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Vignette “Halloween Haunt”

I was moments away from entering an ancient disused station for a long forgotten rollercoaster. It was a cold Sunday afternoon during the month of October. Kings Dominion had their annual Halloween attractions up and the terrifying mazes that came along with it. The maze called Zombie High awaited us behind closed doors.

My friend Aidan was hysterical, obviously not ready and wanting to see what awaited us behind that door. My other friends, Drew, George, and Nick, were excited. I was indifferent, not really caring if we did it or not, but there was no turning back. We had already done a maze called Trick or Treat before. With no real true scares and not many scary monsters, it was underwhelming to say the least. I was hoping this one was actually scary.

We went in behind some group who skipped the line with fright lane. As we went in all I could hear was loud trap music blaring over the speakers and fake blood everywhere We were greeted by the fake principal, who waved at me. WAVED AT ME! He may have said nothing else but that was the best part. After that it was just a dark, plain maze with some school lunch tables and lockers everywhere to make it look like a high school, and around every corner there was a teenager dressed as a zombie that would pop out and yell in our faces. I wasn’t really focused on that as Aidan had his head buried in my back, getting pink glitter all over my nice expensive hoodie with his facepaint. What averted my attention away from that was a loud CRASH! that jolted me up and made me move a little faster. We finally got to the exit and re entered the outside world.

As we left the zombified school I realized that all the hype made it not very scary at all. That was until he reached the third and final maze of the night, that's were Aidan and I traded places. I didn’t know the guy had a chainsaw.

- Carlisle is a Trinity student “Pacific Paradise” Hawaii is such a Beautiful place where

- Carlisle is a Trinity student

“Pacific Paradise”

Hawaii is such a Beautiful place where the Islands are untouched by Few civilizations.

I’m in a shimmering sea Sparkles in sunlight, Surfers surf on Huge crashing waves.

Mini Personal Essay

Declan Carlisle “Loss”

Loss hits you when you least expect it. You go to sleep one night and wake up thinking everything is normal. You get up, get ready for your day, and then life says everything is not ok. It breaks open your door and tells you someone you love is dead. And it just walks out, leaving you to mourn your loss by yourself. This has happened to me twice in my life. The first time was when I was in elementary school when my grandpa died on the day before Thanksgiving. My mom walked into my room right as I woke up, told me and walked out. The second time was very recent, this time it was my grandma, a week before Thanksgiving. My mom told me the same way she did years before, but this time I had to go to school with the pain. This may be the reason I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving anymore.

Free Verse Poems

Lush, green scenery Surrounds the islands, Fill the people with Joy. Birds chirps, crickets Compose their tunes, palm trees Dance in the wind while Burnt out tourists Soak up sun on Grainy beaches.

Hawaii is such a Beautiful place. That’s where I Want to be.

“Coal Mining Days”

History all around, walking on paved paths, looking at signs that tell meaningful dates of tragic events at this abandoned coal mine.

Crumbling structures, fenced off from curious adventurers, inaccessible to man, except one mighty survivor.

On top of this forest kingdom, all you see is a sea of trees. These titans of the woods greet you as you look upon the aging woods that make up this glorious work of nature.

History all around, with all of its ups and downs, but you're not worried about that. All you care about is looking for your piece of Virginian history, and maybe, just maybe, find gold.

Flip Flops: Still Life

Next to the deserted path Flip flops soak up the sun. Sand lines the sides And the straps combine Like two soul mates embracing Not wanting to let go. The shoe sits on a throne Like the king of a sandcastle

Waiting for his kingdom to fall.

A worn-down marking reveals

The age of the shoe

A glimpse of the stories

And places it has experienced

Inspired by Jim Daniels

Imitation Writing

Character Analysis

The Real Holden Caulfield

It is usually said that Holden Caulfield, a beloved book character from the

“Catcher in the Rye”, is seen as someone who is relatable to all the teenagers that read

the book; however, in reality, he is a selfish child who doesn't have growing up and

acting like he is on his to-do list, but doing all the things that come with it.

“Catcher in the Rye” is a book following the main character Holden Caulfield

around as he gets kicked out of his fancy prep school and goes on a three day journey

around New York City, going on dates, getting drunk, and in general doing stupid things

that would get any normal person in trouble. This reminds you guys of someone?

Whenever he walks into a bar or club, he always wants to get a drink. He wants to have sex, but not with some prostitute, mind you. He wants to see R rated movies. He wants to all of those things, but to do those things he has to stop acting like a baby and grow up.

At the beginning of the book, he acts like he is misunderstood and all grown up. He seems like he is against the man and actually smart but doesn’t care enough about school to use his intelligence to get good grades. But by the end of the book, he is a complete washed up mess who can barely keep himself upright. Jennifer Schussler, a writer for the New York Times calls him “weird, whiny, and immature.” This is shown throughout the end as he cries over a broken record. How does someone so relatable in the beginning turn out like this at the end? Maybe it was that he never was to begin with.

Confused, he travels around New York City completely lost in life and can’t seem to get anyone on his side. Everyone he talks to tells him to go home, get some rest, take a break. His date Sally tells him “You’re drunk, go home and go to bed”. But he doesn’t want to. He wants to go out west, start a new life, run away from home, the things you would say when you were mad at your parents. In the end he chickens out and stays at home, like every other kid.

Having grown up going from school to school, he never really found a place where he belonged. This may have led to him not having a chance to have real responsibilities and alienate his views about the real world. He rarely saw his parents, as all the schools he went to were boarding schools.

Holden’s fatherly figure that he looked up to was his brother DB and one of the professors he liked from one of his previous schools. Holden rarely talked about his parents and when he did it was usually negative.

When Holden met this teacher in his fancy New York apartment, he was piss drunk and stroked his hair. This experience probably made growing up look like it sucked.

Holden is pretty lost in life. He doesn’t know where he is going and how to get there. He has no one he feels he can talk to one-on-one that can give him advice, except for his 10 year old sister Phoebe. He sees her as the only one that understands him and he never wants her to grow up and lose her youth. The truth is, however, Phoebe is more grown up than Holden will ever be.

Wholehearted Analysis

Leicester’s Miracle

It was an average night at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea hosting Tottenham in a clash

between London heavyweights. Chelsea was down by one and with a few minutes left, Eden

Hazard scored the equalizer. This may not seem important to Chelsea, but is was important to a

little club called Leicester City. Eden Hazard had secured Leicester

the biggest sporting upset in

history, and completed the biggest underdog story in soccer.

Leicester started off the season with 5,000-1 odds of winning the Premier League. Kim

Kardashian had a better chance of becoming President than Leicester taking home the trophy.

Somehow with this looking impossible, they started off strong and never looked back and

stormed all the way to the top, winning their first title in history. But how did they do this. They

didn’t have any superstars. They didn’t spend millions on their roster. They weren't one of the

clubs that won it every year. How was this title win as big as it was.

Leicester City had a snowballs chance of winning everything. Halfway through last

season, they were bottom of the table. Somehow they pulled it together and pulled a miraculous

escape and got 13th. They fired the manager who led that campaign, Nigel Pearson, and

replaced him with Claudio Ranieri. He was an experienced manager, but his last job was

managing Greece, which under his coaching lost to the Faroe Islands, at home. You've probably

never heard about the Faroe Islands, that’s why he was sacked.

This isn’t the only time one of the mega clubs did not win the title. Blackburn Rovers won

the title in the 1994-1995 season. But unlike Leicester, they had a lot of money. They bought

Alan Shearer for a record transfer fee for the English league at the time, 3.6 million pounds was

a lot back then, and other good players that were already established as world class. Now they

are in the Championship, a league down from the Premier League. Nowadays instead of

winning titles they lose 4-1 away at Norwich. Not a good sign.

So how did they do it. How did they go from zero the hero. Before anything happens

keep in mind that I’m a Leicester fan. They made a lot of smart transfers during the transfer

window. They bought striker Shinji Okazaki, a regular starter, for a bargain 11 million and

midfielder N’Golo Kante for only 8 million, who some considered the best player in the squad,

the unsung hero. He was so good Leicster sold him the next summer for over 35 million to

Chelsea. They also signed Robert Huth and Christian Fuchs, two solid defenders, on the cheap.

Many players from the previous year in the squad stepped up and played magnificently.

Some of the shining examples were Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, and Kasper

Schmeichel. Jamie Vardy had come a long way from his career. He started out in non league

football and moved to Leicester when it wasn’t even in the Premier League. During the historic

season he broke a long standing record. He scored in 11 consecutive Premier league games--

the previous record was held by Ruud van Nistelrooy with 10 consecutive goals with

Manchester United--something which no player had ever done in the league’s history. Another

player who stood out and shined was winger Mahrez. The Algerian winger only cost the Foxes

$400,000. He was a magician on the right, using his ball handling to cross up defenders and

make some fascinating runs and score some beautiful goals and making players look their on

ice. The last player is Kasper Schmeichel, the son of Peter Schmeichel. His dad had played for

Manchester United winning the league and had won the 1994 European Cup with Denmark, a

big underdog story, much like with Leicester. He lived up to his dad’s expectations and led the

Foxes in between the sticks to keep out any loose balls trying to ruin their day.

The Premier League is known to have some of the best teams in the world. Chelsea,

Liverpool, both Manchester City and United, and Arsenal are big players in European football.

But all of those clubs just didn’t show up. For most of the season, the two title contenders were

Leicester City and Spurs, two clubs that have never been in the race. The previous year's

winners Chelsea had a terrible campaign, finishing 10th. Both Manchester's had double digit

losses. Liverpool wasn’t successful in anything. The closest big club was Arsenal, who finished

2nd by one point over fierce rivals Spurs, but still about 10 points away from Leicester. Spurs

fans were pissed, as they never finish above Arsenal. Another historic club Aston Villa, who

used to always be in the top 6, finished bottom of the table with their worst point total of 17 and

were regulated. Good clubs not showing up gave Leicester a chance to take charge. They said

if all the other cubs are sucking, then we should actually try to win it for once.

At the end of the season two things could have happened: Leicester City of Spurs

winning it. Some people thought Spurs would have a clutch last few games and catch up and

win; others thought Leicester would put the cherry on the top of their historic season. We all

know how it ended.

Leicester's goal entering the season was to get 40 points, to secure their spot in the

premier league. I don’t think anyone thought they do what they did, even their manager. "It was

important to keep it going until Christmas, as we are in the relegation battle. For this battle I

need warriors, and they showed me what I wanted to see." That was Claudio Ranieri, the

manager who was fighting a relegation battle at the beginning of the season. "Now we go

straight away to try to win the title. We are in the Champions League, dilly ding, dilly dong -

come on. We are in the Champions League, it is fantastic, terrific. Well done to everybody.” That

was him with 4 games left in the season, where their crazy dream looked almost certain. Dilly

ding, dilly dong indeed.

Critical Book Review


Watching as our two main characters sit in the train car on the railroad, the book ends

with a lot of questions. What happened to the Little Brother? Why did the Republic go to war

with the Colonies. What happened to Day’s dad? Why was their a giant war going on anyway.

All of these questions go unanswered in this book, but most likely explained in the sequels. The

author probably did this on purpose as most young adult fictions do this, as they all are basically

the same.

Legend is a book with a simple plot. It’s a story told from two different perspectives, the

evil governments golden child June and infamous street criminal Day. The setting is a dystopian

West coast of the U.S called The Republic June is somewhat of a prodigy, getting a perfect

score on her trial, which is a test that determines if you're smart or dumb and deserve live or die,

and you take it when your 10 for some reason. You think something that important would be

taken later on but that's beside the point. Day is framed with the murder of her brother and she

hunts him down to turn him over. They find him, the evil government captures him, kills his

mom, and is gonna kill him. After interrogating him June relieves that he is also a prodigy, but

would cause the Republic a lot of problems. Finding out that the government also kill a bunch of

its’ own civilians with the plague and that they killed her brother, she helps him escape and they

fall in love and blah blah blah.

This book is about two people that are from two different worlds that are seem

completely different but are actually very similar and get together. They also involve some fight

with an evil dystopian government. This theme has been in a lot of books recently, with books

such Divergent, Hunger Games, and Maze Runner.

Legend is very similar to all of the other

adult fiction books, but does have its own originalities and special elements incorporated into it.

One of these originalities is that it has no challenge, or game involved. Hunger Games

has, well, the Hunger Games, The Maze Runner had them running in a maze, and Divergent

had them do a bunch of different challenges. Ways that Legend is similar is the plague and the

evil government killing people. In the Hunger Games, the government hosted the tournament

had all the kids from the different districts fight and kill each other to keep them in check.

Divergent tried to kill a whole section of the population. The Maze Runner had a giant disease

and zombies and stuff like that and the evil government tried to control it. What do all of these

authors think the world is gonna turn out to be, a giant fireball controlled by Hitler 2.0? And they

all end the same way, the guy and the girl are on some train somewhere, going on to the

unknown. Now that i think about it Divergent, Hunger Games, and Legend all have an ending

relating to being on a train. Well, except Maze Runner.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. The plot had a few holes but other than that it was

complete. The characters were interesting and I could connect to the main characters and feel

sympathy for their struggle. I would recommend this book if you are into book such as the

examples of similar books. You will leave knowing the Legend of this over-par novel.

Critical Review

The Biggest Bowl Bust in History

Most people going into halftime believed that the game would end in a Falcons victory. But back in reality, Tom Brady led the Patriots to the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, brought the game to the first overtime in Super Bowl history, and secured a 34-28 for the Patriots.

This defensive breakdown was one of the factors that lead to the Falcons blowing their 28-3 lead, along with dumb decisions on offense. Matt Ryan could have should have taken a knee and kicked a field goal, but instead intended to pass. This led to a sack. The sack put them out of field goal range. They had to punt it. Tom Brady tied the game up at the last minute. You can see how this was a bad move. Another factor was the Patriots defense went from sluggish, old men to an actual functioning defense. Atlanta simply didn’t #RiseUp to the occasion.

Of course one of the most dramatic Super Bowls had to have an impossible catch.Julian Edelman was able to keep the ball in play by catching it off one of the defensive player’s shoes. The pass should have been intercepted by Atlanta’s Alford, who already had a pick six. Guess you have to have butterfingers once in while. Too bad it was at the most important moment in the entire game.

Super Bowl LI was the 7th Tom Brady has played in, and the 5th he has won. The only team to beat Tom Brady in the superbowl is the New York Giants. The patriots as a franchise appeared in their 9th super bowl, the most out of any franchise.

This was Atlanta's 2nd superbowl, and they still have no rings to their name.

2nd superbowl, and they still have no rings to their name. As of tradition, the halftime

As of tradition, the halftime show was performed at halftime. Big surprise. Lady Gaga put on a show, unlike the Patriots, at the time. Maybe Lady Gaga’s catch at the end of her performance was what inspired them to play football. Imagine being in the Patriots locker room and Bill Belichick is yelling at his receivers for having butter hands while Lady Gaga of all people is getting receptions. James White, a running back, got three touchdowns and 14 receptions for 110 yards. He has the record for most catches in the super bowl. Yes, the running back caught the most balls. Kinda defeats the purpose. Tom Brady threw for two TDs and 466 yards, so you have the G.O.A.T contributing, but what else is new? Matt Ryan, the M.V.P, also had a good game, who also threw for two touchdowns and for 284 yards. He also didn’t have an interception. You can say he was gone in the first, but he came back and led the charge to win

Whether you tuned in because you love football or just wanted to watch the commercials, you were treated by one of the best football games played in recent history. Just like they say, “It’s not over till it’s over.”