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1. How was selection of detail used to position you?

- The documentary BLM uses footage of only white cops shooting

black American citizens, to give the impression to the viewer that
black people are the only ones being shot by police in America.
They leave out/ never recognise footage of white people getting
shot by cops.
- The specific selection of detail is used to make the viewer have
more sympathy and resent for the black community.

2. How were the codes and conventions in the documentary

used to position you?
- Graphically re-enactments of black murder cases are used to give
the viewer a bias and possibly over exaggerated version of the
murders of black people.
- Interviews with official BLM organisers and leaders, used to
educate the viewer and try to position them in understanding
why the movement exists.
- Music is used to represent the black culture in America and
position the viewer into unknown territory and to make it
cooler/more appealing to the audience about the black
communitys cultures.

3. What were the values and attitudes of two of the people

involved in the documentary? (Black Lives Matter)
- The Catholic Priest helping the black community has an
understanding that it was his duty to help the teenagers get off
the streets and into anything they could (basketball). He believed
it was the right thing by helping the young Black youth into
sports and school, he saw the black community as a minority and
oppressed by the white America.