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210 Programming Assignment 1 Due Tuesday, February 21 at 11:59 pm

This assignment will have you read from a file and use functions. The following functions can be present
in your program file in any order, but the last line of your program must be main() so that you are calling
your main program to cause it to execute.

This function prompts the user for a file name and for an integer that defines how many characters are in
a long word. It will read from that file (which contains words, possibly more than one per line) and
reports the total number of words, the total number of words beginning with a vowel (aeiouAEIOU), the
total number of words starting with T (upper or lower case) and the number of words longer than the
length defined with the second input above.

Return True if word begins with a vowel, False otherwise.

Return True if word begins with T or t, False otherwise.

Return True if word ends with a vowel, False otherwise.

Return True if word ends with T or t, False otherwise.

isLong(word, length)
Return True if the length of word is greater then length, False otherwise.

Different data files will be used when your program is tested.

Submit your program to the designated D2L assignment folder. Your program should be named
For programming assignments, early submissions gain a bonus percent: 1 day early 10%; 3 or more
days early 20%.

A sample file and the resulting output are shown below.

This is file: data.txt This is the user input and output

This document File name? data.txt

contains # Characters in a long word? 7
blank lines and
# words that start with a vowel: 4
some # words that start with T: 5
number of # words that end with a vowel: 5
words to # words that end with T: 4
check the # long words: 5

Notice that it contains no punctuation