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Call for Papers

L'eterno esoterico femminino

La Rosa di Paracelso n. 1/ 2016

Call For Papers

The Eternal Esoteric Feminine
La Rosa di Paracelso issue 1/2016

From the Iranian Spenta Armairi to the heretic sophiology of Russian Christendom,
from the Hydesville Fox sisters to the founder of the Theosophical Society Helena
Petrovna Blavatsky and to Maria Montessori, from Catherine Deshayess philters
(best know as Le Voisin) to the prophetess Lucie Grange, from the illustrator Rosa
Rosa to the painter Rosaleen Norton, the history of Western Esotericism has been
constellated by symbols, themes and feminine characters. In the same way as it
questioned the deepest nature of the divine, debating the validity of monotheist
theologies, the theme of the female and of the feminine has enabled, throughout
history of such movements, a crosspollination and a collaboration between occultist
groups and initiatory societies with the world of art and politics. Without regarding
the relationship between esotericism and New Religious Movements, where the
symbolism and the figure of the woman manifests itself in its versatility and
multifaceted aspects, taking the role, now of harbinger of knowledge, now of true
guide in every individuals spiritual path, now, more deeply, of a discovery of a more
complete and paradoxical divine.

The online esoteric journal La Rosa di Paracelso (published online and with an
annual paper issue by Mimesis Edizioni) is launching the call for papers for its first
monographic issue dedicated to themes of the female and the feminine in a Western
esoteric context. Articles in the most common European languages are accepted
(Italian, English, French, Spanish, German) regarding the following subjects:

-The theme of the feminine and/or female members of different groups/contexts with
an esoteric (Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Archeosophy) or occultis/initiatic ones
(Wicca and Modern Witchcraft and neo-Druidism; Societas Rosacruciana in Anglia,
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and various orders of Ceremonial Magic, Ordo
Templi Orientis and various Crowleyan affiliations; Female or Androgyne
Freemasonry from Ordre des Mopses onwards; Satanism)
-Figures, symbols, representations of Sophia, the main myth of the supreme female
principle, in its multiple forms and variations.

-Gender issues in the context of esoteric traditions.

-Female artists who have been a part and/or took interest in themes concerning the
initiatory, esoteric, occultist, spiritist and Satanist dimension.

Deadline for the presentation of abstracts (Italian or English, max. 500 words
for the abstract and max. 300 words for a CV): 31 May 2016.
Deadline for the articles: 29 July 2016
Online Publication: September 2016
Please indicate the language the abstract and article will be written in.
Abstracts must be sent to:
Roberto Revello, rob.revello@me.com
Michele Olzi, olzi.michele@gmail.com