X axis carries
the only dynamic load,
Customize your Cyclops enabling tight tolerances
with premium lenses during high-speed
machining operations.
Tailored To Fit According to the com-
aveninc.com | 734-973-0099 | sales@aveninc.com
pany, X-axis pitch and
yaw are eliminated

218 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

BOOTH W-1480
Carmex Precision Tools expands its Tiny Tools
line with the CBR, featuring a chip breaker for
improved chip evacuation in boring and profiling
operations. The cutting tool is designed for
machining stainless steels, super alloys and
other hard-to-machine
hard-t materials. It features
internal coolant
coo through the tool and is
because there is no table overhang. The spindle constructed of carbide-grade TNX
centerline-to-column distance is minimized, offer- with triple coating
c for high edge
ing further rigidity. The machines ribbed cast iron stabilit y and
an improved chip
construction is said to provide long tool life and flow. The coolant
co deposition
quality surface finish. The combination of twin is intended to improve
screw-type conveyors and a caterpillar conveyor chip control, lengthen
promotes complete chip removal with reduced tool life, raise
manual cleaning. abrasive resis-
Absolute Machine Tools Inc., call 800-852-7825 tance and
or visit absolutemachine.com. reduce


220 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

What Can Reshoring Do for You?
Find Out at IMTS 2016
Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring
Initiative, will provide tools and resources
for you to make smart sourcing decisions.

Harry will be speaking at GF Machining

Solutions S-8754, UNITED GRINDING N-6800
and Center Stage between the North and
South Halls. Harry Moser, Founder of
the Reshoring Initiative

Visit reshorenow.org/IMTS2016 for a full

schedule of presentations.
To schedule a meeting with Harry at IMTS:
Prior to IMTS, email harry.moser@reshorenow.org
During IMTS, send a text message to (847) 867-1144

Visit our sponsors at IMTS 2016:

North Building West Building

The Association for Manufacturing BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc.,
Technology (AMT), NC-785 W-1600
Precision Metalforming Association, N-6348 Gardner Business Media, Inc., W-10
SME, NC-567 National Tooling & Machining
UNITED GRINDING North America, N-6800 Association, W-207
South Building Royal Products, W-1622
GF Machining Solutions, S-8754
Mazak Corporation, S-8300 Reshoring Initiative
Starrag USA Inc., S-8696 847.726.2975
East Building info@reshorenow.org
EROWA Technology, E-5037 reshorenow.org
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

the cutting edge temperature. HIGH-FEED MILLING CUTTER FILLS

The tool includes an external-thread turning APPLICATION GAP
holder designed for back operations on CNC SANDVIK COROMANT CO.,
Swiss-type lathes. The holder grips the tool in BOOTH W-1500
two directions for turning operations on both the Sandvik Coromant presents a high-feed milling
X and Y axes, and features an elbow fitting and cutter for diameters ranging from 13 to 32 mm
a top clamp. (0.512" to 1.26"). According to the company, this
Carmex Precision Tools LLC, call 262-628-5030 addition fills the application gap between the
or visit carmexusa.com. round tools assortment series and high-feed
products such as the
C o r o M i l l 210 a n d

Bye Bye, Burrs

CoroMill 419. Features
include iLock insert seat
interface, designed to
deliver high stability and
reduce the potential for
scrap workpieces. The
insert seat itself sup-
ports the small inserts
that are easier to handle.
The tool is capable
of delivering elevated
metal removal rates, the
company says, an out-
come that is supported
further by the cutters
high density and high
feed capacity. In turn,
high metal removal rates
are suppor ted by the
ex tra- c l o s e H p i tc h,
ensuring that more than
o n e to o t h i s a l w a y s
engaged in cut.
Additionally, although
the inser ts are small,
each tool offers four cut-
ting edges designed to
Front and Back hole deburring in a single pass! help reduce cost per
E-Z Burr saves you time and money! Our long component and boost
lasting patented tools deburr holes in tough competitive advantage.
materials in just seconds! Tools are available in all The CoroMill 415 is avail-
metric and fractional sizes from .040 through 2.0 able with the Coromant
and custom deburring tools and be produced in 2
EH (Exchangeable Head)
to 3 weeks. View our complete list of products,
sizes and capabilities at ezburr.com. interface, which enables
access to an assortment
www.ezburr.com 800.783.2877 Plymouth, MI Easy. Fast. Built to Last. of solid carbide cutting
heads, indexable milling
cutters, boring heads,

222 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Experience the

September 2629, 2016: Conference / September 2729, 2016: Exhibits
Anaheim Convention Center / Anaheim, California

CAMX 2016 delivers:

the largest global marketplace in North America.
7500+ industry professionals from all market segments, including marine, aerospace, and automotive.
the premier showcase of new products and innovations with 550+ exhibiting companies
a robust conference program with 300+ technical and business sessions.

Discover the latest innovations, products and solutions in one place.

Register today and join us

for the industry's premier event!

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

integrated machine adapters and shanks. processing accuracy and improve maintenance
Sandvik Coromant Co., call 800-726-3845 using a double center-drive system. The GPD is
or visit sandvik.coromant.com/us. equipped with NC movable workheads on the left
and right sides. The distance between centers
CYLINDRICAL GRINDER USES can be adjusted without changing the setup to
DOUBLE CENTER DRIVE SYSTEM support workpiece lengths between 30 and 430
SHIGIYA (USA) LTD., BOOTH N-7463 mm. The cubic boron nitride (cBN) wheel, in
Shigiyas GPD double-drive CNC cylindrical combination with a multi-step sizing in-process
grinders are designed to simplify setup, improve gage, enables consistent processing accuracy
with high precision. The machine features a
200-mm diameter swing over table, a distance
between centers of 430 mm and a maximum
grinding diameter of 80 mm.
Shigiya (USA) Ltd., call 847-325-4800
or visit shigiya.com.


The Datron Neo CNC milling machine from Datron
Dynamics is designed to provide an easy and

Complete Solutions for Machining Technology

- Heavy duty cutting

Neway CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine
Neway CNC offers lathe machines with an array
of advanced tools as standard features including
several options to customize machines to our
clients needs.

- Increased stablility & lifespan

224 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

Find Solutions, Strategies and Suppliers visit


IMTS: The History of Inspiring Innovation
IMTS 2016 Plans for Its Largest Edition

Tooling Package for Increased Productivity
Software Solutions for Design, Simulation, Additive Production
CNC Machine Provides Alternative to Button Rifling
Extended Range of Ultrasonic Machining Centers


Visit mmsonline.com/imts
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

affordable entry to high-speed milling. Accord- eliminates the time-consuming task of entering
ing to the company, the machines comprehen- data to locate and measure the workpiece.
s i ve ra n g e of m i l l i n g strate g i e s e l i m i n ate s Instead, finger gestures made directly on the
the need for postprocessing, with applications touchscreen initiate smart-sketch recognition,
from pocketing and chamfering to drilling and which then maps the geometries. An app-style
thread milling. software interface, similar to the ones on smart-
The milling machine features a 40,000-rpm phones, guides the machine operator through
spindle and a 24-station automatic toolchanger. the steps required to start milling.
B r u s h l e s s d i g i t a l s e r vo d r i ve s a n d d i r e c t- The milling machines gantr y-style design
drive ballscrews for each a xis enable feed features a cast polymer concrete frame, which
r a t e s r a n g i n g to 1,10 2 i p m . W i t h a w o r k provides rigidity for precision milling. The enclo-
e nve l o p e m e a s u r i n g 20" 16.5" 9", th e sure eases access to the machining area, enabling
Datron Neo can accommodate larger par ts, wo r k p i e c e s to b e l o a d e d f r o m a p o s i t i o n
multiple setups or batch machining of above the table. Conical cavities on the surface
small production runs. The compact machine of the wor k ta ble cre ate a bos s-in- c av it y
fits through a standard-sized door for easy system that enables centering inserts on the
installation, even in a lab environment, and is b o t to m o f w o r k h o l d i n g u n i t s f o r l o c a t i o n
suitable for rapid prototyping in any material with repeatabilit y. Datron also of fers pneumatic
high-quality surface finish. clamping and vacuum tables as integrated
The machine is equipped with Datrons Next workholding options.
software for three-axis milling, a touchscreen Datron Dynamics Inc., call 603-672-8890
controller and an interior camera. The camera or visit datron.com.

226 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

September 30 Create Radically Better Products with
1:00 PM ET Design Optimization and 3D Printing

What if you could design the ideal structural part
without any constraints, and use the freedom of
complexity that 3D printing enables to make that part
solidthinking.com a reality? This webinar will showcase how 3D printing
and design optimization/concept generation enable
SPEAKER better products through mass complexity. You will
Jaideep Bangal learn how 3D printing is being used to produce parts
Senior Application Engineer that are lighter weight, stronger, better performing
Jaideep is passionate about
and safer.
sharing knowledge with industry
professionals to help them make
design decisions. He is excited WHAT YOU WILL LEARN
to work with design engineers What is topology optimization and how it can help
and mechanical engineers showing benefits of in the design process
solidThinking Inspire. He has more than 10 years of
experience in CFD and optimization. He has really How to optimize parts early in the design process
enjoyed the journey from analyst to messenger of to help save time, reduce part mass, and increase
upfront design engineering tools in CFD and op- performance
timization areas, to be used in a product develop-
ment process by multitasking engineers. How optimization and 3D printing work together to
design better products
The benefits of optimization combined with
additive manufacturing



A P R O P E R T Y O F:
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

BOOTH E-4438
Delta offers technology for advanced machine
automation, spindle control and robotic cells to
produce smart manufacturing system solutions
designed for a variety of markets, including machine
tool, metal forming, packaging, food and bever-
age, automated assembly, material handling, oil
and gas, and elevator and crane. Applications power, eliminating time-intensive disassembly
include lean-control systems, spindle control and and assembly procedures as well as costly fas-
robotic cells. teners, chemical bonds, nylon plugs or other
Delta Products Corp., call 919-767-3813 devices used to maintain tightness. A 30-degree
or visit delta-america.com/ia. wedge lock on the female thread creates a con-
tinuous spiral contact along the entire thread
SELF-LOCKING TAPS OFFER length for improved holding power.
IMPROVED HOLDING POWER The taps are said to eliminate the thread strip-
DORMER PRAMET, BOOTH W-2464 ping that can occur when the clamping load is
Dormer Pramet says that its Union Butterfield concentrated on fewer threads, enabling clamp
self-locking taps offer efficiency in operation and load forces to spread evenly across all threads.
cost. The taps are designed to improve holding They are suitable for transportation, medical or

228 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

July/August 2016

The magazine for todays metal fabricating & forming technologies A TREND Publication


10 WEB


Visit us at IMTS booth N-6293
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

industrial use. The self-locking thread form can Guide pads are brazed or solid
be produced on straight flute, spiral flute, spiral carbide, and are also available
point, roll form and the Union Butterfield line of coated. The drills are available
high-performance taps. with double rows of guide pads
Dormer Pramet, call 800-877-3745 for increased stability.
or visit dormerpramet.com. Drill Master - Eldorado Tool
Inc., call 800-658-8855
INDEXABLE GUN DRILL ENABLES or visit dmetool.com.
The DME indexable gun drill from Drill Masters- PROCESS DEVELOPMENT
Eldorado Tool is manufactured from micro-grain WEILER CORP., BOOTH N-6748
carbide, and is available in several PVD wear- Weiler introduces Weiler Process Solutions (WPS)
resistant coatings. According to the company, to customers in the automotive, aerospace, med-
the drills positive rake chip breakers and chip- ical device, firearms manufacturing and general
splitting geometries enable the use of feed rates machining fields. The system is designed to
three to four times that of traditional gun drills. provide customers with application assistance
The drills are offered in diameters ranging and process development solutions to address
f rom 0.625" to 1.25" with f ive inse r t size s. their tough cleaning, machining, deburring and
Triangular inserts offer three cutting edges and finishing challenges. The companys engineering
require no adjustment to produce on-size bores. team and the WPS program are supported by an


Custom cutting tool design & mfg.
Tool resharpening & coating
Specialty tools for composites
High tolerance tooling
Fastest turnarounds in the industry
Full line of metal working products

superiortoolservice.com 800-428-TOOL (8665)

230 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com


Register now to attend the only

Connecting conference focused on additive

manufacturing for industrial
applications like tooling and
Additive end-use part production!

Manufacturing The third annual Additive

Manufacturing Conference takes
+ Production place with the largest machining
and manufacturing event in the
United States, IMTS 2016!

Topics Include: Lightweighting,

Robotic Additive Manufacturing,
Combining Additive and Subtractive
Manufacturing, Software, Automation

SEPTEMBER 13-14, 2016

McCormick Place (West Hall)
Chicago, IL, USA



IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

in-house lab. The goal is to help customers in

high-volume production environments drive down
costs and become more efficient by offering on-
site technical support, analyzing processes,
providing bottleneck solutions, assessing concerns
and providing engineering documentation.
The company also showcases its Nylox line of
brushes for automated deburring applications.
Weiler Corp., call 800-835-9999
or visit weilercorp.com.
feature to match the customers specified brand
DOVETAIL BLANKS FOR FOUR-, and model of fixture.
FIVE-A XIS MACHINING TCI Precision Metals, call 800-234-5613
TCI PRECISION METALS, BOOTH W-1279 or visit tciprecision.com.
TCI Precision Metals dovetail machine-ready
blanks are designed for use with four- or five-axis VTC FEATURES HYDROSTATIC RAM
CNC machining centers fitted with dovetail work- FOR MA XIMIZED RIGIDITY
holding fixtures. According to the company, the FIVES GIDDINGS & LEWIS, BOOTH S-8109
blanks eliminate material preparation, reducing Fives Giddings and Lewis presents the V series
chip-to-chip cycle and setup time, and increasing of vertical turning centers including the V 800
efficiency. The blanks are produced to the cus- model. The turning centers, with six table sizes
tomers specifications and include a dovetail ranging from 800 to 2,500 mm, are designed as

232 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

n n e c t!
h o p s Co
re To pS

Modern Machine Shop Top Shops is

where leading shops of all shapes,
sizes and specialties connect.

5 Things to do at MMS TOP SHOPS

See the Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Hall of Fame
Learn the latest in disruptive technologies
Pick-up a Modern Machine Shop Top Shops T-Shirt
Start or renew your subscription to Modern Machine Shop
Celebrate your contribution to manufacturing!

- 1 0, West H

P R E S E N T E D B Y:
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

machines incorporate a hydrostatic ram to max-

imize rigidity for heavy, chatter-free cutting and
improved part finish. According to the company,
the hydrostatic wear-free guides require reduced
maintenance. The adjustable cross rail is a pro-
grammable positioning axis said to handle a range
of parts and minimize ram extension. Dual-scale
feedback enables precision and ensures paral-
lelism while hydraulic cylinder elevation adds
secure 1,000 kN (225,000 lbs) of mechanical
clamping force per side.
The companys V-Lock tooling system provides
an interface for modular tooling adapters, long
cutting tools and an optional right-angle milling
attachment. According to the company, modular
turning tools more than double the taper stiffness
multi-purpose lathes for applications including at loads up to 1,800 Nm. Through-the-tool cool-
pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, ant and 8-bar (116-psi) flood coolant are provided,
wheel hubs and jet engine housings. in addition to a 12-position tool storage disk.
The V series is designed with a cast iron base Options include 70-bar (1,015-psi) high-pressure
construction and of fers optional live spindle coolant and an 18-tool storage disk. Other options
attachments and a C-a xis table. All V series include tool and part probes to increase utilization

Powerful precision
Custom machine tools for XXL workpieces
Engineered in Germany, produced in the USA
with their experience of more than 160 years,
WaldrichSiegen and UnionChemnitz offer
customized solutions that set the benchmark
Horizontal boring mills
Portal milling machines
Vertical and horizontal lathes
Roll grinding machines
In Ford City, PA, a team of highly qualified
specialists manufacture, sell and service our
101 River Street Ford City, PA 16226
T: +1 (0) 724 7633889

info@waldrichsiegen.com waldrichsiegen.com/imts info@unionchemnitz.com unionchemnitz.com/imts

234 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016


and ensure part quality, and enclosures ranging

from standard to fully enclosed.
Fives Giddings & Lewis, call 920-921-9400
or visit fivesgroup.com.


BOOTH S-8536

The Tongtai MT series of lathes, available from
Absolute Machine Tools, was developed to improve
cycle times and turning processes for the auto-
motive industry and is suitable for precision turn-
ing, high-production volume, automatic produc-
tion and insertion into mass-production lines.
The machines feature twin spindles and two
individual machining areas with separate bed
structure to limit transfer of harmonic vibration,
improving machining accuracy and surface finish.
The turrets and spindles are parallel to each other,
enabling parts that need two processes to be
BOOTH # W-1286, September 12-17, 2016

finished on one machine, the supplier says.

C u t t i n g f e e d r a t e s r a n g e f r o m 0 . 0 01 t o
5,000 mm/min.
The two individual working areas feature a
separate bed structure, which is designed to
decrease the transferring of harmonic vibration
to provide increased machining accuracy and
high-quality surface finishes. Maximum swing
diameter is 210 mm with a machining diameter
of 210 or 120 mm with a robotic arm, and a
machining length of 145 or 10 0 mm with a
robotic arm.
That series features a programmable, gantry-
t ype robotic arm that processes three-a xis

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

movements and is driven by a servomotor, enabling

the operator to adjust positioning points and
moving routes. The arm provides rapid traverse
rates of 160, 120 and 35 m/min. in the X, Y and Z
axes, respectively. The rotary axis moves at 180
The lathes are equipped with 6" or 8"
chucks on 6,000- or 4,500-rpm spindles. Other
standard features include a through-coolant
spindle, A2-5 or A2-6 spindle nose, and 0.001"
indexing increments.
Absolute Machine Tools Inc., call 800-852-7825
or visit absolutemachine.com. internal face grooves with major diameters start-
ing at 0.300". The Groove N Turn inserts are
TOOLS CUT INTERNAL available in 0.004" through 0.150" sizes in 0.001"
FACE GROOVES WITH increments with options including sharp corner
MAJOR DIAMETERS through full radius. Major diameters are offered
THINBIT/KAISER TOOL CO., in 0.300", 0.750", 1.250" and 3.000". These inserts
BOOTH W-2172 are made from sub-micron grain carbide with
Kaiser Tools Groove N Turn line includes Thinbit grades for ferrous and nonferrous materials, either
tools with right-hand, counter-clockwise face uncoated or with TiN, TiCN, TiAIN or diamond
grooving inserts. The tools are designed to cut film coatings.

by Kwik Mark Inc

Dot Peen Marking for Text & Graphics

For Direct Marking On: A Must For

Every Shop
Steel Aluminum Brass Plastics !

Type or Teach Positioning

Compact Flash Card Memory
Made in the USA
Line Dot or Radius Fonts
No Limits to Line Numbers
Sequential Numbering
Date / Time Shift Coding

Learn More

www.kwikmark.com (815) 363-8268

236 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

September 12 - 17, 2016 IMTS 2016

The inserts can be used in conventional, Swiss-

type and CNC machines. Toolholders are available
in square shank sizes 5/16" through 11/4", and round
shank sizes 1/ 2 " through 1" with straight and
90-degree presentations. Groove N Turn inserts
fit all L-series toolholders and modifications can
be provided on any Thinbit tooling.
Thinbit/Kaiser Tool Co.,
call 888-844-6248 or visit thinbit.com.

WATERJET TECHNOLOGIES waterjet programming, contour following and

FOR PRECISION CUTTING, rotary indexing.
FABRICATING Flow International Corp.,
FLOW INTERNATIONAL CORP., BOOTH N-6217 call 800-446-3569 or visit flowwaterjet.com.
Flow International is showcasing a variety of
new waterjet technologies for precision waterjet PLATFORM OFFERS REMOTE
cut ting and fabricating. Such technologies MACHINE TOOL ANALYSIS,
include the NanoJet, a high-accuracy, small- LIVE ASSISTANCE
format machining center; a six-a xis waterjet GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS, BOOTH S-8754
robotic machining center; Flows next generation The rConnect central communications platform
of XY systems with five-axis cutting capabilities; from GF Machining Solutions offers in-depth
and the Mach 4C with 3D model-based remote machine tool analysis. Its first phase is

1914 | 2014


P 803.438.4000
F 803.438.5263 Shefcut precision reamers and boring tools are designed to produce accurately
sized, extremely straight and round bores, with fine surface finishes.
PO BOX 7007
CAMDEN, SC Non-adjustable Shefcut reamers are designed for a specific hole diameter...
No setting of the cutting blade required.

Design utilizes a precision ground carbide cutting blade with 1 cutting edge.

For applications where the bore tolerance is +/-.0005" (0.0127mm) or greater.

IMTS 2016
SEPT. 12-17, 2016
BOOTH #W-2371

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 237

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

Live Remote Assistance (LRA), which enables local diagnostics center and the companys plants
customer-authorized assistance via the connec- in real time. With LRA, the manufacturer using the
tion of machines to a GF Machining Solutions system or a GF Machining Solutions technician
can conduct remote diagnostics and inspections.
The company predicts that rConnect will serve
as a bridge to technologies that could, for
example, predict the lifetime of machine compo-
nents and consumables.
GF Machining Solutions presents several other
Industr y 4.0 technologies including its True
Response to User E xpectation ( TRUE ) and
Integrated Vision Units (IVUs).
GF Machining Solutions, call 800-282-1336
or visit gfms.com/us.


Hardinges hydraulically operated Forkardt SRFN1
compact steady rest is a new attachment designed
for the companys Conquest H51 CNC turning

Quick & Easy

Lead Time

Made To Order
Solid Carbide
High Performance
.2500 - 1.00 DIA.
Neck Lengths & Radius
PVD Coatings
Economical Pricing

sales@jstoolinc.com www.jstoolinc.com

238 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016 Small Conveyors & Accumulators
Save labor costs with
unattended operation
Ask for a quote:




center. The attachment is intended to support ADVANTAGES:
long workpieces without distorting or deflecting
the part. 40 Years of
The steady rest features a stif f structure, Manufacturing
compact design, and fully sealed body for increased Excellence
protection from coolant and chips. The gripping
range is 0.24" to 2.76" (6 to 70 mm) and the unit USA Machine
provides 5-micron repeatability. Additional features
and Parts
include hydraulic ports on the top and side of the
cylinder, a built-in safety valve, feedback for

Local Service
increased opening, a port for compressed air,
provision for centralized lubrication suitable for
grease or oil, front body profile for easy chip flow,
Fast ROI
and a steady rest unit that moves on a dovetail
with a programmable gripper.
Hardinge Inc., call 800-843-8801
or visit hardinge.com. ASK HOW WE CAN CUT
The Mlab Cusing R by Concept Laser is capable
of building both reactive and non-reactive mate- www.cosensaws.com
rials, and produces fully dense parts with a high- (877) 935-5728
quality surface finish. The machines smaller build

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 239

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

CAM? Still satised?

volume makes it suitable for high-value materials
Explore hyperMILL and also switch

as it requires smaller powder batches. It also

to the complete CAM solution for all
enables economic fabrication of delicate dental
of your 2D, 3D, 5-axis, mill-turn, HSC
and HPC needs. products and medical implants, as well as med-
ical instruments made from titanium.
The 3D printer features a glovebox module
The helmet was programmed and produced by DAISHIN

docked onto the machine for loading/unloading

and safe handling of material, enabling quick
change-over while minimizing the risk of con-
tamination of powder materials. The build module
can be pulled out into the glovebox, which is then
flooded with argon to inert the chamber for safe
titanium processing. The 3D printer processes a
range of materials, including gold, silver alloys,
bronze, cobalt-chromium alloys and stainless
steel. Other compatible materials include titanium
and titanium alloys.
The machine is available in three different build
envelope versions: 50 50 mm, 70 70 mm and
90 90 mm, with an 80-mm-high build envelope.
Concept Laser GmbH, call 49 0 9571 1679 200
or visit concept-laser.de.


Schmidt features its Class IV laser designed
for larger part-marking applications that make
enclosing the laser impractical. According to the
company, the laser speeds up the marking process
www.openmind-tech.com because there is no need to open and close a
cabinet door.

240 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

T he laser features a compact baseplate

measuring 30" 18", enabling integration into a
range of applications. The fiber laser is available
in the companys standard wattages ranging
from 10 to 100 W. A PC-based software package
is included. The laser is suitable for use in indus-
tries including aerospace, automotive, electron-
ics and hand tools.
Schmidt Marking Systems, call 800-323-1332
or visit gtschmidt.com.


High Speed... High Performance

Direct Drive Rotary Tables

METAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING High Acceleration / Deceleration

Dynamic Performance
SLM SOLUTIONS NA, BOOTH N-71 Direct measurement for precision positioning.
SLM Solutions features its SLM 280HL metal
additive manufacturing system, a mid-range
machine with a build envelope measuring 280 888-88-ROTATE
280 350 mm. The machine features a bi-
directional re-coater blade to refresh powder on
With over 40,000 standard Tool Holding products
and thousands of proven special designs...
the build plate in both directions and reduce build
times. Multiple
laser configura-
ti o n s, i n c l u d i n g
twin 400-W lasers
or dual lasers of
400 and 1000 W,
are also s aid to
increase build
speeds. We provide solutions
The machine for todays complex machining requirements.
uses inert gas han-
dling to minimize
North American Distribution Partner for:
the risk of operator
exposure to metal

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 241

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

powders and promote top material quality. The alloys, enabling prototypes to be made out of the
company provides open-system architecture for same material as production components. Since
materials and parameters, enabling machines to the components are built layer by layer, it is pos-
operate in-house with standard or individualized sible to create internal features and passages
parameters. Individual developments on the that could not be cast or otherwise machined.
machine can be transferred to other machines, The product produces full-strength, functional
such as the larger SLM 500HL platform. metal parts.
SLM Solutions NA, call 248-243-5400 Proto Labs Inc., call 877-479-3680
or visit slm-solutions.us. or visit protolabs.com.

Proto Labs offers Direct Metal Laser Sintering
(DMLS) as a service to its customers. The tech-
nology uses a laser system that draws onto a
surface of atomized metal powder, welding the
powder into a solid wherever it draws. After each
layer, a blade adds a fresh layer of powder and
repeats the process until a final metal par t
is formed.
The process is compatible with a variety of

The TE-CO Workholding Demo Van is making its

way across the Midwest, educating the industry
about innovative workholding solutions for
todays manufacturing challenges and how
THE 2016 TE-CO TE-CO can help meet those challenges. You
have a special chance to see this presentation
HOLD IT TOUR live and in person in Chicago at IMTS!
To book your personal tour, visit
THE WINDY CITY Download your VIP ticket and bring it to booth
#W-1556! Bringing your ticket to our booth also
means you will be entered to win one of three
$500 workholding products gift certificates.
You dont want to miss this!

TE-CO.com RaptorWorkholding.com MiteeBite.com

800.543.4071 800.824.8333 800.543.3580

242 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

September 12 - 17, 2016 IMTS 2016

METAL 3D PRINTING, served include aircraft; space and defense; oil

MANUFACTURING SERVICES and gas; energy; industrial components; automo-
OFFERED tive; medical and dental; and consumer packaged
LINEAR AMS, BOOTH N-61 goods. Linear AMS also provides training, staff-
Linear AMS provides metal 3D printing, CAD- ing, consulting, micro-factories and R&D pods to
based technologies and traditional manufacturing apply additive manufacturing in the supply chain
ser vices to produce metal protot ypes, pre- through its Technology Transfer Programs.
production, production parts, tooling/injection Linear AMS, call 784-422-6060
molds and conformal cooling inserts. Industries or visit linearmold.com.

BALL GAGE Did You Know There is

Ball Gage instead of a cylindrical plug gage.
a DEUBLIN Coolant Union
Replacement for All
Machine Tool Brands?

Save time with the self centering

spherical surface of the ball gage. When
measuring a large number of holes it can be
100 times faster.
DEUBLIN is the world leader in coolant unions
Put one or two flats on the ball and find
for CNC machine tool applications. With a full
any out-of-round holes. Measure how parallel
range of options including bearing-supported
the space is between two surfaces and or
the size. You can get into inside diameters or and bearingless, closed-seal or Pop-Off, our
inside spherical surfaces of rod end bearings. patented AutoSense designs, controlled
Bend the stem to reach inaccessible leakage, & multi-passage options.
locations, in confined areas, down in a hole,
inside a cavity or in a buried feature which
cannot be seen.
Mount the ball on a wire for flexibility to
go around corners in pipe and tubing, for
Easily measure the width of grooves or the
surfaces of spherical and toroidal features.
Accurately measure the pitch diameter of
bearing races, threaded surfaces and of gears For more information contact DEUBLIN at
info@deublin.com or (847) 689-8600
BAL-tEc Division
Micro Surface Engr., Inc.
1550 E. Slauson Ave. Request a FREE Machine Tool Catalog at
Los Angeles, CA 90011 www.deublin.com/MachineToolCatalog
323-582-7348 www.precisionballs.com

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 243

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016


The M4 Inline from Dapra Marking Systems is a
turnkey, inline, direct part-marking solution for
industrial traceability. The system is built around
permanent dot peen marking technology and
can mark text, logos, data matrix codes, bar-
codes, date codes, QR codes and serial numbers.
It is applicable for inline part marking in a range
of environments, including automated production
lines and custom-engineered systems, with
multiple mounting options and marking head
sizes available.
The system uses Dapras IDI Mark and IDI Track
technologies to deliver reliable, consistent oper-
ation and increased productivity. The system
features a 16-bus card, high-resolution color
screen, GUI interface and user-friendly software,
with no PC required for operation.
Dapra Corp., call 800-243-3344
or visit dapra.com.

Full Grip Jaws

Aluminum, Steel, or Cast Iron - diameter size range from
6-inch to 36-inch

Jaw heights range: 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch

Close tolerances and concentricity easily maintained.

Allows for complete gripping of the work piece

Special oversized jaws available

Excellent for gripping thin-walled parts without distortion

Machine and tool life extended due to lighter weight

jaws, reducing mechanical stress. FIVE-A XIS MACHINES
SMTCL Americas displays its new i5 CNC unit for
the companys two-, three-, four- and five-axis
machines. The control features 3D color graphics
for simulations as well as part feature program-
ming. Additional features include internet-enabled
tool management and remote diagnostic capa-
ISO 9001:2008
bilities to make machines more productive.
Email and text messages from the machine
DillonManufacturing, Inc. c a n a l s o c o m m u n i c a te key i n fo r m a ti o n to
manufacturers. Apps are also available for both
2115 Progress Drive | Springeld, Ohio 45505 |
Phone: 1-800-428-1133 | Fax: 1-800-634-6480 | Android and iOS devices to make the control
Email: sales4@dillonmfg.com | www.dillonmfg.com
more productive.

244 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

September 12 - 17, 2016 IMTS 2016

The system integrates with production systems DISTRIBUTED CONTROL NETWORK

and can provide data to measure productivity and FOR MACHINE TOOLS
performance. The control also integrates with MARPOSS CORP., BOOTH E-5516
robots, automation, measurement devices and Marposs introduces its new Bl distributed control
rotary tables. The machine can directly provide network for machine tools. The system architec-
information to production scheduling systems ture enables real-time communication between
and ERP systems. internal and external machine functions.
SMTCL Americas, call 626-667-1192 The modular system features of a central
or visit smtcl-americas.com. processing unit located in the machines control

Machine Monitoring & DNC Front and back,

Chamfer & Deburr

fast, precise, controlled,
all in one operation


eNETDNC is the industry leader in
DNC, Machine Monitoring & Data
Collection. Serving the Manufacturing
Industry for over 25 years with
Resellers throughout North America.
Providing free Software & Firmware
updates and phone support, without
the hassle of yearly maintenance fees.

Fanuc-1 CYCLE OFF 77A132 6

HAAS-1 CYCLE OFF 265A5421 27

Okuma-1 CYCLE OFF 18926BC4 9

Yasnuc-1 MAINTENANCE 735F2234 0
HAAS-2 CYCLE OFF 735F2234 57
Mori Seiki CYCLE OFF AA5737D 4
VMC-1 CYCLE OFF 6335Q4 286

Starting at 2mm/.079

For Product Videos & Brochures Visit

www.eNETDNC.com - (414)817-7070 www.HeuleTool.com
mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 245
IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

The widest range

MECAGREEN, coolant
NEAT GREEN, neat cutting oil
panel with compact nodes to control functions
Increased tool life
Reduced consumption
such as part flagging, gaging of electromechan-
No formaldehyde biocides, ical actuation and in-process measurement,
DCHA, Boron, Chlorinated
Paraffin acoustic emission sensing, wheel balancing, and
process monitoring. All communication between
the master processing unit and the functional
CONDAT Corporation - 250 south industrial drive - Saline- MI 48176 - USA nodes is handled by a single cable, which is said
T - Fax 1 734 944 4995 - www.condatcorp.com
to simplify installation, maintenance and upgrad-
ing of the control system.
The system can be adapted for a variety of
uses, from simple control applications to integrated
production and control systems. The modular
architecture enables users to modify the system
according to their specific requirements by adding
the necessary function nodes and the associated
application software packages. The system fea-
tures technical solutions for machine tools with
the companys current measuring and process
control sensors.
Components of the system are designed
to provide mechanical reliability and withstand
challenging working environments, coolants,
vibration and temperature variations as well as
the presence of waste materials produced by the
machining process.
Marposs Corp., call 248-370-0404
or visit marposs.com.


BOOTH E-3240
Shop Floor Automations is introducing the Multi

246 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

Connect device, which continuously monitors the
machine operating state and other data, and
makes this information available over a network
connection using MTConnect protocol. The device
is compatible with a range of machine monitoring
software packages including Scytecs DataX-
change and Predators Machine Data Collection.
The device combines a PLC with wireless,
Ethernet, Serial RS-232 and MTConnect. from scratches and corrosion
The hardware connects to a variety of equip-
ment via built-in digital I/O, which can be overlaid
on existing signals for monitoring cycle start,
cycle stop, alarm and
status indicators such
as stack lights. These Replace fluid soaked cardboard with
inputs support 10 to 30 reusable plastic mesh.
VDC signals and may Breathable plastic sheets and sleeves
be configured to detect cut to your sizes in one business day!
on-, off- and pulse-type See a demo at /IndustrialNetting
signals. The user can
then map the data sig-
nals to the MTConnect
1-800-328-8456 www.industrialnetting.com
standard data items.
Network access is
provided by a wired Eth-
ernet (100Base-TX) con-
nection in addition to
b u i l t-i n W i F i (8 02.11
a /b/g/n). Single- and Flat,
dual-port models are available for applications
requiring DNC connectivity through serial (RS-
232/422/485). or hard-to-
The device is designed for direct machine find cutting
mounting (DIN-rail mountable), and is packaged
in a compact metal chassis. The unit accepts 12
to 48 VDC input power. All models are equipped are immediately available from Helfer
Tool Company.
with redundant power inputs to promote uninter- Whether you need small, precision
rupted operation for industrial applications. carbide or high speed Swiss tools,
Shop Floor Automations Inc., call 877-611-5825 or larger flat or circular tools, theyre
standards at Helfer Tool.
or visit shopfloorautomations.com. Plus carbide test pins, carbide cold-
heading punches and solid carbide
DESIGNED TO LOWER COST, drill blanks are on the shelf, too.
Just tell us your production sched-
INCREASE SAFETY ule, and well meet it!
Nor ton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives Centur y45 FREE. WRITE FOR ALL NEW, TOOLING CATALOG.
centerless bond platform features chemistry Helfer Tool Company
designed to improve grain retention in the wheel. 3030 S. Oak, Santa Ana, CA 92707
According to the company, better grain retention Phone: (714) 557-2733 Fax: (714) 557-5312
m e a n s w h e e l s a re c o n s tr u c te d w i th m o re

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 247

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

cycle times, improve stock removal and increase

wheel life.
Norton | Saint-Gobain, call 800-446-1119
or visit nortonindustrial.com.


The Mach LED Plus.forty is the newest addition
to Waldmann Lightings Mach LED Plus family of
LED machine lights. The compact fixture measures
13/4" in diameter, and is available in four lengths
and four output levels, with options of a 40-degree-
porosity for a given hardness. This results in
wheels having a hard grade with the
per formance of a sof ter grade. The wheels
are ideal for grinding, fastener and tool grinding,
automotive or aerospace components and
bearing applications.
The Centur y45 wheels are available with
ceramic, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide grain
and abrasive blends to maximize grinding safety
and efficiency. The wheels are designed to reduce

your Lathe
and boost
Productivity Meet us here:W-2283


Biglia - Haas - Dmg/Mori - Doosan Mazak - Miyano - Okuma - Nakamura - Baruffaldi - Din 1809 - Din 5480 - Din 5482

248 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016
Workholding Products
narrow or 90-degree-wide beam angle. The NEVER BUILD ANOTHER FIXTURE
models high LED-light output is designed to
deliver increased lumens in small spaces. A choice
of mounting brackets enables control of the light Want more power from
direction, increasing the possibility to customize your workholding?
the light to the machine.
The light is constructed of solid aluminum Raptor has it!
housing and 4-mm-thick safety glass. The light
is resistant to coolants, lubricants, high tempera-
tures, shocks and vibrations, the company says.
Integration and connection can be achieved with
the included M12 connector, and various models
enable optional through-wiring.
Waldmann Lighting Co., call 800-634-0007
or visit waldmannlighting.com.


FOR LONG DRILLS WESTEC 2015 Sept. 15-17, Booth 1747
ROLLOMATIC INC., BOOTHS N-7200, N-7214 Simplify your process. Complete 95% of
Rollomatics GrindSmart 528XF is a six-axis CNC your workpiece in one holding.
tool grinder designed for grinding long drills with In Stock and Ready to Ship!
diameter-to-length ratios ranging to 150D. A 1-800-824-8333 RaptorWorkholding.com
CNC traveling workhead (sixth axis) enables the
production of long drills with flute lengths ranging
to 12". The grinder also features a SmartChanger
six-station wheel and nozzle changer with HSK0E When We Say
arbors, tested for repetitive concentricity of less
than 2 microns. In addition, the machine manu-
factures carbide or HSS drills as well as other
high-performance end mills.
We Mean It!
A 20-hp, synchronous direct-drive grinding
spindle supports constant rpm with no chatter
marks in the flutes, producing super-sharp cutting
edges. The drill steady rest is said to support back
taper as well as a combination of back taper and Heimatec, a name you may not knowbut you soon will.
cylindrical drill relief. Other features include neck Great reputations have a way of spreading.
grinding for long-reach end mills and an optional A leading German supplier of live tooling, Heimatec
offers a wide assortment of tools for CNC lathes and
machining centers, plus the U-TEC quick change system,
toolholders, multi-spindle drilling heads, specialty tools and
more. Application engineering, dealer and end user training
from our Chicago headquarters, plus a nationwide network
of quality machine tool reps and dealers to serve you.

16 E. Piper Lane Suite 129 Prospect Heights, IL 60070

847-749-0633 info@heimatecinc.com www.heimatecinc.com
Preben Hansen, President

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 249

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

DOVETAIL BLANKS camera for locating small coolant holes down to

0.05 mm.
Call us for Rollomatic Inc., call 866-713-6398

quantity discounts! or visit rollomaticusa.com.

Highest Quality
consistent tolerances
Standard sizes in stock, Clemco Industries robotically equipped blast
or we can quote to
cabinet features two FANUC robots. The first is
your specifications
a collaborative robot with pick-and-place capabil-
Stocked in 76PM, T15PM,
ity for loading and unloading parts. The other
M2, M42, plus 4140
for carbide tipping robot blasts according to a predetermined routine.
According to the compa ny, robotic noz zle
manipulation in a blast cabinet delivers
repeatable results.
PREMIER TOOLING FOR THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY The cabinet features an automated vision
109 Scott Road, Waterbury, CT 06705
system to detect part defects. Custom enclosure
PHONE(203) 753-2114 FAX (203) 756-5489 sizes and options are available for the cabinet,
which can be used with glass-bead, aluminum-
oxide, steel-grit or shot, and other recyclable
Call Today for Our Free Tooling Catalog
media. Possible applications include cleaning,
deburring, peening and finishing in the aerospace,
automotive and fabricated metal industries.

Clemco Industries Corp., call 636-239-4300
or visit clemcoindustries.com.


Schttes 325 Linear five-a xis CNC grinder
features extended X- and Y-axis movement plus
two auxiliar y slides for workpiece clamping
designed for improved grinding wheel guidance
over the entire machining envelope. The second
auxiliar y slide enables use of tool guidance,
part support, tailstock or workpiece pallets in

Standard sizes to 786 cu. ft.

Special sizes to your specs Gas & Electric models
Choice of air flow patterns Temps to 1200F
www.grievecorp.com 847-546-8225

250 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

operation. The machine typically operates in

the range of 2,500 to 4,000 rpm, accommodat-
ing micro tools, gun drills, hob cut ters and
complex geometries.
T h e g r i n d e rs u n i ve r s a l r ot a t i o n A a x i s
offers a high level of concentricity with less than
0.0001-degree resolution and pitch accuracy,
while the resolution is less than 0.1 micron on
the X, Y and Z axes. The swiveling C axis for the
grinding head has a 225-degree range of motion
with less than 0.0001-degree resolution accuracy.
With the automated collet changer, workpieces
with different diameters can be clamped with
high concentricity in the unattended loader sta-
tion. The A-axis configuration enables position-
oriented clamping of non-rotationally symmetri-
cal workpieces.
The primary motor spindle operates as fast as
12,000 rpm with a 15-kW maximum drive output,
while the grinding spindle option suppor ts a
maximum speed of 24,000 rpm. Linear axis trav-
els in the X, Y and Z axes measure 480 250
275 mm, respectively.
Preset distances from the grinding wheel to
the workpiece can be defined and held constant
when support and tool guidance systems are
used. In 3D mode, all cycle steps can be simulated,
controlled and optimized for exact estimating,
collision avoidance and external workstation
integration with other workpieces.
Schtte USA, call 800-668-4035
or visit schutteusa.com.

Gleason presents the Genesis 260GX threaded
wheel grinder as the newest addition to the com-
panys Genesis machine series. The GX series
features a two-spindle concept designed for
maximum productivity with minimized idle and
setup times. The 260GX features twist control
and polish grinding for mirror-like surfaces on
workpieces. The machines software-guided
setup enables operators to change from one
workpiece to another in 20 minutes using one
tool. With the Gleason First Part Cycle, opera-
tors actuate a fully automatic workflow from setup

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 251

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

to grinding of the first workpiece. The machine

features the companys integrated automation
system and the ability to interface with Gleason
GMS machines via QR code.
Gleason Corp., call 585-473-1000
or visit gleason.com.


Reishauers RZ260 gear grinding machine features
increased size with adapted components designed
to handle higher loads and forces for grinding
larger gears. The machine is designed for gears changeable profile grinding spindle enables use
with an outside diameter of 260 mm and modules of a small plated or dressable wheel to grind gears
ranging to 5 mm. using the discontinuous profile method. Both ver-
The machine can be fitted with one or two work sions enable a fixed or CNC-controlled axis for
spindles. The version with two work spindles is swiveling the dressing tool. Compared to the fixed
designed for minimizing load times, and the version dresser, with which the tools are normally workpiece-
with one spindle is more suitable in cases in which specific, the CNC-controlled axis is said to increase
workpiece handling times are not critical. flexibility of the dressing tool, since the same tool
When grinding gears with space limitations, the can be used for a range of gears.

Outstanding price-performance
Perfect ergonomics and modern esthetic
Compact design, reduced footprint
Highest thermal stability during setup
NUMROTO programming/rendering software
In-process tool monitoring and compensation
6 stations wheel changer
Tailored solutions for tool automation
New integrated high-speed robot loader

Booth N-7214 www.strausakusa.com

252 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

According to the company, all Reishauer gear

grinding machines are equipped with the com-
panys Generating Module.
Reishauer Corp., call 847-888-3828
or visit reishauer.com.


DOIMAK NORTH AMERICA, BOOTH N-6698 Late steel delivery can cripple production and drag down
Doimaks RER-G Combi 500 grinding center is profits. With on-time delivery Admiral keeps your operations
designed for flexible, multi-task grinding in OD, running smoothly and efficiently. Thats one reason why
ID and thread processes. A rotary base turret fabricators and manufacturers have trusted Admiral for over
enables automatic grinding head transition for 65 years. Whether you need 10 lbs. or 10,000, Admiral
multiple grinding operations in a single setting. delivers what you need, when you need it, with first-class
quality and personalized service. Contact us for a quote today!
The machine is designed to perform external and
internal thread grinding with fully automatic tran-
sition; OD and gear grinding with optional cBN
(peeling) and B axis for tapers; and two-axis
contour dress or full-form operations. Other fea-
tures include linear roller guideways and direct- 4152 West 123rd Street Alsip, Illinois 60803-1869
drive technology in the accuracy of critical drives. Ph: 800-323-7055 Fax: 708-388-9317 email: sales@admiralsteel.com
Admiral is a registered trademark of Admiral Steel LLC. Alsip, Illinois.
Reg. No. 2430959. All rights reserved.

The RER 500 SL model has a length of 750

mm between centers and height of 150 mm, and
allows for a maximum part diameter of 300 mm
and maximum part weight of 100 kg. The model
also has a grinding spindle speed range of 11 to
24 kW, wheel diameter range from 350 to 400 mm
and a helix axis of -90 to +50.
Doimak North America, call 317-370-2975
or visit doimak.com.


Suhners Rotomax 1.5 lightweight, compact,
p rofe s s i o n a l - g r a d e h a n d to o l i s d e s i g n e d
for grinding, cutting, roughing, descaling and

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 253

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

polishing in industrial environments such as
September 12 thru 17 forges, foundries, boiler shops and steel fabrica-
tors, as well as stainless steel processing. A
high-powered, single-phase AC motor with IP45
protection, overload isolation, soft start, active
braking and 500- to 15,000-rpm capability is
standard. A range of available shafts, including
flexible, with various tools is offered with this
HIS TOLERANCE RANGE: tool. The tool is controllable from a hand-held
0.001". unit through optional manual shutoff or a foot
switch with protective cover.
Born with the Zimmermann DNA. Suhner Mfg. Inc., call 706-235-8046
At Zimmermann we share your passion for precision and your or visit suhner.com.
fascination with details. Our milling solutions move the automotive
industry from toolmaking to prototyping. We have a team that
demands the very best. Its in our DNA. www.zimmermann-inc.com
The Spinner deburring center from Techniks is
designed to quickly and effectively batch deburr
precision parts produced for the medical, elec-
tronic and aerospace industries. The machine
works on both ferrous and nonferrous parts.
According to the company, the Spinners pin
LeveLing the PLaying FieLd & media reaches where other media cannot, remov-

bringing jobs back to the usa

ing light burrs and whiskers from holes, slots,
threads, cross holes and internal cavities.
Techniks Inc., call 800-597-3921

MADE IN or visit techniksusa.com.

using our high-density
workholding you can:
Run longer,
unattended cycles
Reduce labor/set-up
cost by 70% or more!
Run more jobs
through your
machines weekly
Increase capacity
and profits

Workholding Specialists

254 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016


GenSwiss offers its Lous Belet SA precision car-
bide Expert series tooling packages designed for
aluminum, brass, titanium, stainless steels and
composite material groups. The packages incor-
porate improved geometries and coatings for
drills, end mills, slotting saws, thread mills, engrav-
ing and spotting tools. The series is designed to
increase productivity, remove material at higher
rates, improve surface quality and extend tool life
over a range of industry applications within the
material groups.
The company will also feature its Utilis Multidec
Cut3000 cutoff inserts with new geometries. LIFTING HOLDING
GenSwiss, call 413-562-4800
or visit genswiss.com. Booth W-2280


More than 280 items comprise Komets new line
of milling tools, which includes bodies in inch and
metric sizes. The indexable milling tools feature
single- and double-sided inserts, as well as a
variety of geometries and grades for challenging
milling operations. The series includes tools
designed for face milling, profile milling and high-
speed milling processes in a variety of diameters
and configurations. The companys indexable
milling cutters cut virtually all common materials,

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 255

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

including hardened steels and high-temperature

alloys, the company says.
Komet of America Inc., call 800-656-6381
or visit komet.com.


The Positrol Pallet System enables workholding
to be changed quickly by a small robot. The
design offers a quick-change solution without
sacrificing rigidity, the company says. It also
enables a fully automated cell, with the robot solutions for turning, grinding, balancing, milling
loading and unloading parts as well as making and gear operations.
workholding change-overs to keep the line run- Positrol Workholding, call 513-272-0500
ning efficiently. The system is designed to account or visit positrol.com.
for chip and contamination concerns while
maintaining repeatability. DRO MEASURES
A variety of chuck and arbor designs are offered 2D GEOMETRICAL FEATURES
to enable flexibility in tailoring a workholding solu- HEIDENHAIN CORP., BOOTH E-5226
tion to help improve machining efficiencies and Heidenhains Quadra-Chek 3000 digital readout
workpiece accuracies. The company provides (DRO) features an evaluation electronics box

with our

256 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016
designed for measuring 2D geometrical features SINCE 1961
quickly and easily. According to the company,
the sof tware uses technology that has, until
recently, only been available on PC systems. The
software is said to be designed to suit any lab or
shop floor.
Heidenhain Corp., call 800-219-0858
or visit heidenhain.us.


Versatile spot cooling for machining, metal repair, etc.
BOOTH E-5602
Cer tified Comparator Products, a division of Eliminates the mess, expense and safety
Quality Vision International, presents the VidiProbe, concerns of using mist coolants
designed to transform a traditional comparator Creates cold air up 100F (56C) below the
into an automated video measurement system by inlet compressed air temperature
configuring a digital video camera inside the Increase dry machining speeds up to 36%
comparators optical system. VidiProbe presents and extend tool life by up to 50%
the comparator screen image on a video monitor, Quiet operation, meets OSHA noise specs
enabling automatic measurement of a variety of
features including surfaces. In addition to sup- www.vortec.com | 800-441-7475 | sales@vortec.com
porting automation, the systems digital zoom
provides higher magnification of small features
such as those found on manufactured parts,
without the need for extra lenses.
VidiProbe is a hybrid system which can be used
either as a shop-hardened, traditional compara-
tor, or as an automatic vision system.
Certified Comparator Products (CCP), call
937-426-9677 or visit certifiedcomparator.com.

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 257

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016


The TRT70 dual-a xis rotar y table from Haas
Automation delivers high speed and accurate
positioning for 3+2 and full five-axis machining of
small, complex parts. The units compact size
and light weight make it a dual-axis solution, even
for small machining centers.
The table uses brushless servomotors to pro-
vide 60 foot-pounds (81.3 Nm) of torque on the
tilt axis and 40 foot-pounds (54.2 Nm) on the rotary
axis. Indexing speeds of 410 degrees/sec. on the
tilt axis and 620 degrees/sec. on the rotary axis
promote shorter cycle times. The unit provides
120 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation
to position parts to multiple angles for machining.
The precision-ground 70-mm (2.76") platter fea-
tures multiple bolt patterns and a precision through-
bore for versatile fixturing, and will swing parts as
large as 4.0" (102 mm) in diameter. The maximum
platter capacity is 3 lbs (1.4 kg).
Haas Automation Inc., call 800-331-6746

Tooling Components or visit haascnc.com.

www.mortonmachine.com WORKPIECE ACCUMULATOR

Ball Plungers OPERATION
Adjustable Handles
Eye Bolts
Leveling Mounts
Tecnaras Super Ario is a compact and portable
Shoulder Screws automatic parts accumulator for Swiss machines
Handles and small CNC lathes. It does not require a
Spring Plungers special machine inter face and can operate
Ball Clamping Screws unattended. To protect the newly machined parts,
Collar Nuts the parts tray can be filled with washing fluid to
Handwheels remove oil and prevent abrasion damage. Four
Tooling Balls
models are available for a range of workpiece
Swing Bolts
sizes, work emitter heights, production rates and
run durations.
Manufacturer of over 4,000 product solutions designed
for OEMs and Machine Shops around the world. Tecnara Tooling Systems Inc., call 562-941-2000
or visit tecnaratools.com.


125 Gearhart Street, Millersburg, PA 17061 GLOBAL EDM SUPPLIES, BOOTH E-5033
e-mail: sales@mortonmachine.com
800-441-2751 Fax 717-692-2120 Global EDM offers four machines from its Excetek
EDM brand, including three from the new WGPlus

258 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

series. These machines include the W400GPlus,

W500GPlus with rotary table, W650GPlus and
ED400C die sinker.
The Excetek WGPlus series features a new
digital power manager for improved cutting and
accuracy. The machines are equipped with HP
AVR Circuit to promote improved accuracy for
multiple parts. Additionally, the machines feature
two options for cutting surface roughness: WGPlus/
SKD-11/Ra 0.3 micron; and WGPlus/Tungsten
Carbide/Ra 0.1 micron.
The new WGPlus builds on the popularity of
the base WG series design. That series is known
for its solid design and construction; electrolysis-
free machining; accuracies and finishes ranging
to Ra 0.3 micron; and easy-to-use Windows
Controls using a 15" touchscreen display.
Global EDM Supplies, call 800-708-1345
or visit gedms.com.


Refresh Your Memory Inc. introduces its latest
version of FactoryWiz DNC offering a more pow-
erful and varied Ethernet connection option for
data transfer to and from machines acting as FTP
clients, FTP servers or Microsoft SMB servers.
The communication package maintains its ability
to communicate to RS-232 serial controls and
runs as a service for sending or receiving requests.
File transfers can be made from the user client, Vises Fixtures Cutters
requested directly from the machine control or
automatically sent to the machine drop box by 5THAXIS.com Booth W-1158
the programming system as parts are scheduled

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 259

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

for production. The system has the ability to col-

lect and save on machine inspection probe data.
Once captured, the data can be expor ted to
Microsoft Excel or shared with quality systems
for improved in-process review.
The large, touch-optimized buttons and inter-
face make FactoryWiz DNC easy to use for new
operators, the company says.
Refresh Your Memory Inc., call 408-224-9167
or visit factorywiz.com.


BOOTH S-8500
Okumas MU-400V is a five-a xis multi-sided
machining center suited for the aerospace and
die/mold industries, featuring a large work enve-
lope and fully supported B-axis trunnion. The
axes' construction supports a range of spindles
from 12,000 to 25,000 rpm.
The machine places the pallet changes at the
back of the machine, enabling easy connection
to a Palletace flexible manufacturing system or
pallet pool. Automatic toolchangers can be con-
figured with 32- to 64-tool chain-magazine systems
and 64-plus matrix cabinets.
The MU-4000V can be equipped with the
companys Super-Nurbs function and performs
consistently from the first part to the last, regard-
less of warmup time or ambient temperatures,
the company says.
Okuma America Corp., call 704-588-7000
or visit okuma.com/americas.


Version 4.0 of Tebis CAD/CAM software features
a r e d e s i g n e d u s e r i n te r f a c e f o r i m p r ove d
production processes in model, mold and die
The software features a new visual design,

DC Electric E-Series intuitive access to functions through icons and

more feedback for the operator. The release is
Pneumatic A-Series suited to components with steep cavities and can
be used effectively for hard materials. It is espe-
W W W.V ISIPORT .C OM cially productive when combined with high-per-
formance cutters, the company says. In adaptive

260 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

roughing, the tool path is automatically adapted

to the geometry without full-width machining.
Tebis America Inc., call 877-748-3247
or visit tebis.com.

BOOTH N-6260
Automated Cells & Equipment introduces the
latest version of its WS8100 Workstocker. The
system features a greater part-handling range,
increased processing speed and the ability to
handle both raw and finished parts, all while using
less floor space.
T he f lexible par t-storage system can be
used with machine-tending automation. When
coupled with a robot or pick-and-place device,
the system is said to free up operator time by
providing a continuous stream of parts to the
production system.
Access for loading the system occurs outside
the automation cell, promoting uninterrupted part
load a nd unload of the machine tool. Ze ro

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 261

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

Clearance sliding doors are featured so that

additional floor space is not required during the
part loading process. The product is equipped
with eight stations with 18" of usable height and
a 100-lb capacity each. The rapid-adjust, three-
pin magazine handles 1.25" to 7.3" part diameters
when OD located, and 2.5" to 8.5" part diameters
when ID located. The system may be used as an
eight-station, raw-parts supply system or as a
four-station, raw-parts supply with the remaining
four stations utilized for finished parts.
Automated Cells & Equipment Inc.,
call 607-936-1341 or visit autocells.com.


Strong Hand Tools inside/outside angle magnets
enable users to hold stock from the outside,
enabling clearance for inside welds, or from the
inside for outside welds. The magnets also enable
users to hold and position sheet metal; round
pipes; and square, angled and flat stock. Two


independent magnets inside combined with double

plates increase pull force, the company says. The
magnets can be adjusted from 30 to 270 degrees
using an allen wrench to set and lock the angle.
Additionally, a mounting hole can be used to link
t wo o r m o re m a g n ets to g eth e r fo r u s e a s
fixturing elements.
Strong Hand Tools, call 800-989-5244
The Machine Tool Search Engine
or visit stronghandtools.com.


Oelheld U.S. is expanding its SintoGrind series
techspex.com with the IG 540. The grinding oil is designed for
flute grinding, profile grinding, and outside and

262 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

inside diameter grinding. The oil works on a vari-

ety of materials including tungsten carbide, high
speed steel, polycrystalline diamond, cubic boron
nitride, cermet and ceramics.
The oil protects against cobalt leaching, is
low foaming and provides a high-quality surface
finish, the company says. Other features include
improved aging; flushing and cooling properties;
l o w e v a p o r a t i o n a n d m i s t i n g; a n d a h i g h
flash point.
Oelheld U.S. Inc., call 847-531-8501
or visit oelheld.com.


The Tsudakoma RDS series of direct-drive rotary
tables, available from Koma Precision, promotes
high speed and acceleration with reduced back-
lash. The RDS-200 model is a compact, single-
axis, 150-rpm, direct-drive rotary table with an
indexing accuracy of 10 arcseconds and a
pneumatic braking system. Various options such
as rotary joints, chucks, tailstocks, support spin-
dles and face plates are available. The RDS-200
can be integrated with machine tools that feature
FANUC or Mitsubishi controls. This series features
a slim, low-profile build for use in mass production
and high-speed indexing operations in the auto-
motive, medical and computer/electronic manu-
facturing industries.
Koma Precision Inc., call 800-249-5662
or visit komaprecision.com.

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 263

IMTS 2016 September 12 - 17, 2016

GANTRY-TYPE MACHINING CENTER are designed to provide rigidity and accuracy for
GEARED TOWARD FIVE-A XIS larger workpieces.
APPLICATIONS Feeler, call 886 4 2359 4075
FEELER, BOOTH S-8129 or visit feeler.com
Feeler, a brand of FFG MAG, presents a range of
machining centers including the U-80 0 INSPECTION SYSTEMS TO
gantry-type machining center developed for five- REPLACE THREAD RING,
axis applications. The machines gantry-type, PLUG GAGES
U-shaped base and one-piece column structure THE JOHNSON GAGE CO., BOOTH E-5305
Johnson Gage features
its external and internal
inspection systems for
Search Machines Smarter. NGT threads in accor-
dance with ASME B1.20
specifications. The indi-
cating systems are
designed to replace L1
thread ring and thread
Machine Type:
plug gages. Supplemen-
Machining Center tary capabilities enable
Drill/Tap conformance of all
thread elements and
Boring Mill
characteristics to assure
Milling Machine leak-free connections
for all applications.
Also on display is the
JCR runout and con-
centricit y inspection
system for verification
of cylindrical runout.
The Johnson Gage
Co., call 860-242-5541
or visit

The Machine Tool Search Engine ONE CHUCKING
BOOTH S-8119
Hwacheon Machinery
America says that its C1
multi-process turning

264 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com

September 12 - 17, 2016 IMTS 2016

center is half turning m e a s u r i n g u n i t d e s i g n e d f o r m o b i l e u s e.

center, half machining The 1-lb unit features a 4.3" TFT touchscreen
c e n te r w i t h Y- a n d display a nd of fe r s fast, intuiti ve a nd use r-
C-axis control, and can frie ndly operation, the company says. T he
completely manufac- n e w g e n e r a t i o n m e a s u r e s 31 r o u g h n e s s
ture parts with compli- parameters and offers a list of favorite functions
cated shapes in a single chucking operation. in the display.
The turning center offers a 28.74"-diameter The units display adjusts to enable users to
sw i n g ove r b e d, 20.8 8" m a x i m u m c u t ti n g measure in a variet y of positions, including
diameter, 23.58" maximum cutting length and h o r izo nt a ll y, ve r ti c a ll y o r u ps i d e - d ow n. In
6,000-rpm maximum spindle speed. The arrange- addition, the unit can be mounted on a measur-
ment of units in the heat-symmetrical structure is ing stand to provide a stationar y roughness
designed to provide thermal stability and minimize measuring instrument for small workshops.
thermal displacement. The rotary tool module T h e m e a s u r i n g u n i t i s i n te n d e d f o r q u i c k
inside the turret uses a cooling system to maintain roughness testing in and on a machine
processing quality during prolonged operation. during production. It can be used in quality
Hwacheon Machinery America, assurance of milled and turned par ts,
call 847-573-0100 or visit hwacheon.com. ground and honed workpieces, on large
machine s a nd la rge wor k pie ce s, or for in-
MAHR FEDERAL INC., BOOTH E-5614 Mahr Federal Inc., call 800-343-2050
Mahr Federals MarSurf PS 10 is a roughness or visit mahr.com.

mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 265


To place your ad in this section,

contact Bill Caldwell at:
email billc@gardnerweb.com
phone 888-527-8826;
fax 513-527-8801.


www.mistcollectors.com Reliable, Long-Lasting MINI-SKIMMERS
Tel: 1-800-645-4174
Splash-Protected Motor!
TUBE & PIPE BENDER 115 or 220V, 50/60hz,
Cog/Flat Poly & SS Belts
Bend up to 2 Tube
LIKE THE PROS Same Day Shipping!
FREE CATALOG Thousands sold since 1989!
WOODWARD-FAB.COM 800.255.5665 www.wayneproducts.com
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Keep work area safe and clean
3-stage filtration for guaranteed efficiency
Exceeds OSHA requirements
Most cost-effective solution
www.LNS-america.com CLEARS THE AIR

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Search Machines Smarter.

Machine Type:

Machining Center

Boring Mill

Milling Machine

The Machine Tool Search Engine



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5th Axis Workholding .................................... 259
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Abrasive Technology Inc. .............................. 143 Association ....................................... polybag*
Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. ...............3, 75, 169 Deublin Co. .................................................. 243
Accudyne Products LLC ...............................260 Digi-Pas USA, LLC ....................................... 248
Admiral Steel Corp. ...................................... 253 Dillon Manufacturing, Inc. ............................. 244
Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. ........... 220 Dix Metals, Inc. ............................................. 251
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Birchwood Technologies.................................23 Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc. ........................204
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Cobra Carbide ............................................. 244 Marketing Conference .................................65
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Northfield Precision Instrument Corp. ............ 120 SCHUNK Inc. ............................................... 125
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Seco Tools Inc. ................................. Back Cover
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*Regional insert/ad included in select copies only. mmsonline.com September 2016 MMS 271

July 2016 45.3

If we ignore the spike earlier this year, the industry actually has steadily improved
since last November.
erating contraction since this past March. Supplier
W ith a reading of 45.3, the Gardner Business
Index showed that the metalworking indus-
try contracted in July at a slightly slower rate than
deliveries lengthened for the fifth month in a row.
Material prices had shot up dramatically in the
in June. If we remove the significant spike in the first half of 2016, but in July they increased at a
index in February and March, then it has slowly slower rate. They increased at a faster rate from
and steadily improved since November 2015. May to July, however, than at any time since the
After a hard fall in new orders since March, their first half of 2014. Prices received have decreased
rate of contraction moderated in July. Discounting since June 2015 with the rate of decrease accel-
a spike in April, the production subindex was at erating since this past April. Future business
virtually its highest level since May 2015. Like new expectations improved slightly in July but remained
orders and production, the backlog subindex also near their lowest level of the last three years.
spiked sharply in March, but absent that, this Every geographic region contracted for the
subindex has contracted at a noticeably slower third month in a row, with the Southeast as the
rate since November. Employment has contracted strongest region for the third time in five months.
for 12 consecutive months, and exports have It was closely followed by the North Central-East,
contracted since March 2014 with generally accel- South Central and North Central-West.
While they are still well below the historical
average, future capital spending plans have
increased compared with one year earlier for the
fourth month in a row, therefore, the annual rate
of change has contracted at a decelerating rate
Visit Stevens blog at gardnerweb.com/
since February. The rate of contraction was the
economics/blog or email him at
slowest since March 2015, which is a positive sign
for capital equipment consumption.


New Orders 43.3 41.0 2.3 Contracting Slower 4
Production 46.6 44.2 2.4 Contracting Slower 4
Backlog 40.4 37.8 2.6 Contracting Slower 28
Employment 46.3 46.7 -0.4 Contracting Faster 12
Exports 43.2 43.5 -0.3 Contracting Faster 28
Supplier Deliveries 51.9 52.9 -1.0 Lengthening Slower 5
Material Prices 57.0 60.2 -3.2 Increasing Less 5
Prices Received 46.4 47.9 -1.5 Decreasing More 14
Future Business
Expectations 61.3 61.0 0.3 Improving More 86
Metalworking 45.3 44.4 0.9 Contracting Slower 16

272 MMS September 2016 mmsonline.com