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Dear Sir/Maam


We are the FEU Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (FEU-JPIA), a

duly recognized student organization of the FEU Institute of Accounts, Business
and Finance and a member organization of the National Federation of Junior
Philippine Institute of Accountants NCRC. We are the official professional
organization of students taking up BS in Accountancy and BS in Commerce major in
Internal Auditing. To date, our organization is proud to have the most number of
active members throughout the university that is approximately 1,500 JPIAns. In
return for their unwavering loyalty, the FEU-JPIA has launched an exclusive
membership card as an incentive to our supportive members and an opportunity for
advertisement to our partners.

In this light, it is our honor to invite Pizza Hut to be one of our partners in
this highly anticipated membership card. This tie-up will serve as an excellent venue
for your company to advertise your products a worthwhile investment that will
contribute to your companys future growth. In return, we would request that you
grant discounts and/or freebies exclusively offered to our members.

Attached herewith are the FEU-JPIA Background, the details of the tie-up
packages from which your company may choose and a sample copy of the
membership card for this federation year. We will be pleased to present to you the
details of the tie-up at a time of your convenience.

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at;

Simeon Hosea Limbo 09052150032

Feb Chevigirl Diola 09351312121 feb_chevi@yahoo.com
Jay-R Joshua Villapando 09269493817

We are hoping for a positive response from you regarding this matter. Thank
you very much in advance and we are looking to having a fruitful partnership with

Respectfully yours,

Simeon Hosea C. Limbo

Director for Membership

Noted by:
Jay-R Joshua L. Villapando Jennifer T. Buen
President Adviser

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants

FEU Chapter

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Far Eastern University Chapter is the
largest student academic organization in Institute of Accounts, Business and
Finance, which serves none other than BS Accountancy, BS in Business
Administration major in Internal Auditing and BS in Commerce in Internal Auditing
students in pursuit of academic excellence by providing mentally and physically
stimulating activities.

The FEU-JPIA holds the pride of being one of the most outstanding academic
organizations in the whole university. Aside from the awards and achievement that
pour in as we compete in every inter-school, regional and national competition we
also claim that we remain as one of the most active breeding ground of student
leaders, student achievers, and most importantly multi-faceted individuals not only
in the university level but also in the entire National Federation as well. We also
serve as a training ground of highly competitive and highly qualified young
professionals that are on-deck to meet the challenges of the business environment.

Mission Statement

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants FEU Chapter adheres to

promote a culture of academic excellence will always be our foremost priority in all
undertakings. Activities should be geared towards avenues for development of a
competent, intellectual and God-fearing JPIAns.

It is also our mission to become a window where JPIAns can see opportunities
in honing their potentials and in stretching their selves to their fullest capacity.

Lastly, we will serve with this in mind: TO LIVE, LEARN and LEAVE A LASTING

Vision Statement
The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants envisions in preparing and
producing members who are highly competitive and responsive to the ever-
changing demands of the profession and to the emerging challenges of
globalization. The chapter recognizes the possible benefits that it can get from our
continuing investment in our members not only in their academic performance but
as well as to the other aspects of their student's life especially their leadership
skills. Putting God at the center of our lives and being God- fearing individuals, we
carry on with our activities for the glory of His name, our country, JPIA, NFJPIA and

With these, we set a clear vision to produce multi- faceted individuals that we
expect to be a pillar of every undertaking that they may have, especially in the
accounting profession and in their lives as we ll.

Benefits Major Partner Minor Partner
Year-long advertisement through
inclusion of company insignia on the Yes Yes
membership card
Inclusion of company logo in e-poster Yes Yes
Inclusion of company logo in poster
(visible to a total student population
Yes No
of 24,000) for membership card
Live acknowledgement during the
FEU-PIA 1st General Assembly for the Yes Yes
launching of the membership card
A copy of FEU-JPIA directory of
Yes Yes
Distribution of promotional
readings/brochures/calling cards
Yes No
during the 1st & 2nd General Assembly
and Contract Signing event*
Option of playing of the Company
jingle/audio visual presentation during
Yes No
the 1st & 2nd General Assembly and
contract signing event
Recognition of your company in FEU-
Yes Yes
JPIA websites
Recognition of your company in The
Yes No
Journal (FEUJPIAs official publication)

*No selling and coupon Strategies


Greater than or equal to 10% discounts on products offered

Bulk order discounts
Individual purchase discounts
Group purchase discounts
Freebies for a minimum purchase worth of P250.00
Membership card to be honored of > 2 branches/stores

>10% discounts on products offered

Bulk order discounts
Individual purchase discounts
Freebies for a minimum purchase worth of P300.00

These are the suggested packages of our organization and are still subject to
changes depending on your company policy.
**We are open for your comments or suggestions to customize the packages.

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