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Jessica Delos Reyes

March 14, 2017

Mrs. Yuasa
Expository Writing 1

The Land of the Free

America is known as the Land of the Free. We thrive on the freedom brought upon citizens,
but can we still extend this practice to people in need? In the last few years, American ideals have
split, divided, and have moved into a group that is pro refugees, while the other group is anti
refugees. Both sides pose enormous sacrifices for this country, but which side will be beneficial for
all? Its only a matter of time before we see these results unfold, but till then, getting perspective of of
the whole picture will open eyes so that all people can choose: pro refugees or anti refugees?
With all differences aside, the U.S. chooses to extend its capable hands to aid those in need,
with refugees being part of this group. We accept the needy and the helpless, and we do this despite
the circumstances - most of the time. Refugees can bring positive change and enrich our culture and
society. They are also in the middle of harmful and unsafe locations back in their home countries. This
is why the U.S. should admit more refugees from war-torn countries.
One thing America has come to be known for is its amazing humanitarianism. Its true; we
normally try to help the people who need us. According to Jeff Bloodworth, a history professor and
department head at Gannon University, Obama's first humanitarian intervention was multilateral and
restrained, designed merely to stop an imminent massacre and offer Libyans an opportunity to
overthrow dictator Muammar Qaddafi themselves (Bloodworth). By saying this, he discusses an
instance of where America showed its compassion to another country by joining them in the fight for
survival. As a country known to help those around us, it isnt hard to understand why accepting
refugees isnt an issue. As a country, we live to serve the ones who cant serve themselves.
Immigrants as well as refugees have played a major role in the development of our nation.
There are many brilliant minds in this population of people who have yet to be recognized. For
example, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, immigrated to the United States with his family from the
Soviet Union at the age of six.. As of 2014, Google.com is the most visited website in the world, and
the company is worth almost $395 billion, making it the second most valuable company in the United
States (Renew Our Economy). This immigrant created one of the most dependable sites in the
world. There are also people like Daniel Marot, a refugee, who according to Refugee Week, was the
architect that designed the Hampton Court Palace. Without his efforts, the beautiful Hampton Court
Palace wouldve just been a dream. These people deserve a place where they can fully grow and
thrive, and they are able to do this in America.
The beautiful country of America is the land of hope and opportunity; a new beginning for those
who have been negatively affected by war in their homes. They are at risk of such things as
bombardment and violence from all sides in Syria, which has included barrel bombing and gas
attacks; or torture, repression and enslavement by their own government in Eritrea (amnesty.org.uk).
Americans may never really understand the fear that these refugees lives have been built on. It must
be noticed and seen that innocent people are fighting to make a long and hard trip overseas in hopes
of reaching a better place where they wont be in danger. It should be second nature for us to see that
their efforts arent unnoticed and that there is something we can do to aid them in their journey for
The intention is great, but there are people who dont view refugees in this manner. They see
the flaws and possible consequences of allowing strangers into the nation, especially after the ISIS
attack in Paris. On November 13, 2015, a series of coordinated terror attacks across Paris, France
left 130 dead and 268 injured. On November 14, Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the
attacks (Long). According to Katy Long, from the Century Foundation, there was a stir in national
security after it was discovered that some of the attackers entered in as Syrian refugees. Not
knowing the agendas of those entering the country, it would be hard to feel safe. Should this issue
keep the majority of innocent from safety and refuge?
America is known as the Land of the Free, but refusing to share this freedom with the ones
who need it the most disrupts this belief. Its when we can fully put our fears aside that makes the
biggest difference in the lives of others. With anything, there are risks, but shutting a whole operation
down for a small risk isnt justified. There are people in need and should be offered our support and

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